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Fighter T-50: a view from the inside

Test pilot Sergei Bogdan talks about the Russian fighter 5-th generation

Fighter T-50: a view from the inside

Sergey Bogdan and his "ward", the aircraft of the 5 generation T-50. ©
Photo: Maxim Shemetov, Tass

The decoration and the culmination of the MAKS-2015 air show, which was held with the support of VTB, once again became the flights of the first Russian 5 fighter of the generation - T-50. We asked to talk about this plane of the Hero of Russia, Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan - the man who first lifted the T-50 into the air.

- Test pilot Vladimir Sergeevich Ilyushin, the first to fly the Su-27 into the sky, very vividly described this plane. He said: “See, I smile all the time. This smile has not faded from my face since I first raised an 4 generation fighter into the sky. ” And how does the 5 generation fighter feel in flight?

- When I happened to fly for the first time on the Su-27, I was fascinated, and it was then that I felt for the first time that the plane could indeed become a continuation of the pilot. But now the generation of 4 +, 4 ++, and finally —5 generation has arrived. Su-35 belongs to the 4 ++ generation, and according to the control system it is close to T-50, and it so happened that in recent years I have performed a huge amount of test flights on Su-35 and T-50. About a year I did not fly on the Su-27, and then it took to fly on it. Already flying, I felt how heavy and completely unnatural it was, as if I took off on a bomber, and not on a fighter. And in my head I even flashed the thought: “Can I even sit on it?” I don’t exaggerate, in fact there was such an idea: “I took off, but I can sit on it?” I calmed myself in flight: “ I’m a test pilot, I’ll probably sit. ” Naturally, he later settled down, and this sensation passed, but the progress of the 5 generation compared to the 4 was quite serious, even from the point of view of the control system. If I describe it in the simplest terms, then with all my deepest respect for the Su-27 I can say that, in comparison with the Su-35 and T-50, it’s like a truck and a car. For all, again I emphasize, my deepest respect for the Su-27, which is just as different from the 3 generation airplanes, such as the Su-17 and Su-24, as a passenger car from a cargo one.

- Can T-50 already do something in the sky that Su-27 is not capable of even with a deflected thrust vector?

- In principle, the Su-30 with a controlled thrust vector is also already very far advanced in the control system, and in the Su-35 the handling and maneuverability characteristics are further improved. Introduced new service modes. For example, if on an ordinary fighter the pilot lets go of the control stick, then the plane, like the unmanaged car, begins to move somewhere, roll, roll over. And in the Su-35 and T-50 control system locks the handle in the position in which the pilot threw it. Moreover, if there are no control actions from the pilot for a few seconds, the plane smoothly removes the roll, pitch and proceeds to horizontal flight.
This is the most elementary, which is already implemented on the Su-30 and Su-35. The T-50 engines are more powerful, and the future will be even more powerful. He has more specific steering surfaces that can create more moments, so at high angles of attack, on super maneuverability modes and in situations where it is necessary to maneuver intensively, the aircraft behaves more optimally, more comfortably, steadily and in a controlled manner. In general, the T-50 in terms of manageability is already something qualitatively new. But the main thing that distinguishes the 5 generation aircraft, for which it was created, and which largely determined its appearance, is low visibility. If you see one plane on the radar for 300 km, then another plane of the same size and the same mass is only for 100, and this is a very serious advantage in combat.

- Stealth technology does not harm the flight qualities of the T-50?

- Stealth is a very important factor for combat aviation, and, of course, its provision is very expensive in terms of aerodynamics. The shape of the T-50 is very specific, and it is determined not only by the requirements of aerodynamics, but also, for example, by the need to place weapons in the internal compartments. Nevertheless, the T-50, having received a fundamentally new quality - low visibility, also reached a new level of flight performance. The creators of the aircraft managed to solve this problem, and tests confirm this.

- There are many all kinds of arguments about comparing the F-22 Raptor and T-50. Are such comparisons correct?

- At the first meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I heard interesting words from him about Raptor and T-50. He said that we, as a rule, weapon we create in response to the emerging threat. It’s hard to disagree. Historically, in the creation of weapons systems, we go half a step behind. On the one hand, this is a loss in terms, on the other - an advantage, because, knowing the emerging realities, we embody something new in our projects. Our 5 fighter generation is created later than the American one, and, of course, it implements solutions that should provide an advantage over an already existing rival.
The same situation was with the Su-27, which was created later F-15. It's no secret that our Su-27 family aircraft, which are supplied to India, Malaysia, and other countries, are constantly “fighting” at the exercises with NATO aircraft. According to the statistics, which is regularly reported to us, the worst option is when our planes lose 30% of air battles. And usually our equipment wins 90% of battles or wins “dry”, that is, it has an overwhelming superiority over rivals of the 4 generation.

- Is it possible to say with certainty what T-50 is better than the main rival?

- As for comparing 5 airplanes, I, for example, looked at how the Raptor was piloted in Farnborough, and I can say that our Su-30 demonstrated a much more advanced program 10 years ago. This is with regards to super maneuverability. But, of course, there are many other aspects on which, for obvious reasons, I cannot stop: how in general the aircraft is integrated into the weapon system, what kind of information exchange structure exists - these are questions of a somewhat different level, since the F-22 is already in service, and the T-50 is only being tested. But if we talk about their confrontation in a one-on-one air battle, then I do not see any problems for us in the future. Of course, we still have a lot to do; let's say, at the beginning of the road to turn the T-50 into a formidable weapon, but on the whole it’s quite clear what to do and how.

- At MAX, we watched the awesome T-50 aerobatics performed by you. How long do you need to train to work out such a demonstration program? Or for you it is just - sat down and flew.

Sergey Bogdan: “I am always with some kind of skepticism about some amazing reviews about my aerobatics”
Photo © VTB Press Service

- I am always with some kind of skepticism about some amazing reviews about my pilotage. We are test pilots, and aerobatics is not our specificity. This is for us an elective, to which we are attracted with a certain periodicity. On the T-50 pilotage I have not been actively engaged since the past MAKS. In general, more than two weeks of training cannot be distinguished, and at best, these are two dozen training flights, although earlier, when our planes flew to the first aerospace showrooms, the training programs included about fifty flights. But these flights are quite expensive, and most importantly - they divert cars from moving through the test program, because the planes are at other bases, where there are training grounds, and here they are taken to another place to engage in a demonstration task. Although, of course, it is also important, and here too there is a test component: some resource things are developed, but the main goal is to show the capabilities of the technology, and the T-50 really allows you to demonstrate a very effective program, but I rate my piloting very restrained.
Imagine that a gymnast is told: you didn’t perform a year, suppose Tkachev’s flight, we’ll take you to the projectile two weeks before the competition, and you’ll make this element. Probably, the performance of such an athlete will not be perfect. I know that I have something to improve, and I would put 4 with a minus for my aerobatics, and put words of admiration to the possibilities of a wonderful plane in which the work and talent of many people have been invested.

- January 29 2010, you raised the T-50 in the first flight. That day, not everything went smoothly, there was a malfunction in one of the drives, the plane “shook” and you even talked to him, calmed him. Do you really believe that the plane hears you or is it a form of psychological training before the flight??

“This is from the same series of questions, like“ why does a person go to the temple? ” There is already something at the level of mentality. This may be wrong, but the flight crew are quite superstitious people. And I also pay attention to some trifles. It is necessary to treat something with disdain, they say, this is just a piece of iron, and this piece of iron will immediately show its character. And it will happen on level ground and it is not clear why. Therefore, with a bit of superstition, you treat both the aircraft and some trifles in preparation for the flight.
In general, if we talk about the attitude of the test pilot to the aircraft, the goal of our work is to obtain the maximum number of comments. Therefore, we never treat the plane with piety: how wonderful it is, how I love it and so on. We treat planes like children. A child cannot be praised, otherwise nothing good will grow out of it. Therefore, we are also very critical of the aircraft: in each flight, we look primarily for flaws in it, not dignity.

- How does a test pilot prepare for the first flight in a new car?

- The laws in aviation are written in blood. Incidents were also happening while lifting the new aircraft. Therefore, at one time, Alexander Gavrilovich Zudilov, head of the flight test base of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, proposed to create a document ordering the preparation of flight personnel for the first ascent. It was a document, so to speak, for internal use, but it was approved quite high - in the Flight Department. It describes in detail how the pilot performs the first rise of a prototype, how to lift a second prototype of this series, how to raise a production aircraft of a new modification, what equipment to carry out, how much to work on the stands, how many hours to study theoretical disciplines, what tests to take and t .d
When the pilot is going to raise a new car, he opens this document - and everything is very clearly written there. The theory depends on the complexity of the machine: the first rise of a prototype aircraft, for example, is a program on 100 hours of studying theoretical disciplines. The gazovki of the airplanes are painted, working out at the stands: what stands should be, what departments. The pilot studies all this, asks questions, works with engineers, goes to the design bureau, finds out everything, and in the end everything becomes quite understandable.

- And T-50 also raised exactly on this document, or was there any specificity?

- The specificity of lifting the T-50 was that the task was to lift the car not in Zhukovsky, but in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. There is an ordinary military airfield and the entire length of the strip is 2500 m. And in Zhukovsky the strip is the longest in Europe. Its total length is 5,5 km. In case of failure and termination of take-off, it helps a lot.
When lifting the plane, the most difficult moment is a speedy run. You need to accelerate to a certain speed - about 250 km / h, lift the nose, run with the nose raised at a certain angle and then lower it. For example, the first run on the Su-35, which I performed in Zhukovsky, did not go as expected. I accelerated to a speed much lower than the one at which I was supposed to start climbing, I was still at the maximum thrust, and here, with a fixed handle, the plane lifted its nose and flew. I throttled traction, the handle was completely removed from myself and successfully put the car, the benefit was a long strip. It turned out that the control system had a peculiarity: at a certain speed, a transition from the “ground” mode to the “flight” mode occurs. That is why it is necessary to raise the nose while jogging, so that all sensors are reconstructed. And it turned out that because of the abnormal installation of one of the sensors, the control system went into flight mode on the ground, and the plane “decided” that it needed to reject the stabilizer, because it had the wrong parameters. Here for such cases the size of a strip is important.
There is always the risk of some failure, inaccuracy during assembly, a design defect. So in the case of the T-50, we had to work out at the stand, how to run, how to stop taking off, how to fit into certain strip sizes. To find out, on the stand, the order of 240 modes under different conditions was worked out: failure of this, failure of this, such a thrust, another, and only after it became completely clear that everything is solved quite safely, we moved to the first ascent.

- You tested Su-47 “Golden Eagle” with a backward-swept wing. Tell us about this unique aircraft. Does this wing really have an advantage?

According to Sergey Bogdan, Su-47 has become a good flying laboratory for 5-generation aircraft systems.
Photo: © RIA News

- A distinctive feature of the "Berkut" really was the wing of the reverse sweep. Even at the dawn of aviation development, it was concluded that the backward swept wing has one great property: it does not disrupt the flow, that is, a plane with a backward sweep wing maintains stability and controllability at any angles of attack and practically does not fall into a spin. But this wing has one problem: strength. Under the action of the incident flow on such a wing, the phenomenon of divergence, twisting arises, which can lead to the destruction of the structure. The necessary rigidity of such a wing was achieved only with the use of composite materials, which was implemented in the Su-47 project.
But a lot of other know-how was implemented on this plane. He was already much closer to the 5 generation. On it, for example, there was an internal compartment under the weapon and a radio absorbing coating. He had an interesting control system - a joystick on the side, not a big pen. But it so happened that just at that time a breakthrough was made in the engine industry - an engine with thrust vectoring was created, and in order to obtain stability and control at high angles of attack, it was not necessary to use such an expensive and complicated wing with its own problems. It turned out that the controlled vector thrust perfectly solved this problem.
Moreover, if the reverse-swept wing made it possible to maintain stability at normal flight speeds, then at near-zero speeds the plane still lost controllability, because in the absence of the oncoming flow there is nothing to create a control moment. And the controlled vector of thrust works in any conditions, and it so happens that he pushed aside the wing of the reverse sweep.

- It turns out that the creation of the Su-47 was useless?

This aircraft has brought great benefits: firstly, it allowed us to investigate the problem of stability and controllability of an aircraft with a backward-swept wing, and secondly, it became a good flying laboratory for 5-generation aircraft systems. The results were obtained on the behavior of the aircraft with open wings of the weapon compartments, it was studied how the missiles behave in these compartments, how the flow is distributed at high speeds. This plane had a folding wing and a place for placing the hook, so it could be put on the ship, but the problem is that, due to limited funds, it was created in a single copy, while usually it is also a copy for strength tests. Therefore, to continue the tests, it was necessary, after a certain number of flights, to remove the structural elements, keels, and carry them to the laboratory for research each time. Because of this, the tests stopped for several months. It was a very expensive process, so when the plane completed its task, it was decided to abandon its further tests.

- You have experienced more than 50 of various types and modifications of aircraft. Tell us about a particularly difficult flight. Have you ever got into abnormal situations? Catapult?

- Extreme situations in our work, unfortunately, happen. And these are the most unpleasant moments in our work. Each such case, as a rule, is the result of someone's mistake. Experience shows that 80% of abnormal situations are always a human factor. Even if the pilot is not guilty, even if he managed to land safely, then this is not a reason for universal rejoicing. Anyway, someone didn’t finish something, anyway it will be extreme, that is, trouble with the plane is always a disaster.
Here was a case: the height of 12 km, two speeds of sound, and suddenly - a terrible blow, a vibration such that the devices are not visible, and the “fire” alarm goes off. And the plane burns in the air in 14 seconds. There even the titan burns. Yes, you think, probably, this time it will not be possible to fly. But then somehow the solution is found, it is possible to slow down, and, it turns out, the designers are great, everything is provided for, the systems are duplicated, and in fact everything works, and the fire is extinguished. In general, God helped, landed. I looked at the plane: it looked as if it had worked for about forty minutes on it with an autogen. Holes in the engine, and in the construction, and next to a single hole the fuel pipe passes, and if it had burned out, it would have been a torch, as if from an explosion.
In general, anything can happen, but so far, as they say, God has mercy, and everything ended well. It was not necessary to eject.

- In one of the interviews you said that in childhood you got on the crane and began to rock it. This was the first "flight" test equipment in your life. So was the character of the future test pilot?

- Not. It was an example of wrong, childish behavior. Just a prank on the principle of "weak." But in general, I was not an extreme child as a child, and I was afraid of heights, and now, frankly, I am afraid of her. The open space under your feet in any normal person causes an unpleasant feeling that you need to get used to. When regularly, at least a couple of times a month, jumping with a parachute, then it passes.

- Can you say about yourself that you can’t imagine your life without risk?

- With regard to risk, the job of the test pilot is to make the aircraft as safe as possible. And for this, as in the case of a car, the correct limits must be assigned to it: maximum speed, overload, etc. To determine these restrictions, you need to exceed them and understand where control is lost over the situation. The task of the test pilot is to go beyond the permissible. And these flights are often very adrenaline.
For example, you need to understand how a plane behaves at take-off when a single engine fails. At sufficiently high speeds, a twin-engine aircraft with a single engine normally flies and is controlled, because aerodynamic control surfaces work well. But if this speed is reduced, then in the end the plane will reach such a regime, when the aerodynamic control surfaces are no longer enough to balance the plane with raznotagami due to a non-working engine. Moreover, this threshold speed cannot be groped at high altitudes, since the engine thrust there is much smaller and the unwrapping moment is also smaller. It is necessary to check at the ground, at the height of 200 m.
One engine is at full afterburner, the second has thrust removed completely, and we begin to carry out modes that exceed the maximum permissible angles of attack, on the verge of loss of controllability that occurs instantaneously. Here is an example: Nikolai Fyodorovich Sadovnikov tested the ship’s Su-27K with raznotyagm at low altitude. During normal flight, this aircraft has a maximum permissible angle of attack - 24 degrees. But in that mode, he fell into a corkscrew on 12 degrees. And it happened at a low altitude - about 400 m. There was no reserve for withdrawing from a spin. The pilot managed to eject, but received serious injuries.
When you perform these modes, you feel like a tightrope walker, only without a balancer. Everything is on the verge. Controls are very important. The pilot constantly balances all controls. The slightest inaccuracy leads to the development of a critical displacement, and the aircraft is instantly driven into a stall mode. There is no reserve in height, and, as a rule, there are settlements below, because this is not Siberia or the Kara Kum. Therefore, you enter the mode and look: if something happens now, then where will the plane go? One thing is an athlete-parachutist: jumped - that's all. Or demonstration aerobatics: five minutes - that's all. He exhaled, went, relaxed. And this mode is carried out for one and a half to two hours, and all this time the pilot is on an adrenaline platoon. Imagine the sensations of a person when he is under such stress.
Yes, in general, our work is very interesting, important and necessary, but these are the moments associated with the risk ... Believe me, this, to put it mildly, is not a pleasure. Even when you are preparing for such a flight, your body seems to say to you: you do not need to go there. Fear, like love, is the same chemistry; certain biochemical processes take place in the body. The state of stress by the body is not welcome. I fly, I see the forest below and I understand: I want to go there, I need to wander there, sit, think, feel safe. Therefore, to be honest, when I hear the words that a person is so accustomed to risk that he cannot live without him and never leave the profession associated with danger, I do not really believe these words.

- And what are the qualities in this case should have a test pilot?
- I believe that the most valuable quality not only of the pilot, but of any specialist, person in general, is honesty. In our work, this is especially important. You need to be able to talk about your weaknesses, about your mistakes, because it significantly reduces the clarification of all the issues that arise during the tests. When you arrive after a flight in which you made a mistake, everything is hard, not easy. But if you were mistaken, you must admit it, and this greatly simplifies the work and, accordingly, increases your confidence in you. Even to say a half-truth means to tell a lie.
Another very important quality for a person of any profession, not only for a pilot, is reliability. From my own experience I can say that the pilots are different. One may be enough stars from the sky, but unstable. And a person who slowly, like a horse, carries a cart and all that he is entrusted with, will do reliably, if not always brilliantly, trust the next job. When they see that a person is reliable, they trust him more and more. This applies to absolutely any activity, but in the work of a test pilot, I can say that these qualities are especially important.
And one more thing I want to say about that I fully felt on myself: if a person wants something, sets a goal and moves towards it step by step, then he achieves tremendous results. Nothing is impossible in life. It’s just that in the same situations, some people give up, while others, for example, Paralympians, become winners, despite their disability. I want to take an example from such people. Therefore, for those who want to achieve something in life, I advise you to go forward to your intended goal on the direct path and not look for curved paths. And everything will be fine.

Sergey Bogdan: "... T-50, having received a fundamentally new quality - low visibility, reached a new level of flight characteristics"
Photo: © Vladimir Astapkovich, RIA Novosti

For your information:
Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan - Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia. He experienced more than fifty different types of combat aircraft.
Born on March 27, 1962 in Volsk, Saratov Region. In 1983 he graduated from the Borisoglebsk Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots named after V.P. After that, until 1987, Chkalov served in the Leningrad Military District in the 67th Aviation Regiment of fighter-bombers, then served for three years at a Soviet base in Mongolia. In 1990-1991 he was deputy squadron commander of the 43rd Separate Naval Assault Aviation Regiment of the Black Sea Maritime Aviation fleet.
In 1991, he studied at the Test Pilot Training Center. Since 1993, at the State Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, he has held the positions of test pilot, deputy commander and commander of an aviation squadron of a flight test service of fighter aircraft. In parallel, he studied and graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute.
With the 2000 of the year, after retiring, he continued his testing test pilot career at the Sukhoi flight test base. He is the Deputy Chief of Flight Operations of the company.
Photos used:
RIA Novosti, TASS, VTB Press Service
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  1. venaya
    venaya 21 November 2015 12: 32 New
    A very rare and specific flight specialty is described. Such specialists are extremely few and they are all worth its weight in gold. I had to meet with such a pilot, it feels as if you are facing an aircraft designer and not a pilot.
    1. Baikonur
      Baikonur 21 November 2015 12: 32 New
      A very good article! I read it with pleasure! Very good conversationalist, professional, master!
      I wish all our pilots his words -
      Quote: Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan
      God helped, landed.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Temples
        Temples 21 November 2015 13: 38 New
        In general, there is a feeling that Sergei Bogdan is happy with the plane!
        This makes me happy.
        So they created a good plane!
        And he answers the question why now the plane is being launched into the series much later than before:
        - Laws in aviation are written in blood.
        Hurry is definitely not needed here. Thank God not war.
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 21 November 2015 20: 58 New
          Quote: Temples
          In general, there is a feeling that Sergei Bogdan is happy with the plane!
          This makes me happy.

          And I’m also glad that after so many years I again saw pilots praising new planes. In 90's, I no longer hoped to see this again.

          In the 80's, it happened to me to visit one airdrome at a time when the Su-27 link was there for refueling - at that time the most super-duper plane. By God, it was nice to watch (although two-thirds of their professional conversation did not understand laughing ), how the eyes of the local flyers who were flying on the MiG-25 burned when they talked in the smoking room with the guests. I was happy for the flyers, I was happy for our defense industry, making such airplanes, I was happy for the country that has such equipment.

          And here I read it again. Positive rolls over. Despite the reforms, to spite the "partners" - we are doing and will continue to do it! soldier
          1. Lt. Air Force stock
            Lt. Air Force stock 22 November 2015 13: 48 New
            Quote: Zoldat_A

            And I’m also glad that after so many years I again saw pilots praising new planes. In the 90s I no longer hoped to see it again.

            It is better to be interested in the plane not with a test pilot, but with ordinary pilots on condition of anonymity. Then you can find out more objective information regarding that a good plane or still there are some complaints.
      3. Duke
        Duke 21 November 2015 23: 09 New
        The T-50 promising multi-role fighter was created as part of the Front-End Aviation Complex Advanced Aviation Complex (PAK FA) program. The development of the aircraft began at the Design Bureau named after P.O. Sukhoi in the late 1990s. The competition of projects under the PAK FA program, announced in April-May 2001, was won in 2002 by the T-50 fighter project. The chief designer of the aircraft is A. Davidenko. Full-scale design of the T-50 began after the protection of the preliminary design in 2004. Production of a series of prototypes T-50 began at the KnAAPO plant (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) at the end of 2006. The prototype T-50-1 completed its first flight on January 29, 2010. at the Dzemgi airfield in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The program of the first phase of the PAK FA testing began on April 29, 2010 at the LII base in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region), and the aircraft is to be adopted for service and enlisted in the combat units of the Air Force in 2013-2016. (according to the plans of different years).

        Sergei Leonidovich Bogdan (born March 27, 1962) - Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, Colonel Reserve, Hero of the Russian Federation (2011). Since 2000, he has been a test pilot and deputy director of flight service for Sukhoi. He tested more than fifty different types of combat aircraft.
        1. viktor561
          viktor561 22 November 2015 01: 23 New
          Quote: Duke
          Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, reserve colonel,

          Why stock? - such people should be left in the armed forces for life!
    2. cniza
      cniza 21 November 2015 13: 25 New
      Quote: venaya
      A very rare and specific flight specialty is described. Such specialists are extremely few and they are all worth its weight in gold. I had to meet with such a pilot, it feels as if you are facing an aircraft designer and not a pilot.

      This is really a vocation, talent and causes envy pride and delight. Thank.
      1. ANTI.KORR.
        ANTI.KORR. 21 November 2015 13: 49 New
        Here she is beauty
        1. veksha50
          veksha50 21 November 2015 21: 39 New
          Quote: ANTI.KORR.
          Here she is beauty

          And for such aerobatics, Bogdan set himself 4 with a minus ... But what will happen to the top five ???

          Now, no matter how I watch this video, I admire it so much that in my head there is only one muttering phrase: “Here’s an uproar !!! Here’s an uproar !!!" ...

          Either the lexicon right away - as breathtaking, so it is reduced ...

          You see this - and you are proud of the country, its people ...

          What are the designers, the manufacturers, the testers, the car - everything is super !!!
        2. viktor561
          viktor561 21 November 2015 21: 40 New
          Just a dance in the sky - super !!!!!!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. ava09
      ava09 21 November 2015 15: 29 New
      Quote: venaya
      it’s as if it’s like an aircraft designer and not a pilot.

      The tester is a continuation of the constructor in the sky. To create a unique machine, it is very important that the designer and the tester are one piece in the work and think in unison. So the impression is made.
    5. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 23 November 2015 09: 48 New
      such people are worth their weight in gold .... good luck to Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan in all test flights and always return home
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 21 November 2015 12: 34 New
    The interview of a professional pilot always arouses undisguised interest ... this is life itself, which you can’t write in more than one textbook ... big respect to BOGDAN SERGEY. hi
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 21 November 2015 12: 41 New
      The article is good, it is always interesting to get a first-hand opinion, so to speak from the machine tool. The error must be corrected by the 5th generation. It turned out funny.
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 21 November 2015 21: 03 New
      Quote: The same Lech
      An interview with a professional pilot always causes undisguised interest ...

      After such articles, I begin to regret again that I did not fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a military pilot. Another specialization fell out. He flew a lot, but not at the helm. And always the hunt was to try. Always flyers envied white envy, even though they considered us to be almost a relative.

      Good article.
  3. Alexey M
    Alexey M 21 November 2015 12: 35 New
    The plane that the plane is a piece of iron. Here we have wonderful people.
    1. Peterhof 73
      Peterhof 73 21 November 2015 12: 38 New
      Quote: Alexey M
      The plane that the plane is a piece of iron. Here we have wonderful people.

      It seems like the T-50 is not a piece of iron, its glider is rumored to be made of composite materials. No?
      1. quote
        quote 21 November 2015 12: 54 New
        Quote: Petergofsky73
        It seems like the T-50 is not a piece of iron, its glider is rumored to be made of composite materials. No?

        With the use of composite materials. While it is not possible to completely switch to composites. The piece of iron is not yet replaceable in terms of physical and chemical characteristics (properties).
        I do not put a minus, although they deserve it.
        1. Peterhof 73
          Peterhof 73 21 November 2015 18: 22 New
          I do not put a minus, although they deserve it.
          Why, dad! ?? (Cat Basilio "The Adventures of Pinocchio)
          1. Locksmith
            Locksmith 21 November 2015 19: 30 New
            Quote: Petergofsky73
            Why, dad! ?? (Cat Basilio "The Adventures of Pinocchio)

            1) the commander is always right
            2) if the commander is not right, see paragraph 1
            PS: There is very little iron, only the most necessary in the form of high-strength steels
            There is a lot of other “iron” - in the form of aluminum alloys and titanium alloys, and there are also many carbon composites, but fewer than the “partners”, ours realized that a pair of 30 mm shells in the center section is garbage (the amers replace the assembly laughing ), and a line of 300 shells of a 30 mm gun should not destroy the eroplan where this gun stands wink
            Our partners still have a limit on the length of the queue, and the gun is 23 mm laughing
      2. Alexey M
        Alexey M 21 November 2015 14: 03 New
        It seems like the T-50 is not a piece of iron, its glider is rumored to be made of composite materials. No?
        Dear, I’m figuratively. You look at the photo strong, courageous knows and loves his work.
        Nails would be made from these people:
        Harder would not have been in the world of nails.
        1. Peterhof 73
          Peterhof 73 21 November 2015 18: 20 New
          So I understood your imaginative thought right away. I just wanted to clarify about composites. Suddenly he misunderstood when he watched the program about the T-50.
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 21 November 2015 13: 42 New
      Quote: Alexey M
      The plane that the plane is a piece of iron. Here we have wonderful people.

      I remember a Soviet film when one engine failed at the side, ... The crew decided to fly on one in take-off mode ... Landing was in normal (or almost) mode!
      It’s a pity, they didn’t insert the video, correct what?
      1. Uncle lee
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        Super !!!! And aerocobra - it does not give in to epithets at all! THE BEAUTY !!!
        1. frollog
          frollog 23 November 2015 12: 17 New
          Aerocobra is an aircraft of the Second World War, delivered to us by Lend-Lease by the Americans, one of the best piston fighters (we read the book "I Fought on Aero Cobra"). And the piloting element is just a cobra. Indeed, epithets do not give in!
      2. ilgiz82
        ilgiz82 21 November 2015 21: 23 New
        The plane is just super! I am just bursting with pride for my country, for my homeland! Our designers are the best in the world! Faster would the T-50 go into mass production ...
      3. SSeT
        SSeT 29 December 2015 23: 23 New
        Well, if the controlled flat corkscrew on the old engine is 4-, then what will be on the new one, yes for 5?
    3. veksha50
      veksha50 21 November 2015 21: 42 New
      Quote: Alexey M
      Plane that the plane is a piece of iron.Here we have wonderful people.

      Bogdan does not think so ... He considers him a living creature ...
  4. Urals
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    Both participants in all its glory
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 21 November 2015 13: 32 New
      And still it is a pity that the Su-47 did not go into the series. There are legends that he was even superior to the Su-37 in maneuverability. And the reverse sweep wing itself is a step forward in aircraft construction. Not stomping in place in the usual wing. On the whole, I am a supporter of the bearing body, without wings at all. I believe that the vertical bearing frame will be very much in the yard, because then the air resistance that was previously created by the wings during vertical take-off will drop sharply. This means that fuel consumption will decrease and the radius will increase. It may even reach that for horizontal take-off aircraft.
      1. DmitryK
        DmitryK 21 November 2015 13: 45 New
        Bogdan clearly explained the reason for the rejection of the reverse sweep, is not it?
        But the vertical speed of the “vertical” is not so great that it would attach such importance to the air resistance of the wing during vertical take-off.
        1. Sterlya
          Sterlya 22 November 2015 16: 03 New
          With the advent of new materials, perhaps the reverse sweep will return, given its advantages, plus a controlled traction vector. (My opinion)
      2. Lex.
        Lex. 21 November 2015 13: 56 New
        Well, maybe the time did not come for him, the designers decided differently, maybe in the 6th generation
        1. dauria
          dauria 21 November 2015 14: 45 New
          Well, maybe the time didn’t come to him

          maybe ... But the "flying wing", originally rejected due to the low lateral stability, returned to aviation. Automation has developed, and has returned.
          The reverse sweep has one feature - the center of gravity of the aircraft (and hence the bomb bay) is located BEFORE the center section. Perhaps when they remember about it. In the meantime, here's a "swallow"
      3. sabakina
        sabakina 21 November 2015 14: 02 New
        And I like the SU-47! There is something from aliens in him ...
        Z.Y. I love science fiction, and what? Hang yourself?
        ZY.ZY. Everybody knows. that aliens have been living with us for a long time, the question is who is in contact with whom ... Judging by the F-35, we are in contact with those we need ...
        1. kotvov
          kotvov 21 November 2015 19: 20 New
          Z.Y. I love science fiction, and what? Hang yourself? ,,
          there would be no science fiction, there would be no new technology. it is a pity that some do not understand this.
          1. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A 21 November 2015 21: 09 New
            Quote: kotvov
            there would be no science fiction, there would be no new technology

            It’s still interesting to recall that Jules Verne tried to buy and destroy the entire circulation of “20 thousand leagues under the sea” because he did not think of equipping the Nautilus with torpedoes. laughing
      4. SergeySh
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        Here is a vivid example of how to write a comment without reading the full article))))
      5. Corsair
        Corsair 23 November 2015 11: 52 New
        Quote: Basarev
        On the whole, I am a supporter of the bearing body, without wings at all.

        I suppose that one carrier body (without wings) will deprive the aircraft of maneuverability and that it would be generally good for a bomber or attack aircraft, to the detriment of a fighter or station wagon. Plus, the presence of extra points for hanging on the wings does not hurt. For hypersound, the carrier body will be just that, but it will already look like a guided missile with a pilot.
      6. yehat
        yehat 23 November 2015 20: 45 New
        in the end, the reverse sweep wing was one of the reasons why it didn’t go into the series: there are very high requirements for twisting the wing and the aircraft withstood them, but during operation the wing degraded too quickly.
        I once heard how Poghosyan talked about this.
        1. Basarev
          Basarev 23 November 2015 21: 54 New
          And do you believe Poghosyan after all of his poddanny? For one Superjet Poghosyan forever did not wash!
  5. Alexey Boukin
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    These are the People who become the legend and pride of their country!
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    Good article. And the pilot is very interesting. And he is telling the truth without drawing. Good health to him! In his years, people are already retiring mushroom picks, and he aerobatics on Zhukovsky twists.
    1. pilot8878
      pilot8878 22 November 2015 01: 20 New
      From a post by Alexander Yuryevich Borodankov (from the forums):
      shooting of LenTV before the Day of Aviation in 1985 From left to right: the back of the head of Zhenya Komarov, Yura Ivanchenko, I rub my face, and in the square - Seryozha Bogdan

      This is 67 APIB settlement. Siversky.
  7. Give the light
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    I wonder if their VKS is enough? And why the baptism of fire does not pass, you know where what or do they mostly go for sale?
  8. Butt
    Butt 21 November 2015 12: 58 New
    "When they see that a person is reliable, they trust him more and more. This applies to absolutely any activity, but in the work of a test pilot I can say that these qualities are especially important."
    - Reliability is the essence of professionalism. And in aviation especially, the pilot Bogdan is right. Reliability allows you to get the right car - the dream of a team of designers, aircraft manufacturers. Any hurry is dangerous and there is no place for the "fake recorders" to give success at all costs. This price is written by the blood of the best people.
    We are waiting for the development and training of the combat effectiveness of the T-50 with weapons.
    And, of course, reviews on the implementation of military thought and engineering solutions embodied in the car by the skill of PILOTS!
  9. Alex1977RUS
    Alex1977RUS 21 November 2015 13: 01 New
    Still, it is insanely sorry that the SU-47 program was closed.
    For me, this is one of the most beautiful aircraft in the history of aircraft manufacturing.
    Love at first sight. From the first photo. Once I really hoped that he would be brought and launched into the series.
    Then he hoped for a miracle that from the rank of experimental design machine would still be transferred to serial.
    Then he stopped ... Only photos remained ... Like a Buran ...
    Broken swords of the Empire ... It's a pity anyway ... Almost to tears ...
    He had to fly ...
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 21 November 2015 13: 16 New
      Alex1977RUS (1) RU Today, 13:01 PM

      Broken swords of the Empire ... It's a pity anyway ... Almost to tears

      He (Su47) left his mark, more than it seems. R&D alone costs lol
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    Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan - Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia. He experienced more than fifty different types of combat aircraft.

    Strange, but it seemed to me that Sergey Leonidovich was indeed GOD given to us to promote the latest machines in operation!
    Lyrics from the song: "Our job is to teach planes to fly!" - This is exactly about him!
    Health and good luck! Longevity to you, Sergey Leonidovich! soldier
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    Thank you for the article. I read it with great interest. Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan is a real Russian pilot. And thanks to just such people: test pilots, designers, specialists in the PAK FA design bureau will be brought to the series. There is a lot of work to be done, but looking at such people, comes confidence that the T-50 has a great and glorious future.
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    Thanks to the author of the article! And to Sergei, a pro of the highest standard - long flying health and so that the number of takeoffs matches the number of landings!
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    Thank you very much to Sergey Leonidovich Bogdan for honesty and frankness, and Leonid Sitnik for a professional and unbiased interview! But, “appetite comes with food” - I want to learn at least something about the light front-line fighter of the 5th generation from MIG, who can Anything up to date and it will be possible to share knowledge on VO? With huge respect hi !
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    - Low visibility is a very important factor for combat aviation, and, of course, its provision is very expensive in terms of aerodynamics. The form of the T-50 is very specific, and it is determined not only by the requirements of aerodynamics, but also, for example, by the need to place weapons in the internal compartments. Nevertheless, T-50, having received a fundamentally new quality — low visibility, also reached a new level of flight characteristics. The creators of the aircraft managed to solve this problem, and the tests confirm this.

    we wait further about * utelny stories about that the stealth is not necessary and it is Rosspiiiil among Americans, yes.
    1. gunya
      gunya 21 November 2015 19: 27 New
      Go to Belgrade, get a piece of "stealth", which was filled up from the installation of the 70s.
      1. Catafract
        Catafract 21 November 2015 23: 59 New
        bastards threw, having no analogs in the world, and so what? And the same "stealth-stealth" began to be implemented on the T50, there is nothing to do ... And what side does this apply to F22 and F35?
        For completely stuck, stealth is not invisibility, and not a panacea ...
        But the main thing that distinguishes the 5th generation aircraft, for which it was created and that largely determined its appearance, is low visibility
  23. evge-malyshev
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    I wish success to the Sukhoi company in the refinement and testing of this wonderful aviation complex and good health to test pilot SL Bogdan. I hope that they will bring the T-50 to mind, to the series and to the adoption of the Russian Army.
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    If you suffer for a long time, something will work out.
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    The article is good, but the title is wrong, it’s rather “The Tale of a Real Tester”, and the T-50 passes somehow aside, as an additional touch to
    to a real person.
  26. dchegrinec
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    The T-50 has an almost inexhaustible margin of safety for modernization, so it will take a lot of time until this version is finalized to its limit. As with the SU-27 and its older brother SU-35. It looks like this masterpiece will eventually become a real "flying saucer "deceiving the laws of physics.
  27. mvg
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    For Su-47, Comrade Poghosyan did what we did not have then, namely the production of composites, and without it the 5th generation has nothing to do .. And the proportion of composites in the airframe has increased many times .. And this is not an isolated instance of the mythical 1.44 , where there was a "manual - screwdriver" assembly, and industrial scale .. And even then, the Su-47 glider was, in my opinion, heavily overweight .. thicker than the Su-34 (under 45-47 tons at maximum speed).
    Yes, and a lot of things have been gained in terms of the 5th generation. EDU, radio-absorbing materials, production culture .. But it was nothing more than a demonstration model, it didn’t smell like a plane (full-fledged) ..
    Bogdan is a clever girl, she’d have had more in combat parts of such thoughtful pros ..
  28. gergi
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    I was at the MAKS this year, I saw Bogdanov in action on the t-50, great! Both handsome. Our planes are the best.
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    A real man . . .
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    At the Arskoye cemetery, in the center of Kazan, on the central avenue, the graves of test pilots are so stocked that it is almost impossible to get close. This is a special breed - the country's elite. Such as Bogdan Sergey and his colleagues, rightfully earned the fame of Chkalov and Gagarin. But ... such is fate.
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    professional, master!

    How they are not enough, especially in the ministry. There are not enough people who know their business very well. Branches are headed by some managers and all such rubbish. And what is happening in the aviation industry !. Is it really special? allowed to ruin the aviation industry. Never in my life.
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    1. serverny
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      The testers are kept to the stop, while health allows you to fly - because their experience is invaluable.

      And there will be “youth” to replace, 30-40 year old, with a raid of thousands of hours :)
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    - I believe that the most valuable quality not only of the pilot, but of any specialist, person in general, is honesty. In our work, this is especially important. You need to be able to talk about your weaknesses, about your mistakes, because it significantly reduces the clarification of all the issues that arise during the tests. When you arrive after a flight in which you made a mistake, everything is hard, not easy. But if you were mistaken, you must admit it, and this greatly simplifies the work and, accordingly, increases your confidence in you. Even to say a half-truth means to tell a lie.
    Only for this one can be respected. Respect to our falcons
  38. Lt. Air Force stock
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    All the same, it’s bad that they didn’t ask which E-T-50 in comparison with the F-22, it’s clear that he won’t give exact numbers, even if he knew them, but he could say better, worse or at the level ...
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    But there is no reserve in height, and below, as a rule, are settlements, because these are not Siberia and Karakum. Therefore, you enter the mode and look: if something happens now, then where will the plane go?
    This has always been interesting to me. Why, for example, flights on dangerous modes are not carried out, say, in Akhtubinsk. There is scope - the steppes, desert, no population, the runway is long (even two, though the second is now inactive). Why exactly Ramenskoye? The suburbs are now in such a dense building, you cannot find a wasteland.
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    “The Su-35 and T-50 are like a truck and a car. Our Su-30 demonstrated a much more advanced program 10 years ago. This applies to the super-maneuverability regime. Of course, we still have a lot to do, we will say so, at the beginning of the path to transform the T-50 into a formidable weapon. ”
    Of course, I am a patriot, and even more so patriotic in our aviation technology, but I cannot help but notice that over-maneuverability is, as it were, fading into the background. At the moment, the main electronics (airborne radar) is the early detection of an object and its identification, for an attack, and this is the victory in aerial combat. Both speed and maneuverability are of secondary importance. The enemy, even at low speeds, can hit an object at a long distance, moving at hypersonic speeds and possessing great maneuverability when detected early.