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Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most armored SPG

September 44 years. The Uralmashzavod plant begins serial production of self-propelled guns SU-100 - one of the best medium 2MV guns. The caliber of a combat weapon of 100 mm, good maneuverability and armor protection for its time. There were also disadvantages so characteristic of self-propelled guns of this type. Departure of the long-barreled gun made it difficult to maneuver in confined spaces, the center of gravity created an overload of the front rollers, and as a result, the self-propelled mounts of the self-propelled guns could not withstand the loads. Further development of long-barreled self-propelled guns based on the T-34 is not possible. To solve technical problems, a new base was required. The Uralmashzavod plant in the summer of 44 years begins the development of new self-propelled guns based on various domestic tanks. October 44 years. The plant represents the following projects to the tank industry technical council:
- self-propelled gun type with D-25 caliber mm 122 caliber - SU-122П. ACS is made in metal and is being tested;
- self-propelled gun type with a D-10 tool, mm caliber 100 - the ESA-100. The ACS was designed with an electric transmission and had the rear location of the crew compartment;
- self-propelled gun type with D-10 with caliber 100 mm - SU-100-М-1. The ACS should have used the rearranged aggregate part of the T-34. Had a rear location of the fighting compartment;
- self-propelled gun type with D-10 with caliber 100 mm - SU-100-М-2. The ACS must use the B-2-44 engine and the assembly of the T-44 units. Had a rear location of the fighting compartment;
- self-propelled gun type with D-25 caliber mm 122 caliber - SU-122-44. The ACS must use the assembly layout of the T-44. Had a front location of the fighting compartment.

Sample "Uralmash-1" SU-101 - the most armored SPG

The decision of the technical council, the best project of SAU - SU-100-M-2. According to the order of the People's Commissar of Tank Industry from 21.10.44, No. 625, the plant starts to create a sample of SU-100-M-2 for testing. The ACS was surprisingly compact. The weight of the car did not go beyond the middle class armored cars, the booking of ACS could be significantly increased. In the 45 year, the commission from the People's Commissar of the Tank Industry after reviewing the progress of the work, remains satisfied with the situation and sets a deadline for the creation of the first sample for May 45. The sample is named "Uralmash-1".

March 45 of the year. The plant at an accelerated pace creates two samples of ACS - SU-101 and SU-102. SU-101 - ACS with a D-10С instrument of 100 caliber mm, and SU-102 - with a D-25С instrument of 122 mm caliber. Both samples were built by the deadline. Additionally, an artillery body was manufactured for conducting armor resistance tests.

Device SU-101
The auto-installation of the SU-101 self-propelled type was created on the basis of aggregates from T-44 and T-34-85. SAU belonged to the class of armored vehicles as an anti-tank tool. The project of ACS after testing suggested modifying and using more powerful guns with a large caliber on the tested SU-101 base. The layout of the ACS used aft manufacture of the fighting compartment. MTO according to the scheme - front location. The driver-mechanic is on the left in the nose compartment, on the right, the engine is located with transmission mechanisms. In the wheelhouse, reinforced armor, to the left of the gun, sit gunner, behind him the commander of the machine, to the right of the gun sits loader. To inspect the battlefield, the ACS is equipped with MK-4 instruments. The entrance to the car is through a hatch located in the aft of the cabin and the hull; a commander’s hatch is located on the wheelhouse; for the driver-mechanic, the hatch is equipped in the control room. The ACS bore the D-10С 100 mm rifle gun, previously used in the SU-100 self-propelled gun mount. In addition, the ACS had a large-caliber machine gun 12.7 mm DShK. The gun had vertical pointing angles from 2 to 18 degrees, horizontal pointing angles sectorally 22.5 degrees. For the production of direct fire shooting used telescopic sight type TS-19. For a shot from a gun from a closed position, a panorama of Hertz was used. The rate of fire from a cannon three shots per minute. Ammunition SAU - 36 ammunition for guns and 450 to the machine gun. The machine gun is mounted on the turret, which is mounted on a movable base commander hatch. Vertical pointing machine gun from 84 to -6 degrees. For firing at enemy air objects, the shooter uses a sight of the collimator type. When fighting a machine gun can be used to destroy ground targets.

Armor class SAU - protivosnaryadny. In the production of ACS used armor rolled sheets from 15 to 120 mm. Structurally, the sheets were installed with calculated angles of inclination. The front armored version of the ACS is 90 mm, with an angle of 27 degrees, the cutting armor is 120 mm sheets, set at an angle of 55 degrees. To provide a smoke screen at the stern of the deck, 2 bombs with a smoke charge are installed. In the compartment with the MTO, which is located in the bow of the ACS, installed longitudinally DD B-44, engine power 500 hp To start the engine used starter CT-700, or air from the 2-x installed cylinders. Fuel tanks hold 370 liters of diesel fuel, spare tanks hold 360 liters of diesel fuel. The stated distance range - 167 kilometers.

The design of the transmission follows the construction of the aggregates from the T-34-85. Changes in the design are mainly associated with the location of the MTO department in the bow of the ACS. The undercarriage is similar to the T-44 tank, from which the tracked drive propulsion unit and individual torsion bar suspension were taken. EO SAU - single-wire type. Lighting is installed using a two-wire electrical circuit. On board the ACS there was a voltage in 12 and 24 volts. Source - 4-e battery type 6STE-128, battery capacity X * NUMX A * h. To ensure external communication, the radio station 256PC was used; for communication within the machine, the negotiators TPU-9-BIS-F were used. In addition, there was a light-signaling and tankophone for communication between the commander and the driver-mechanic.

Fate of SU-101
Autumn 45 years. Factory tests of the sample SU-101. During the tests, various technical problems were identified and improved or eliminated. Self-propelled guns at the end of factory tests are recognized as ready for training tests. The sample called "Uralmash-1" undoubtedly exceeded in many respects the previously created self-propelled guns. The car turned out to be more compact, improved maneuverability, more convenient for crew entry and exit. Increased armor characteristics, the result of compact SPGs. Tests of the resistance of the armored hull showed a result superior to all hulls of the self-propelled guns and tanks available at that time. The armor in front of the self-propelled guns was unattainable for any anti-tank ammunition of the German army. And the weight of the self-propelled guns SU-101 corresponded to the weight of the T-34-85. Not without flaws. There is less free space in the car than even the SU-100. When firing, there was a shock wave on the roof of the hull. Perhaps the combination of these and other reasons (victory in 2MV, the beginning of a reduction in armament and the number of troops, a large number of self-propelled guns already launched, arming the army with a T-54 tank with a 100 mm gun) did not allow the SU-101 to continue its existence. Work on self-propelled guns first stops, and then completely stops. At the moment, the SU-101, as historical a sample of the military power of the Soviet Union, located in VIM BTViT on Kubinka.

Main characteristics of ACS:
- weight 34800 kilogram;
- crew of the 4 man;
- year of construction sample 1945;
- length 7.12 meters;
- the width of the 3.11 meter;
- height 2.6 meter;
- centimeter clearance 42;
- speed up to 50 km / h;
- rise to 34 degrees;
- Obstacle height to 120 centimeters;
- moat to 3.5 meters;
- Ford to 150 centimeters.

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  1. Kars
    Kars 2 February 2012 08: 49
    Here is a more sane Tank Fighter than the Germans Ferdinand did.
    1. Region71
      Region71 2 February 2012 09: 04
      Interesting enough design, low silhouette, good maneuverability and protection, a good gun. Created after the German self-propelled menagerie and it seems to me that the German experience was taken into account in many respects. One rear location of the cabin says a lot, before that the cabin was located in our self-propelled guns only on SU-76 if I’m not mistaken. The front position of the wheelhouse required the smallest alterations of the base chassis, in wartime they tried to create weapons for the front as quickly as possible and that the factories mastered it in a short time. on thoroughly.
  2. Syrdon
    Syrdon 2 February 2012 15: 07
    It’s interesting in the World of Tanks such a contraption will appear wink
  3. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 2 February 2012 21: 01
    wild fuel consumption of 700 liters per 167 km
  4. dmitriygorshkov
    dmitriygorshkov 3 February 2012 07: 43
    The world of tanks is an interesting thing, but we are aware that this has nothing to do with realities. wink
  5. T1GER_1
    T1GER_1 5 February 2012 11: 55
    Ferdinand for his time was the most distinctive sau.