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BMPT "Terminator"

BMPT "Terminator"

This unofficial name was given to the support combat vehicle tanks (BMPT).

According to the military, the combat effectiveness of one BMPT exceeds two motorized rifle platoons - 6 BMP and about 40 manpower. The newest development of the Ural transport engineering design bureau and the Nizhny Tagil machine-building enterprise is completing a stage of troop testing this year, said Deputy Chief of the Main Automobile and Armored Directorate (GABTU) of the Defense Ministry Nikolay Kovalev.

“Introducing the BMPT into the tank battalion will increase the unit’s efficiency by 30%,” the general says. - This machine can fire at the same time on three targets on the battlefield.

The concept of creating a combat vehicle supporting tanks appeared in Russia not from a good life. The military remembers the tragic storming of Grozny on the night of January 1 on 1995, when the 131-I Maikop brigade was practically shot at close range in close urban quarters near the train station, around 50 tanks and military vehicles were burned down. The storming of the city literally choked in the blood of our soldiers and officers. Thrown into battle without proper reconnaissance, without escorting helicopters or motorized infantry, the menacing fighting vehicles in close city streets turned out to be easy prey for Chechen grenade launchers.

The military made conclusions - tanks are no longer allowed into the cities alone. As an accompanying adapted self-propelled anti-aircraft installation "Shilka". Four barrel, high rate of fire. You can suppress the firing point. However, the Shilka is poorly defended, since it was never intended for offensive operations, and therefore does not have armor. In addition, it does not have the main thing - the ability to independently detect targets and destroy them at maximum range.

In the Ural transport engineering bureau, they offered their recipe for a tank support combat vehicle. Mass chassis from the advanced Russian tank T-90 installed coaxial assembly of two automatic 30-millimeter guns 2A42 - ammo 850 shells, 4 launchers guided anti-tank missile "Storm-C" cumulative or thermobaric warhead, the latest gun "Cord" - 2000 ammunition rounds and 2 automatic 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17D. As a result, it turns out "Terminator". The machine is capable at speeds of 60 km / h to overcome ditches with a length of 3 m and walls in 1,5 meters. It can equally easily “reach” at a distance of up to 5 a thousand meters of a tank or an “ultra-protected” long-term enemy firing point, clear the square of a terrain in the 3 kilometer from any enemy manpower. In general, a real combine for a battlefield will “pick up” everything ahead, clearing the way for tank columns. As the military say, in the field one BMPT will be used with two tanks. In the city - two BMPT and one tank.

During the demonstration of BMPT at an exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, representatives of the Israeli delegation became interested in it. And they even spoke in terms of the immediate procurement of a party of BMPTs to support little adapted Merkava tanks for urban operations, which are involved in the cleansing of Palestinian settlements. However, at the last moment the Israelis changed their mind - they decided that they themselves could develop their own analogue of BMPT. We could not yet. But the Russian Ground Forces will be the first to receive vehicles capable of solving tasks of any complexity on the battlefield.

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  1. panzersoldat
    panzersoldat 12 August 2011 17: 40
    It’s a pity that they aren’t accepting weapons yet
  2. 9991
    9991 16 March 2012 20: 34
    An interesting car should come in handy.
  3. woland05
    woland05 April 19 2012 16: 23
    Looks gorgeous. Power is also impressive ....
  4. derdeonis
    derdeonis 14 June 2012 17: 29
    I think they will still work on it for a long time.
  5. SVsaratov
    SVsaratov 11 August 2012 11: 20
    The machine is necessary, but the technological thought gives 80, a maximum of 90. They will finish it for a long time, but it will still be outdated. You can let it go in a limited series as it is.
    Or maybe it’s even simpler: MBTs in practice of WWII can really only be helped by heavy tanks, and not improvisations based on MBTs, for a limited series we buy dozens of two western heavy tanks, instead of guns we install an adapted ship-machine and go ahead, mow the green!
  6. ksandr45
    ksandr45 23 November 2012 10: 04
    More likely to be adopted, but on the basis of "Armata"
  7. steam
    steam 8 September 2017 01: 15
    Sell ​​BMPT to Jews! I wish they sold them!