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Day rocket troops and artillery. The heirs of Uranus

Every year on November 19 in our country is celebrated the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery - on the basis of Presidential Decree No. 549 of May 31, 2006 "On the Establishment of Professional Holidays and Memorable Days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation." Celebration date has historical reference to November 19, 1942, when Soviet troops launched a counterattack near Stalingrad.

The beginning of the operation was marked by the crushing blows of the Soviet guns. This helped to break the enemy’s defensive line and to avoid unreasonable casualties for the troops that would have been inevitable without proper artillery preparation. It is this operation (Operation Uranus) that is considered virtually a turning point during the Great Patriotic War. Indeed, as a result, it was possible to surround the most powerful grouping of the enemy off the banks of the Volga and translate the nazi army, who did not know such serious defeats, to a constant retreat - right up to the Nazi den in Berlin.

Initially, the holiday was called the Day of Artillery. It was installed in October 1944 by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
In all the wars in which the army participated, artillery played a weighty, and sometimes decisive role. Its name - “god of war” - artillery received directly on the eve of the war with the Nazis, fully justifying this status. Most military operations succeeded if artillery units were able to intervene in a timely manner. Preemptive strikes made it possible to disrupt the enemy's orders, which provided an advantage both in individual (local) areas and in the course of large-scale operations.

For military service during the Great Patriotic War, more than 1,8 thousand gunners were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, 1,6 million people were awarded orders and medals.

In the 1964 year, with the active development of military missile technologies, the holiday received a new name - the one we are used to: the Day of Rocket Forces and Artillery.

Missilemen and gunners took an active part in the hostilities in Afghanistan, in peacekeeping operations in the CIS countries, in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus. In recent years, Russian equipment has been actively used during operations against militants in the Syrian Arab Republic. Experienced military instructors from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are helping the Syrian army to successfully use the Russian artillery guns and systems, making a truly great contribution to the overall defeat of international terrorist groups.

Modern missile forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation consist of several main segments: missile troops and artillery of the Ground Forces, artillery of coastal forces of the Navy fleet and artillery of the Airborne Forces. In turn, these army units are divided into missile, jet, artillery brigades, artillery regiments, artillery divisions of greater power, separate reconnaissance artillery divisions, etc.

Day rocket troops and artillery. The heirs of Uranus

The head of the modern rocket forces and artillery is General Mikhail Matveevsky, who briefly described the main ways of the development of the troops today:
The main focus in the performance of combat missions is to equip the formations, units and subunits of the rocket forces and artillery with highly effective automated control and reconnaissance complexes, as well as modernized or advanced missile and artillery complexes, and all-round support and protection means.

And the newest systems and systems come to the troops - in full accordance with the ongoing program of re-equipment and modernization of the army. These are modernized 152-mm self-propelled howitzers “Msta-SM”, MLRS “Tornado-G”. In the anti-tank units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, new all-weather anti-tank missiles are being supplied by the Chrysanthem-S complex. Rearmament of the ground forces of the Ground Forces at the Iskander-M OTRK, which cause a really strong reaction from NATO "partners", is actively carried out.

Russian rocket troops and artillery take part in numerous exercises. They were involved in the exercise "West-2017", which took place on the territory of the Pskov, Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions, as well as in Belarus. As you know, Western “friends” are still trying to express complaints against Russia about the maneuvers, while they themselves continue to improve the military infrastructure directly on the borders of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The country's main defense department recalls that a campaign is underway to attract contract signatures - mainly they are ranks. The fact is that the popularity of service in the missile forces and artillery is high - the sergeant posts and the posts of foremen are staffed by servicemen under contract service by 100%.

In order to receive education in the direction of the activities of rocket troops and artillery in the structure of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, applicants can submit the necessary documents to such a military college as the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy, located in St. Petersburg. This is the forge of officers for the troops, which today celebrate their holiday, while continuing to remain on duty.

"Military Review" congratulates servicemen of rocket troops and artillery on their professional holiday!
Photos used:, сайт МО РФ, ВК
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  1. Masya masya
    Masya masya 19 November 2017 06: 55
    Happy Holiday! Gods of war! love

    Gunners, Stalin gave the order!
    Artillerymen, calling the Motherland of us!
    And hundreds of thousands of batteries
    For the tears of our mothers,
    For our Motherland - fire! The fire!
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 19 November 2017 07: 04
      Happy Holiday !!!
  2. Alexander War
    Alexander War 19 November 2017 07: 42
    Happy Holiday! Artillery God of War! drinks
  3. moskowit
    moskowit 19 November 2017 08: 00
    Happy Holiday, comrade gunners! All veterans of health! The current successes in military and political and open fire only at the training grounds!
    My Father, a veteran of the artilleryman of the Great Patriotic War, was required toast "To the Glory of Russian Artillery !!!"
    Now at all family celebrations I pronounce it in memory of the Father and artillery and gunners !!! soldier drinks
  4. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 19 November 2017 08: 44
    Happy Holiday "Capercaillie". And? What? Happy holiday I say! Well, thanks, I heard.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 19 November 2017 10: 00
      Quote: p-k Oparyshev
      Happy Holiday "Capercaillie". And? What?

      A common misconception. Do you think that a deaf person can hear the commands of the SOB, which is 160 meters away? Always surprised with artillerymen using hearing aids. There are allowed only very expensive, "cutting off" exclusively the sound of a shot and not reducing the audibility of speech.
      In general, the mouth is wider, “to the width of the butt” (s), the ears are perpendicular to the direction of the trunk cut. And everything is fine. Among my acquaintances there are several people who use hearing aids, but not one of them is an artilleryman.
      But our eyes have eagle eyes. When in school you have to use dead binoculars at school, it trains. 8))) You can even cure mild myopia by the end of training. Here’s such a paradox ... People use training glasses with prices ranging from 500 to 5000 rubles, but all you need is free binoculars from the state 8)))
      1. Settlement Oparyshev
        Settlement Oparyshev 19 November 2017 16: 03
        Yes, I was joking. I lived for a while with the D-30x, who was sending out, standing next to the bed with a shot. His hearing was normal.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic 19 November 2017 09: 05
    Congratulations to the rocket artillery wassat , and artillery bombers wassat happy holiday love hi good soldier soldier drinks
  6. badens1111
    badens1111 19 November 2017 09: 13
    Comrade gunners, Happy Holiday to you!
    Thank you very much from the Queen of the Fields, Infantry, for your work.
    Separately, we congratulate our colleague in VO, Lopatov., For his professional comments and opinions, on the history and application of PB and A.
    Happy Holidays!
  7. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 19 November 2017 09: 18
    Congratulations to all my comrades in arms on the 19 holiday of November, the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery! Especially their colleagues from the Primorsky Rocket Brigade! drinks soldier
  8. Scud
    Scud 19 November 2017 09: 19
    Happy Holidays dear fighters!
    There is a reason to roll!
  9. Amurets
    Amurets 19 November 2017 09: 25
    On the occasion of the holiday, rocket launchers and gunners are all who wore or are carrying artillery emblems of the Strategic Missile Forces and Ground Forces, Anti-aircraft guns of the Air Defense Forces and Ground Forces. We all came from the same root: from the Pushkar order of Ivan IV. So let our artillery fraternity and mutual assistance continue.
  10. Eurodav
    Eurodav 19 November 2017 09: 45
    Russia, Happy Holiday !!!
  11. chenia
    chenia 19 November 2017 10: 01
    Happy holiday gunners !!!!!!! Volley FIRE !!! drinks
  12. Kolaaps
    Kolaaps 19 November 2017 11: 08
    From the heart !!!
    Happy Holidays artillerymen, rocket launchers, gunners, gunners, well, cannes, "horned" and "Chinese" !!! Health, heroic strength, strong nerves and good luck!
  13. Old26
    Old26 19 November 2017 12: 35
    Happy Holiday !!! In the morning I called and congratulated my father on his holiday.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 19 November 2017 14: 52
      Quote: Old26
      Happy Holiday !!! In the morning I called and congratulated my father on his holiday.

      Volodya! Happy holiday
  14. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 19 November 2017 12: 44
    For us! drinks and that the gunpowder was always dry!
  15. nnz226
    nnz226 19 November 2017 14: 33
    Excellent words of Marshal Zhukov: "With three hundred guns per kilometer of the front, they don’t report about the enemy!" Gunners! Happy holiday !!!