KRET develops electromagnetic weapons: the program "Alabuga" and its results

A few years ago, domestic media reported on the development of promising types of weapons designed to destroy the enemy’s electronic systems with a powerful electromagnetic pulse. For obvious reasons, full official information on such projects was not announced at that time. Only now the defense industry considered it necessary to lift the veil of secrecy over the old and new projects of electromagnetic weapons.

September 28 RIA "News»Published some statements by the adviser to the first deputy general director of the concern“ Radioelectronic Technologies ”Vladimir Mikheev, related to the development of fundamentally new weapon systems. The representative of the leading organization of his industry commented on numerous reports about the allegedly existing Alabuga rocket, the warhead of which is an electromagnetic pulse generator.

According to V. Mikheev, KRET specialists actually worked on the program with the code “Alabuga”, however, under this name there was no particular model of weapons. The Alabuga program was implemented in 2011-12, and a whole range of research was carried out as part of it. The purpose of this work was to study the prospects of electronic warfare. First of all, it was planned to determine ways for the further development of such complexes.

The representative of the concern "Radio-electronic technologies" said that in the past a serious theoretical assessment and practical development were carried out, in which various laboratory models and specialized test sites were used. The main result of the Alabuga program was the definition of the nomenclature of electronic weapons and its impact on the equipment of the conventional enemy.

Such an effect, as noted by V. Mikheev, can be different and differ in intensity. Depending on the operating principles and systems used, a simple interfering influence with temporary disabling of the equipment, or its complete defeat, is possible. In the latter case, the electronic damage should lead to energy and destructive damage to electronic components and circuits.

Having completed the research program with the code “Alabuga”, the industry classified all its results. At the same time, according to V. Mikheev, the subject of electromagnetic weapons fell into the category of critical technologies with the highest secrecy. At the moment, it is openly possible to speak only about the fact of the application of the existing theoretical developments in promising development work. In the future, the latter will be able to lead to the emergence of special bombs, missiles or shells equipped with so-called. explosive magnetic generators.

The latest statements by the official representative of the Radioelectronic Technologies concern have brought some clarity to the existing picture. Previously, information on the development of weapons based on an electromagnetic pulse had already appeared in open sources, but the basic details of such work, for obvious reasons, were missing. As the most recent official reports show, previous news and publications on this topic far from fully corresponded to the real state of affairs.

Recall that the first reports on a promising project with the code "Alabuga" appeared a few years ago. For example, in early October 2014, the domestic media, referring to unnamed representatives of the state corporation Rostec, spoke about the existence of an electronic warfare complex, which has certain differences from the existing systems.

According to the data, the Alabuga project provided for the construction of a rocket equipped with a special combat unit. Instead of a high-explosive fragmentation or other warhead that has a mechanical effect on the target, it was proposed to use a powerful generator of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Working at a given point in space, such a generator should have a negative impact on the enemy’s electronic systems. The result of this could be a violation of communication and control, damage to navigation and guidance, etc. Systems could receive the most serious damage and fail.

According to three years ago, a new type of explosive magnetic rocket generator was supposed to operate at a height of about 200-300 m, which allowed ground objects to be covered with an electromagnetic pulse within a radius of 3,5 km. As a result of such an attack, communication and control systems were to be the first to fail. Damage to radar detection and other electronics was also not excluded. Left without the ability to monitor the situation, the use of modern weapons and coordination of joint work, enemy units on the battlefield would not be able to continue the battle and perform the tasks.

As reported in the past, the main problem in developing such weapons is the creation of a rocket capable of delivering an electromagnetic pulse generator to a given point. So far, such equipment has a large size and weight, which leads to the corresponding consequences. A large missile can be detected by the enemy’s air or missile defense.

By the beginning of October, 2014, as the press wrote, the Alabuga system passed field trials, after which the project was finalized. The aim of the new works was to increase the basic characteristics of an explosive magnetic generator: the power of the pulse and the range of impact.

Subsequently, the project "Alabuga" repeatedly became the topic of new publications, but they all to some extent repeated the original messages. No new technical or other details were announced. The last time a new rocket with an unusual warhead was recalled at the end of last summer, but this time all the new publications were actually a retelling of materials three years ago.

Apparently, it was the last wave of discussions on the Alabuga product that led to the appearance of long-awaited official comments. As it turned out, by the time the first missile reports appeared, the research program had already been completed with obtaining the desired results as a mass of necessary information. In addition, research has enabled the development of full-fledged advanced weapons, which in the future will be able to go into service and lead to an increase in the combat capability of the army.

It cannot be ruled out that the news of the autumn of 2014, however, was related to real events in the field of electromagnetic weapons, however, they were not fully accurate. Indeed, by that time KRET and other enterprises of the radioelectronic industry, having completed a research program, could begin the development of practically applicable samples. As for the name "Alabuga", originally used for research work, its use in the context of development work may be associated with some confusion.

Regardless of the exact course of events in the recent past, the veracity or erroneousness of old press publications and other factors, it is now known that the program for creating electromagnetic weapons does not stand still. An official representative of a leading enterprise in the industry confirmed the start of designing such systems. However, all work is carried out under the heading of secrecy, and therefore no details of interest to professionals and the public, have not yet been announced.

Recent reports from official sources allow us to look to the future with optimism. Our country is developing fundamentally new weapons that can have a noticeable effect on the course of a hypothetical conflict. It is reported that new weapons will be created in the formats of rockets, bombs and artillery shells. Thus, ammunition with explosive magnetic generators as a warhead will be able to enter into service with different types of troops, which will lead to a certain increase in their potential in the fight against the enemy.

It should be noted that officials have not yet specified the deadlines for the completion of current projects. Apparently, development work based on the results of Alabuga started a few years ago, and therefore can be completed in the very near future. Perhaps in the near future, the military and the designers, without violating the existing regime of secrecy, will tell about new successes in the development of a promising direction.

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    29 September 2017 15: 54
    Having completed the research program with the code "Alabuga", industry has classified all its results. At the same time, according to V. Mikheev, the subject of electromagnetic weapons fell into the category of critical technologies with the highest security classification.
    What pleased in this review!
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    29 September 2017 16: 33
    If you bring the subject to mind, then not only shells, but also mines can be made the same, banged where the thread is on the sidelines and the enemy sits over the burning schemes laughing
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    30 September 2017 17: 18
    To start, a small reference on the topic
    snake. In terms of novelty, one can notice that such weapons, including ammunition (aerial bombs, shells, missiles) capable of creating high-power electromagnetic pulses (EMP) during the explosion of a warhead, were developed by leading countries of the world including the USSR and the USA, since the beginning of the 70 of the last century . Those. the novelty of such weapons is very relative. In addition, from about the same time, the development of weapons based on the principles of concentration of radiation energy in the microwave and the optical wavelength range in a given direction (Directed Energy Weapon) as well as means and methods of protection against it was carried out. For some time, both the USSR and the USA participated in the race for the development of these types of weapons almost on equal terms, but after the collapse of the USSR, funding for these developments in the former republics of the Union came to naught, which led to a very serious lag in Russia in this area. At least the US Armed Forces have long had a very wide range of such weapons, but in Russia this is still tense, although it does have something. Will Russia be able to catch up, let's see. Perhaps it will be able to, if enough funds are allocated for this (and the funds are required very decent) and if the allocated funds do not fall into someone else’s Pts again. skillful pens and someone’s very personal accounts. In general, the topic is very interesting from all points of view.
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    6 October 2017 08: 27
    General Director of the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" Vladimir Mikheev - chatterbox and find for the enemy!