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Results of the week. "The truth is easy and pleasant to say ..."

In whose hands is the seal of Judas?

Earlier, the call of the Ukrainian people's deputy Mr. Gerashchenko to publish in public access the personal data of Russian pilots participating in the counterterrorist operation in Syria, as it turns out, found a considerable number of responses among the “enthusiasts” of providing outright information assistance to representatives of various terrorist groups.

Results of the week. "The truth is easy and pleasant to say ..."

As it turns out, “informed sources” are those who, through the presence of facebook pages whose data walk through the network, do not even try to hide their involvement in American intelligence. In other words, “Crimean women, daughters of an officer”, who receive certain tasks in overseas structures, are becoming more and more, and they are ready to publish not only information about Russian pilots, but their mother to sell their next cookie without any regrets. There is one characteristic: the seal of Judas is a Bandera seed, it did not give sprouts for a long time, but now there were “agrarians” who made him not only grow, but also began to spit on individual “farmlands” ...

Comments from our readers:

Had Hitler today, these “guys” would support him just to quench his hatred of Russia ...

Yes, this is exactly the fascists. But the pilots are good, who forced them to star in the service? When I served, then roll in the army against the background of military equipment was prohibited. Many special patrol soldiers even tore out such pages from demobel albums. Well, and pilots, these are officers who need to know that not only next to the equipment, but also in the form of a pilot, it is dangerous to act.

The Chat
In the hands of narrow-minded people, even cucumber is evil.
Not for nothing was the slogan - "Chatterbox a find for a spy!"
But our belolentochnye not just talkers, but helpful lackeys of the enemy ...

Cookie Mote! ..

Another "attack of democracy" on the air of the Ukrainian radio station "Vesti" was issued by the former "echoer" Matvey Ganapolsky. A man from Dnepropetrovsk called in the studio, who introduced himself as Alexander, and said on the air that he was inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Alexander, Vladimir Putin is the only politician who is really interested in the fate of Ukraine and the Ukrainians. If at first Mr. Ganapolsky inserted into the statement of a listener from Dnepropetrovsk a remark that “Putin is interested in the murder of Ukrainians”, clearly trying to play along with the Maidan variation of “freedom of speech”, then after Alexander’s further words about his positive perception of Vladimir Putin’s personality and that that the words about the murder of Ukrainians Putin-a lie, Ganapolskogo suffered.

No, well, what we wanted ... Ganapolsky (he is a native of sunny Lviv Motya Margolis), even from “Echovskiy” times, was trained to lick the hand of those who give him a salary. Licked Motya and now ... True, judging by the emotions, it is far from being a hand ... But who asks him? - most importantly in time and with a twinkle to work out your studio place, and then the next time the salary can pass by, and the “journalist” himself - a kick under the causal place. And in general, Motya understands perfectly well that he is on bird rights, and therefore he has to crow louder on his perch so that the backyard he recognizes as his own.

Attention is drawn to the fact that all of their insults to the radio listener Ganapolsky made only after the young man was taken out of the ether. A coward Motenka, a coward ... I was afraid that a resident of Dnepropetrovsk would have time to respond to the great and powerful ... Run away, Motya, for honestly earned cookies.

Comments from our readers:

Mareman Vasilich
What do you want to hear from a pathological coward? In another way, he can not lead.

The Russian Federation rallies us to the Ukraine :)
They would send better vodka (s).

Ganapolsky showed (reflexively) the true nature of our liberastes, their respect for the opinions of others, the ability to listen and hear others. Thank you, Matvey! You did what a hundred notebook agitators would not have done - the rotten essence of our so-called. "Liberals" is shown by you bright, juicy, expressive! Bravo!!!

What prevents a bad economist, unlike a bad dancer?

The Ministry of Finance announced that with the current exchange rate of the ruble and oil prices, the Reserve Fund of Russia may cease to exist already in the 2016 year. So says the head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov. “More optimistic” looks at the Reserve Fund of the first deputy Silunova Ms. Nesterenko, which gives the foundation “already” 2-3 years of life ...

And after all, this should happen, the valiant economic bloc of the Russian government, including the Ministry of Economic Development (development, Karl! ..), does not say anything about what measures graduated and award-winning specialists are going to take in order to a) correct the economic situation, b) The reserve fund is not to be completely squandered. All hopes are solely on the reserves accumulated at the prices of "black gold" at the "ZAST-TAKOS" level. Or training in domestic economic institutions, universities and the academy ends with parting words "And God forbid you a cheap barrel!", After which everyone spits together over his left shoulder and knocks (mutually) on the head of a graduate - a neighbor on the university bench ...

What prevents a bad dancer - is known to all. But what's stopping a bad economist? ..

Comments from our readers:

I think that the sooner the “economic geeks” leave their portfolios, the more chances Russia has to stay afloat! However, where to find a substitute - only some graduates of the HSE — the incubator of liberalism, who has been forcing specialists who have fallen in love with the Western economic model for years, have been digging around.

These “geeks” and their chiefs for some reason have international transfers, the kids study in the west. Here they earn money, and there real estate and recreation ... I do not know, but already some kind of mutual responsibility with officials and legislators, they support and cover each other. The deputies are satisfied with such a situation, and they slap laws not for the people, the officials move their lips with pretentious lips and puff their cheeks, the president is silent ... Depth is slowly collapsing and dying out.

Born in USSR
Our whole trouble is that these “prodigies” are not responsible for anything. There is not enough intelligence to work for the country, or rather, they do not want to, or, more correctly, they do not order, the owners are from abroad.

Repeatedly repeated, and probably for a long time I will repeat, in our country the most economists and lawyers graduate. And the biggest problems in economics and law.

Well, then the girls ...

“Smock” ex-Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov received a new position in the holding “Rostec”. It turned out that Serdyukov now occupies the post of industrial director for the aviation cluster.

Wait, wait ... What does "on the aviation cluster" mean? Does this mean that Anatoly Eduardovich is being pushed to the “unacceptable for him” “first of all airplanes, well, girls, and girls later”? .. If so, Anatoly Eduardovich will not be happy, because girls with slippers cannot be for a person entering the circle of adepts of a sudden amnesty, AFTER the planes, by definition ... Or, again, you have to combine them somehow.

Comments from our readers:
Now the "murok" of their own will pull up there, and our technologies will become the most advanced in the world ...

Very old
"Thrown to gain"
There was such a movement at certain times - NOTHING FORGOTTEN.
And "Taburetkin" boldly rushed to the embrasure.

Major Yurik
Tepericha red sneakers Tolyan in the reception "Rostec" will stand! Piece goods this Tolyan, subject to environmental protection, damn it!

What are you so worried? Now bad Serdyukov slightly rubs, and then someone will come good and restore ... After that, the good will be the best.

Estonia in the style of "black"

The Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Air Force (and there is an Air Force in Estonia ...), Colonel Jaak Tarien, stated that he extremely regrets the existence of racist inclinations among the population in Estonia. We are talking about incidents that are frequent in Tallinn. Locals, seeing NATO dark-skinned soldiers who have become regulars of Estonian cafes and bars, to put it mildly, are unflattering about their presence in the Baltic countries. One of the exclamations that NATO black soldiers heard was “Go to Nigeria.” There are also outright fights.

Here always these hot Estonian guys are dissatisfied with something. That Russian their decades, you know, occupied. Uh, the occupiers! - quietly threatened with fists in their Soviet kitchens in Soviet homes, sipping tea from Soviet sets of freedom-loving Estonians ... And now what? Now, the dark defenders of estodemocracy are not to their liking. But after all, they chose a government in Estonian discreet joy, which unprecedentedly cares about the independence and security of the country, attracting even a cherished, but truly saving contingent from the countries of the pious alliance.
Well, the contingent representatives urinated on the wall after a fair drink, but the Estonian young woman snatched at the soft spot in the restaurant - so the Estonians should be happy - they sniffed - it means they honored you, so to say, with goodness ... And don't sulk! - the joy of a built democracy should be unlimited! .. Isn't it true, Estonia? ..

Comments from our readers:

Well, whoever will like the occupation troops, even though they are presented there as saviors from the aggressor, but not everyone listens to this tale.

Comrades! We missed the most important thing!

I wonder how many black Estonians will be born after the visit of NATO marines?

"Throwing people at the hotel or shouting in the restaurant" get out in Nigeria ", you attack people who defend our independence".

That is, when soldiers from another continent, where locals were slaughtered at one time, in restaurants in your city, when planes were flying overhead, and armored vehicles on the streets - this is called independence.
And when an industry is being built in your country, which has never been born, infrastructure, resorts, is an occupation.

This is still the Russian taxi drivers did not communicate with them, and then in general they would go broke on psychologists.

Well, where are you, var-va-ra? ..

After the detention of Varvara Karaulova, who changed her name to Aleksandr Pavlova, the lawyers said that Barbara had an “immature psyche”, that she “succumbed to influence” ... But the main thing, according to the lawyers and relatives, Barbaria would break all ties with the militants. However, it turned out that the ties were not torn, and Karaulova continued to maintain contact with a man whom she considered beloved, and who had recruited her to move to ISIS terrorists in Syria.

After the arrest of Karaulov, the lawyer stated that he would seek psychological and psychiatric expertise, and Karaulova’s mother expressed the view that her daughter fell into “pathological dependence on her beloved (recruiter),” and that “she herself is not responsible for her actions.” If so, then the question is: who is responsible for the actions of Karaulova, and why during those four months when Barbara was at home, none of her relatives had any desire to “psychologically” help the girl? Or the need for psychological assistance was suddenly remembered only after the establishment of a criminal case and a court decision on a preventive measure in the form of detention? ..

While in the pre-trial detention center, Karaulov-Pavlova (still a student of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University) asked to bring a small book of Kant and Plato to her cell ...

And indeed, let’s get better acquainted with their works. For example, with this saying of the ancient Greek thinker:

The first and best victory is a victory over oneself.

So conquer your delusions, Barbara! ..

Comments from our readers:

What is she naive fool? A person who has betrayed the faith of his ancestors will continue to betray. So, being a slave to a stinking, bearded scumbag and, I hope, not one - this is her conscious choice ...

Calm down, she did not betray the faith of their ancestors, because she had no faith whatsoever. It may have been baptized in childhood, but for most Russians, as well as for Varenka Karalulova, baptism is a convention, so to speak - a folklore rite. In the sense of faith, it was a “clean sheet”, and, unfortunately, this sheet was “filled” with Arabic script, not Cyrillic writing ...

Treatment by labor! With kyle in the hands of all the crap out of the head. A penny for a start.

Free cossack
Such a beautiful Russian name, study in a prestigious university, and a girl - a fool fool.

Legalized banditry

During the briefing, Colonel Edward Basurin, Deputy Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps, said that up to two thousand militants of the ultranationalist “Azov”, “Dnepr” and “Lviv” militants had finally left the subordination of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and took positions in the immediate vicinity of the contact line in the Donbass. According to Eduard Basurin, the Nazi formations are located near the settlements of Troitskoe and Novgorod. The total number is up to 2 of thousands of armed radicals who are ready to carry out any provocation.

Well, itching for white and fluffy "Azovtsy", "Dneprovtsy", "pravosekov" and others ... They can not and do not know how (because they are not trained) to work for good, but they know one thing - hiding behind others' backs, firing on the civilian population, with lightning speed publishing posts on Facebook about their numerous daily peremogs. Yes, and for Kiev it is quite tolerable - they say, let it be better to get away from the center of universal democracy in the Donbass, and even if a truce, “God forbid”, is complete, then these same peppers may turn out to be in the center of Kiev will rust. And what happens when these lads suddenly end up on Khreshchatyk, Maidan or Institutskaya, Peter Alekseevich knows better than others, for he himself was in the share ...

Comments from our readers:

They need the continuation of war under the pretext of "despicable DNR insidiously attacked hares from Azov."

They did not hide? they want an option like with Serbian Krajina and Croatia. Only hurry strongly. It will end up being left without a country at all.

Theodore Rasp
Washington's plans are simple and primitive to disgrace, most likely it will be like this:
1- Ps attack, sort of unauthorized,
2- Answer DNR and LC,
3- World accusation of their violation of Minsk-2,
4- New sanctions against the Russian Federation,
5- Termination of the Minsk Agreements and unleashing the hands of Kiev.

I really want to make a mistake, but everything goes to that!

Modify with a file to the 5 generation

The head of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin, said that the export potential of Russian MiG fighters is very large, and, for example, the MiG-35 can be brought to the level of the 5 generation over time.

The very phrase of the main person in Rosoboronexport that the MiG-35 “can be brought over time” is surprising, to say the least. First, such a statement of the question suggests that there may be brought, and maybe not brought, secondly, how much time does it take the manufacturer to bring the aircraft to this notorious 5 generation? If you “bring up”, then the case “behind the small” remains: “just something” to change the engines and “modify the file” of the aircraft fuselage. True, before making statements that this will be also an export version, the plane will still have to be “driven” under domestic conditions, because there are doubts that our foreign “friends, brothers, and partners” will literally rush to order the car from the manufacturer. so far, unfortunately, shrug in Russia itself.

Your division! Again the "export potential" !!! Think first about your own army and navy, and then grunt, until the liver breaks. That China, then India, then do not understand who. What strategic technologies are you selling? After all, one cannot promise that tomorrow neither China nor India will side with the Anglo-Saxons or start their own party against Russia. And the top sells so sensitive technology that you wonder. Idiocy just rolls over.

In this emphasis, it is obvious to say that the management does not have a complete systemic understanding of the ambiguity of a diverse fleet of aircraft. However, there is a technological problem. For such a park you need trite simple methods of scale. In other words, on one technology you need to create a scale of models of aircraft. Therefore, it is also necessary to understand that the problem lies in the depth of the issue — the creation of engines for various scales of “lightness” of airplanes. A complex in the production of engines and do not allow to support either the production or support of such different engines.

Export potential or not export, but for the time being, the new product will not put its own Defense Ministry on board, no one will even look at it on the side - this is an important condition for future sales. MiG has long had to please its attractive and foreign market with something attractive, but so far there they are only engaged in repairing equipment that has been shipped to partners for a long time. We haven’t yet seen anything new from the concern, and the Instant-35 will not find any real prospects. It is clear that on this background, their dreams of the fifth generation, especially due to their own initiative interest, are illusory and foggy.

Air Force Reserve
It is not clear how under the previous glider can we talk about the fifth generation? Where are the internal weapons bays, S-shaped air ducts, inclined rudders, rather than vertical, cruising supersonic on the RD-33MK?

They did not expect

The effectiveness of the work of the Russian Aerospace Forces has exceeded the expectations of both the American and the Syrian leadership, Bashar Assad said at a meeting with Russian parliamentarians. President Assad “counted on the high quality of Russian participation aviation in the fight against terrorists, but neither the Syrian authorities, nor even the Americans expected that (Russian aviation) would work so effectively, ”said Dmitry Sablin, a member of the Federation Council. “He gave an example when one bridge could not be destroyed for more than a year, through which the supply of terrorists with ammunition from Iraq went. Only one plane was destroyed the first time (it), ”the newspaper Vzglyad quoted Sablin as saying.

Of course, it is difficult for Americans to destroy the bridge when Americans divide terrorists into good and bad, calling the first militants, and the second - “moderate opposition”. And at the same time calling their projects to overthrow Assad "the democratization of Syria."

By the way, Comrade Assad noted that the terrorists "are beginning to leave the territory of Syria."

Comments from our readers:

Asad clearly had a second wind, this is a very pleasant and encouraging fact.

He also said that he will participate in the elections. I think that victory is guaranteed for him, especially after such cooperation with Putin!

Bravo to pilots and sailors, and the entire apparatus of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and also V. Putin. Though now it was not a shame for the Russian state, and how you remember the leadership of M. S. Gorbachev and his follower B. N. Yeltsin, you are not only ashamed, but you also want to cry ...

Baker with a grenade launcher

The organization “Human Rights Watch” was marked by reports of “war crimes” allegedly committed by Russian military personnel of the aviation group of the Russian Aerospace forces of the Russian Federation in Syria. For example, it is reported that Russian air strikes (allegedly) caused civilian casualties. Two “local activists” together with two “emergency response specialists” reported to HRW that Russian planes attacked the Tell-Bis area (north of Homs), and this resulted in the death of 17 “civilians”.

“Activists”, it must be assumed, happened to be at the right place at the right time, purely by chance. According to them, there are no terrorists north of Homs, and therefore the investigation of “crimes against humanity” should be immediately launched. HRW reports with sadness that Mustafa Vakil was a victim of blows - also an activist and not a terrorist at all, but a baker.

Such an active production worker, I suppose, can be found in the bakery and grenade launcher. A typical representative of the “civilian population” suffering in Syria from the “Russian occupation”. After all, according to "reports" of other Western media, Putin is going to "annex" Syria like the Crimea. His habit of this was formed, Putin. Soon, they say, and Washington "annexed". And start with Alaska.

Comments from our readers:

For Americans, this information is quite enough to create an image of the enemy from the Russians. And for more such information is not needed.

At this rate, bearded bakers will soon have “white flour”. And without this white flour to fight is not high.

At the time, this left desk was called a war criminal by Shamanov because she didn’t stand on ceremony with the terrorists during the Second Chechen War. So their squeals are not surprising now.

Out of spite

Military attaches of a number of foreign countries (Britain, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, France and some other countries) were invited to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The defense department of the Russian Federation demanded an explanation about a number of injections about the fact that Russian planes in Syria are allegedly attacking medical institutions and other civilian objects. Anatoly Antonov, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, recalled that air strikes in Syria are inflicted only on objects whose affiliation to terrorists has been confirmed by several sources, and that strikes on hospitals and mosques are excluded in principle.

Permanent reminders to "partners" that they are not there or are not looking, are associated with the bad habit of the Western media to rely on certain messages from "sources" from all sorts of tweeters and the like network dumps about "hospital destroyed by Russian aviation" or "bombed civilian buildings ". Militants and "activists" are shooting some cell fragments on the cell phone cameras or simply piles of stones in the dust, declaring behind the scenes that there was "a hospital" here, and the "progressive" European or American media immediately began to cry out about the inadmissibility of the bombings of medical institutions and civilian facilities.

Indeed, strikes against the Doctors Without Borders hospital and the same charity hospital are unacceptable. The first happened in Afghanistan, and the United States did it. The second occurred in Yemen, and this was done by Saudi aviators.

So yell about the inadmissibility, partners. Scream where there are facts for it.

But do not yell. They are silent.

Comments from our readers:

There will be a standard answer: we have a very free press, which we cannot influence in any way.

It just hurts them that they are bombing civilians, weddings and hospitals, but Russia is not, so this is just an attempt to pass what you want to be true ...

What are these military attaches ?! A bunch of wordless, zaturkannyh "Chamberlain" ... Neither in a fairy tale to say, nor to curse to formulate ...

In war, especially informational, there are no rules: it is necessary to understand that this is war, and not appeal to the conscience of those who do not have it. Denials will not help, and they never will!

Analyst error

According to the specialist on national security, the US Navy officer Garrett Campbell, the actions of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Syria have refuted the estimates of Western analysts who underestimate their capabilities.

The Aviation Group of the Russian Aerospace Forces effectively attacks the positions of militants of the armed forces who oppose the Syrian government forces, he said. "Almost none of our NATO allies can match what Russia has been doing in the skies so far," the American military RIA quoted as sayingNews».

Some Western experts gave low estimates of the potential of the Russian Navy, but the ships of the Caspian fleet successfully hit targets at a distance of more than 900 miles with the help of cruise missiles, Campbell emphasizes. At the same time, he said, similar surface ships of the US Navy can not do anything like that.

Western analysts, the very ones that underestimated the capabilities of the Russian armed forces, made a mistake for a very simple reason: these people are still in a state of euphoria from the victory of the West in the Cold War. It was not for nothing that the US congressmen recently stated: American intelligence officers “overslept” the appearance of the “Putin's army” in Syria. Simply put, nobody expected this army there. After all, everyone knows that only the American army is allowed to appear anywhere.

And the effective strikes of Russia on the targets of the militants of the “IG” turned out to be an “unpleasant surprise” for the West. And where did these Russians come from?

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
I read the articles of these experts ... Pure propaganda. And all the time there are praises to the US Navy. Their fleet is invincible and invincible. Well, just like the German army 1941 year of release. Also before the first serious clashes with the Red Army, which was then not in the best position ...

Let Western experts and analysts be surprised at the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, otherwise they have long since buried Russia in their dreams.

Our aviation and fleet are great !!! But you have not seen the rest of the military branches, and God forbid you to see !!!

Uncle lee
I won't even mention the construction battalion!

As for us, don't laugh at us. Yes, weapons we were not allowed, but we sharpened our shovels and shovels very well, and waved the crowbars well, but in order to bite off the ear or throat, it was so easy. And the dogs were eaten, and the cabbage / potato was rotten, the meat of the year of preparation 1954. Why do you think we were so angry?

Crush, crush, is about to crush!

American media talked about the "pressure" on Barack Obama. Why "put pressure" on the president? It turns out that the current owner of the Oval Office had the reputation of a weakling, and its weakness is especially visible in Syria, where the Russians are now setting the tone. Even his Secretary of State, John Kerry, is displeased with Obama's behavior. The only one who for the company with Obama does not dare to "confront" Russia in the Middle East - this is Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. This was told by journalists Mark Mazetti and Peter Baker (Mark Mazzetti and Peter Baker) in the newspaper "New York Times".

The heated discussions between the White House administration and its opponents were prompted by the question of the need to deploy American military forces in order to create a no-fly zone and a security zone in Syria. As the publication points out, the White House is still very skeptical about the idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone. Nevertheless, the refugee crisis in Europe and Russia's military intervention in the situation in Syria led to "increased pressure on President Obama." Opponents urge him to "take more drastic measures." Even Secretary of State John Kerry, like many others, believes that it is necessary to use the US air force to ensure the security of the Syrians.

To this we must add that Obama’s Republican opponents, striving for the presidency, also use Obama's “weakness”. Two weeks ago, a potential US Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, speaking on MSNBS, called Obama a “weakling.”

Himself, Christie, apparently, not a wimp. “First of all, I would call Vladimir and say:“ We are introducing a no-fly zone, and this applies to everyone, including you. So don't even try, ”the brave governor of RIA Novosti is quoted as saying.

Roughly the same is true of another Republican candidate, Marco Rubio. He supports the idea of ​​introducing a no-fly zone in Syria and believes that if Russia violated the boundaries of such a zone, it would “have problems”.

To summarize Republican hawks, as well as a number of representatives of the Democratic Party, including Secretary of State John Kerry, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, are attacking B.H. Obama, urging him to enter a no-fly zone over the territory of Syria. Next to Obama, Defense Minister Ash Carter courageously defends himself against the attacks of the hawks. It seems that this is the only person (besides the president) who is not happy with the prospect of a possible clash in Syria with the Russians.

Comments from our readers:

The Yankees with their aggressive policy (controlled chaos) failed everything they could, but B. Obama really still has enough wisdom not to add fuel to the fire, which can finally blow up the world ...

Mikhail Krapivin
The patsaks, who have completely lost their sense of reality, are so accustomed to impunity that they lose all resistance from them and become hysterical, which threatens to turn into aggression. I hope our leadership will not yield and will give a decent answer to these radishes.

The no-fly zone is a war of air defense weapons, since the air force cannot fly, and no one can fly. For the future now we need to think about missile strikes, the supply of TOC systems and other similar treats. But it will be only after Obama’s departure, so at this stage Obama is our man)))

The will of the nations

Military commanders, workers in NATO, as well as those who previously worked there, and experts who have worked for a term in the State Department, declare the near demise of the North Atlantic Alliance. The Russians will "kill" NATO. Now they are testing airplanes, ships, building military bases everywhere, and this is a “great challenge” that the West has nothing to answer. The fact is that the peoples of other Western countries do not want to quarrel with the Russians, but to be friends.

A survey of the Pew research center showed that the majority of respondents in France, Germany and Italy are against the idea of ​​fighting with Russia - that is, the use of military force to protect another NATO country. Such public opinion, Western analysts believe, is a serious threat to the principle of collective self-defense. After all, such a principle is the cornerstone of the North Atlantic alliance.

It is hoped that the NATO bloc will split not the “threat to Russia”, but the will of the peoples of Western countries who do not approve of the alliance’s confrontation policy with Russia. Neither the Germans, nor the French, nor the Italians, as the Pugh poll shows, do not want to fight with Russia, defending some kind of "other NATO country." Sooner or later, this position of voters will affect the election results: new politicians will come to power in the EU countries, ready to lend a hand to friendship to Moscow.

Comments from our readers:

“Russians are coming!” - the national fun of the members of the alliance!

I think the probability of the collapse of NATO does not directly depend on the will of the European countries. Suffice it to recall what NATO is. The unit was founded on April 4 in the United States, “to protect Europe from Soviet influence”. And the US occupation of the countries of Western Europe preceded this. And in the occupation territories, a block appeared.
Therefore, the goal of NATO (or, more precisely, the United States) is first and foremost the occupation of the conquered both following the Second World War and after the collapse of the USSR. Their presence is especially large in those countries that could potentially offer resistance (the number of US bases is two to three times greater than the number of bases in the countries where they are located). If Europe today wants to withdraw from NATO, it will be physically impossible.
Thus, the disintegration of NATO as an international political process is directly related to the military capabilities of the United States or the reduction of such capabilities.

I will add, effort: the elected “ruler” cannot come to power in the NATO countries (and not only, but also in subcontrolled ones)! The system is built in such a way that the “election” is won by the protester of the Naxos-Saxons, whom they have long held for that very place and develop his political weight, invest in him and his loot campaign in the populist campaign! A slave!

Sunstroke for the planet?

The growth of average annual temperatures and the increase in extreme climatic conditions may lead to the Gulf countries becoming unsuitable for life by the beginning of 2070. Such a gloomy forecast was given by American experts. Many large cities and a number of areas will become uninhabitable. A climate catastrophe will occur if the UN member states do not agree at the Paris Climate Conference on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

After half a century, another event can also occur, also related to climate, we add from ourselves. By this time, Alaska can free itself from permafrost. Alexander Samsonov, editor-in-chief of the Russian magazine Ecology and Life, spoke on this subject with Sputnik radio.

“Alaska and the entire permafrost zone (and more in Russia than in North America) are in a state where a slight increase in temperature can cause a self-sustaining process that is difficult to stop,” the expert said. - Therefore, there is something to fear. In permafrost areas there are deposits of methane hydrates. Methane - a greenhouse gas, it leads to the greenhouse effect. In this sense, it is more efficient than carbon dioxide. Found back in the 60-ies of the last century, deposits of methane hydrates may begin to be released. Permafrost is a very powerful stock of primarily pure ice. Melting ice causes self-consistent warming, it is local, but then global will occur. ” The liberation of Alaska from permafrost, according to the expert, will be a global catastrophe: “If Alaska becomes free from permafrost, then this can be considered a synonym for global catastrophe. Because such amount of ice, turning into water, will cause an overflow of the seas and oceans in the same way as the melting of the ice cap of Greenland, and this is already calculated - the sea level will rise by two meters, that is, all coastal cities will be flooded, it will be a cataclysm. ” According to the scientist, the northern taiga, located south of the Arctic Circle, will also disappear.

According to Samsonov, one should not allow the exit from the control of global warming. Therefore, relevant issues will be discussed at the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Thus, we note in conclusion that the future of mankind depends on the outcome of the December meeting in Paris. And first of all - the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Comments from our readers:

For tomorrow, learn how to predict the weather first ... It's easy to make predictions for 50 years ahead. Come true - well done. It did not come true - this is because various factors have changed, and we have prevented everything (aggravated).

There will be a global cooling. And bears from Russia on ice will come to Washington. On the ice of the Atlantic)))

The greenhouse effect is such nonsense. In my opinion, washing the dough.

The world has so many problems that need to be solved together, and it is mired in wars, in fueling conflicts. And all thanks to one country - the United States.

Putin under water

A new topic has been raised in the foreign press: the plans of the insidious Russians to “cut off” the Internet. No, no, we are not talking about the fact that Putin will deprive Russians of access to democratic Western media. Analysts are scaring the world with a completely new approach of the Kremlin to the world wide web: they say, Putin will sail under water and cut off all the cables connecting the global network into a single whole. In this way, the Russians will quickly solve a strategic military task: they will damage the American army, which becomes an uncontrollable herd without the Internet, and at the same time take away from the civilian population the network used by the State Department and other Western institutions for total propaganda.

Some “sources” (American and European military and intelligence officers) in the American press claim that last year they observed an 50-percent increase in the number of Russian naval patrols, including along the “critical points” of the global Internet infrastructure, that is, places where thousands of miles of fiber-optic cables pass (often in remote ocean depths). Officials said that the increase in the number of submarines and spy ships in those places "exacerbates concerns" about the vulnerability of the underwater infrastructure in the event of an "international conflict".

The Russians could have “cut off” the United States from the network at once, anonymous officials said. And then the stream of “instant messages” will cease, on which both the governments of Western countries, and western economies, and ordinary citizens depend.

Propaganda is good for other state ideologists because, like science fiction, it can turn into the future. In the presence of a developed imagination, propagandists may no longer confine themselves to a boring present, but look in the years and decades ahead. In the sad present, the Russians “annexed” the Crimea and “capture” Syria, “bombing” the hospital and are friends with the “dictator” and the “butcher” Assad, and in the hopeless future they already disconnect the peace-loving US citizens from the Internet. These “accusations” are convenient for propaganda by the fact that it is impossible to refute them. You see, the future has not come yet ...

Comments from our readers:

Russians are coming! The loss of the Internet is worse than a nuclear bomb. A wave of suicides swept across America and Europe. But seriously ... They, there, in the States, were worried about how many of their fearless inhabitants worked out? Many are hooked on the Internet no worse than dope.

Someone dug up in the vaults of "Twenty thousand leagues of water." Even in her, the harpooner Ned Land spoke to Professor Aronax: “Your giant narwhal gnawed through the transatlantic cable and read your telegram about the route of the Polar Star (something like that, literally I don’t remember). There is an electric “narwhal” - Russian nuclear boats, there is also a cable - an underwater fiber optic. Add one yes one, in the end we get "Putin is to blame for everything."

I can not without the Internet! I have to go to the "VO". Got used to

And what, is “VO” a yankkesovsky website? .. May you sit in this site, even though guys with cutters will go across the Atlantic Ocean across, but the States will not really be good at breeding their propaganda shit on the net for such sin and ban the United States by stopping network access ...

The segment .ru will not go anywhere, "IN" nothing threatens. Beware, barbarians, Russian submarines are already flying to cut off the Internet to you!

* "The truth is easy and pleasant to say ..." - a phrase from the movie "The Master and Margarita"
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  1. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 2 November 2015 06: 15
    The results were postponed until today, as yesterday in the country national mourning was declared for the victims of the tragedy that occurred in Egypt.

    “Results of the week” rubric: ironic retelling and satirical analysis of the main world news over the past week. The Ministry of Food and Food Industry warns: use with caution, the dish contains humor!
    1. Finches
      Finches 2 November 2015 06: 33
      In my opinion, Mark Twain said:"Humor activates the mechanism of thought"
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 2 November 2015 07: 09
      Quote: Smirnov Vadim
      The results were postponed until today, as yesterday in the country national mourning was declared for the victims of the tragedy that occurred in Egypt.

      tea is not stupid Vadim ... understand ... recourse
      1. Smirnov Vadim
        Smirnov Vadim 2 November 2015 07: 30
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        tea is not stupid Vadim ... understand ...

        And this message was for the "especially smart" ones. The rest will understand.

        "And what, what if!"
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 2 November 2015 07: 36
          Quote: Smirnov Vadim
          "And what, what if!"

          understood ...- "sealex"! wink
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 2 November 2015 12: 13
            Two more short news, the first: arrested Korban, the right hand of Kolomoisky.
            And the second: detained Yarosh.
            Media: Alpha fighters seized the Right Sector base. Yarosh kidnapped

            1. KUOLEMA
              KUOLEMA 2 November 2015 16: 34
              Economic geeks of the government of the Russian Federation predict the complete depletion of the Reserve Fund in 2016-2017. Whoever allows people with such persons to any fund)) these are spilled horns and hooves
  2. lehalk
    lehalk 2 November 2015 07: 13
    Monkeys on palm trees !!!
  3. Stinger
    Stinger 2 November 2015 07: 18
    Serdyukov now occupies the post of industrial director for the aviation cluster

    Since he knows everything, it would be better to be appointed a fighter pilot. Damn it, one fighter can be sacrificed for a good cause.
    1. KUOLEMA
      KUOLEMA 2 November 2015 16: 42
      let the goat in the garden wassat
    2. gunya
      gunya 2 November 2015 19: 14
      Such a "pilot" will manage to destroy the AN-2.
      So the fighter needs to be regretted.
  4. Ded_smerch
    Ded_smerch 2 November 2015 07: 19
    Ganapolsky and Co. devotes
  5. sl22277
    sl22277 2 November 2015 07: 28
    Thanks for the review. The main events are covered with humor and in fact. Russians are coming....
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 2 November 2015 07: 40
      Quote: sl22277
      Major events highlighted

      Extremely controversial statement .. wassat
  6. mamont5
    mamont5 2 November 2015 07: 36
    "Mote cookies! .."

    Better a loop. And do not even soap it, so that the bastard was "nicer".
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 07: 45
    Thanks to the authors! I will add my 5 cents ...
    The head of the Ukrainian Department for Combating Drug Crime Ilya Kiva did not serve in the army due to mental illness.
    The corresponding diagnosis was made to him in medical institutions of Ukraine. This is evidenced by a certificate from the Darnitskiy district military registration and enlistment office of the city of Kiev from 11 on January 2007 for N1 / 24, which fell into the possession of the editorial office of It says that Kiva is "unsuitable for military service in peacetime" and "limitedly suitable in wartime." The explanation indicates the reason: mental disorder (column I, Article 14-B).
    . Despite these circumstances, in 2014, Kiva began his military career first in Ukrainian punitive-volunteer battalions, in particular in the Poltava region, and then was appointed Avakov deputy chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk region. At the disposal of is a copy of the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated July 5 2014 of the year N1796 signed by Arsen Avakov on the appointment of Kiva to the post of commander of the Poltava region battalion, as well as on the assignment of an officer rank to him. The order initially stated that he was awarded the title of “lieutenant”. However, then, with Avakov’s hand, this officer’s rank is crossed out and “major” is written on top of it.



    And you are all sad about Serdyukov! Yes, against this background he is GOLD!
    1. sl22277
      sl22277 2 November 2015 08: 24
      A plus. Against this background, "Gold".
    2. family tree
      family tree 2 November 2015 21: 57
      Quote: Egoza
      Yes, against this background he is GOLD!

      To me, the commander, as he said, in elevated tones, in the translation that you say you don’t nod at others, look at your doorposts, otherwise you won’t notice how cost ... request And he was right, however what
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 07: 50
    The star, which since 1939 of the year has been rising above the building of the Ukrainian parliament, has been replaced by a trident. The speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Volodymyr Groysman, who published a photo of the updated facade of the Rada in social networks, is convinced that now Ukraine has become much closer to its European future. - The trident will now rise above the Verkhovna Rada. Along with the internal reform of the parliament, which should make it as efficient and close to European standards as possible, we are changing the symbols of a totalitarian past. There will be no return to dictatorship, ”Groisman wrote on his Facebook page.

    Right! The fork above BP now accurately displays the Rada symbol: "We ate, we eat and we will eat!"
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 2 November 2015 08: 53
      It seems that Lyashko hoisted his pitchfork over the VRU! Or is it a sign that Ukraine is in decline and is becoming not an industrial, but an agrarian country! In any case, it is a sign of general insanity!
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 07: 57
    And again Europe offends Petya.
    The European Union has banned the import of confectionery products from Ukraine to its territory. The ban applies to all products containing nuts, Vladislav Rutitskaya, deputy minister of agricultural policy on European integration of the country, told Ukrainian reporters. According to her, the problem arose due to bureaucratic complexity. “The certificates should have the stamp of the SES, but now they don’t put it, since these powers are transferred to the new department, which has not yet earned,” said Rutitskaya. According to her, absolutely all Ukrainian confectionery factories, including Roshen, owned by the country's president Petro Poroshenko, were banned. Source:
  10. Wolka
    Wolka 2 November 2015 08: 01
    this is how the world lived for a week so slowly, it will be more interesting further and wait and see ...
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 2 November 2015 08: 15
    Well, perhaps the most important thing ... Poroshenko began stripping, it would be painful to live. Yes, and somehow unfair - for 40 store lemons at home! And to share, so they have no time! To arrest! All!
    Honored Lawyer, People's Deputy of Ukraine of three convocations, co-founder of the Rescue Committee of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleynyk commented on the confrontation along the line of Poroshenko-Kolomoisky.
    “After a year and a half of atrocities, the Kiev authorities suddenly discovered an organized criminal group on the estate of the oligarch Kolomoisky,” Vladimir Oleinik said in a comment.
    The politician recalled that in the joint special operation of the SBU and the GPU in the Dnipropetrovsk region, more than five hundred employees were involved, and mass searches were launched. Intelligence agencies seek evidence everywhere: from the offices of the Ukrop party to the home of the parents of the “right hand” of Kolomoisky. Gennady Korban himself was detained on suspicion of involvement in the leadership of the organized crime group.
    “It is very likely that Kiev is digging under an oligarch gaining ratings. Moreover, he has been digging for a long time, but today the confrontation between Poroshenko-Kolomoisky has clearly escalated. Battalions sponsored, in particular, by Kolomoisky, became a real threat to the Poroshenko regime. Only, unlike Hitler’s reprisal over assault troops, in Ukraine it was not night, but the day of long knives, ”said Vladimir Oleynik.
    According to the former MP, “even without special sympathies for radical right-wing forces, today it can be argued that they fell under the skating rink of Poroshenko’s dictatorship. Yesterday there was “Freedom”, today - “Dill”, tomorrow - Lyashko and Kaplin? ”
    “Obviously, this Halloween in Dnepropetrovsk is not without Washington’s knowledge. Indeed, even the mice don’t even run on Bankova today without a go-ahead, ”says Vladimir Oleinik.
    “Will people rise against the arbitrariness of one oligarch and to defend the arbitrariness of another oligarch? Unlikely. The revolution devours its children. As they came to power through lawlessness, they leave the government in the same way. And the faster, the better, ”summed up the co-founder of the Rescue Committee of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleynyk.
  12. Jackking
    Jackking 2 November 2015 09: 20
    By appointing Serdyukov, the authorities showed what to put on public opinion - they did not even try to come up with a more plausible conclusion on his activities, except as "the poor minister who was deceived by his subordinates." I would not be surprised if soon Vasiliev will be appointed his deputy ...
    BARKHAN 2 November 2015 09: 41
    It seems that so far everything is fine - "We are advancing in all directions ... tanks, infantry, artillery fire ..." But with Serdyukov, I am in a stupor ... is it a peremoga chi zrada? Could you tell me please ... who appoints officials to such positions or it was a self-seizure.
    The fallen passengers of the Kingdom of Heaven!
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 2 November 2015 10: 29
    Thank you so much for such a big, important and serious article. Humor helps you better understand everything.
  15. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 2 November 2015 10: 49
    Not bad, not everything in the world is gloomy as they are trying to draw us from the most democratic country in the USA, what they have done in the world and still continue is much worse. Well, God willing, reason will still prevail in European, albeit depraved, countries, and NATO’s militancy will diminish its ambitions, all the more so the current Russian weapons make it possible to keep the most notorious bastards in check - the USA in check.
  16. Blacks
    Blacks 2 November 2015 12: 45
    Here it is .... (they say do not provoke)
    so that this cattle dies as soon as possible, it’s always been a creature, it will die like that
  17. thinker
    thinker 2 November 2015 14: 28
    After the arrest of Varvara Karaulova, who changed her name to Alexandra Pavlova

    Mal-mal made a mistake, she’s Ivanova now. hi
  18. asiat_61
    asiat_61 2 November 2015 14: 47
    0 Почему-то думал,что эту фразу написал Михаил Булгаков.
  19. Starik72
    Starik72 2 November 2015 15: 06
    I read the Weekly Review and comments carefully! As always, the AUTHORS of the review are at their best, everything is laid out on shelves and in an understandable form! And as always with humor! THANK !!! Yours faithfully ! Old Man 72.
    1. alone
      alone 2 November 2015 20: 53
      Quote: Starik72
      I read the Weekly Review and comments carefully! As always, AUTHORS of the review at altitude, everything is laid out

      Let me disagree on the shelves. They said about the problems (especially about the reserve fund and about a fraction of the stool), but who appointed them and protects them is not a word. As always.
  20. Belousov
    Belousov 2 November 2015 19: 00
    Serdyukov was attached as before Artyakova. It seems like I want to shout out the GDP cheers for foreign policy, but quite certain and unpleasant questions arise about the internal one. If Putin is satisfied with such a domestic policy, then the collapse of the country is beneficial for him?
  21. alone
    alone 2 November 2015 20: 50
    The Ministry of Finance announced that with the current exchange rate of the ruble and oil prices, the Reserve Fund of Russia may cease to exist already in the 2016 year. So says the head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov. “More optimistic” looks at the Reserve Fund of the first deputy Silunova Ms. Nesterenko, which gives the foundation “already” 2-3 years of life ...

    They call them ironic geeks, liberals, defeatists. I won’t argue, these are your ministers, you know better. And who appointed them there? Obama? But this is not a word.

    “Smock” ex-Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov received a new position in the holding “Rostec”. It turned out that Serdyukov now occupies the post of industrial director for the aviation cluster.

    Not negligent, but criminally amnestied by the authorities their "Tolik", which regularly stole and shared honestly. And now it will be engaged in Rosaviatsia crying
  22. family tree
    family tree 2 November 2015 22: 05
    What prevents a bad dancer - is known to all. But what's stopping a bad economist? ..
    The absence of someone who creates surplus value, if other "economists" have in mind, do not speculate on money alone for a long time, anyway, goods are needed for exchange what
  23. August
    August 6 November 2015 09: 12
    And when an industry is being built in your country, which has never been born, infrastructure, resorts, is an occupation.

    Here, Estonians were lucky to be blessed, and stupid Finns and South Koreans gave up such happiness, and no one built an industry for them, and now Finland and South Korea are poor countries without industry, high technology, people are fleeing to Moscow construction sites to work. What, Samsung say, Nokia, Black Panther tank? Life expectancy is 10 years higher than that of the Russian liberators? Say hello!
  24. August
    August 6 November 2015 09: 16
    Military commanders working in NATO, as well as those who previously worked there, and experts who have worked in the State Department, announce the imminent demise of the North Atlantic Alliance. Russians will “kill” NATO.

    There is such an Anglo-Saxon tradition of alarmism, reflecting on the most negative options for the possible development of events. And it’s customary for us to take hat-making agitation for analytics. And so it was during the Cold War. All the time they cried that the Russians were coming and the West was in danger, and the Soviet agitprop was raving about how capitalism was decomposing. The result is 1991.
  25. August
    August 6 November 2015 09: 18
    The effectiveness of the Russian Aerospace Force of the Russian Federation exceeded the expectations of both the American and the Syrian leadership, Bashar Assad said at a meeting with Russian parliamentarians.

    But instead of "Debaltseve in al-Latani," Morek passed.