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Submarines in the new state armaments program

In just a few months, the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex will begin implementing the new state arms program, designed for 2018-2025. To date, official and unofficial sources have managed to reveal some of the details of this program and to announce part of the plans for the production of weapons and equipment. In addition, certain conclusions can be drawn on the basis of other available information. In particular, previously published information allows us to present the consequences of the new state program in the context of updating the underwater fleet.

According to the domestic press, the formation of a new state armaments program was to be completed last month. For obvious reasons, the collection and analysis of the "wishes" of the military department was conducted over the past few years, and led to certain results. As reported, the main features of the future program were identified by the beginning of 2015, and in the future, the Ministry of Defense specialists were engaged in optimizing plans in financial and production terms. In particular, it was possible to significantly reduce the required amounts of funding. According to the latest data, now 17 trillion rubles is supposed to be spent on the whole program.

SSBN "Alexander Nevsky", Vilyuchinsk, 30 September 2015, Photo of the RF Ministry of Defense /

The existing economic difficulties and the understandable desire to save led to a certain reduction in the planned funding, which, among other things, should have an impact on the modernization of the submarine forces of the navy. Probably, the military will have to abandon some plans for the construction of new submarines, as well as reduce the modernization projects of existing submarines. However, after such reductions, you can expect to receive a significant number of new or updated ships.

Perhaps the main part of the program to upgrade the submarine fleet is the construction of strategic missile submarine cruisers of the 955A Borey project. The project "Borey" for a long time moved to the stage of construction of production boats, some of which have already been transferred to the customer and put into operation. The first three Boreas, serving in the Navy, were completed and handed over to the customer as part of the current state armaments program. All other submarines, respectively, will be transmitted already in the period of the next similar program.

Currently, five new 955A type submarines are located in the workshops of the Sevmash plant at different stages of construction. All of them were laid during the current state program and, in the absence of serious difficulties, several can be transferred to the customer before its termination. The Prince Vladimir, Prince Oleg, Generalissimo Suvorov, Emperor Alexander III and Prince Pozharsky submarines were laid down in 2012-16 and should be transferred to the fleet before the beginning of the next decade. At the same time, all of them will surrender no earlier than 2018 of the year - soon after the start of the new state program.

According to the existing approved plans, the Navy should receive a total of eight submarines of the project 955 / 955А. Earlier, the possibility of building a larger number of such ships was considered, but as a result, eight units were put into the current state armaments program. In connection with the moral and physical obsolescence of the previous types of SSBNs, a fundamental decision may be taken in the foreseeable future to continue the construction of the Boreev. Given the timing of the implementation of various programs, it can be assumed that such construction will start no earlier than 2019-20 and, accordingly, will be included in the new state armaments program. In this case, it remains only to guess how many new submarines the military department will order, and when they will be commissioned.

The launch of the Bulava missile by the Vladimir Monomakh submarine, 12 in November 2015. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation /

Another priority project of the present time is the construction of multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the "Ash" type. To date, only two submarines have been built on the 885 “Ash” project. One of them, Severodvinsk, serves in the Navy with 2014, the second, Kazan, was launched this year. Under the current state program on 2011-2020, the construction of seven such boats is envisaged. Of these, five are contracted and four are at different stages of construction.

According to reports, the nuclear submarine "Kazan" will complete the tests and replenish the combat strength of the fleet only next year, shortly after the launch of the new state program. Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk and Perm are scheduled to be handed over to the customer by the end of the decade. In the near future, the construction of the seventh ship under the name "Ulyanovsk" should begin. Its delivery is scheduled for the beginning of the next decade and will take place after the end of the current state program.

As in the case of the Boreas, the required number of new multi-purpose submarines of the 885 project has been revised several times. In a certain period, even proposed the construction of three dozen "Ash". Subsequently, the plans were revised and gradually reduced. As a result, it was decided to limit only seven boats. A comparatively small amount was proposed to be compensated by quality: characteristics and combat capabilities.

At the beginning of the next decade - already in the framework of the new state program for 2018-25 years - the main nuclear submarine of the new project, which is still known as “Husky”, can be laid. So far there is very little information about this project, and some messages may contradict each other. Nevertheless, a certain picture is already taking shape, and in addition, there are estimates of the beginning of the construction of such ships.

Submarines in the new state armaments program
The laying of the submarine "Prince Vladimir", July 30 2012. Photo

According to various data and assumptions, the Husky project involves the creation of a universal underwater platform, which is proposed to be used for the construction of strategic, multi-purpose and torpedo submarines. At the same time, unification will affect part of the hull units, power plant and other general ship systems. The base model of the family can be a multi-purpose submarine with cruise missiles of existing and prospective types. In the future, on its basis will create a strategic rocket carrier and mine-torpedo carrier weapons.

According to a widespread forecast, the Husky head submarine will be built in the 2020-21 years, and its construction will continue until mid-decade. Then the construction of serial ships for different purposes will begin. Due to the unification and other ways to reduce the cost of construction, it will be possible to build a series of, at a minimum, 10-12 boats of various modifications. Such construction will continue until the mid or late thirties.

However, for the time being, it is safe to talk only about the existence of a new project and the possible launch of construction at the beginning of the next decade. Probably in the future there will be new information about the Husky boats, but so far the available information does not provide answers to most questions.

In parallel with nuclear submarines, the domestic industry will build ships with diesel-electric power plants. Last year, construction of six submarines of the 636.3 Varshavyanka project for the Black Sea Fleet was completed. Soon the military department announced plans to build similar diesel-electric submarines for the Pacific Fleet. Over the next few years it is planned to build six Varshavyanok necessary for the rapid and effective re-equipment of one of the largest fleets.

The ceremony of raising the flag on the submarine "Severodvinsk". Photo MO RF /

In the very near future, the first two Varshavyanok will be laid for the Pacific Fleet. According to reports, these ships were named "Mozhaisk" and "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky." Construction of other submarines of the new order will soon begin. Earlier, information was cited, according to which four of the six new submarines will be completed by the beginning of the next decade. The remaining two are planned to be included in the combat composition of the Navy at the very beginning of the twenties.

According to official data, while the fleet plans to receive 12 diesel-electric submarines of the 636.3 project, designed to re-equip the two main alliances. In this case, it is already being suggested that a next series of such submarines could be ordered for the Northern or Baltic fleet. Whether such an order will appear - it remains only to guess. If the relevant contract is signed, it will happen no earlier than the beginning of the twenties, i.e. already during the action of the new state armaments program.

Further development of the non-nuclear submarine fleet was previously planned to be carried out using promising Kalina-type submarines, equipped with a new air-independent power plant. So, last year it was claimed that the first boat of this type will be laid already in the 2018 year. However, the plans of the Ministry of Defense subsequently changed. During the recent International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg, it was announced that in the very near future there will be a contract for the construction of two serial diesel-electric submarines of the 667 Lada project. At the same time, "Kalina" was not mentioned anymore.

It should be recalled that the Lada-type submarines were already considered as a means of updating the fleet of vehicles, and it was precisely them that should be emphasized. At some point, the Ministry of Defense planned to build such boats before the 12-14. Nevertheless, the technical problems of the leading ship "St. Petersburg" led to a revision of such plans. The built boat was put into trial operation, and the construction of new submarines was suspended indefinitely.

"Novorossiysk" - the head diesel-electric substation of the 636.3 project "Varshavyanka", 2015. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation /

According to recent reports, an order should soon appear for two new diesel submarines of the 677 project, which are planned to be built before 2025. After this period, the construction of LAD will be continued. Thus, there is reason to believe that the main problems of the project in the existing form have been successfully resolved, and now it is ready for serial construction. Given the timing of the contract, it can be argued that the two new “Lada” will be built under the new state weapons program.

Simultaneously with the construction of new submarines, it is planned to repair and upgrade existing ships. Some such plans have already been announced. In early June, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense spoke about its intentions to upgrade four multi-purpose submarines of the 949A Antey project, currently serving in the Pacific Fleet. These submarines have rather high characteristics, but their age leads to known problems. In this regard, in the near future a new modernization project should appear, on which the renewal of boats will soon begin. The necessary work will be carried out both in the framework of the current and in the course of the next state armaments program.

According to the announced information, the proposed modernization of the Anteyev provides for the replacement of a number of general ship systems, which will allow to improve the main technical characteristics. In addition, the submarine will lose the existing missile complex "Granit". Funds for transportation and launch of Caliber family missiles will be placed in the existing launch pits. Due to this, the submarines will receive new combat capabilities, as well as significantly increase their ammunition. The first of four boats planned for modernization, the Irkutsk, is already undergoing repairs. The next three ships will go to the restructuring later.

Since 2014, the project for the modernization of the multi-purpose submarines of the 971 “Pike-B” project has been carried out. As part of this program, it is planned to repair and upgrade the six submarines available to the fleet. The project involves the replacement of a number of onboard systems and a significant upgrade of the weapon system. In its original form, "Pike-B" are mine-torpedo weapons and missile complex RK-55 "Granat". Last year, it was announced that the armament complex of such submarines in the course of modernization will be reinforced by new Caliber missiles, which are proposed to be launched through regular torpedo tubes.

In the past it was argued that the modernization of the "Shchuk-B" is of particular importance for the submarine forces of the fleet. Improved old submarines of this type and built new "Ash" were to be the basis of grouping multi-purpose submarines of the Russian Navy. Due to certain technological, economic and organizational problems, the modernization of the boats of the 971 project was noticeably delayed. Because of this, all the necessary work will be completed only by the middle of the next decade. Thus, three or four "Pikes-B" will be rebuilt and improved already in the framework of the new state armaments program.

The submarine "Leopard" (project 971) shortly before being sent for modernization. Photo of Wikimedia Commons

It should be noted that the new state program for 2018-25 years, apparently, does not provide for the modernization of all existing submarines of projects 949А and 971. Thus, the fleet will retain a certain number of such ships in the existing configuration and with existing combat capabilities. It is also likely to be handled by the multi-purpose submarines of the 945 “Barracuda” and 945 “Condor” projects. The possibility of a deep modernization of these ships was repeatedly mentioned earlier, but the required work has not been started. It can be assumed that the command decided to do without a major update of such submarines.

Quite expectedly, the new state armaments program, planned for the 2018-2025 years, is a continuation of the current, implemented from 2011 to 2020. In the context of updating the submarine forces of the navy, this, in particular, leads to the fact that the construction of a new ship or the renewal of an old one starts during the execution of one program and is completed in the period of the next one. This is exactly the case at once with a number of construction projects, both in the area of ​​strategic rocket carriers and in the field of multi-purpose submarines.

Let's sum up. During the implementation by the industry of the next state armaments program, the Russian Navy will have to receive five strategic missile submarines of the Borey project 955A. Perhaps the beginning of the construction of the head cruiser type "Husky". The grouping of multipurpose nuclear submarines will be replenished with six ships of the project 885М "Ash". The non-nuclear submarine fleet will receive six diesel-electric boats of the 636.3 Varshavyanka project and two ships of the 677 Lada project. Four submarines of the 949A “Antey” project and six submarines of the 971 “Pike-B” project will be upgraded. Naturally, this list does not include submarines of one type or another, whose construction or modernization plans have not yet been announced by officials. However, information on this subject may appear as soon as possible.

The new state armaments program, designed for the end of the current decade and the first half of the next, is a direct continuation of the program already being implemented, ending in 2020. The continuity of the programs is clearly manifested in the context of the development of the submarine fleet - an area characterized by relatively long periods of construction of new combat units. Nevertheless, despite all the characteristic features of submarine shipbuilding and possible difficulties in fulfilling new orders, we can already say that by the middle of the next decade the submarine forces of the Russian Navy will noticeably increase their potential in all main directions.

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  1. ava09
    ava09 20 July 2017 07: 30
    (c) The existing economic difficulties and the understandable desire to save led to a certain reduction in the planned funding, which, among other things, should have an effect on the modernization of the submarine forces of the navy. (c)
    "This music will last forever if I replace the batteries." And again: "We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough brains." As long as the Fed’s bankers will own the financial system of the Russian Federation, local capitalists will “shift the deadlines”, scare them with “economic difficulties”, and talk about the “understandable desire to save” on the country's defense, withdrawing resources to offshore. The huckster understands the desire to grab limitlessly (c) the understandable desire to save (s), but the average man does not understand.
    1. utyutkin
      utyutkin 20 July 2017 21: 00
      you know lately very often in speeches of politicians I hear similar motives about the Fed, etc. and in general, it seems that they are right and everything that the Russian government does economically is complete nonsense. moreover, it’s as if obvious. but honestly I don’t believe that they are sitting there and diligently stupid. hence the conclusion is that if you don’t even have a candidate’s degree in economics, it would be better if you don’t write about what you don’t understand. Because I repeat once again it turns out that everyone around you is stupid (especially in the government) and you’re smart. and as practice shows, in fact, the picture is usually exactly the opposite.
      1. ava09
        ava09 21 July 2017 02: 14
        Quote: ututyulkin
        if you don’t even have a candidate’s degree in economics, then you’d better not write about what you don’t understand

        Sorry, there is no Ph.D. in economics, so I don’t understand anything in it. I will try more smart as you do, do not bother anymore ...)))
        1. utyutkin
          utyutkin 21 July 2017 08: 36
          Quote: ava09
          Sorry, there is no Ph.D. in economics, so I don’t understand anything in it. I will try more smart as you do, do not bother anymore ...)))

          Yes, I do not have it either. just all the time I catch myself on the idea that as soon as in Russia they start scolding something (polymers shit, etc.), you need to be prepared for the fact that Russia will make a leap in this direction :) but for the economy it has been scolded for a long time :)
  2. kugelblitz
    kugelblitz 20 July 2017 11: 14
    Officially, it was recently said about the continuation of the construction of the Lada.
  3. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 20 July 2017 12: 26
    Thank you for an interesting and informative article on the state and development of the Russian submarine fleet! yes
  4. silver_roman
    silver_roman 20 July 2017 15: 19
    My opinion is extremely subjective: it turns out a stupidly hodgepodge.
    One diesel-electric submarine in the plans of 3 projects: 636, 677 and Kalina. That's bullshit. Why build Lada if they are problematic? All that needs to be done is the Varshavyanki to sew VNEU.
    Ashes: what for doesn’t need this Husky when we had the head Severodvinsk built for 15 years. The point is to delay 20 years of time on the project in order to build the AJ (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 7 nuclear submarines 885 project ???? It is necessary to build ash-trees further, only those already modernized. And then on the basis of plans, it turns out that by (!!!!) in the MID-30s we will get the Husky series again from 7-10 submarines. it’s better to have spent Ash trees on which cones are filled. But by the 30s, we could already have about 20 nuclear submarines in the fleet. And then we don’t have a ship, it has no analogues in the world and the lead one. If we had a budget like the states, then for God's sake, but I do not see cost optimization here. Another issue is the design of nuclear submarine data. If there are problems, then let them fix them in the existing platform, and not switch to a new one.
    Though with strategists like norms, the same Borey on walking infe from the Internet costs 2 times cheaper than the same Ashen and this is logical.
    And that we get in service with the submarine fleet:
    Project 636 "Varshavyanka"
    Project 677 "Lada"
    Project 885 "ash"
    Project 949 "Antey"
    Project 971 "Pike-B"
    Project 949 Dolphin and Squid
    Project 955 Northwind
    + Condors and other submarines with "specific" functions.
    even Donskoy swims pr.941, raising the level of the world's oceans)).
    I’m sure I forgot something else.
    In general, this is tin!
      RED PARTISAN 21 July 2017 15: 47
      "Dolphin" and "Squid" refer to the project 667. And so, they did not forget anything else.
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 25 July 2017 16: 52
        it’s already according to Freud, as they say. 949 Antei near the list of squids 667BDR and Dolphins 677BDRM were written on the machine).
    2. alexmach
      alexmach 23 July 2017 02: 04
      So what to do? It’s impossible to build a large series of new ones, all old submarines cannot be replaced - it means that it is necessary to upgrade what is possible. New things cannot be designed either - you will lag behind progress. That's why you need frets - a good question. And so - yes the hodgepodge turns out.
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 25 July 2017 16: 57
        Quote: alexmach
        A large series of new not build

        why? let it be longer in time, but why build a Husky without equipping the fleet with the same Ash?
        I would understand if the case of ash is fundamentally unable to accommodate something. But it seems like this is quite an innovative case. this is precisely what is not clear to me. so with frets. Why can’t you stick on 636 VNEU? My explanation from the Air Force begs: to support different shipyards. Not with us, both the Su-30cm, and Su-30m2, and Su-35 are in operation.
  5. Vladimir Postnikov
    Vladimir Postnikov 20 July 2017 17: 40
    In just a few months, the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex will begin implementing the new state arms program, designed for the 2018-2025 years.
    According to the latest data, now it is planned to spend 17 trillion rubles on the entire program.

    Total, we consider: 2,1 trillion rubles a year.
    We return to the report of the Accounts Chamber in the State Duma a month ago.
    The total amount of violations and shortcomings in the receipt and use of the budget system for the 2016 year amounted to 965,8 billion rubles

    The growth amounted to 87% in relation to the 2015 year. Less than 1% (8,8 billion rubles) was returned to the budget
    Source of information: State Duma of the Russian Federation.
    2 trillion from the state budget will be spent on defense. rubles per year.
    About 1 trillion was stolen from the state budget. rubles per year. At the same time, growth in 2016 year amounted to 87% in relation to 2015 year. If this trend continues ...
    In this sad comparison, I would like to say goodbye to the readers of the Military Review, who read my comments here. Among the commentators of this resource there are very, very interesting people and good specialists. I will continue to look here when the media suddenly discusses any issue related to military issues, because I am interested in the opinion of some commentators.
    “Military Review” is a “foreign monastery, with its own charter,” with all its advantages and disadvantages. Two of my articles were published here in the Opinion section, which are now in the possession of history. For the sake of completeness, it was not enough just to publish the business plan itself, but for those who were interested in the two previous articles, I give a link to that business plan, which also became part of history.
    All that I wanted to say, I already managed to say on this resource, so I do not see the need for anyone to prove or explain anything. This applies to both commentators and employees of this resource.
    If anyone has a desire to notify me of something, they can use the attached email address:
    [email protected]
    Good luck to all!
  6. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 20 July 2017 22: 06
    you can’t save on submarines, you need to build them continuously and upgrade those that you can, and bring the number of strategic ones to 33 pieces and 66 tactical ones
    1. Olaf Uksimae
      Olaf Uksimae 23 July 2017 15: 13
      Yes, you’re a perfectionist, don’t hesitate to go on: there should be 99 surface ships, 1111 airplanes, 3333 helicopters, 9999 tanks, and 999999 military personnel, and how many coffee shops?
      1. Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 24 July 2017 19: 54
        I don’t drink coffee, 33 heroes Pushkin came up with, and 66 two for each strategist, although three is better
  7. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 21 July 2017 12: 21
    As everything does not just work out for us. When there was significant income from that damned oil and gas needle, little came to the IMF, but most went to the pockets of the damned elite and in small shares to the social network. And now almost the same situation, but already without the frantic income from the damn "needle". And after all, there is nothing to blame for Putin because we have a capitalist system in which you do not demand much from the capitalists in a nutshell, otherwise everyone will run away over the hill, as well as our society is heterogeneous, with different-contrast income levels with tens of millions of poor people, especially seniors. Therefore, wait for social explosions from the bottom, and even with different bulk subs