US Navy space cruiser

US Navy space cruiser

In 1973, the US Navy began development of the "space cruiser" program, a manned orbital interceptor intended for "scientific and military research". The Navy was particularly interested in a system that would get rid of Soviet surveillance satellites that tracked ships. fleet. The Space Cruiser was to be launched on a Poseidon class rocket from a nuclear submarine. Its flight profile was very narrow - the interception was supposed to be carried out within one, maximum - two turns. The device, launched into the desired orbit, would have to perform a series of maneuvers that made it possible to approach the satellite and attack it with guided missiles.

The length of the ship was 8,08 meters, weight - 4900 kg, the maximum weight that the Poseidon rocket could send into orbital flight. 17 small jet engines at the stern controlled the craft. Their dimensions were chosen based on considerations of reducing the length of the apparatus, intended to be based on submarines.

In the event of hostilities, the submarine accompanying the AUG (usually obsolete) was supposed to launch 4 to 8 interceptors into different orbits. The interceptors were supposed to get close to the satellites, and quickly destroy them with guided missiles. Orbital combat against spacecraft was also not ruled out. After the attack, the space cruisers entered the atmosphere and landed using a delta glider.

The project was closed in 1975 year.
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    26 June 2012 20: 27
    It's good that the cold war is over. How much we did not know
  2. shiginnikolai
    6 July 2012 21: 12
    Alas, it did not end, but only moved into a new phase
  3. dred
    25 July 2012 18: 11
    Quote: Gonoriy
    It's good that the cold war is over. How much we did not know

    The best would not end the race is over.
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    29 December 2012 19: 17
    All will pass. This too shall pass.
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      2 February 2015 01: 12
      voice from the future: "January 2015 - everything starts from the beginning" am