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Day of the Baltic Fleet of Russia

Today, May 18, Baltic sailors celebrate their professional holiday. Baltic Day Celebration Date fleet established on the basis of the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy of December 19, 1995. And this date was not chosen by chance. May 18, 1703 Peter I, commanding a flotilla of 30 boats with soldiers of the Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky regiments, won at the mouth of the Neva, capturing two Swedish ships - Gedan and Astrild. Participants of historical battles were awarded with specially made medals with the inscription "Unprecedented happens."

As of May 1703, an important stage of town planning falls on the subject of the foundation of St. Petersburg, which itself is closely connected with the development of the Baltic Fleet of Russia.

All the details of the history of the formation and development of the Baltic Fleet can be found by visiting the Naval Museum located in the city of Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region. In 2016, the Baltic Fleet Museum marks 59 years. It was opened on September 28 of 1957 of the year on the basis of Directive No.63 of the General Staff of the Navy. The first expositions for acquaintance with the history of the fleet became available to visitors of February 23 of 1959.
An interesting historical moment - already at the beginning of the 60-s of the Baltic Fleet Museum was transferred to Tallinn, where the main base of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet was located, and it was in Tallinn that the museum existed until the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the country, the naval command decided to return the historical museum to Baltiysk, where it is located today.

To touch the history of the legendary Baltic Fleet, you need to see the objects of its unique exposition with your own eyes. Thus, in the collection of the museum, personal items of such famous Russian naval commanders as admirals MP Lazarev, I. Kruzenshtern are presented. In Baltiysk, you can see a collection of dirks of Russian officers who forged the glory of the fleet and made an enormous contribution to the victory of the Russian weapons in the Baltic.

Day of the Baltic Fleet of Russia

The museum exposition is dedicated to different stages of development of the Baltic Fleet: from Peter’s victories at the mouth of the Neva to the Soviet period, when the fleet on the Baltic Sea turned into unbreakable power, bringing to life any potential enemy, including representatives of the North Atlantic military bloc.

It should be noted that the development of the Baltic Fleet of Russia after the adversities associated with the collapse of the USSR and the total underfunding of the domestic defense industry causes serious concerns for NATO. The fact is that the “partners”, in whose camp the famous former union republics also crossed over, have decided for more than 20 years that the Baltic Sea has become the NATO internal water body in which they can host without taking into account the interests of other countries of the region. And therefore, when the number of exits to the sea of ​​Russian surface and submarines grows, so does the number of departures of naval units aviation, in “partners” it causes an unhealthy (violent) reaction.

It got to the point that if Russian fighters are intercepted by American reconnaissance aircraft several tens of kilometers from the base of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation, then in the Pentagon and the US State Department they declare "about Russia's aggressive behavior." Since when is it for NATO, and specifically the United States, the defense of its borders by such a state as Russia has become considered an “act of aggression”? Not from the very moment when in the USA they considered themselves “exceptional” and in addition “masters of the world”.

The fact that the Russian military leadership all these NATO moans about “aggression” and “unprofessional and unsafe interceptions” do not cause any special emotions are gratifying. The development of the fleet is systematic. Baltic seamen receive new warships and support vessels, which allows them to build a reliable security system in the Baltic.

Today, the Baltic Fleet is the most important component in protecting the Russian borders and the interests of Russia far from the borders of the Motherland. Over the past few years, the BF of the Russian Federation has received several modern warships with the latest technical equipment and weapon systems. This, for example, the corvette "lively", "savvy", "resistant" and "guarding".

The landing of the landing craft was replenished with the latest landing craft on the 21820 Dugong air cavern. With the help of such amphibious boats, effective sea transfer and landing on almost any unequipped coast became possible. In addition to personnel, such boats can carry out the transfer of armored vehicles and military off-road vehicles.

In the framework of the state defense order of the Russian Navy in December 2015 of the year received the eighth boat of the 03160 Raptor project. And in May of this year, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed a new contract for the production of such high-speed boats of the coastal zone for the needs of the Navy in connection with their (boats) high efficiency. The fulfillment of the contract is for the period until the end of 2018.

Last year alone, the fleet personnel took part in dozens of exercises and combat training exercises. About two hundred rocket, artillery and torpedo firing were carried out, more than fifty test measures were carried out to improve the skills of Baltic seamen.

Today "Military Review" congratulates the current personnel and each of the veterans of the Baltic Fleet on the holiday "!
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  1. Lantau
    Lantau 18 May 2016 06: 22
    Congratulations to the Baltic Fleet !!!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 18 May 2016 06: 39
      Today "Military Review" congratulates the current personnel and each of the veterans of the Baltic Fleet on the holiday "!
      it remains to join the congratulations! and at the Baltic Fleet in the evening we will "sit" with our Baltic son ... wink drinks
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 18 May 2016 06: 49
        All the sailors of the Baltic Fleet with a Holiday!
        I wish you all happiness, health, success and prosperity in everything! love

        Song: The Baltic Fleet
        Cutting the surface of the sea with gray sides,
        Ships go into the distance, melt in the blue
        Leaving a foamy mark with powerful screws,
        Like a shawl, a farewell wave in a girl’s hand.

        The turbine will not fail, the steering wheel in the hands will not flinch,
        The torpedo will not miss, the missile will hit.
        And the fogs are not terrible, the ninth rampart is not terrible,
        The famous Baltic Fleet goes on a camping trip

        Gibraltar, Suez, Bosphorus, Oceans Dali
        They are connected by a marine, steep, tightly knot.
        And there is no place on the map, where - b we have not been
        Under the sky blue Andreevsky cross.


        The sound of waves and wind whistling, seagulls screaming angry
        Like the music you need, the heart of a sailor.
        And also, somewhere out there, in the direction of my darling,
        My dear friend devotedly waited.
        1. Schultz
          Schultz 18 May 2016 11: 21
          Let’s drink for our beloved army, drink for a valiant fleet. Happy holiday to you, dear Baltic!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 18 May 2016 18: 07
        everything ... evening, "we are in the wardroom campaign" drinks ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 18 May 2016 06: 23
    It is time to introduce the "Week of the Russian Fleet". lol Happy Holidays !!!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 18 May 2016 07: 20
      And after all, there are such warlords who served in several fleets! But today we are caring for Baltic veterans drinks A worthy change for you, which will not let you down!
  3. roman72-452
    roman72-452 18 May 2016 06: 33
    Happy Holidays!
  4. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 18 May 2016 06: 36
    Happy Baltics !!!!! 7 feet under the keel! Good and peaceful service !!!!
  5. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 18 May 2016 06: 49
    To our Baltic Fleet, three times: "Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!"
    Happy Holidays!
  6. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 18 May 2016 07: 00
    Thank you, Petr Alekseevich (Peter the Great, not to be confused with Poroshenko) from the little ships created a fleet that has become one of the advanced outposts of Russia!
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 18 May 2016 09: 55
      Peter the Great and his soldiers and officers in that battle managed to board two full-fledged multi-gun warships from boats! Then no one would dare. Except ours. No wonder they shy away from each of our aircraft and fall into a stupor, buried in a military column in a lone Russian soldier standing on the road with a machine gun. Congratulations to the Baltics!
  7. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 18 May 2016 07: 05
    Hello to the Baltic people from the Japanese! I mean from the Pacific! drinks
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 18 May 2016 07: 14
      Hi to the Pacific! drinks

      May the fleet of the whole vast country grow stronger!
  8. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 18 May 2016 07: 14
    Happy Birthday to the Baltics !!! Military Good Luck !!! Glory to Peter, the founder of the Fleet! "The unforgettable happens."
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 18 May 2016 10: 04
      so in the course of the Nimits and all Gerald Fords it’s better not to go to the Baltic ......... Russians are unpredictable
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 May 2016 07: 14
    The main thing is that our fleet, both the Baltic and other fleets, only grow stronger in spite of enemies who have raised their heads too much lately.
  10. cap
    cap 18 May 2016 07: 22
    Congratulations from the Pacific to all the Baltic Fleet's navies!
  11. Taygerus
    Taygerus 18 May 2016 07: 33
    Happy Baltic Fleet Day of Russia,
    Service calm to all the brave guys.
    Our fleet is popularly loved
    Have a good sail on the seas!
  12. dsm100
    dsm100 18 May 2016 07: 51
    Happy Holiday. Three Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
  13. Essex62
    Essex62 18 May 2016 09: 06
    Happy Holidays! All missiles to the target, peace in families, peace on earth!
  14. sub307
    sub307 18 May 2016 09: 35
    I join in the congratulations and congratulations! drinks
  15. avt
    avt 18 May 2016 10: 05
    "I'll keep the defense of this place until the end of my belly" Seven feet under the keel and full speed of 38 knots, no less!
  16. Altona
    Altona 18 May 2016 10: 12
    Congratulations to the Baltic sailors! They are equally formidable both at sea and on land, and powerful naval guns and marines helped defend Leningrad during the war. Submarines, despite the huge risk, left the Baltic for operational space and drowned Nazi ships. Honor and glory to the Baltic Fleet of Russia!
  17. Igor V
    Igor V 18 May 2016 10: 28
    For the Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet! drinks
  18. atamankko
    atamankko 18 May 2016 10: 29
    Health to you, BALTISS, and good luck.
  19. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 18 May 2016 10: 55
    The Baltics with the HOLIDAY !!! Seven feet under the keel!
  20. stas-xnumx
    stas-xnumx 18 May 2016 10: 59
    Congratulations to the Baltic Fleet from the Northern Fleet!))))
  21. Rock616
    Rock616 18 May 2016 11: 27
    WITH A HOLIDAY FOR ALL BALTIC SEAFOOD !!!!! drinks soldier drinks
  22. Rock616
    Rock616 18 May 2016 11: 32
    how it all began, with a couple of dozen boats ... wink
  23. gamer
    gamer 18 May 2016 11: 59
    Moreman DKBF !!! Happy Holidays! Seven feet under the keel! hi
  24. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 18 May 2016 12: 58
    Today "Military Review" congratulates the current personnel and each of the veterans of the Baltic Fleet on the holiday "!

    good Happy Holidays, Baltic people! drinks
  25. Mikado
    Mikado 18 May 2016 13: 07
    Sailors happy holiday! drinks
  26. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 18 May 2016 16: 08
    Happy holiday sailors! Three whales of RUSSIA - ARMY, Navy, VKS! The whole country is looking at you .....
  27. Alexander Greene
    Alexander Greene 20 May 2016 01: 45
    And the fact that the Baltic Fleet twice the Red Banner no longer remember? And they don’t write on ribbons?
    But this is a recognition of the military merits of the Baltic sailors.