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Polish conversation around the killer "Almaty"


In September 2013, a promising new Polish tank PL-01 was shown at an exhibition in the Polish city of Kielce. Perhaps only lazy did not write about this, and Western military and couch experts called this project almost the killer of “Almaty”. But the time of the first euphoria has passed. And let's see and try to find out how the perspective Polish tank Now.

But first we offer a small excursion to history.

Even at the dawn of tank-construction times, relations between Poland and the USSR were more than cool, read: hostile. And both countries sought to acquire their own armored forces, which, in principle, succeeded.

And the appearance in the Red Army of the BT series of tanks was greatly facilitated by the Poles, who also became interested in the creation of Walter Christie. They, like the USSR, bought the English 6-ton Vickers tank and made their own light tank 7TR on its base.

In general, nothing human is alien, and the purchase of foreign samples in those years, and in subsequent years, was normal. Why does the author write all this, dear reader will ask?

And the fact that in the USSR they were able to create their own tank-building school, which in present-day Russia continues to develop successfully, despite the horrors of the 90s.

In Poland, the problem with this, the country lost its battle at the beginning of World War II rather quickly, and the entire war was fought on foreign-made tanks.

In the first post-war period, Poland produced T-34-85 and T-54 tanks, and later T-72 tanks. That is, Polish tank factories did not develop independently from scratch.

After the cessation of almost all ties at the turn of 80-90-s of the twentieth century, the question of maintaining the combat capability of Polish tank units arose. As a result, a modernized T-72М1 tank called "Wilk" (wolf) appeared, and further modernization led to the appearance of the PT-91M2 "Twardy" tank.

The Poles wanted to further upgrade the tank, and even the RT-94 Gorilla project was ready, but it didn’t grow together, and German tanks Leopard А2А4 and later Leopard А2А5 began to enter the armed forces, but with one mark these tanks boo.

Based on the above, it is possible to make an intermediate conclusion that the Poles do not have any serious developments and samples before creating a new tank.

In 2013, a program was adopted to re-equip the Polish army and replace the PT-91 and BMP-1 tanks with vehicles based on the heavy GEPARD platform. But there is an opinion that in connection with the events in Ukraine and then in Syria, this program will be greatly revised.

The fact is that it assumed the creation of a platform with a lower combat mass, which made it highly mobile and heavily armed (the main weapon - 120 mm).

The events in the above-mentioned countries showed that tanks with 125-mm guns are much more productive in battle than tanks with 120-mm guns, moreover in Russia they showed the T-14 project, which in the future can be armed with an instrument of a much larger caliber, and last year, the Rheinmetall guys showed off a new 130-mm tank gun. The Poles had a lot to think about.

For many, it will probably be a discovery that the PL-01 tank looks similar to the Polish light tank Anders (joke), which in turn was created based on the Swedish BMP Strf 90 (eng. CV90), which was developed in 1984 year, production with 1993.

Polish conversation around the killer "Almaty"

Light tank Anders

BMP Strf 90

Our ward also grew out of the above BMP. Given the current realities, it is not surprising that after the 2013 of the year, the PL-01 actually disappeared from view.

The video shows that the exhibition at the time was shown only a running layout, its real performance characteristics, weapons and armor are not known.

But we will try to simulate a little situation.

Considering the base that the Polish engineers chose for their advanced tank, the car will be very high, on 50 cm above T-90, which clearly reduces survival, despite the fact that the presence of composite armor is foreseen.

No matter the situation will be with mobility, given the desire to make a tank weighing in 45-50 tone (which is 15-20 tons more than the BMP Strf 90 weighs).

Who and how to share the secrets of armor or blanks is unknown.

The fact is, as was written in the Polish media, that the secrets of the reservation are kept very carefully, and in Poland there are no ideas about this. Here Russia, China, USA, Israel, Germany and, perhaps, Great Britain rule the ball.

The same question is the SLA (fire controls). OMS, most likely, will be foreign, and obviously not the most advanced (as usual, myself in the first place). Do not forget about the desire of a number of countries to increase the caliber of tank guns.

From which it can be concluded, more precisely, to repeat it for all the same Polish media that this tank, if it is created, in its present form, does not even reach the “potential victim” even for the distance of the radar. Domestic 125-mm artillery systems simply will not allow this.

And even if it happens (the battle in the city or on the rugged terrain), according to Polish publications, Russian tanks have a very serious armor protection (just remember the footage from Syria. - Author's note) to confidently confront the PL-01 tank.

Against the background of all this, the statement that the future PL-01 will become the killer of “Almaty”, otherwise you will not call it nonsense. It is worth mentioning that this tank was already at the present time to pass military tests, and in the future (2018) to go into mass production, the main customer first had to be the Ministry of Defense of the Polish Republic.

But since last year, little is heard about the tank, and it’s not at all clear whether at least one prototype has been built for testing, or a sample from the 2013 exhibition of the year is nothing more than a hoax. And what is the fate of the project?

There is an opinion, even in Poland, that the pseudo-tank will not be ever implemented at all, not only because of technical difficulties, but also because by the time of release it may simply cease to be relevant. And this all goes.

And as written on, the only advantage of the Polish tank over the Russian Armata is an armored gun cover, stylized as a space blaster, and the original rounding of armor.

What is the essence of the appeal to the topic of this machine? The essence is easily (with a knowledge of the language) can be found in the Polish press. On the one hand, there is a hefty bloc crying about the threat to independence, territorial integrity and other pleasures on the part of Russia. On the other hand, there is (fortunately) a considerable number of opponents, soberly reasoning in the style of "So what?"

Quite a few in Poland understand that two hundred, if not new, but “Leopards” is still a force. This is even enough if something happens to ... Enough for something.

But this is not a reason to put on the stream "unknown animal." Unless you really invent a blaster.

Panov, protect the zloty and nerves. Still useful.

According to the materials of the Polish and not only press:,chaos-wokol-geparda-co-dalej-z-polskim-programem-pancernym

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  1. bandabas
    bandabas 27 September 2017 06: 40
    However, the 6-ton Vickers tank has nothing to do with Walter Christie.
    1. venik
      venik 27 September 2017 07: 09
      Quote: bandabas
      However, the 6-ton Vickers tank has nothing to do with Walter Christie.

      Well, the author does not say that he HAS! I just mentioned that the Psheks were also interested in it, but they bought it - the Vickers .....
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 27 September 2017 08: 27
        Duck it and we bought the Vickers, and then did the T-26. Whoever didn’t buy it, only the British themselves didn’t use it ...
        1. samoletil18
          samoletil18 27 September 2017 09: 09
          As for Vickers, the British fell away to the commercial direction, allowing the company to promote export. At the end of the 20s there was no clear understanding of what was needed from armored vehicles: aren't they better than wedges, for example, or, conversely, a heavy multi-tower giant.
          . And the Poles just before the war were finishing the development and implementation of 10TP on the Christie platform. You also cannot say that they are completely backward.
      2. bandabas
        bandabas 28 September 2017 22: 38
        Exactly what it has. BT and T-26 are completely different designs.
  2. Graz
    Graz 27 September 2017 07: 39
    Well, the Poles seem to be making the Roscomak armored personnel carrier under the license of the patriya and vehicles based on it, so they know how to make armor for such cars, so you have to do what you can do, Poland is not China and they don’t have such resources to pull it to the right level, but they’re tanks may well buy from the Germans or someone else
    1. Nemo
      Nemo 27 September 2017 09: 18
      Quote: Graz
      Well, the Poles seem to be making the Roscomak armored personnel carrier under the license of the patriya and vehicles based on it, so they know how to make armor for such cars, so you have to do what you can do, Poland is not China and they don’t have such resources to pull it to the right level, but they’re tanks may well buy from the Germans or someone else

      I agree with you. They can make any kind of armor. After all, the first batch of Dozors (which is cracked) was made of Polish armor. Only there is no evidence about the development of a new composite armor level Leopard, Abrams, T-90.
      1. Graz
        Graz 27 September 2017 09: 24
        not there, not from Poland, there on the sheets of Polish armor the marking is laser-printed, but the local samopal was put on these, I don’t know which armor they are)) because the numbers are broken with a core punch and this is on the armor))
        the Poles said that not our sheets
      2. Monarchist
        Monarchist 27 September 2017 12: 30
        Silently, on fig you confirmation that they have developed a new armor. The main thing is that they trumpeted the whole world: the killer "Aromas" was created. And that T14 has not yet gone into the series and PL only in mock-ups does not matter.
      3. Mih1974
        Mih1974 27 September 2017 18: 53
        belay Shaw, Poles are ABLE to make armor? Come on you laughing where the Poles and high metallurgy all the more armored steels. Such secrets protect the worse than nuclear weapons (which even the poor and isolated DPRK does). Maybe what alloy alloys they do, but before modern ones, I won’t believe in anything that they managed to develop.
        1. Antony
          Antony 28 September 2017 01: 17
          If they released the T72, then they could get the technology for the production of armor
          1. samoletil18
            samoletil18 29 September 2017 10: 34
            They did the T-34-85 after the war. And ours could tell them that the technology was fully transferred, the armor from the T-34. Work, Poles.
            Even in Soviet times, we especially did not trust the Poles.
        2. Snezhok Morozovich
          Snezhok Morozovich 1 October 2017 00: 12
          44NHTY drill does not take.
  3. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 27 September 2017 07: 49
    Yes, the brain from our T-14 made them all so hard! yes Now in the NATO countries it has become fashionable to see almost any home-made “steam-frying pan with a riveted berdanka” as “the killer of“ Almaty ”!!!” laughing laughing laughing
    1. 210ox
      210ox 27 September 2017 09: 14
      What brain? The bottom knocked out!
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      Yes, the brain from our T-14 made them all so hard! yes Now in the NATO countries it has become fashionable to see almost any home-made “steam-frying pan with a riveted berdanka” as “the killer of“ Almaty ”!!!” laughing laughing laughing
  4. Andrey160479
    Andrey160479 27 September 2017 07: 52
    Poles, if my memory serves me, did not make a single sensible machine, notice any machine. I myself am engaged in the repair of their special equipment (road repair). Honestly, complete mr. Tortured with her. It is rare that a unit falls short of the warranty period.
    1. BAI
      BAI 27 September 2017 13: 30
      But shipbuilding is good.
      1. spech
        spech 27 September 2017 17: 30

        BAI Today, 13:30 ↑ New
        But shipbuilding is good.

        It was !
    2. mejik
      mejik 30 September 2017 09: 08
      I remember that in BO minuses were thrown when I called this, God forgive me, the tank with a plasterboard construction when it first appeared here.
  5. Vard
    Vard 27 September 2017 08: 13
    They can do ... for their money ... anything ... In reality, only migrants threaten Poland now ... and the “Assassin of Almaty” ... it's not even funny ...
  6. pytar
    pytar 27 September 2017 09: 01
    There will be no real armed clash between Polsha and the Russian Federation. And accordingly, even if the Poles begin the production of PL-01, they will not get to the "extinction of the musculature" with Armata. On the other hand, such a tank will probably be in demand in the international arms market. PL-01 looks like a completely modern machine with supposedly acceptable characteristics, and the price will probably be attractive. For many countries, the PL-01 may be a good alternative.
    1. Graz
      Graz 27 September 2017 09: 27
      a clash may well be if Ukraine begins to fall apart and the Poles want western Ukraine or part of it, then our leadership may not agree
      1. pytar
        pytar 27 September 2017 10: 31
        Such a development is extremely unlikely. Nowadays, no Polish population lives in Western Ukraine. Some historical claims insufficient for annexation by Polsha.
        1. Krabik
          Krabik 2 October 2017 03: 45
          The British can foster imperial ambitions in Poland, as was the case with Bulgaria in the last century.
    2. IQ12NHJ21az
      IQ12NHJ21az 27 September 2017 21: 18
      Yeah, if the Chinese let them go! The arms market is divided, and wedged in with its "stucco molding" oh how difficult it is, especially against the background of the T-90 and T-72 fighting in Syria.
  7. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 27 September 2017 09: 47
    Pans carriage
  8. roskot
    roskot 27 September 2017 09: 57
    The Poles need one tank and another dog.
    hold on to europe.
    1. pytar
      pytar 27 September 2017 10: 24
      There were such times! drinks
      1. igordok
        igordok 27 September 2017 12: 29
        The far left is Saakashvili, the far right is Yarosh.
      2. andrewkor
        andrewkor 27 September 2017 14: 27
        Three Poles, Georgians and a dog!
      3. IQ12NHJ21az
        IQ12NHJ21az 27 September 2017 21: 19
        In Soviet times, the film was called "Three Poles, Georgians and a Dog"
      4. oborzevatel
        oborzevatel 29 September 2017 09: 45
        Quote: pytar
        There were such times! drinks

        Who won the whole war themselves? laughing
  9. tchoni
    tchoni 27 September 2017 11: 58
    A bit of fortune-telling on coffee grounds with a passing scum of the Poles (which, however, deserve it)
  10. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 27 September 2017 12: 24
    Prototype he and Africa prototype wink
  11. Music
    Music 27 September 2017 12: 57
    The secret of producing good armor to the Poles will be difficult to figure out ..
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 27 September 2017 18: 58
      Or rather, never, they haven’t yet devoured all the sanctioned apples, you are about to “figure out the secret of armor”. laughing laughing
  12. BAI
    BAI 27 September 2017 13: 29
    And the appearance in the Red Army of the BT series of tanks was greatly facilitated by the Poles, who also became interested in the creation of Walter Christie. They, like the USSR, bought the English 6-ton Vickers tank and made their own light tank 7TR on its base.

    They took an interest in Christie's tank (= BT-5, BT-7 (we do not consider BT-2)), and bought Vickers (= T-26). Where is the connection?
  13. viktorch
    viktorch 27 September 2017 13: 44
    pans with fat are furious, the design is cool of course, but I doubt something that the Poles are able to create something like an MBT revolution,
    there is an opinion that this will be the first designer tank in the world, naturally designed for Papuan parades.

    where exactly the Papuans' parades will be held is a question, maybe in Africa, maybe in Latin America, and maybe in Kiev.
  14. opus
    opus 27 September 2017 13: 58
    Quote: Author: Alexander Prokurat
    В September 2013 years A new promising Polish tank PL-01 was shown at the exhibition in the Polish city of Kielce. Perhaps only lazy did not write about this, and the Western military and couchExperts called this project almost the killer "Almaty".

    The first more or less decent show T-14 took place 5 May 2015

    HOW PL-01 IN 2013 COULD BE A "KILLER" OF T-14-HZ.
    And before 2015 there were only pictures
  15. iouris
    iouris 27 September 2017 14: 45
    The USSR stimulated arms exports from the United States. The USSR is not, and Poland is not the USSR. The essence of Trump's policy is the export of arms to everyone who is able to pay. Poland is the US market, so the owners of the Poles will not be allowed to implement any significant arms project, and they are not capable.
  16. NickiShnapi
    NickiShnapi 27 September 2017 14: 50
    In short, they took the ancient English BMP and decorated it with a plastic body kit. A curtain.
  17. Grach-25sm
    Grach-25sm 27 September 2017 15: 54
    And, nevertheless, the heirs of the Kshetusky and Volodoevsky very seriously approach the modernization of their army. They completely switched to NATO standards in small arms, having modernized their machine guns - Beryl, Glauberit, developing elements of modern tactical equipment, creating tanks according to a new concept. Build multi-purpose helicopters. All this inspires respect, given the not too high economic and industrial potential of the country. Compared to Ukrainian nonsense - this is generally aerobatics! yes
    1. spech
      spech 27 September 2017 17: 35
      develop elements of modern tactical equipment, create tanks according to a new concept

      When I hear such words I start to itch in the most modest places ©
      1. renics
        renics 27 September 2017 18: 17
        They suggest such secretive protection, but it is not clear on what principles.
        1. tank64rus
          tank64rus 2 October 2017 20: 45
          Heating special plates to a certain temperature using special equipment Object in the infrared range. Well-milked the Swedish Ministry of Defense. But the system is stupid in essence.
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 27 September 2017 19: 18
      crying laughing I mourn with you crying. Well, what tactical Polish equipment, what multipurpose helicopters, and even more so "new tank concepts"? This is not even very funny. Outfit - there are recognized brands and everyone else is just trying to copy them. Helicopter engineering is generally a very difficult area, even if you don’t get very confused and get modern engines somewhere, but still, two Leaders (USA and Russia) set the mark for everyone else. It’s more difficult with tanks, here many have "gone their own way" and some have gone so far that it is no longer clear "will they be able to get out of .. .." in which they find themselves. There is an Indian “arjun”, and Turkish (I don’t remember), well, these are complete scumbags wink , and the “old-timers” have more or less ubiquitous “jumps”. The French are a "SUV", no one has ever seen him in business, and even at such a price, whoever sees FIG. Impudent - these WWII fools did not teach anything, and they go crazy on the idea of ​​"pillbox on caterpillars." The Germans - mm were considered and are considered the best (after us) tank builders, tea "teachings" of the Second World War did not go in vain, but even their "creation" in the hands of gouging from Turkey burned out candles (which generally surprised beyond measure); but these guys are normal and "finish". Yavrei - that’s what I wanted to be smarter than everyone, everyone in kooks and surpassed: they thrust the engine in front - a constant thermal moire as a bonus, booked to the MYF level - this turtle can barely crawl even on their stone grounds, if it’s a bit out of the corner, due to its strong specialization - nobody needs a car in the global market for fih. There were still Scandinavians, but this is so laughing "Whatever Chukhon indulged in, if only not with his hands." We stayed with the marikas, who are constantly improving their tanks due to constant wars and identifying jambs.
      So all that you listed in the "achievements" of the Poles is stupid, this country is too insignificant both in technological and economic (cannot even buy) terms to do something your own. Such countries NEED to recognize their backwardness and buy from those who are willing to sell at least more or less modern weapons.
      1. iouris
        iouris 29 September 2017 00: 24
        As far as I understand. the Polish leadership and the supporting part of the electorate are “dizzy with success” in economics and foreign policy: all tasks have been successfully completed, it remains only (once again) to crush the “colossus with feet of clay”. “And almost our victory is already”, but the trouble is that cheap oil and gas are getting more expensive, apples are rotting, free economic assistance from the West has been stopped and it is time to give loans. Soon there will be no time for "domestic tanks." Yes, and Trump did not just recently drove to Warsaw: he intends to sell American to the Poles.
      2. viktorch
        viktorch 17 October 2017 17: 25
        why are you all so excited? plka - CONCEPT, you can do the same with an ax, logs and such a mother.
  18. renics
    renics 27 September 2017 17: 58
    Wikipedia PL-01 - Polish armored fighting vehicle, created by OBRUM in partnership with the British company BAE Systems. The concept was first presented on September 2, 2013 at the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce. The full prototype will be completed, presumably in 2016. Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2018. YouTube: PL-01 Concept, MSPO 2013 exit
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 27 September 2017 18: 11
      "Mouse", damn it, some laughing
    2. mat-vey
      mat-vey 27 September 2017 18: 36
      And thousands of gnomes (well, or trained mice), what do you think the British will supply to clean the chassis? They should have stayed from the Matilda there since WWII
  19. renics
    renics 27 September 2017 18: 53
    Tank pl-01 concept or how to effectively cut the budget. Comparison with Armata!
  20. vladikod
    vladikod 27 September 2017 19: 58
    Polish tank?! ... The shortest joke like a Jew ... loader ...
    1. opus
      opus 27 September 2017 23: 35
      Quote: vladikod
      The shortest joke like a Jew ... loader ...

      Vran Rapperna
      20 / 25TP

      PT-91 (PT 91 M Twardy)

      PZInż 130



      PT-91 Hard




      Polish conversation around the killer "Almaty"

      The author just wrote crap
      1. ARA90rN
        ARA90rN 30 September 2017 11: 51
        Where is purely Polish development here? Without looking at foreign models and modernization of technology?
  21. Belyash
    Belyash 28 September 2017 06: 12
    Merkava is the best tank in the world.
    1. nafanal
      nafanal 29 September 2017 03: 43
      I’m embarrassed to ask. You rode on this chariot. And why is it better than the T-72
  22. mvg
    mvg 28 September 2017 06: 50
    The article, excuse me, is a "children's" one, drawn at an amateurish level ... Compare this material with the work of Alex_TV and, as they say, feel the difference. Blooper on a blooper.
  23. Alexizhevsk
    Alexizhevsk 28 September 2017 07: 43
    As I understand it from the video - this is a SUV tank for movement on asphalt and concrete))
  24. Prohor kotov
    Prohor kotov 28 September 2017 12: 46
    "Killer" Almaty "" will sound intriguing, just like a new fantastic blockbuster or a new toy on a PC.
  25. Pavlik Morozov
    Pavlik Morozov 28 September 2017 13: 32
    The Poles wanted to cover the rinks, beautifully, and change how they would be in case of damage. How will the caterpillar be repaired on the battlefield in any case? Although the toy is good, beautiful, like in tanks online)))
  26. Alexander the Russian
    Alexander the Russian 28 September 2017 15: 12
    Poland has no chance with this tank, it has many drawbacks, Armata will simply blow it up.
  27. ronnon
    ronnon 28 September 2017 21: 56
    T-14 did not have time to shoot in the direction of Poland, but already so shell-shocked zheks appeared.
  28. rocket757
    rocket757 29 September 2017 09: 12
    Yesterday I overtook the column of trailers ... on them T shki. From far away you won’t understand at all. what's on the platforms !!!
    Squat, wide but POWERFUL ... impressive.
    The geese are wide, the cross is what you need ... in our, and on tsuzuy off-road!
    On the polar ur ... and look ??? parquet version, sales if they put a gosling track on the track, do not drive it off-road.
    If it’s for armature ... at least they try to run into another main tank, you need to have something that you can "run into" !!!
    It seems that for online games the product ... wrote / stated the super-duper TTX and go ahead, smash the adversary!
  29. Nerobot
    Nerobot 29 September 2017 21: 42
    The SUV, it is immediately clear that it is not intended for driving on dirt, the entire hodovka is covered with shields. The English Matilda also suffered from this during the Second World War. Clogged dirt, turf, branches, etc. under the shield and if the frost also freezes horseradish
    groans from a place.
  30. sergey_carev
    sergey_carev 29 September 2017 23: 14
    The only where you can apply this miracle of the Polish military-industrial complex except in a game like "AW".
  31. Good mat
    Good mat 30 September 2017 13: 37
    In the “arm” this PL-01 is a rather formidable “beast” of the 10th level, it’s there in the PVE for the T-14 pair, in one battle, it plugs in the competitive belt!))))) Maybe the Poles get their data from there "?!)))))
    1. viktorch
      viktorch 17 October 2017 17: 19
      they sent money there for advertising.
  32. tank64rus
    tank64rus 2 October 2017 20: 41
    This tank was created for a new series of star wars.
  33. drilled
    drilled 3 October 2017 11: 42
    wow! Good engine! Revised the lady fiction. And they forgot the experience of war.
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 3 October 2017 22: 32
      This chariot resembles tanks of the First World War. I wonder how it goes in the field?
  34. BMP-2
    BMP-2 8 October 2017 15: 22
    This article makes a strange impression. Even more strange seems a large number of her positive ratings. Having set as his goal to analyze the state of affairs with the Polish tank, the author, for lack of information, further analyzes the historical background of the emergence of tank construction in Poland, and its theoretical capabilities to create something worthy ...
    And if you can still agree with the fact that the Poles have no continuity in the development of their tank building, then with the conclusion that begs at the end that “This cannot be, because it can never be” - No. .

    Which of which grew out of - this, of course, may be interesting. But this does not characterize how it is now. And in general: to amuse oneself with conversations that someone cannot and will not succeed - this is from a series of the same auto-suggestions that the Poles are involved in talking about the “killer of Armata”. yes

    Ps: Wish: the use of objective data and qualitative factual material in the article significantly increases the validity of the arguments used in it! yes
  35. margo2000
    margo2000 10 August 2018 09: 51
    “and not new Leopards” - a strange look at the tanks, “Lada” may not be new.