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A revolver for cheaters and pimply high school students: "Harrington and Richardson" 32-caliber

It was always the case that there was someone who ... opened the way for others. And then he got followers. So, by the way, so-called “umbrella brands” are born. There was vodka "Smirnof". One "F" was replaced with "ff", the experience was recognized as successful and appeared: "Dvernoff", "Mehoff", "Dvernisageff", "Zamkoff". Is the same история was with my magazine Tankastr. Good, telling name, right? But ... after him appeared, “Aviamaster” (worse, but bearable), “Flotomaster” (very bad), and then “Standmaster”, “Minimaster”, “Master +aviation"(Quickly went broke!)," Master-gun "(the smoking-room is alive!) And even ..." Master-knife "! Only the magazine "Master of Love" is missing. Isn’t that stupid? But the names are one thing. It also happens that people create a lot of similar designs, all of which differ from the basic models is their size or finish.

Here it is - a revolver “Harrington and Richardson” 32 caliber “Hammerles”, that is, beskurkovy. The revolver you see in the photo is very high quality, although it suffered from time to time. By design, it is very similar to the Smith-Wesson revolver No. 3. The barrel is round with a top bar into which the front sight is embedded; the rear sight is a simple slot in the trunk latch raised behind the tide. When the latch is raised, the barrel can be lowered down by 90 degrees, after which the automatic extractor is ejected, pushing the spent cartridges out of the drum.

Here, for example, Samuel Colt created a good line of revolvers, and immediately the Remington company launched the exact same revolver. There are only two differences: a closed frame and the tide on the lever, which is slightly more convenient in terms of retrieving a revolver from a holster. And many other companies copied everything from the larger ones and started producing the same revolvers, only reducing them in size. Among them was Harrington and Richardson, founded in 1874 in the city of Worcester in Massachusetts by Gilbert Harrington and William Richardson. The company made a bid for cheap, but durable revolvers that could be hidden in a waistcoat pocket, and ... did not lose!

Revolver firm "Remington" sample 1858 year.

The first models of revolvers had an integral frame, and an advertisement about it immediately announced that it was supposedly a pocket weaponbut thanks to this very durable. Good advertising - the key to success, which in turn led to the fact that production began to grow. But at the end of the XIX, Harrington and Richardson decided to release revolvers with a drop-down box. The second innovation is an automatic extractor, as if these revolvers were planned for a long firefight. But ... but advertising can inform the consumer that he can buy cheaply a revolver equipped with an automatic discharging system. And how can one not buy one? What if it comes in handy?

And this is how it looked when it was bought ...

Later, the company had other models of different caliber and with different trunks along the length. One of them was the Defender small-scale revolver (Defender) - small, simple and convenient, and most importantly, it was positioned on the weapon market as “automatic”!

Since the end of the twentieth century, these were very popular revolvers, created according to the Smith and Wesson type in .38 caliber with a simple-shaped handle and an automatically acting extractor. The barrel usually had a massive top bar with a built-in front sight. Well, it was revealed exactly the same way as Smith-Wesson, with the help of a T-shaped latch in the upper part, after pressing which the barrel went down, and at the same time the automatic extractor inside the drum was activated.

And although it was a pocket-sized weapon, a rather large handle was attached to it, giving a comfortable grip. So in the end, the revolver turned out to be a simple, but rather durable and reliable design.
The Defender pocket revolver from Harrington and Richardson had the following characteristics:
Overall length: 222 mm
Barrel length: 102 mm
Mass revolver: 0,7 kg
Caliber: .38 (mm 9)
Number of grooves in the trunk: 7
Number of rounds in the drum: 6
Initial speed of the bullet: 190 m / s

The seven-drum reel (just like that of the famous crooks) is removed from this revolver. The trigger mechanism of a revolver is of double action, and for this reason it is also bisexual, that is, it is especially convenient to carry in your pocket, although there were similar revolvers with a trigger and a needle protruding backwards.

Model revolver with a trigger. The trademark of the company is clearly visible.

The cheeks at the handle were usually made of black volcanic stone, and on each of them there was a trademark of the company, which had the appearance of a target with traces of five bullets. However, there were also revolvers with cheeks made of bone and even nacre. Interestingly, since these revolvers in the United States were produced for export to the UK, they were stamped by Birmingham.

Naturally, this was not the only such company, but there were many of them. And who from whom, what borrowed, today already and you will not tell. "Hopkins and Allen" is a company that appeared in 1868 in Connecticut, where it produced various weapons, but mainly revolvers. At the end of the 19th century, she acquired the bankrupt Vorhand Arms Company in Worcester, Mass., And organized the production of the Vorhand revolver, model 1891 of the year.

“Defender for ladies with mother of pearl handle and elegant suede holster.

It was a neat and compact revolver designed to carry in your pocket. The frame had opened, he had only to lift the T-shaped latch like that of Smith and Wesson.

A gear extractor was also installed on it, and in order to remove its five-charge drum from the central axis, it was necessary to press the front edge of the horizontal lever on the right side of the frame. The trigger pistol, with a double-action trigger, but still with a separate drummer, located inside the breech.

The handle cheeks are made of black vulcanite with the initials "H & R". For example, weapons manufactured in the United States and imported into Great Britain were marked with British inspector marks, that is, they are on this revolver, and it is indicated that it is approved only for firing cartridges with black powder. Its caliber was smaller than that of the previous revolver - 7,65-mm, bullet speed 168 m / s, but ... and it was quite possible to shoot from it on occasion.

A revolver for cheaters and pimply high school students: "Harrington and Richardson" 32-caliber

Judging by this advertising, these revolvers were produced and sold even in 1936 year! Enviable longevity for weapons of the beginning of the century!

Another company for the production of low-cost “small-format” revolvers in 1871 was the company of Ayver Johnson and Martin Bai. At first they worked together, but in 1883, Johnson bought out his partner’s share and organized his own company, Iver Johnson Arms Company, all in that Worcester in Massachusetts, and then in 1891, he moved to Fitchburg in the same state. Everything that they produced was practically the same as that of the Harrington and Richardson revolvers. Thus, the "brand diversity" was achieved, and most importantly - the owners of these revolvers could now argue with all the heart which firm the revolver is better, safer and at the same time ... cheaper!

Johnson's products differed from other pocket revolvers in nickel-plated case coatings, and in dark - trigger guard. In addition, both the trigger and the trigger were covered with stiff rubber, and they also featured an emblem that looked like a small coat of arms depicting an owl. The following inscription was engraved on the trunk: “IVER JOHNSON ARMS AND CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG MASS USA”, the numbers of the corresponding patents were listed, and its serial number was indicated on the handle.

In the 1893, Johnson patented and launched a revolver into production under the complex and long name: “Automatic double-action model with a fuse,” and a year later he began to produce his non-smoking version.

The funny thing is that the word “automatic” got into the name of the revolver again because of the extractor! After all, he jumped out of the axis of the drum "automatically," which means that the revolver, too, was not any, but ... "automatic."

Advertising revolver "Premier". Nickel plated or blued housing!

The most important difference between this revolver and the others was the presence of a fuse. Drummer is mounted inside the case, so the trigger beat on him through a special moving part. And the trigger mechanism worked only if the trigger was pulled to the end. Therefore, to shoot accidentally, say, from hitting something hard, this revolver could not.

Advertising revolver 22 caliber with seven-drum for various types of ammo. The focus of the advertising message, as you can see, is on the fact that it is non-smoking!

The revolver had a nickel-plated coating, except for the trigger and shackle; cheeks - black volcanite, each of which would have a medallion with a company trademark with an image of an owl. Revolver caliber - 7,65-mm, bullet speed - 168 m / s. Weight - 600 g.

View of the revolver in the open view to the right.

Another company that produced pocket revolvers was Meriden. All the samples she had were the same as all the other companies listed above, except for such details as the front sight. It is in revolvers of this company is similar to ... old-fashioned hat. The following inscription is made on the trunk: “MERIDEN FIREARMS CO. MERIDEN CONN USA ”, and on the basis of the handle - the serial number. You can rate them as a rather low quality weapon. It is interesting that already at that time these revolvers were mainly sold by mail and at the same time were classified as “Sewiside Specials”, that is, “weapon for suicides”.

View of the revolver in the open view to the left.

Approximately all the same thing happened not only in the USA, and in Russia. Revolvers of the indicated class could also be ordered by mail, and it was relatively cheap to buy at the store, and ... from the hands of the market. Very often they were acquired by card sharks and ... schoolboys who got into unpleasant stories, be it card debts, into which a young man climbed by inexperience, a disease of syphilis after his first visit to a brothel, and there is little else. For all such cases, the Iver Johnson and Harrington and Richardson revolvers were the most suitable weapon. In any case, the authors of novels whose action takes place at the beginning of the twentieth century should bear this in mind!

Personal opinion. Never before had I kept such a strange weapon in my hands. A toy, not a toy, a weapon, not a weapon. If I were a child, perhaps possessing it would have caused me genuine delight, let alone shooting even more so. But for what this adult uncles and aunties bought, it is completely incomprehensible to me! You can understand even those who bought pocket "bulldogs". But these nickel-plated crafts are just suicidal and suitable!
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  1. alex-cn
    alex-cn 30 March 2017 16: 05
    Vyacheslav! Don't hurt H&R! C9mm even at 190 msec. It's not scary to walk in the evening ... quite for self-defense ... And the company was still alive twenty years ago and produced excellent custom-made hunting rifles ...
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 30 March 2017 22: 43
      And you can also rob someone on a dark street with such a shooter ...
      In short: it's a point-blank weapon. Not with 10 steps, namely point blank. Both for defense and for attack.
  2. Curious
    Curious 30 March 2017 18: 06
    According to Wound Ballistics, bullets of the usual size for modern small arms must fly at a speed of about 36 m / s in order to penetrate the skin. Another 60 m / s will go to penetrate into the bone layer, for example, a rib, sternum or skull. Add a little more to damage the internal organs, and we can safely say that any bullet fired from small arms with a speed greater than 120 m / s is potentially a deadly charge.
    A fairly complete study of the effects of different models of pistols and bullets on the human body in the first quarter of the last century was conducted by John Thompson and Louis La Garde.

    Thompson and La Guard concluded that any pistol charge could pierce the skull and cause fatal brain damage. It was also discovered that while high-speed bullets (comparable to today's magnums) can produce explosive brain damage, this is not necessary. A 22nd caliber bullet that hits the brain will stop a person as quickly as a smashed skull. The same conclusion was made regarding the bursting wounds of the long bones of the legs. Injuries to the brain, spinal cord and tubular bones of the legs will definitely stop a person, regardless of what type of bullet is used.
    1. Curious
      Curious 30 March 2017 20: 42
      I forgot to ask why the weapon is in such a dead state?
      1. kalibr
        31 March 2017 16: 11
        This got ... New something - oh how much it costs ...
        1. Curious
          Curious April 1 2017 20: 05
          And work with your hands?
          1. kalibr
            April 1 2017 20: 11
            Just started and when the end is unknown. You see in what form it is.
            1. Curious
              Curious April 1 2017 21: 38
              The main thing is not to spoil it completely. Good luck in such a difficult matter. Will result - imagine interesting.
    2. Kostya Andreev
      Kostya Andreev 30 March 2017 21: 22
      nobody argues with these facts! but you can’t always get into the head. or bone, and if a person is dressed for example in a sheepskin coat and sweater? Surprised that the velodog has 22 caliber against dogs?
      And in the article I liked the suede holster, you can use it as a purse !!
      1. Curious
        Curious 30 March 2017 21: 38
        "Toward the end of the XNUMXth century, pocket revolvers, united by the general name Velodog, appeared and quickly became widespread. Such weapons were originally intended to protect cyclists from dogs."
        Regarding caliber 22, take Margolin’s pistol in any dash, put on a scarecrow (just not a person!) A pair of sheepskin coats and sweaters and shoot from five meters.

        But the weapon of self-defense, it is called that it is not intended for use on the battlefield, where you are opposed to a professional opponent with adrenaline flowing from your ears, but a robber who does not need to risk his life. Not a single robber wants to get a .22 in his belly instead of your wallet and, in the absence of a hospital, go to a better world.
        1. Kostya Andreev
          Kostya Andreev 30 March 2017 22: 09
          I am not going to argue with these facts (regarding Margolin). but I want to note that there are different burglars, you described let's say a standard bully, and they are different, including under drugs and under a degree and so on, and especially mentioned a dog !!!
          1. Curious
            Curious 30 March 2017 22: 16
            Then carry this thing with you and do not partise. This one will surely reassure any burglar.

            Smith and Wesson 5-shot .500 magnum revolver. barrel length 8 3/8 inches (213 mm). empty weight - 2 kg 60 g. total length - 15 inches (381 mm).
            1. Kostya Andreev
              Kostya Andreev 30 March 2017 22: 22
              hahaha, thanks, but I'm afraid of him myself !!!
              My dream is that if they allow the short barrel. (do not rubber) then buy a 9 mm revolver!
              1. Curious
                Curious 30 March 2017 22: 53
                If you are not going to frighten the enemy with appearance, then there are many interesting options.

                The Taurus 85 View revolver is charged with .38 Special cartridges placed in a five-shot titanium drum, it has an aluminum frame and a titanium barrel.

                The name of the revolver is due to the presence of a transparent lateral plate of Lexan, which makes it possible to observe the operation of the internal mechanisms of the weapon. The total length is only 5 inches (127 mm) and the barrel length is one inch (25,4 mm).
                At the same time, even with a minimalist design and a Lexan window, the Taurus 85 View pocket revolver is certified for the use of charges with increased pressure + P, providing a sufficient stopping effect.

                This is a Ruger LCR 9mm Luger, i.e. option for 9x19mm cartridge.
                But there is one caveat. If you took out your revolver, you should be ready to fire it without long conversations. Otherwise ... Otherwise, cut the fly just in case.
            2. Amurets
              Amurets 30 March 2017 22: 47
              Quote: Curious
              Then carry this thing with you and do not partise. This one will surely reassure any burglar.

              This is by chance not from the "Police Academy" which "Grandma gave."
              1. Curious
                Curious 30 March 2017 23: 04
                No. It’s just the most powerful serial revolver. First introduced in 2003. It was developed for hunting big game, including grizzly bears. Muzzle energy - up to 3,5 thousand joules (some sources indicate up to 4,1 thousand joules), approximately, like the cartridge 7,62x51, which is used in NATO rifles and machine guns. For comparison: one of the most powerful hunting cartridges - 9,3x64 Brenneke, created specifically for hunting the African "big five" (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard), has an energy of 4,8-5,8 thousand joules. The barrel of Smith-Wesson can be equipped with a muzzle brake compensator - strong recoil can easily knock out a brush from an inexperienced shooter.

                But not only Americans know how to make serious revolvers.

                The RSh-12 revolver complex (Sturmovoy revolver, 12,7 mm caliber) was developed in the Tula KBP for the needs of special forces, under a large-caliber cartridge 12,7x55 mm.
                The RSh-12 revolver complex is a revolver with a solid metal frame and a 5 rounds drum that swings to the left. Thanks to some special structural elements (a shot from the lower chamber of the drum, an ergonomic handle, etc.), the recoil of the RSh-12 is no more than that of many other large-caliber revolvers and pistols. The trigger trigger type trigger gun with an open trigger position. Like many revolvers under powerful cartridges, the RSh-12 revolver has a reinforced barrel casing, which is equipped with ventilation holes. Above the barrel and under the barrel, Picatinny-type rail interface systems are provided for installing all kinds of sights, flashlights, a laser sight, etc.
                To ensure a small recoil shoulder and, as a consequence, to reduce the barrel toss, the RS-12 revolver does not fire from the upper chamber of the drum, but from the lower one. Sights include a front sight and a rear sight.
                The RSh-12 revolver is staffed with a removable stock, a removable under-barrel handle and a tactical silencer.
                1. Amurets
                  Amurets 30 March 2017 23: 11
                  Quote: Curious
                  No. It’s just the most powerful serial revolver. First introduced in 2003

                  Thank! Somehow I did not come across a description of such weapons and cartridges for it.
                2. Mikado
                  Mikado 31 March 2017 15: 50
                  as far as I remember, the epic Desert Eagle was also designed as a hunting weapon. What is the point of such a development?
                  1. Curious
                    Curious 31 March 2017 19: 32
                    If there is a demand, there is a proposal. Hunting with “one-handed weapons” is by no means an American idea. Even at the beginning of the last century, extreme sport for the rich appeared in Africa - hunting with an African Five for a revolver.
                    Hunting with revolvers seemed like an occupation worthy of kings, much more exciting and useful than tracking wild pigs on the trail or hunting elephants.
                    The result of such “advertising” can still be seen in cemeteries in Nairobi (Kenya) or Arusha (Tanzania) in the form of quite numerous burials of “daredevils”. In the end, such a hunt was banned, and although hunting with revolvers then for a long time lost both its authority and the protection of the rich people of Africa. but the process has begun. Accordingly, the development for the process went. Especially for hunting, a large number of models have been created.
            3. alatanas
              alatanas 31 March 2017 14: 31
              By this. if you hit on the head, again rob the burglar!
            4. Warrior Hamilton
              Warrior Hamilton 28 May 2017 13: 56
              Quote: Curious

              Curious March 30, 2017 22:16 p.m. ↑
              Then carry this thing with you and do not partise. This one will surely reassure any burglar

              Yes, and there is no need to wear it, attach wheels to it with pedals, a chair .......... laughing hi
        2. cth; fyn
          cth; fyn 31 March 2017 13: 33
          Morgolin has cartridges of LR, and not just 22, nevertheless it is of great importance, the weight of gunpowder will be more painful.
      2. alex-cn
        alex-cn 31 March 2017 04: 31
        in a velodog, the cartridge is more powerful than the 5,75x30 R Velodog of central ignition.
    3. alex-cn
      alex-cn 31 March 2017 04: 25
      In any case, it is believed that for a reliable defeat of game, the fraction of the corresponding number should have a speed of at least 170m.s
    4. F.NN
      F.NN April 4 2017 20: 25
      Quote: Curious
      bullets of the usual size for modern small arms must fly at a speed of about 36 m / s in order to penetrate the skin. Another 60 m / s will go to penetrate the bone layer,

      Hm. But what, the caliber of the bullet does not matter? A long bullet of a smaller caliber with the same mass and speed will have greater penetrating ability than a short bullet of a larger caliber.
      Therefore, it’s impossible to speak so clearly about speeds.
      Quote: Curious
      that any bullet fired from small arms at a speed greater than 120 m / s is potentially a deadly charge.

      But what about civilian weapons and their DE 91 J?
      Here was, for example, in the USSR such a funny TK gun. This is essentially a steroid Browning mutant. He was considered a special pistol, although he had only 84 J. DE. So, the bullet of this TC did not always pierce the skull bones and not all. Therefore, the Soviet generals (TC relied including them) even shoot themselves in a difficult situation was not easy.
      It's me that the initial speed of his bullet was 228 m / s.
      Well, even a plug can be “potentially dangerous”. If you poke it in the eye.
      Quote: Curious
      A 22nd caliber bullet that hits the brain will stop a person as quickly as a smashed skull.

      In order to get into the brain, she will need (mainly, but not always) to pierce the skull. And this contraption is quite strong. A 22nd caliber bullet will most likely be beyond the power of a skull.
      Although, of course, there are natural openings in the skull.
      1. Curious
        Curious April 4 2017 21: 23
        In order not to waste time.
        "Features of craniocerebral gunshot wounds in peacetime"
        vnogo-mozga / osobennosti-cherepno-mozgovykh-oruzhe
        ynykh-raneniy-mirnogo-vremeni /
        Everything about it, down to a do-it-yourself gun and a crossbow with a bow.
  3. Amurets
    Amurets 30 March 2017 22: 57
    Personal opinion. Never before had I held such a strange weapon in my hands. A toy, not a toy, a weapon, not a weapon. If I were a child, probably owning it would cause me genuine enthusiasm, let alone shooting.

    Bug. A. B. "Pistols and revolvers." This same question always arose when I looked at the section "Products of unknown companies". How many beautiful “toys” are there, but the question arises: how much is it safe to use them?
    1. parafoiler
      parafoiler April 4 2017 13: 50
      Firearms are ALWAYS DANGEROUS !!! Especially in the hands of the rukzhop and idiots.
  4. F.NN
    F.NN April 4 2017 20: 30
    Quote: Vyacheslav Shpakovsky
    For all such cases, the Iver Johnson and Harrington and Richardson revolvers were the most suitable weapons.

    More often used Browning. They even had a nickname on this subject.
  5. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 7 June 2017 12: 38
    The cheeks at the handle were usually made of black volcanic ...

    What is this material "volcanic"? Familiar with some material with the same name, but it is used as an additive to building materials or as an additive to abrasive mixtures.
  6. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 3 March 2018 10: 13
    I dream of a revolver, real, not castrated, not MMG, not an elastic band, not a gasman, but WITHOUT cartridges, only with spent cartridges, to communicate with him like a living creature, legend, our story