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Five consequences of rearmament

Five consequences of rearmamentPerhaps the newest stories the national army did not yet have a topic that caused so much controversy as the state rearmament program calculated up to 2020 of the year (LG-2020). The main reason for all the talk about this was the unprecedented levels of planned funding - 20 trillion rubles directly to purchase new materiel and another three trillion to upgrade the production capacities of domestic defense enterprises. The attention paid to industry is quite understandable and justified, because now in our country there are almost no plants or factories that would not have problems with equipment, space, etc. In particular, this is why Sberbank decided to also participate in the LG-2020. However, this organization, as befits banks, will issue loans to enterprises. In the coming 3-5 years, Sberbank will allocate about two trillion rubles for this purpose. Also, we should expect similar decisions from other banks, the share of which belongs to the state.

It is obvious that such a large investment in the defense industry will not be in vain. Moreover, it is already clear that they will change it. Well, given the specific volumes in comparison with other expenses, it can be assumed that these changes will to some extent affect other areas of the Russian economy. At the moment, there are five areas in which 23 will embody trillions of public money.

1. Defenses

The simplest and most obvious advantage of investing in the defense industry is an increase in the state’s defense. In the light of the announced sums, the effect of rearmament looks quite real. And domestic weapons and military equipment enjoy success on the international market, which can be considered proof of its competitiveness not only in the field of tenders. Active purchases of our equipment by foreign countries indicate that it fits into their defense doctrines and, as a result, can be recognized as modern. Thus, our defense industry is quite capable of creating good and decent samples, and one of the main problems is insufficient funding.

It should be noted, the modernization of the armed forces will be difficult. If only because new types of equipment will need to be created taking into account their service life and predict which one of them will be relevant for the next 20-30 years. Therefore, for example, in the field of tank building, special attention should be paid to armored vehicles with an uninhabited turret and a capsule for the crew. Such designs are still an unconventional solution, which requires time and, importantly, money to work through. In addition, radically new designs will necessarily require new technologies. Here we smoothly approach the second point.

2. Industry

Unfortunately, in the late eighties, our defense complex began to live from hand to mouth. A number of unwise decisions, first by the leadership of one country, and then by another, formed on the ruins of the first, led the defense industry complex to a very bad state. More or less decent situation was only in those enterprises that were engaged in the manufacture of the finished product, sent for export. But there, too, there was no skating cheese in butter. As a result, the defense industry has pretty much lost its “athletic shape” and it is urgently necessary to restore it. One of the main problems lies in the backwardness of the equipment. If the same approach was maintained as in the Soviet Union, many enterprises in the nineties and two thousand would have been able to significantly upgrade the material part. However, the state at that time had other concerns and the capital modernization of the industry did not happen. Analysts estimate that for the most efficient work, defense enterprises should have 80% new equipment, at least no older than 15-20 years. In this case, up to 2020, it will be possible to raise the productivity of the defense industry by two and a half times. Machines taken as a trophy from Germany, watching with silent reproach. They have a reason for this. So our enterprises will surely find ways to master the allocated three trillion rubles.

However, improving production efficiency is based not only on machine tools and other equipment. All these mechanisms are led by people and they need to be thought of first and foremost, which is the next consequence of rearmament.

3. Social sphere

It is not a secret for anybody that in recent years workers in the specialty have lost their former prestige. A similar picture is observed with engineers. Therefore, the influx of “fresh blood” into the defense industry has decreased to the size of a small stream. As a result, in one far from perfect moment a situation may occur in which the old-timers of production will have no one to pass on their experience and knowledge. The main reason that young people almost do not go to the production of military purposes lies in the fact that most of the defense enterprises are state-owned and, as a result, they have been financed very scarcely in recent decades, and this has a negative effect on the wages of workers. Naturally, a young ambitious person will go to work where they pay more.

But social problems of the defense industry concern not only the influx of new personnel. At the moment, almost two million people work in one and a half thousand enterprises of the defense industrial complex. If we add to this figure the number of their family members, then two million will increase several times. It turns out that such an element of the economy as the wage rate actually affects a huge number of people. It turns out that the development of the defense industry, first of all, the inflow of financing, will be able to improve the life of a significant share of the country's population. To this should be added the fact that over the past twenty years, our defense industry has been shaken by staff reductions. Accordingly, the implementation of the LG-2020 will require re-recruit workers. According to some calculations, after this set, directly or indirectly, the defense industry will feed about a tenth of the entire population of the country. 23 trillion is a great price for that. But it is worth it.

4. Economy of the future

20 trillion rubles for the purchase of weapons and three for the development of the military-industrial complex will be allocated from the state budget. However, these figures apply only to the period up to and including 2020. What will happen after the twentieth, is still unknown. Probably, the responsible persons are already working on this issue. At the same time, the defense industry should not rely only on public money. It is understood that after the implementation of the HPV-2020, our defense industry will be able to further increase its share in the global arms market. As a result, she will have more money of non-state origin for the creation of new weapons systems and military equipment.

Already last year, our country managed to reach the second place in the world in military exports - now we are confined to the United States. Catch up and overtake America is not easy, but in general, and not necessary. The main thing in the export of weapons - to find their customers and constantly supply them with new systems. According to this scheme, the Soviet Union once worked, and the States are still doing the same. It should be noted that the standards of the NATO alliance help the Americans in promoting their products. Our situation with military blocs is much worse: the Warsaw Pact Organization collapsed long ago, and the CSTO in its place is not yet suitable. It remains only to promote their weapons and military equipment in friendly countries. However, this is not all simple. An example of this is the recent five-minute scandal with the loss of the Russian MiG-35 in the Indian competition. On the other hand, this aircraft is not the only point of contact between Russia and India in the military-technical sphere.

The creation of new weapons systems in the future will allow not only not to lose last year’s second place in sales, but also to improve the results. In addition to direct financial benefits, this will also help increase the number of friendly countries, so rearming your own army can have positive political consequences.

5. Ephemeral conversion

Finally, the fifth positive consequence of the rearmament and development of the defense industry. It consists in the production of the defense industry, in addition to the actual weapons, goods and products of non-military purpose. Only conversion is a very, very controversial way of industrial development. And this time, not only the speculations of analysts can be used as arguments, but also facts from the not so distant past. In the eighties of the last century, our country tried to turn the defense industry on a peaceful footing, and failed to achieve positive results. Unfortunately, almost always, such a “rail track rewrite” followed the same sad pattern. So, the state, and later the market demanded a certain civil products. The bright minds of the defense industry made the product, at least, not inferior to its competitors, but it turned out to be significantly more expensive. It is clear that it is not easy to restructure the production, sharpened for the manufacture of one product, so the price of the finished product from the OPK was higher. Well, when you try to bring it at least to an acceptable level, the quality dropped. All for the same reason.

In order to justify the conversion, it must be said that some defense enterprises were still able to launch the production of peaceful products of decent quality and with a good price. True, there are still less positive examples than negative ones. So, for every good news, for example, about how the "space" GSKB "Progress" is preparing to release a light-engine aircraft "Rysachok", have a bad. But even here the situation is gradually improving.

And yet, one doesn’t have to talk about the effective combination of military and peaceful products produced by defense enterprises. The first and main task of the national defense industry today is the modernization of production and the implementation of the state defense order. Therefore, the conversion is still an ephemeral perspective. Interesting, but dubious or unrealistic.

Pros and cons

Claims for HPV-2020 and all related activities can be divided into two categories. The first concerns the expediency of investing such huge sums in defense, the second - of corruption schemes. The question of the “Great War of Guns and Oil” has long been taken apart by bone, and it turned out that defense costs and their drastic reduction have little effect on the overall quality of life. As for the theft of state-allocated money, the existing control should be strengthened. In particular, the proposal of D. Rogozin, who believes that corrupt officials from the defense industry without any leniency, should be punished by the upper limit set by the Criminal Code, would be useful. It only remains to add that the trials of such criminals must be widely publicized. Coupled with large deadlines, this will act soberly on those who have not yet reached the relevant authorities, and work like prevention.

The rest of the investment trillions 23 in defense and defense will be only advantages. Improving the defense capability, lifting the industry, improving the lives of people employed in the defense industry, investing in the future and a number of other, smaller consequences. All this is necessary for the country, although it will be expensive. As the character of one movie said: “the price is high, but I will pay with pleasure”.
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  1. Sarus
    Sarus 30 March 2012 07: 53
    Article plus ...
    And it is true that the only problem is theft ..
    Maybe Rogozin will succeed ...
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 30 March 2012 08: 48
      And we were respected ... Also a plus. They began to be considered, we began to send, to hell. It's worth it!!!
      1. SenyaYa
        SenyaYa 30 March 2012 12: 03
        Are you from France ??
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 30 March 2012 13: 45
          Quote: SenyaYA
          Are you from France ??

          We can send from France if necessary. Everywhere a Russian soldier visited
    2. VAF
      VAF 30 March 2012 13: 18
      Quote: Sarus
      And it is true that the only problem is theft ..

      The fact that article + is clear to you, but unfortunately theft is not the only problem !!!
      1. 755962
        755962 31 March 2012 00: 15
        Quote: veteran.air force
        the only problem is theft.

        Thank God the reform of the state defense order is just around the corner. And there Rogozin will catch up wink
    3. Odinplys
      Odinplys 31 March 2012 02: 45
      Rogozin will succeed ... it's a fact, this pen will chop off quickly ...
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor April 1 2012 19: 03
        Re-equipment will give a huge impetus to science, industry, training new personnel and jobs. Moreover - all the developments, research and built factories will remain after 2020. That will allow the production of truly high-class and ultramodern weapons - already in the shortest possible time! Do not forget about how much money Russia will be able to earn on arms exports - they just recently agreed to supply India with arms worth $ 11 billion. And this is not the limit - only the beginning!
        And most importantly - Russia will be able to guarantee its security and the safety of partners - any money fades over this factor. Affect the political situation in the world. Moreover, we are faced with a very difficult struggle for the wealth of the ocean shelf.
        Putin did well - in time he began to raise the army production and science. For another 5 years of stagnation - and about Russia - you could forever forget how about a superpower and a strong state-ve!
        But in spite of the Amerikosos barbarians - never to happen !!! am
    4. slav4ikus
      slav4ikus 22 May 2012 17: 30
      our theft is not the only problem. there are still fools who are darkness
  2. Dimitrxnumx
    Dimitrxnumx 30 March 2012 08: 20
    Nevertheless, updating the entire defense industry has long been necessary for our country, it is like a stream of fresh air in a musty room. I hope Rogozin succeeds, although there will be enough problems. But their solution will give good seedlings of a strong future for our country.
  3. Dmitry.V
    Dmitry.V 30 March 2012 08: 22
    It remains to hope that everything will turn out.
  4. dred
    dred 30 March 2012 09: 50
    For less would steal money would be enough.
    1. vylvyn
      vylvyn 30 March 2012 12: 37
      That's for sure. There would be enough money for 2 complete rearmament.
  5. ward
    ward 30 March 2012 10: 07
    Directly, the article does not say that the military has always moved forward ... and always the most interesting and new was first introduced in the military, and then in the civilian ...
  6. Roman A
    Roman A 30 March 2012 10: 24
    The defense industry has always been the pride of our country. We have so many people involved in machine tools. Science is developing. We sell so much. This chance cannot be missed. Then it may not be
    article plus
  7. SenyaYa
    SenyaYa 30 March 2012 12: 02
    Yes, they will grind and drank all the loot and the mustache .... The equipment is becoming more expensive before our eyes, the sub-base is so much more expensive in a month, after 2 months the price is already too high! For example, the scandal was with kickbacks for the Merc ... and someone put someone ???Or officials were banned from buying Mercia ???? And who do you plant if the most expensive Merc bought for kickbacks is in the garage of the prosecutor's office ... that's all
  8. spok
    spok 30 March 2012 12: 35
    what for rearmament- what do you smoke?
    seen for a long time in the army were not there, the collapse is in full swing and I will not vote
    everything in this LODGE article
    1. Igorboss16
      Igorboss16 30 March 2012 13: 46
      it would be better if the first thing they at least fed the soldiers was satisfactory, dressed as it should, and taught him to keep his machine gun in his hands, although what I’m talking about now is fashionable to mow from the army. it will turn out to be a worthless and expensive thing until the real goo soldiers at any moment defend their homeland in the army, although these values, unfortunately, have been forgotten a little
      1. Vanya Ivanov
        Vanya Ivanov 30 March 2012 20: 09
        plus you Igorboss
        1. Ziksura
          Ziksura 31 March 2012 00: 21
          Quote: Igorboss16
          it would be better first thing though

          Two things need to be done: A and B.
          We make A- cry: first you need B.
          We make a B-cry: first we need A.
          We do A and B at the same time, better first thing though: B, D, D ....... and there is also Latin, Hebrew and Arabic script.

          There is such a thing, demagogy.

          Demagogy (dr. Greek: “leadership of the people; fawning on the people”) is a set of oratory and polemic techniques and means that allow you to mislead the audience and incline it to your side. Most often used to achieve political goals, in advertising and propaganda.
          Demagogy. Based on a deliberate perversion of facts and flattering promises, the effect on feelings, instincts, people's consciousness, incitement of passions to achieve any, usually political, goals; grandiloquent reasoning, covering up any selfish goals. / Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary [1] /
          1. Vanya Ivanov
            Vanya Ivanov April 1 2012 01: 26
            And you Ziksura yourself, what do you think should be done first of all? to shout (maybe the time has come) "A" and do "B", or vice versa?
            For me personally, let's say, Igorboss's proposal for the "current moment" is the most acceptable and more likely feasible. And no demagoguery about it.
            with respect to you.
      2. slav4ikus
        slav4ikus 22 May 2012 17: 33
        don't tell! soldiers now and so overfeed, like dystrophics: 6 times a day, quiet hour, two days off, and + the committee of "not giving birth" mothers substitutes its skirt
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura 31 March 2012 00: 04
      Quote: spok
      everything in this LODGE article

      In your case, not LODGE, but LAY on the mind.
    3. M. Peter
      M. Peter 11 May 2012 17: 46
      What is a lie?
      Point by point, please.
      And yes, they haven’t been in the army for a long time, I haven’t even partized for five years already ...
      Here the neighbor boy returned, walked, talked a lot of things. Mostly positive only.
  9. vylvyn
    vylvyn 30 March 2012 12: 40
    Sixth plus - they will respect more.
  10. spok
    spok 30 March 2012 14: 44
    Putin promises construction
    400 ballistic missiles; only ONE plant is engaged in production; the rate of production of 4 rockets per year; in order to make 400 missiles, it takes 400 years
    2 submarine cruisers are in service for more than 15 years; 8 missile cruisers will appear in 120 years
    2 multipurpose submarines are in service 10 years 20 cruisers will appear in 200 years
    10 new aircraft were delivered to the military within 20 years 600 declared new aircraft will appear in 1200 years
    what do you think of it
    Russian electronics NO she died
    Putin Medvedev lie they destroy the country's army and defense
    easier they betrayed Russia and Russian
    1. Glenn witcher
      30 March 2012 15: 45
      It's not only with the logic of the problem, but also with the math. 400 / 4 = 400. : facepalm:
    2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 30 March 2012 18: 35
      Where did you find such grass? fool
      [quote = spok] 400 ballistic missile production is engaged in the entire ONE factory production rate of 4 rockets per year in order to make 400 rockets need 400 years [/ quote]
      Is it okay that there are actually two such factories? One makes an ICBM on liquid fuel - Sineva - for SSBNs of project 667BDRM? And the second - Votkinsky - made 2011 Yars in 12? Apart from the "mace" for testing?
      [quote = spok] 10 new aircraft were delivered to the military during 20 years 600 announced new aircraft will appear in 1200 years [/ quote]
      Nothing that was delivered in 2011:
      Novodelov Su-27М3 - 8 pcs.
      Su-35-С - 2 pcs.
      Su-30М2 - 4 pcs,
      Su-34 - 6 pcs.,
      Yak-130 - 5 pcs.
      An-140-100М - 1 pcs.
      Tu-154M - 1 pcs.
      And all, it turns out, for the year - 27 pieces?
      [quote = spok] Russian electronics NO she died [/ quote]
      Yeah. Zhuk-MA, Zhuk-A, Irbis, H-036 are zombie radar stations. We apparently buy electronics for C-300 / 400 from the USA belay
      [quote = spok] 2 submarine cruisers are being used by more than 15 years. 8 missile carriers will appear in 120 years.
      The firstborn, Yuri Dolgoruky, really built from 1996 year. But the second ship of the series, the Nevsky, which is now in running trials, was laid in 2004 (i.e. it was built during 7 years). The United States of Ohio built its 5-6 years.
      [quote = spok] what do you think about it [/ quote]
      You who made this libel,
      Discard doubts and worries,
      Fill your glass and drink,
      The poison that the gods gave you ...
    3. carbofo
      carbofo April 4 2012 18: 40
      It is sad that you write the name of the nation with a small letter.
      400 rockets of 4 per year, only 100 years old.
      You should learn the math and be more knowledgeable in statistics.
    4. M. Peter
      M. Peter 11 May 2012 17: 50
      Regarding the deceased Russian elektroneke ...
      It even became interesting to me, where does the corpse of the product come from? Well, figs with him the military-industrial complex, but now I work at Russian Railways, my work is connected with security devices. There is enough electronics and everywhere the main inscription "Made in Russia" is strange for a corpse. wink
    5. slav4ikus
      slav4ikus 22 May 2012 17: 41
      do not confuse those Russians and other Russians
  11. patriot2
    patriot2 30 March 2012 20: 29
    Andrey from Chelyabinsk, you finished him off not with numbers, but with verse. + What to take from the troll - his tests are bad, and he turned away from the army. This is our "beau monde". Fortunately, not everyone is like that!
    Article + yes
    1. fartfraer
      fartfraer 30 March 2012 22: 05
      Yes, what are you talking about, if the T-62 is still in service in the chicha !? cost price".
      here the namesake from Chelyabinsk gave the numbers, I tell him "excellent!", and now estimate the size of the Russian Federation and the number of aircraft. We (in Tomsk) no longer have a communications school, the hospital is gone, the medical university of the Ministry of Defense has been disbanded, what, Russia officers are no longer needed, then will you fight on your ("putinoid") equipment? managers?
      colleague transferred to anti-tankers and for a YEAR! I didn’t see the gunner, of which he was a gunner according to the staffing table, but I’ll be silent about shooting.
      1. Tambov Wolf
        Tambov Wolf 31 March 2012 15: 58
        But in Voronezh they transferred Irkutsk, Zhukovka, to Borisoglebsk-Chelyabinsk. Flights around the clock.
  12. mars6791
    mars6791 30 March 2012 23: 38
    It was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines. The military-industrial complex is a specific industry, it does not pay for itself if it does not sell all products abroad, which means it is financed from the budget. So, in order to fill the budget with money, it is necessary to raise the economy and the real production sector — industry, agriculture, energy., Oil and gas will no longer stretch such a burden as the military-industrial complex. And the military-industrial complex infrastructure is almost destroyed, where to prepare specialists, and how much should they pay? And all this apart from theft (and in this area - treason to the Motherland).
  13. Mahamont
    Mahamont 31 March 2012 01: 42
    Banks are evil. Today they give money for the reform, and tomorrow we are working together with the whole country to pay off interest on these "investments."
  14. mind1954
    mind1954 31 March 2012 06: 10
    When they really want to do re-equipment,
    then the conversation does not start with money!
    Money is said last.

    And how this was done, suggests only:
    election campaign, a call to cut and privatization!

    There is no trust in Rogozin, anyway.
    So far, all activities are of a nature:
    bringing into the slightest degree of comprador
    the bourgeoisie of the native army because of foreign threats
    competing thieves! A lot of noise !!!

    Before my eyes the results of the police reform!
    Now it turned out, unexpectedly, that several
    generations to grow adequate cops ??? !!!
    And that, in addition to the existing "PENETS OF PERESTROIKA", other
    nowhere to take ??? !!!
  15. Wolkin
    Wolkin 31 March 2012 13: 04
    Machines exported from Germany as a trophy are watched with dumb reproach. They have a reason for this.

    This journal ... Luga wants to say that everything that the military-industrial complex achieved after 1945 was done on captured machines? Only for these words the article from me is “- minus”. Does the author consider us idiots?

    The specificity of the military-industrial complex is that when creating new types of weapons, ships, aircraft, etc. only that which can be made in principle is designed. It’s pointless to talk about creating a new generation of rockets without the proper equipment and machines. Machine tool building is a synonym for technology. Machine tool construction is by its very nature closely associated with the development of new types of products. On German trophy machines, we could at best make Messer the 262nd. And then what?
    1. mind1954
      mind1954 April 1 2012 02: 35
      At our company, the first thing that was destroyed is the machine park
      experimental and experimental production!
      There was a completely unique tool for sharpening cutters, etc.,
      exported from Germany, which faithfully all years
      served our country. There were beautiful cast-iron lifts from there.
      We thought it was all taken away to sell to cooperators,
      and saw the whole machine park in the form of fragments in scrap metal!
      They explained to us that this is so that we do not make weapons!
      By the way, when the provocateur of ampilov led a column in front of my eyes
      grandmothers to Gagarin Square, and on the way joined them
      a mass of KGB provocateurs who attacked riot police and one
      crushed by a machine, then, coming home soon, I heard on TV,
      that a whole truck of "sharpenings" was brought to the scene of the collision
      and other edged weapons made in one of the research institutes !!! ???
      Of course, I understand everything with my mind, but humanly I can say
      only one. After 30 years of work on the country's defense, not for fear,
      and for conscience, in the early 90's I got such a SHOCK that its consequences
      I probably can only get through after I see the fraternity that organized ALL THIS, shot, and even that is unlikely !!!
  16. vvr-81
    vvr-81 31 March 2012 14: 56
    Why are they all raising that we spend a lot of money on the defense industry? Modernization of the plants is not there brothers of Slovenia we are spending not very much, but amers are spending a hundred and a half and they are all in order, even though their duty is ten generations unpaid; we’ll work so that we will live in Ninada on the pile
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont April 2 2012 00: 34
      While the ruble exchange rate will depend on the presence of the dollar in the reserves of the central bank, the debt of the Americans will be both our debt and other countries that have the same stupid financial policy.
    2. slav4ikus
      slav4ikus 22 May 2012 17: 45
      something with my literacy has become (((
  17. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm April 2 2012 23: 51
    Good, such a positive article. If they do as expected, then both production and science will be tightened, and competitiveness, and defense ability are solid pluses. But there are a lot of crooks, and somehow they are struggling sluggishly with him.
  18. Gonoriy
    Gonoriy 31 January 2015 12: 59
    I think the problem is not to catch up with and overtake the United States. It will be necessary to push the Chinese who copy Russian weapons and squeeze a significant part of potential customers out of it. 10 years not to sell technology to narrow-eyed creatures and their military industrial complex will become hopelessly outdated.