Instead of Le Bourget and Farnborough - Zhuhai?


We are already accustomed and quite understandable to the fact that China is increasingly turning into a superpower. And besides aircraft carriers (is) nuclear weapons (there is), advances in space (in the future, but for now with our help), the air show is also needed in an amicable way. And at least not worse than MAX, Le Bourget or Farnborough.

The Chinese Aerospace Show in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province is held until once every two years. This is the youngest air show in the world, it is held only for the eleventh time. But still ahead.

Considering our uneasy relations with Europe, and even more so with America, God himself commanded to present everything possible at the Chinese exhibition.

And we can show a lot of things.

Moreover, even though China is gradually entering the global aviation market, however, trade and interaction between our countries in the aerospace industry is more than close.

The 5 generation Chinese fighter J-20 is the star of the show.

Probably because the fact that our exhibition will be the largest, excluding, of course, the owners, will not cause surprise. The total area of ​​exposure only Rosoboronexport will be more than 1500 square meters. And the total number of members of the Russian delegation is about 400 people. And some of them are representatives of the government, obviously, ready to sign contracts and contracts at the highest level.

One of the signs of a successful air show can be considered that? That's right, the presence of Russian aerobatic teams on it. The best in the world. It is possible without them, as, for example, the Europeans have managed, but the level is not the same, agree.

Both Russian Knights and Swifts arrived in Zhuhai. Pilots will show synchronous and group “barrels”, “Nesterov’s noose”, counter aerobatics and their corporate “Cuban diamond”. Naturally, our pilots will perform on the first day at the opening ceremony.

However, the Chinese would not be Chinese if they had not prepared something original. Yes, the Chinese surprise is very, very impressive. First time in stories world airshows will be able to see the performance of the international aerobatic team, formed from the Chinese group "Ba I", the British "Red Arrows" and our "Russian Knights" and "Swifts".

Representatives of Russian defense companies will present 220 samples of military equipment. In a single Russian exposition, in addition to the enterprises represented by Rosoboronexport, Roscosmos will exhibit its samples. In total, 49 companies from our country will be present at the exhibition with their products.

The greatest interest among representatives of foreign delegations from Asia was caused in advance by the exposition of the Almaz-Antey concern.

Naturally, the latest modifications of the air defense systems will be shown to potential buyers on site: C-400 Triumph, C-300BM Antey-2500, C-300PMU2 Favorite. As well as their service programs. There is one “highlight” here: some Asian countries are ready to purchase C-300 or even following the example of China, C-400, provided they create service centers to service Russian systems and complexes.

There is something to think about and talk about.

European salons, of course, are attractive both by the history and the market they represent. But a legitimate question arises: are our products happy there?

The question is rhetorical. And the answer to this was the fact that the Russian exhibition is the largest not only in the history of the Chinese air show, but also in the history of all international air shows abroad, in which Russia took part.

In any case, our potential allies and partners (without quotes) have something to look at from what carries the stamp "Made in Russia".
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  1. +2
    2 November 2016 06: 38
    Well, why not? Do not want the "hegemon" and his comrades to mess up in the presence of a gas station country, so to hell with them, let them sit in a puddle on their "irons" invisible in front of the whole world .. It's basically impossible to be friends with the Chinese, even those damn "comrades" -However, if the antyres are the same, why not?
    1. 0
      2 November 2016 19: 30
      China is our best counterweight to the US.
      With China we are stronger in international politics.
      The union of Russia, China and India will drown the United States.
      1. 0
        4 November 2016 17: 55
        I’m not sure that drowning syshya is beneficial for China, which contains more than a trillion bucks in the form of government bonds.
  2. +1
    2 November 2016 07: 51
    They would only copy, but they cannot think of it with their mind.
  3. +3
    2 November 2016 08: 07
    Quote: Alexander777
    They would only copy, but they cannot think of it with their mind.

    In space and rocketry, copying is minimal. The only thing that could have been partially copied was their spaceship. And even then outwardly it looks like Soyuz only partially
    1. +1
      2 November 2016 08: 22
      Quote: Old26
      And even then outwardly it looks like Soyuz only partially

      The union was originally developed in two versions, in the current and when the lander in front of the orbital. So the Chinese have rolled up an unused version, because it is partially similar to the Union.
      1. FID
        2 November 2016 12: 10
        I beg your pardon, but the Chinese were sold (during the Yeltsin era) a combat version of the Soyuz ...
  4. +1
    2 November 2016 08: 20
    Will it be more correct, instead of Le Bourget and Farnborough - MAX and Zhuhai?
  5. +1
    2 November 2016 08: 44
    Quote: Jurkovs
    Quote: Old26
    And even then outwardly it looks like Soyuz only partially

    The union was originally developed in two versions, in the current and when the lander in front of the orbital. So the Chinese have rolled up an unused version, because it is partially similar to the Union.

    The Chinese descent vehicle is located exactly the same as ours. It's just that their orbital compartment is cylindrical, not the same as ours. And that unused version remained unused because of the "weak link", the hatch in the bottom of the descent vehicle.
  6. +1
    2 November 2016 12: 48
    Old Europe is increasingly turning into world backyards without a historical perspective. China and Southeast Asia are where the economy develops and will develop in the future ... and territorial claims. The need for military equipment will grow
  7. Andrea1278
    2 November 2016 16: 53
    Guys! Enough to bombard China on the issue of copying military equipment. They go our way, by the way if you do not know. The USSR did exactly the same in the 20s and 30s in many areas. Take tank building for example. English and American samples were purchased, first copied, and then processed. Well, in the future they themselves began to design their tanks. China is no longer copying, it is already processing the original samples, they already have their own national design school. In a decade, they will begin to produce their exclusive tanks, planes, ships.
  8. 0
    2 November 2016 18: 01
    The Chinese cannot be trusted to populate Russian territories. They will take them away infinitely populating relatives and children. Their family relationships are very patriarchal. Girls grow up as good mothers aimed at family and children. And do not care for them all the other charms of the world. About the protection of children's rights and other cartilage, you tell them this. They are very strongly focused on develop unlike us.
    1. +1
      2 November 2016 22: 16
      Russia is a country with hundreds of nationalities and we will somehow cope with the fact that there will be another ethnic group, the experience of state building with us is many times more than yours
      you’re better in your own order in Canada, something tells me that you have more problems in Canada than in Russia, just about them the BBC and the Central Bank do not scream to the whole world from every zombie
      1. +1
        2 November 2016 22: 42
        Well, it’s not about Canada now it is in the first place. Secondly, we are talking about the settlement of part of Russian territory with another completely alien ethnos for the Russian mentality, aimed at the development of foreign territories. And keep in mind that this ethnos is not subject to Russification ... The Chinese always and everywhere remain Chinese even for generations. As for the Canadian problems, I will say this, I would be very glad if Russia had only similar problems.
  9. 0
    4 November 2016 03: 24
    > Chinese 5th generation fighter J-20 is the star of the exhibition.
    Designers Explicit KSP Fans
  10. +2
    4 November 2016 10: 05
    But, people, let's think about one common problem between China and Russia ... For those who are in the subject or lived in the USSR ... China, unlike Russia now, is a country with a very strong ideology. So ? The chill between the USSR and China began when Khrushchev threw him out of Stalin's Mausoleum and betrayed him after the 20th Congress of the CPSU. So ? Then a long oblivion. Then the orientation of the USSR leadership towards the West ... And now, "suddenly", the insight that Europe and the UGA are not our friend, but our enemy! I do not know . like you, but I remember how the Chinese leaders, 20 years ago, offered to "be friends" against the West. It did not grow together! And it will not grow together under the current leadership of Russia. Mao, who is still revered in China, despite his mistakes, is just a disciple of the great leaders Lenin and Stalin. And this is remembered in China. And while we are draping the Mausoleum, Zhukov is considered the Marshal of Victory over fascism, not Stalin, they are trying to forget on November 7, there can be no talk of any friendship between the peoples of China and Russia. Here is the guide and the owners of modern Russia! I do not see Slavic faces. Solid Jews! Moreover, the orthodox! And where are the Jews, and where are the Chinese? This is the Russian border and the common millennial cohabitation. And these have only business! Mom. daughter and granddaughter will be sold for profit. So we are waiting for the leadership of Russia to change, a long-playing ideology will appear. And if it is consonant with the ideology of China - we will not find a best friend!

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