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Battle module ABM-BSM 30 "Whirlwind"

Currently, a large number of combat modules for various purposes are being developed in our country, which are proposed for use on one or another equipment. One of the most interesting developments in this area is the Whirlwind system. A module of this type, it is alleged, can be mounted on various equipment of the ground forces or fleetas well as capable of carrying weapon different types. One of the options for the application of a promising combat module has already been demonstrated to specialists and the general public.

The project of a universal combat module, characterized by flexibility of use and the ability to install various weapons, is being developed by the Impuls-2 scientific and technical center (Sevastopol). Creating a product ABM-BSM 30 "Whirlwind" started in 2014 year. It took about two years to complete the design work and build the prototype equipment. Before the end of the development, a promising project was presented at military-technical exhibitions with the help of layouts and advertising materials. By the summer of 2016, the company-developer has built several models and prototypes of the combat module, intended for use in new projects.

The combat module "Whirlwind" as part of the eponymous robotic complex. Photo

The first images of the experienced combat module were published last summer. A prototype system mounted on a stand installation was demonstrated. Later, during the Army-2016 military-technical forum, the domestic defense industry showed a prototype of the Vortex combat vehicle armed with the ABM-BSM 30 module and equipped with a set of special radio electronic systems for reconnaissance and remote control. Relatively recently, there was information about the beginning of testing modules "Whirlwind" on other self-propelled platforms.

As previously published images and vehicle models demonstrated, initially the ABM-BSM 30 “Whirlwind” combat module was supposed to carry only gun and machine gun weapons. Subsequently, the weapons complex decided to strengthen guided missiles. In its current form, the combat module has both receiver and rocket weapons. It is assumed that such a composition of weapons allows to solve a wide range of tasks, effectively attacking targets of various classes and types.

All the main units of the combat module "Whirlwind" are located inside the armored hull and turret baskets. The first has a relatively complex shape and is designed for mounting weapons, while the second is made in the form of a cylinder with a set of hatches and is located inside the hull of the base platform. The complex also includes a remote operator-gunner console, equipped with a liquid crystal touch screen and a set of other necessary devices.

Layout conditional armored vehicles with the module "Whirlwind". Photo author

Outside the hull of an armored vehicle or carrier ship is the bell cap of a relatively complex shape. The body of the tower is proposed to be made from a large number of armor plates placed at different angles to each other. On the main turntable, the U-shaped body is mounted in terms of shape. The turret has sloping front sheets to which the two-part sides are attached. The bottom sheets of the sides are mounted with the collapse outward, the top - with a slope inward. The stern of the tower has a wedge shape. The body of the towed units is made simpler and has the shape of a cylinder.

In the central part of the tower it is proposed to mount an instrument of the required type. According to previously published data, the ABM-BSM 30 module can be equipped with various 30-mm automatic guns of domestic production. In particular, the possibility of using six-barreled anti-aircraft guns was mentioned. Existing samples of the module "Whirlwind" are equipped with automatic guns 2А72. In order to avoid negative impact on the barrel, the gun is equipped with a protective casing of a characteristic shape. In order to improve the cooling of the barrel the casing has perforations along the entire length.

Demonstration of the ABM-BSM 30 system to Iranian specialists, August 2016. Still from video from Ruptly TV

To the left of the main gun in the front hull of the hull provides a vertical slot for output coaxial machine gun. As an auxiliary weapon, the ABM-BSM 30 product carries a PKTM machine gun of the 7,62 caliber mm. Pointing guns and machine guns is carried out using a common set of drives. Elevation angles range from -12 ° to + 80 °. Provides a reversal of weapons at speeds up to 110 degrees per second. Provides biplane stabilization of barreled weapons.

Part of the volume of the tower and the internal unit of the combat module is given for the placement of ammunition. Provides a box to accommodate the tape with 300 shells for 30-mm guns. Machine gun ammunition includes 450 ammunition in ribbons. Equipment ammunition boxes carried through the hatches in the tower basket.

On the sides of the combat module ABM-BSM 30 "Whirlwind" in its modern version are mounted two launchers for guided missiles or other similar weapons. In the general body of complex shape formed by several armor plates, there are three transport-launch containers with missiles. The type of missiles used has not yet been clarified. Apparently, the module "Whirlwind" can be equipped with a complex of the family "Cornet" or another similar system.

Battle module in the assembly process. Frame from video from Ruptly TV

On the roof of the combat module is a block of opto-electronic equipment used to search for targets and fire control. On a rotary column of small height, a swinging U-shaped device is attached to which the housing is attached with optics. In accordance with modern requirements for such equipment, the combat module has a camera, thermal imager and laser range finder. The image from the optical media and the data from the rangefinder are displayed on the operator’s console.

The project "Whirlwind" provides for the use of a modern digital fire control system. As part of the latter there are automatic target tracking, ballistic computer and a number of other elements. The complex is controlled with the help of a console that has all the necessary instruments for displaying information and monitoring the operation of the systems. Using the available equipment, the operator of the combat module can monitor the terrain and perform target detection at any time of the day. It also provides fast targeting of weapons to the target and its automatic tracking while maintaining the pickup, regardless of the movements or movement of the armored vehicle itself. By decision of the operator, the combat module can attack a target using any of the available weapons.

Opto-electronic equipment unit. Frame from video from Ruptly TV

The ABM-BSM 30 project provides several options for controlling the combat module. In most cases, control over the work of weapons and their controls should be exercised from the console mounted on the combat vehicle. It is also possible to use the remote control using the remote control. When using the Strazh-M automated control system, the operator and the Whirlwind module can be removed to a distance of 50 km from each other. The control equipment allows simultaneous operation of one operator with four combat vehicles.

An important feature of the combat module "Whirlwind" are relatively small size and weight. The mass of the system without ammunition is approximately 1 t. Due to this, the module can be mounted on different platforms, depending on the wishes of the customer. At the same time, despite the type of base chassis, all the features and characteristics remain. A relatively wide choice of base chassis, combined with the available capabilities, allow solving a variety of combat missions.

The interface of the control panel. Shot from t / p "I Serve Russia", t / k "Star"

To date, the combat module ABM-BSM 30 has managed to become an element of several specialized complexes. At the Army-2016 exhibition in September last year, several organizations of the domestic defense industry showed for the first time a prototype of a jointly developed reconnaissance-impact ground-based robotic complex Vikhr. The sample shown was based on the modified BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle chassis. During the revision, the car received a number of new devices, and was also equipped with the Whirlwind module.

The chassis of the Vortex robotic complex retains the existing controls, but at the same time has the equipment for remote control, which allows the driver to be at a safe distance from the car. With the use of remote driving means, the ability to control the ABM-BSM 30 combat module is retained. In addition to the new combat module, the Whirlwind can carry various unmanned systems. There are several aircraft for various purposes and a ground platform.

A few days ago, the TV channel "Star" in the program "I Serve Russia" showed the plot, the theme of which was the combat module "Whirlwind". In the plot of the channel showed a video from the test complex on the basis of the chassis BPM-3. In addition, test firing of a new combat vehicle with the ABM-BSM 30 module was shown. At this time, the carrier of the newest system was the armored car of the Tiger family. A new type of module was mounted on a regular roof hatch. As the published shots show, when firing from the main 30-mm gun, the combat vehicle maintains a fairly stable position and almost does not swing.

Module "Whirlwind" on the armored car "Tiger". Shot from t / p "I Serve Russia", t / k "Star"

The tests show that the carriers of the ABM-BSM 30 “Whirlwind” system can be various samples of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles of domestic production. In addition, the possibility of using such complexes on other carriers was previously mentioned. In particular, the "Whirlwind" can be installed on boats and ships of small displacement. In this case, a version of the combat module, equipped with a six-barrel anti-aircraft gun of the existing model, may be useful. In addition, we cannot exclude the possibility of creating stationary firing points based on the new combat module.

Depending on the requirements of the customer and the intended use of the equipment, the Whirlwind combat module may undergo some changes. So, his main weapon can be not only the automatic gun 2А72, but also other similar systems of existing types. To increase firepower and solve problems that are inaccessible to machine guns and cannon, it is possible to use both anti-tank missiles and man-portable air defense systems. The latter, however, have not yet been seen on the prototype modules.

Regardless of the performance and type of carrier, the ABM-BSM 30 combat module has a number of features and combat capabilities. Due to the possibility of using artillery, machine gun and missile weapons, the Whirlwind module is a universal system capable of combating various goals. The design of guidance systems, allowing you to raise the weapon at large angles, as well as the high speed of the turret and swinging part facilitate the fight against enemy equipment, including aviation.

Possible appearance of a helicopter with a suspended gun turret. Shot from t / p "I Serve Russia", t / k "Star"

According to the latest reports, at present, the specialists of the STC "Impulse-2" are working on the creation of a new version of the combat module, intended for use on aircraft. In this case, the turret with an automatic gun should be suspended under the bottom of the existing Ka-27 helicopter, which will expand its combat capabilities in solving various combat missions. Despite all its advantages, such a project has not yet reached the assembly of an experimental product and its testing at the site.

With the help of the Sevastopol STC "Impulse-2" in recent years, an interesting sample of special equipment for military equipment of various classes and types was created. A universal combat module with cannon-machine-gun and rocket armament, suitable for installation on various carriers, is proposed. Such modules are of great interest in the context of further development of military equipment, thanks to which the Whirlwind system has already been able to find application and reach the tests together with two types of self-propelled chassis. The development of the project continues, resulting in the foreseeable future the emergence of new types of equipment with modules ABM-BSM 30. In addition, the expected result of several ongoing projects is the adoption of the module and armored vehicles for service.

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  1. kugelblitz
    kugelblitz 17 January 2017 07: 11
    By the way, bmpd’s colleagues today have an entertaining photograph of the CRI Burevestnik booth surfaced, along with Phlox and Drok an interesting combat module, the text is illegible. Obviously 57 mm, there is a cocking of a remote blast like the Derivation.

    And so the Crimean module is also very interesting, I’m looking at the software well, and the gun’s console will help increase accuracy.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 17 January 2017 11: 43
      It says about the 82mm self-propelled mortar 2S41 Drok (OKR "Sketch") and the self-propelled gun Phlox.
      1. kugelblitz
        kugelblitz 17 January 2017 12: 02
        I agree, I meant that they showed in passing. Comrades say, they say Derivation-Air Defense.

      2. opus
        opus 17 January 2017 22: 47
        Quote: mirag2
        It says about the 82mm self-propelled mortar 2S41 Drok (OKR "Sketch") and the self-propelled gun Phlox.

        on the picture

        Gorse-below (based on the armored vehicle "Typhoon-VDV")

        Phlox - right in the middle (horizontal)

        and at the top and a little to the left, just the AU-220M module of the Russian JSC CRI Burevestnik with the 57-mm automatic gun

        on Mbombe 8 ("Barys" 8x8) they will install AU-220M
  2. ILDM1986
    ILDM1986 17 January 2017 08: 05
    "when firing from the main 30-mm gun, the combat vehicle maintains a fairly stable position and almost does not swing" well, when it fires along the hull. But if you fire on board, the car almost overturns No.
    and the video from "Zvezda" is, as always, on top - "radar detectors", an ingenious rotation of the tower by 360 degrees, a unique manual assembly ...
  3. Aviagr
    Aviagr 17 January 2017 09: 45
    It's good that there are a lot of modules and other things, but maybe it's still worth holding a competition with the protection of your designs under criticism of opponents - so the flaws will be clearer, and the warriors themselves will begin to understand - "why do we need all this?"
    After all, there is a specific spraying of funds, when in each barn they develop the same modules with the same characteristics (probably)! And all at the expense of taxpayers and without any tactical use: drive all this junk into Syria and prove its justification!
    In general, this task can be divided into several global components (which can be further divided down to the details): software, guidance module (optics), rotation mechanics (gearbox and drive), ammunition system, general layout (also a whole science).
    And then look: who is better, choose, combine - and UNIFY! And then give the same design to the production of EVERYTHING!
    Then any other DBMS could be assembled as a Lego constructor: software - from Vortex, mechanics - from Adunok, servos - from Lobaev, etc. For Borov, I need to finalize the software for the 40-mm grenade, the radio command control from Sturm, and the product is READY! No, let’s do it yourself mastery to get Franksteinstein, and in addition - a huge loss of time. FPI is necessary as in China - to organize the smelting of steel in each yard - this idea is just according to their smartness ... angry
  4. Crimean partisan 1974
    Crimean partisan 1974 17 January 2017 16: 24
    it was a sinful thing to think from the title of the article that the "Whirlwind" missile system is meant, but no, unfortunately for my fellow countrymen -1) the complex does not yet have protection, having hung everything and everything, ergonomics will require building up, 2) the base weapon is already somewhat old, it's time to implement something on the latest, as an option - caseless artillery systems 30, 37mm systems, this is quite normal for innovations, and 3) any TPK on the battlefield are vulnerable, they need to be hidden inside an uninhabited block, ....... that's then and you can talk about the advantages, and so, what is the old fenced-off garden, ..... and for example, such an option is not even anything, especially the vertical discharge of the UR from the TPK does not have dead zones
  5. Vitale
    Vitale 22 January 2017 08: 15
    On Kurganets 25 it’s the most