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Russians opened their eyes to the West

It is not harmful for someone in the West to re-read books on stories - for example, from the Cold War era. Recall the frantic anti-Soviet propaganda, which reiterated the Bolsheviks' planned aggression against peaceful America, about the plots in the course of which the pious capitalist, going to church and giving to the poor cent-another, is spied on by the bearded atheist in his budyonovka. Who is going to believe in these fantasies? But doesn’t something like this in the West today? However, nostalgia for the Cold War seems to be waning.

Publicist and lecturer at the University of Leicester Tara McCormack (Tara McCormack) in the UK online edition "Spiked" she advised Westerners to look around and recall the propaganda of the Cold War — alarmist posters or films in which huge forces attacked America or in which secret agents roamed the US in droves. Very few people today are able to believe the propaganda of those days. In retrospect, it is easy to understand that it was designed to create an atmosphere of fear inside the country and to get the support of the people for foreign militaristic expansion.

But what now?

Much the same. The publicist “depresses” how weak the “critical abilities” of other “parrots” are when it comes to foreign policy. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the British media seems to have died of critical ability and ordered a sense of proportion to live long. Even clever analysts and commentators can no longer be considered as such, since they "have forgotten the lessons of the Cold War."

The British media have surpassed themselves, writing fiction about Russian airstrikes in Syria. Everything is from idiocy to lies. This "strikes" Tara McCormack.

The Times cried a few weeks ago: “Putin is challenging the West!” What is it? Obviously, Putin has forgotten to explain that Russia's foreign policy is now controlled in Brussels and Washington, the author sneers.

Putin in Britain now portrays a hybrid of Professor Moriarty, Fu Manchu (bad literary characters. - O. Ch.) And Joseph Goebbels. Yes, only this "complete nonsense," says the journalist.

The motives for Russia's actions in Ukraine and Syria are well known. Do you know why? President Putin simply took and told the West about his intentions, the columnist writes. The fact is that Putin does not hide his intentions. Yet Western media outlets ... never report it.

They do not report about the other. British media, for example, “completely ignored the disastrous consequences of Western intervention in Syria,” McCormack said. The West is attempting to bomb the positions of the "Islamic State" - and right there it supports the jihadists from the "Al-Nusra Front." Where is the press coverage of the “completely useless, dishonest and erroneous Western campaign in Syria”?

In fact, it was the West that turned out to be a destabilizing factor in all world affairs since the Cold War, a journalist believes. The Western world says a lot about the "prejudices" of the Russian state-owned media, but the Western media would be better to take the logs out of their eyes.

Some analysts have already got rid of logs.

Стивен Ли Майерс и Эрик Шмитт (Steven Lee Myers & Eric Schmitt) в "The Times of India" The Washington material notes that the strikes Russia inflicts in Syria have vividly shown both the Western intelligence services and military officials the course of transformation that the Russian army is under under President Vladimir Putin.

Present-day Russia demonstrates the ability to conduct operations outside its borders, using new weapons, tactics and strategy. Involved already and aviationpreviously not tested in battle, including the Su-34 fighter. Ships launched cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea over a distance of more than nine hundred miles. According to some analysts, these missiles are superior to US counterparts.

In a report to the European Council, the former Austrian army officer Gustav Gressel argues that Putin is pursuing the most rapid transformation of the country's armed forces, which had only been started since the 1930s. “Russia currently represents a military force that can crush any of its neighbors if it is not supported by the West,” writes Gressel.

Many experts are impressed by the actions of Russia. Rakesh Krishnan Simha (Rakesh Krishnan Simha) in Russia and India Report laid out the success of the Russian Federation on the shelves.

By delivering devastating air strikes against IS and USA-funded rebels, the analyst writes, Russia was at the center of the Syrian chessboard. In addition to the obvious advantages, which include the support of the secular government of Bashar Assad and the exposure of American assistance to terrorist groups, there are six strategic effects from the hostilities of Moscow.

The impressive work of the aircraft from the "Sukhoi" in the Syrian sky made these planes a desirable commodity on the international arms market. Both Su-34, and Su-24, and Su-25 showed themselves. They did a “fantastic job,” the author believes.

Of course, the Su-24 is “time to retire”, but the Su-25 and Su-34 tandem may turn out to be a “hot novelty” that air forces around the world will want to buy.

Yes, and cruise missiles that can penetrate to the most "deaf" shelters of terrorists are also likely to become more popular.

Holiday for Russian intelligence. As the author notes, after the appearance of “Su” in the sky of Syria, the US Air Force ordered its fighter pilots to stay away from the areas where the Russians work. At the same time, proximity to areas where Americans operate allows Russia “to gather valuable information about various American aircraft and NATO aircraft, including the F-22.” Such opportunities are provided quite rarely, and Russia's military intelligence should "have a lot of fun."

The Russians put an end to the IG oil trade. Militants can no longer sell oil stolen from Iraq and Syria, the author said. This oil went to the black market at the price of 10 $ per barrel. Its true market price is about $ 47 per barrel. The export of oil required its transportation through pipelines to the coast. Obviously, "IG" was allowed to conduct the free sale of illegally produced oil: the terrorists were not afraid that NATO air strikes would inflict on them. One of this, the author believes, is enough to prove: “IG” received “some” protection from the American and NATO military.

Saudi Arabia no luck. Saudi Arabia has to "tirelessly produce oil." This strategy is aimed at weakening Russia, as well as Iran. According to the IMF, little will remain of the Saudi budget, and the monarchy will perish. Russia’s return to the Middle East along with Iran and Hezbollah is another nightmare for Saudi sheiks. It is possible that the Saudis will have to announce a reduction in oil production. The United States that has lost its face is no longer able to dictate the terms of Saudi Arabia.

Let there be light! Europe gets rid of blindness. Just a few Russian missiles made Europe see the light. Europeans are already saying that decisive actions by Moscow to neutralize the threat of "IG" is a good idea compared to what America has done. After all, by her grace, millions of refugees rushed to Western Europe. Germany and France are thinking of lifting the economic sanctions against Russia. The author concludes: the Russians are pursuing a policy of “cost-effective diplomacy”.

Caspian strategy. Launching cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea, Russia recalled that the Caspian was considered Russian for many centuries. Moscow made it clear that nothing has changed today. Missile launch is also a signal for the United States. Now Washington has learned: the Russian military has access to Iranian and Iraqi airspace. In addition, Moscow has designated the range and power of its cruise missiles.

* * *

It seems that the world media, which earlier used to scourge Russia for the "annexation of the Crimea" and "intervention" in Syria, are beginning to see clearly. Those who wish to wander in the dark are overtaken by poisonous criticism, the bright representative of which is Tara McCormack, who defeated the “idiotic” British press: “parrots” repeating the same thing to please Cameron.

Western politicians and media that continue to attack Russia's position on Syria are categorized as irresponsible, who "have died of critical ability." Their statements and articles are addressed to simpletons who are accustomed to living with one political brains, filled with the thought of "aggressive" Russia.

The West, under the leadership of the United States, supplied the opponents of the Assad government weapons, equipment, money and providing propaganda support, finally recognized the failure of its policies in the Middle East. No wonder the Western experts began to ridicule the "moderate opposition", calling it "elusive." Harvard University professor Stephen Walt, who wrote an article for the American magazine "Foreign Policy". The United States failed to detect the "politically correct" Syrian rebels, these "eternally elusive moderates", with the result that the US long-term strategy in Syria remained vague. So is it any wonder that Putin’s actions look “bold and decisive,” the professor points out, and Obama’s policy confused?

It can be stated that the so-called strategy of controlled chaos, implemented by the United States in the Middle East, has failed. Conversely, the actions of Russia, which supported the legitimate president of Syria, were legitimate and effective.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Barboskin
    Barboskin 22 October 2015 06: 54 New
    Poor America, power and influence on the world flow like water through fingers. The most devoted friends and allies still demonstrate their love, but they are already making plans for the jackals to tear it to pieces. Big reforms and changes are needed, but instead, the game is based on the principle of all or nothing, and the chances of falling win are falling every day.
    1. kodxnumx
      kodxnumx 22 October 2015 08: 45 New
      Here’s the end of the tale, and whoever listened to him, well done! I mean, the world’s campaign began to doubt very much that the USA and Europe, about the correctness of their actions, the more people think about it, the more they begin to understand it! Russia is doing everything right.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 22 October 2015 09: 04 New
        Quote from the article
        The Russians opened their eyes to the West.
        ... controlled chaos strategysold by the United States in the Middle East, failed. And vice versa Russian actionssupporting the legitimate president of Syria were legitimate and effective.

        This is good! As they say - VICTORY will be ours! soldier
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. viktorrymar
      viktorrymar 22 October 2015 09: 39 New
      It can be stated that the so-called strategy of controlled chaos, implemented by the United States in the Middle East, has failed. Conversely, the actions of Russia, which supported the legitimate president of Syria, were legitimate and effective.

      In the short term - yes, but politics is a game of centuries, and these comrades will never calm down, genetically and mentally - Anglo-Saxon pirates who do not have moral standards and conscience, so judging them from our bell tower is absolutely unproductive. They act only in the interests of their own benefit and at least the bald trait will be kissed in the ass if it brings benefits and dividends
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 22 October 2015 12: 49 New
        Quote: viktorrymar
        In the short term - yes, but politics is a game of centuries, and these comrades will never calm down, genetically and mentally - Anglo-Saxon pirates who do not have moral standards and conscience, so judging them from our bell tower is absolutely unproductive.

        есть классный цикл программ Михаила Леонтьева "Большая Игра", очень познавательно...
    4. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 22 October 2015 13: 08 New
      Until the information blockade of the West is broken ... no awareness of reality ... as it really is, will not be. Ordinary residents of the West absorb the information that they feed him ... from it, as they say, and judge. The world will not change overnight, unfortunately ... you need to long and methodically hammer the truth into the heads of Western inhabitants. To refute the facts of the vysyra of the media engaged by the West and to grammatically argue the meaning of such a zombie of the masses. The population of the planet earth in most of its countries (forgive me) is a herd ... where those in power will send it, it will go there to graze. There are countries with some exceptions that are not in this motley herd (I hope our country belongs to them ..)
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 22 October 2015 16: 45 New
        Air Force captain

        This is not an information blockade. This is a violation of human rights. Submission of false information in the interests of a private corporate goal.

        This is a violation of one of the bases for building Western culture. As well as violations of the foundations of the constitutions of many countries. Which governments are called upon to follow.

        We will speak directly. It destroys Western civilization.
    5. GSH-18
      GSH-18 23 October 2015 11: 39 New
      Great article. +!
  2. ratfly
    ratfly 22 October 2015 06: 58 New
    Единичные случаи "просветления" и раньше случались. И сейчас в этом никакого прорыва не произошло. Основная масса СМИ гонит свою пургу по прежнему, "о России никакого позитива"!
  3. meriem1
    meriem1 22 October 2015 07: 08 New
    Eh article - right song !!!! Critically thinking journalists appeared in the west. Yes, and where to go? Confused US policy, against the Clear and Direct position of the Russian State. It’s hard not to notice the obvious .... But that doesn’t change anything. They will always cling to us at any opportunity. Although used to. Developed a strong immunity to yapping.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 October 2015 16: 52 New

      Critically thinking journalists make up 95% of the total mass. The remaining 5% are their editors. Who order music.

      Well, you read a long-standing article about Kerry. Where he gave the go-ahead to the Western press for a warming relationship.

      What does this mean?

      Correctly. This means that the clan structure of one of the competing components of the hegemonic country gained an advantage. And she began to crush the other side.

      This is not party competition. This should be called differently. But wait until they call themselves.
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 22 October 2015 07: 15 New
    Like a balm for the soul in the morning, BUT ... be afraid of Danians bringing gifts. But forget about it Nizya, not for a minute. We know enta type free-press-golem, like a Turkish drum on the neck of an old prostitute ... laughing
  5. venaya
    venaya 22 October 2015 07: 28 New
    the world media, which used to scourge Russia together for the "annexation of Crimea" and "intervention" in Syria, are beginning to see a little of their light.

    The business is being covered, RT is pushing on the heels, having to get out of a difficult situation.
    It can be stated that the so-called strategy of controlled chaos, implemented by the United States in the Middle East, has failed.

    We'll see. They still have a lot of receptions regarding a fair amount of money taken from citizens of other countries.
  6. surrozh
    surrozh 22 October 2015 07: 36 New
    About the breakthrough in the Western media - it is said loudly, but at least some positive in the article. But the idea of ​​squeezing ISIS from the territory of Syria into neighboring countries is beyond praise. Let the Turks with the Saudis rake in full, as the United States with its Taliban in the past and now. Again, unexpected allies may appear, the USA is again in the red on BV, no one wants terrorist attacks in their country.
    MARGADON 22 October 2015 07: 42 New
    Статья напомнила фразу из известного мультфильма."Всё правильно,всё сходится.Вот только почему мне есть хочется?"Думаю до просветления ой как далеко.Пока люди во власти на западе не сменятся,мало что изменится.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 22 October 2015 07: 43 New
    But this is Tara McCormack, who has seen her sight ... And how many more Vii ... who need to lift their eyelids ..
  9. dog1965
    dog1965 22 October 2015 07: 43 New
    Wow - has it really just come to this now. And then not until the end.
    “Russia currently represents such a military force that can crush any of its neighbors if the West does not support them,” Gressel writes.
    А в июле 2008 помнится, писали, что грузинская армия дойдет до Москвы за.... (не помню точно срок) . Хотя некоторые на Западе тогда уже в августе отмечали, что "Русские на ржавых танках устроили разгром армии, собранной по натовскому образцу".
    Всё-таки насколько вывернуты у некоторых мозги. Никак не может дойти, что "Не в Силе Бог, а в Правде". И если правды нет, то никакой Запад не помоет. Надо им в порядке ликбеза устраивать просмотр хотя ба фильма "Брат-2".
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 October 2015 07: 46 New
    Obviously, they forgot to explain to Putin that the foreign policy of Russia is now controlled in Brussels and Washington, the author is ironic.

    Well said. As they wrote earlier - stormy applause, sometimes turning into a standing ovation.
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 22 October 2015 07: 56 New
    The article is small, it’s a kind of pleasure. Everything goes as it should. The truth nevertheless becomes clear to many. Of course, many do not want to know it, turn away. But nothing - the situation is changing and there is no getting away from this truth.
  12. SANAY
    SANAY 22 October 2015 08: 43 New
    Good analysis of the situation. Indeed: the effective operation of our aircraft in Syria in combat use is the best advertisement. The main thing is not to sell our SU-34 superplane to enemies.
  13. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 22 October 2015 08: 51 New
    How many readers does this writer have?
    Meanwhile, lies in the media of Western countries and Ukraine are beating a stormy fountain.
    The main thing is to throw in, and there ...
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 22 October 2015 12: 35 New
      Meanwhile, the lies in the media of Western countries and Ukraine are beating a stormy fountain,
      and you try to evaluate not by the press, but by the statements of representatives of the Western authorities. that they were yelling, Assad should leave, and now they have gradually changed their tone. also Canada, it seems to me very indicative.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 22 October 2015 17: 03 New
        Indicative, indicative.

        But Canadian foreign policy, as a rule, is not manifested by weighty deeds or statements.
        Warming in the press felt.

        But domestic politics is very alarming. The crisis of capitalism, and in particular the decline in sales, respectively production due to the loss of purchasing power of the population, forces the government to engage in temporarily effective bullshit. With grave consequences in the near future.

        The new liberal government will begin by intensely crushing and selling state property, creating market revitalization and eating up the proceeds.
        This will destroy social guarantees and the state system.

        As always. There are no brains, some ideas.
  14. cniza
    cniza 22 October 2015 09: 06 New
    Or maybe the truth appeared hope for the enlightenment of the Westerners, he said, and I myself do not believe it, while individual sparks are still far from the flame.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 October 2015 17: 11 New

      No insight. All this is temporary.

      The historical process of transition from bourgeois capitalism to socialism has not been completed.

      Mutations occur in society in the form of globalization and corporate organizational international associations. Which are in search of a way out of the constant crises of capitalism. As a result, the presence of small wars.

      It's too early to talk about calm.

      I mean the evolutionary transition of capitalism to socialism.
  15. russmensch
    russmensch 22 October 2015 10: 02 New
    The road will be overpowered by a walking ...
  16. oldzek
    oldzek 22 October 2015 10: 07 New
    I thought and I believe that controlled chaos is a myth! what Americans do is just chaosIMHO
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 October 2015 17: 44 New

      Yes it is a myth. A beautiful phrase disguises an uncontrolled situation.
  17. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 22 October 2015 12: 20 New
    Thank you Oleg! Your balsam posts on aching wounds!
    Saudi Arabia is out of luck. Saudi Arabia has to “tirelessly produce oil”

    Quality remark, nothing to add! laughing
  18. slizhov
    slizhov 22 October 2015 12: 21 New
    what ... Akella missed and you with tailed tails do not know how to swim and to which coast ???
  19. slaw14
    slaw14 22 October 2015 12: 52 New
    They opened their eyes or lifted their eyelids. One should still check the vision.
  20. cniza
    cniza 22 October 2015 13: 44 New
    Quote: slaw14
    They opened their eyes or lifted their eyelids.

    And there is only $$ and emptiness.
  21. yuriy55
    yuriy55 22 October 2015 15: 48 New
    Статье - "+". Добавить можно, что с действиями российских ВКС в Сирии заявительному политическому праву США (праву диктовать миру свою великую политическую волю) нанесён такой же сокрушительный удар. А желание России существовать в мире равных государственных прав и возможностей оказалось привлекательней американского права властвовать по принципу "хозяина горы"... hi
  22. Mishmish
    Mishmish 22 October 2015 16: 41 New
    ДОСТАЛИ!!!!!!!! "Русские открыли" wink Putin Genius !!!!! wink
    В чем Гений Путина и какие русские? Путин что в стране сделал? Как житуха? Для примера - сколько стоила "Авто" (стоимость-страховка-обслуживание) 5 лет назад и сейчас? Деградация прет внутри... Всё на Народ.. А Путинские Друзья-Товарищи Миллиардеры сплошь.... Пусть Путин внешней политикой занимается - кто против то? Всех друзей послать пора! Но ведь нельхзя-Путин от них не отделим.. И, что самое забавное, Народ отупел до того, что ему проще "о врагах" слушать байки, чем посмотреть вокруг и сказать - "давай свою страну делать Нормальной" - без десятков миллионов нищих...
    Но Народ Туп....и по этому Россию по праву "Страной Дураков" называют...Только в стране Дураков может приниматься поправка к законодательству (на днях одобрена) о том, что теперь при ущербе менее 5000р. (раньше до 1000р. было) уголовное дело не возбуждается. Суды у них не справляются!!!! Когда у нас ментов и судей пруд пруди. Теперь забавно будет-спер телефон (б/у по оценке на 5000р не потянет) - ничего страшного wink To the state with us! SECURITY !!!! And to someone, something OPENED ?????
    Funny !!! To see a speck of dust in the eye of a neighbor and not notice the number that sticks in your ass ...
    1. maikl50jrij
      maikl50jrij 23 October 2015 11: 33 New
      Не по адресу. Этим "заведует" Медведев. Задача президента-усиление позиций гос-ва на мировой арене, укрепление внешних границ и внешней политики. Иначе "схавают" нас и костей не останется! Думайте "ширшее", "глубжее"... hi
  23. Olfred
    Olfred 22 October 2015 17: 43 New
    It's certainly funny to see how pokem ... the hegemon is weakening ... but who knows what other crazy ideas in his head. and you shouldn’t forget about the beast cornered hi hi hi
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 23 October 2015 06: 41 New
      Какой же он загнанный зверь, США сами себя загнали, а теперь от столького вранья пытаются выкрутиться. Это Путин дает им такую возможность чтобы они в "лужу из унитаза" не упали лицом.
      They just need to be lowered below the plinth in front of the whole world.
  24. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 23 October 2015 11: 02 New
    Хорошая аналитика! Я тоже заметил, что визга в нашу сторону заметно поубавилось. Как об укропии, так и о Сирии. "Употребляют" в основном санкции и выполнение Минска. К нам несколько раз применяли шоковую экономическую терапию, а мы всего раз применили физическую и на тебе!!! пресловутый западный мир в глубоком шоке! good
    BARKHAN 23 October 2015 11: 22 New
    A beast cornered is much more dangerous. Do not take your eyes off it. The main thing is the truth. And it is on our side. And the lie will always come up like a poop in the hole. They themselves have piled up, they thought the winners are not judged. So you still have to win.
  26. andrew42
    andrew42 23 October 2015 15: 33 New
    This is not a victory yet. Just a good hit in the nose, at the right time and in the right place. Now, if Syria persists, the mercenaries are kicked out, it begins to control its borders and territory, and comes to a political and interfaith agreement, then this will be a victory. In one fight. Among many other fights, modern and future.
  27. alleksSalut4507
    alleksSalut4507 25 October 2015 17: 17 New
    Quote: viktorrymar
    In the short term - yes, but politics is a game of centuries, and these comrades will never calm down, genetically and mentally - Anglo-Saxon pirates who do not have moral standards and conscience, so judging them from our bell tower is absolutely unproductive. They act only in the interests of their own benefit and at least the bald trait will be kissed in the ass if it brings benefits and dividends