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OZ-25: younger brother AKM

Carabiner OZ-25 (above) and AKM machine gun (below), on the basis of which OTs-25 was created

In the second half of the 80's. last century in the world it was a time of detente. This led in the USSR to the release of a large number of small weapons. At the time, large labor and financial resources were spent on the development and production of these samples, and then suddenly this military weapon turned out to be unnecessary, and considerable funds turned out to be "thrown to the wind." What could be done in such a situation?

Exit found pretty quickly! Designers of combat rifle and sporting and hunting weapons joined forces and began to convert military samples into hunting and sporting ones. Reworked Mosin and Dragunov rifles, Simonov carbines and Kalashnikov assault rifles ...

Many enterprises of Russia, including the Central Design Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Weapons (TsKIB SOO), contributed to the reworking process. In 1993, the well-known gunsmith, the creator of the world-famous carbines family, based on the modernized AKM assault rifle, developed a self-loading hunting carbine OZ-25, chambered for 7,62X39 mm, intended for commercial and amateur hunting for large and medium animals.

Butt of hunting type carbine OTs-25 and automatic AKM

In accordance with the functional purpose of the carbine, it is equipped with a new trigger guard: the trigger is moved back; A new butt of a hunting type with a protrusion for the arm and under the cheek, shortened by a magazine with a new latch for five rounds.

The carbine is reloaded due to the energy of the powder gases discharged from the barrel to the gas chamber, and the energy of the return spring. Locking the barrel on two stops is carried out when turning it with a bolt carrier.

USM hammer type allows only single fire and setting on the fuse.

The open aiming device allows to conduct aimed shooting at a distance of no more than 400 m.

Butt and forend made of walnut or birch wood.

In general, a carbine is a good acquisition for a hunter, a fisherman and a collector.

Shops OZ-25 (above) and AKM (below)


Caliber, mm


Weight, kg, not more


Mass of optical sight with bracket, kg, not more


Store capacity, patr.

5; 10

Sighting range with open sight, m, not more


Length, mm


<br>• carbine, not more


• trunk


The diameter of dispersion of five bullets when shooting at a distance of 100 m, mm, not more


Self-loading hunting carbine OTs-25 chambered for 7,62x39 mm. Right view

Carabiner OZ-25. Left view
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  1. Canep
    Canep 2 July 2013 08: 21
    Wouldn't it be easier to screw the optics on the AK and remove the disconnector so that it would be impossible to shoot in bursts, well, and equip it with a store for 5-10 rounds? How to fence the garden with the replacement of the butt and the shift of the trigger.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 2 July 2013 10: 25
      I agree, it would be easier to make a Kalash with only a single fire and a reduced magazine. But the creators probably pursued somewhat different goals. I think if the civil and military Kalash differ only in the absence of a disconnector, then it would be easy to return the fire to the civil Kalash.
      In addition, the garden was fenced in order to give a civilian appearance to Kalash. Again, the butt of the civilian version is more convenient, such as Monte Carlo, with emphasis on the cheek. Although, to be honest, personally, I would like to have a barrel as similar as possible to a Kalash, albeit with a smaller store and without a gun. fire)))
    2. spd2001
      spd2001 2 July 2013 14: 52
      This is all for aesthetics. A hunter is only part of a warrior, partly an artist))) A person must distinguish between war and hunting, where the process itself is important, and not the presence of murder as such. I think the hunters will understand me))) And the fact that he has a carbine based on such weapons as AK only adds confidence in his capabilities)))
    3. erg
      erg 2 July 2013 15: 09
      Not easier. Weapons are always created under a certain cartridge. First a cartridge - then a weapon under it, and not vice versa. This carbine is designed to use a fishing cartridge, but it still differs from the combat one. Everything matters here: both the mass and size of the bullet, the material of the bullet, the characteristics of the powder, the capsule, the dimensions and configuration of the sleeve. Therefore, this carbine, although it looks almost a hundred percent similar to an AK, has the same design of individual units with it, but it is an independent development. Mass-dimensional, strength characteristics were re-calculated for this weapon. I dare to suggest that the differences are not only in the butt, the trigger, but also in the design of the bolt group, receiver. Moreover, the differences may not be immediately apparent (a slightly different form of grooves, protrusions, etc.).
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 2 July 2013 17: 23
        Quote: erg
        I dare to suggest that the differences are not only in the butt, the trigger, but also in the design of the bolt group, receiver.

        I also thought about this in order to exclude the possibility of alterations for automatic shooting, borrowing parts from Kalash.
        1. erg
          erg 3 July 2013 03: 12
          The point is not in the alteration, but in achieving acceptable accuracy of shooting for hunting. And in general, the convenience of using weapons, since hunting shooting methods are different from combat. Here's an example: for a Mauser’s rifle, the protrusions with the shutter closed are located in a vertical plane, and for a mosquito, in a horizontal plane. It would seem a trifle, but the accuracy of shooting from the Mauser is higher, albeit by a small amount. In battle, this may not play a role at all, but in hunting it can become an advantage.
  2. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 2 July 2013 09: 15
    Good morning Sergey, what you have listed do the Americans at home + put picatini wherever possible.
  3. StolzSS
    StolzSS 2 July 2013 11: 38
    I would like to have a machine gun with a bucket of cartridges) But as they say, dreaming is not harmful))) And so let him lie in the country in reserve laughing
  4. Alew
    Alew 2 July 2013 12: 28
    Also, the younger brother and such brothers have AK enough.
    1. zxz71
      zxz71 5 July 2013 07: 29
      not a brother, but a relative.
  5. bootlegger
    bootlegger 2 July 2013 17: 24
    The diameter of the dispersion of five bullets when firing at a distance of 100 m, mm, not more than 20

    At SVD Accuracy of battle with a sniper cartridge 7N1 is about 1,04 MOA, and then 40 arc seconds?
    Is it too cool?
  6. bunta
    bunta 2 July 2013 17: 45
    Quote: bootlegger
    Is it too cool?

    Due to the selection (selection) of trunks completely. Although I think this is an (20) error, it should be 200.
  7. Doznanied
    Doznanied 2 August 2013 14: 01
    With such a butt it is more convenient when hunting than with a pistol grip. The carbine is more applicable than the machine gun, more convenient for hunting from ambush. But SCS is still better, or rather AK.