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Voenkor "Magician" about the situation in the DPR

Blog chervonec_001 published another summary of the situation in the Donetsk Republic over the past week.

The summary states, in particular:

«22 June, Wednesday.
According to the intelligence data of the Armed Forces of the DPR, voiced by Basurin, there was a shootout between 36 units of a separate brigade of the marine corps and the Azov battalion, as a result of which losses from both sides amounted to about a dozen wounded and four dead. The next day, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to withdraw the battalion "Azov" from the 36 Brigade of the Marine Corps.

Late in the evening, around twenty cars with civilians were started and stopped at a neutral point in the Mayorsk checkpoint. They were stopped for the night on the transition line, which is advanced into the depths of our territory on 1 km, with the prohibition of departure in the opposite direction. After that, they opened fire on our checkpoint in the hope that we would return fire. The fire was conducted from the BMP and small weapons. The provocation failed, the militia knew about civilians and did not begin to return fire.

It was relatively quiet during the day. With 21: The 00 rang the Donetsk front in the north of Donetsk near the Airport-Spartak-YPG. Everything is as usual: small, mines 82-mm, then 120-mm, BMP and after an hour 122-mm howitzers were connected. In the south under Kominternovo and Sakhanka, the same situation.

21: 40 West and North of Gorlovka under fire. 22: 30 The cable line 6000 kW was damaged at the Shvernik substation, several districts of Donetsk — Kuibyshevsky, Kiev, Kirovsky — were de-energized, and repairmen, despite ongoing shelling, are carrying out restoration work.

22: 48 Came to news from the LC, from several directions the APU fired at the LC position near Pervomaisk. Rifle, mortars, periodically creeps technique, under the cover of art. Try to check the position of the brigade "Ghost."

23: 00 battles and shelling continue along the line north of Donetsk and to Gorlovka. With 23: 15 connected heavy art, every 2 seconds the arrival of 152-mm projectile. In 00: 00, everything stopped. Over the past day, the APU fired at us 521 times.

23 June, Thursday.
On the bridge between Lisichansk and Severodonetsk a military tractor that was carrying a tank, lost control and crashed into a checkpoint, the driver died.

As you have become accustomed to, and we in two years and even more so, the battles and shelling began in the evening.
18: 30 without swinging, the APU immediately began to beat on YAPG 120-mm mines.
18: 30 southbound arrivals 120-mm min in the vicinity of Comintern and Sartana.
21: 00 attacks on the northern suburbs of Donetsk and Gorlovka continue.
21: 30 Noise Dzerzhinsk direction - Noises, w. South, Zaitsevo.
21: 30 from the point of view of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Marinka shoot from a rifle.
21: 30 arrives in Kiev.
21: 30 arrives in Kuibyshev.

21:45 fights have been going on for 3 hours 15 minutes from Novoazovsk to Gorlovka. All types of weapons and equipment are used, except for MLRS and aviation. In Donetsk, light blinks in five districts; there are interruptions in water.
From 21: 50 to 22: 05 response, total 15 minutes.

22: 10 APU north of Donetsk immediately subsided. Gorlovka fights and shelling continue. Under the cover of the arts, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to send small groups of infantry to us, about 3-8 people.

22: 30 north of Donetsk is again under heavy artillery fire.

22:40 on the southern front from the Sartan region, Talakovka APU is fired from 120 mm mortars, 122 mm howitzers. Periodically roll out two tankwho make a couple of shots and hide in a ravine.

23: The 10 strong cannonade in the north of Donetsk continues. Every second a 122-mm or 152-mm projectile arrives. I lost count, and in the morning it will be credited as one shelling. Arrivals in Kuibyshev and Kiev districts.

23: 15 VSN began to give an answer, apparently already strongly APU got. APU continues to fire, people see bright flashes all over the front.

Exploration Gorlovka: recorded movement of the APU to the north of the city. About a dozen different armored vehicles are moving to the front. Fights with a new force broke out around Zaitsevo, used small, LNG, RPG, AGS, VOGi. In the course went technology. APU are firing from two BMP-2.

23: 30 The situation across the front line is tense, especially the north of Donetsk. Fierce battles and art duels last about half an hour. Rather, do not duel. The APU fires residential areas in staggered order, and the BCH at the APU batteries ...

Half of Donetsk was left without electricity. 23: Our 55 began to respond more often, working on batteries that are located north of Sands, Water and Experienced. From the northern outskirts can be seen on the horizon explosions and fires. According to the YAPG (Yasinovatsky traffic police post), incomplete “Gradov” packages are flying, roughly on the 10 RS.

24 June, Friday.
0: 18 battles continue across the front, the APU began to cover 120-mm mines Staromikhaylovka. Work with the center Krasnogorovka.

Civilians, about 40 machines, remaining for the night between the VSN checkpoint and the APU, in the Yelenovka area, counted 28 flying shells from the positions of the APU in the direction of Yelenovka and Dokuchaevsk.
1: 05 after a short break - new shelling, which lasted until 2: 05. Have reported on hit in hospital. Then everything fell abruptly around the front.

In the morning at 10: 50 there was an explosion on the territory of the Republican Trauma Center in Donetsk. Low-power explosive device worked. The goal was the commander of the intelligence unit "Motorola". According to reports, there are no injuries.

Late in the evening in 21: 50 district Zaitsevo, traditional for this place and time of the fighting. Mines are flying, the SVD slams, the Kalashnikov pops, the memory sneezes ...

22: 00 in the south of the republic of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are firing from 120-mm mortars.

22: 40 began the nightly shelling in the north of Donetsk via the Volvo-Airport-Spartak-YPG line. Periodic arrivals 120-mm and 122-mm.

On 00: 00, the whole line of the Donetsk front under fire - Kominternovo, Petrovsky district, Staromikhailovka, Airport, Spartak, YPG, Zaitsevo.

25 June, Saturday.
The command of the APU does not stop trying to capture the "gray areas". Another such attempt was made on June 25 near Avdiivka, it began at dawn, after 4 hours of the morning. First, from the Ukrainian positions was opened fire from small, grenade launchers and mortars. Then ours, on the front line, noticed two groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, moving in dashes. In each group there were three people. Soon they were on the territory of the "gray zone" and opened fire with small arms.

All this time, the mortar gunners of the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to hold a fire curtain for groups that entered the “gray zone”. BCH first observed and did not open fire. But when it became clear that the Ukrainian Armed Forces groups want to move closer to the positions of the militia, a return fire was opened. The battle lasted more than an hour.

During the day, Dokuchaevsk worked with 120-mm mortars, damaged 2 at home. Until the evening it was quiet.
In 20: 20 in the southern direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began firing from the vicinity of Shyrokyne, Sartans with 120-mm mines.

20: 20 Airport, Spartak, Gorlovka under shelling 120-mm min.
22: 30 Donetsk, Gorlovka continue to be fired by small arms, machine guns, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks.

22: 30 UAV APU is driven over the Proletarsky district of Donetsk, several chargers are working at once, and a short explosion thundered a bit later in the sky. The light flashes in Gorlovka.

23: 20 heavy fighting with the use of technology and art continues in the west and north of Gorlovka. In total, over the past day, the APU 561 once fired at the territory of the DNR.

26 June, Sunday.
At half past night, the fighting resumed in Zaitsevo.

During the day, two children of pre-school age, 2009 and 2010, were born. At night, the APU bombarded the Comintern and damaged the high-voltage line. Electricity could be turned off only on the side of controlled Ukraine. The children played and hooked the wire lying on the ground in the tall grass.

Until the evening, as usual, we slept.

In 17: 00 watch in the park Shcherbakov began a concert. Kobzon and other artists came to us. A competition was held among youth teams.

With 17: 50 Spartak - YAPG - the APU begins its evening concert. 21: 40 battles continue with heavy arta.

The work of foreign snipers, mostly on the southern front and near Gorlovka, has become more frequent.

21: 50 festive salute from 10 volleys, residents celebrated the Day of Youth and the contest winners in the park.

23: 20 Donetsk and Gorlovka, shelling continues with 17: 50 ...

23: 40 arrives at residential areas in Nikitovka area. 23: 50 southward, fired from Sartan.

In total, for the period from 20: 00 to 03: 00, 196 mines and about 42 shells of various calibers were fired from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in towns and cities of the republic !!! Over the past day the APU 380 once fired on the territory of the DNI.

27 June, Monday.
00: 30 shelling continues. Gorlovka began to give otvetku. In Donetsk, the same is true - 82-mm and 120-mm mortars and periodically ZU and BMP-2 mortars. In 05: 30 in the morning, we worked on the positions of the APU.

17: 40 south direction Kominternovo and Sakhanka. Punishers began the evening concert, there is a mortar and howitzer shelling of our positions. From 19: 30 to 19: Our 40 gave a short response, the concert is over.

21: 50 Gorlovka under fire. Arrives from Dzerzhinsk, Mayorsk. 22: 10 Airport - Spartak - YAPG, there are fights. 22: 40 Kuibyshev district, 1 and 2 playground. 23: 40 - Dokuchaevsk, Aleksandrovka, Petrovsky district.

It should be noted that the APU began to use more tanks, UAVs and snipers. In the villages controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, mercenaries of the group of 70-80 people were noticed. In the Gorlovka direction, mercenaries arrived in the number of 150 people. About the same age, the same uniform and weapons. They are not at all interested in the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and defense lines. Also do not show interest in the village or the city where they are located. Apparently this is the group for the offensive, not for defense. So to say, strengthening the deplorable state of the APU brigades.

All patience and health! ".

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    PROSTEEL 28 June 2016 13: 30
    Correctly written at the end: Patience and health to all!
    1. Khariton
      Khariton 28 June 2016 13: 33
      Shoot the men too in response ... (you can continue.) Enough already endure!
      And then we tear ...
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 28 June 2016 13: 41
        Quote: Chariton
        And then we tear ...

        Khariton ... they are waiting for this ... and they are provoking ...
        Quote: Chariton
        Shoot the men too in response
        ... patience ... as a man said with a motor, calm is only calm ... let them shit ..
      2. rabbi's pais
        rabbi's pais 28 June 2016 13: 56
        Quote: Chariton
        Shoot the men too in response ... (you can continue.) Enough already endure!
        And then we tear ...

        Gopodin Vitaly-Mikhan-Khariton, you better wank, stoper of the Kazakh brandy "Imperial" for the health of the militia fighters bully
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 28 June 2016 17: 45
      Thanks to the administration for regularly publishing my report! At the beginning of the summary there is a direct link to it and there is more information, as well as photos and video material.
      1. Krasniy_lis
        Krasniy_lis 28 June 2016 18: 54
        Well, you can read normally)))
        Contact, Lord
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 28 June 2016 19: 28
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Lord of the Sith

        hi, Sergei.
        I see the userpic changed, a little not familiar. Thanks for the review - quality.
        I came across an article from "PolitNavigator", interesting confessions (click):
  2. nik-karata
    nik-karata 28 June 2016 13: 37
    Lord Well, why do children suffer ?????
  3. Onegin
    Onegin 28 June 2016 13: 39
    with the beginning of more than six months of tough censorship, Basurin has "no losses"
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. avt
      avt 28 June 2016 15: 29
      Quote: Onegin
      with the beginning of more than six months of tough censorship, Basurin has "no losses"

      Congratulations, Mr. Sovramshi.
      Two sappers of the DPR were killed, eight were taken prisoner by Ukrainian militants in the area of ​​the frontier village of Shirokino.

      “In the area of ​​Shirokino, on June 27, the sapper unit of a separate DNR detachment carried out planned clearance of the territory in coordination with the OSCE mission.

      Under cover of artillery fire, in order to capture sappers, a reconnaissance group of the 54 Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade and a unit of the volunteer Ukrainian army advanced to the indicated area.

      As a result of artillery fire, two DPR servicemen were killed and eight were heavily shell-shocked, because of which, unable to resist, they were taken prisoner, ”said deputy commander of the Republic’s operational command Edward Basurin at a briefing at DAN.
      1. 2s1122
        2s1122 28 June 2016 16: 15
        A question for backfilling to Basurin, why were the sappers without a shutdown from the side of the DPR armed forces?
        1. Krasniy_lis
          Krasniy_lis 28 June 2016 18: 56
          Quote: 2s1122
          Tricky question

          because in agreement with the OSCE. Obviously.
  4. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 28 June 2016 13: 43
    hard for the guys .. somehow I caught 2 months of a constant shooter .. fuck .. I don’t want to .. and here 2 years !!
  5. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 28 June 2016 13: 48
    All these Minsk for Lohov !!! Bandera will not calm down once! This sluggish war for years ..
  6. Rock_n_roll
    Rock_n_roll 28 June 2016 13: 49
    About 8 prisoners what they say, fake?
    1. Onegin
      Onegin 28 June 2016 13: 54
      "The ATO headquarters confirmed the capture of full 8 DRG members"

      we’ll wait for the photo, they are boasting at Ukrainian resources.
  7. valent45
    valent45 28 June 2016 13: 50
    LDNR need to strengthen sniper work! Shoot ukrov, especially mercenaries!
  8. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 28 June 2016 14: 07
    I did not understand what YaPG is. Apply the abbreviation - decrypt.

    PS. After the second reading, somewhere in the middle of the text I met (as if, by the way): YaPG - Yasinovatsky post of the GAI.
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 28 June 2016 14: 29
      Who is following the events and reports from the Magician, in the topic of YaPG and other abbreviations ... but where you have been all this time is a question ...
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 28 June 2016 18: 10
      Quote: evge-malyshev
      I did not understand what YaPG is. Apply the abbreviation - decrypt.

      PS. After the second reading, somewhere in the middle of the text I met (as if, by the way): YaPG - Yasinovatsky post of the GAI.

      In past reports, I often decoded oats. Sometimes I write YaBP (Yasinovatsky block post), and sometimes YaPG (Yasinovatsky post GAI).
  9. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 28 June 2016 14: 23
    8 prisoners, again, I suppose, they gathered people at the front line, and I’ll be able to reload it.
  10. Alexander War
    Alexander War 28 June 2016 15: 12
    Main intelligence technology cluster
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 28 June 2016 19: 32
      Quote: Alexander War
      Main intelligence technology cluster

      It is a pity that the BCH has no aviation, the work of the steelworkers would have been great. request
  11. Alexander War
    Alexander War 28 June 2016 15: 14
    Another photo Dokin
  12. Alexander War
    Alexander War 28 June 2016 15: 16
    More photos and bmp
    1. Hort
      Hort 29 June 2016 12: 03
      this is not an infantry fighting vehicle, but a Tunguska air defense system
  13. Alexander War
    Alexander War 28 June 2016 15: 17
    BMP Popasnyansky district
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 28 June 2016 15: 18
    It seems that until these bastards are squeezed out of Donetsk, there will be no rest.
    And after all, our answer to ukrov shelling, but to the point ...
    1. avt
      avt 28 June 2016 16: 10
      Quote: Zomanus
      It looks like until these bastards are squeezed out of Donetsk,

      At least to the Dnieper-Slavutich, really
      Quote: Zomanus
      there will be no rest.

      requestIt is necessary to carry out the laws of Ukraine on decommunization and finally to end the "birth trauma" of "Ukrainian" statehood "- to withdraw from Ukraine the territories of the former Donetsk Kryvyi Rih Republic, which were forced into it by Lenin. Moreover, the present Ukraine is a unitary state, and the DKR while it is in it as a FEDERALIZATION.
  15. PValery53
    PValery53 28 June 2016 16: 18
    Any control is not without feedback. If the Donbass wants to control Kiev, then it is necessary to close the feedback: for each shelling of the Donbass, the answer must come directly to Kiev to the juntas. What is incomprehensible here ?!
  16. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin 28 June 2016 16: 19
    Quote: avt
    At least to the Dnieper-Slavutich, really

    Of course, in fact, you are very right.
    But in the circumstances, the Kremlin makes it clear that this will not happen.
    1. Krasniy_lis
      Krasniy_lis 28 June 2016 18: 58
      Quote: Mikhail Matyugin
      that this will not happen.

      correction. Not yet.
    2. avt
      avt 28 June 2016 20: 32
      Quote: Mikhail Matyugin
      But in the circumstances, the Kremlin makes it clear that this will not happen.

      request Surplyas - whoever got the first one, will be blamed, and to the fullest. But I think so - before the NATO summit in Warsaw, they will definitely push the APU into the firebox, especially the Poles - the young soldiers will want to prove the aggression of Russia from the nose.
      “We would like to see Georgia as soon as possible in NATO, as well as in the EU. Then, after the accession, including by Georgia and other countries of this region, we could see Europe as a single, united and democratic. Without Georgia, without Armenia, without Azerbaijan, without Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, this European project is still not completed. We will not stop efforts to complete this project of European transformation into a free democratic continent, ”said Vashchikovsky.
  17. Ros 56
    Ros 56 29 June 2016 05: 00
    Yes, it’s not just right to protect your land. Here it is already necessary to save the land and the people of all Ukraine from these Banderlog ghouls. Here will be work for adequate, real citizens of Ukraine, not for one decade.