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Pistol-phone and a gun in the form of a plastic card

Despite the huge amount of handgun weaponsIt is almost always possible to accurately determine to which class a particular instance belongs. Even just by the silhouette, most people will distinguish the revolver from the pistol, and the automatic rifle from the anti-tank gun. But, as elsewhere, there are exceptions which, by their appearance, do not fit into the usual framework.

Pistol-phone and a gun in the form of a plastic card

The reasons for creating such models of weapons are not always clear, but if in general, it is either an infrequent “I am an artist, I see it so”, or the design features do not allow to bring the weapon to its usual appearance without a significant increase in size.

There is the rarest third reason - the unusual appearance of the weapon was originally laid at the design stage in order to achieve similarity with a household item, or to reduce the size of the weapon during storage and wearing. History remembers a lot of samples of handguns, which was disguised and under cigarette cases and pens, canes and even rings. There are serious samples that are not inferior in their characteristics to full-fledged weapons, except that the ease of use suffers.

Such weapons are often unavailable to the civilian population even in those countries where the law on weapons is very loyal, but individual manufacturers find loopholes in the laws so that everyone can feel like a secret agent. Let's try to get acquainted with two modern pistols, one of which the manufacturer compares with a plastic card, and the other with a mobile phone, the first one already being commercially available, and let's begin with it.

Single Shooter LifeCard

This gun in all its dimensions, except for the thickness, corresponds to the size of a plastic bank card. It is positioned as a means of self-defense, which you can always carry with you, without experiencing discomfort due to its size or weight.

The gun is really very compact and light in the folded state, it will easily fit not only in your pocket, but even in a large or empty wallet. At the moment, the LifeCard cost revolves around 500 US dollars, which is definitely an overpriced price.

If we speak more precisely about the mass and dimensions of the weapon, then they are as follows. The weight of the gun, despite its modest dimensions, is 200 grams. Since the barrel of the weapon is represented by a rather thick-walled part, this is not surprising. Parts of the case, by the way, are made not of plastic, but of light aluminum alloy.

In the folded position, the gun has a length of 85,7 millimeters, a height of 54 and a thickness of 12,7 millimeters. The length of the weapon barrel is a little less than 60 millimeters.

If we consider the LifeCard pistol in the context of self-defense, then a lot of questions arise to the manufacturer. And it's not even in the ammunition that is used in this weapon, we'll talk about it a little later.

In the understanding of most sensible people, a weapon that is ready for use immediately after it has been removed from a holster, pocket, bag can be considered a good means of self-defense. Any delay in putting the weapon into combat readiness is threatened by the fact that the attacker takes the initiative and advantage, in the form of the presence of firearms, turns against the defender.

There is another side to the coin. Firearms, which are used for self-defense, like any other weapon, most of their time is transferred by the owner or lies in the safe. And at this time only one thing is required of the weapon - complete security. It should not fire a pistol, revolver or any other firearm due to a fall or due to the fact that some foreign objects interact with the controls. Balancing between the minimum time to alert and maximum safety, the designers managed to achieve really good results, but not in the LifeCard pistol.

The gun itself consists of three main parts: two folding halves of the body and the barrel. Shoot a weapon in the folded position can not, because the trigger is hidden. It means that in order to use a weapon it needs to be expanded, which would not take a lot of time if it were not for the fixation mechanism, which is controlled by a very small slider recessed into the body. Finding this control in complete darkness and a stressful situation is not so difficult, but rather unlikely. Complicated by the fact that just above is located exactly the same slider, which opens the barrel of the pistol for reloading.

However, when decomposed, the LifeCard pistol is not yet ready for use. Apparently, in order to reduce the cost of construction, the pistol was endowed with a single-action firing mechanism, that is, before the shot it is necessary to carry out a preliminary platoon, which is also performed with relatively small detail. And only after all this you can make a shot.

A remarkable feature of this weapon is also the fact that it is impossible to cock the trigger mechanism and fold the weapon, as well as to make a platoon with triggering when the gun is folded. It would be possible to significantly reduce the time between the removal of a weapon and a shot if the firing mechanism was self-cocked, or at least cocked when opening the body halves, but we have what we have.

As noted above, the LifeCard gun is single-shot. In order to reload the weapon you need to move the slider, similar to fixing the two halves of the weapon in the folded position. After that, lift the weapon barrel with its breech, the cartridge case will need to be removed manually and a new cartridge inserted. According to the manufacturer, a new ammunition must be removed from the half of the body, which plays the role of a handle to hold, it can be placed 4 additional ammunition. However, even if the new cartridge is already in the hand, it will not be possible to quickly reload the weapon, so in fact the defender has the opportunity to fire only once.

Oddly enough, quite often the main drawback of this pistol is noted for sights, which are represented by a V-shaped groove. In this case, such an aiming device, on the contrary, should be noted as a plus, since it nominally seems to be present and even performs its functions at ultrashort self-defense distances, while not interfering with the extraction, which is important for weapons with a similar purpose.

Well, finally we got to the ammunition that is used in this gun. This is a well-known .22 LR cartridge, well-proven as an ammunition for sports and recreational shooting and hunting for small animals, but not for self-defense. Given the fact that the defender has the opportunity to shoot only once, the probability of a guaranteed defeat of the enemy is very small. Suppose a person hit a bullet of this cartridge will leave an indelible impression, most people do not particularly like when they shoot at them. But the attacker can be not only a person, but also a dog, many of which do not stop even after hitting a bullet and a full-fledged patron under certain circumstances.

From all this we can conclude that you should not consider the LifeCard pistol as a full-fledged means of self-defense, as well as rely on it. Despite this, the work of designers who made a really compact, cheap to manufacture and functioning weapon deserves respect. But the work of marketers, who endowed this gun is not the most appropriate price, clearly deserves only censure.

Pistol Ideal Conceal

This gun is more interesting and more effective in comparison with the previous one, it is also positioned as a means of self-defense. And although this weapon has not yet been marketed, it is already possible to try to draw some conclusions about it, based on the data that is available. The benefit of the designer is actively sharing information with everyone.

One of the notable features of the Ideal Conceal pistol is that it develops weapons through voluntary donations collected via the Internet. Similarly, funds will be collected and the beginning of the production of the gun. It should be noted that in the US, this gun has become very popular at the stage of the existence of the idea itself, even without specific sketches of weapons and its characteristics.

The main feature of this weapon is its dimensions, which are comparable with a modern smartphone. This is done, back, to facilitate the daily carrying of weapons, as well as to maximize the hidden wearing.

The gun Ideal Conceal is dual-charged, powered by .380ACP cartridges, which greatly increases its effectiveness in self-defense in comparison with a plastic gun.

In the folded position, the gun really does not exceed the dimensions of the smartphone, except that it stands out thick. Judging by the information, including videos from the designer of weapons, bring the gun into combat readiness, with proper training, you can really very quickly. But, as always, there are nuances. Many modern full-fledged pistols have trigger mechanisms with pre-armament, which makes it relatively safe to carry a weapon with a cartridge in the chamber and, if necessary, fire a shot immediately after removing the weapon. Even if the gun has a manual fuse, it can be previously disabled before the weapon is removed. In other words, only one hand is required to fire a pistol or revolver. In order to shoot a gun Ideal Conceal, anyway, need two hands - with one hand the gun does not expand.

The location and mounting of the barrels in the arms is similar to a LifeCard pistol; a laser designator is planned to be placed under the barrels, which is a plus for self-defense weapons.

The trigger mechanism of the weapon is the simplest - only of double action, however, it has interesting features. When you press the trigger key, the massive trigger moves backward, compressing the mainspring, located almost at its very base. Reaching his extreme point, the trigger breaks down and strikes one of the two drummers.

Since the barrel is two, it was necessary to come up with a reliable and simple system for alternately striking each of the drummers with each successive shot. The first variants of the trigger mechanism solved this problem with the help of a swinging lever, but this solution was abandoned for the sake of a more reliable mechanism, according to the designer. The interaction of the trigger with the firing pin takes place at the expense of two gears, which are slotted at the contact point of the firing pin with the firing pin. Despite the apparent complexity, it all works quite simply. When cocking one of the gears rests on one of the cutouts in the rear of the stop, which rotates it 90 degrees. The cuts on one of the gears are opposite one of the drummers, while opposite to the second drummer, the similar cuts on the second gear will not coincide with the protrusions of the drummer and, if the trigger is disrupted, strike the drummer.

Safety wearing a pistol is achieved by locking the trigger with the handle folded.

If you consider this gun without comparing with LifeCard, then it becomes obvious that as a means of self-defense, it loses with classic-appearance pistols even if it is ready for use and the ease of use of ammunition. In terms of dimensions, the Ideal Conceal pistol won only in thickness and weight; there are more compact pistol models in length and height.

Do I need such guns?

Despite its unusual nature, both in appearance and in the idea itself, such weapons for the civilian market can hardly be considered useful. It is very difficult to justify the need for such a weapon for a private soldier who is not connected in any way with the criminal world or with the law enforcement agencies of a person.

Manufacturers are positioning similar weapons as a means of self-defense, which does not create inconvenience for its owner when worn daily. While wearing such pistols, they may not be inconvenient, but they will obviously be present at the time of application. It is also worth paying attention to the ammunition used in these pistols. These cartridges are clearly not a good choice when it comes to self-defense, especially since their number is limited.

Even if you close your eyes to the not very high effectiveness of weapons and the nuances of its use, it remains an open question how law enforcement agencies will react to the proliferation of such pistols. Understand that a person gets a phone or a pistol out of his pocket becomes a difficult task, and everyone wants to return home from work, and preferably without additional holes.

The conclusion from this can be done next. These guns are interesting for their design, but no more. They lose their weapons in the classic version in all respects except the convenience of hidden wear. One may say that the means of self-defense can never be used, even if a person wears them all his life, therefore they must be comfortable to wear. But in the case of their application, they should be no less convenient and effective, otherwise they are simply not needed.

In general, a weapon disguised as everyday objects is first of all necessary not to make it comfortable to wear, but to bring it conveniently, seamlessly and imperceptibly to where it is prohibited. In my opinion, such a need may arise from a person who needs a gun for anything, but not for self-defense. It is clear that everyone wants to feel like James Bond or Jason Bourne, only such a “spy” weapon can bring a person closer to these fictional characters except in fantasy.
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  1. alex-cn
    alex-cn 7 November 2017 06: 54 New
    A very unusual weapon, thanks for the info!
    It is clear that both pistols are more exotic than real weapons.
    But underestimate the 5,6 cartridge with an expansive bullet when fired almost point-blank I would not.
    1. AlexMark
      8 November 2017 01: 19 New
      I agree that there are enthusiasts who even take a pig with .22LR, but it still seems to me that this is more the case of the case. Who knows how many wounded game was before fans of such a hunt made a video in which the boar fell after the first shot.
      And for myself, I would take something from a Ruger carbine in this caliber, they have excellent devices.
      1. Lganhi
        Lganhi 8 November 2017 08: 39 New
        Rave. .22 a bullet, especially expansion, will not even penetrate the skin of a wild boar, and even if it does, it will penetrate 5 centimeters deep, that is, it will become stuck in the fat layer. Against the boar, even 7,62 * 39 is weak, best of all .308 or 7,62 * 54.
        1. AlexMark
          8 November 2017 11: 42 New
          Well, there are places where there are no skins))) From 3 minutes, see.
      2. Dedall
        Dedall 8 November 2017 21: 44 New
        I once shot an Arminius revolver with a .22LR caliber. So with Czech hunting cartridges he breaks a grenade box. “Makarka” could not. And there’s a .22 Magnum cartridge, so a TOZ-16 friend had a cartridge bore for him, but they didn’t sell cartridges for him then. It would be interesting to shoot. And in general, at the time, Reagan was shot precisely from a revolver with a "small" cartridge. The former actor miraculously did not receive a mortal wound.
    2. would
      would 10 November 2017 11: 20 New
      But underestimate the 5,6 cartridge with an expansive bullet when fired almost point-blank I would not.

      Well, which side to look at. To kill? Can. But with a stopping effect, it’s direct trouble if you don’t get into the head or spinal column. A cop from the USA (Mikhail from the “sunset side” channel that appeared at Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov) recalled that there were enough cases when after getting .22LR the victim could run and talk and generally it seemed like a scratch ... and after 10 minutes she fell dead .
  2. Sancho_SP
    Sancho_SP 7 November 2017 07: 19 New
    Taki I think that these are “dual-use” things. Given the specifics of American law, it would be difficult to sell "weapons of covert attack", hence the formal name "for self-defense."
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 7 November 2017 07: 34 New
    Nothing has been invented better than Derringer of the 19th century! Well, to the extreme, modern subcompacts!
    1. tracer
      tracer 7 November 2017 15: 29 New
      What century do you live in?
  4. Lganhi
    Lganhi 7 November 2017 09: 03 New
    In general, a weapon disguised as everyday objects is first of all necessary not to make it comfortable to wear, but to bring it conveniently, seamlessly and imperceptibly to where it is prohibited. In my opinion, such a need may arise from a person who needs a gun for anything, but not for self-defense. It is clear that everyone wants to feel like James Bond or Jason Bourne, only such a “spy” weapon can bring a person closer to these fictional characters except in fantasy.

    I absolutely agree with the author. Such weapons are suitable for contract killings, but not for self-defense. Such masked pistols should be prohibited, just as the swords disguised as a cane are prohibited.
  5. garri-lin
    garri-lin 7 November 2017 09: 35 New
    And I would take a smartphone. To the son. Go to school.
    By the way, in the standard sizes of modern phones you can make any defense weapons, shockers, gas pistols.
    1. spech
      spech 7 November 2017 10: 16 New
      Gear ready to wear? even if your son is adequate, but who knows.
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 7 November 2017 12: 14 New
        Better transfer over the fence to wear. Than to the hospital. The right ammunition plus a swaddling culture with arms minimizes the likelihood of “gear”
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 7 November 2017 15: 44 New
      My friend, why would your son say such a “dubious phone”? Is he going to the killers? Joke. But seriously, I would prefer a James Bond lighter.
      Willingly reviewing the classic Bondiad, and of the new Bonds, a relatively good "Osminozhka"?
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 7 November 2017 17: 26 New
        In the bondiad, Horse Shonery is good.
        Oh Oh Oh Sean Conery. And Daniel Craig. Pierce Brosnan in his youth liked precisely because of the super-duper gadgets in every film. In recent times, such gadgets have disagreed.
    3. Looking for
      Looking for 9 November 2017 17: 10 New
      But do not you think. What do you have something with your head ??
  6. Cananecat
    Cananecat 7 November 2017 11: 45 New
    Suppose there is where to turn engineering in the first case. Like cocking the trigger when opening with a spring, and removing it from the fuse, only after the handle reaches a certain angle off the barrel. The problem is completely solvable for the average engineer ...
    The question is, why is this a gadget?
    1. Gray brother
      Gray brother 7 November 2017 12: 04 New
      Quote: Canecat
      The question is, why is this a gadget?

      For show-offs.
      1. AUL
        AUL 7 November 2017 19: 34 New
        Expensive toys to create the illusion of security. I would prefer PSM.
  7. tchoni
    tchoni 7 November 2017 14: 52 New
    I understand, the article caused some rejection precisely by its object of study. But, the last paragraph has put everything in its place. To the author plus.
  8. Monarchist
    Monarchist 7 November 2017 15: 47 New
    Quote: garri-lin
    Better transfer over the fence to wear. Than to the hospital. The right ammunition plus a swaddling culture with arms minimizes the likelihood of “gear”

    In some ways you are right, but all the same, as a weapon of self-defense - pistols are Nonsense
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin 7 November 2017 17: 40 New
      Like a civilian weapon, concealed carry. Now the youth will see a bag in their pocket and drink all the blood "let me see it, let me watch it."
      And so the turned off Chinese smart is lying in your pocket. Who now draws attention to a shabby inexpensive phone? Maybe it carries a repair, or maybe a grandmother calls a separate pipe.
  9. Monarchist
    Monarchist 7 November 2017 16: 17 New
    I don’t know, perhaps, beyond the ocean, there will be some kind of critoid to write it down into a “weapon of self-defense”, so these are STUPID PONTS. If someone is enraged with fat, as my mother says, let him carry such a "Life Cad" with him, but I don’t see any real benefit, then it’s not for defense, not for killing. Judge for yourself: while John Smith does all of the above manipulations, I can threaten him and reload the revolver seven times from the "old man" Nagan (charging accelerators for the revolver have long been created: crescent holders, one and three cartridges in a drum, two and it is charged). John Smith wants to kill someone, but now the scope of metal detectors is widely known, and the gun contains metal parts. Personally, I don’t know that there were guns without metal. If you shoot on the street, then again the dubious advantages over ANY pistol or revolver.
    “Shooting cigarette case” has much more advantages. I don’t remember something about the shooting ring. I read somewhere about an officer’s shooting leap, in TM, I met the NKVD boot project that an “failed” agent could shoot himself, but I don’t remember the rings.
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 7 November 2017 17: 31 New
      Actually, it’s Nagan that is charged with one cartridge, and for folding drums and breaks, yes, cassettes were invented for quick reloading.
      1. Looking for
        Looking for 9 November 2017 17: 25 New
        But there are a lot of such “experts” —like this monarchist — who is “fucked up” by the speedloader — on the forum. Everyone knows, they were everywhere, they went through everything.
  10. syndicalist
    syndicalist 7 November 2017 18: 03 New
    I agree that for self-defense a weapon, although it should be small-sized, but most importantly, it is the possibility of instant use
  11. polpot
    polpot 7 November 2017 18: 58 New
    Well, as they say, don’t be afraid of the knife, but be afraid of the forks one hit four holes. Weapons for the Bond comrades. A curious thing, but little applicable.
  12. evil partisan
    evil partisan 7 November 2017 21: 32 New
    Very interesting stuff. I'm interested in such a stupid question. But what if a group of intruders carries something similar only when taken apart aboard? what Moreover: each individual part of such a device will be disguised in hand luggage under something that does not cause suspicion. And all of the plastic: the case, and the mechanism, and ammunition. On board the aircraft, the weapons are collected by the attackers and then according to the plan ... Question of the amateur fool , but still...
    1. AlexMark
      7 November 2017 22: 19 New
      There is no need to disassemble anything, the same LifeCard in the wallet stuck and carried.
    2. polpot
      polpot 7 November 2017 22: 21 New
      We have a movie like this Deja vu look there is a similar device
    3. beeper
      beeper 7 November 2017 22: 43 New
      Flirting wink , evil partisans, what is this "stupid question" ?! The smart question you asked is very relevant, especially in light of the possibilities of 3D printing!
      Details of such a gunshot (or gas-pneumatic shotgun, which does not even need "classic" cartridges winked ) weapons are quite possible to carry on board an airplane and other passenger vehicles, as well as details of any cold weapons made of ceramics and plastic (for some reason neither the author of the article, nor commentators wrote that at such a short distance at which it is supposed to use the data " clamshells, "it’s much more effective to defend and attack with the help of piercing and cutting objects — the enemy has a firearm" clamshell for self-defense "while there is very little chance of surviving and having time to make ready for return fire!) ...
      My opinion is that these masked firearms are suitable only for intentional killing, a vile shot in the back, but not for self-defense! yes
      1. beeper
        beeper 7 November 2017 22: 49 New
        I was wrong, not attentive enough - all the same respected polpot remembered the effectiveness of piercing and cutting objects smile
        1. AlexMark
          8 November 2017 01: 00 New
          For piercing-cutting need at least minimal physical training, and, according to most, everyone can shoot, which is wrong, by the way) Although no, not right) Everyone can shoot, not everyone can get laughing
    4. Lganhi
      Lganhi 8 November 2017 08: 41 New
      That is, the barrel, and the firing pin, and the cartridge are also plastic fool ?
  13. AlexMark
    8 November 2017 01: 11 New
    A few videos with these pistols.

    Ideal conceal
  14. uporov65
    uporov65 8 November 2017 05: 28 New
    Weapon Slag! Of course, there is a buyer, for example, blondes.