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The third defense of Sevastopol

The third defense of Sevastopol


- How many admirals Kasatonovs on a white light, Igor Vladimirovich? Same names we do not take into account ...

- Yes, not so many of us. Three. Besides me, Vladimir Lvovich, Vice Admiral, Chief of Staff of the Pacific fleet. My nephew. But the main one, of course, was Vladimir Afanasevich, Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the Baltic, Black Sea and Northern Fleets. My father...

We still have a grandfather to mention. He may not be an admiral, but a non-commissioned officer, but he is worth a monument. As a full George Knight. And Belenikhinsky secondary school in the Belgorod region, where his grandfather was from, bears his name. Athanasius Stepanovich Kasatonov received all four soldiers of the Cross on the First World War. He served in the reconnaissance of the Life Guards of the Uhlan regiment and succeeded in procuring the enemy "tongues."

- Awards are preserved?

- Unfortunately not. In the hungry thirties demolished in Torgsin, traded for food, but not redeemed back ...

Monument to the full Cavalier of St. Afanasy Stepanovich Kasatonov, the grandfather of our interlocutor, the founder of the marine dynasty. A photo:

My father came to the fleet at the age of seventeen, graduated from the Frunze School in Leningrad, was the navigator, the commander of the submarines U-112 and L-12 in the Far East, commanded the Shchuk division in the Pacific Fleet. In 1941, Alexander Kollontai called him to the post of naval attache of the USSR Embassy in Sweden, but his father refused, chose to remain in the ranks. When the war began, he already served as chief of staff of a separate submarine division of the Baltic Fleet. My mother and I were evacuated to the Urals, to the city of Irbit. Month went by rail. At first they settled in the lobby of the cinema, in which the film “Pig and Shepherd” was played from morning till night. The song "I will never forget a friend if I made friends with him in Moscow" performed by Vladimir Zeldin and Marina Ladynina stayed in my genes forever. He told the episode to Vladimir Mikhailovich, he laughed. We met not so long ago, at the age of ninety. He, Zeldin ... And then in Irbit after the cinema we were determined to wait for the fists. They hated the Soviet government, the master's son was in prison for an attempt to desertion, and here, then, the family of the red commander ... The attitude was appropriate. My sister and I were especially at odds with the kulak goat, butting it fiercely, endlessly striving to pry on the horns.

But it is so, childhood memories ...

1961 year The future admiral Igor Kasatonov masters the basics of the maritime profession. Photo: From the personal archive of Igor Kasatonov

- When did you first appear in Crimea?

- In 1955, Marshal Zhukov, then Minister of Defense, appointed his father commander of the Black Sea Fleet. With him and I got to Sevastopol, entered the Higher Naval School named after Nakhimov. In 1960, he graduated with honors in the specialty "rocket armament".

- The fact that his father commanded the fleet, helped successful learning?

- Interested in whether I was a thug? No one would dare to make excuses, and I would not use them. All on the general basis. He lived in the cockpit for a hundred people, layoffs - once a week, they didn't let me go home for the night on weekends ... I always studied well, I finished high school with a silver medal. By the way, we have four medalists in our family: I received a silver in Tallinn, a wife in Kiev, a daughter Tamara in Severomorsk, a son Kirill in Sevastopol ...

After school, I stayed to serve on the Black Sea, in 1961, I made a “Persistent” transition around Europe at the destroyer “Destroyer”, then by the Northern Sea Route to the base of the Pacific Fleet. They went three and a half months. From Vladivostok, I returned to Sevastopol, I was in combat duty in the Mediterranean Sea, I was following American aircraft carriers ... I reached the rank of rear admiral and the post of commander of the 30 division.

In 1982, he was transferred to Polyarny, was appointed the first commander of the just-created Kola Flotilla of diverse forces. Nine candidates claimed for this place; I had to withstand a serious competition. The economy got rather big: one and a half hundred ships, coastal missile regiments, aviation, twenty two thousand people ...

Sailors Kasatonovs. Admiral Igor Kasatonov and grandchildren of captain Alexander 1 (left) and Justice Colonel Kirill look at the fleet admiral Vladimir Afatasyevich Kasatonov from a portrait on his son. Photo: From the personal archive of Igor Kasatonov

- So they stayed in the North until the State Emergency Committee hit the ground?

- By that time, for three years already I was the first deputy commander of the Northern Fleet. And in September, 91-th headed the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet, replacing Mikhail Chronopulo.

- He was removed for what?

- Officially - for health reasons, in fact - for excessive zeal in carrying out orders of the coup. Yes, and Gorbachev did not forgive that the Black Sea people did not rush to rescue him from Foros. In a word, Chronopulo was removed, and he left ... in business. Engaged them actively. In my opinion, even too ...

- It seems that Mikhail Nikolayevich later became a restaurateur?

- Including ... The problem is different. After leaving the service, Chronopulo could do anything, this is his personal choice. It is much worse that he left the fleet in a semi-disassembled state. I returned to the Crimea after a ten-year absence and was amazed at how drastically the socio-political situation had changed. Today it is hard to believe, but the authority of the fleet in the eyes of the local population then fell very low. And where? In the Sevastopol! Suffice it to say that Chronopulo lost the election to the USSR Supreme Soviet. In 1989, they were held on an alternative basis; the commander’s opponent was the foreman of the local plant's mechanics, Victor Nozdrya, who could not really connect two words. However, on the protest wave, Nozdry became a deputy.

This is just one stroke characterizing the general atmosphere ...

- You after all submitted to the Supreme Commander Gorbachev?

- I have never met him personally in my life. Luckily. I do not want to talk about this person, because I have no good words for him, but I do not like to swear.

- Did you somehow hurt Mikhail Sergeyevich?

- Not me, but the army. And he did not hurt, but put him in a terrible position, when, after the collapse of the USSR, two and a half million military, seven districts, three strategic directions and three groups of troops turned out to be ... Everything was as nothing! And the Black Sea Fleet, which was based in the territory that declared the independence of Ukraine in August 91, could suffer the same fate.

Sevastopol fought for their city and fleet, as they could. Photo: TASS


- Where did Igor Vladimirovich begin by stepping in on the post?

- The fleet consisted of 833 ship, which served nearly a hundred thousand officers and sailors. I traveled all the objects and naval bases of the Black Sea Fleet. In addition to the Crimea, they were located in Izmail, Ochakovo, Odessa, Nikolaev, Poti, Batumi, Novorossiysk ... In October, the 91, on the antisubmarine cruiser "Moscow", went to the Mediterranean Sea, where the Navy 5 squadron was on duty. After returning to Sevastopol, flew to Kiev, introduced himself to Leonid Kravchuk. He then presided over the Verkhovna Rada, but was about to become the president of Ukraine.

- And how do you like Leonid Makarovich?

- It immediately became clear: we are completely different people. From education to life priorities and values. Both felt it. Kravchuk is an experienced official, a hardened politician, it took him a few minutes to understand: Kasatonov will not lie either under him personally or under Ukraine. I am Russian in the broad sense of the word. Born in Vladivostok, studied in Leningrad, lived in Moscow, served in the North. And my wife, Yulia Alexandrovna, is from the family of Russian sailors, the daughter of Rear Admiral Trofimov, who commanded the 8 Squadron of the Navy in the Indian Ocean ...

- So, Kravchuk did not offer you anything?

- He cautiously “probed”, and his deputy Ivy spoke bluntly, first through. Like, do not complicate, Admiral! We will settle the problems with Yeltsin, everything will be all right, the fleet will go to Ukraine, you will remain with your previous position ... In addition to me, the commanders of three districts - Kiev, Odessa and Prikarpatsky were treated. Offered not to focus on Moscow. "Why would you report there, carry out their orders?" I explained that people from all over the Soviet Union serve in our country; they did not swear allegiance to independent Ukraine and would run home. To this, Kravchuk replied: "Well, let them run ..." Leonid Makarovich was sure that everything he had planned would work out and he was greatly irritated by my objections. I saw a spark of malice in the eyes of Kravchuk.

The situation, in fact, looked strange. Moscow stubbornly remained silent, although both in the Ministry of Defense and in the General Staff they knew very well how the authorities of the independent government put pressure on us. Instead of a clear order, there were abstract words of support. Say, do not give up. And how to use this advice in practice, if you are provoked and blackmailed every day? Such uncertainty could not last long. Tired of repelling the attacks of the political leadership of Ukraine, the commanders of the districts, Colonel-General Chechevatov, Skokov and Morozov, wrote resignation reports and left for Moscow. Kiev was waiting for this. Generals from among the barricades that had gone over to the Ukrainian side were immediately appointed to the vacant posts. There were enough. In principle, I could follow the example of my colleagues, spit, turn around and fly to Russia. That would be the easiest solution. But to whom would I leave the fleet?

At some point I felt like a fish in an aquarium. Around the vacuum formed, rarefied space. Surrounding people watched my behavior from the outside, waited for what I would do. But I, after all, could not engage in amateur activities. I needed a team. If they had said clearly: “Do not take the oath of Ukraine,” I would know how to act. And then - neither yes nor no. Honestly, there was internal discomfort. Difficult psychological situation! To leave for Moscow, means, to leave the fleet to the mercy of fate, to agree to stand under the yellow-blue flag - to betray the Motherland ... Such is the problem.

Episode of the film Photo:

- And what answer did you find on her?

- Yeltsin invented, sorry for bluntness, a completely unrealistic plan: the countries are sovereign, and the armed forces are united. Russia did not even have a minister of defense, his duties were assigned to the president. Ukraine quickly realized that this was complete nonsense, and announced the creation of its own independent army. Based on the very districts - Kiev, Odessa and Prikarpatsky. To complete the picture did not have the Black Sea Fleet. Cherry on the cake. Imagine? Ukraine gained the status of a maritime state! In September, 91, Leonid Kravchuk, appointed Konstantin Morozov as Minister of Defense. He commanded the 17-th Air Army of the Kiev Military District and bore the rank of major general. And then in an instant he became a colonel general and felt like a big boss! But I immediately made it clear that Sevastopol was too tough for him.

Kravchuk demanded that 3 January 1992-th Black Sea Fleet took the oath of Ukraine. Together with the entire group of former Soviet troops, numbering seven hundred thousand people. I did not do this, I burned the bridges, declaring the 4 of January to the Russian fleet and saying that we will obey the USSR Defense Minister Yevgeny Shaposhnikov and the commander of the Navy Vladimir Chernavin. Separately, he stressed that the Black Sea people are obliged to respect the laws of the state on whose territory they are located, and are ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. But - without taking the oath. Of course, no one gave me permission to make such statements. I took responsibility for myself and said out loud what I thought. In form it was a rebellion. Absolutely unexpected for everyone, including Russia. The first about my demarche was the New York Times. Literally on the same day! In support, I received hundreds of telegrams from ordinary citizens, and from the leadership of the country - zero, no reaction.

But I understood that it was not only a refusal to swear to Ukraine. It was necessary to maintain the fleet in combat for a long time. Until a political decision is made. Therefore, I have drawn up a system plan.

- It turns out that you have met with Kravchuk more than once, but never with Yeltsin?

- Alas. In the 91 year, in the most difficult moment, I did not manage to reach the president of Russia. I called the Kremlin, asked to be connected with someone from those who were close to Boris Nikolayevich, but in response I heard only ridicule and mockery.

- Even so?

- Well, yes, the entourage of Yeltsin was not up to the problems of the Black Sea Fleet, people shared power! It got to the point that in December of the 91, the General Staff removed the KChF from all types of rations. Say, you are a cut-off chunk, you are based in Ukraine. Well, Army General Viktor Samsonov, the Chief of the General Staff, did not disconnect us from the single warning system, otherwise it would have been very bad.

Yevgeny Shaposhnikov helped a lot by organizing, finally, my meeting with Boris Yeltsin ...

- When did this happen?

- 29 January 1992 of the year. Almost a month after I declared insubordination to Ukraine.

28 January 1992 of the year. Novorossiysk. Talking about the future of the Black Sea Fleet (from left to right): Navy Commander Vladimir Chernavin, USSR Defense Minister Yevgeny Shaposhnikov, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and KChF Commander Igor Kasatonov on a cruiser Photo: TASS


- And Kiev did not try to call you a rebel, to go to jail?

- I tried very hard! The deputy chief of staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, Georgy Zhivitsa, declared me persona non grata, the leader of Ruha, Vyacheslav Chornovil, at a closed meeting of the Security Council in Kiev, offered to take tough measures. Like, if you can’t persuade Kasatonov to cooperate, you need to compromise him, create unbearable conditions for life and work. But Leonid Kravchuk did not dare to go into direct confrontation with the fleet, tried to sneak me away. I was a bone in my throat!

- Has it reached real threats?

- How can I tell you? .. The chief of the General Staff of the Navy Konstantin Makarov called: "There is information that an assassination attempt is taking place on you, Igor. Consider and look around." The commander of the Baltic Group of Forces, Valery Mironov, warned that they were allegedly going to kidnap me ...

And such signals were received several times.

- Is the security enhanced?

- Next to me were two ensigns, Marines. If I traveled from Sevastopol, I took an extra car with machine gunners. The situation was not easy to say.

In Poti, for example, in broad daylight, local dzhigits attacked the headquarters of the naval brigade, laid a shift on the floor, and opened armory room and began to take out machine guns and pistols. At this time, the brigade commander and the political commander were returning from lunch and saw the "oil painting". Alexander Tsubin, the commander, was not at a loss, grabbed a service weapon and opened fire to defeat. He killed one, the second, wounded two more, the others threw bags and fled. But the brigade commander got a bullet. And the political officer, as he stood in a daze, remained. At night, we evacuated Alexander Sergeyevich to the hospital in Sevastopol. Soviet orders have already been canceled, new ones have not yet been invented, so I awarded Tsubin money. Issued a thousand rubles to restore health. A decent amount for those times! Only three years later, the brigade commander received the Order of Courage.

And in the Crimea, "joys" enough. The Sevastopol city council was the first to raise the Ukrainian flag on the peninsula, the local KGB administration passed to Kiev, became known as the Security Service of Ukraine Security Service, and began to work against me, decomposing the fleet from the inside, recruiting officers and sailors, compiling oaths in the second circle ... I understood that it was impossible to wait, because in case of delay the principle of a chain reaction could work: a stone rolled, and behind it an avalanche ...

9 January 1992, I was summoned to a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. Of course, I did not hide and flew to Kiev. After my performance in the plenary hall there was a chilling silence. Chilling!

1992 year. Igor Kasatonov, commander of the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet, on the day of the Navy receives a parade in his native Sevastopol. Photo: RIA News

- In the cold sweat did not throw you?

- Why be afraid? I knew that there was power and truth behind me. He spoke calmly, confidently. Still, I have a solid command experience, I have been trained in communication with any audience. I said that the fleet would retain the status quo until a political decision was made at the level of the presidents of the two countries - Russia and Ukraine, recalled that we have representatives of 46 nationalities, that there are only nineteen percent Ukrainians among officers and about thirty among sailors and foremen. I said from the rostrum of the Council that I consider the demand to take the oath of another state to be criminal.

Of course, my words could not make Kravchuk happy, but he found the strength to say that he still respects me, although he does not share the position.

They wrote about my speech in newspapers, including Russian ones. Then Yeltsin, apparently, woke up, realizing that it was possible to return the fleet he actually presented to Ukraine.

True, at the All-Army Conference held on January 17 in Moscow, our meeting did not take place. Boris Nikolayevich stayed there for a short time and left. Leonid Kravchuk chose to skip the event altogether. And they gave me the floor. I wrote a speech, as they say, in a single breath in the parental apartment on the Sivtsev Vrazhka. I decided that I would talk about how passion and excitement are being aggravated around the Black Sea Fleet. As he walked to the podium, in the hall there was an incessant applause. The officers knew about my refusal to take the Ukrainian oath. For example, I talked about the Kocheshkin twins. Mother is Ukrainian, father is Russian, both brothers are colonels, brigade of marines. Only one served on the Black Sea Fleet, and the second - on the Baltic Sea. "And how do you order to divide this family?" - I asked, referring to the presidium.

After the meeting, its participants approached me, thanked, expressed support, but everyone sounded one question: what next? If I knew the answer ...

We met with the President of Russia 28 January on the anti-submarine cruiser Moskva, which had specially arrived in Novorossiysk the day before. I discussed the visit with the commander of the Navy Chernavin in my office in Sevastopol four days earlier. They did this in writing, passing each other a workbook. I was not sure that there was no recording equipment in the room, and we were not overheard ...

Boris Nikolayevich flew aboard the Moskva RCC by helicopter. There were no guard of honor and orchestras, which emphasized the working, businesslike character of the visit. True, on the top we raised the Russian flag. In honor of the head of state. We talked for a long time, about six hours, I gave a detailed account of the situation, drove a pointer on the maps, as in a geography lesson, explained why we need a fleet and why we should not leave Sevastopol. Did the generations of Russian sailors shed their blood, then to give everything away like that? The president nodded to my words, but didn’t seem to particularly understand it. Or did not really understand what it was about. At least, when Yeltsin answered the questions of officers and sailors, he constantly squinted in the direction of Shaposhnikov and Chernavin, as if seeking their support. However, I received the approval of the highest political leadership of the country, and in that situation even such smallness was enough for our actions to gain legitimacy. Before leaving the board of "Moscow", Boris Nikolayevich left an entry in the book of honorable visitors: "Chernomorets! Do not flinch at a difficult time in the CIS! I will support! President Yeltsin."

And the head of Ukraine reacted differently. Learning about our meeting, Leonid Kravchuk on January 31 demanded that I be removed from the post of Commander of the Russian Football Federation. The formal reason for this was my refusal to accept a group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who arrived in Sevastopol without an invitation. Allegedly, I kept the deputies in the cold wind for an hour and a half. But I did not wait for the guests from Kiev that day, was engaged in the planned affairs, and I assigned the delegation to meet my deputy. Kravchuk sent telegrams addressed to Yeltsin, Shaposhnikov and Chernavin. Of course, this surge of emotions did not receive any development.

6 February 1992, the Supreme Soviet of Russia adopted a resolution on the need to maintain a single fleet on the Black Sea, and in April a new aggravation occurred, a battle of bills began. Kravchuk issued a decree on the jurisdiction of the Black Sea Fleet of Ukraine, Yeltsin did not keep himself waiting, and responded by law on the status of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Political rope pulling! They just tried to draw the military into it with weapons in their hands. Dangerous jokes! Alexander Rutskoi, the then vice-president of Russia, advised me: "Cut the ends and take the ships to Novorossiysk!" But supporters of the Square only dreamed that they should get Sevastopol!

I didn’t even raise the St. Andrew’s flags. Without the knowledge of the President of Russia and the necessary legal framework, this would be populism. Probably not everyone remembers this today, but for five years the Black Sea Fleet went under the former Soviet flag. With a red star, sickle and hammer! Only in 1997-m on our ships appeared the blue and white Andrew's banner, and in Ukrainian - the ensign of Hetman Skoropadsky's era ...

- This is without you, Igor Vladimirovich, at that moment you already served in Moscow.

- Yes, but if we lost in 92, after five years there would be nothing to raise flags. Then I did not give Ukraine anything - neither a cruiser, nor a boat. Although Moscow’s indecisiveness was not in vain, at some point fermentation began among the officers and sailors. Like, if Russia is not needed, why bother? We must agree to the proposal of Ukraine. The pendulum swung. The unofficial channels received disturbing information from the parts, I personally phoned the main connections, figuring out the situation. And I heard this: in the 126 th division of the coast guard in Simferopol, most of the personnel agreed to take the Ukrainian oath, a similar picture was observed in the 63 th brigade of repairing ships, in the 39 th division of amphibious assault forces ...

I remember a brigade commander calls and reports that the flag was raised on the minesweeper. I answer: "Well, and what words are you waiting for? What will I praise for pogluzhu's head? Set order in the brigade!" An hour later, he called back: "Comrade Commander, everything is done. In a fist fight, the victory was ours ..." This is a different conversation, I understand that! On the cruiser "Kutuzov" as a senior officer on a general construction, he also raised a yellow-blakitny prapor. And there was not without battering. How else? There was no choice. In Donuzlav, the anti-submarine brigade headed by the commanders took the Ukrainian oath, seven officers from the school of divers went over to Kiev. I later removed them from their posts. Carefully, one by one. He came up with a court of honor, where they gave a proper assessment of the behavior of traitors, including among admirals. Unfortunately, there were such cases ...

In the summer of 92, while I was on a business trip, the commandant's office in Sevastopol was seized by order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. My lieutenant missed, missed the moment. I returned to the city and set an ultimatum: either the Ukrainian military voluntarily vacates the premises, or we go to the assault. Those sitting inside did not believe in the seriousness of intentions, they thought I was joking. I took half the mouth of the marines and freed the building by force. Kicked out all entrenched there!

Youth of Sevastopol. Photo: Yevgeny Gusev /

"I was decided to remove from SEVASTOPOL from sin Sdald"

- But why you?

- So I understood my duty. Already explained to you: the simplest solution would be my departure to Russia in the autumn of 91. I am sure no one would dare to blame the fact that he threw the fleet. But you can't fool your conscience ...

- In fact, you are on a personal initiative organized the defense of Sevastopol?

- It happened. Someone should have been. It can be said, this is the third defense, if you count 1854 of the year from the Crimean War ...

The attacks came from different directions, I was constantly waiting for a trick. Let's say Kiev tried to take the fleet through conscripts. Recruits from Russia were not allowed on the peninsula, but the lads from Western Ukraine were carried by trains. In order to maintain parity, I ordered to deliver more than five thousand of our draftees on warships from Novorossiysk. Like during the war. In Sevastopol, the guys met a company of marines. And with the songs they went into parts.

Of the eleven thousand recruits who got to the Crimea in the summer of 92, almost half were from Russia.

But dumb defense is not my tactic. I received the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II, so that the fleet would continue to remain Russian. He initiated the adoption by the Crimean Parliament of the Act on State Independence of the Republic of Crimea. Deputies voted for the decision by a majority vote. If Moscow had put a little pressure on it, demonstrating the political will, the Crimea could have left Russia in 92.

This did not happen; the swings went back and forth until 3 in August, Presidents Yeltsin and Kravchuk, signed an agreement on the principles of the formation of the Ukrainian Navy and the Russian Navy based on the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR in Massandra. It was a political decision at the level of the heads of two countries, which I spoke about at my own risk in January in the Verkhovna Rada. We returned to the normal legal field. For a period of three years, a transitional period was established: a call for service in equal proportion - 50 on 50, the oath to the state, whose citizens are conscripts, the joint use of the existing system of basing and logistical support ... A pause was also needed to figure out ships, ports and other infrastructure to give Kiev ...

- Remember the anecdote: "How will we divide? Equally or fraternally?"

- The Ukrainians received one hundred thirty-eight ships and vessels, most of which were then cut to metal. Among other things, they departed and the almost completed missile cruiser Admiral Lobov. It was first renamed "Galicia", then - "Ukraine", which, however, did not change the essence of the matter. The cruiser was stuck tightly against the plant wall in Nikolaev, and the "Moscow" of the same type with it, having gone through a major overhaul, became the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Most recently, in September of this year, Kiev announced its desire, sorry for the ambiguity, to sell "Ukraine". I do not know if there is a buyer for stale goods ...

- Did you participate in the fleet section?

- Of course no. And who would call? September 26 1992 I was appointed First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy. It seems to be a boost, but I understood: this is a kind of compromise. Kiev was still spluttering at the mention of my name, and Moscow decided to remove me from Sevastopol away from sin. Indeed, under the Yalta Agreement, the joint command was determined by consensus of the presidents of the two countries. To Kravchuk supported my candidacy? No way in life! The position of commander remained vacant for more than three months, until, after long approvals, Vice Admiral Edward Baltin was approved. Honored sailor, Hero of the Soviet Union ... He, too, then drank from the Ukrainian nationalists.

- How did they escort you from Sevastopol, Igor Vladimirovich?

- Very warm. And the Black Sea, and the public. In a little over a year I managed to ensure that people again began to treat the fleet and sailors with the same respect and trust.

- What was your feeling at parting?

- Mixed. I was not given such a task, but as a man the military himself defined it and carried it out: he saved the fleet for Russia, did not surrender Sevastopol. While remaining commander, we have not lost a single object. It was only later that the Ukrainian special forces stormed to take our bases in Odessa, Izmail and Ochakov ... I would not allow that to happen.

And yet: in the Crimea, the Russian beginning was preserved, I tried to maintain it for twenty-three years, not letting it weaken. I think, and therefore in the spring of 2014, Crimeans, without hesitation, made a decision to reunite with Russia.

While flying to Moscow to 92, I freed up a service apartment in Sevastopol, in order not to give rise to unnecessary conversations, but I did not interrupt communication with the city, created a freelance information and analytical group. It is still functioning. These are my friends, volunteers from among the patriots of Russia. We are in constant contact, I am always aware of the events taking place there. I was also invited to the General Staff of Russia in 2009 for the position of advisor, in order to work on Sevastopol. This is what I do.

- Also, I know, recently participated in the launching of the frigate "Admiral of the fleet of Kasaton".

- Yes, he was named after his father. Thank. But there is still a lot of work to be done on the ship so that it can be put into operation. I hope we will live ...
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  1. Aleksandr2012
    Aleksandr2012 4 October 2015 00: 43 New
    You read, and your heart bleeds for how the army and country were ruined in the 90s. How many human lives were broken and ruined by the vileness and greed of those who came to power. 24 years have passed, and the consequences for us to disentangle more than one decade.
    1. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 4 October 2015 01: 03 New
      It was a time of troubles, but only thanks to such peasants as the hero of the article, our country still exists. Not everyone sold out, many remained faithful to the oath and duty. Were it not for them, Russia would not exist now. Respect and honor to people of Soviet hardening.
  2. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 4 October 2015 04: 13 New
    It's not that they sold out or not, but in fact someone took such a turn that people simply passed away prematurely.
    It’s good that an important business is going on! This is the name that the Russians should know - Igor Vladimirovich Kasatonov! The author is very grateful for the article.
  3. bocsman
    bocsman 4 October 2015 04: 52 New
    Thank God that in Russia in difficult times there are always people ready for a feat in the name of their country and people! And we should always know and remember them with gratitude. Glory to them !!!
  4. Alexy
    Alexy 4 October 2015 06: 08 New
    I remember everything as it was. How Ukrainian flags were raised, how they refused the oath for the sake of ranks, positions and the opportunity to stay in the warm Crimea. The most interesting thing is that already in 2014, the first people to join the Russian fleet were the traitors, deserters from 1991, took the oath ... for the third time. Drive them with a broomstick. And they are also given positions, such as Admiral Eliseev.
    1. Starshina wmf
      Starshina wmf 4 October 2015 07: 35 New
      There is a structure in the Navy that should deal with them. We must examine them all under a microscope. Skip through the sieve. In general, as Genghis Khan did, all defectors who crossed (without a fight) to be executed peacefully.
  5. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 4 October 2015 08: 24 New
    Here's one more time about the role of the individual in History. As it never happened, commanders, and even ordinary soldiers, acting at their own peril and risk, sometimes contrary to the will of those holding power, won battles, battles, sieges, which saved Holy Russia. Eternal Glory to them!
  6. Hagreebarg
    Hagreebarg 4 October 2015 08: 45 New
    I read the article and tears come to my eyes. But if it had not been for Rear-Radmiral Kosatonov, then Russia might not have had a fleet. But Crimea, even in the distant nineties, could have become Russian, show will and determination, Yeltsin. And Rear Admiral Kostanov, a deep bow to the ground that the Black Sea Fleet could save for Russia, and that his labors and aspirations were not in vain.
  7. misterwulf
    misterwulf 4 October 2015 10: 17 New
    Outstanding guy. Personally familiar.
  8. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 4 October 2015 10: 31 New
    Lucky that the fleet was based in Sevastopol. All the same, both the city and Crimea itself have always been Russian. Well, in the 14th, the fleet helped the Crimea.
  9. python2a
    python2a 4 October 2015 12: 44 New
    Ordinary courtier. People like him forced us to learn the oath by heart, and in 1991, when it was necessary to fulfill it, we stuck our tongues in the ass of the Yolkin.
  10. passerby1
    passerby1 4 October 2015 14: 12 New
    For people in uniform in the 90s, everything should have been very simple and obvious, they took the oath of the USSR, they were obliged to fulfill it and protect the country to which they swore. Neither officers of the KGB of the USSR, nor officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, nor military personnel of the USSR Armed Forces, took the oath and defended the country to which they swore. The oath had to be performed in the 90s, and not given an interview after 25 years in which to talk about the "traitors who destroyed the USSR" and their "heroic" fight against them. All the same is true for the rest of the citizens of the former USSR, including with regard to me, with these same citizens the demand is only slightly less than the demand from people in uniform. We ourselves are to blame for what happened to us and 100% deserved what happened to us in the 90s. I can imagine how Americans and Europeans laughed at us. Pitiful and stupid, these are the most censored epithets that come to mind when you remember us then.
  11. user3970
    user3970 4 October 2015 14: 59 New
    But the main drunk of all Russia is buried at Novodevichy under the tricolor. Here either change the flag, or the deceased under it.
  12. Aeneas
    Aeneas 4 October 2015 15: 50 New
    Kasatonov is also such a hard-pressed politician. In fact, he blackmailed the leadership of two ex-republics armed with nuclear weapons. And what would happen if his brawls went into skirmishes, and in fact the war between Ukraine and Russia? Not to mention the thousands of corpses of the Slavs, the ships of NATO peacekeepers would have stood in Sevas. However, this is what is happening now, only one of the parties was taken away a nuclear baton. Remembering Chronopulo's "kindly quiet word", Kasatonov accuses the latter of following orders ... of the putschists. But in fact, these "coupists" followed the oath once given. And Chronopulo may be a restaurateur, how to explain the close connection of the Black Sea Fleet command with the main Crimean mafioso - Podanev? Again on the ships. I think it’s not worth bringing the tsifiri of the cut and sold ships of the Russian fleet and the Ukrainian Navy. because the ratio may not be in favor at all.
    1. Serg65
      Serg65 4 October 2015 21: 29 New
      Quote: Aeneas
      I think it’s not worth bringing the tsifiri of the cut and sold ships of the Russian fleet and the Ukrainian Navy. because the ratio may not be in favor at all.

      Well, why not? Give the numbers of ships sold and written off in the OFI with Kasatanov so unloved by you !!!
      Quote: Aeneas
      how to explain the close connection of the Black Sea Fleet command with the main Crimean mafioso - Podanev?

      Are you talking about Rear Admiral Sergey Sergeevich Rybak? This premature creature at the time of Kasatanov had nothing to do with the Black Sea Fleet command! And in Yalta, a parade in honor of the Pope was held just by your Navy!
  13. okroshka79
    okroshka79 4 October 2015 16: 02 New
    Personally, I consider it an honor that I served under the flag of the Commander of the Kola Flotilla, Vice Admiral Igor Vladimirovich Kasatonov. Excellent sailor, very competent officer. The attitude towards him remained different - hardworking and competent - very respected, loafers and dense - were afraid and vilified in every possible way. But, this is always the case. Nobody was indifferent to him! He was very brave in making decisions, but always listened to the opinion of specialists. Which, at times, was not characteristic of other admirals. I am absolutely sure if Admiral I.V. Kasatonov was the Commander-in-Chief on the site of the "titanic admiral" F.N.Gromov, such a "Tsushima" would not have happened for our fleet.
  14. Buchki
    Buchki 5 October 2015 01: 00 New
    Quote: python2a
    and in 1991, when it had to be done, they put their tongues to Yolkin in the ass.

    Have you even read the article to the end? Just such as I.V.Kasatonov, and remained faithful to the oath.
    1. passerby1
      passerby1 5 October 2015 04: 47 New
      What, Kasatonov, raised the fleet? Tried to remove traitors from power, contrary to the Constitution of the USSR and the will of the people expressed in a referendum that signed the Bialowieza Agreement? What then expressed allegiance to Kasatonov oath? That he was adrift and silently watching how traitors destroy the country? Therefore, the USSR collapsed, because neither in the army, nor in the KGB, nor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs there was a single honest commander who would simply follow his oath, everyone looked and waited for how it would all end. But then they shouted loudly about low salaries and lack of housing, and why do you need salaries and housing, because you violated your oath, because you did nothing to protect the country you swore?
      1. Serg65
        Serg65 5 October 2015 05: 07 New
        Quote: passerby1
        Therefore, the USSR collapsed, because not a single honest commander was found in the army, the KGB or the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

        And did not arrange a civil war! If you survived those times, then you were cut off from life, my dear! At the end of the 80's, the whole history of the USSR was poured from the press of the party including the party, with the advent of cooperatives and the new line of the party, the stratification of society began and this society became a lightbulb to those in power just to grab a piece of the pie. When in the 91 th GKChPisty spoke on TV, so all the people neighing from the absurdity of the speeches and the obvious alcoholic state of some new leaders. And note, no one followed them .... and after 24 years, they began to sprinkle ashes on our heads and cry that they deceived us.
        1. passerby1
          passerby1 5 October 2015 05: 50 New
          If you read my post above, you should have understood that the 90s only make me feel deeply ashamed of myself and all those who lived in the USSR with me, “miserable and stupid, these are the most censored epithets that come to mind when you remember us then. " And that is why the interview with Kasatonov makes me perplexed, reading this interview you understand that he is not at all ashamed of the actions that he committed in the 90s. I, a purely civilian, am ashamed, and he, who gave the oath and vowed to defend the USSR, is not ashamed. A man in all seriousness talks about his "heroic struggle" with "traitors to the homeland." As for the civil war, you’re contradicting yourself, if the people who were in power were in the hell of a bullet, then there wouldn’t be a civil war, although I certainly don’t believe it, just sometimes you read books and articles about people who haven’t survived 90- e, and you think that the losses suffered by Russia and other republics that were part of the USSR, killed and crippled in conflicts in the territory of the former USSR, who drank themselves and committed suicide in the 90s, who died from drugs, simply were not born, are comparable to the losses in a big war (we are talking about millions), so maybe it was necessary to fight for their country, for their homeland. Yes, there would be casualties, there would be losses, but they are there now, although there seems to be no war. At least it would be possible to say that we fought, we fought, and not mediocre prosra ... and that's all, as happened in modern history.
          1. Serg65
            Serg65 5 October 2015 07: 38 New
            Quote: passerby1
            A man in all seriousness talks about his "heroic struggle"

            This man retained the Black Sea Fleet for Russia; it was his obstinacy that made Yeltsin move his brains. Save the fleet when officers and midshipmen didn’t receive salaries for half a year, when sailors and soldiers had nothing to feed, when officers went to Gorka to feed their families in their free time and, hiding from shame, tried to sell at least something when -blockid "promised manna from heaven and many were tempted by this, to preserve in this situation is really heroism.
            Quote: passerby1
            . I, a purely civilian, am ashamed, and he, who gave the oath and vowed to defend the USSR, is not ashamed.

            Okay, let's try to wave our fists after the fight.
            Kasatonov raises the fleet against the legally elected governments of Ukraine and Russia, who do you think would support him? After the “strange flight” of Mr. Rust, everyone’s “beloved” Gorbachev cleared the army of the unwanted, when Bogdashin completed his ram, the heart attack almost happened on the tagged one. Why am I doing all this, and to the fact that neither Misha nor KO would have been raised by the army or navy!
            1. passerby1
              passerby1 5 October 2015 08: 23 New
              You say that this man has preserved the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR for Russia. Perhaps I will not argue. But the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR was created to defend the USSR and the fleet commander took the oath of the USSR, while the commander of this fleet made no attempt to defend the USSR. Who then needs such a fleet and such a commander? Guessing what could have happened if ... an ungrateful and meaningless occupation, I nevertheless think that even publicly, through the media, the demand expressed by the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR for the leadership of the USSR, USSR and the USSR to ensure the fulfillment of the will of the people of the USSR expressed at a referendum on the preservation of the USSR, as well as a statement that the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR is ready by any means to ensure the territorial integrity of the USSR and the fulfillment of the will of the people of the USSR expressed in the referendum would cool the hot heads in Moscow and Kiev. Moreover, I think many commanders of military units of the armed forces of the USSR, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB of the USSR would join such a demand. Then Kasatonov, even losing, could say that he did everything he could. And he did not take the oath to Misha and KO, but to the people of the USSR, who, after the collapse of the country, died in millions of conflicts in the territory of the former USSR, drank too much, died of an overdose, and simply was not born.
              1. Polkanov
                Polkanov 5 October 2015 12: 54 New
                ... your perception of the problem is the look of a civilian “jacket”, sorry for the term. Without knowledge of the Army and Navy system, all the more without serving a couple of decades, it is better not to do paperwork. Stand aside and do not give out universal advice. Further down the text "Dog Heart" ...
              2. Serg65
                Serg65 5 October 2015 15: 11 New
                Quote: passerby1
                , through the media, the demand expressed by the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR for the leadership of the USSR, USSR and the USSR to ensure the fulfillment of the will of the people of the USSR expressed in a referendum on the preservation of the USSR, as well as a statement that the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR is ready by any means to ensure the territorial integrity of the USSR and the fulfillment of the will of the people of the USSR expressed in a referendum would cool hotheads in Moscow and Kiev. Moreover, I think many commanders of military units of the armed forces of the USSR, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB of the USSR would join such a requirement.

                Igor, my friend, it’s paradoxical but Yeltsin and Kravchuk chose the people, having expressed their choice voluntarily in the elections! And you suggest that it was necessary to fight with the people ???? Remember how ordinary people were heard by the speeches of Yeltsin, Sakharov, etc. at the 1th Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR! It’s now that Yeltsin is spinning like a propeller in a coffin, and then they prayed to him both old and young!
                1. passerby1
                  passerby1 5 October 2015 17: 27 New
                  Paradoxically, the same people voted in a referendum to preserve the USSR. You say, “fight the people”, but publicly demand from the authorities of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the RSFSR to respect the will of the citizens of the USSR in a referendum has nothing to do with the war with the people. This is called juggling the facts in order to try to justify the inaction of the highest command of the armed forces of the USSR, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and the KGB of the USSR. If one of those officers who tried to remain faithful to the oath would really face a dilemma or civil war or the collapse of the USSR and he chose the collapse of the USSR, I would have no moral right to blame him for something, but the reality is that no one dared to face such a dilemma, because no one even tried to defend the USSR and remain faithful to the oath, and this is a fact with which you can not argue.
                  1. Serg65
                    Serg65 5 October 2015 21: 08 New
                    Quote: passerby1
                    publicly demand from the authorities of the USSR, USSR and RSFSR to respect the will of the citizens of the USSR in a referendum has nothing to do with the war with the people. This is called a distortion of facts in order to try to justify the inaction of the highest command of the armed forces of the USSR, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and the KGB of the USSR

                    Remember the fate of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR !!!!
                    Quote: passerby1
                    no one even tried to defend the USSR

                    Igor, something I have not heard about the partisan detachment named after the sailor Zheleznyak under the command of a certain comrade Igor ?!
                    1. passerby1
                      passerby1 6 October 2015 04: 10 New
                      I remembered the fate of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR and what next? Is this a reason for the military to break the oath? If you really need to resign, you really shouldn't have become an officer at all. As for the partisan detachment, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the interview about his "heroic struggle" with the "traitors to the motherland" was nevertheless not given by me, but by Kasatonov, as well as the oath of the USSR.
                    2. passerby1
                      passerby1 6 October 2015 06: 48 New
                      We all, both military and civil, should be ashamed of what happened in the 90s. I am ashamed of being suckers, ashamed of having failed ... my country, ashamed of not fulfilling my duty. Imagine if then everyone would do at least as a minimum, at least simply ATTEMPT to fulfill their duty, the military, the police and the KGB, demand that the Constitution of the USSR and the will of the people expressed in a referendum be respected, citizens of the USSR would support these demands simply by taking to the streets. Did anyone even dare to give a hint about the Bialowieza Agreement? But now, after 25 years, people who have not even tried to fulfill their duty, rapturously talk about their “struggle”. Would be ashamed.
  15. passerby1
    passerby1 5 October 2015 13: 10 New
    But essentially there is something to say? If there is, then tell me, it is very interesting to know the opinion of "an expert in the system of the Army and Navy." If it is possible to dwell on the issue of observing the oath of the USSR, perhaps I somehow misunderstand it.
    1. Disant
      Disant 10 October 2015 01: 32 New
      I will answer.
      then, to the 91st - the head rotted. she was poisoned and she fell off
      for 20 years the industry is new, ugly, with scars. which is, but all the worse for the enemies.