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Results of the week. “No, the military is not a profession. This is a sexual orientation ... "

Bomb? ..

On the portal A material by a retired American soldier J. Zumvolt (Tsumwalt) was released, in which the author states the following:
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently issued an order to send a military unit to Syria, which is the subject of his trust and special pride - Russian special forces. This group is a highly professional antiterrorist force, the “murder machine”, about which Russia has long known that they always carry out their tasks.

Whether the Supreme Commander sent the very suggestive horror to Zumvolt special forces to Syria to directly participate in hostilities with ISIS militants - a question that performed by a retired American colonel is more like the traditional “Russians are coming!” Now, they say, they will stick fangs into the neck of Syrian babies and drink blood, horrifying "utterly modest" ...

It was. Passed through. And because all speculation on this score leave Zumvoltu, or whatever it is ...

Much more informative look materials that say that the Russian aviation Now Syria rises into the sky not only from the Khmeimim air base, but also, for example, from the Tiyyas airfield. Five Russian Mi-24 helicopters will iron the Ishilovites in the Palmyra region. And, apparently, the State Department’s representatives are already ripening a text with reference to another organization in the style of “Syrian-American Bearded Defenders of Democracy”, which (the text) will feature psakisms about the attacks of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation on “World Heritage Sites in Palmyra”.

The only question to the US State Department, Zumvolt and others: is there a bombing? ..

Comments from our readers:

Colonel (Zumvolt) here lolanulsya, definitely. SWAT is still nothing. Now, if a construction battalion is sent to Syria - then yes: Khan to everyone, complete and unconditional ... That's where the real beasts really serve. Im even weapon do not give.

Where the construction battalion visited, there is nothing for the special forces to do))).

It is necessary to introduce our ensigns in ISIS ...

Angry partisan
Those who are really worried about our pilots are helicopters ... Good luck to you guys ...

To the exit?

Since November 1, the Federal Migration Service of Russia has introduced certain restrictive measures for Ukrainian citizens who have not received the necessary permits for living and working in the Russian Federation. All those Ukrainian citizens (with the exception of residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions) who decided to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation after 1 in November without a corresponding package of documents, are expected to be sent outside the Russian Federation with a subsequent ban on entry, which will be valid for a certain time.

Results of the week. “No, the military is not a profession. This is a sexual orientation ... "

For obvious reasons, the situation in which the entry of “Square” citizens from Ukraine was virtually unmonitored could not continue indefinitely. It came to the point of absurdity - in Moscow, adherents of extremist “Azov” were found, actively trading arms from the ATO zone. It turns out that adepts were walking, walking across the border and weapons ...

All those who wanted to get a residence permit and stand in line for obtaining Russian citizenship, managed to do it. Not always, you need to admit, smoothly and without nerves, but still ... All those who did not intend to do this, but were guided by the thesis “Russia should” or “Russia can be milked”, will have in the near future, which is called turning to the extreme, which continues to win one "peremog" for the "other".

Another "peremoga" - a statement by the governor of the Odessa region Saakashvili that he is ready to carry the banner of Ukrainian reforms. Of course, will incur ... Who would doubt. He had already carried the banner of reforms in a single country — he carried it with such ecstasy that that country, as a whole, ceased to exist. So, the standard bearer is ready to bring the process to the end in Ukraine?

Comments from our readers:

Need to tell. My brother and my wife also undergo this procedure. It's been a year since. But at least he was born in Perm and has a share in the apartment, and it’s more difficult with his wife - she was born in Zaporozhye, she doesn’t fall under refugee status. But with RWP like they got it without problems, but with citizenship more difficult, although she also had a registration in Perm at the beginning of 90's. So the procedures are quite complicated, and you need to talk about it.

75 hammer
Last summer, sent a wife with a child. We took them, our commandant guys. In Donetsk, in the camp, they were given soap-ryl supplies and 1500 (fifteen hundred) aid rubles (and thanks for that). When they learned that there are relatives in the Bryansk region, they sent. Miracles began in Bryansk. For two months they have been granted a temporary asylum permit (no refugee status is required). At work do not take. Without paper you, as they say ... She calls me, crying. I say, how can this not be, you are doing something wrong. Okay, brothers helped. Accepted, dressed, fed. Friends helped with the work, in September, small school gathered. Now I drew. And personally convinced of everything. In the FMS they look at you as a moron. Neither consult nor ask. Yelling like victims, don't you know? The same problem with work. RVU gives the right to work. But in fact, no one wants to take. Next - to get citizenship - it is necessary official employment. Some kind of collision is obtained. Here's a crap in general. You can tell a long time, is it necessary? And with whom there is no overlap, everyone has the same problems. People start to leave. We do not require any money, no. We want to live and work legally.

About work. Three of us already work, and there are no problems, the main thing is to come to the FMS on time! As they say, there would be a desire.

Yes, people just go to Russia and for various reasons,
but the main reason is war. I myself am from the DPR, more than a year under shelling, I saw and listened to everyone. They are going to Russia under the guise of refugees and those who are screaming in Ukraine with foaming at the mouth: "Glory to Ukraine", and when they arrive to Russia they are screaming: "Putin is our president", and there are quite a few of them who go with a fig in their pocket. In the "nenke" there is no work, Europe threw them with a visa-free regime and lace panties, where to go to work? Only to brother foe. And the FMS does not always make out who is who.

Charly, fuck up! ..

There is a transcript of the flight recorders of the crashed aviliner Airbus A321 of the airline "Kogalymavia". During the week since the tragedy, the “experts”, as usual, without leaving the sofas, made their conclusions and, before the announcement of the real causes of the tragedy, spread them through social networks and media comments under the guise of authoritative opinions.

Not without fanning from "Charly Ebdo." The French magazine, which only a few months ago adherents of world liberalism sympathized with, dressed in Je suis Charlie t-shirts, allowed himself to outrage over the memory of those killed in a plane crash, publishing another graphic abomination. There is an opinion that the authors and owners of this scandalous magazine will be reassured by only one thing - a lawsuit against a couple of billions of euros from lawyers for the families of the victims. Such people, as you can see, understand only one word - money ... And therefore, an astronomical lawsuit is the only way to preserve the structure without wringing hands on this abomination, which calls itself "journalists" and "cartoonists." It is believed that the relatives of the deceased have a great chance of winning a case from overbearing people from Charly. And after all, "Charly" clearly enjoys the fact that relatives of the victims are now clearly not up to lawsuits.

Comments from our readers:

Russia now has too many "partners and friends" who want its well-being and prosperity, and you can safely think everything is bad. We are waiting for the results of the investigation.

What can I say ... I'm not Charly!

Why didn't they hurt their dead colleagues? Words censorship on these "humorists" no.

Ghouls tolerant. Extremism bears more from this yellow journal than from Al-Qaida.

Simulate in turn

Poroshenko decided to turn on the owner and gave the go-ahead for the arrest of one of the main actors in the Kolomoisky system — the arrest of Gennady Korban, who is part of the Dill movement. Some time after the noisy detention involving the special forces of the SBU, Korban was quietly transferred to house arrest, as reported by his lawyer, Oksana Timchyk.

The next act of Marlezonsky ballet in Kiev is called the “fight against corruption”. The entertainment is high, the box office cash is a billion dollars of guarantees from the White House for “new series”. At the same time, they consider that they breed each other both in Kiev and in Washington. In Kiev, they are sure that Washington can show a fairy tale about a white anti-corruption bull in the style of “house arrest of a corrupt Korban”, and Washington will bite it by setting off a credit tranche. And Washington is sure that it is enough for Kiev to wave a carrot in the form of not even money, but some ephemeral loan guarantees, and he will get rid of at least some odious people at the top.

So they imitate in turn ... Only now Ukraine’s internal policy does not fundamentally change: some oligarchs are trying to throw off other oligarchs and get to what is left of the budget trough. In this regard, Ukraine has ceased to differ, for example, from Libya, where there are clan wars, but there is no state.

Comments from our readers:

And how he (Korban) shouted "My children live here! I defended you at the front!"
I laughed for a long time. He recalled: "In which regiment did they serve?"

2017 year ... Announcer TV: You will laugh, but in Ukraine again a coup!

Alexander Romanov
"Poroshenko hits the first."
On the machine read: Poroshenko drinks first.
Gunpowder challenges Payette or someone else there - nonsense! Americans hold Gunpowder for the most important thing, for the chocolate eggs that it holds in the banks of the West.
And then, to organize a new Maidan, throwing the dough is not a problem.

And suddenly in the West they paid attention to the necessity of observing the contracts ...

The strikes inflicted on the militants' facilities in Syria from the Caspian Sea, showed Europe the entire worthlessness of the missile defense system that the Americans create. Showed the practical vulnerability of European cities in the event of a global conflict. Because the missile defense is not yet, and what can come from Russia is already available. And not the fact that the missile defense system will be able to cope with the flown even on the hypothetical 80-90%.

Now there’s only talk of anti-missile treaties concluded between the USSR (Russia) and the United States ... They say that we must do something, discuss something ... Ground-based sly Russians have replaced non-terrestrial ...

And this should happen - when the "Tomahawks" flew over the old Europe in 1999, no one in Europe for some reason had a thought (or thought arose, but was disgracefully expelled as insolvent ...) may fall on the head in the wrong place where it was launched. And about “that place”, everything was clear - it was said: “humanitarian rocket attacks” - that's all. "Verily, to overthrow Milosevic's bloody regime." Well, once said, so said ... Everything, as we sat on the fifth point exactly, so sit and continue.

But as soon as the Russian “Calibers” covered the bases of the ISIS and “Dzhebhat al-Nusra” in Syria, it went like this: “Fiends! .. Bloodsuckers! .. Ghouls! .. It is urgent to adopt a law toughening the use of cruise missiles! ..”

So start tightening yourself. And if not, then just jump in the forest - around the unipolar world invented by you ...

Comments from our readers:

“Many are now talking about violation of the INF Treaty of 1987 of the Year ...” This is said by those who do not keep their word, and do not comply with the agreements.

Maybe I, of course, am mistaken in some way, but ...
The significance of launching the Caliber at such a distance to some extent changes the balance of power in Europe. And that's why:
- Up to this point, the West considered itself to some extent protected from Russian missiles, since the launch range under the agreement could not exceed 500 km. And accordingly, the western part of Europe lived relatively calmly. To use ballistic missiles without nuclear charge, in fact, is ineffective;
- at the moment, the ground-based Caliber is likewise limited in flight range, and to be more precise, the missiles located in the launcher, but given the fact that any missile can be charged in the launcher, this aspect changes the picture quite drastically;
- in fact, it makes no sense to compare the “Caliber” and “Ax”, to argue which one is better and which is worse. The situation boils down to one: they are, and we can. And this is precisely the moment and scares the West.
If we take into account the sufficient variety of the Calibra missiles, then for the West this is generally a rather bad situation.
1. Supersonic Iskander-type missiles and counterparts from Caliber destroy the nearest missile defense and air defense lines.
2. Long-range missiles with a variety of warheads (depending on the tasks) destroy strategic objects at long distances. And in fact there can be a lot of such missiles, and it is not necessary to launch them from surface and submarine PU, unless you forget the universal missiles. And if in peacetime the range of missiles in PU is limited by the treaty, then in wartime these limitations are lifted.
3. If we take into account the diversity of PU: ships, aircraft, land and CONTAINERS, then the situation becomes even more pitiable for the West.

The significance of launching from the Caspian is first and foremost a demonstration of a weapon, of what we have, of how it works.

Running from FAB

The main defense department of the country has spread information that during the week the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed more than 500 objects of the militants of ISIS, the Front of Al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in Syria. The attacks were carried out on the positions of terrorist groups in the Syrian provinces of Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Lattakia, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor.

Particularly impressively in the second video, it was shown that “moderately pregnant bearded children” somehow don’t want to voluptuous gurias ... They have already prepared a gift for the Russian Federation FSC-250, which sends them to their dream, but two crying shahids those who were bobbing into their underpants were suddenly decided to hide from a gift in the bushes. Well, onizhedeti, by golly ...

And yet, the “guys” with the video, clearly unfastening the beard while they were walking and at the same time dreaming about Bavarian sausages from Frau Merkel, FAB-250 helped ... Delivered where it was necessary, but in parts ...

But during the briefing in the CIA camp, the “guys” were told that the bombs of the Russians were crooked and rusty, all the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces were shot down by the glorious Ukrainian army of Maxim machine guns and, in general, it was easy and pleasant to die for 200 bucks ... Now in the instructions The “friends” text with motivation will obviously have to be reigned, for the FABs, CABs and BETABs extinguish any, even the most played, libido in relation to the busty gurias ...

Comments from our readers:

Judging by the list of destroyed objects and infrastructure elements, the "bearded" is all really serious! Honestly, I used to think: well, a crowd of Nerds with guns is running across the desert, and to hell with them. An, no! Thanks to our VKS, my eyes opened!

And here “Mohamed” understood that he no longer wants to die for Allah.

Marlin 1203
Wow! Wow! Wow! So soon there will be no "goals"! Leave other flyers!

Defense & Security-2015

At the Defense & Security 2015 exhibition, held in Bangkok, the Kalashnikov concern presented more than 20 samples of small arms, both military and civilian. At the same time, Kalashnikov assault rifles are presented, including in the caliber of NATO countries - 5,56 mm, which is widely used in the Asia-Pacific region.

A special interest among visitors to the exhibition from the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries in the region was caused by the stand of the Russian-Indian company BrahMos Aerospace. Apparently, after the well-known events, attention to cruise missiles increased, not only among Western "partners." And taking into account the fact that the BrahMos missiles can be used not only from ships, but also, for example, with Su-30MKI, and also capable of maintaining supersonic speed throughout the flight, Asians estimate the degree of effect ... And not only, we must assume Asians. Even on the peacefully plowing expanses of the oceans of American aircraft carriers re-read the conditions of insurance.

Comments from our readers:

That's right, you need to conquer markets.

The day will come when the Pentagon will adopt the 5,56 mm AK!

Gee-gee! This has already happened. Ameripe without a license, without hiding, began to release our AK-74, in a brazen! And RPG-7 grenade launchers. You can check in the Internet, and the relevant articles were on HE.


In photographs from Syria, Russian GAZ-3308 Sadko all-terrain vehicles appear more often than Tanks and armored personnel carriers. The first batch of Gaz-3308 was sent to Syria in 2005. Before signing the contract, the Syrians arranged a rigorous test for the cars. All-terrain vehicles successfully coped with them.

And after all, the range of use of “Sadko” is by no means limited to the transport of military personnel. The Syrian army has adapted these cars to the real Syrian "Katyusha" or, if you like, "Gyulchatayka" - give the militants a taste of the "Elephant" from the board of GAZ-3308. From the side of the truck to the long-awaited meeting with "moderate", "moderate" and "immensely moderate" the operator sends a miracle of technology called "Elephant" which was previously considered in Syria exclusively "opposition" weapons and used by the Syrian troops. Now the “Elephants” issued by “Gyulchataykami” trample on “bearded boys”.

Comments from our readers:

The car is great, she that the sands of the desert, that the snow of the Arctic, all one thing - a trifle.

Shakes in the back of this "Sadko" so that you can give your soul to God. On the roads kidneys may well come off.

After GAZ-66, the car is really very comfortable, but, as a person who has been using GAZ-33081 for four years in very harsh conditions, I can add:

1. The D245 engine is unpretentious and reliable enough, but due to the powerful torque it constantly cuts off the crosses on the industrial shaft (56 thousands of mileage - 16 crosses), when installing a more powerful cardan, it breaks the razdatku.
2. Brake system - one minus.
3.Kuzov-can made by Krivorukov "masters" (do not compare with the Soviet from GAZ-66)
4.Prokhodimo- from GAZ-66 is better only in the snow. Dirt, sand due to the increased weight of the "muzzle" and a stronger engine are digging in itself.
5. And the main thing is the quality of metal - all from raw meat.
As always, a good idea and fun performance.

Well Duc cars unpretentious, jumped yes went, what else is necessary in the war ...

Psychic attack

The entry of the destroyer of the US Navy into the waters, which the PRC considers its own, is such a “precedent”, the repetition of which is unacceptable for Beijing: after all, its reputation will suffer. It will suffer both inside the country and outside. Another thing is the United States: for them just to confine one “call” means to act strategically wrong. Every cricket know your hearth: Washington intends to indicate Beijing its "place". If the White House didn’t order redrawing the borders, then no one dares to do that. If the United States sent the destroyer to the region, then we can confidently argue about the geopolitical aggravation of the so-called territorial disputes, as well as the desire of the White House to remind the Chinese who are hegemon on earth.

What further, in addition to diplomatic statements, can the Chinese answer to the Americans?

A direct clash between US and Chinese military forces is unlikely: the PRC and the US are economically interdependent; moreover, it would be such a powerful clash that it would smell like a third world war on the planet. But the scenario of the well-known “latest Chinese warnings” is very likely. No military action, but endless diplomatic suggestions and statements to the press. Americans continue to surf the "Chinese waters", and the Chinese - to fill the island. Here who has the psyche longer stand, comrades ...

Comments from our readers:

I understand that the Chinese will still try to sit out, they are not much to fight, they are much for a quiet expansion.

Semen Semyonitch
Does anyone have this experience? I do not have the British on the Falklands? Or the US in Iraq ???

The Chinese need to take an example from us for such provocations. Do not use weapons, and maneuver, but "unsuccessfully." As ours in the Black Sea scraped off part of the superstructure from the American ships and started a fire. They immediately got out of our sea and didn’t come so arrogantly.
True, for this the Chinese need to be good navigators so as not to drown anyone and not to drown themselves. But to teach a lesson. The level of their training is difficult to assess.
I think the Chinese will leave everything as it is. 1763's last Chinese warning will be made, and they will calm down. This is their mentality. And they are not ready for war yet. For this we need the determination of the whole nation. We need ideological training, and military training too. It takes time to deploy the forces and means in the area, and the challenger.

Need история wins, and whom has China won over the last 200 years? Utrutsya, traders. And according to the UN rules, the artificial islands have no 12-mile zone as such, and here China is in flight. The United States understands this very well.

Stoltenberg beeps again

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, stated that the NATO exercises “Trident Juncture 2015” being held in Spain, Portugal and Italy are “a signal to Russia”. According to Stoltenberg, this is "a signal to any potential NATO rival." Thus, the NATO Secretary General finally admitted the obvious: NATO considers Russia to be one of its main rivals.

Mr. Stoltenberg said: “The importance of the Trident Juncture 2015 exercises is that NATO gives a clear signal: we are ready to protect the entire alliance from any threat. Now is the period when NATO adapts to the new reality. ”

Secretary General Stoltenberg has repeatedly sent "signals" to Russia; This is another. But his words about the “new reality” of any Russian person will be stumped. We are serious people and we will not joke about what patties and marijuana ate in Amsterdam or anywhere else with the NATO Secretary General. And better remember that the alliance for 1990-s. in and in the 21st century, the Eastern European territory was successfully tucked into its bases and “command centers”. Next in line are Ukraine and Georgia. And then it will be possible to place bases only in Russia. So NATO and "adapts to the new reality." The Russians, after all, are not allowed to come to their place - therefore, they threaten a peaceful defensive alliance. And you say, marijuana pies!

Comments from our readers:

I never thought that Russia after 90-x will make NATO adapt))) Oh well.
I do not belong to the category of people (I will say right away) who, as it were, consider that TOMORROW VICTORY.
But I don’t belong to those who like it when these hlupik (from NATO or else from where) start: “But look, these teachings are to show you ...” How low and pathetic it looks! You are asking Russia to pay attention to something.
Farther. When Russia conducts some exercises, NATO always keeps track of every shot and comments on everything. And then suddenly it bothered that we supposedly didn’t look at them at all.
So who is isolated?

Yeah, adapting to a new reality is apparently pushing jeeps in the sand while landing! The signals they send ... What, SOS, or what ?! Help, we are stuck in the sand! .. I wonder how it would look like in reality ?!
Imagine the picture: NATO decided to land the troops, and, as usual, no one carried out reconnaissance of the landing zone. Landed, stuck!
A call to the Russian General Staff from the Pentagon:
- Hell, Russians, we are trying to land the troops here, we have stuck jeeps, you do not attack us yet, come in two days, or better in a week! Because while we pull out the jeeps, while we give the soldiers a rest, then they need to go to psychologists, bring diapers and Coca-Cola, put the toilets on, bring the Internet, in general, come back in a month, we will kill you! ..

Of course, stupid people. Russia has long sent NATO with a signal and without a signal. I also send NATO: do not climb where it is not necessary. It is said to everyone: the bear is the master of the taiga. You don’t give up someone else’s, you don’t give yours away;

Very big bombs

The Russian air group, located at the Hmeimim airbase in Syria, used the KAB-1500 powerful adjustable bombs against the Islamic State, reports RIA "News»A message from VKS representative Igor Klimov.

According to the officer, "two such bombs were suspended from the Su-34 bomber, which flew to a mission to the east of Syria." In the air, it was covered by Su-30CM. “The corrected aerial bomb KAB-1500 (it received its name due to the weight in tons of 1,5) is highly accurate. A laser homing head is installed on it, thanks to which the bomb is corrected according to the laser spot, ”Klimov said. He also noted that "such bombs are used against particularly reinforced targets: mountain positions, underground bunkers, buried command posts, reinforced concrete shelters, weapons stores."

The use of powerful adjustable bombs after the successful launch of Caspian cruise missiles flotilla - Another demonstration of power addressed to the militants of the "Islamic State", as well as their patrons from the East and West.

Comments from our readers:

One-and-a-half bombs are no longer childish. Khan's bearded cockroaches, 100%.

Severely. I wonder what purpose such gifts were dropped?

Such a very funny toy even in the absence of accuracy can lead to irreparable disturbances of the psyche of people, after which the desire to continue to fight, even for any money, disappears completely. And also considering its accuracy ...

I would add, given the power of the ammunition, that violations would be incompatible with life)))

It's not up to you, Mr. Obama.

In Vienna, a meeting of foreign ministers of countries participating in multilateral negotiations on Syria, in which 19 delegations participated, took place. The negotiators reached agreement on a number of points, which were then listed in the communique.

Syria remains a single, independent and secular state; its state institutions will operate intact; the rights of all Syrians should be protected regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation; diplomatic activities to end the conflict will be strengthened; with the participation of the UN, the possibilities of achieving a pan-Syrian armistice will be studied in parallel with the resumption of the political process. In addition, representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition have to agree under a UN auspices on a trustworthy government, including representatives of all religious groups. Then a new constitution should be adopted and free elections held under the supervision of the UN. All Syrians should participate in them, including those living abroad.

The fate of Syria will decide the Syrian people. However, the question of the future of President Assad remained open. Some participants of the meeting demanded his departure. But others said that the decision on the fate of Assad should be taken by the Syrians themselves.

After the decisive actions of Russia against the Islamist militants, the “warriors of Allah” ran out of Syria in thousands — and international diplomacy immediately began to stir. Washington had to admit that Russia plays a large role in international politics and to make some compromises. Recall, recently, the White House abandoned the obsessive idea of ​​"leaving Assad." And even though this question has not been removed from the agenda, now it will not be B.H. Obama who will decide it, but the Syrian people.

Comments from our readers:

That is, the fate of Syria is decided by anyone, not only Syria.

Tatar 174
There would be no decisive policy of Russia, there would be no more Syria and, maybe, not only Syria, but also Lebanon, and there would be a war on the borders of Israel.

Syria's fate is decided. Syria has become a battlefield for neighbors and superpowers. And after Russia's intervention, there were chances of preserving the territorial integrity of Syria. The terrorists will win. And the Kurds will not give independence ...

The negotiations, of course, were difficult: the countries that destabilized the situation in Syria in order to achieve their economic interests had to back down, and not only save their generally vile face, but also manage to stake out the economic slice of the country.
Assad is not a brother or a matchmaker, but he stood in the way of the economic expansion of the United States and neighboring countries. This is the reason why they are so persistently trying to remove him from power: he does not allow and will not allow to complete the initiated intervention.

Journalists are not warned

The recent visit of Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy of Germany Sigmar Gabriel to Moscow for the European and American press was a complete surprise. Even German publications found out about Gabriel’s plans only on the day of departure, and his “personal opinions”, including “gradual lifting” of the sanctions expressed in Russia, were quoted on Interfax and other Russian agencies. The American brain trust Stratfor suggested that Berlin is rethinking relations with Moscow, since the Germans are very concerned about the trade turnover between Germany and Russia.

As for the official position of Berlin, it is known: they do not intend to lift the sanctions there. The head of the Federal Chancellor's Office, Peter Altmayer, said this the other day. Commenting on another interview with the Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Zigmar Gabriel, who proposed to lift the sanctions because of the important role of Moscow in resolving the Syrian crisis, Altmayer said that the German government does not intend to cancel economic sanctions against Russia. The role of Vladimir Putin is indeed important, but “this does not mean that we will change our position on the Ukrainian issue,” Altmayer said. He added: "We will not give in to blackmail."

Gabriel’s “Personal Opinions” on the role of Russia and the need to lift the sanctions are understandable. Chancellor Merkel's trust rating in Germany continues to fall, and against this backdrop of political competition, Herr Sigmar Gabriel, the chairman of the SPD, and at the same time the vice-chancellor, announced his nomination for the post of federal chancellor. And expressed confidence in his election victory.

Presumably, if the parliamentary elections of 2017 of the year make adjustments to the alignment of the political forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, prohibitive measures against Russia can indeed be lifted. But not before.

Comments from our readers:

It is necessary to live up to 2017, and then it will be seen whether Herr Sigmar has a chance to become Chancellor, given his such moods, mattresses will also not be idle.

God willing, in the near future we will dictate the conditions on which we will generously allow the decaying (as the classics of socialism said) West to lift these notorious sanctions and once again become the market for Western goods, services and technologies.
Let each other's throats gnaw for the right relationship with Russia.
We are the most self-sufficient country in the world. We need a little (in modern conditions, if even after the regime of three wars an unprecedented breakthrough was made in the restoration and development of the country) time to correct the actions of democrats of the wild capitalist formation. There is experience; we need the political will of the country's leadership to take tough measures against "true capitalists."

Andrey NM
Sanctions really no one will be removed. The USSR constantly lived in the regime of sanctions, and the wind here blows from the USA. America will simply fine European banks for working with Russia, based on their domestic legislation, which they are doing now. What are the solutions? In the current conditions - no. It is possible, in the form of a counter-measure, to demand the immediate return of the gold reserve, in the event of non-compliance, to impose arrests on American property, of which there are many in Europe. But no one will go for it. First, there is a lot of American troops there that will be used without fail, and they will not care if they are allies or not. And secondly, it will be a full-scale war. Europe is not ready to stand up for itself in its current form and to reset the occupation, especially a double (radical Muslim). The question of refugees will put up with the EU; the Americans only need this, one is easier to choke one by one.

Now they have planted a vice-chancellor for a maid or nanny. And his chances in the elections will change dramatically.

Cold War Nostalgia

Some commanders who settled in Europe seem to be nostalgic for the Cold War: the Western press writes that 28 thousands of US military are based on the continent, and during the Cold War there were three hundred thousand of them. Some Western generals believe that Moscow is "preparing for offensive operations." The US Army is reviewing the structure of its armed forces in Europe in order to effectively confront "revanchist Russia." This was announced by the publication of the head of the US Army in Europe Mark Milli.

Mr. Milli believes that it is difficult to predict what the next step of Moscow will be, but the modernized Russian army and the “recent history of intervention in Ukraine” are suggestive. “This demonstrates the possible behavior of (Russia) in the future,” said a military official. And if the Russians are not “curbed”, it will all end “badly.” “I don’t know,” he said, “what Russia will do in the future, no one knows. But I know what they have been doing since 2008, and I know my capabilities. And this is a cause for concern. ”

Moscow, Mr. Millie, does not advise "to underestimate the capabilities of 28 of NATO states", as well as the "collective advantages" of the alliance in firepower. “Russia has no 28 allies,” he said, not without irony.

The West sees Russia’s aspirations for “revanchism” all around: first Ukraine, then Syria. The hint of the military is transparent: the generals imply that the Kremlin has decided to restore the former power of the USSR, and this should not be allowed to happen. That is why in the discussions at the level of commanders of American forces in Europe and the defense ministers of the NATO states they now see "Baltic" topics - they say, the Baltic countries have "rather limited defense capabilities."

But most of all, the Western military fears Russian unpredictability: “no one knows” what Moscow will do next.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Again concern ... The diagnosis is just already.

I think that this concern is related to the economy of the USA and the EU, oh, how much war is needed to restart its industry.
They no longer know from which side to Russia they should roll up with the proposal to play war. And the Russian Federation, stubborn, does not want to respond to the provocations that they offer, but responds unpredictably, it puzzles them, and enrages.

NATO has already pressed us to its own borders, although the word gave Comrade Gorbachev not to do this. And we are accused of aggressiveness and readiness to attack somewhere! We stationed troops in Eastern Europe and even the Baltic States, imposed sanctions under any pretext, and we are accused of all sins. Here, even the most narrow-minded person will give the last to an extra machine gun and an extra rocket to discourage our eternal "friends" from playing war games. And what is the most offensive, these people do not understand the words. Only a strong blow sobers their inflamed brain. I hope it will be possible to do it in Syria, and later in another place, but I will not specify, here and so everyone knows what it is about!


Vladimir Putin again confirmed his global "influence." At least, this follows from the new rating of Forbes magazine: the Russian president is again in the first place, and behind him are Angela Merkel and Barack Obama.

Vladimir Putin is becoming "the most influential" on the planet "for the third year in a row," the newspaper notes. Why so? The magazine believes that Putin continues to prove to the planet: he is one of those few people in the world who are strong enough to do what they want.

International sanctions were imposed against Russia because of the "seizure of the Crimea" and "proxy war in Ukraine", which led to a drop in the ruble exchange rate and a deepening recession, but in June Putin’s rating reached an all-time high of 89%. In October, he began to bomb IS forces in Syria, and then personally met with President Assad, which revealed the weakness of the United States and NATO in the region, and also helped restore Russian influence abroad.

Putin’s powerful global influence prompted the West to explore ... his brain. Irish psychology professor Ian Robertson from Trinity College in Dublin conducted a whole chemical study comparing the brain of Donald Trump (the leader of the Republican Party election race) and the brain of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When people like Putin and Trump get high marks or establish dominance in any region or business, this increases their “sense of pleasure,” Robertson said. The victory increases the production of testosterone by the body, which, in turn, increases the amount of dopamine (dopamine) acting on the reward network in the brain. It "makes you feel better," says the scientist. However, dopamine has its drawbacks. He can improve the subject's judgment about himself to a certain extent. But if he stimulates the brain “for too long” and if it becomes “too much”, the subject can become “self-confident” and get the desire to acquire even more power. The thing is that the majority of democracies in the world have come to limit the term of office of the rulers for a reason - from 8 to 10 years. “There is a reason for this,” Robertson summed up, not without irony.

It is a pity, we add from ourselves that the irony inherent in Mr. Robertson did not lead him to a deeper analysis. For example, the power of Barack Obama is not limited to the years of his stay in the Oval Office. Obama has been involved in politics since the last century: he was the senator of Illinois from the 13 electoral district from 1997 to 2004; he was then a senator from Illinois, until November 2008). And then he became president, and was re-elected in 2012 for a second term. The Nobel laureate and “peacemaker” Obama was one of those who started the war in Libya.

George W. Bush also came to the White House not from the bay. He distinguished himself as the governor of Texas (1995 — 2000), and only then “served” a couple of terms in the White House. This unleashed two wars - in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Probably, senators and governors in the United States should not be allowed into the Oval Office. Enough of dopamine!

Comments from our readers:

Quiet so calm. But inevitable!
PS Yes, not bad before in the KGB cadres were trained!

The peak of US domination in the world fell on the 1998 year. This is America during the Clinton presidency (respectively, it was the very bottom for Russia). Then, after 2000 of the year, the line of US domination rushed down (and began to rise in Russia).
The point of intersection of the two lines can be considered 2007 year - Putin's Munich speech (the world is no longer unipolar). Then the line of US domination continued to fall, and the line of Russia went to the elevation.
In principle, the USA did everything correctly, but they did not take into account one detail. The project called "Putin". The states did not take into account the possibilities of the Russian special services and the degree of readiness to take everything into their own hands. After all, after 1998, after a couple of years (plus or minus a year), Russia had to lose the North Caucasus, then Tatarstan, then the Far East, Yakutia, etc. (independence parade). The process was on the tracks and went on as usual. And it can be called (as it may sound pathetic) MIRACLE. Russia was balancing on the abyss, she had to fall there, that's all, this is the end, but no! And this is really, well, if you will, incredible.
P.S. And now you can imagine the degree of frustration of the States? Only 24 a year ago they opened champagne in honor of the collapse of the USSR, only 17 years ago it was all over.
And suddenly ... South Ossetia, Crimea, Syria. And all this fits into 25 years (in the scale of history, this is an insignificantly short period). A series of dramatically changing events!

Obama will not survive this, even Merkel bypassed him.

* “No, the military is not a profession. This is a sexual orientation ... "- a phrase from the movie" DMB "

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  1. major071
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    Many thanks to Oleg and Alexey for the review! hi good

    Basically, the week passed under the sign of Syria and therefore I will add my "five kopecks" to the overall piggy bank of the Results:

    A monkey spun before the mirror
    Ah, how beautiful I am! Clever! And without a flaw!
    With my mind, with my beauty
    I will conquer all! And I’ll build a new world!
    And the rest? Yes, do not care! Garbage!
    I said everything! Stop the questions!

    Give the globe to me, I'll poke my tail!
    Let the country fall under the tail, to the bottom!
    Who! Syria? Is there oil? Of course HOP!
    My policy is hindered by this bug!
    And the statement immediately: There is no freedom there!
    And they have been slandering democracy for six months already!

    Who are the rulers? Assad? I don’t know him!
    Well * there is a policy there? I always recognize him!
    Create opposition to Assad with this “liz”
    And hint that we will help Riyadh
    And everyone who stands up with the US position
    We recognize how moderate ISIS is the opposition ...

    With the filing of a black monkey spun "porridge"
    And the monkey rubbed its paws: - Our oil!
    Let's bring democracy to them faster
    But I don’t have a relationship with those who are fighting there!
    Which ISIS? NUSRA? Alkaida? Fear God!
    I have already covered the road to Syria for them as a year!

    And here is the Bear, tired of the USA
    Seeing that the monkey “beats the buck”
    In one motion of his bear paw
    Corrected by this chernozad monkey bloopers
    What was considered monkey opposition
    Suddenly the pose of the “drinking deer” took a stand

    Now if it weren’t for “shining” with the beauty of a macaque
    And I wouldn’t stick my crooked paws everywhere
    I wouldn’t get from Mishka for a stinky fuck
    A good, dimensionless Russian slipper

    wink drinks
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      Quote: major071
      A monkey spun before the mirror

      Forgetting that you have to pay only for what to see ...
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        Quote: name
        Forgetting that you have to pay only for what to see ...

        Of course this is not my business .. But, just write the Word "have to", why do you use so many Letters ??? Sincerely, Alekazhka .. (f) this is not a mistake.
        1. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 9 November 2015 10: 55
          Quote: exalex2
          Of course it's not my business ..

          So, go about your business! Before correcting someone, take a look at Orthographic dictionary Russian language. It hasn’t hurt anyone yet! Not to mention the correct application -have и
      2. exalex2
        exalex2 8 November 2015 08: 57
        Quote: name
        have to

        Isn't it funny yourself? What the Word looks like. WILL COME .. Interesting. Unified State Exam long ago finished "pass" ??? The alphabet is not your profile, it is Obviously.
        1. SRC P-15
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          Quote: exalex2
          Himself not funny? How does it lookеt Word.

          If you point out mistakes to someone else, be so kind as not to admit them yourself: the word "looks" is written with "and" - the test word "looks". No offense! hi
          1. exalex2
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            It is possible to make a mistake in ONE letter in a word, but 3 (three), this is no longer a typo .. This is a diagnosis. USE ..
            1. nemets
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              what does it mean you can make a mistake ?! If you reproach the other for mistakes, and you make them yourself, then you are just as illiterate and at the same time also ignorant.
            2. cap54
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              exalex2 This is a diagnosis. USE ..
              What are you all "Unified State Exam, Yes Unified State Exam ..." Is this an exam? This does not even pull the test ... This is a guessing game!
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            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            If you point out errors to another, then be kind, do not allow them yourself

            The letter "E" has not been canceled .. Fedorov or Fedorov there is a difference ..
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    hi hi. The semi-ruberoid is already used to eating up, then after a bear in Alaska, then behind the President of Russia ... Forbes has put everything in order.
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 8 November 2015 09: 58
      VV Putin reaffirmed his global "influence".

      07.11.2015 - 19: 39

      Putin sent billions of mice to positions of anti-terrorist operation forces - Ukrainian volunteers (PHOTOS) | Russian spring

      The Ukrainian military personnel and volunteers complain that positions of anti-terrorist operation forces are massively attacked by rodents.

      This is stated in the material of Radio Liberty, writes PolitNavigator.
      According to information, an exacerbation of this problem has occurred in the last three months.

      “At first the mice appeared in small flocks, then - more, now there are billions of them! None of us have ever seen this, ”said volunteer Yuri Misyagin.

      In an hour, one of the soldiers managed to fill several buckets of mice. "
      Thanks to the authors for the review!
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 8 November 2015 12: 04
        In an hour, one of the soldiers managed to fill several buckets of mice. "

        Well, last year we salted the hedgehogs for the winter, the Ukrainians harvested mice in buckets this year. But the hedgehog is probably tastier.
      2. Koshak
        Koshak 8 November 2015 16: 10
        How are sparrows in China? belay
      3. Corsair
        Corsair 8 November 2015 21: 48
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        “At first the mice appeared in small flocks, then - more, now there are billions of them! None of us have ever seen this, ”said volunteer Yuri Misyagin.

        fellow duck is humanitarian aid! so it was sho to eat in the winter! dry the mice, or rather sluggish, closer to February it will definitely come in handy lol
      4. cap54
        cap54 10 November 2015 09: 06
        In an hour, one of the soldiers managed to fill several buckets of mice. "
        But now there will be something to devour !!!
    2. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 8 November 2015 11: 10
      Quote: name
      The semi-ruberoid is already used to eating up, either for a bear in Alaska or for the President of Russia ... Forbes has put everything in order.

      Are you talking about this hemoruberoid? wink
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    thanks for the review hi
  4. Junior, I
    Junior, I 8 November 2015 07: 09
    There is an opinion that the relatives of the victims have very high chances of winning the case against the presumptuous persons from Charlie. And after all, "Charlie" is clearly taking advantage of the fact that the relatives of the victims are now clearly not up to lawsuits.

    And why not take this routine to the state!
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 8 November 2015 12: 03
      Younger, I (4) SU Today, 07:09 AM
      And why not take this routine to the state!

      But the truth is, first of all, the insults are directed towards the state "Russia has intensified its bombing" or whatever it was signed there, let the state win and the victims will get a bonus from these perverts. belay
  5. Dezinto
    Dezinto 8 November 2015 07: 12
    Charlie ebdo vile sick on the whole head of a creature !!!

    1. rf xnumx
      rf xnumx 8 November 2015 08: 15
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Charlie ebdo vile sick on the whole head of a creature !!!

      Inhumans !!!
    2. sever.56
      sever.56 8 November 2015 11: 09

      Nikolay, I welcome hi
      Millions of people, not only in Russia, but all over the world responded with just indignation to the abomination that Charlie Hebdo staged!
      Read the wonderful verses that the author answered all demons,
      who made dances on the bones of our fallen compatriots ... !!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 November 2015 07: 35
    Guys, thanks for the review.
    "We will not succumb to blackmail."

    I wonder what the head of the department of the Federal Chancellor Peter Altmayer meant? Perhaps the pressure of the German public on Merkel with the company for their dependence on the United States? European madhouse, where the head physician is the United States.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 8 November 2015 08: 00
    But most of all, the Western military fears Russian unpredictability: “no one knows” what Moscow will do next.
    If you throw a stick to a dog, it will look at that stick. And if you throw a stick to a lion, he will, without stopping, look at the thrower. This is a formal phrase that was said during disputes in ancient China, if the interlocutor began to cling to words and stopped seeing the main thing. You see the main thing, RUSSIA cannot be defeated.
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  10. Roust
    Roust 8 November 2015 08: 10
    Friends, everything will be fine !!! Will live!!! Western dogs bark, and the Russian caravan moves on.
    1. trantor
      trantor 9 November 2015 14: 38
      This saying has a good continuation: Let them bark, the camels from the trail will not go astray!
  11. Vityok
    Vityok 8 November 2015 08: 12
    Thanks for the great review! We are not "Charlie", "Charlie" are not us! Charlie is a bunch of incurable patients full of filth, angry
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 8 November 2015 08: 15
    "Marlin 1203
    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! So soon there will be no "goals" left! Leave the other flyers! "

    In the world of scum enough, incl. everyone will get it when the time comes.
  13. Stinger
    Stinger 8 November 2015 08: 25
    Russian President Vladimir Putin recently ordered the sending of a military unit to Syria, which is the subject of his trust and special pride - the Russian special forces.

    Putin immediately reported this to "the retired American serviceman J. Sumvolt (Zumwalt)." In secret, of course. And he blabbed.
  14. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 8 November 2015 08: 40
    Thanks for the review - capacious as always, yes in the case!
    1. boris-1230
      boris-1230 8 November 2015 12: 38
      Presumably, if the parliamentary elections of 2017 of the year make adjustments to the alignment of the political forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, prohibitive measures against Russia can indeed be lifted. But not before.

      Then we’ll think about whether to lift sanctions from the West! hi
  15. natakor1949
    natakor1949 8 November 2015 09: 07
    I always read your articles with pleasure, gentlemen. Thanks for your review. I completely agree with the FMS decision, it was necessary to apply it a year ago. I'M NOT CHARLIE! Corrupt vile pros ..., without the slightest feeling of pity and philanthropy, tv..i. Thanks to the Russian designers, the military, and the entire Army for rising like a "phoenix from the ashes." The normal People of our State are proud of the actions of their President, Minister of Defense and the main clever Diplomat - good luck to YOU, guys.
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  17. natakor1949
    natakor1949 8 November 2015 09: 29
    And as for Charlie, I want to say that when they insulted Muslims and were punished for it, even then I did not consider myself "I am Charlie", I got what I deserved, obscurantists.
  18. Persistent
    Persistent 8 November 2015 09: 30
    color = # 1F497D] Recall, recently the White House abandoned the obsession “about Assad’s departure”

    Well, that started !! Through clenched teeth from rabies, slowly begin to retreat along the entire information front !! Hitler called this "straightening the line of defense." With Ukraine, the "colleagues" are also not doing well, the "svidomo gore-rulers" are packing their bags ... laughing We hope that they will be rewarded according to their deserts.

    Irish psychology professor Ian Robertson of Trinity College Dublin conducted an entire chemical study comparing the brain of Donald Trump (a Republican favorite) and the brain of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    But this is impudence !!! To compare the brain of an impulsive politician who only scratches his tongue and our Vova who speaks less completely stupid !!!

    Thanks for the review !!
  19. Nymp
    Nymp 8 November 2015 09: 30
    Russia has no 24 allies! (Or how many of them did the NATO general name there?) But for that she has exactly the same number of targets! And she (Russia) will not miss! This is what I would think about in their place. Who's next there? Who is eager to become the target of our "calibers", "maces", "yars", "blue", etc.? We have many answers to such threats.
    1. moskovitt
      moskovitt 8 November 2015 12: 03
      Yes, everything is as before: if "friends", then like "Cuban sugar" - freeloaders. Russia has no normal friends, let alone military allies - this is the "merit" of the Foreign Ministry and the Government.
      The Soviet Union collapsed without launching poplars. Forgotten because of your young age?
      1. marinier
        marinier 8 November 2015 14: 01
        Da net ne vse tak prejde kak vi togo, i vam podobnie s4itay.
        voli en world !!!
        a USSR, PREJDE vse-go dovesti do razval takie kak ti!
        Nu ni4ego za-to kakoi preemnik v lise RUSSLAND.
        tREPESHITE ne-drugi RUSSLAND, 4AS Spavedliv rassplata blizok!
        A tebe pora v o4ered sam znash kuda, za-30 srebrenik + kolbaska, v dovesok. crying
  20. veksha50
    veksha50 8 November 2015 09: 56
    "Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave the order to send to Syria military unit, which is the subject of his trust and special pride - Russian special forces"...

    Something American confused our President with his own, as well as with special forces ... It seems that Obama boasted of his special forces sent ...

    Once again, Amers confirmed how they want the US president to be like Putin ...
  21. veksha50
    veksha50 8 November 2015 10: 05
    You need to tell "...

    With Ukrainians, it seems to me that both the problem and the information are twofold ...

    "Thanks" to our bureaucrats, at first they launched everyone who was not too lazy - both normal and with a "double bottom" ...

    And now they are raking under one comb - so after all bureaucrats are easier ... But human destinies interest nobody ...

    PS Honestly, it is surprising where the FSB looks when some of the "refugees" practically show anti-Russian sentiments and do the same ... And why the migration service creates obstacles for normal people who left for Russia from Ukraine ...
  22. moskovitt
    moskovitt 8 November 2015 10: 49
    On the exercises "jeeps get stuck" .... the leavened patriot giggles happily.
    In a real war in Kuwait and Iraq they are not stuck - will we gag?
  23. boroda64
    boroda64 8 November 2015 11: 09
    - good review
    - thanks for the selection .....
  24. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 8 November 2015 12: 56
    All Charlie. All "partners". A stake of aspen to drive them in and to all the Jews in those tops. Russophobes are fig. All went to the ram from impotence!
  25. Starik72
    Starik72 8 November 2015 13: 24
    I read carefully the Weekly Review and comments! Thanks to the authors for this article !!! As always, AUTHORS are at their best, in a simple and accessible language and with humor, everything is laid out on the shelves! Thanks again !!! WITH RESPECT.
  26. Egoza
    Egoza 8 November 2015 13: 38
    Then yesterday the holiday was the Great October Socialist Revolution, and a week ago the bourgeois celebrated Halloween. To frighten each other, they cut faces on pumpkins, put candles ... Well, ours decided - if it’s supposed to frighten, then we will frighten ...
    Go / w604-h491-no / 0001.jpgм
  27. Egoza
    Egoza 8 November 2015 13: 42
    As for Korban, I will add ... well, the authorities did not expect that such a reaction would be in his support. Many frankly say that "I gave little to this ... insolent". And to tie the "hand of the Kremlin" here, as they tried with Yulia, due to the fact that Korban studied at a school in Russia for five years - and in general, even the inveterate anti-Putin residents spat. In short, they released him under house arrest with an electronic bracelet until December 1. Only I doubt that he will sit at home with this bracelet for a long time.
  28. Kibl
    Kibl 8 November 2015 16: 54
    It is necessary to disassemble this edition of "Charlie" brick by brick at night and after cleaning all the biological husk sitting there. Enough to scoff, it's time to answer, the first time to see was not enough!
  29. Lenin
    Lenin 8 November 2015 17: 45
    There is an old Russian proverb: Trust, but verify. You can not rely entirely on the allies, what goals they indicate there, God knows him. Verified information from their own will be much more reliable. Yes, and these guys are better able to help those who are in a difficult situation ...
    Well, as one of the options, the guys went on tour behind the ears of those who organized the A-321 crash.
  30. fedor13
    fedor13 8 November 2015 19: 21
    If I could draw I painted these charlins with a bunch of jackals who run bite people alive and dead and run away to pop out articles and crickets. I see them like that.
  31. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 8 November 2015 21: 13
    The review turned out to be interesting, thanks! True, everything could be done, especially for foreign readers of VO, shorter, just to remind: "Do not wake a sleeping bear!"
  32. Irinach
    Irinach 8 November 2015 21: 15
    I read it with pleasure. Thanks to the author.
  33. CRASH
    CRASH 8 November 2015 22: 53
    And that there is no article about the fact that Serdyukov-Taburetkin was appointed director of the Federal Research Testing Center for Mechanical Engineering, which is part of the structure of Rostec?
  34. Wolka
    Wolka 9 November 2015 05: 40
    and Murzika (Masri) should be taken with the company, we’ll still hear ...
  35. gv2000
    gv2000 9 November 2015 14: 04
    “Not always, I must admit, smoothly and without nerves, but still ...” - in the Russian Federation it is always so. Without nerves in any way. The state machine is directed against people. Bureaucrats are looking for clues for refusal, and not solve people's problems.
  36. Foxmara
    Foxmara 9 November 2015 17: 01
    "True, for this, the Chinese need to be good sailors, so as not to drown anyone and not drown themselves. But to teach a lesson. The level of their training is difficult to assess."

    To do this, you must have steel eggs.
  37. Baloo
    Baloo 9 November 2015 21: 12
    The portal published material from a retired US soldier J. Zumvolt (Zumwalt), in which the author claims the following:
    Russian President Vladimir Putin recently ordered the sending of a military unit to Syria, which is the subject of his trust and special pride - Russian special forces

    Special Forces? There is no one special forces there yet, there is still a rough sweep with precision weapons. The construction battalion was sent, not the special forces, to restore the infrastructure. True, they are such tough guys, they don’t even get automatic machines, only shovels. bully
  38. starwars
    starwars 19 November 2015 20: 01
    “Hello, Russians, we're trying to land troops here, our jeeps are stuck, do not attack us yet, come back in two days, or better in a week!” Because we will take the jeeps out for now, while we will let the soldiers rest, then we need to go to the psychologists, bring up diapers and Coca-Cola, put on dry closets, conduct the Internet, in general, come in a month, we will kill you! ...

    Now daaam in the face, and you'll know.