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Century 21 Small Arms (Part Four)

Unlike the O'Dwyer system, each successive bullet rests in its barrel with its tail into the head of the previous one, and thus the ampoule shots will not deform when fired. Well, a Teflon ampoule performs the role of a wad, does not allow gas to break through to the next ampoules, and flies out of the barrel along with the next bullet. In each barrel of such ammunition there are three pieces, so the full ammunition of the pistol is 48 shots, that is, more than any other pistol, or even an automatic rifle! The caliber of bullets of this weight and size layout is 5,45-mm - like the APS pistol or AK-74 submachine gun.

Today, equipping soldiers with special weapons to fight terrorists in urban environments.

As for the "firing mechanism", it is located in the pistol grip and is something like an ordinary "mobile phone"! Handle and trigger "touch". It is enough to take a gun in his hand so that he is ready to shoot. In this case, one short pressure causes one shot, and a long one - a turn! That is, the firing mechanism sends a message to the microchips in the trunks for shooting according to a previously calculated program. At the same time, the number of shots remaining at the disposal of the shooter is immediately displayed on the side display, which, of course, is very convenient.

As for the question, and what to do with pistols with partially shot ammunition, then, if you think about it, it should not arise! And at the warehouses, and later they will be used to train future owners of such weapons at shooting ranges.

He fired once, he fired two, and a bullet whistled into the bushes!

With intensive firing, the plastic may lose its mechanical properties, therefore two cooling systems are provided for in the gun at once. The first is through holes going from the muzzle of the barrel to the breech. When firing, the powder gases flowing from the barrels create cravings in them, and air is pumped through these channels, due to which the shooting barrels are cooled. In addition, heat sensors are mounted in the barrel assembly. As soon as the temperature becomes critical, the screen turns red, and the firing mechanism is blocked until it drops. Thus, due to the presence of electronics in it, this gun not only shoots, but also “talks” with its owner. Well, in order for the bullets fired from it to fly right on target, and “not whistling into the bushes”, the channels of the barrel block are designed in such a way that they all look at one point at a distance 50 m - optimal for firing from a short-barreled weapon .

Increasingly, there are reports of the development of special weapons for "firing from around the corner."

Red button "for professionals»

As the sociopath Sorg from the Fifth Element movie said, “A professional would first ask about the red button.” This button is also present here, and serves so that in the event of something, by pressing it in a certain way, you could destroy this pistol, without waiting for the total expenditure of warheads in it. Well, and when all the shots in the pistol are out, he is no longer fit for anything and simply ... utilized, like all other plastic products, from which you can then, say, make flower pots or garden fences!

"Shooting computer" 21 century

And now let's talk about where such a pistol can be used, in essence, representing a “shooting computer”. It is clear that it can be cheap only with sufficiently large-scale mass production, because in this case all this electronics will cost a penny. Moreover, it can become a real “national pistol” of Russia and this is why: The 16-barreled 5,45-mm pistol with plastic bullets is an excellent civilian weapon (one pistol for life with scanning the time of use from the firing mechanism!). But the nine-barrel pistol caliber 9-mm, with three or four charges in each barrel and metal bullets - an excellent weapon for the army and the police. Finally, if you make the hole of the barrel smaller than the inside, and behind the bullet we put a “cork” with a sealant, then we will have an 9-16-barrel silent pistol, and if we place the arrows in the barrels, then the gun for scuba divers is completely sealed, lightweight and convenient. Now the computerization of everything and everyone goes with unprecedented steps, “war for neodymium”, “ecological war”, “a century of hunger and murder” are sacred ahead of us - so combining the production of computers and firearms promises in this regard a huge economic effect for the country!

That's how they have to act today!

By the criterion of cost-effectiveness!

And this, by the way, is one of the most important arguments in favor of such weapons! After all, if a pistol in modern troops is, in essence, a status weapon, then a one-time multiply-charged weapon will be more profitable than a metal “fool” “for life”! Moreover, statistics show that even in this case, the officer who got him must “solve all his problems” with the first three shots. Therefore, it simply doesn’t need replaceable large-capacity stores - “the one who shoots the second one is killed first!” Yes, but how are they made today? They take a steel pig weighing in 3 kg and milled, converting 50% of its weight into chips, and then even more. And for what? So that in the end a person would run and drag 1,5 kg of alloy steel on himself, and use the same machine gun in battle ?! That is, from the point of view of economics, such a “shooting computer” made of plastic is a very, very profitable thing. This is a huge market and potential jobs in the most innovative technologies for a long time!

Weapons for every taste!

The 3D technology is also advantageous in that it allows you to create weapons, so to speak, “for every taste and price”, because barrel blocks can be four, six or octagonal and, accordingly, have 7, 9, 11 or even 25 trunks, each of which can be stacked up to 5 ampoule shots. Thus, it will be possible to make 9 shots from the 45 channel block and from the 25 channel even 125! That is, a soldier will no longer need to take bullets with him! The shape of the bullets may also be the most varied, depending on the intended use: ricocot-free with a blunt head, increased lethal force, armor-piercing, aerodynamic for firing at long distances. An armor piercing bullet-arrow can have three segments and an armor-piercing core.

Barrel shop. Design and options.

And now let's imagine that using the same technology, an assault rifle, made in 3D technology with the “mobile” principle of communication of the firing mechanism with microchips in the barrel unit, can be created.

Perspective assault rifle for 3D technology:
1 - ring-grip-store; 2 - block of trunks; 3 - stopper mounting block of trunks (front); 4 - thermal insulation cover; 5 - display screen; 6 - display screen lid; 7 - double-sided breech; 8 - the basis of the swivel unit; 9 - swivel breech knot; 10 - carrying handle combined with optical and electronic sight; 11 - control tumblers recessed into the handle; 12 - eye cup; 13 - stopper mounting block of trunks (rear); 14 - butt; 15 - battery; 16 - supporting console; 17 - breech cap; 18 - pistol grip; 19 - front handle; 20 - tactical flashlight.

Virtually the entire design of this rifle is made of plastic in technology 3D. After all, the Glock company even makes valves on its pistols out of it, and the Belgian FN2000 also has a lot of plastic parts, and we, are we worse? And the design of this weapon is such that it will be very convenient to use it. I inserted one block of trunks into the casing, where it is fixed by a spring, then turned it by 180 degrees and inserted the second one. Thus, having ammunition of two 45-charging units, it will be possible to make 90 shots from it without reloading, and what modern machine gun or rifle has such a large magazine? Each block, in addition, can be loaded with bullets of different types, have barrels of different caliber, and, in addition, inside such blocks can be rocket-propelled grenades, including with a programmable fuse, as well as signal and rescue missiles and even ampoules with gas!

The order of shots when the trigger is pressed is determined by the microchip, so they are made in turn from different trunks to prevent them from overheating. If the charges have ended in one of the blocks, then you will just need to turn it over, turning the mount itself, that is, replace the front one with the rear one that has not been used yet and continue shooting. The electronic shots indicator shows with an arrow how many shots he has in stock. Moreover, it is very important that an outsider cannot bring these weapons into action, because, due to the presence of a microchip, each instance has its own password-code. Well, the fact that the barrel is not one, but many of them, does not matter for aiming, because they are all aimed at one point: only the gun on the 25 and the machine gun on the 400-600.

And another advantage of this rifle is the ability to fire from around the corner! How? And everything is very simple. The turning knot of the breech can be moved forward along the mast and fixed there in a position perpendicular to it. Observation is conducted through a video camera and display screen. Now the rifle, which becomes at the same time similar to the letter “T”, can be protruded from around the corner and shoot, without exposing itself to the slightest danger, and from both blocks of trunks in both directions at once, which is achieved - yes, you guessed it , the recoillessness of its action - the quality in this case, it is essential to ensure accurate shooting. Of course, such a regime cannot be considered regular, since the shooting is fought in both directions, and you must be very careful not to accidentally hit your own, but in extreme circumstances - well, you never know what can happen during a street fight - why not shoot?

Soldiers with a microchip inside?

However, according to this principle (that is, with a microchip inside), the most ordinary Kalashnikov assault rifle can be made! You do not want your weapons to be stolen from warehouses, to be used by soldiers from bandit formations, and during the war years - by enemy soldiers? Then equip all types of individual small arms with a microchip built into it, a communication system like a mobile phone and a small charge of explosives. Either in the butt or in the pistol grip. Each fighter of his army in turn also receives a microchip, which is implanted under his skin, and which contains a code-activator. As soon as a person takes a weapon in his hands, the computerized weapon system compares his code with that person’s code and, if he only has one, gives the go-ahead for use. Otherwise (if the person is “not ours”), the system undermines the charges inherent in it and the person loses a hand or shoulder, which undoubtedly will disable him. This system can be made in such a way that it can be turned off by satellite signal, and re-enabled after a batch of such weapons is in “alien hands”, with all the ensuing consequences. After all, there were impressive examples of 20 century 30-20-s sales of Central Asian Basmachis to specially crafted rifle cartridges containing dynamite instead of gunpowder, and ... for many of them it was worth their lives and health, often lost in the most crucial moment !
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    BRONEVIK 22 December 2017 16: 03
    Interesting materials
    Interesting trends.
    Plastic today is not only cars, but also weapons.
    I have always been interested in systems with a combustible sleeve
    1. Nulgorod
      Nulgorod 23 December 2017 01: 19
      Now, if they burned out, leaving no burning in the barrel and bolt, and had not yet begun to burn ahead of time with intensive shooting ... So far it’s not working No.
      1. Max otto
        Max otto 23 December 2017 08: 38
        Assault rifle with magazine barrels in both directions? I would not have picked up this. A short circuit, a software malfunction or some other garbage is all. the entire shoulder and half of the head are absent. No, really.
  2. NF68
    NF68 22 December 2017 16: 54
    Not badly invented.
  3. groks
    groks 22 December 2017 16: 56
    When I read about recycling, I realized who the author is.
    1. kalibr
      22 December 2017 19: 11
      In fact, a signature is always put at the end of an article. There is no need to understand and guess.
      1. psiho117
        psiho117 24 December 2017 02: 46
        Comrade Shpakovsky! You have already published a similar material on VO:
        % 20ei.html
        and now, almost word for word, repeat 90% of that article, even the pictures are the same.
        What for?
        1. kalibr
          24 December 2017 07: 52
          This is more voluminous and updated with new information.
        2. Grid
          Grid 26 December 2017 15: 49
          Citation index and other profit taxis. You still do not understand this?
  4. Blue cop
    Blue cop 22 December 2017 17: 13
    In general, everything goes to what was shown in science fiction films
    And the corresponding video
    The guns of the future ...
  5. Curious
    Curious 22 December 2017 17: 43
    I won’t comment on fantasy, only interspersed with reality.
    "The caliber of the bullets of this mass-size mock-up is 5,45 mm - just like with an APS pistol or an AK-74 assault rifle."
    A pistol doesn’t have a bullet caliber, it’s just a caliber. APS (Stechkin automatic pistol) has a caliber of 9 mm.. The cartridge is used 9x18 mm. The diameter of the bullet is 9,27 mm.
    The 5,45 mm caliber has a PSM - a small self-loading pistol (designers T. I. Lashnev, A. A. Simarin and L. L. Kulikov) A 5,45 x 18 mm cartridge is used. The diameter of the bullet is 5,64 mm.
    "After all, the Glock company makes of it (plastics approx.) even the bolts on their pistols.
    The Glock company on its polymer pistols makes a frame together with a handle and a trigger guard.
    The casing - shutter and barrel are made of STEEL.
    1. Curious
      Curious 22 December 2017 17: 51

      Mythical Glass Gun. His photographs and diagrams appeared in Modern Gun magazine in 1995 and crawled into other publications. Whether it actually exists or whether it is taken from a sat like ours is still unknown.
      The gun is generally without metal. Ceramics, partially plastic, and those units and parts that work with significant load - from silicon carbide and silicon nitride, as well as from aluminum and zirconium oxides.
      1. Curious
        Curious 22 December 2017 17: 58
        And this is another example showing that there have always been those who wanted to look for an alternative to metal in the field of weapons.

        The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, who took an active part in the Thirty Years War, sought to reduce the weight of the guns and make them more mobile. To this end, the so-called "leather guns", invented in 1627 by the German colonel Melchior von Wurmbrandt, were introduced into the Swedish army. They consisted of a thin copper barrel 1/8 caliber thick and were reinforced with iron hoops. In addition, they were rewound with ropes, fixed with a kind of glue, and pulled together with leather. The weight of the barrel was only 74 kg. Leather guns showed themselves poorly: trunks overheated, they often burst.
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 22 December 2017 19: 39
          To this end, the so-called "leather guns", invented in 1627 by the German colonel Melchior von Wurmbrandt, were introduced into the Swedish army.

          Victor Nikolaevich, should I once again tell my favorite phrase that, let’s say, you’ll shave off your beard, and there’s nowhere to put your hair on? wink if the head has such knowledge and the ability to operate information, then do not share it within the framework of the articles, this, you know, is rabid egoism! stop drinks Choose a topic that no one wrote about - and go! fellow love
  6. serge siberian
    serge siberian 22 December 2017 18: 39
    Fiction or not, we’ll see about ten years later. The planes were also fantastic, and submarines, and cars, about two hundred years ago. But humanity (people) has been flying into space for half a century and this is normal. Although mother hasn’t yet studied all of Earth , the scientists themselves admitted this. Well, it’s up to the technologies of the future. Let's wait and see how they say.
    MOLODCHIK 22 December 2017 19: 40
    around the article pictures of our weapons for vile shooting from the corners of CORNER SHOT))
  8. Operator
    Operator 22 December 2017 19: 42
    Quote: Curious
    Casing - shutter and barrel made of STEEL

    What a difference laughing
    1. Grid
      Grid 23 December 2017 12: 37
      There are also metal inserts in the frame itself, and really, what's the difference ...
      The smart will understand, but the rest is not necessary.
      1. Operator
        Operator 23 December 2017 13: 19
        The word "shutter" is slightly different from the word "frame" laughing
        1. Grid
          Grid 23 December 2017 13: 24
          Well, you do not have to say the above.
  9. Longin
    Longin 22 December 2017 20: 54
    Oh, a dreamer. A barrel of polymer? Yes, and on 3D technology? "Trunk geometry" - I didn’t hear))) Accuracy is not delivered.
    Bullets (shells), mean, leave the "trunk" in turn? That is, with each shot, the path of the subsequent bullet of the barrel channel will be lengthened. How to guess the ballistics? Okay for the "short barrel" - at 25-50 meters, but you're at 400-600 meters waving! The first bullet will fly into the head of the target, the last will fall into the ground beneath it about 5 - 10 meters. Hafiga is it FSE?
    And about shooting from two ends, to extinguish returns - this is too much, even for a stand-up. I’m silent about weapons business)
    1. kalibr
      22 December 2017 21: 37
      Quote: Longin
      Oh, a dreamer. A barrel of polymer? Yes, and on 3D technology? "Trunk geometry" - did not hear)))

      All this already exists without me. There is even a grenade launcher in 3D and a gun sprayed from metal Colt 1911 A1. There is a M16 rifle in which everything except the barrel, springs and hammer is polymer. So I came up with so little that maybe two trunks in different directions with their rotation to position T. Everything else is already there and it's not fantastic! And the fact that you did not hear something does not cancel the fact that it exists.
      1. Curious
        Curious 22 December 2017 22: 07
        "Colt 1911 A1 metal sprayed gun"
        Not spraying, but laser sintering. A gun worth 600 million shots was made on equipment worth a million dollars. Although progress does not stand still, and even in the production of murder weapons and even more so.
        1. kalibr
          22 December 2017 23: 10
          At one of the ceremonial receptions, Emperor Napoleon III presented foreign ambassadors with instruments made of aluminum, not of gold or silver.
          1. Curious
            Curious 22 December 2017 23: 24
            Nobody argues with progress, I wrote about it. And the same aluminum, in the USA, for example, in 1856 was sold at a price of $ 12 per pound (454 g), and silver - at $ 15.
            But this is an example of a bit out of that opera. All these exotic shooters are notions of people far from militarism. They are conceptually stillborn for use in hostilities. These are military-technical oddities of deeply civilian inventors, of which there were many in history.
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 23 December 2017 12: 05
              "these exotic shooters are notions of people far from militarism. They are conceptually stillborn for use in hostilities. These are military-technical oddities of deeply civilian inventors, of which there were many in history" ////

              The same reviews were on the Maxim machine gun, which the inventor unsuccessfully tried to sell in Europe. smile
              1. Grid
                Grid 23 December 2017 12: 35
                Why is this unsuccessful? Quite successfully sold. As soon as they brought to mind so to sell and started. Since 1893. He only stood at that time inhumane, and how he ate cartridges ...
                1. voyaka uh
                  voyaka uh 23 December 2017 21: 24
                  "and how I ate cartridges ..." ////

                  They laughed at this: "stillborn for use in hostilities"
                  But the technology for the production of cartridges pulled up under the "Maxim", and he was the beginning of a new era.
                  So it's silly to laugh at the capabilities of 3-D technology. They are able to create cheaply unthinkable designs. Including, for unusual weapons.
                  1. Grid
                    Grid 23 December 2017 22: 46
                    So it's silly to laugh at the capabilities of 3-D technology. They are able to create cheaply unthinkable designs.

                    For the time being, they really cannot. That's when a workable spring is printed on a 3-D printer, then you can talk about something.
                    Although yes, the potential, of course, is huge
                    1. voyaka uh
                      voyaka uh 24 December 2017 12: 05
                      Nozzles and nozzles of complex shape of space rocket engines are already printed on 3-D.
                      Sensible? and work no worse than cast ...
                      1. Grid
                        Grid 26 December 2017 15: 52
                        Have a working spring printed?
                        Here’s how you type, and go.
              2. Curious
                Curious 23 December 2017 15: 24
                Warrior, you, as an intelligent person, must know the difference between God's gift and fried eggs.
      2. Grid
        Grid 23 December 2017 22: 48
        There is an M16 rifle in which everything except the barrel, springs and hammer is polymer.

        Do not smack nonsense, it hurts!
        1. kalibr
          24 December 2017 07: 57

          A man called Have Blue does not have such capabilities, but he managed to create a plastic receiver on his own. He was afraid to make it to a large caliber and settled on the caliber .22lr (5,6 mm). True, the printing of complex form took several days - the author emphasizes that his 3D printer is now outdated.
          During tests of the weapon printed on the printer, the author shot more than 100 rounds of ammunition and did not notice any difference between the factory and the "home" model. Except perhaps the weight, since plastic (Bolson ABS) is lighter than aluminum.
          2012 information of the year!
          1. Grid
            Grid 26 December 2017 15: 58
            Shpakovsky, well, you don’t understand a damn thing in sopromat and kudyzh climb with a bare heel on a sword?
            The LOWER part of the M-16 receiver was printed. True under 5,56x45.
            And what you had a place to post, I did 30 years ago. Based on fiberglass and banal eboxidok.
      3. Longin
        Longin 28 December 2017 13: 56
        And where are the test results of your "polymer" pistols, grenade launchers, etc.? The polymer barrel is not able to compete with steel in terms of allowable loads, heat resistance, and the quality of the inner surface and grooves of the barrel channel.
        Do you have arguments to the contrary? A reference to the studio.
    2. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 23 December 2017 08: 38
      Quote: Longin
      That is, with each shot, the path of the subsequent bullet of the barrel channel will be lengthened. How to guess the ballistics?

      elementary, the shooter counts the shots and glances at the table of the balistica, correcting the sight every time.
      two fingers
      1. kalibr
        24 December 2017 07: 47
        The microchip in the scope does this automatically. What century do you live in?
        1. Curious
          Curious 24 December 2017 11: 10
          Fantasy Vesnukhin.
      2. Longin
        Longin 28 December 2017 13: 58
        Yeah. During the battle, just look at the tables.
  10. tracer
    tracer 22 December 2017 21: 00
    In a word, bam bam ... and by!
  11. kalibr
    22 December 2017 21: 32
    Quote: Longin
    How to guess the ballistics?

    Everything is calculated by the computer. Throwing charges in different cartridges vary. It works for O'Dwyer. Why shouldn't it work here?
    1. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 23 December 2017 08: 40
      Quote: kalibr
      Throwing charges in different cartridges vary.

      and if in the field I wanted to recharge? by numbers choose which cartridge to insert?
      1. kalibr
        24 December 2017 07: 46
        The entire unit equipped at the factory is replaced. You don’t need to insert anything yourself.
    2. Longin
      Longin 28 December 2017 14: 19
      1. O'Dwyer has one charge per barrel in general.
      2. Computer? Are you seriously? And this "computer" will also be printed on 3D? But what should the fighter do if the “computer” is damaged in battle, or do the batteries run out?
      3. Take the howitzer and cannon of the same caliber. No matter how much you experiment with the canopy of gunpowder, the gun will not give the howitzer trajectory, and the howitzer will not give out the gun’s flatness.
      In small arms, when changing the barrel length by one “cartridge” length and adjusting the powder charge, the ballistics will jump. At a distance of 10-15 meters slightly. But when firing at 100 - 700 meters, accuracy will not be at all.
      ERGO: Add to this the plastic barrel, which is FURNISHED, not drilled, and we get another idea for cutting the DARPA budget.
  12. Strashila
    Strashila 23 December 2017 11: 47
    Like high technology ... and the door opens with a hand ... and the main thing is not afraid of anything.
  13. tracer
    tracer 23 December 2017 15: 03
    I have one impression that the author smoked something?
    1. Tarikxnumx
      Tarikxnumx 24 December 2017 08: 49
      There is a certain type of people who do not have to smoke at all in order to generate hundreds of miles of ideas per minute. From the outside, it looks like a feverish delirium, or a stream of crazy consciousness, but sometimes very sensible thoughts slip through :) So let a person write, he doesn’t require everyone to prostrate themselves before his genius. :)
      There are characters who write worse, but they accompany it with indefatigable aggression and complete rejection of criticism. This is sad ...
      And then I opened the page in the morning, read it, smiled at the ideas and raised my mood in the morning :)
      1. Curious
        Curious 24 December 2017 16: 23
        Yes, I completely agree with you, a positive charge is almost always present.
  14. marline
    marline 24 December 2017 17: 02
    Vyacheslav Olegovich, maybe it's better about knights and samurai?
    No, well, just replace in your text plastic with wood and 3D printing with 3D milling - it will turn out about the same, but it will immediately be clear that it does not work.
    1. Grid
      Grid 26 December 2017 15: 59
      Not work out.
      He lies there too.
  15. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 28 December 2017 10: 26
    Springs? No problem.
    Catalog of springs made on a 3-D printer
    TraceParts is one of the world's leading providers of 3D digital content for Engineering
    g0sgyecou5z)) / content.aspx? class = TRACE & clsid =
    Will this suit you?