Military Review

Russia is unlikely to avoid China’s expansion in one form or another.

Russia is unlikely to avoid China’s expansion in one form or another.
"General Frost" of the PLA division will not stop.

If the military potential of the NATO countries over the past 20 years is rapidly reduced quantitatively, very little updated qualitatively, the military potential of China over the same period is either very slightly reduced, or even increasing quantitatively, rapidly updated qualitatively. During these two decades, the PLA has reached a completely new level of development, it is not just on an uptrend, but literally "rushes to heaven" in the direct and figurative sense.

During the short war with Vietnam in early 1979, the Chinese demonstrated extreme fanaticism and cruelty with an ugly low quality of command and level of combat training, having suffered a shameful defeat. And even in the early 90s, the PLA was huge in size, but extremely archaic. All of her 8 thousand tanks made up a variety of variations on the theme of our T-54. The Air Force was based on 3 thousand J-6 fighters - a copy of the MiG-19, i.e. first generation aircraft, even 3rd generation cars were not at all. To date, the situation has changed dramatically.

Over the past 20 years, the PRC's military spending has grown more than 20 times, reaching almost $ 92 billion this year, even according to official figures (second place in the world). At the same time, according to all experts, without exception, the real costs in 1,5-3 are higher than official costs. Yes, they are smaller than American in 3-4, but here it is impossible not to take into account the incompatibility, firstly, the prices for military products (PLA acquires weapon for state-owned enterprises, the US Armed Forces for private), and secondly, for the maintenance of personnel (for the USA they increased especially in connection with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). Each of these items of expenditure separately from the United States exceeds the entire military budget of China, but this is explained solely by the size of prices for products and the monetary allowance of personnel. Accordingly, statements by Chinese officials and some overseas "lawyers" of China that he has a very small share of military expenditures in GDP are increasingly reminiscent of foolishness. If only because China’s GDP itself is already too large and continues to grow. And military spending also continues to grow, and in 1,5-2 times faster than GDP. This rapid growth has a very concrete embodiment.

Both in Russia and abroad, many people seriously believe that the PLA is still at the level of 90-s (if not 80-s) in the sense of archaic technology and at best can copy something from us or in the West. Alas, this picture already has nothing to do with reality.

Yes, China is really studying all the weapon models that have come to it, to the last screw. However, it does not stupidly copy, but creatively develops. Moreover, the “corporate style” of the Chinese military industrial complex is becoming a synthesis of Russian, Western and proprietary technologies. Such a synthesis of products from completely different scientific and technological schools requires a very powerful own school. Especially, if very complex and high-tech samples are synthesized. And the structure of arms procurement indicates what kind of war China is preparing today.


Europe has long been expecting no attacks from anyone and is not going to attack anyone. That is why the armed forces of European countries are so rapidly reduced, and what remains of them is reoriented to counter-guerrilla wars and peacekeeping and police operations. There is absolutely no one to attack China, since such an attack will become the most effective way of suicide (explanations are hardly needed here). In addition, there is simply no need to attack him, because even occupying part of this country is, firstly, impossible because of the population, which makes the occupation an impossible task, and secondly, this makes no practical sense - China’s natural resources are scarce , which will be discussed below. The only theoretically imaginable scenario of external aggression against China is the attack on it from the United States with the help of sea and air-based cruise missiles (SLCMs, ALCMs) and, possibly, deck aviation in order to destroy the objects of the "new economy", the military-industrial complex, military and civilian infrastructure for the maximum military and economic weakening of the PRC. To repulse this purely virtual threat (it is virtual not only because of the presence of nuclear weapons in China, but also because of too many objects to attack that exceed the real capabilities of the US Air Force and Navy) it is necessary to develop air defense and the Navy. The Ground Forces are absolutely to nothing.

Thus, from the point of view of PLA self-defense, at least for years, 10 is over-redundant. Nevertheless, its potential continues to grow at an ever-increasing pace, i.e. trends are directly opposed to NATO. Statements by Chinese officials that military construction is being carried out exclusively for peaceful defensive purposes are becoming increasingly sluggish and on duty every year. Because it is impossible to believe in them even with the maximum desire, which in Beijing cannot but be understood. Moreover, there, apparently, they see less and less sense in convincing humanity in their peaceful intentions.

Two universal amphibious assault ship Type 071 are already in the ranks of the Chinese Navy.
On the approach - DVKD and aircraft carriers.

China is actually building up the potential of its Navy, moving from a mosquito fleet to the ocean (although the mosquito remains the largest in the world). By the number of multi-purpose submarines (atomic and diesel), it has already bypassed both the USA and Russia. In the near future, the construction of submarines with an air-independent power plant will be launched. This year, the first Chinese aircraft carrier will enter service, and it will certainly not be the only one completed. Ahead is the construction of destroyers comparable in terms of performance characteristics with American URO destroyers of the Arleigh Burke type and similar Japanese Kongo / Atago equipped with the Aegis system. The latest Project 022 missile boats are the most powerful in the world in terms of performance characteristics. Already commissioned are two universal amphibious assault ships Type 071, the construction of the series continues. It is planned to build a DVKD. It is supposed to adopt an anti-ship ballistic missile based on the DF-21 BRDS with a firing range of up to 1,5 thousand km. In general, the Chinese Navy now occupies the second place in combat potential not only in the Asia-Pacific Region, but also in the world as a whole, and this potential is only growing, several shipbuilding programs are being implemented at the same time (from boats to aircraft carriers and SSBNs). And it is clear that the goal here is not only coastal defense and not only landing in Taiwan, but projection of forces in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, not only to the south and southwest, but also to the northeast.

The combat potential of the PRC's air force is growing at no less rapid pace. Last year, the last J-6 was withdrawn from combat (although they remain in reserve). Today, out of approximately 2 thousand combat aircraft that are in service of the PLA Air Force and Naval Aviation, at least a quarter are 4-generation vehicles (Su-27 / J-11, Su-30 / J-12, J-10). Thus, even in terms of the number of modern fighters, China almost caught up with Russia, which has 700 fighter jets of 4 generation (of which more than 100 are in reserve), bypassing any other country (except for the US, of course). At the same time, the production of the J-10 and J-11В light fighter (an unlicensed version of the Su-27) is just under way. Therefore coming

2-3 of the Year China is guaranteed to surpass us in modern fighters. Moreover, the physical age of Chinese cars is much lower than that of our and American aircraft. In addition, China is working on deck options J-11 (known as J-15) and J-10. And at the beginning of this year, the first flight of the J-20 became a global sensation. Yes, it is not yet a full-fledged 5 fighter, but our T-50 appeared only last year. China still has problems with aircraft engines and radar stations, but the rapid technological progress of this country shows that the lag in these areas will be overcome in the very near future. So far, China is far behind in the field of strike aviation, but even here the problem will be solved. Firstly, there is information about the development of the J-11 (J-17) impact version, similar to the Su-34. Secondly, in terms of the number of tactical and operational-tactical missile systems, China leads the world by a wide margin, the score here is at least thousands - this compensates for the lag in aircraft. Thirdly, in China in recent years, a number of UAV drums (WJ-600, CH-3, Ilong) have been created, in this area it has surpassed Russia and, apparently, has bypassed even the United States.

China has greatly strengthened ground defense with the help of the C-300PMU1 and PMU2 (in total - 7 regiments comprising the 26 divisions) purchased from us and created on its base (of course, without a license) the HQ-9. And anti-satellite weapons in China have experienced even earlier than in the United States.

But, of course, the development of the PLA Ground Forces is most interesting for us.

Fighter J-10. At least a quarter of the Chinese Air Force make up the fourth-generation vehicles.


Tanks are regularly "buried", at least since the days of the Arab-Israeli war 1973. But they did not "die" at all, remaining the main striking force of the Ground Forces. Both wars of the XXI century - 2003 in Iraq and 2008 in Georgia - once again confirmed that the classic land war “army against army” is won only with the help of tanks.

As was shown in the first part of the article (see “National Defense” No. XXUMX), of all the main classes of armaments, it is NATO tanks that reduce most quickly and update the last. More precisely, it does not update at all, all the main production programs of tanks were closed in the West at the beginning of 7, the closure of the American project of the Future Combat System means that no more promising tanks will be in NATO anymore. For the “aggressive imperialist bloc” is not going to conduct deep offensive operations, for which the tanks, in the first place, are intended.

As for China, over the past 20 years, the number of tanks, which are variations on the T-54 theme

(Tour 59 / 69 / 79 / 80), reduced from about 8,5 thousand to about 4,5-5,5 thousand. But there were new-generation tanks - Tour 88 (about 500), Tour 96 (2,5-3 thousand) and Tour 99 ( approximately 500), with the production of the Tour 96 and the Tour 99 continuing. Thus, the number of PLA tank fleet even increased with a radical qualitative improvement. Due to the fact that in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation the number of tanks in regular units and at storage bases has been reduced to 2,1 thousand, China has now come out on top in the world in terms of MBT. And it also ranks first in the world in their production, “stamping” from 100 to 500 machines a year. At the same time, the Tour 96 and the Tour 99 in their combat capabilities, in general, are not inferior to our T-72 / 80 / 90. A specialist can find some parts for which our tanks are better than Chinese ones, but he will find other details for which the Chinese are ahead. The 99 Tour was the first tank in the world to carry laser weapons (for blinding surveillance devices and their operators). Moreover, in China, a fundamentally new tank is being developed, which, apparently, will have a crew of 2 people and an uninhabited tower. It is assumed that it can be in addition to the main gun armed with two rapid-fire 6-barrel guns to attack various targets, including ATGM. It is possible that the tank will also carry on board a small-sized robot vehicle for conducting reconnaissance. It is quite difficult to assume that such a rapid buildup of a tank fleet at the expense of the latest machines is being carried out for defensive purposes.

Of course, it’s not only tanks that create “peaceful purposes” in China. For example, a unique family of amphibious vehicles based on the BMB ZBD-05 was created here. These are KSHM, light tank, SAU ZTD-05, etc. These machines do not have analogs in the world, the American EFV should have become such, but, as was said above, it was canceled. Calling the amphibious armor as a defensive weapon has never occurred to anyone.

In the area of ​​the MLRS, China did not lag far behind the leading countries of the world even in the 70-80-ies. And now there has been an obvious breakthrough. Although China did not forget to copy our "Smerch"

(A-100 and PHL-03), he independently created the WS-2 MLRS with a range of 200 km. Its WS-2D modification has been developed, shooting at 400 km. Each installation carries from 6 to 9 missiles, incl. to 3 special self-guided drones. Thus, this system significantly surpasses in its performance characteristics both the Smerch and the American MLRS, combining the qualities of the MLRS and operational-tactical missile systems (PTRK) and providing the possibility of causing a massive fire attack of the second echelons of the enemy troops from their rear. The total number of MLRS at the PLA is up to 2,5 thousand, and not only does not decrease, but even increases.

By the number of PLA tanks today - the first army in the world.

Until recently, the Achilles' heel of the PLA Ground Forces was army aviation. Now it is not just developing in all directions (in particular, the WZ-10 attack helicopter went into the series), but the transformation from the means of support to the main strike force of the Ground Forces has been declared. Such a transformation is possible only within the framework of offensive military doctrine.

In this regard, the principal point should be emphasized. The concept of network-centric war, which was developed in Western countries (primarily in the USA), is considered as an alternative to the traditional mass army. Since the network-centricity improves the efficiency of the use of weapons and equipment, it is believed that this can significantly reduce their number. At the same time, the fact that network-centricity increases the effectiveness of the use of combat potential, but not the potential itself, often falls out of sight. That is, for example, if there are 50 projectiles in a tank ammunition, it cannot in any way hit more 50 targets.

In China, a fundamentally different policy is being pursued, which is formulated as a combination of “mechanization” and “informatization”, i.e. The development of the traditional mass army continues with the development of qualitative and quantitative capabilities for the conduct of the classic large-scale war, while the principles and methods of network-centric warfare are to be widely introduced into the mass traditional army. Thus, if Western countries increase efficiency by reducing potential, China increases both its potential and its effectiveness. This combination will automatically make the PLA the strongest army in the world in a very short-term perspective.


Thus, if NATO reduces its offensive potential, the PLA is rapidly increasing it, and for all classes of equipment. And not only as a whole, but also, at a faster pace, in advanced areas. First of all, the latest technology (especially tanks) enters the Shenyang and Beijing military districts, the first of which is focused on our Far East, the second - on Transbaikalia. Secondly, the equipment goes to the Jingnan IN (inner district, which is a reserve for the rest of the districts and a testing ground for developing new weapons and methods of using them) and in Lanzhou IN (focused on Central Asia and Western Siberia). Even the “Antitaiwan” Nanjing IN is spoiled with much less attention than the “anti-Russian” districts. And the two southern military districts of the PLA receive equipment on the residual principle, and there are no tank units in them at all.

And the nature of combat training fully fits into the big picture. In the last 5 years, the PLA regularly conducts large-scale maneuvers of the Ground Forces and the Air Force, where offensive operations with depths of 1,5-2 thousand km are worked out with the help of several formations or even formations. In the scenario of these teachings, in no way can we see either the rehearsal of the landing party on Taiwan, or a reflection of the American landing force, or the suppression of internal unrest.

Consequently, if there are no real signs of preparation for aggression in the actions of NATO, then in the actions of China there are all signs of such preparation. Moreover, to the above main features, you can add a number of additional

Thus, in the past few years, massive construction of underground shelters with a total capacity of several million people has been launched in the largest cities of China. The Chinese leadership gives this construction a defiantly absurd explanation: the shelters are designed to protect against earthquakes! Since any person who is even slightly familiar with seismology or the basics of civil defense knows perfectly well that during an earthquake, an underground shelter can only become an exclusively mass grave, such an explanation cannot be considered anything other than a direct call to Washington and Moscow - Beijing is not afraid of a nuclear strike and preparing for it in advance.

At the same time, strategic reserves of oil with a volume of 180 mln. Tons (approximately 40% of annual consumption) were created in China; by 2020, these reserves are expected to reach 800 mln. Tons (by that time, apparently, this will be the annual consumption). Usually such stocks are created for war. It is believed that China is afraid of cutting off communications from Africa and the Middle East by the US Navy, from where most of the oil comes to China. Formally, it is really possible. But now, China is actively building oil pipelines from Russia and from Central Asia, which the Americans certainly will not be able to cut. Why then such gigantic reserves?

Attack helicopter WZ-10.

There is another very interesting point. China declares its readiness to save the euro (that is, in fact, the entire project of the European Union) by buying back the debt obligations of the most problematic countries of the EU - Greece, Portugal, Spain. At the same time, it puts forward one very important condition - the lifting of the European embargo on arms exports to China by Europe. Is Beijing still a little weapon? Why should he now also be European?

Finally, one cannot fail to note that the integral part of the Chinese military doctrine is the concept of “strategic boundaries and living space”, which directly justifies waging aggressive wars. The concept is based on the view that population growth and limited resources cause natural needs to expand the space to ensure the further economic activity of the state and increase its “natural sphere of existence”. It is assumed that the territorial and spatial boundaries indicate only the limits in which the state with the help of real power can "effectively protect its interests." “Strategic boundaries of living space” should move as the “integrated power of the state” grows.


The quality of the PLA in the real battle was not tested with the above-mentioned war with Vietnam 1979. However, in the war with psychology, the Chinese soldiers were fine, they almost did not surrender, they attacked the Vietnamese machine guns regularly. Over the years since 32, the PLA has changed in terms of its internal composition, now it is dominated by educated urban youths, and not, in the best case, the initial education of the peasant boys. The fact is that in China, the army is a draft, while there is a huge surplus of draft resources. Talking about the fact that the PLA makes up only 0,2% of the population is the same kind of foolishness as statements about the “small” military expenditures of the PRC: China in peacetime simply does not need it anymore, even these 0,2% give the largest army in the world. Therefore, the Chinese can afford the luxury of calling the best (however, the uncalled-out undergo military training in reserve, which is about 20 times the size of a regular army). It is difficult to say whether citizens will retain the same stamina in battle. Against this is the fact that they represent a generation of “little emperors,” the only children in the family, therefore very spoiled. On the other hand, as the study of the Chinese Internet shows, it is among urban educated young people that the level of chauvinism and aggression towards foreigners is very high, and they have always “offended” China and continue to do so now. However, there is not the slightest doubt that the urban Chinese will fight, at least, much better than the Europeans and hardly any worse than the Americans.

Naturally, in China there can be no political problems that NATO has. At least because the PRC is one totalitarian country, not 28 democratic. In this case, one should especially bear in mind the very significant influence of the generals on domestic and foreign policy. Even in the USSR, not to mention modern Russia, there was nothing of the kind. It is very significant that the main leading post in China is not considered to be the post of chairman of the PRC, or even the post of general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC, but the post of chairman of the Central Military Council. Only by occupying it, a person becomes the real leader of the country.

Now the most fundamental question is why should China commit aggression against Russia?

Strategic-level offensive operations dominate the PLA exercise scenarios.

It would be possible to devote at least one more article to discuss the internal problems of China. In an extremely compressed version, the situation is as follows. With the further growth of the PRC economy and the well-being of its population (which is twice as much as the population of the United States and the EU together) in the very foreseeable future, China will not have enough resources not only for their country (they have not been enough for a long time), but for the whole Earth. Here we must especially emphasize that the economy of the PRC is, first of all, the economy of production, and not the economy of the services sector, as in the West. Therefore, it needs much more raw materials and the growth rate of its consumption is much higher than in the West. In addition, continued economic growth at the same rate can lead to a real ecological catastrophe, which will affect not only China, but the whole world. However, a slowdown in growth will inevitably lead to a sharp exacerbation of social problems — a significant increase in unemployment (which is already very high) and a drop in the living standards of the population (despite the fact that a significant part of the PRC population still lives in extreme poverty and believes that it receives too little from the triumphal Chinese reforms). The most serious problem is the huge gap in income and social security between town and country and between developed coastal and backward inner regions. Without further extensive growth, these gaps cannot be reduced, and their growth can lead to severe social upheavals.

At the heart of all these problems lies the extreme overpopulation of the country, aggravated by the fact that almost the entire population of China lives in half of its territory, where the burden on the environment and infrastructure is prohibitive. The “one family - one child” policy conducted from the end of 70 is forced. However, firstly, it is performed, in fact, only in cities, which additionally increases the gap in the standard of living, and secondly, it creates two more acute social problems - the aging of the population in conditions of a very weak development of the pension system and the “shortage of brides” (a significant numerical excess of boys and boys over girls and girls in the younger age groups). As a result, a situation arises when, on the one hand, the “one family - one child” policy should not only be continued, but tightened, on the other hand, it should be immediately repealed. In general, the interweaving of Chinese problems is such that the solution of some aggravates others.

In China, this has already been understood and is becoming more and more open that China faces a choice between a social catastrophe, which turns into a civil war, and external expansion in order to seize resources and territories. The third is not given, such is the objective reality, it has nothing to do with the ideology or the type of socio-economic system. The fact that China, if he does not want to get a civil war, needs to prepare for a war of aggression, was very clearly written in the book China Unhappy! Two years ago, expressing, in the opinion of most experts, the opinion of the PLA leadership.

Why the West will not capture raw materials, and China will be? Is this a double standard?

1. China needs raw materials, because, as mentioned above, its economy is the economy of production, not of services, and the population is twice as large as in the West.

2. The West buys raw materials for its currency, which, as a last resort, can be printed, China - for someone else's (Western).

3. For China, the raw materials will soon simply not be enough. He will not be able to purchase the required, he will have to take away existing in already divided markets. Or the prices for raw materials will be such that war will happen anyway.

4. For Western countries it is cheaper to buy raw materials than to capture. Operations to capture and, most importantly, to retain the captured in terms of reducing military potential, the growth of expenditures on the maintenance of personnel, psychological demobilization and democratic system of governance are so expensive in the direct and figurative sense that they become inappropriate. China, on the other hand, resolves this issue much easier, especially since it needs not only resources, but also territories. The degree of sensitivity to losses in the Chinese is completely incomparable with the western. The occupation functions in the occupied territories will be carried out by the peasants, of whom in China now there is 674,1 million. At the same time they will live in these territories. Now there is less than 0,07 ha of arable land per farmer in China; a family can have no more than two children. In the occupied territories, these restrictions can be removed. If each family receives an automatic machine, the occupation functions in relation to the local population will be carried out very effectively.


As for the direction of expansion, it is impossible not to see that Eastern Siberia and the Far East of Russia possess a huge territory and natural resources with a very small, and rapidly declining population. The situation is similar in Kazakhstan. In Indochina (another potential direction of Chinese expansion) the situation in all respects is exactly the opposite (there is little territory and resources with a high density of indigenous people). By capturing these countries, China only to a small extent solves the problem of lack of resources, and the problem of overpopulation and lack of arable land is even more aggravated, and the new population will be disloyal to Beijing (especially this will apply to Vietnam, which has a very rich experience of successful warfare, like classical and partisan, including against China).

The Eastern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will not be able to withstand the Chinese offensive.

A well-known refutation of the danger of Chinese expansion is considered to be that half of China’s territory is practically not developed (94% of the PRC population lives on 46% of its territory), therefore external expansion is meaningless. In addition, it is often said that the climatic conditions in Siberia and the Far East (primarily, low temperatures in winter) are unacceptable for the Chinese. In this regard, it can be noted that Tibet, which occupies almost a third of the territory of China, is one of the most unfavorable places on Earth to live in (in this respect, it can be compared, perhaps, with Antarctica). It is located at an average altitude of 4 thousand meters above sea level. Due to the lack of oxygen for the vast majority of people, any long-term stay there is not possible. In addition, in the conditions of extreme high mountains no serious economic activity is possible. Thus, China will never be able to “master” Tibet in terms of its mass settlement and economic development. The climatic conditions in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), which is occupied by the Gobi and Takla Makan deserts, are better only in terms of the presence of sufficient oxygen. Against the background of XUAR, not to mention Tibet, the climate of Transbaikalia and Amur Region and the conditions for farming are incomparably better, and in Primorye they are extremely comfortable by any measure. Even Yakutia is preferable to Tibet, since strong frosts are better for half a year than lack of oxygen all the time (especially since a large part of Tibet is also in the permafrost zone). It can be noted that today, Chinese migrants in the cities of Yakutia control most of the trade, all year round.

In this regard, a number of comments. In some domestic works, the refutation of the thesis about the Chinese threat refers to the fact that China, even at the moment of Russia's maximum weakness (immediately after the collapse of the USSR), did not take any action aimed at its further weakening. Meanwhile, it is not very clear about what exactly possible actions we are talking about. Yes, the PRC did not commit military aggression against Russia, but on this occasion it can be noted that at the beginning of the 90-s. Twentieth century. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were much stronger than at present, and the PLA - much weaker than at present. Thus, China did not have real opportunities for committing aggression, and did not show “goodwill” at all. At the same time, he took full advantage of the weakness of Russia by forming an extremely profitable and unprofitable for Russia character of economic relations and created the basis for demographic expansion.

To refute the thesis of the Chinese threat, it is also often used the assertion that China is so busy solving internal problems that it is “not up to expansion”. At the same time, the idea that expansion is not a “whim” of China is completely ignored, but it is necessary to solve its internal problems.

A very popular controversial reception of the “attorneys” of China is the statement that “inflating the myth” about the Chinese threat is unacceptable, since the conflict between Russia and China is beneficial to the United States. In this regard, it can be noted that, in relation to the relations of these three most powerful countries of the world, the conflict between the other two is objectively beneficial for any of them. In particular, China benefits from a conflict between Russia and the United States. It is very significant that Russia, at the level of official statements or at the level of scientific work, has never been viewed by the leadership and experts of the PRC as a potential ally against the United States. However, the most fundamental point in this aspect is that the cause of the Chinese threat to Russia is not the interests of the United States, but the objective development trends of China itself, on which the United States does not have any significant influence. That is, the Chinese threat to Russia takes place completely regardless of whether the Russian-Chinese conflict is beneficial for the United States or not, based on circumstances of a non-political, and socio-economic nature.


After the military reform in Russia in the main strategic areas, we have the following situation. The forces of the new Southern VO are, on the whole, adequate to the situation in their theater, for Georgia has been crushed and not restored, and it is still difficult to imagine a war with Turkey (either as a NATO member or as a separate entity) (although this is not possible in the future) . Central VO has no access to borders with potential adversaries and is, in fact, a reserve one. The Western IN is formally very much inferior to the NATO forces, but due to the real state of the alliance described in the previous part of the article, they can be considered minimally sufficient (especially if it suddenly comes to a war with NATO, we will need to add a very powerful Belarusian army to our Armed Forces) . And only in the east is the situation unacceptable. The forces of the Eastern Military District (both the Ground Forces and the Air Force) are today incomparable with the forces of the Shenyang and Beijing VO PLA. At the same time, the possibilities of strengthening the groupings of the parties are also not comparable. The length of communications going from the north to the depth of China is much less than that of Transsib, the resistance from the enemy's impact is much higher, and the total throughput is higher by orders of magnitude. It is very symptomatic that at the beginning of the world financial crisis in Russia, the government pumped maximum money into the banking system, and one of the main victims of the cuts was the construction of roads (which had not flourished before). But the government of the People's Republic of China has invested huge amounts of money in infrastructure during this period, in particular, the network of high-speed railways and highways has significantly expanded. And at the above-mentioned exercises, the PLA is constantly working out the transfer of large contingents of troops over long distances by rail and road.

Therefore, the fundamental question arises - to what extent is nuclear deterrence effective in relation to China, since, given the current balance of conventional forces, there is nothing more for us to hope for? Of course, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question. One can only make a number of considerations.

1. Nuclear weapons should be the last argument when other arguments are exhausted. Unfortunately, we have driven ourselves into a situation where this argument became the first and only argument (at least in relation to China), which is extremely dangerous.

2. China also has nuclear weapons, and the size of its nuclear arsenal is not known even approximately. The figures in Russian and Western sources of several hundred warheads and several dozen medium-range ballistic missiles (BRSD) and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), obviously, have no relation to life, the production of weapons in such quantities simply does not make sense. Even if one abstracts from the thousands of charges in 40 and in at least 1000 ICBMs and MRBRs in some Russian publications, there is no doubt that the number of charges in the PRC is comparable to the reduced arsenals of the Russian Federation and the USA, the number of MRSDs and ICBMs clearly exceeds 100.

3. Russia has no MRBR (under an agreement with the United States from 1987), China confidently ranks first in the world in the number of missiles of this class. The Russian Federation is compelled to use the same SNF to contain both China and the United States, while with regard to China, the range of our ICBMs and SLBMs is excessive.

Russia's actions to reduce the likelihood of Chinese aggression should, among other things, include strengthening air defense.

4. The ratio in the potentials of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) between the Russian Federation and the PRC is unknown. It should be noted that China has a huge superiority in their carriers, having several thousand tactical and operational-tactical missile launchers with a range of 150-600 km against the entire 100 (for the whole of Russia!) Tactical complexes "Tochka-U", the range of which is only 120 km. In addition, China can use obsolete H-5, Q-5, J-6 aircraft as carriers of free-fall nuclear bombs, of which they can break 2-3 thousand in the PLA Air Force reserve. an account of quantity (the loss of even half of the aircraft will not be a problem for China). In addition, it must be borne in mind that when exchanging blows by TNW, both our and Chinese charges will explode on our territory.

5. For the United States, not to mention Europe, the explosion in their territory of even one nuclear charge of any power is absolutely unacceptable. China will certainly survive the blow of even a few dozen nuclear charges in the border zone.

6. Certainly an unacceptable damage to China will be a massive nuclear strike on the cities of the south-east of the country. However, Beijing deliberately will give an answer to such a blow in the form of a nuclear strike on the cities of the European part of the Russian Federation, which it does not need to seize.

Thus, the effectiveness of the nuclear deterrence factor against China relates primarily to the field of psychology. The PRC leadership may assume that Russia simply does not dare to deliver a massive blow to China for fear of a response. Especially if Beijing helps Moscow save face. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to the words from the above-mentioned book “China is not happy!”: “We should first or, above all, ensure the interests of China. It is necessary to ensure that China will sit on the place of the eldest and be able to lead our entire world. ... What are the goals of China in the future? China, of course, must manage the great resources and space in the world; I here do not require their accession to the territory of our state; I mean leadership and management. ”

Thus, having seized the territory, Beijing may not require its legal accession to China. He will have enough actual control over her. Accordingly, the opposite side in this case, as it were, did not lose, because on the map the border will remain in the same place.

Actually, the whole question of the possibility of Chinese expansion is largely psychological. Of course, China would prefer to take territories and resources without war, through economic and demographic expansion. But it is clear that this is possible only if military aggression becomes the only alternative to “peaceful” expansion. That is why Beijing talks about its “peaceful intentions” less and less and more openly demonstrates the growth of military power.

Apparently, the attempt of our officials and most experts to hush up the fact that there is a threat, despite the obvious facts, and to go to the maximum concessions of the PRC in the political and economic spheres is explained by the fear of “pissing off” China. In this case, here one can see unreasonable attribution to the leadership of China of the motives of irrational aggression, the ability to commit aggression on the grounds of insult. In fact, until now, the leadership of the PRC in all cases has demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of pragmatism. That is why there are many more reasons to suppose that if the question of the Chinese threat and the measures for its countering begins to be discussed in Russia not only at the level of individual authors, but at the official level and at least some countermeasures will also be implemented, it will not increase, and reduce the threat of aggression, because the leadership of the People's Republic of China will understand that “the game is not worth the candle” and you need to look for other areas of expansion. This is possible only if the price of aggression against Russia for China becomes so high that it will not be justified under any circumstances (even in the event of a threat of an internal catastrophe in China).

In order to achieve this result, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen the defense. First, ligaments of SNF and air defense. Perhaps we need a way out of the INF Treaty, which, under current conditions, simply binds our hands. Secondly, it is necessary to seriously strengthen the ordinary forces in the Eastern Military District. Nuclear weapons really should be the last argument, not the first and only one. In addition, it is necessary to create international alliances with mutual obligations to protect each other. As the 2008 war in South Ossetia showed, NATO is safe for us as an adversary, but also useless as an ally (this was demonstrated by its behavior towards Georgia). The most important allies for us should be Kazakhstan (in this case, the CSTO has nothing to do with it), Mongolia, India and Vietnam.

Thus, further silence about the "Chinese" problem contributes to its aggravation and reduces the possibility of parrying. A similar situation in relation to a matter so serious for the country's security seems unacceptable.

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  1. n key
    n key 14 December 2011 15: 40
    Everything depends on us, although there are already a lot of things occupied by them, markets and everything else.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 14 December 2011 16: 12
      They just stupidly do not have enough bullets. You can’t do without nuclear weapons
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 14 December 2011 16: 55
      However, it is by no means stupidly copying, but creatively developing.

      The S-300 could neither copy stupidly nor creatively develop either in a year or in 10.
      1. snek
        snek 14 December 2011 19: 25
        I would not argue about what China will not be able to do in 10 years.
    3. foundling
      foundling 15 December 2011 12: 42
      Oh, this Alexander Anatolievich, the eternal fighter with the Chinese colonization will not calm down fellow. His article on popular mechanics has been breaking all records for more than a year by comments (here I also met her). If anyone saw, is he responding to comments somewhere? If so, discard the pzhlst link. I would like to philosophize with him on this subject smile
    4. oper66
      oper66 16 December 2011 03: 14
      which of you will be able to say how the Chinese fought in the whole millennium-long history, they are an empire only because they are fighting themselves which of you fought with the Chinese one-on-one Eponans had the entire Chinese army and more than once - the Chinese nation is impotent they are not able to imitate but they can imitate in winter it’s covered and there are no Santa Clauses and flattering with bribery - China’s power is based on its secret like a wall, and which of you wondered why the defensive wall was turned to Beijing and the Japanese and the Koreans really want them to have centuries-old eternal enemies and then their peace they don’t interest, they argue with whose eyes are wider — they shouldn’t interfere with activating the Japanese envy the Chinay people, the Mao opened his eyes wake up the strategist and before you send troops somewhere, think who will be in those companies and platoons or all the great strategists are interesting
      1. koosss
        koosss 19 December 2011 19: 44
        you would still use punctuation, finally it would be great ..
  2. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 15: 51
    China China China .... US Blue Dream ...
    The dream of an armed conflict between China and Russia ... And their own nightmare ... I hope it never comes true! For victory will not be achieved by any of the opposing sides! Even for the winner it will be "Pirov's victory". T..k. weakened, it will be easy prey for the Stars and Stripes vulture!
    However, I do not believe in this war. China is not Germany, they have a slightly different mentality, and our "last argument" will be much cooler than theirs, by an order of magnitude.
  3. worry
    worry 14 December 2011 15: 53
    According to legend, they spoil our Siberia
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 15: 56
      Do you accidentally know whether "za @ batsya" is written with or without a soft sign ?!
      1. contour
        contour 22 December 2017 20: 38
        With two "s" s @ ... raged.
        Chinese emphasis must be considered.
    2. maestro123
      maestro123 14 December 2011 16: 54
      By vocation, they will rake piz ...., and let the grandmother knit a dowry to them.
    3. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 18: 53
      I don’t know what they are taking away from YOU, and we are unlikely to give them anything
    4. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 14 December 2011 21: 23
      and what kind of tradition is that?
      1. NovoSibirets
        NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 31
        "Voodoo" probably! Needles are stuck in Siberia!
    5. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 14 December 2011 22: 55
      Yeah, they will suck a member in the event of an invasion, we will shoot enough at the dams of the nuclear chemical plants, and then everything will be stupid to bring down the industry, there be good density.
  4. Swag
    Swag 14 December 2011 16: 04
    Well, nothing new, again a horror story. Arms, we have already passed it. Containing such an army is the problem, that’s where all the forces will go. And you don’t need to hold the Chinese for fools, Vietnam has gone anywhere else, but Russia .... It’s even hypothetically difficult to imagine getting out of poverty, rebuilding, chopping cabbage and ... getting hemorrhoids on the head in the form of nuclear bombing. It is better to be friends with Russia, history has proven.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 18: 56
      Quote: Swag
      passed. Contain such an army is the problem

      and during the war this is no longer a problem, but a nightmare, tanks without fuel are a lot of scrap metal, and without ammunition, nobody needs scrap, and even soldiers need a handful of rice a day, but this rice still needs to be delivered, etc. etc.
  5. танк
    танк 14 December 2011 16: 09
    Whatever you say, China does not associate me in any way with high-quality production of technology, it takes the number of people with a very low salary
    1. mox
      mox 14 December 2011 22: 53
      That's the amount they crush.
  6. mar.tira
    mar.tira 14 December 2011 16: 13
    Do not underestimate the threat from China! My friend was in the battle with the Marine Corps in 1979 against the Chinese in Vietnam. He told terrible things. And even though they are silent about it, then a lot of ours died, even though we broke them down at the very reluctance! They have their own mentality. So we need to keep the gunpowder dry and not relax!
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 16: 21
      "Sleep is death brother."
    2. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 18: 57
      Quote: mar.tira
      So we need to keep gunpowder dry, and not relax!

      well, it’s indisputable, as well as having your own people in SUAO and Tibet
  7. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 14 December 2011 16: 14
    I always considered China as the main enemy and not the USA
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 48
      MAIN ENEMY ------- PUTIN
      1. Cap-3 USSR
        Cap-3 USSR 14 December 2011 19: 20
        Our main enemy is such narrow-minded people like you.
        1. that
          that 14 December 2011 20: 16
          make yourself 4 cap wink
          1. urzul
            urzul 14 December 2011 20: 17
            Here you are, where is my personal jester that grandfather is silent ???
            1. that
              that 14 December 2011 20: 28
              about ursul wink
              moldova mare
              urzul beyond the path
              1. NovoSibirets
                NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 20: 31
                All! Tryndets! )))
                The last glass was superfluous ...
                1. that
                  that 14 December 2011 20: 35
                  yes them
                  everything's Alright wink
                  Moldovan Urzul
                  and I just don’t like the cops of the politicians - here I am having fun
                  slept and again took up the wretched Moldovan wink ursus wink
              2. Denis
                Denis 20 December 2011 15: 03
                nafati kapa and duten pula
                it seems so?
      2. killganoff
        killganoff 14 December 2011 20: 19
        Yes, while the traitors of the people and the Fatherland are in power, the Homeland is in danger.
      3. vasek-3180
        vasek-3180 14 December 2011 23: 01
        get out of here a nightmare wink , and you drove yellow smile
  8. Denis
    Denis 14 December 2011 16: 17
    It is useless to conduct open hostilities with them, only high-precision and high-tech weapons, air defense, aviation and nuclear weapons.
  9. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 16: 26
    He said that “I don’t believe in this war.”)) I’m deceiving myself .., I don’t believe it, I’m afraid to believe!
  10. Dimka off
    Dimka off 14 December 2011 16: 38
    I'm certainly not a pessimist and believe in a good future, but this threat is very real.
    It will be the yellow waves of furious fanatics who will sweep away everything in their path. We will not be able to fight against them with human resources, and everyone understands this. The right thoughts are that you need to strengthen your air defense in the first place, and I would add aviation. Then you need to develop means of remote destruction - MLRS, artillery. And in aviation, rely on cluster munitions, vacuum bombs, etc.
    And even better (well, this is from a joke) to use a rubber bomb)) throw it there and let it jump and crush them))
    1. urzul
      urzul 14 December 2011 16: 44
      everything is simpler, nuclear tactical charge;)))
      1. NovoSibirets
        NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 16: 51
        And here, by the way, urzulare you in the subject? Do we have them? !! Or did they cut everything? !!
        I talked with one specialist from the GRU SPN, he told me that he had seen schemes or maps (I already hardly remember) of the defense of Siberia-mother from China. There, in his words, there was no provision for the use of nuclear weapons and / or nuclear weapons! Now I think, maybe he saw the USSR-ovsky docks, then I understand. And how to defend Siberia in present-day Rosseyeei without nuclear weapons - I can’t imagine ...
        1. urzul
          urzul 14 December 2011 17: 06
          Somewhere I heard information that we have the largest stock in the world, since they are not limited by any agreements.
          from 5000 to 15000 charges
          1. NovoSibirets
            NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 17: 38
            Eh ...
            Quote: urzul
            I heard somewhere

            this is not the topic ...
            It will be necessary to rummage at leisure .., to joke.
            1. urzul
              urzul 14 December 2011 20: 18
              There is no exact information, only assumptions, I gave the figures minimum and maximum
              1. NovoSibirets
                NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 20: 25
                Yes I understand, urzul, thank..
              2. that
                that 14 December 2011 20: 29
                are you still smart, pass it on?
        2. legleleg
          legleleg 14 December 2011 21: 13
          you read theirs "war" art; there is a rule to fight against neighboring states. And we will not do with tactics. America does not press us because of nuclear weapons. it should stop China now. For China to attack unexpectedly in the order of the rules of war, it used to be they did not have enough strength, they will not even apologize, then they will be cut off by propaganda. therefore it is very dangerous. On the other hand, I am surprised why we were not run over in 95-2002. even then were you afraid?
      2. that
        that 14 December 2011 16: 52
        oh you are so smart
        your stupid avatar annoys me
        1. urzul
          urzul 14 December 2011 17: 05
          Silence Troll
          1. that
            that 14 December 2011 17: 24
            will give --- go perform about submarines and aircraft carriers wink
            ordinary cheap kuynyo with glasses wink
      3. maestro123
        maestro123 14 December 2011 16: 59
        In case of surprise, a tactical charge is impractical, if only used on its territory, the war begins after processing by sabotage groups and capturing important strategic objects (this is wise), and by stupid artillery preparation about which intelligence will become known (I hope).
        1. urzul
          urzul 14 December 2011 17: 12
          In case of war, they can also apply to their territory
          1. NovoSibirets
            NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 17: 32
            That is precisely what TNW in its territory will have to be applied, because PLA Gornoaltaysk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Omsk - will pass the parade march! I'm not talking about Irkutsk and Chita! And you need to apply quickly! Until they reached Biysk, because after Biysk, the population is already very high! Is there political will and efficiency? I DO NOT KNOW!!!
            1. maestro123
              maestro123 14 December 2011 18: 43
              It is right neither to itself nor to the Chinese.
            2. Evil Tatar
              Evil Tatar 15 December 2011 07: 44
              If you peck, NW / TNW, then it is better immediately in the southeast of China ...
              We are here at the borders, in case of a start, sooner or later we will not fall in love ...
              They will not take cities. Go around and trample on.
              And here - clap ... Southeast China is no longer in nature ...
              The PRC army is demoralized ... There are no ciphers from the CENTER ... And it will begin to build houses and marry Russian beauties ... And what else remains?

              And to close the central part of Russia with a triple-four-five-gear ABM ring, plus Zauralie to Krasnoyarsk.
              If China realizes that their missiles will not reach the Urals, and we are 100 pounds of lupan, then maybe the border will cross the border ...
              According to our advances, it makes no sense to peel, and we, who are at the borders, while we will defend ourselves in the cities or die already, to a denouement, if we beat the cities ...
              But then you guys are for us, then they’ll make a head for them ...
              Will do?
              1. Serush
                Serush 19 December 2011 23: 03
                As God willing. Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that ......
                And so, good luck.
          2. that
            that 14 December 2011 17: 40
          3. almost demobil
            almost demobil 14 December 2011 18: 44
            According to intelligence information, the Chinese have long established battle groups on our territory (Eastern Siberia and Primorye), legally sell clothes in the markets. The task is to strike at communications, warehouses, bridges at energy centers using tactics of mosquito bites. UAZ and Niva vehicles. It’s assumed that there are caches with weapons and explosives on our territory. These are data from 5 years ago, maybe that was added.
            And as for expansion, I think that it’s easier and more profitable for them to maintain a quiet glanders, while building up the army to show that they don’t interfere with us peacefully solving the issue that interests us, otherwise ... angry
            1. Evil Tatar
              Evil Tatar 16 December 2011 06: 31
              What UAZ, what NIVA?
              They drive around Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Ussuriysk, Vladivostok, etc. in very decent used / new Japanese cars:
              Crowns 2004
              Hayes 2001
              Who is more abruptly, "captains" on Merces, Lexus and Land Cruisers ...
              In short, I have never seen it in trash and Russian cars.
      4. Serush
        Serush 14 December 2011 20: 29
        He promised himself, with a face similar to the future president, not to enter into discussions, could not resist.
        1. A nuclear weapon, in the common people a nuclear mine, is installed during defense and brought into action, with its massive breakthrough and our retreat to destroy the enemy pursuing us. Those. by default in our territory, moreover, dear, I am sure you are not in the know. Under an agreement with China, the troops are reciprocally assigned to a distance of at least 100 km. from the border (except PV). Now look at the map. You offer to blow up:
        Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, etc. etc..
        2. The author of the article can be treated in different ways. The main idea is clear and correct.
        We are a very rich country (therefore attractive), only money should not be spent on palaces, athletes and election fraud. And for the rearmament and development of the army (industry, education, etc.).
        Then and only then, no one will have the desire to run into us and attack.
        1. koosss
          koosss 19 December 2011 19: 54
          Quote: Serush
          We are a very rich country (therefore attractive), only money should not be spent on palaces, athletes and election fraud. And for the rearmament and development of the army (industry, education, etc.)

          gold words..
    2. Neighbor
      Neighbor 14 December 2011 19: 10
      Do not forget about bacteriological weapons! In Ekaterinburg they produce which, per month, like 10 tons of all kinds of viruses. I watched the program, they said that there are viruses - the Chinese (for example) will die, and the Russian will stand nearby and at least henna. I also heard that a lot of ICBMs are precisely for them. You can also cause an earthquake, they just have a mountainous terrain, let them hide in their bomb shelters, it will turn out a millionth mass grave!
      1. Anatoly
        Anatoly 14 December 2011 20: 50
        It would be great if. I think in Soviet times, our military-industrial complex created many surprises. For all cases of aggression. Be it China, the USA, or Europe. I’m sure that we don’t suspect much. And I hope that everything has not collapsed.
      2. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 15 December 2011 17: 02
        Seryoga, are you alive?
        I knew it, deceived ...
        In short, my friend ... Change your nickname. You are welcome. Do not ask why ...
      3. koosss
        koosss 19 December 2011 19: 55
        Quote: Neighbor
        that there are viruses - the Chinese (for example) will die, and the Russian will stand nearby and even henna.

        it’s called a genetic weapon .. or am I even confusing
  11. Varnaga
    Varnaga 14 December 2011 16: 47
    Khramchikhin's Chinese threat is just some kind of fetishism. Here are the analyzes of his highs.
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 16: 54
      Yes, also drew ...
      Either paranoid)), or a conjuncturist, or a hired man!
      There is really one more option)) We are naive fools, and he is Ramsay!
      1. Varnaga
        Varnaga 14 December 2011 18: 00
        But why be surprised if this shit analysis collaborates with Belkovsky and others like him? their direct task is to increase tension between our countries on the information front, it’s as clear as day. And Khramchikhin plays a good role, while downplaying the threat from NATO.
      2. Serush
        Serush 14 December 2011 20: 50
        Well done, beautiful .......
    2. Rashid
      Rashid 14 December 2011 20: 19
      Similarly, they want to pit us with the Chinese. And who needs it? $ Here is the answer.
  12. that
    that 14 December 2011 16: 48
    kanesh will not succeed
    Damian then succeeded
    moreover, easily (relatively)
    and now? you don’t even need to write letters
    1. Cap-3 USSR
      Cap-3 USSR 14 December 2011 19: 24
      But nakoy us Chinese mass grave. Let them take care of it themselves.
  13. maximus
    maximus 14 December 2011 16: 51
    Yes, we do not quarrel with the PRC from the hand, but I think they too. Already without wars, they spread all over the world! Here to cooperate against Pindosia, a pretty little business! Then they would have no chance at all. Why would the Chinese not live somewhere in Oklahoma, the place is also in bulk))) And the whole article, although it has common sense, a possible war with China, is only in the hands of the United States, which only sleeps and sees it!
  14. maksim
    maksim 14 December 2011 17: 03
    in the end, soon China will be so armed that it will explode from an excess of weapons and it will have to release its power in an unknown direction, let's hope that this direction will not be us, but the country that is described in the film "Invasion.
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 17: 46
      Share it! ;) Intuitively - India!
    2. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 52
      urzul wink
      He knows everything wink
    3. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 21
      You wait until!)) Already looked! China invades Australia? !! 0_O Noble b_red !!))) Such schizophrenics as the author of the script already don’t inject tranquilizers - it’s useless!))
  15. cerber
    cerber 14 December 2011 17: 03
    the Chinese haven’t tested raw equipment in combat, I won’t be surprised if tanks made of raw metal are a part of the technique specified in the article
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 17: 53
      Do you think the matter is in technology? To Siberia to bite them the technology that they have enough to the eyeballs, and even it is not needed, each of 2250000 people on AK-47 and pawn pawn ...)))
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 19: 33
        these 22 million people need to be dressed and fed, it’s not as simple as it seems, in addition, at least 3 large hemorrhoids and one smaller one remain in the rear
        1. NovoSibirets
          NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 37
          Bless and save! )) Otkel Well 22 million? !! 2,25 bye! You looked around.
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 19: 42
            Well, don’t count the zeros, they want to eat all one, albeit a little less smile
  16. that
    that 14 December 2011 17: 06
    especially here distinguished the General
    by the way, he’s everywhere in front, although the kizbot is a frank Kobebot
    he is in Transbaikalia wink and then we see him in submarines - a hero and then he blathers something === probably this is omnipresent --- that's who we need to make a real prophet
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 14 December 2011 18: 58
      you will soon explode from your shit for sure! If only in essence something touched. smile
      1. NovoSibirets
        NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 18
        Yes, do not pay)) A man thunders, is naughty harmlessly! Forgive him a little weakness.
      2. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 14 December 2011 19: 37
        the main thing is that at the time of the explosion he would be away from normal people
        1. GRIGORIY1957
          GRIGORIY1957 16 December 2011 06: 40
          And then ... NEWLY CREWS ...
  17. urzul
    urzul 14 December 2011 17: 07
    China still has problems with aircraft engines and radar
    I would write directly that they simply do not have this !!!! What do the problems mean, if they took a copy of our engine and it gave out only 10% of the resource wink
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 37
      Go to the car dealership at the cosmonaut Volkov in Moscow - and look

      however this
      urzul arrogant == why ??

      1. urzul
        urzul 14 December 2011 20: 25
        and what will you find there ??? govnomobile with the cost of maintenance like a decent foreign car ???
        1. that
          that 14 December 2011 20: 31
          urzul --- let's go have a little talk
          1. urzul
            urzul 14 December 2011 20: 32
            Where can I see you for discussion ??
            1. that
              that 14 December 2011 21: 04
              come from your moldova
              1. urzul
                urzul 14 December 2011 21: 08
                Write your address
                1. NovoSibirets
                  NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 47
                  Write it down!
                  Moscow. 2nd Frunzenskaya st. The hostel "In the name of the monk Berthold Schwartz" (just kidding, Semashko). Second floor, door to the left of the fireproof cabinet, ask Ivanopulo.
      2. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 14 December 2011 23: 00
        Hear ushlepok stop the barrel on the man to drive.
    2. badabum
      badabum 14 December 2011 18: 15
      and afterburner still explodes
  18. Russian sniper
    Russian sniper 14 December 2011 17: 25
    Now there is an active rearmament of the Western Military District. All the latest surface ships, corvettes and frigates still under construction are attributed to the Western Military District. Aviation and strike systems also mostly go there and to the south. This is wrong in this situation! The Osk center and east remain virtually without rearmament. It is necessary to stop the flow of arms there and redistribute to the USC East and show China who is the boss in the Far East smile
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 35
      WHERE THE FLEET ????
    2. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 14 December 2011 23: 04
      A modet is a chip specifically to set us against the Chinese. It seems to me that NATO is our real enemy; they need to bend so that we don’t have a break and missiles can be used as a substitute for nuclear weapons and that’s all, we won’t intercept anyway so we don’t need to drive the People’s Republic of China in the next 20, 30 years climb.
  19. cerber
    cerber 14 December 2011 17: 31
    horseradish of these Chinese understand Che muddy with Pindos easier than they have in mind something in the language and the Chinese themselves in their own mind what he wrote he poorly imagine
  20. r.anoshkin
    r.anoshkin 14 December 2011 17: 33
    The article is embellished, in fact, everything is much worse. It will take the PRC a day to capture the Far East (Far East), and without the involvement of an army, a week. There is nothing to oppose them here, one of their districts surpasses the RF Armed Forces in all respects (and there are 8 of them). The current government is not able to keep the Far East in its hands and is doing everything to get us out of here, while clumsily pretending to support us, after which it is easier to give in to the whales, which have primordial Chinese territories in the textbooks of the Far East and Transbaikalia. They blow in our ears about NATO's eastward expansion, about the deployment of missile defense systems in Europe - what kind of nuclear weapons will be used in such a densely populated area? a dozen "poplars" -easy. The rating of the EP in the Far East, even according to "official" data, is the lowest in Russia. I wonder why?
    1. legleleg
      legleleg 14 December 2011 21: 26
      yes you are causing a panic, How they can seize you in a day, you decided to give up everything there. you are Russians if you die together and not one
      1. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 16 December 2011 05: 52
        No need to whip the foam, dear Liege-not-Liege, all of Russia does not need to die.

        In the Far East for 300 years all the color of Russia has been collected ...
        You didn `t know?
        22 divisions in the 41st were removed from the borders of the Far East and sent to Moscow.
        This is where the "Siberian" well-armed divisions in warm sheepskin coats and felt boots came from.
        You didn `t know?
        The commander of the Far East District Apanasenko in a short time, from the local population scored new divisions and everything, thank God it cost.
        You better get together a hero, and come, otherwise there’s no one to die without you.

        And yet ... On the other side of the territory of China, steep autobahns are brought to our borders. Just right in the direction of each major city, station, and other objects.
        And then our border post and Tryndets - conditional impassability.
        In the early XNUMXs, a sharp check was carried out by the military of administrative buildings, including institutes, schools, kindergartens, etc. for internal redevelopment ...
        And if this was found, then they forced everything to fix
        Is this what someone is talking about?
        For what, in your opinion?
  21. Fuck_usa
    Fuck_usa 14 December 2011 17: 37
    Our main task, to be trickier than the Yankees and the Chinese, to push them with their foreheads, that’s what you need .....
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 39
    2. kostya
      kostya 14 December 2011 17: 41
      you have a good nickname with an avatar
      1. that
        that 14 December 2011 17: 43
        NAME, SO LIFE GOING wink
        1. almost demobil
          almost demobil 14 December 2011 19: 25
          Yes, it’s not about you at all. You have both a nickname and a stupid avatar. Are you thumping?
    3. legleleg
      legleleg 14 December 2011 21: 40
      like us, the Chinese do not row. but the eyes are not visible narrow too
  22. Hleb
    Hleb 14 December 2011 17: 48
    I remembered something about the vacuum bomb ....
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 54
      COME ON
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 14 December 2011 18: 29
        who offended you? wink
  23. Ascetic
    Ascetic 14 December 2011 17: 51
    We do not need to quarrel with anyone, but we should not "be friends" with someone against someone
    During the period of power of the USSR, there was a clear division of the world into two opposing camps. After the defeat in the so-called. the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet empire in a world other than the United States and
    A weakened fragment of a former power represented by Russia formed two strong and influential centers of world politics: the EU and China, Russia at the moment the weakest player in this quartet (we generally miraculously avoided decay and turned into a raw banana republic). But without
    Rossi, none of the competing parties will be able to achieve decisive dominance over the rest of the players, We have in this game the so-called.
    lot share "whoever has it in his hands is the master of the world. Therefore, we should not
    falls under neither side and slowly using the contradictions of the multipolar world to strengthen its defense potential if we want to be an independent country, in addition to the army and navy, Russia did not have and will not have other allies, as long as we have combat-ready armed forces will have Russia as a state and all these Chinese horror stories let us remember you always
    Damansky and do not forget who freed them from the samurai
  24. forkboy
    forkboy 14 December 2011 17: 53
    there is an old joke
    How does the Chinese army fight? They infiltrate behind enemy lines in small groups of 1-2 million.
    Before Russia, they will practice in small countries. We still have time. The most important thing is to prepare in time.
    1. that
      that 14 December 2011 17: 57
    2. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 17: 57
      Smiled)) So it will be!))
  25. Engineer
    Engineer 14 December 2011 18: 02
    Destiny of any empire WAR!
    The whole history of mankind.

    But it is possible that China will build up strength for another 50-80 years (10-20 aircraft carriers must be built, and this is not 1 decade).
    And there will be another world and we (probably) will not be.
    1. Denis
      Denis 19 December 2011 13: 25
      Quote: Engineer
      need to build 10-20 aircraft carriers

      and how can the Chinese carriers in the war with Russia help the Chinese, where will they operate, in the Arctic, Black or Baltic?
  26. cerber
    cerber 14 December 2011 18: 04
    they probably fled the Far Eastern Federal District and the Siberian Federal District they will bomb nuclear weapons as later they will mine minerals themselves and the wind in Siberia will be mainly northern and in winter they will not attack so this winter you can sleep peacefully
  27. ivachum
    ivachum 14 December 2011 18: 20
    Most likely, in the event of a war with China, he will try to begin to dismember the territory of both the RF Armed Forces and the Central Asian countries (Central Asia) in three main areas:
    1. A strike in the east of our country, where the border with China passes directly;
    2. Through Kazakhstan in the north-west direction, with the aim of reaching the Ural industrial region of consolidation in the Urals, as a defensive line;
    3. Direction to the Caspian through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In these countries there are in rather large quantities the necessary resources (oil, gas, uranium, gold, platinum, ores of various metals, etc.) This direction is possible both as an independent war without an attack on Russia, or simply as an auxiliary blow. The armies of these countries will not be able to show any resistance to the PLA at all due to their small numbers and the lack of both modern (truly modern) weapons and moral and psychological qualities. And there is no level of management at all. The population will simply be cut out under the pretext of fighting .... with terrorists.

    Someone will say it simply - let them look at the map. The attack in three directions in 1941 also seemed (and in the end turned out to be) nonsense. But still......

    Someone will say it simply - wink

    I wanted to say. Yes, what is it you type and when loading the words disappear wink

    _____ first word disappears
    1. baraban
      baraban 14 December 2011 19: 19
      Points nnnnnnnada?
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 16 December 2011 07: 07
      1. Denis
        Denis 16 December 2011 13: 52
        Quote: GRIGORIY1957

        Sorry, but you said you had to see mountain roads?
  28. cerber
    cerber 14 December 2011 18: 22
    it is necessary to revive the program "ENERGY-BURAN" even better "VOLCANO" and build some kind of armed station in orbit
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 20: 23
      Yes exactly! Here such !!!

      And blasters !!! The main thing is not to forget about combat blasters !!!
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 14 December 2011 21: 50
        Rye wink already half an hour. Thank. I was pleased.

        As the Emperor wisely said,
        Galaxy peoples friend:
        Imperials do not need someone else.
        Because EVERYTHING IS OUR.

        from the biography of the Russian pilot in the game EVE Online.
        1. NovoSibirets
          NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 59
          Himself laughter, listen!))) Well, the guy wrote off fervently! And the spark! How can I not rejoice !!))
  29. merkawa
    merkawa 14 December 2011 18: 27
    With our good, we must look after everyone wink and most importantly do not panic fellow
  30. ivachum
    ivachum 14 December 2011 18: 31
    Yeah .... Don’t piss, men - who pisses, that perishes !. wink
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 18: 37
      Do not confuse analyzes with analysis!
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 14 December 2011 18: 46
        Well, here I understand I’m trying to raise the moral and psychological state of some, and you're talking about analyzes! recourse
        1. NovoSibirets
          NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 20
          Forgive me generously)) I thought you were a "shapkozakidatel")))) I will no longer)))
    2. legleleg
      legleleg 14 December 2011 21: 49
      best defense is attack
  31. escobar
    escobar 14 December 2011 18: 43
    My opinion: In cases of real, full-scale aggression from China, it is necessary to have and apply bacteriological certification of a directed nature (it will only mow oblique). This will moderate the ardor of war. This is not counting the other requirements. Nuclear weapons - an extreme, possibly retaliatory measure.
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 14 December 2011 18: 49
      And half of Russia at the same time. But then such an ecology will be. ,, ..! Count on half a globe of ANYONE! am
      1. escobar
        escobar 14 December 2011 19: 20
        Back in 1998, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen made sensational claims that he had materials on the work to create “certain types of pathogens that could be ethnic weapons.” And among the 7 countries that were indicted, Israel was listed, and specifically, Ness Zion.

        According to the Egyptian special services, it has been actively working for several years on the creation of biological weapons that could only hit Arabs, but not Jews. As part of the creation of the so-called “ethnic bomb,” Israeli scientists allegedly use the advances in medicine to identify the distinctive genes that some Arabs possess to create genetically modified bacteria or viruses. They are trying to use their ability to change DNA inside the cells of their residence. Scientists allegedly construct microorganisms that attack only carriers of distinctive genes.

        What do you have, the gender of the Russian Chinese?
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 14 December 2011 19: 34
        Forget the tale about laser weapons. It was hail, just hail.
      2. legleleg
        legleleg 14 December 2011 21: 58
        something slows them down without question.
    3. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 22
      Here you are definitely not living with us !!! ))) Thank you, kind man, for bacteriological weapons !! )) No, I can still carry nuclear weapons, but I can’t pull them any longer! I will die)))
      1. escobar
        escobar 14 December 2011 19: 45
        You will not be touched, but I can not vouch for the Chinese market)))))
        1. Sobibor
          Sobibor 15 December 2011 02: 22
          And where is the guarantee that the Chinese are not the first to crap such crap?
          1. Neighbor
            Neighbor 15 December 2011 19: 54
            Russia is a multinational country. Where a bunch of peoples are involved, everyone has someone else's blood. Like in America. But if we use a virus against the Chinese that kills a Chinese in a day, then in a day there will not be a single Chinese in China! (the fact that such viruses exist is foolish to doubt).
  32. Max79
    Max79 14 December 2011 18: 48
    E ... your mother, and we are on the platter of technology, engines from airplanes. Knowing this, what kind of x ...? The government doesn’t know that the Chinese have been living with us for more than a year and their number is growing. ... A shameful unpopular government. It was necessary to buy weapons all these years, and not when the roasted asshole bite. S. WOUNDED merchants all sold ... Both honor and conscience, and homeland ...
    The author of the article is a big plus, although ordinary people will know where aggression comes from, what to expect ...
  33. ivachum
    ivachum 14 December 2011 18: 55
    wink About honor can be more detailed? wink
  34. baraban
    baraban 14 December 2011 19: 21
    The Chinese are adequate ............
  35. ivachum
    ivachum 14 December 2011 19: 25
    I would say pragmatic. Like the Germans: someone in the oven, someone on handbags with umbrellas, well, and someone and arbeiten.
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 35
      5 points! )) They are also good !!!
      1. Anatoly
        Anatoly 14 December 2011 20: 55
        Well, and the photo! wassat
        And for what they shoot?
        1. NovoSibirets
          NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 04
          Go figure them out, "beautiful-eyed" for what! )) Probably for being on the Chinese forum, she wrote that "China is unlikely to be able to avoid the expansion of Russia in one form or another!")))

          The original photo could not be found. It's cropped. The original is written in Chinese "She planned to kill." But this is a pitchfork on the water, the guy on the forum translated it. So, as the saying goes, "trustworthy."
          (And the photo is yes .., tough, it is especially impressive as those holding hands deviated! Well, yes, AKM blows up the skull ((...)
          1. Anatoly
            Anatoly 14 December 2011 22: 14
            How beautiful it would be, Chubais looked in the place of this girl ... winked
        2. NovoSibirets
          NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 22: 57
          Hmm, guys .. I found a continuation of this photo ... Probably still it is not worth spreading ... recourse
          No wonder the convoys deviated ...
          1. Kievan
            Kievan 16 December 2011 06: 02
            Well, at least a link !!!
            1. NovoSibirets
              NovoSibirets 16 December 2011 11: 37
      2. Hleb
        Hleb 16 December 2011 06: 53
        by the way recently:
        "In the PRC, the Zhuhai city court sentenced Russian citizen Marina Lopatina to death for drug trafficking. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in China."
    2. slan
      slan 14 December 2011 23: 15
      Yeah, for them, if a couple of cars move a small skittle, unless the janitor takes the legs off the road. Moreover, this is a system in Ketai.
  36. kosmos84
    kosmos84 14 December 2011 19: 26
    a polkan in armuha said that the war with China would begin in 2017! my friend freed himself from the jail and said that they had a preacher in the zone who talked about the war with China in 17 - it was not a coincidence
    1. NovoSibirets
      NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 19: 40
      From me, you plus1. The coolest comment! ))) Well, with the tectonic weapon, the guy above also made a big joke!))
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 14 December 2011 19: 50
        My commander at the end of 2004 (then he was a teacher in the courses "Shot") spoke for 5 to 15 years. The difference is within the margin of error. By the way, he also suggested a strike in the direction of the Urals. So the Central Military District is far from a reserve district. China needs not only raw materials, but also a READY industry for their processing. Or will they be under the blows of the RF Armed Forces from both sides, transporting raw materials to China? And here both raw materials and production in one practically place.
      2. kosmos84
        kosmos84 14 December 2011 20: 03
        I wrote in all seriousness !! so it was
        1. ivachum
          ivachum 14 December 2011 20: 06
          By the way, I do too.
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 16 December 2011 07: 34
      Quote: kosmos84
      told that they had a preacher on the zone

      1. kosmos84
        kosmos84 16 December 2011 19: 49
        I served in armmukh and my childhood friend was sitting! "I was demobilized in December 2008 and he was released in August 08 = this is for those who have fun
  37. VadimSt
    VadimSt 14 December 2011 20: 11
    With such articles, all diplomacy in relations between Russia and China is leveled. It seems that in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Staff and intelligence structures there are only boobies, and only one author knows everything and everything! Stop frightening - you need to find the basis for partnerships with a neighbor, this is not Tajikistan.
    1. Kievan
      Kievan 16 December 2011 05: 50
      Something seems to me that in these partnerships, Russia will play the role of a passive partner. If you know what I mean))))))))
      And China simply will not be happy with other options. They are already the second superpower of the planet.
  38. gambit
    gambit 14 December 2011 20: 21
    if we do something like in a joke, put a rubber bomb on them, it will jump and crush them winked well, seriously, Russia is not ready for war for at least 7 years
  39. field commander
    field commander 14 December 2011 20: 25
    I agree about 2017 or in these aisles. China will not wait for a long time to build up Russia's military power. First there will be provocations as always with them, and then aggression. It is necessary to build relations with NATO in a new format for everyone. This is what China is afraid of by the way. It would be beneficial to both us and Europe and the USA. Nobody needs such a China. Now Russia alone will not stop them, this is not what happened with Fr. Damask, fired at them from the city and they fled. They were never friends either; there was nothing to amuse themselves with this. The situation is the same as before the German attack on the USSR, we are supplying China with resources. And then Putin will speak on the radio and talk about the treacherous attack of communist China on our homeland.
  40. Rashid
    Rashid 14 December 2011 20: 34
    Yes, the liberals have convinced our people that NATO is harmless fagots, and China is so terrible, they have a large army and copy equipment, etc. Do not forget that huge China was conquered by small Japan. Until the PRC overcomes Taiwan, we have nothing to fear, and in general, all the horror stories about China are the intrigues of our Western "partners". I think so.
  41. Senza
    Senza 14 December 2011 20: 57
    2017 is not yet soon compared to how fast events are developing. To date, a specific threat to China comes from the United States, which with a manic desire to establish a New World Order is encircling China from the southeast, building military bases, for example, even in Australia, disrupting economic ties with neighboring countries. Not to mention the oil supplier, Iran. Like it or not, but China needs an ally - Russia. Just as Russia needs an ally - China.
    But then we will have problems with China ... regarding the division of America wink but this is a completely different story.
  42. vv1263os
    vv1263os 14 December 2011 21: 12
    I have never considered "Brothers Forever" as my friends, but I do not consider them as inveterate enemies either.

    Everyone knows that it is necessary to strengthen the defense, but not everyone knows how. By the way, I don’t know either, because I do not own all the information. And her, darling, must be strengthened from school. Here works - the field is not plowed. And our military-industrial complex is tied head over heels to fulfill contracts with foreigners. On their own aircraft - all on a residual basis. And the military-industrial complex cannot be blamed - the EBN-genus (damned forever and ever!) All set him up like that. And while he is in power, all of Russia will live on a residual principle.
  43. ankh-andrej
    ankh-andrej 14 December 2011 21: 18
    As far as I know, we have developed the most powerful vacuum bomb in the world. Power is comparable to a nuclear charge. Application does not entail radioactive contamination of the area. I think military expansion can be quickly suppressed if there is a sufficient amount of this type of weapon, given the population density of China and possible losses in the event of a conflict.
  44. East
    East 14 December 2011 21: 22
    The author absolutely does not understand the simple truths of geopolitics.
    For China, task No. 1 is the return of Taiwan. This alone makes China the object of politics, and not the subject.
    Task No. 2 - expansion to the South, and above all, the maintenance of sea lanes. This is a classic of the genre, let the author read Colomb and Mahen.
    And finally, the author simply does not like working with the map. The amateur raises the battle, and the professional studies the supply. Schliffen, for example, planned wars on the maps of railway communications.
    Of course, China will attack the Russian Federation, or vice versa, but most likely, not earlier than years through 50, or 100, but this is a completely different story.
  45. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 14 December 2011 21: 39
    "As far as I know, we have developed the most powerful vacuum bomb in the world. Power is comparable to a nuclear charge !!!"

    M_l_ya !!! People, let's forget! No strength to laugh already! )))))))))))))
  46. patriot64
    patriot64 14 December 2011 21: 56
    To whine, even if you imagine that war with cross-eyed, I think it will be difficult to send so many of them to the forefathers. 1,3 billion !!! Throwing them nuclear weapons is unrealistic. This half-thrown need to be thrown-Earth-mother from such shocks will fly off the coils! Well, they didn’t deal with such things ... Drifting in front of them is a disgrace to themselves. Although, when the Red Army used Chinese mercenaries in battles against peasants, they had no equal in cruelty!
  47. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 14 December 2011 22: 03
    In general, the author is ready to capitulate and come to China with an offer to pay tribute, because we do not have an army and China is the strongest and most modern country.
    Nevertheless, I doubt that the outcome of the war with China is a foregone conclusion, and it would be foolish to go north, there are a lot of resources, but the cost of production is such that it is easier to buy in Turkmenistan ourselves. about agriculture, the author wrote a golem, if you go for the land, then probably only the Russians would go north so that later he would not be able to explain why the hell, when in the south it is more fertile and less protected.
    China is neither an ally nor an aggressor, although the importance of having the strength to fight back is certainly obvious.
  48. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 14 December 2011 22: 06
    you something painfully zealous peace of China defend paraphrase your words. But do not you plow the Chinese intelligence?
    lull our vigilance with imaginary threats, so to speak, on the other hand? :-)
  49. ivachum
    ivachum 14 December 2011 22: 15
    Let us recall Otto Eduard Leopold Karl-Wilhelm-Ferdinand, Duke von Lauenburg, Prince von Bismarck und Schönhausen: "I am not interested in the PLANS of our enemies. I am interested in their POSSIBILITIES."
    And before him, for several hundred years, one great Chinese spoke about the same thing.

    Rearmament and preparation for war is a permanent state of ANY army and country. If the Germans in the 41st were waiting for the FULL readiness and rearmament of their troops, and Vissarionich their - the war would simply never have started. While re-arming, bastards, designers come up with something new - re-arming themselves with this new one - and they come up again.
    When to fight, if the eternal rearmament and preparation. And the enemy is also not sleeping, rearming and preparing. This is called the arms race. Or even the Japanese ... well, on hr ... they didn’t attack America if, as it turned out, they were not ready for a long war of attrition ?! The United States then built one aircraft carrier a year more than Japan in ten years.
    This is where the wars end when they can, but they start when they want. example with Georgia, I think the most.

    And to paraphrase Bismarck a little more: "The war between China and Russia is the greatest folly. That is why it will definitely happen." winked Original by Germany and Russia
    1. dobry-ork
      dobry-ork 14 December 2011 23: 09
      This is what you wrapped up "Otto Edward and-so-on ..."! wink
  50. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 14 December 2011 22: 58
    "The most dangerous thing in war is to underestimate the enemy and settle for the fact that we are stronger."
    Vladimir Lenin
    Maybe now China is our friend and ally, but things can change pretty quickly
    1. slan
      slan 14 December 2011 23: 18
      Tambov Wolf is an ally to them. No Galapagos termites.
    2. ivachum
      ivachum 15 December 2011 08: 49
      "If your army is large, show the enemy only a small part of it and convince him that this is all your army. If your army is small, convince him that it is part of a large army."
      Sun Tzu wrote something like this. However, before and after him, similar things were said in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Persia. N. Machiavelli in his work "The Emperor" wrote the same thing and this is Italy. I highly recommend reading. Machiavellianism still rules the rulers of states, including the East. Almost all US presidents are neo-Machiavellian. Confucianism, am in these matters. pretty much the same.