Results of the week. “Where will I grub?”

Syrian army offensive

Over the course of the week, the Syrian government army has been successfully attacking militant positions with strong support from aviation VKS of the Russian Federation. An offensive has begun in the suburb of Damascus, Jobar, which for more than two years has been under the control of terrorist groups, striking in the quarters of the Syrian capital.

The video of the Syrian T-72 offensive hit the western media.

Shots of the use of the Syrian armed forces of TOC-1A "Sun chain". Samantha Power is concerned...

The advancement of the Syrian troops is complicated by the fact that during the years of control over various territories of the country, the militants managed to create a whole network of underground passages, bunkers, warehouses and shelters, using which they continue to put up fierce resistance in the Damascus region, Aleppo, in the province of Lattakia. In order for the militants to have the opportunity to learn difficult to pronounce (for them) Russian words - “concrete bomb”, “Solntsek” and others - the Syrian soldiers and Russian pilots began to use the enhanced program of teaching the Russian language ... Intensive “great and mighty training courses” together with mobile "Tanning salons" for representatives of ISIL and al-Nusra operate in the provinces of Idlib, Homs, Hama, Dair Al-Zor, Aleppo, Lattakia and Damascus ...

Comments from our readers:

I can’t even imagine how much time, money and effort are needed to restore everything that was removed from the 4 of the year. Of course, a terrible sight!

But the bogemies can clearly see the volley from the neighboring mountain. And you can clearly see how the rocket flies at them throughout the entire trajectory. And neither run nor hide. And those few seconds, which is to think about the meaning of life lived, comes the realization that Gurias are Gurias, as there really is not yet known, and retribution for all the harm they cause is well seen by the naked eye.

a good weapon "Sun", well roasted in burrows and shelters.

Pension labyrinths

During the week, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Mr. Ulyukayev, proposed raising the retirement age, bringing it to 63 years for both men and women. In the State Duma, the initiative was criticized, but after a few days, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the government would go on raising the retirement age - so far "only for civil servants."

The draft law on increasing the retirement age for civil servants concerns a well-defined part of the working citizens of our country, and, of course, it should provide for a transitional period so that people can prepare and take this or that decision for themselves with full knowledge of the matter. For the absolute majority of other people, of course, the retirement age is kept within the framework of the current legislation.

Retirement age! Wait! One two...

As you can see, the bureaucratic apparatus (if we are still talking about raising the retirement age for state officials) was nevertheless heard by the country's top leadership. Now deputies, deputies, pom, "sirs" and "peers" can continue the activity aimed at the indispensable care of the common people, even if some of them were already preparing to spend their well-deserved rest. At the same time, ordinary people constantly keep “in the tone” with statements saying that the retirement plan for “ordinary people”, they say, “should also be raised” - they say, “we have increased ourselves” ... In this connection, it is time to put forward rationalization a proposal that any valiant economic block of the cabinet of ministers would approve: raise the retirement age for “servants” right up to 100 years, and consider those who “intend” to live less to be an enemy of the people who do not want to dedicate their golden old age to active health and wellness lazhivayuschemu work.

Comments from our readers:

Savings in the country will be substantial if the current government, as well as the State Duma are reformed and reduced, and their wages are equalized with average payments in the country.

Not there need to save! Where do you live, gentlemen "ulyukaevy"? You ask us where to save, we will bring you hundreds of opportunities! Do not touch us! Announce that the retirement age will be increased in 20 years, then nobody will be indignant and everyone will understand. Everything, there are no words anymore ...

One of the reasons for raising the retirement age is called the economic aspect - the possibility of the state receiving income tax from a larger number of working citizens for a longer period of time, i.e. the growth of one of the main revenue items of the country's budget, as well as the tax on employers. But, as it seems to me, raising the retirement age will not give the desired effect. It seems to me that it will be much better for the state and it will be much more effective to put things in order on the labor market by order of magnitude, eliminating opportunities for the so-called. "gray" hiring, when young workers work for the employer without entering into an employment relationship with him and, accordingly, payments to the budget from both the workers themselves and the employers. In addition, in Russia, a huge number of illegal labor migrants, the so-called. guest workers, and not only from Central Asia, but also the same Ukraine, whose budget, by the way, is largely replenished by remittances of Ukrainians working in Russia and occupying jobs that, with competent state labor policy, could be occupied by their own Russian citizens. And legal migrant workers themselves are completely sending their earned money back to their homeland, and not spending it in Russia, therefore, these funds, which, believe me, are considerable, are also lost to the Russian budget. But this is a very complicated and costly process (especially in terms of training new labor force in the vocational education system), and I fear that the Russian government will never take such a step. I have the honor.

"Crimean, the daughter of an officer" tensed? ..

In October, an active phase of the deployment of a separate part of Information Operations Forces began in the Republic of Crimea. These troops, which are part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, were created in the spring of 2014, in order to protect Russian military communications and control systems from various kinds of cyber attacks, as well as to monitor communications carried out through various channels. The troops of the Information Operations Forces of the Russian Federation are called upon to conduct information monitoring and work on improving the protection of information from unauthorized access.

All "krymchanok, daughters of the officer" - on a pencil

Information operations troops are a serious topic. Protecting critical communication channels, repelling cyberattacks. But will the troops have enough personnel to assess, in the correct informational key, all the "Crimean women, the officer's daughters" who have "not everything so simple", "bearded pregnant Syrian girls who do not go to school and were wounded in the crown of the KAB-500" , all nulliparous "soldiers' mothers" whose sons became victims of the "Kremlin adventure" and died a heroic death in the "Lev-1" helicopter shot down tanks T-14 "Armata" somewhere in the south-north of Lugansk ... Yes, here it is just right to create a whole anti-trolling division. Although in the presence of such a "division" life will definitely become more boring - neither the horse-diving Buryat militia, nor the attack of "chebureyshek", nor even the sixth fleet USA off the coast of Belarus ...

Comments from our readers:

It would be better to pay attention to the "fifth column" located in Russia. They are already so fucked up that it is impossible to read, all these Glories Rabinovich, Sasha Sotniki, Pavly Fingelgauer and other "Rain" and "Ekhi". And there are some comments! I do not urge them to knit and plant immediately, but the impression is that they are so active in grants from the state ("Echo" by itself). The source of funding should be cut off, self-sustainability will not last long.

Some time ago, we were interested in the places where the most aggressive comments came from in one of the Ukrainian media resources, the benefit of IP was designated. It turned out - the West, mostly. He began to ask how you can clearly see from the outside, after which I don’t ask.

From the network:
"... I am a Kiev woman, a stoker's daughter. Believe me, this is not all that simple - no one wants heating! .."

"Caliber" and the European sect

The world's leading armaments analysts believe that the demonstration of the capabilities of high-precision Russian weapons in Syria showed the futility of Washington’s multi-billion dollar plans to deploy a missile defense system in Europe.

RT: “Caliber” proved the worthlessness of the expensive US missile defense system

At the same time, experts somewhat bypass the question of whether the American missile defense system, if useless, is primarily for the countries of Europe in which its elements are located. After all, they automatically become the first targets for Russia (be it Iskander or rocket ships with Caliber). This once again proves that Washington is viewed by Europe not at all as a partner, but as a shield (shield) for itself. Well, or as a partner in the form of a shield-shield ... But in some European countries, despite all the evidence that the United States has accepted the scapegoats, you can still hear great joy about the fact that “Mr. called us beloved wife” and is going to stick their missiles and radar ... This is something resembling a sect, adherents of which faithfully believe in the infallibility of the one who is ready to sacrifice them first.

Comments from our readers:

We still have a lot of evidence of its uselessness!

But we said ... But we warned ... They did not believe us that all their missile defense was an expensive toy and nothing more.

Although, if we consider missile defense as a "land-to-earth" system, then the logic of the staff members is iron: keep the RF at the sight, while risking only its European "partners".

I would not be so categorical. In any case, the United States has analysts and military experts who, even before the launch of the missiles, understood all the capabilities of our weapons, which means that the first persons of the state, including Obama, were aware. There is another. The whole bodywork with the deployment of missile defense systems was started in order to maintain an adequate level of military spending, well, and as a result, in order to form the "necessary" public opinion. Something like this...

Customs gives ...

Yulia Marushevskaya, 26-years old, graduated from Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a degree in philology, was appointed the new head of the Odessa Customs.

Country 404. Walk, Odessa! Julia and Masha - your happiness!

Well, it must be like everything is great in the Odessa customs, that instead of the sort of Pavel Vereshchagin, who has “the grenades of the wrong system”, 26-year-old philologist from among the fragile young ladies is appointed to the post ... Although ... for example, the beloved dog of one of Saakashvili’s sons was appointed, then for the Odessa region there would be nothing fundamentally changed - they both stole and steal. And therefore - there are more young ladies, good and different! .. For the country earns, as it can ...

Comments from our readers:

In Ukraine, there are more beautiful girls than interesting posts. You can also organize a parade in bathing suits. Who better is the head of the central bank.

Alexander Romanov
The main thing is to lie under the right person, and then even the lack of education will be elevated to a plus.
“Thank God that she does not have a professional customs education. The formation of a customs officer is an education of the extortioner, ”Saakashvili said. And he added that "this is not a problem, but an advantage."

Interestingly, for a long time Odessa residents enough? I understand that they even put a porn actress, everything will come down.

I remember one of our leaders, who led the women's battalion, the Ministry of Defense still stutters. And this hot Caucasian guy also decided to arrange his harem in warm places.

British scientists report ...

The British press, which until recently considered how long it would take for “sanctions to kill the Russian economy,” now hit upon calculating how many more days (hours, minutes ...) the Russian operation in Syria will last, which will “finish the last crumbs of the Russian budget” .

How we are again "torn to shreds"

If we assess the situation in the Russian economy purely from the calculations of "British scientists", then for the second year we should not see anything on the table canned hedgehogs and nettle broth. The premises are heated by the Treasury tickets of the Bank of Russia that are unnecessary and torn to shreds, we rest in special barred ghettos in the Crimea occupied by us and sweetly lick ourselves at the sight of the cheese with mold shown on the TV channel “Kitchen TV”. Well, and, of course, where without bears, prowling through the streets of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi in search of fallen from the monstrous and destructive consequences of democratic sanctions of citizens, and where without drunk KGB men who drive balalaika away in worn coats and worn overcoats with seven stars each from epaulet with fringe.

Comments from our readers:

As everyone wants to see Russia on its knees, how many "well-wishers" we have at all times. There are no others, but Russia was, is and will be ...

The other day I heard in Solovyov that our economy is somewhere at the level of the Spanish. And here again about GDP in dollars. Allow me! If we are beggars like Spain, then why does America not fly into space on Spanish rockets, and why does Spain not bomb ISIS, does not launch its Caliber missiles on 1000000 kilometers? Maybe everything is not as bad as it seems in dollars? In dollars, GDP fell by half, but in rubles, no! Yes, milk and bread have risen in price. But this is not a consequence of the collapsed economy and, moreover, not the results of sanctions. The usual greed of our baryg, to which in 25 years you could get used to ...

Well so, you are the press of the same UK, printed at the beginning of 20, in the 19 century, in the 18 century, read - they all write the same thing, only technical terms are not the same. And if “Peter I's testament” is also remembered, which the French truly composed, and the British picked it up as the main bugbear, then, in general, everything is clear - 300 years have passed, and in the West all the same tune plays, only the instruments and performers change ...

Drain on plum, zrada zrade

While Ukrainian “veterans of the ATO” are trying to solicit from the Rada, the prime minister, the president, certain privileges and preferences, the European Court decides to satisfy the claim of the former head of state Viktor Yanukovych to the Ukrainian authorities.

"Zrada." The European Court satisfied the claim of Viktor Yanukovych against Ukraine

Tricky comments. And who is there, gentlemen, homeland is not enough?

It turns out that now Mr. Poroshenko is quite a clear reason to announce that, they say, guys, we are not able to make any payments, because these EU members are cutting our common peremog at the root. Yanukovych needs to return his beloved golden loaf and golden can with caviar as compensation for the damage incurred in the form of legal costs.

Somewhere near Rostov, a light gaggle was already heard, and somewhere near Kiev a soul flew into paradise under the slogan "The EU merges ..."

But it already seems to merge not only the EU, but even its fellow citizens - one of those who, it would seem, was forever travaned by Maidan fumes. Thus, the authorities of the town of Krasny Liman decided, within the framework of the so-called decommunization “to leave behind” (the literary form of Great Russian phraseologism), to rename their city into ... Krasny Liman. In order for Kiev not to ask too many questions, it was announced that it was red (chervoniy) in the communist sense, and now it will become red (chervonim) in the color sense. As the saying goes, “and why don't you like it? ..” With the same success in Ukraine, they can rename Lenin Street to Lenin Street - well, to the street named after a certain Elena, and Gaidar Street to Gaidar Street - Arkady to Yegor. But this, comrades, is already a decommunization zrada with all the consequences ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, they came to fight under the walls of the presidential administration ... they stood ... and, imagine, they still came out and dictated a telephone number. Here, they say, call here, and there they will send you ... in the sense they will say where to go ... So, you can say: "Peremoga!"

I did not understand who they merged ... And what, Yanyk and the presidency can sue back ...

This was to be expected. The hunts do not even have enough brains to beat Yanukovosch. That's what brings the Independence of the brain and the idiotic jumps on the streets.

Viktor Fedorovich stole from profits, and Petr Lekseich steals losses ... These are two big differences in ethical terms ...

Running form

In the evening of October 15. 2015, a monument to the Soviet Army in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, suffered another outrage. Only this time the Bulgarians had nothing to do with it. With the money of American NGOs, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova arrived in Sofia. Under the control of 54-year-old American director Kevin Bout, Tolokonnikova’s friends put colorful balaclavas on the heads of five bronze Soviet soldiers on a bas-relief at the base of the pedestal. Then Nadia Obokno, as she is known in queer, gender and LGBG circles, enthusiastically recited a text prepared by American documentalists in front of the cameras, mocking the memory of Soviet soldiers.

Traitor Tolokonnikova. Leopard change his spots!

Results of the week. “Where will I grub?”

Yes, lately, we often allow ourselves to speak out in the spirit of sizzling criticism of representatives of the so-called former socialist camp states, observing through the media space how monuments to Soviet soldiers in Bulgaria, Poland and other states are being defiled or dismantled. However, at the same time, we often drive away from ourselves the thought that moral monsters from among the reproaches of national values ​​live among us too. Tolokonnikova - this is just one of the copies.

Another lady showed herself here in the week - quite respectable and, it seemed, by definition, with far more outstanding mental abilities than the above mentioned “oatmeal”. By the way, also a “philosopher” ... But the myth of outstanding abilities aimed at creation, the writer and literary critic was dispelled after the phrase she uttered that she believes in the demolition of Vuchetich's sculpture “The Motherland is calling!” material "AIF"quoting Chudakov:

Pinned on the mound, it dominates the vast space and deprives those who go to the mound, the possibility of concentration. Before us is a pure value. Without thought, without emotion, almost physically depressing. (...) Vucheticha - I believe that someday they will be demolished.

It is hardly worth pondering on the topic of what the lady of old years herself had been pulled up to attain her present thought about one of the main symbols of the feat. Profound phrase about cranks on the other letter of the Russian alphabet - the only thing that accurately characterizes such individuals with a sufficiently high accuracy regardless of their regalia or underextended periods ...

Comments from our readers:

So this is Nadya Overnight! She does not need to remove the beam from the eye, but the frozen chicken from the vagina. I also found a representative of the Russian people - she is a TP, but she does not have this type of nationality. In addition, apparently, the Western grants were over "for human rights activities," and so decided to remind myself. Do not notice and do not promote sheep - the best solution. She went ... Forest ...

Not to notice ... This is just a log and not to notice. We scold the Bulgarians systematically and regularly, and not to notice "our own"? Hmm ...

A log is also in Africa a log. And where is he? That's right, in a sawmill not far from the logging. Fortunately, as the author of the material, the article is. And necessarily an aggravating adjustment.

In short, it was not the horse that went into prison food. It must be repeated to fix. And without any amnesties there, from bell to bell.

As my friend the psychiatrist constantly said, "This is not treated." Too running form.

Assad in Moscow

The visit of Syrian President Bashar Assad to Moscow has caused a real information boom around the world. Comrade Assad warmly thanked Russia for his support: “First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire leadership of the Russian Federation and the Russian people for the help they provide to Syria. Thank you for standing for the unity of Syria and for its independence. The most important thing is that all this is done within the framework of international law. ”

The reaction of the "friends of Syria" to Assad's visit to Moscow

The last phrase in the quotation is undoubtedly addressed to the so-called world community, or rather to the West with its double standards and bad political morality. “The most important thing is that all this is being done within the framework of international law,” said Assad, and these words can be seen to criticize those states that, in their political “undertakings” abroad, prefer to do without international legislation. As a last resort, trying to appeal to "legality", Western leaders, as we well know, are shaking from the stands with test tubes.

Western, as well as Turkish politicians and propagandists, of course, attacked Assad. British Foreign Minister Mr. Hammond, for example, advised the Russian president to get Assad to confirm the information that the Syrian government army does not use chemical weapons against its own people. Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu made it clearer: he noted that "if Assad had remained in Moscow, then the people of Syria would have been better."

In short, the picture of the world in the West and its some eastern partners has not changed.

Comments from our readers:

On the nose the mattress snapped, they rage, and in a place with them, the Saudis received a warning. In short, the whole gang realized that it would be difficult to pirate, if at all possible.

I was greatly interested in this statement: “The head of the Foreign Ministry of Qatar, Khalid al-Attiyah, stated that Qatar, in principle, is even ready to launch a military operation in Syria to oppose Assad.”
The combat capabilities of the army of Qatar, frankly, modest.
Of the combat aircraft, nine “Mirage-2000-5EDA” and three “Mirage-2000-5DDA”. The main tank "AMX-30S" - approximately 40 units. About the same amount of BMX AMX-10P, about thirty 155-mm AMX Mk F-3, well, and other weapons.
And in general, this is a very interesting topic, how far Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the States are ready to go in order to save their project called IG. But in any case (from the point of view of international law) this will be regarded unambiguously as aggression.
I think everything is just beginning. Business in Latakia will not be limited to one base. It is necessary to use the maximum range of the use of weapons, and more demonstration of strength and capabilities. As in the case of "Caliber" - they created a furor. Russia, especially today, needs to show that it can. This will periodically discourage some from warring.

With one short meeting, Putin again lowered all liberal experts and their Anglo-Saxon colleagues, who claimed that Moscow sold Assad in exchange for Saudi billions, that Moscow behind Assad had agreed to remove Assad from the United States, etc., etc.

Pile of shaved beards

The air strikes of the Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Syria have undermined the morale of the IG terrorists. Militants leave positions and flee to Turkey. To cross the Syrian-Turkish border, they shave their beards and dress up in traditional Muslim attire for women - the niqabs. In the area of ​​Aleppo, you can see deposits of shaved beards and used razors. A similar situation is observed in the vicinity of Hama.

ISIS militants leave Syria in niqabs, shaving beards

The “fallow” fact testifies to the effectiveness of the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the growing power of Syrian government troops supported by Russian aviation.

The mass escape of militants to Turkey in women's clothes, as well as shaving off beards with “sacred” lice eloquently speaks for itself. More recently, igilshchiki threatened to build a "caliphate" in the North Caucasus and transmitted "messages" to the Kremlin via the Internet, and now they have mastered the art of shaving.

Comments from our readers:

They would have to remove the gender signs related to the male sex with their beards, and everything will be in the openwork.

... Once, many years ago, I had to grow a beard for some time due to official necessity. How I rejoiced when I found myself without her again! I assure you, three beards shaved in one place is already quite a decent “heap of beards”. And 10-15 is probably already noticeable even with drone.

And this is the warriors of Allah? This poser, who decided to earn extra money on the war.

It seems that now it is the Guriy of Allah.

And bearded Conchita will command you.

Shadow President of the United States

39-th US President Jimmy Carter shared a sensation with the media. According to him, he personally asked the Russian president what information regarding the fight against international terrorism is important for Moscow. According to Carter, in the Kremlin he was told that they would not have refused to receive data on the locations of the militants of the “Islamic State” in Syria. And if you believe the former owner of the White House, such data in the form of maps with special notes Moscow were provided.

Mr. Carter said: “I sent (to the Kremlin) a message on Thursday and asked him (Putin) if he would like to receive a copy of our map so that he could bomb the position of terrorists in Syria. Then, through the Russian Embassy, ​​they told me that they were interested in receiving such a card. ” And he added: “Thus, in the future, if Russia suddenly bombes the wrong places, you will know that this is not Putin’s fault, but my fault.”

Ex-US President Jimmy Carter: "I handed over to Vladimir Putin the maps with inscribed militant positions in Syria"

By the way, Mr. Carter explained to the press where his cards came from. According to the ex-president, he has enough military sources that know a lot about the positions of the militants in Syria.

The Pentagon has not commented on this statement and the transfer of secret maps to Moscow. But they advised journalists to contact the Carter Center.

Probably add on our own that alternative management of the foreign policy of the United States could be carried out precisely from this structure. Judge for yourself: Mr. Carter has a card with militant positions, the White House does not. The Center has real data on the forces of "IG", in the Oval Office - no: as you know, Obama put the reports of the scouts, "edited" in the Pentagon, on the table, or even not at all.

Therefore, the question of who can and who cannot pursue US foreign policy does not exist.

Comments from our readers:

... For me, nonsense. There will be no old Jimmy hiding in Sheremetyevo, like Snowden. Not that age. But if it is true, my grandfather has titanium Faberge !!!

The old guard, what do you want. Many sane presidents in the United States have been since Roosevelt. Kennedy, Nixon, the same Carter, Bush Sr. ... In general, you can’t measure US policy with one measure: America Carter is not Obama’s America. Previously, more sane people were in power.

Attempt to grandfather to remind myself of the world. Disagree.

Canadian bet

New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his country would not participate in airstrikes on terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Premier keeps his election promises. That is why the head of government promised to return home pilots and fighters CF-18. Just an hour after winning the Canadian elections, Mr. Trudeau announced his decision to Mr. Obama.

The precedent makes you think, says observer "IN" R. Skomorokhov. “It is clear that Mr. Trudeau was the one who stopped the participation of his boys in Syria,” he writes. - and won. And it is clear that now he will have to withdraw the contingent. "

Tricky comments. Anti-IGIL coalition: first went?

Trudeau, in effect, fulfills the will of the voters. That's what makes you wonder. Canadians do not want to tie in the endless Syrian war - this is quite obvious. In the West (and not only in the West), many analysts believe that Putin will get bogged down in the Middle East and get a “new Afghanistan”. Obviously, Trudeau does not want the participation of Canadians in such a war, which may well remind the hottest episodes from the cold war between the USSR and the USA.

In addition, it is no coincidence that one of his slogans during the election campaign was: "The struggle for world peace." Participation in joint operations with the United States has not brought anyone to the world yet.

By the way, Mr. Trudeau does not consider V. Putin as a peacemaker. New prime blames the Russian president is in “dangerous” politics in Eastern Europe, “irresponsible and harmful” behavior in the Middle East, in “unjustifiably provocative” in the Arctic and calls Putin a “hooligan”. “If I have the opportunity in the coming months to meet with Vladimir Putin,” he says, “I will tell him all this in person, because we must ensure that Canada still stands firmly for peace and justice in the world.”

Comments from our readers:

Already gone and nice news. Not everyone wants their own ... desert adventure. Let's wait, someone else will join the Canadian initiative. And in general, what Canadians do for a large puddle, they and they have a good life.

C'mon there, with the coalition out. There is a complete divorce, a bedside table between the beds: Canadians will not buy F-35.

Not democratic, it is necessary to stir up Amer Maidan in Canada ...

It is only Canada that is going (!) To withdraw the troops. All others only increase their presence. And in Afghanistan, the Germans are expanding their contingent. As long as the Black Lord commands, the whole gang will dance to his tune. To change the concept, a victory in the elections in France and Germany is needed for completely different forces, and with such an account that it is possible to form governments without looking at the competitors. And the majority of residents of these countries are not yet ready for this. We must wait a year or two to wait until the “those who have come in large numbers” are delivered with cancer, and that is not a fact.

It is not necessary hats, it was part of the election program. And since the Conservatives in the person of Harper are fed up with everything in order, they chose another. Had he left the program in the program - would still have chosen. Interesting is not it. It is interesting that in his election promise the new prime minister promised to abandon the purchase of F-35 and hold an open tender for a plane cheaper. Theoretically, Su or MiG can even get there. Then it will be really fun!

The term will be determined in Washington

October 20 it became known: Ankara is ready to support the plan for the transfer of power in Syria. According to this plan, President Bashar Asad remains in office for another six months. This is nothing more than a symbolic gesture, and yet it looks very unusual for Turkey, whose leader not so long ago called Assad a "butcher" and a "murderer." Upon learning of this turnaround, the experts started talking about a possible new vector of the regional policy of Turkey.

By the way, the time limit for the counting of six months has not yet been determined. One of the sources of the Reuters news agency reported on the discussion of the issue with the United States: “We were able to make some progress in discussing this issue with the United States and other allies. So far, we do not know exactly when this period will begin in six months, but we think that this will happen rather soon. ”

Turkey plus Iran plus Russia?

It appears that Erdogan agrees to the “Six Months” plan not at all because he wants to create a certain union of Turkey, Iran and Russia. No wonder there is a "discussion" of the plan with the United States.

Recently, under pressure from the actions of Russia in Syria, Washington with a sigh approved a temporary stay in office of B. Assad, and now Turkey can only follow the position of the "world hegemon." Therefore, the term of Assad’s power will not be determined by Ankara, but Washington.

Comments from our readers:

The lead
I do not understand why they all demand the resignation of Assad. This is not so democratic, not liberal, not constitutional, there is interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. And in fact, if Assad is ranked by the West as tyrants, then let him demand ... democratic elections. But Assad will win in this election, with no options, this is well understood in the West, as well as the fact that there is no normal opposition in Syria, so all that remains for the West is to show aggression that violates international law. However, here the usual course of the game was broken, a new player intervened, so the throwing began. Let's see what will happen next. In general, success in Syria promises the growth of the international position of the international community, respect for the world community, so for us in Syria, now there is only one road - to victory. Somehow it is hard to believe that the enemies of Syria will so easily allow all this to come true, they will pull new cards out of their sleeves, you need to be ready for this.

I don’t believe in this “isosceles triangle”, where its base, Turkey, is certainly a player in the region, and you can’t discount it (the European gates to the Middle East after all). Iran is an even more mysterious player (kotyara). And Syria is not one of the vertices of the triangle, but rather a straight line dividing this triangle into parts. And the matter is not at all in the Sunni-Shiite confrontation, it is a matter of access and control to the European and Asian gas and oil markets from the Middle East. And the alignment of this triangle: exactly where, from where, where and how routes will be laid for the construction of future gas and oil pipelines (a large investor, by the way, China is considered), for the Yankees and the British there is clearly no place there, but they have ambitions capture and control of these future highways, so the triangle is not visible at all, at least a trapezoid, if not a larger polygon ...

Oh, you priests ... Turkey "allowed" Assad to rule the 6 months ... Figures you, as Russia says, this will happen now. The question is also whether Russia needs Erdogan?

Invisible "Maidan"

On September 17, the Parliament of Montenegro adopted a resolution on supporting NATO integration. The 26 people were opposed (Democratic Front, Demos, Socialist People’s Party and independent candidates). One of the leaders of the Democratic Front, Milan Knezhevich, took the initiative to create the “Union of anti-NATO forces of Montenegro”. On October 14, a NATO delegation headed by Secretary General Stoltenberg and 28 Ambassadors of the Alliance countries arrived in Montenegro. October 17 near the Parliament of Montenegro began a protest rally, which was attended by several hundred activists. One of their main demands was the resignation of the president. Protesters tried to get into the parliament building. The assault began, not inferior to the events in Kharkov or Donetsk. As a result, six police officers were injured. Police managed to detain 11 protesters. Also, two acting deputies from the Democratic Front were detained.

Maidan in Montenegro ... and silence

And what about the US State Department? Where is Madame Nuland Food Distributor? Why can not you hear the statements of Barack Obama about trampling democracy by the brutal forces of the police in Montenegro? Why doesn’t John Kerry criticize the “regime” that has seized opposition members fighting for a bright future? Finally, where is the OSCE?

You know, there are no double standards. And never was. There has always been the only standard: the fact that the White House is profitable is democratic.

Comments from our readers:

Montenegrin politicians showed their attitude to the great transatlantic Black Ruler when they imposed sanctions against Russia. Serbia is also inclined to this, playing on the same tune: NATO, the EU, cookies. Imperceptibly, these countries may be deeply seated at this tune, sorry for the thick hint.

My question is: does Montenegro generally need this type of NATO and the European collective farm? Let it be better choose neutrality - the benefits will be greater.

So they are protesting - they demand early elections and a change of government.
EU members, but not NATO members: Sweden, Austria, Finland, Cyprus, Malta.
Members of NATO, but not EU members: USA, Turkey, Canada, Croatia, Albania.

Against the Russian "intervention"

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, speaking on October 19 in Stockholm, criticized Russia's military intervention in Syria. Rousseff stressed the critical attitude to the current international military intervention in Syria, directly mentioning Russia: “I do not think that the invasion and bombing of the country will resolve the situation. This is a problem that also applies to Russian intervention. ”

Dilma Rousseff believes that this conflict has no military solution. At least, she does not believe in him: “The Russian intervention is explained by the fact that it represents, among other things, a defense against the ISIL group. But the latter has groups with similar components, such as Al Nusra Front and Al Qaeda Front. I do not believe in a military solution to the Syrian conflict. ”

Project "ZZ". Sharpening your teeth on Russia

The frequent mention of Russia makes us suppose that it was for her sake that this statement was made, to the amusement of Western “partners” and the main puppeteer.

The statement of the Brazilian president, among other things, shows how weak the “bonds” connecting the five countries that appear under the BRICS logo. After all, Brazil and Russia are members of this union. If some economic prerequisites in this union are still visible, then the political ones are hardly possible.

Comments from our readers:

Lord, temper ardor. The president of a faraway country said something that everyone was suddenly preoccupied. And you take a closer look at how neighboring countries feel about us. Did everyone support and support us? Yes, never, always were conflicting opinions. And then a lady from a distant country suddenly discovered something new. Nothing new. The main thing is that Brazil does not abandon the general line of a multipolar world. Yes, and on the decisions of the BRICS. Not only does not dispute, but supports, despite the incredible economic and political problems. This is the main thing. Well, opinions on some political issues may not coincide. This is normal. It takes time to understand and make the right decision. She didn't just fly that far. Brazil is making tremendous efforts to break the monopoly of trade with the United States. This is the root of evil throughout South America. Let's just wish you success on this difficult path.

Don't you think that American diplomats “worked” not only with al-Abadi, but also with Dilma Ruseff? And so, for reflection on the topic: when did the “near countries” feel something for us besides hatred? Not the people who inhabit them, no, but the government of these "neighboring countries"? In writing stories no such incident was recorded! Either they wanted to chop off a piece, or were angry that there was no strength to chop off.

What about the ladies. Here, many shouted that BRICS are friends and brothers forever, almost allies, we will destroy America together, and the Fashington will be destroyed! Naive, get spittle in the face of the face of the "faithful ally and soul mate"! I must say that they are all, without exception, such! The frivolous, unprincipled education, everyone should have understood long ago, plays a purely propaganda role for calming the brainless man in the street.

The herd does not know how to apologize

The Netherlands Boeing Crash Inquiry Commission found no evidence of Russia's involvement in the tragedy. Well-known journalist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey suggested that the Western media publicly apologize to Moscow by the guilty of slandering Russia by Western media. Apologies must be made by everyone who lied about the Boeing disaster in Ukraine last July.

West, apologize to the Russians!

Of course, the West in the face of its media will not ask Russia for any apologies. However, comments by those in opposition to the current government in the United States followed.

Donald Trump, a potential Republican presidential candidate, said that there is not enough evidence to bring the Donbass militias, like Russia, to responsibility for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. In addition, the billionaire noted that he did not support the reaction of Washington, which was accompanied by an incident with the plane.

Publicist Paul Craig Roberts, after reading a Dutch report on the disaster, made the following conclusion. The report does not accuse Russia, but blames Ukraine: it has not closed the airspace over the areas where the war is going on. And now the lawyers who have studied the report have already stated that the families of the victims, as well as the Malaysian airline, are likely to file lawsuits against Ukraine - they will accuse her of negligence.

The Russian government would never allow such a thing to be done, says a publicist. Washington's “story” about the plane made no sense. “Only an idiot could believe in her,” Roberts writes. And concludes: The West has no future. The West no longer has media, only propaganda sources and apologists of US state crimes remain. Every day, paid and dependent media support the “matrix”, turning the Western peoples into a politically impotent flock.

We will go further than Comrade Roberts and dare to assume that the “flock” is not only unhappy peoples, but also “dependent media”. The “Fourth Power” is the real herd eating grass on the green pastures of the State Department.

Comments from our readers:

Apologies should look like this: Turchinov, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, Fahrion, Nalyvaichenko, Saakashvili on the dock in The Hague, this is at least.

Scripts break down. The Western world, this world of victorious Satanism, is bursting at the seams, rapidly impoverished and degrading more and more rapidly with each passing day.

The hypocritical West was just sure that they would blame Russia, and now there is such a turn, so they still accuse by inertia so as not to look like idiots.

Prosecutors have already rained down. Recently, the Australian "strict requestor" was kicked out of the prime ministers, and yesterday it was reported that the Canadian "non-mate" followed him. So things are going slowly.

* “Where am I going to grub?” - a phrase from the movie “Heart of a Dog”
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    25 October 2015 06: 53
    Such a normal week has stood out. For authors hi
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      25 October 2015 07: 02
      thanks to the author for the objective information, the week is very eventful
      1. +10
        25 October 2015 09: 31
        By the way, Mr. Trudeau does not consider Putin to be a peacemaker. The new prime minister accuses the Russian president of “dangerous” politics in Eastern Europe, “irresponsible and harmful” behavior in the Middle East, “unjustifiably provocative” in the Arctic and calls Putin a “bully”. “If I have the opportunity in the coming months to meet with Vladimir Putin,” he says, “I’ll tell him all this directly in person

        I remember one president, who is no longer president, who also promised to take Putin by the breast in person. Now in Australia, and not only, they do not even remember this "miracle".
        So Mr. Trudeau, don't forget that our president owns Judo! And it will not be difficult for him to put the opponent in the "letter siu" pose.
        Authors for the selection "+".
        1. +8
          25 October 2015 10: 12
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          I remember one president, who is no longer president, who also promised to take Putin by the breast in person. Now in Australia, and not only, they do not even remember this "miracle".

          It was not a prezik, but a prime minister. Prime Minister. I missed the election. At the "waste" party, he threw an orgy with dancing on the table. laughing
          What else can be expected from the descendants of exiled criminals? wassat
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            25 October 2015 10: 27
            I am sorry, "I reported it"! good "+" To you. hi
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    Yesterday I read the phrase that I did all day!
    The more frames there are about the work of Russian aviation, the fewer new videos are available for igil lol
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    Quote: Magic Archer
    "Crimean, the daughter of an officer" tensed? ..
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    Good review. Thanks to the authors.
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      Quote: horoh
      Good review. Thanks to the authors.

      Squeezing the volume is nonsense (if this is not a compression), but it succeeds with Dude Dude.
      Thank you Oleg. hi
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    25 October 2015 07: 24
    Greetings to all! Pretty such a kaleidoscope. Thank you authors! And on the birthday at the UN yesterday was well celebrated judging by their recognition:The United Nations officially confirmed to the Associated Press that they had accidentally sent expired cookies to the suburbs of Damascus.-Maydanschikov probably left ... They don’t know where to go, whom to foist ... laughing
  6. +13
    25 October 2015 07: 35
    Sunday gag: Did you know that the fate of Nord Stream 2 is in the hands of "Naff, first gas, then not gas" ...
    The success of blocking the Russian project for the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline largely depends on evidence of the greater economic attractiveness of transit through Ukraine.- it remains the case for small, - to prove ... Yaytsenyuh all in work ...
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      25 October 2015 09: 28
      In vain, those present do not applaud laughing
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        25 October 2015 14: 39
        When they give advice, they don’t applaud ... But will Yaytsenyukh prove what will happen? Who will be posed for a rabbit? Brother Fox probably.
        Quote: Camel
        In vain, those present do not applaud laughing
  7. +10
    25 October 2015 07: 48
    Welcome all!
    And in Ukraine - elections! Well, as the elections ... there is no one to choose, no one you look at - everything is like from the stand "The police are looking for them." But, indeed, we have never had SUCH elections yet!
    Elections in Bandera: On October 22, in the village of Lyshche, Lutsk district, the head of the precinct election commission (PEC) was found hanged in their own courtyard.

    This information was confirmed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region. According to law enforcement officers, the man hanged himself. In this connection, criminal proceedings were not open.

    The man headed the election commission of the village of Lysche. This was not the first time he worked in the elections. His wife was supposed to be an observer and agitator from one of the political forces.

    Regional elections in Mariupol on the verge of collapse. The city was swept by a wave of protests in connection with the falsification of ballots and controversial decisions of the CEC. The authorities are considering the introduction of martial law. There are 27 hours left before the process begins. There is no way to carry it out.

    Thousands of unaccounted ballots, bribery of voters with money and food, rivers of incriminating evidence and "unexpected discoveries" ... So, the "famous" B. Bereza turned out to be Blyakher, an Israeli citizen with a fake diploma purchased. Despite the fact that criminal proceedings have been opened against him, he is running for mayor of Kiev.
    1. +4
      25 October 2015 13: 51
      Quote: Egoza

      Good afternoon.
      So what did you expect from the most democratic and fair government (according to Poroshenko, he is gunpowder, he is Valtsman) on the Eurasian continent?
      Ukrainians today have exactly what they "fought" for for 23 years, vilifying and chopping off their past, their history and identity. Europe, you say, ghhhmmm ... well, well. bully
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    event week. thanks for the review! super as always !!! sensible yes to the point !!!
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    Thanks for the article, great review.
  10. +8
    25 October 2015 08: 27
    What pleased ....
    In Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, in the Zaporizhzhya region, a monument to Lenin, which weighs almost seven tons, was stolen from a pedestal, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhya region.
    As the department noted, a message about the disappearance of the monument came on October 13 to a police station from a local resident who said that unknown people stole a monument to Lenin about three meters high from a pedestal on Sovetskaya Street in the city of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya.

    If the "s" had done it, then all the media would have promoted in a moment, and would have done it with pomp, in the daytime, and so ... people gathered and decided to preserve the monument until better times.
    The Kiev International Institute of Sociology regularly conducts surveys in different regions of the country on the topic "Dynamics of a positive attitude of the population of Ukraine to Russia." The latter was in September, and it showed amazing results: the attitude generally improved.

    If you delve into the details, it turns out that in the western region, attitude towards Russia, on the contrary, has worsened - from 16 percent in May to 13 in September. So the growth came from the southern region - from 43 percent to 48 and especially the east - from 41 percent in May to 60 in September

    The people are waking up, waking up !!!! According to the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak, "the level of the separatist threat fueled by the Kremlin, including financially, is still high in seven regions of Ukraine: Luhansk, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolaevskaya"
    1. +18
      25 October 2015 08: 59
      Quote: Egoza
      What pleased ....

      In Bucha in the Kiev region, a minibus driver made a scandal with a passenger because of a remark she made about the music in the cabin. A resident of the suburb, Elena Stepanenko, who became a victim of "separatism", reported this on her Facebook page on the social network.
      “Today in Bucha, in the center of the city, the driver of minibus # 381 attacked me for asking to make the song about Lenin quieter. He took the phone on which I took it off, tried to wipe the photo, refused to drop it off at my stop. when I turned to the passengers with a request to call the police, they said they wanted to go further, and "don't make the driver angry"
      - said Stepanenko.

      Moreover, none of the passengers shouted "Glory to Ukraine" or even sang the anthem, although it is well known that these are the most reliable measures in the fight against domestic separatists. The passengers also unanimously supported the driver, who, during the skirmish, shouted about "the junta that overthrew Lenin and the Russian gas that we are all stealing."
      “In the end, he threw me out with a phone at an intersection in the middle of the roadway - and promised to find it later. Indeed, it’s not difficult - I live on the final route. The drivers of this route, to whom I asked to provide the phone number of their leader and say the name of the driver, refused do it ",
      - complained the patriot.

      Apparently, the lady still did not understand that most Ukrainians are already tired of “living in a new way” and hates the Poroshenko regime with more passion than the former “panda”. In addition, people regret the broken monuments to Lenin, no matter what the institute of memory of Vyatrovich says, and yearn for times when gas and light tariffs were much more affordable.
      1. +5
        25 October 2015 13: 21
        Here’s a zrada :) passengers didn’t sing the anthem. How is she now to live and go to work with the divisions? Poor ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. 0
        26 October 2015 16: 50
        I am not addressing the "author"! Gentlemen, moderators, is it normal to insult women in public? And the "author" is either d ... k, or a scoundrel.
  11. -3
    25 October 2015 08: 30
    This thought recently visited me, about the fifth column. Immediately make a reservation, the thought is in the order of delirium, although in our country delirium is most often realized. So, the GDP does not touch rains, echoes and other trash, because it is preparing a ramp of repression, like Stalin in the 37. And so that the people wouldn’t be too hard on these repressions, the media will say that the name is a raincoat, an Ekhovets and to cite their public statements as evidence. This is my feeling, quite possibly inspired by a half liter.
    1. +5
      25 October 2015 08: 36
      Rather, it contains them to demonstrate that the opposition can only be so fussy, stupid. And thieving. And if a normal opposition appears, it will be compared with the Kasparys by total population.
    2. +5
      25 October 2015 08: 46
      Quote: KBACYPA
      So, the GDP does not touch rains, echoes and other trash, because it is preparing a ramp of repression, like Stalin in the 37.

      "The hopes of young men are nourished ..." The people would not have grumbled, but the "elite" ... You were clearly told: "We are not 37 years old."
      1. -1
        25 October 2015 08: 53
        Exactly, not 37, then the people of power believed, at least for the most part, and did not require additional explanations. And now, if without such protrusion and chewing, who and what, so power can fly. How can this be - Hohland demonstrated.
        1. +9
          25 October 2015 09: 13
          Quote: KBACYPA
          Exactly, not 37, then the people of power believed, at least for the most part, and did not require additional explanations. And now, if without such protrusion and chewing, who and what, so power can fly. How can this be - Hohland demonstrated.

          You know, personally, I am deeply indifferent to what echoes, rains and other things are chatting ... Well, I listened to the man-lampshade, shook the abomination out of my ears and went on. IMHO. The trouble is, the liberal idea flourishes and flourishes in government. Quiet and quiet. Yes, and our thought did not go far. Either for five years the "law" on bees was passed, then Ponomarev was arrested "in absentia", without deprivation of his salary. Well, yes, there are probably no other things in the country.
      2. +2
        25 October 2015 22: 05
        Fidget (2) SU

        "The hopes of young men are nourished ..." The people would not have grumbled, but the "elite" ... You were clearly told: "We are not 37 years old."

        That's right. In the 21st century, you still need to work in Siberia on logging, in Kolyma and Chukotka in gold mining, and these shots
        physical labor in the fresh air has long been prescribed. True, some have already "otrobili" but the remainder must fulfill the brigade norm!
    3. +3
      25 October 2015 10: 10
      Quote: KBACYPA
      ... because it is preparing a shaft of repression, like Stalin in the 37th

      M-yes! Information exactly from Putin? wink With whom does repression begin, with Medvedev, Chubais, Siluanov, Nabiulina ...?
    4. HAM
      25 October 2015 14: 05
      You obviously need to switch to kvass or compote.
      1. 0
        25 October 2015 18: 09
        I will drink kefir. But it is tomorrow.
  12. +9
    25 October 2015 08: 52
    I know that it’s not good, but I gloat feel
    Here is what Andrzej Duda said when speaking in the Polish Sejm:
    “I urge all citizens of the Polish Republic to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands, where our compatriots continue to be persecuted and humiliated by the new Ukrainian leadership.
    If modern Ukraine condemns the actions of the USSR, and she condemns them, then this state should voluntarily return the lands of Poland that belonged to it before 1939. We are already doing some work to return Polesie, Galicia and Volyn and we need the support of the entire population of the Polish republic.
    Every resident of the country should be ready for a righteous struggle for the return of the Polish territories, which are home to a huge number of ethnic Poles who need our protection. ”
    It is unlikely that he would have made such a statement without the approval of the United States. But the zapadentsam, who declared "We gave you a Maidan of dignity, threw off Yanukovych, and deal with your own Donbass yourself" and fled en masse from mobilization, it's time to scratch a turnip. Let them deal with the Poles themselves.
    1. +5
      25 October 2015 09: 22
      In addition.
      In Poland, the organization "Restitution of Kresov" was created, which will deal with the return or compensation for real estate and other property left after the Second World War on the territory of modern western Ukraine. In Poland, these territories are called East Kresy. The legal basis for challenging rights is created by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the political and economic parts of which were signed in March and June 2014.

      The law on restitution is a mandatory item of the program, said the head of the Polish Zmyana party, Mateusz Piskorski. According to him, the Baltic states have gone through this, it is the turn of Ukraine. Now about 100 thousand Poles can prove that they are the heirs of the property on the territory of East Kres. Their relatives lived there until the end of World War II.
      1. +1
        25 October 2015 14: 59
        At one time, Poland as a state was not, it is the land of the Russian Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary .. It's time to collect stones ...
        Quote: Kos_kalinki9
        In addition.
        In Poland, the organization "Restitution of Kresov" was created, which will deal with the return or compensation for real estate and other property left after the Second World War on the territory of modern western Ukraine. In Poland, these territories are called East Kresy. The legal basis for challenging rights is created by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the political and economic parts of which were signed in March and June 2014.

        The law on restitution is a mandatory item of the program, said the head of the Polish Zmyana party, Mateusz Piskorski. According to him, the Baltic states have gone through this, it is the turn of Ukraine. Now about 100 thousand Poles can prove that they are the heirs of the property on the territory of East Kres. Their relatives lived there until the end of World War II.
        1. +1
          25 October 2015 18: 32
          What, the Commonwealth was not there? Wiki to help you.
  13. +5
    25 October 2015 09: 54
    Thanks Alexey and Oleg for the weekly results.
    Dilma Rousseff believes that this conflict has no military solution ... I do not believe in a military solution to the Syrian conflict. "

    "I will divorce someone else's misfortune with my hands, but I will not apply it to my own mind." The mattress covers were not bad for you, Dilma, how do you know the solution to this conflict? The war on the police against crime and the war on terrorism are two huge differences, but you Dilma don't understand that ...
  14. +4
    25 October 2015 09: 56
    Happy motorist day you !!!!!! wink
  15. +11
    25 October 2015 10: 04
    As always, the review is capacious!
    In May 1975, on May 9, I had the opportunity to participate in the unveiling of a monument to the fallen defenders of Moscow in a small village. The memory even erased the number of surnames of the Red Army men carved in stone, but I remember for sure that it was several times greater than the number of inhabitants of the village. Passed, shot, stood in the guard of honor. I must say that he served with the SCS and we performed those techniques that are performed by the Kremlin, and not statutory. The chairman moved the speech, in which he also mentioned our descendants. A mixed sense of pride for fathers and grandfathers, for our army, for belonging to it, for the unity of the army and people (after the opening we were surrounded, some with a pie, some with a cucumber, some with vodka, kids collect the spent cartridges ... wink ) is similar to what I am experiencing now, reading about our army, about its actions in Syria. The enemy should know that "who will come to us with a sword ...".
    But I also remember well how a bunch of traitors, careerists and thieves killed my homeland, the USSR. Without foreign armies. The main enemy among us.
    I believe that the main event of this week in Russia, which will affect even those who are not born, is the announced increase in the retirement age. How this topic moves on TV and in the media! Is that only at the "VO" was a discussion. About everything about Syria, about Ukraine, about Jews, about meteorites ... but about raising the retirement age as a “conspiracy of silence”?
  16. +11
    25 October 2015 10: 10
    What amused ...
    It was important for the President of Ukraine to demonstrate the quality of aircraft modernization. This explanation was given by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with a number of Ukrainian television channels.
    “It was important for me, because there had to be a reaction regarding both the quality of modernization of aircraft and safety. It was a response to Russian statements that Ukraine cannot repair equipment, ”he said.
    Secondly, for him it was symbolic, since he served in the test aviation institute, where they worked on the Su-27.

    He served at the Aviation Institute? belay Traded chocolates in the lobby? wink

    The message of the Ukrainian radio ...
    "Today, the so-called humanitarian convoy has invaded Donbass. They brought cereals, canned food, ... but the cars are half loaded."

    INTRODUCED GUM.KONVOY - This is the phrase of the week in my opinion. But it became already annoying -
    From myself I want to ask: Guys! Why are you intruding so weakly? Half? Let's get to the full!
    The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, carried out sexual harassment against him, reports Radio France Internationale. “Since February 2014, Yulia Vladimirovna has repeatedly offered me to have an intimate relationship, however, I am a married man and I can’t afford it in any case,” he said.
    The Prime Minister emphasized that it is difficult for him to defend his reputation because of private and intrusive offers from Tymoshenko.
    “Recently, I have been trying every possible way to avoid direct contacts with Tymoshenko, since each of our meetings ends with obscene sexual offers on her part, despite the fact that I repeatedly repeatedly asked her in a harsh form to stop such actions. I have developed normal, working relations with the other faction leaders, ”Yatsenyuk said.

    Senya! Do you understand why Yanukovych sent her to prison hospital? Do not let out FIG!
    1. +12
      25 October 2015 10: 25
      Senya! Do you understand why Yanukovych sent her to prison hospital? Do not let out FIG!
      And it seems not only Julia ...... (oh banned)
    2. +4
      25 October 2015 14: 08
      Quote: Egoza
      The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated that the leader of the Fatherland party Yulia Tymoshenko carried out sexual harassment against him

      Latiputi between the evil rabbit and Baba Yaga with two braids (one on the head and the other in the hands) is not a sight for the faint of heart. I bet on Baba Yaga.
  17. +3
    25 October 2015 10: 19
    The review is simply awesome, guys, special thanks for the platinum pearl "about sacred lice" - this is a literary "Caliber". Inexhaustible to you and health.
  18. +1
    25 October 2015 10: 36
    I DID NOT GET THAT. Can you clarify?

    According to the Kommersant newspaper, during the reception, which was closed to representatives of the press, the Russian president spoke with political scientists and foreign guests of the Valdai Forum.
    The Russian president also rejected the idea of ​​rejecting the Minsk agreements. At the same time, he stressed that he intends to continue to support the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “I was the first to support him,” Putin said.

    The current situation in Ukraine is dangerous for Russia, but Moscow did not create this situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.
    “She (the situation in Ukraine - approx. VIEW), of course, creates a danger for us, but did we create this situation,” Putin said, speaking at the final session of the XII annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, RIA Novosti reports. .
    The President noted that Russia does not struggle with the choice of the Ukrainian people, but against a violent change of power in this country.
    1. +2
      25 October 2015 10: 55
      Quote: Egoza
      The President noted that Russia is not struggling with the choice of the Ukrainian people, but against a violent change of power in this country.

      Quote: Egoza
      I DID NOT GET THAT. Can you clarify?

      Draw an analogy with the recent history of Russia. Yeltsin, the shooting of parliament, the coming to power of Putin.
      Conclusion, I hope you should not do it?
  19. +2
    25 October 2015 12: 12
    About British scientists and their "research" somehow on the radio I heard a cool phrase: "scientists have studied ... in the sense that normal scientists have studied, not British"
  20. +5
    25 October 2015 12: 17
    Then Nadia Tolokno, as she is known in queer, gender, and LGBG circles, inspiredly recited a text prepared by American documentaries in front of the cameras, mocking the memory of Soviet soldiers.

    Why not take this Madame citizenship? And let yourself grimace in foreign
    temples, if the local people like it.
    1. +6
      25 October 2015 14: 16
      Quote: v.yegorov
      Why not take this Madame citizenship?

      I highly recommend to the competent authorities, and not just her alone.
      1. 0
        26 October 2015 16: 29
        Amusingly laughing
        And where is Rotenberg, Kovalchuk, Timchenko, Kudrin, Gref, Sechin, Yakunin and others? They are Patriots ?????? They do not need to deal with?
  21. +2
    25 October 2015 12: 49
    Quote: KBACYPA
    This thought recently visited me, about the fifth column. Immediately make a reservation, the thought is in the order of delirium, although in our country delirium is most often realized. So, the GDP does not touch rains, echoes and other trash, because it is preparing a ramp of repression, like Stalin in the 37. And so that the people wouldn’t be too hard on these repressions, the media will say that the name is a raincoat, an Ekhovets and to cite their public statements as evidence. This is my feeling, quite possibly inspired by a half liter.

    Everything is easier, I guess. All this trash should be - it collects all the marginals, they are boiled in their juice and their dreams. They are harmless. They are in sight.
  22. +3
    25 October 2015 18: 32
    New Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau accuses the Russian president of "dangerous" policies in Eastern Europe, "irresponsible and harmful" behavior in the Middle East, "unreasonably provocative" in the Arctic, and calls Putin a "bully." “If I have the opportunity in the coming months to meet with Vladimir Putin,” he says, “ I'll tell him all this right in the facebecause we must guarantee that Canada remains firmly committed to peace and justice in the world. ”

    Diogenes Laertes:
    ".... One boy sought an answer to some question too aggressively for his age; Zeno led him to the mirror, told him to look at himself and asked, whether such questions are to face."
  23. +1
    25 October 2015 19: 54
    Deputies extended their retirement. Ah, to sit still in soft chairs until the end of time. ISIS kirdyk to you, definitely! Aero closed dill, and okay! Enrages, oh how enrages. Have you asked the people? Sick!
  24. +2
    25 October 2015 20: 14
    Quote: Egoza
    Quote: KBACYPA
    So, the GDP does not touch rains, echoes and other trash, because it is preparing a ramp of repression, like Stalin in the 37.

    "The hopes of young men are nourished ..." The people would not have grumbled, but the "elite" ... You were clearly told: "We are not 37 years old."

    quite rightly not the 37th, but only the 15th ends, well, what our years are, we will live to see good years.
  25. 0
    26 October 2015 14: 06
    By some measure I do not support any of the powers, politics, politics, but it seems to me that here in the comments there is a certain amount of anti-Ukrainian hysteria, just a little bit.
  26. 0
    26 October 2015 14: 48
    I will be brief. Authors as always on top! I read the weekly review with pleasure, for which many THANKS !!! Sincerely. Old Man 72.
  27. 0
    26 October 2015 14: 50
    Ah handsome ... Ay well done! I would also add that in Mother Russia the people live cool ... and there are no millions just beggars who can’t even eat normally now ..
    And Syria, yes ... RESPECT ... BUT ... Let Putin deal with foreign policy .... and in the interior of all his surrendered old friend-managers, headed by the Prime Minister, it is high time to send to and send to somewhere (looked after over whether the level of well-being corresponds to the deed)
  28. 0
    26 October 2015 15: 21
    Authors - Respect!
  29. 0
    26 October 2015 21: 10
    Tolokonnikov urgently needs to be deprived of citizenship, and it’s better to spend in the clouds.
  30. 0
    27 October 2015 06: 40
    I wonder if you look at this fraternity on a national basis

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"