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All the national apartments ?!

There was a time of great empires united by iron and blood, and for the time being they were as strong as granite. But then something like this happened, and the peoples living in them began to scatter through the “national apartments”. Moreover, the nationalists of many countries carried out their struggle for the right to live separately from others weapons in her hands, apparently, considering that she is more efficient!

All the national apartments ?!

The flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is laid out right on the mountain.

“Separatists of the whole world - unite!”

In recent times, national groups such as Azerbaijanis in Iran, Achechs in the Republic of Indonesia, Bengalis in East Pakistan, inhabitants of the Shaba region in Zaire, various ethnic groups in the north-eastern part of India, Pashtuns and Balochi, have defended the armed struggle for the right to self-determination. in Pakistan, Sikhs are residents of Punjab, Kurds of Iraq, Iran and Turkey, Eritreans and Somalis of Ethiopia, but, moreover, also Somalis in Djibouti and Kenya, the non-Muslim population of Sudan, the Arab and Christian communes of Africa About the state of Chad, Karen, Mon, Kachin, Shani, Wa, Arakan in Burma / Myanmar, Saharan Tuareg Mali and Niger, Biafra people in Nigeria, Basques in Spain, Corsicans in France, Albanians in Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia, Serbs and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, of course, the Irish in the UK, as well as the Abkhaz in Georgia, the Armenians in Azerbaijan, the Uygurs and Tibetans in China, the Russians and Ukrainians in Moldova, the Basques in Spain, and the Indians in the United States.

In fact, humanity is leading the most genuine world war with the masses of victims, the purpose of which was the same - to have its own statehood and to live seemingly independently of its neighbors. And the most interesting thing is that separatist movements very rarely achieve their ultimate goal, most often being content to grant autonomy rights to a specific group of the population. In addition to countries formed after the collapse of the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, only Bangladesh, Singapore, Eritrea, and South Sudan could be mentioned as examples of such successful secessions.

People's Liberation Army of Sudan.

Separatists among the rich

However, are poor nations only seeking complete independence? No, separatism is by no means a feature of only one “third world”, on the contrary. Thus, in economically prosperous Canada, the Québec Liberation Front (fr. Front de libération du Québec, FLQ), an underground left-wing organization established in 1963, has operated for many years. She was in favor of the national liberation of the French Canadian minority from the power of the British and the creation of an independent republic of Quebec. The organization was most active in 1970 the year when its members kidnapped many well-known government officials, and even killed the vice-premier and minister of labor of Québec Pierre Laporte, which caused the so-called “October crisis” associated with these tragic events. Prime Minister Trudeau then had to impose martial law in the provinces and bring an army to the raids. And only when the leadership and the majority of the members of this front were arrested, this movement in its radical form gradually faded away.

Flag of the Quebec Liberation Front.

IRA did not choose the means ...

About the IRA - the Irish Republican Army, probably, everyone heard. His history she leads from the Easter Rising in Dublin (1916) under the leadership of Patrick Pierce, when they first proclaimed the independent Republic of Ireland. Then completely despising the interests of the state and asking for help from Germany, which was at war with Britain, the Irish nationalists organized an armed uprising, and only an accident that prevented them from getting transport with German weapons did not give them the opportunity to succeed.

Well, the Irish Republican Army itself was founded in 1919 after the merger of the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Civilian Army. The first are the armed detachments of the Sinn Fein party and the heirs of the Fenian organization, and the second were created by the hero of the Easter Rising James Connolly "in order to protect the Irish labor movement." The IRA actively participated in the war against the British army from January 1919-th to July 1921-th year, and the most intense battles lasted from November 1920-th to July 1921-th.

Kosovo Liberation Army.

It is believed that the main supplier of arms and finance to the IRA was Libya, which in the 1970's and 1980's carried out large deliveries of weapons and explosives to Ireland. In the 2011, the British Daily Telegraph wrote about this: “For almost 25 for years, almost every bomb made by the Provisional IRA and the breakaway factions contained the Semteks explosive from the Libyan Party, unloaded on the Irish pier in 1986.”

The IRA helped, in addition to Libya, and the Irish from the United States, especially an organization like NORAID, but their assistance was significantly reduced after the events of September 11 2001.

21 July 1971 of the ill-fated "Bloody Friday" The Belfast Brigade "Provisional" of the Irish Republican Army carried out several explosions in Belfast, the victims of which were 9 people (2 soldier of the Ulster defense and 1 civilians), and the injured turned out to be 6 people. After that, the IRA bombs exploded in the UK with enviable regularity, and in 130, the “Irovtsy” made an assassination attempt even on Margaret Thatcher herself!

Flemish people have their own interest!

"On the continent" (as the English say), that is, in Europe, there are also similar organizations, and the first among them: the Flemish interest (nderl. Vlaams Belang) is no longer left, but on the contrary - the far-right party of Belgium, which stands for independence Flanders, a sharp restriction on immigration flows and the preservation of "traditional Flemish values." It was formed in 1979 from the Flemish People’s Party and the Flemish National Party. The founder and chairman is Karel Dillen (1925 – 2007). The goal of the party: the independence of the national regions of Belgium, in which "speak Dutch", as well as the protection of the true cultural values ​​of Flanders. In 1990, the party managed to achieve great success in the parliamentary elections, especially in Antwerp. The party also collaborates with the National Front in France and with the Republicans in Germany. Belgian Court of Appeal 9 November 2004 condemned the party Flemish interest in advocating discrimination in relation to immigrants, with the result that the party 14 November 2004, the party was forced to reconsider its program.

In a strange eye, a log, but in its ... straw!

It is obvious that the West manages to avoid more active extremism in its countries on the local national soil only at the expense of the high standard of living of its own, so to speak, “indigenous people”. However, there are more and more emigrants, someone else's speech sounds more and more often, there are more and more mosques, hijabs, saris, curries and other eastern "sights", while those who come there more and more often claim high-paying jobs. To introduce segregation and artificially keep them in need is not allowed by democratic institutions. However, various nationalist parties did not disappear. As soon as there is either an economic recession in these countries, or, conversely, regional economic growth, as it happened in Catalonia and Scotland, for example, the desire to disperse in national apartments will increase, and these parties will immediately come up with separatist and nationalist slogans and ... with a gun! And those who go under their banner in Europe will be quite a lot! Well, and the conclusion? The conclusion is this: you, gentlemen, Western Europeans should not blame the peoples of other countries and individual regions for separatism - many of them have very weighty circumstances for “separatism”, besides, you yourself have plenty of separatism. As they say ... in a strange eye a log, but in its ... straw!

End justifies the means!

Interestingly, the goals of national liberation for many are considered so “holy” that they justify any crimes and collaboration. For example, Subhas Chandra Bos, (January 23, 1897 - August 18, 1945), known as Netaji (the word is an analogue of the words Fuhrer and Duce!), One of the leaders of the Indian Independence Movement, revered now on a par with J. Nehru and M. Gandhi, not only did he offer Hitler help in the fight against the British in India, but he also went on direct cooperation with the Japanese. He created the Indian National Army (INA) and threw it against the British. After the defeat, he ordered total mobilization in Free India under his control, and in the fall of 1944 he began the creation of Indian suicide units, as was done in the Japanese army. However, here he again reoriented to the USSR and eventually died in aviation disaster, or he ended up in the USSR and ended his days in prison (the Indians both under Brezhnev and under Gorbachev several times asked about his fate, since they did not believe in the official version of his death). But ordinary people of India honor him even today, many of them even more than Gandhi and hope that he was saved from both Russians and English and became a sadhu - a wandering saint!

In Catalonia, in small towns, national flags hang on each balcony, and the flag of Spain can only be seen above the city hall (and even next to the Catalan). On all the pillars of the bridges and on the fences of the inscription: “Catalonia is not Spain” and also “Fuck polisia!” So ​​far the bridges themselves have not yet been blown up, but ... how do you know what will follow such inscriptions here ?!

Just a street in Barcelona ...

In Northern Cyprus, there is no unrecognized Muslim Cypriot state other than Turkey. The Orthodox churches in most villages are without crosses (insulting the feelings of believers of the titular nation!), But the Muslim Greeks live in clover, and Turkey, by the decision of the EEC, does not want to pay compensation to the southern Cypriots 30 million for the damage caused by them and 60 million euros to the Greek Cypriots who continue to live on the Karpas Peninsula in the occupied part of Cyprus. "We will not pay!" - They say the Turks and that's it. “We do not recognize the Republic of Cyprus!” That is, at any moment it can again flare up there. True, here is Pilsen beer on the north side for some reason much cheaper than on the officially recognized south ...
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  1. SPACE
    SPACE 2 October 2015 06: 38
    Creating an apple of discord, a key moment of small forces in managing large masses, the principle of divide and conquer in action. And it allows you to decompose any large force into a mass of small multi-vector forces and to minimize the cost of external control action. The same mechanisms include such instruments as democracy, freedom of speech, liberal economy, the prohibition of ideologies, as well as the promotion of individualism and selfishness, vices with the simultaneous cultivation and nurturing of crowds of self-confident, complete idiots, which is also necessary for easier management and creation of the vast majority, giving legitimacy already to the intermediaries of higher powers, with the growth of the system.
    1. kalibr
      2 October 2015 07: 33
      All this is true, but you must agree - people of one nationality, one language and one culture have every right to live in their own, albeit a small country. Lenin also spoke of the "right of nations to self-determination, up to secession."
      1. bocsman
        bocsman 2 October 2015 08: 40
        This is a cheap stamp of liberals imposed from across the ocean.
        Quote: kalibr
        All this is true, but you must agree - people of one nationality, one language and one culture have every right to live in their own, albeit a small country. Lenin also spoke of the "right of nations to self-determination, up to secession."

        Such phrases are simple and easy to remember with a hint of intelligence and "democracy" of those who pronounce them. In essence, they are a trap for those who do not want to think with their own heads. Why, I learned a dozen, two and pronounce it meaningfully to the place and out of place, and you are already an intellectual! Latvians were worried about their independence and where is it ?! They told the refugees to accept and accept! If earlier there was no breath in the media from the word "independence", now there is silence - Dead silence! If someone praises you very much, then he needs something from you, and you do not always need something! There is also such a stamp!
        1. kalibr
          2 October 2015 12: 33
          You are absolutely right about the word trap. But also agree that when the same words are spoken ... by many people, they acquire the strength of a stone. Imposed or their - it does not matter. Take the Catalans. Well, they do not want to live with the Spaniards and are doing everything to get out of Spain! Who imposed it on them? Again the Americans, masons or whatever? Or the same Northern Cyprus ... That was where everything was done artificially! But the result is obvious!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Vend
        Vend 2 October 2015 09: 57
        Quote: kalibr
        All this is true, but you must agree - people of one nationality, one language and one culture have every right to live in their own, albeit a small country. Lenin also spoke of the "right of nations to self-determination, up to secession."

        You know, I don’t agree. People can get wide autonomy, federalization, have their own governing bodies and elected representatives, etc. It is not necessary to leave the country. You can create a state of the union republics. Yes, a lot of things can be done. However, there are exceptions, but over the past years they have become a Gordian knot. Such is Scotland and part of Ireland conquered by England. Luzhitsky sorbes in Germany. Any national conflict must be resolved by diplomacy, not by arms.
        1. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 3 October 2015 00: 20
          Luzhitsky sorbes have no chance of creating their own state. They are few, they are in the minority in their ethnic territory, a significant part of them are completely assimilated by the Germans. And no separatist movement is observed among them. The majority of the population in most counties of Northern Ireland are Protestants - the British and Scots, who have lived in these parts for hundreds of years and who do not want to break off ties with Britain. With Scotland, too, not everything is clear. Half of the Scots are pro-British. In any case. even in the case of independence, their interests will have to be taken into account. I think there will never be a complete breakdown between Scotland and England. Most likely, the United Kingdom will eventually be transformed into a federation of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. As for Wales, it is likely to remain an autonomous part of England itself.
      4. SPACE
        SPACE 2 October 2015 10: 45
        Quote: kalibr
        Even Lenin talked about the "right of nations to self-determination up to secession"

        Everything in the world is relative, Lenin was a wise man and said the right things, and from the point of view of a normal person, in an effort to create an ideal world where there are no external significant aggressive forces using the weaknesses from many human unions for their exploitative purposes, then he is absolutely right, well, not we managed and could not, until we were able to build Socialism, but what else is ahead of us. In the meantime, we are on a sinful earth, and the desire to unite in the face of a common threat is nothing more than an instinct for survival, since "Someone" misinterpreted Lenin and the collapse of the Union, well, then we will have to repeat everything ...
        1. dmb
          dmb 2 October 2015 14: 16
          You are right in almost everything, with the exception of perhaps giving the status of "external forces" too much. Agree in the twenties we were much weaker as a state, but they could not do anything, and in the 90s they could. So it's about us. And when (and here I completely agree with you) we return to socialism, the main thing is to take into account this bitter experience in order to avoid the reappearance of the corrupt "elite" and the silent, indifferent majority that caused the country's collapse.
      5. Dart2027
        Dart2027 2 October 2015 20: 11
        Quote: kalibr
        Even Lenin talked about the "right of nations to self-determination up to secession"

        Talking, saying, that's only when he sought to seize power.

        One of the current sovereigns, whom I refrain from calling, is only doing what he preaches peace and fidelity, in fact, the worst enemy to both; but if he followed what he preaches, he would have long lost either power or state.
      6. Aljavad
        Aljavad 3 October 2015 04: 05
        Even Lenin talked about the "right of nations to self-determination up to secession"

        Ah, if everything still lived compactly, without diasporas and mixed marriages!

        And what about respect for territorial integrity?
        And what about the globalization process? Not with the neocon project that stalls and stalls, but with an objective strengthening of the movement of people, ideas, goods and capital?
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 2 October 2015 07: 49
    Hint, like long live the Siberian Republic? and all the rest others ..? You write like this:people of one nationality, one language and one culture have every right to live in their own, albeit small, country.... History shows that fragmentation of the people does not lead to good ..Even Lenin talked about the "right of nations to self-determination up to secession" He wrote about the law, and not the duties .. And this is not the same ..
    1. kalibr
      2 October 2015 08: 41
      So he wrote ABOUT LAW, and not about duty. But if they already WANT?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 October 2015 08: 09
    Not far off is the time when Europe itself will begin to split up. Weak attempts to this are already in the face, and the number of Muslims from disadvantaged countries is growing by leaps and bounds. Then, they (Europe) will have no time for moralizing and poking towards others.
  4. cokolkz
    cokolkz 2 October 2015 12: 34
    Countries are split into national "apartments" because in any multinational country there is a main-title-senior, etc. a nation that occupies all leadership positions and does not allow representatives of others there. Take the Russian Federation - except for the non-Russian Shoigu, no one in the government can be remembered from the "nationals" (we don't count the chosen people), and Russia is a VERY multinational country. So it turns out that in an independent, FOR EXAMPLE Yakutia, a Yakut can become a minister or even a president, and in an autonomous Yakutia he even has no such theoretical chances ...
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 2 October 2015 20: 15
      Quote: cokolkz
      in independent Yakutia, for example, a yakut can become a minister or even president, and in autonomous Yakutia he does not even have a theoretical chance of such

      In independent Yakutia, as well as in any other country that you can hardly find on the map, any minister will, in fact, be a servant obliged to carry out orders from the current "elder brother". And as experience shows, this will not end with anything good for the entire population.
      1. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 5 October 2015 21: 27
        Quote: cokolkz
        FOR EXAMPLE, Yakutia, a Yakut can become a minister or even a president, and in autonomous Yakutia he does not even have such theoretical chances .....

        I looked for the sake of interest the entire cabinet of ministers of Yakutia. Most of the Yakuts (at least the Mongoloid race), well, the names (and therefore surnames) are taken from the clergy because they are Orthodox. Well, the Russians also have where to go (they also live in Yakutia).
  5. Maks2169
    Maks2169 2 October 2015 23: 27
    We must live together.
  6. Maks2169
    Maks2169 2 October 2015 23: 30
    Or, split into independent states.
    Example. "Liechtenstein" is not dependent, but nothing depends on it either.
  7. Aljavad
    Aljavad 3 October 2015 03: 59
    Good review.
    Need more analysis. Why all of a sudden? What will all this lead to?