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In honor of the century Colt M1911, Arsenal Firearms created the first self-loading pistol with two barrels

New Russian-Italian weapon able to produce 16 bullets in 3-5 seconds. This result is very difficult to achieve when using any conventional gun, not counting, of course, automatic models that are capable of fire in bursts, the portal reports MEMBRANA.

Arsenal Firearms private armory company created a new AF2011-A1 pistol "Second Century" (informally referred to as "Twenty Eleven"). This new caliber .45 ACP (11,43 x 23 mm).

The “Second Century” pistol was released in memory of the famous Colt M1911 pistol model (last year 100 turned years from the day it was made), which is still in use. The John Browning model continues its life, the second century has gone already, it is from here that the name of the new weapon appeared.

The Second Century pistol has some internal parts that are used in the original M1911. Among them, she whispered and their hulls, strikers, sights, some parts of the store and arms, several types of springs. All these details can now be found on the world market for weapon parts.

However, the original elements are also used in this weapon, since this “Second Century” model is the first semi-automatic pistol with a double barrel mounted on a single frame. The gun is designed according to industrial specifications and is designed for serial production.

This exotic novelty can already be ordered, with options for finishing and subtleties in the sequence of triggers and double triggers.

The Second Century pistol can fire 2 bullets simultaneously in one shot, the total weight of which is 30 g. They hit the target that is at a distance 2-5 cm from each other (it all depends on the distance of the shot). So, for comparison, the weight of a standard bullet from a cartridge 9 × 18 mm PM (for a Makarov pistol) is 6,1. According to gunsmiths, a double blow from an AF2011-A1 pistol can easily dump a bull.

The “Second Century” pistol is charged with a magazine of sixteen rounds. In essence, these are 2 parallel magazines of eight rounds each, held together with a common base, which are inserted into the handle as a whole.

It is known that Arsenal Firearms has production facilities not only in Russia, but also in Italy and Austria. All of them will deal with the production of products for different markets. The main office is located in our country. The company’s founders are Russian businessman Dmitry Streshinsky and Italian gunsmith Nicola Bandini.

In the arms field, Arsenal Firearms appeared quite recently - March 9 2012, debuting with a whole line of models (rifles, pistols, knives).

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  1. snek
    snek 21 March 2012 08: 07
    An extra way to lure money from weapon collectors and lovers of all sorts of unusual things.
    1. Vodoley
      Vodoley 23 March 2012 22: 25
      That's what inspired them !!! belay good HA HA HA !!!
  2. dred
    dred 21 March 2012 08: 36
    Honestly, Italians seem to be breaking everything double-barrel. At the beginning of the 20th century, the not-so-well-known Revelli machine gun was chambered for a pistol round. The usual pair of two submachine guns.
  3. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 21 March 2012 09: 17
    I respect the Colt model in 1911, but frankly I don’t understand why, I need this double-barreled perversion .... request
    1. 755962
      755962 21 March 2012 13: 58
      For collectors and connoisseurs. wink
      1. HAUSER
        HAUSER 22 March 2012 00: 31
        Rather, it is not a very creative advertisement.
  4. almost demobil
    almost demobil 21 March 2012 09: 29
    They have nothing to do in this Arsenal along the way!
  5. Green 413-1685
    Green 413-1685 21 March 2012 09: 36
    A completely pointless novelty. Outstanding 1911 and so ruffled.
    Why, for what? Correctly noted above, unless to pull loot from collectors.
  6. Salavat
    Salavat 21 March 2012 10: 17
    This is a monster!
  7. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 21 March 2012 10: 48
    The article had to be held until April 1 :-)
  8. ALEX26659
    ALEX26659 21 March 2012 11: 08
    glued two colt))) laughing
  9. AlexMH
    AlexMH 21 March 2012 11: 40
    Hm .... but the return? :)
  10. axmed05
    axmed05 21 March 2012 12: 31
    Another Wunderwaffle from America lol
    1. snek
      snek 21 March 2012 15: 06
      Quote: axmed05
      Another Wunderwaffle from America

      The first sentence from the article itself: A new Russian-Italian weapon is capable of firing 16 bullets in 3-5 seconds
  11. Leisure
    Leisure 21 March 2012 13: 12
  12. Tenok
    Tenok 21 March 2012 13: 46
    For villains from cheap action movies smile
  13. 755962
    755962 21 March 2012 14: 02
    “God created people weak and strong, and Colonel Samuel Colt equalized their chances before the Lord.” We have weapons prohibited, therefore, all are not equal. winked
  14. vostok-47
    vostok-47 21 March 2012 14: 58
    As you can see from the photographs, he shoots with either the right or left barrel (the triggers are separated like a hunting double-barreled shotgun). Apparently they were trying to solve the problem of changing the clip ...... would make a better bazooka))))))))
  15. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 21 March 2012 15: 11
    The practical need for such a toy is very doubtful. An ordinary small-sized PP will block this ratchet in all respects ...
    The only niche, and even that is not too big to offer this machine to fans of weapons exotic.
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 21 March 2012 17: 07
      PP with a .45 caliber in a small version, something is not observed.
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac 26 March 2012 07: 53
        especially small-sized do not, but the ultrasound in .45 was. Another question - why do we need a 2 barrel self-loading pistol. 16 rounds is normal, but there is a Canadian Para-Order with the same magazine, and with a rate of fire of about 90 rounds per minute, which gives an ordinary pistol, it’s almost the same effect as this monster, actually connected 2 Colts. maybe it's just a photo montage?
  16. Grin
    Grin 21 March 2012 20: 07
    What do not say, but it is very beautiful, cool and unusual!
    I would have screamed for joy to shoot from such a masterpiece!
  17. datur
    datur 21 March 2012 21: 55
    What do not say, but it is very beautiful, cool and unusual!Grin- Well, only if it’s unusual and everything else is doubtful No. repeat
  18. Azazello
    Azazello 21 March 2012 23: 45
    Dumb, PR PR! fellow
  19. vylvyn
    vylvyn 22 March 2012 01: 35
    What weight with and without a store?
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 22 March 2012 01: 40
      Yes, he was not originally light, but then two were soldered ...
      1. vylvyn
        vylvyn 23 March 2012 07: 54
        Exactly. Weighs along the way like an assault rifle.
  20. Vanek
    Vanek 22 March 2012 05: 55
    Wide grip. It seems to me that it will not be convenient.
  21. SenyaYa
    SenyaYa 22 March 2012 06: 02
    30 grams is good! Well, what will be the power of bestowal and can you get into a bull !!!
  22. mrAnderson
    mrAnderson 22 March 2012 11: 00
    when I saw the photo, I thought it was a fake ... now the engineering ideas of amers without Germans, Belgians and others became clear)
  23. MIKK1972
    MIKK1972 22 March 2012 18: 05
    how a marketing move is good, how a weapon is funny, especially with two hands.
  24. fern
    fern 22 March 2012 23: 21
    Come on, this was not created for practical use. Just a gift version or tribute to one of the most famous pistols of the 20th. Anyway, well done Arsenal Firearms, make a difference in the world of armaments)) After all, this gun will be in 100 years in some article about unusual pistols of the past))
  25. puskarinkis
    puskarinkis 23 March 2012 01: 52
    Delirium of a smoked gunsmith, as a gift to another lover of weed and colts! "Lock, money, two barrels" ... 2 barrels are already there! )))
  26. Prickly Hedgehog
    Prickly Hedgehog 23 March 2012 15: 10
    Well, why did you all begin to drive this gun? for example, for intelligence agencies, the main thing is not accuracy, but rate of fire, because they don’t beat a sable in the eye! and this monster has a monstrous rate of fire! entire store in 3-5 seconds! whatever you say, but for every product there is a merchant, and the merchant will be not only from collectors. yes, by the way, they can be said, INNOVATORS. the first double-barreled pistol like that.
  27. Vodoley
    Vodoley 23 March 2012 22: 24
    That's what inspired them !!! belay good HA HA HA