Battle module BM-03

One of the most actively developing areas in the field of armaments and equipment is currently remotely controlled combat modules. Such products have a number of obvious advantages that contribute to the emergence of new promising projects. Recently in our country several new variants of the combat module were presented. In particular, at the recent Army-2016 exhibition, for the first time, a prototype model of the BM-03 product was shown.

The developer of the NPO Elektromashina JSC, which is part of the Uralvagonzavod research and production corporation, became the developer of the new combat system. Within the framework of the Army-2016 international military-technical forum, this organization presented a number of new developments in various fields. New variants of power plants, power units, etc. were demonstrated. In addition, the exhibition included combat systems, including a remote-controlled module of the new model BM-03.

General view of the module BM-03. Photo "Uralvagonzavod" /

The goal of the BM-03 project was standard for such developments. The project proposes a system suitable for installation on various armored combat vehicles. Having received a new combat module, the vehicle has the ability to defend against various threats with its small weapons. In addition, a number of characteristic features of the product to some extent facilitate the operation and maintenance, as well as use in combat conditions. As follows from the published data, in the project BM-03 all the latest developments and ideas in the field of remotely controlled combat modules were combined.

To date, the project BM-03 reached the construction and demonstration of the prototype model. In the near future, a full-fledged prototype should appear, which in the future will also be able to become an exhibit of various military-technical exhibitions.

The latest project of the combat module and plans for its showing at the nearest exhibition became known on the last day of summer. 31 August NPO "Electromashina" published a press release on the participation of the company in the future exhibition "Army-2016". It was reported that the stand of the organization will show various developments in various areas, including two combat modules. One of them, BM-02, was planned to show installed on the armored car "Typhoon-U", and the second was to be located on the stand. A little later, NPO Elektromashina and the Uralvagonzavod corporation several times mentioned the newest combat module in their press releases.

When creating a new project, existing trends were taken into account, which led to maximum localization of production. At the moment, about 90% of the components of the combat module, including the control system, electric drives, etc., are produced by domestic enterprises. Also, work is underway to change the two nodes, which are still based on imported components. Upon completion of the finalization of the project, the localization level will be increased to 100%.

At a recent military-technical forum, the developer organization presented a prototype model of a promising combat module, equipped with a machine gun. This product shows that the general provisions of the project have long been defined. This, to a certain extent, brings the BM-03 system closer to testing under the conditions of a landfill, including on the basis of one or another sample of self-propelled equipment.

Battle module BM-03
Layout BM-03 in the exposure. Photo NPO "Electromashina" /

The project BM-03 proposes the construction of a combat module in the form of a single system designed for mounting on the roof of the basic equipment. In this case, all units of the module are placed outside the case, which allows you to do without allocating space for them. Nevertheless, additional ammunition of the combat module should still be transported inside the carrier vehicle. The combat module has two main units: a turntable and a small turret with weapons and optical-electronic systems.

Installation on the base armored vehicle is proposed to be made using a turntable. It has a cylindrical body, on the bottom of which there is a ring with holes for bolts. On the upper part of the device there are fastenings for the weapon system, ensuring its horizontal guidance. In the same place, apparently, the part of the drives of targeting operated by means of the remote panel is located.

On the upper part of the support unit is attached housing with weapons. All units of this block are covered with a casing of complex shape, formed by several smooth surfaces. Provides wedge-shaped upper frontal part with a cutout for mounting weapons, angled cheek sheets and other units. The central part of the module is given under the U-shaped design with supports for the rocking machine-gun installation. On the sides of the breech of the weapon two units of special equipment are mounted. The left side of the rotary part of the module has attachments for the cartridge box.

The combat module is equipped with a rocking system with attachments for a heavy machine gun of one of the existing models of domestic production. Vertical guidance is carried out using appropriate drives. An important feature of the module BM-03 is the use of a two-plane stabilizer, ensuring the preservation of pickups in different conditions. The weapons system is equipped with devices for supplying ammunition to weapons, as well as means of automatic reloading at the command of the operator.

A box placed on the left side of the combat module can hold up to 250 cartridges 12,7x108 mm. Ammunition is placed in a single tape and with the help of the built-in tools of the module are fed to the machine gun. Directly from the box, the cartridge belt is fed to the receiving device of the machine-gun installation, swinging with it. The system of rollers and tray provides the correct supply of ammunition to the weapon.

The product is equipped with a block of opto-electronic equipment. Photo

As an additional ammunition, it is proposed to use ribbons for 150 cartridges stored inside the protected vehicle carrier. The reduced size of the additional tapes to some extent facilitates recharging systems. The total ammunition of the BM-03 combat module, according to the developers, can reach 1000 cartridges - one “long” ribbon in the module's box and five “short” ones in the armored vehicle layouts.

A swinging unit with opto-electronic equipment is placed on the right side of the combat module. With it, it is proposed to search for targets and aiming weapons. In accordance with current trends, the module is equipped with a camera and a thermal imager, which allows it to effectively solve tasks at any time of the day and regardless of weather conditions. For a more accurate determination of the position of the target and the development of appropriate amendments, the optoelectronic equipment unit is equipped with a laser range finder.

The main means of controlling the combat module of the new model is the console, located on the workplace of the gunner operator. The video signal from the optics of the module is displayed on the console screen, and the controls allow you to perform certain operations. In case of damage to the control systems or the lack of power supply, the project provides additional controls. In this case, it is proposed to use mechanical devices placed directly on the module. With their help, basic operations on the use of weapons can be carried out, although with less efficiency in comparison with the standard electronic systems.

The firing characteristics of a prospective combat module are determined, first of all, by the model of the machine gun used. At the same time, it is the equipment of the combat module that is responsible for some parameters. In particular, the use of a machine gun day and night in all weather conditions is provided by means of observation in the form of several optical-electronic devices. The use of a two-plane stabilizer, in turn, greatly enhances the module's capabilities when firing on the move. The possibility of hitting targets at a range of 1 km when shooting at vehicle speeds up to 30 km / h.

As reported, a promising remotely controlled combat module BM-03 developed by NPO Electromashina at the time of the exhibition "Army-2016" was at the stage of the last design work. The project was already ready to build a mock-up sample with its subsequent demonstration to specialists and the general public. Nevertheless, it was still necessary to complete some work, without which a new product could not be made in a complete set. Among other things, the specialists of the development organization were engaged in finalizing the project, aimed at the complete rejection of foreign components.

The left view, visible box for ammunition and means of supplying ammunition to the weapon. Photo

In the proposed form, the combat module BM-03 is of particular interest for various customers. This product due to its small size and weight, can be installed on various armored vehicles, including lightweight class. The use of traditional for modern modules of control and guidance systems, as well as the use of a large-caliber machine gun, must ensure a sufficiently high combat effectiveness. One of the carriers of the module can become armored cars of the "Typhoon-U" family. Thus, during the Army-2016 forum, a sample of such a vehicle with the BM-02 combat module, which was the immediate predecessor of the newest BM-03, was demonstrated.

It is argued that the main features of the design, weapons and ammunition of the new module were agreed with the military department. This may indicate that the Russian Ministry of Defense already has certain plans for the BM-03 product and wants to install it on certain types of equipment. However, the list of possible carriers of the new weapon system has not yet been announced. You can only make assumptions based on the well-known characteristics of the combat module and modern domestic technology.

Over the past few years, the domestic defense industry has achieved notable success in the development of remotely controlled combat modules. At present, this leads to the regular appearance of new projects of such equipment, intended for use on various equipment and with various weapon systems. One of the newest models of this trend was the module BM-03, first presented at a recent exhibition. Obviously, it will not be the last such domestic development.

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  1. +3
    4 October 2016 06: 54
    Optics confuses me ...

    what will happen if her hehe laser pointer dazzle ... where to shoot then we will see nothing.
    1. +5
      4 October 2016 11: 20
      Quote: The same Lech
      Optics confuses me ...

      what will happen if her hehe laser pointer dazzle ... where to shoot then we will see nothing.

      Do you have enough mind to blindfold a laser pointer optics of a machine gun at the risk of getting a reply in turn? request
    2. +3
      4 October 2016 12: 26
      It will be the same if blinded with a laser pointer directly to a machine gunner.
      1. 0
        17 February 2017 07: 21
        Quote: Großer Feldherr
        It will be the same if blinded with a laser pointer directly to a machine gunner.

        Developers, too, are not shaky; laser protection has been successfully applied for a long time.
    3. +1
      4 October 2016 13: 08
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      if her hehe hell laser pointer dazzle

      You still think: what if to paint with oil paint =))
      This system detects and destroys the enemy at a distance of a kilometer. What can be pointers? Though laser!
  2. +2
    4 October 2016 08: 55
    all this is cool, but as usual in hot spots these modules are not visible .... That the operation in the Crimea, in Syria, all the equipment is naked .... the poor shooter is sitting and waiting in the wings.
  3. +6
    4 October 2016 09: 29
    Everything is fine, but it seems that the casing and the casing for the cartridge case should be made of armored steel, otherwise the smallest fragment or bullet can damage the module by simply jamming the mechanism, and the machine gunner will not be able to eliminate the delay during the battle, or it will have to be done under by fire.
    1. +3
      4 October 2016 19: 13
      It is necessary to fasten the armored bulletproof shield in front, with cutouts for optics and the barrel. Then there will be good protection not only of the box, but also of the control mechanisms. And of course, a very vulnerable target.
  4. FID
    4 October 2016 14: 47
    I got confused with the left and right sides of the BM-03 ... Is this not the module, but the point of view?
  5. 0
    4 October 2016 19: 05
    It’s like Kalashnikov has already shoved his Crossbow-DM onto armored vehicles, including Typhoons. Why then this, what is it better?
  6. +5
    4 October 2016 23: 33
    It is clear that this is a prototype, but it didn’t make an impression - a piece of everything that came to hand for the sake of time and demand. The optoblock is open, the general casing is made of tin with unpainted rivets, the cartridge case is easily knocked down by a queue of any weapons .... It is strange to talk about the prospects ...
    1. +1
      19 January 2017 01: 13
      The picture shows that there is no armor protection ... 3 or 4 mm steel, it will only protect against bricks ..
  7. 0
    9 October 2016 14: 14
    Interested in the weight and angle of aiming vertically.
    In general, let them come up with module options,
    because you can not only put them on transport.
  8. +2
    10 October 2016 13: 55
    And what will happen if you get into this huge box! ? What is its protection and will the ammunition normally arrive?
  9. +1
    10 October 2016 14: 07
    But what happens if a bullet, splinter or dirt gets into the lens? Is there a reservation?
    1. +2
      19 January 2017 01: 15
      And what happens if a bullet hits anywhere in the module? look carefully at the photo laziness?
    2. 0
      17 February 2017 07: 30
      Quote: iouris
      But what happens if a bullet, splinter or dirt gets into the lens? Is there a reservation?

      The plate of glass protecting the optics is clearly visible in the photo. Well, if sapphire crystal is placed on a mobile phone, what prevents it from being put on this installation?
  10. 0
    17 August 2017 15: 21
    Quote: The same Lech
    Optics confuses me ...

    what will happen if her hehe laser pointer dazzle ... where to shoot then we will see nothing.

    nothing will happen .... pointers (the most powerful) can cause only short-term irritation of the human retina ... and here there will be the effect of a mosquito flying by ... something squeaked ... for a combat sensor, military and not funny means are needed lesions - adults))
  11. 0
    27 February 2023 23: 08
    Why is the box for cartridges and the unit with optics not covered with armor?!

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