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Space Apostle number 12. In spite of everything


On the day when we all happily celebrate a beautiful date, 55 years to our space program, many kind words will be said to those who stood at the origins of everything. All of them are our heroes, but I want to say a few words about a unique person who deserves them, despite the fact that he did not even make it to the top ten pioneers. And, nevertheless, he deserves it.

George Timofeevich Beregovoi.

Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Lieutenant-General of the Air Force. Only in stories detachment of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts who came into the squadron, already having the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Georgy Beregovoy was born on April 15 of 1921 in the village of Fedorovka in the Poltava province of the Ukrainian SSR (now Karlovsky district of the Poltava region of Ukraine) in an employee’s family. Beregovoy's father was an accountant.

And in Yenakiyevo there was an aeroclub ... And like all the guys of that time, Coastal passionately wanted to fly. But the sky stubbornly did not let George into their arms. First by age, then by social status. There was such a situation that first of all they took children from working families.

In order to be credited to the flying club, George went to work for the Enakievsky Metallurgical Works as a mechanic's apprentice. Accepted. And already in 1941, he successfully graduated from Voroshilovgrad school of military pilots named after the Donbass Proletariat.

Space Apostle number 12. In spite of everything

At the beginning of the war came to the reconnaissance air regiment. And again I had to prove that he can more and better. So Beregovoi was in 1942 year as part of the 90-th Guards assault air regiment.

186 sorties on IL-2. This generally says a lot. Hundred. Eighty. Six. And not just sorties, but assault. When on your plane, even if it is very well protected, it is thrashing everything that can shoot upwards. From hand firing weapons and machine guns to anti-aircraft guns 20, 30, 37 and 50 mm.

Thrice burned. Three times he was shot down. 26 October 1944 g. Beregovoy was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

The commander of the air squadron of the 90th Guards Assault Starokonstantinovsky Aviation Regiment of the 4th Guards Assault Assault Regiment, its last combat flight in World War II aviation Captain Georgy Timofeevich Beregovoi, Hero of the Soviet Union Guard, made the Kiev division in May 1945 from the Kopchani airfield near Brno.

After the war, Beregovoi became a test pilot. Any test flight is the same combat mission, only in peacetime. Many new combat vehicles passed through his hands - Yak-17, Yak-25, MiG-15, MiG-17PF, MiG-19Г1, Su-9, Tu-28.

In 1949, testing a swept-wing MiG-15 fighter, for the first time I mastered piloting a jet plane in a spin. The technique of withdrawing from a spin on a jet aircraft was different from what pilots encountered when piloting screw machines. Beregovoy actually became the founder of the school of jet aerobatics in the case of the corkscrew. He taught the pilots the entrance to the corkscrew and the withdrawal of the aircraft from the corkscrew and earned the honorary title of "Comrade Corkscrew" in the flight environment.

In 1961, the Coastal was awarded the title "Honored Pilot - Tester of the USSR". with the presentation of the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council.

In the meantime, Georgii Timofeevich set for himself the next frontier. He decided to become an astronaut.

The road to space was also not easy. According to the standards of that time, the astronaut should have been no higher than 170, see Coastal Growth - 181, see. The astronaut should not weigh more than 80 kg. Shore weight - 90 kg. But ... In 1964, George Timofeevich achieved enrollment in the cosmonaut corps and completed a full course of training.

His teacher was Alexey Leonov. He recalled that the Coastal had very great difficulties in piloting a spacecraft. "He was too a pilot." But Beregovoi was able to master all the difficulties, and become a full-fledged cosmonaut.

The time when it was time for him to fly was very difficult. It was then that the transition to a new technique: the ships "Soyuz". "Union" did not want to fly categorically.

Then there was the practice that a person was launched on a ship, if he flew three times successfully without a pilot, in automatic mode.

The first "Union" was remotely eliminated, since it ceased to execute commands from the MCC.
The second one exploded at the start.
The third one flew normally, but was de-orbited before the estimated time due to the failure of some systems. During the landing, the tightness of the cabin of the descent vehicle and the parachute exhaust system was disrupted.

Subsequently, it cost the life of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, the pilot of the Soyuz-1 spacecraft.

And on October 26, 1968, Colonel Beregovoy, put Soyuz-3 into orbit. Unmanned "Soyuz-2" was already waiting in orbit. Coastal was the first time to dock the two ships of the new generation.

Docking, which the program outlined already on the first round, failed. Not having had time to get used to the state of weightlessness, Beregovoy began to dock the vehicles, being in inverted 180 degrees relative to the "Union-2". And the second call of fuel was gone. Docking failed.

For courage shown in orbital test flight, Beregovoy was awarded the second Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

22 January 1969 of the year, during a ceremonial meeting of cosmonauts in the Kremlin, officer Viktor Ilyin fired at a car in which he was driving Beregovoy. Ilyin took the Coast for Brezhnev. Many noted a certain external similarity of the astronaut and the Secretary General. The driver sitting next to the Shore was mortally wounded. Beregovoy himself was easily hit by windshield fragments, but was able to take control and prevent an accident.

Despite the relative failure in his first and last space flight, and Beregovoi at that time was 47 (Forty-seven !!!) years old, George Timofeevich did not find in himself either the strength or the desire to part with the cosmos. And the fact that today "Soyuz" is considered the most reliable and safe ship, its considerable merit.

Many employees of the space industry noted the remarkable knowledge of the Coastal and the opportunity not only to explain the technical lack of any innovation, but also to give advice on its improvement.
For example, it was Beregovoy who achieved that in modern ships control is in many respects similar to control of an aircraft. By location and functionality.

From 1972 to 1987, Beregovoi served as head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Had scientific works in the field of cosmonautics and engineering psychology. Candidate of psychological sciences. In 1987, he retired in the military rank of Lieutenant General Aviation.

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 8 — 10-th convocations (1974 — 1989). He led a great social work. It was Beregovoi who was a consultant for Soviet children's films "Moscow-Cassiopeia" and "Young Men in the Universe".

Georgy Timofeevich Beregovoy died 30 on June 1995 during a heart surgery. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

"A spacecraft, like a car or a plane, cannot be run in. There are no stereotypes here, but duplicates are excluded. And, to be fair, every astronaut is still the first with us."

George Coast.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik April 12 2016 06: 22
    A good film would have been about Beregovoy’s life .. But they’re shooting all sorts of rubbish ..
    1. Vovanfalcon
      Vovanfalcon April 12 2016 06: 38
      I’m afraid that modern cinema will spoil any good idea, like films about Korolev, about Chkalov (new), etc. Well, there are many examples.
    2. Vovanfalcon
      Vovanfalcon April 12 2016 06: 38
      I’m afraid that modern cinema will spoil any good idea, like films about Korolev, about Chkalov (new), etc. Well, there are many examples.
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 12 2016 07: 30
      it was the time of the Titans! What kind of people were ... hi
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        April 12 2016 08: 06
        Cinema, yes, but there are documentaries ...
        1. Mahmut
          Mahmut April 12 2016 13: 20
          A good film would have been about Beregovoy’s life .. But they’re shooting all sorts of rubbish ..

          Come on. The film about Beregovoy was shown on TV. 2 days ago. And the article is a short retelling of this film.
    4. novobranets
      novobranets April 12 2016 13: 36
      I read the book Beregovoy "Angle of attack". I read it in one day. In simple and understandable language, he described his whole life, especially interesting about his combat missions on the Il-2. Don't come off.
  2. PKK
    PKK April 12 2016 06: 45
    The article is interesting, but the author himself amuses the same, for example: “Not having time to get used to weightlessness.” Well, you can get used to when blood begins to circulate in a small circle bypassing the legs. who flew to space. He also got under the distribution, when he was fired upon from two Makarovs, he was driving like Brezhnev. Strong Man! Good memory to him! I will add that Rothschild's heart was changed six times, but Beregovoy was not able to perform one operation.
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian April 12 2016 14: 31
      Rockefeller seems to be not Rothschild.
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid April 12 2016 06: 50
    I read the story with pleasure. Thank you to the author. Happy holiday to all!

    On a good day, you need to talk more about good.
    I myself don’t understand why these series are needed. In general, the ambiguity is somehow continuous with those films.
  4. sa-ag
    sa-ag April 12 2016 07: 18
    We had a meeting with students in 1983.
  5. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 12 2016 07: 19
    Unfortunately, today ask the student which cosmonaut he knows by last name, they will name Yuri Gagarin at best, and V. Tereshkov cannot be.
    For reference: On April 12 2016, 120 cosmonauts from the USSR and Russia participated in space flights (repeatedly 27). Among them are 4 women. To date, 33 astronaut is not alive.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 12 2016 07: 25
    Gagarin, Titov, Beregovoi, Komarov and other names of the astronauts were always well known. They knew what was called in person. Currently, the cosmonaut corps has increased significantly and new names come into the history of astronautics. But the first - they will be the first, no offense to the entire glorious cohort of astronauts! All with the anniversary of the cosmonautics! drinks
    1. dmikras
      dmikras April 12 2016 19: 26
      Today, Yandex in honor of the holiday launched the Gagarin flight project
      What drew attention to this is the pulse test Yuri Gagarin was absolutely calm all flight
  7. 0895055116
    0895055116 April 12 2016 07: 47
    "- Yes, there were people in our time, not like the current tribe: the heroes are not you!" M.Yu.Lermontov "Borodino".
  8. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 12 2016 08: 29
    The entire initial stage of the development of astronautics was knitted with great risk.
    Therefore, all cosmonauts were awarded the highest award of the homeland.
    But even in our time, when tourists began to be transported into space, this profession remained no less risky.
    G.T Beregovoi was a very purposeful and strong-willed person. Therefore, in life he managed to achieve a lot.
    Only here is the article title
    Apostle of space number 12.
    is perplexing. The apostles are the disciples of Christ. At first there were 12, then another 70 were added.
    Not all analogies are appropriate to use for the sake of a red word!
  9. Old26
    Old26 April 12 2016 08: 31
    Yes, among the astronauts of the 70s, Beregovoi was unique. A front-line soldier who received his first Hero Star on the battlefields. At one time, a series of small-format pocket-sized books was popular (I don’t remember the name of the series anymore). One of them was about Beregovoy. Particularly struck by the description of the situation, when during the flight he got stuck in the control of elevators, and after some time the engine and, accordingly, communications failed. And how did he get the car to the alternate aerodrome ....
    1. novobranets
      novobranets April 12 2016 13: 46
      The book is called Angle of Attack. Available in my library.
  10. guzik007
    guzik007 April 12 2016 10: 30
    how he looked like Leonid Ilyich! Especially where he smiled. A real man!
  11. AUL
    AUL April 12 2016 10: 54
    In the 70s, Beregovoy's book The Angle of Attack was published. Great book!
  12. cedar
    cedar April 12 2016 12: 42
    The time of the beginning of space exploration is a time of a big dream, a time of great deeds and accomplishments, this gave rise to personalities like Beregovoy.
    Let's keep the dream of Man’s space flights to other Worlds, so we’ll save Russia, so new Gagarins and Beregovy, Korolev and Glushko will grow.
  13. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 April 12 2016 16: 27
    Before leaving for the cosmonaut corps, Georgy Timofeevich Beregovoi was Deputy Commander of the 1st Directorate (military unit 18374) 8 GNIKI Air Force named after V.P. Chkalov, now 929 GLITS MO RF (Akhtubinsk). His photographs have always been in a place of honor in the unit. As a military test pilot, he did a lot for the development of aviation.
    Veterans told about the landing with engine failure, and Beregovoy was ordered to eject. Georgy Timofeevich sent ... very far, gave the command to the RP to work only on "reception" ... and put the car.
  14. Cobra77
    Cobra77 April 12 2016 21: 36
    I wonder why there were so many such people in the "totalitarian scoop", but now in the period of "democracy" there are so few? The question is rhetorical, the answer is already known, unfortunately ...
  15. slava1960
    slava1960 April 12 2016 22: 00
    With great pleasure I read the article. Thank you for remembering such a person. I myself come from Enakievo, and Georgy Timofeevich studied at my school # 37. I was in 1968nd grade in 2, but I remember well what holiday was in the city when it was reported about its flight. Our school began to be named after G.T.Beregovoy, and he himself several times came to Enakievo on February 1 on the evening of the meeting of graduates. By the way, his mother lived in Yenakievo, and in addition to George Timofeevich, she had two more sons and one of them was also a general.
    These are the people.
  16. Breard
    Breard April 13 2016 00: 56
    Memory and respect for the true Soviet man!
  17. Mikhail Matyugin
    Mikhail Matyugin April 15 2016 18: 16
    By the way, yesterday I saw a documentary about Beregovoy on the History channel. Indeed, the mere fact that more than 200 sorties to attack aircraft, shot down three times and survived three times and returned to their own - is amazing!
  18. tolancop
    tolancop 14 October 2016 23: 40
    A lump, not a man. And a very lucky person !!! But the plowman, apparently, is rare - luck alone will not get you far. And I agree that the film deserves a good one. It is necessary to educate young people on such examples, and not on any "Brigades".

    Last week I was in Kaluga, at the Museum of Cosmonautics. I walked and ... missed. The exposition is good, there are no words, but melancholy from the realization of what all sorts of perestroika and managers have turned the country into. But there is hope, IMHO. There were young people in the museum, maybe one of them wants to be the one who will push the Russian cosmonautics forward. And the Museum is undergoing a major reconstruction, which is good news. Maybe we will return to the "dusty paths of distant planets"?