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The action "Service under the contract - your choice!" In Rostov-on-Don. Exhibition of Technology

Last Sunday, the Don River Embankment for the second time became a platform for the “Contract Service - Your Choice!” Campaign. Within the framework of this event, the Ministry of Defense showed a large number of models of modern weapons and military equipment. In particular, a static parking lot with combat and special vehicles of several types was organized. Some of them are already well known to the public, while others have previously not too often participated in exhibitions.

Regardless of the novelty, all shown samples of equipment attracted the attention of the public. At this exhibition children were especially glad. Everyone was allowed to climb combat vehicles or take the place of a crew member. Literally thousands of adults and children did not deny themselves this. True, the hype was such that people were constantly crowded around military equipment, and in some cases they even had to line up.

Rostovites and city visitors were again shown the Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile system. Such cars have already been demonstrated at events in Rostov-on-Don, but they still arouse great interest among the public. Guests of the holiday not without interest considered the presented car, and also actively discussed its characteristics and capabilities. Not without traditional photos for memory - even despite the specific and not the most convenient forms of units of the anti-aircraft complex.

Radar 1Л64М "Gamma-С6М" was demonstrated alongside the "Armor-С1". Before the exhibition, the calculation of this sample made the deployment, hanging the car on jacks and lifting the antenna. Three-coordinate radar 64Л6М was adopted for several years ago, and is now being mass-produced. One of the machines with special equipment, built and transferred to the army in the recent past, was sent to participate in the exhibition.

The 64P6CM5-85 self-propelled launcher from the Triumph anti-aircraft missile complex C-2 is located next to the 01Л400М. The car on a wheeled chassis was deployed in a battle-like manner, with a package of transport-launch containers raised. The presence of a large cargo area designed to accommodate the TPK package, in a known manner affected the activity of children.

Once again in Rostov-on-Don armored car "Typhoon-K" was shown. The car was shown with an open ramp and raised hatches in the roof. Anyone who had the opportunity to "try on" a special energy-absorbing chair. Many people did not deny themselves the opportunity to climb onto the roof and view the exhibition from a height of more than three meters.

The next exhibit was the BTR-82A armored personnel carrier. Such a combat vehicle cannot be called new or little known, but this does not prevent it from attracting the attention of passers-by again and again. In addition, the armored vehicle expectedly became a good background for photos as a keepsake.

The conditional sector of armored vehicles for transport purposes was continued by protected Tiger and Lynx vehicles. These serial machines, long ago used in the army, were again shown to the visitors of the event. Many wanted to carefully examine the armored cars, which is why a real crowd was constantly forming around them. There were so many people who wanted to get in the driver’s seat or on the passenger seat that they had to arrange a queue.

The exhibition of modern military equipment, which has become part of a larger campaign, “Contract Service - Your Choice!”, Was rather modest and did not differ in the outstanding amount of equipment presented. Nevertheless, in this form, it showed the results of the current modernization of the armed forces. All the samples presented at the exhibition were created and put into service over the past few years. Now these machines are mass-produced and have a very positive effect on the combat capability of the troops.

At the same time, participating in public events as exhibits, combat vehicles of different classes surprise and entertain the young public, and also arouse the interest and pride of older people.


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  1. Bronevick
    Bronevick 6 September 2017 09: 39
    That no one is going to the army?
    1. Curious
      Curious 6 September 2017 13: 07
      The decline in the prestige of military service is a contemporary problem not only in Russia. And this is a serious problem. But a constructive discussion, as a rule, drowns in the idiots of couch warriors, who are “stronger and stronger from the taiga to the British seas,” but have no military specialties other than masturbation.
      1. Dazdranagon
        Dazdranagon 8 September 2017 11: 24
        Quote: Curious
        The decline in the prestige of military service is a contemporary problem not only in Russia.
        - actually in the Russian Federation, military service is now held in high esteem. And today it is almost the only place where more or less stable salaries. All who do not know how, go to the army on a contract basis. See contractor statistics for years. hi
        1. Curious
          Curious 8 September 2017 12: 49
          Anyone who does not know how to do anything is not needed in the army. This is not a soldier, this is a "military". With such a contingent, the enemy is not needed.
          1. Dazdranagon
            Dazdranagon 9 September 2017 23: 15
            He didn’t formulate it a bit ... In our country there is such a situation now that work is available only in large cities, and then, not always for the money that you want ... And if you know how to hold weapons in your hands, no work in the area - then welcome to the army! Especially now, when, unlike your opinion, the country is increasing the prestige of the army!
  2. Ramzai
    Ramzai 6 September 2017 13: 13
    Yeah, there were a lot of people and the traffic jams were hellish. But the pilots were pleased, especially the individual aerobatics on the Mi-28 and Ka-52. Well, special thanks to the "Russian Knights." As always inimitable, especially on the new Dryers. Bravo men!
  3. Warnoob
    Warnoob 6 September 2017 18: 47
    "Exhibition of military equipment" - I see. And where is “Contract Service - Your Choice!”?