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The shame of the American allies in Syria has a comprehensive explanation.

The shame of the American allies in Syria has a comprehensive explanation.

The scandal around the "Thirtieth Division", prepared by American instructors for the war with Assad and immediately surrendered to the Islamist "Front al-Nusra" immediately after crossing the Turkish border, is now rattling the whole world. There will be many such scandals. They are predetermined by the very methodology of the American instruction of the “allies” in Syria, in Georgia, and in Ukraine.

Recall that in the end, the "Front al-Nusra" (branch of "Al-Qaeda") received weapon, equipment and several pickups from the USA. The commander of the "Thirtieth Division" assured representatives of the "Front" that he had deceived the US military in order to get weapons. The problems that caused what happened happened can be divided into three unequal categories.

Intelligence and psychological problems

"At the landfill in Yavorov, the cases of refusal of the Ukrainian military personnel who passed the meat grinder in Novorossia to obey the instructors from the United States, who, from the point of view of these veterans, are full of salads,"

The image of a CIA officer who determines whom to choose as an ally in the Middle East is too exaggerated by Hollywood. In the overwhelming majority of cases, operational employees cling to those who at least formally show signs of loyalty. And if someone is promising, but showing the required signs is not enough, they prefer to buy it, although such “partners” were considered unreliable at all times. Approximately by such principles the anti-Assad coalition was formed.

At the same time, the behavior of the CIA employees is extremely regulated. Almost every episode of life has a written instruction, they need to be known and almost to memorize. Disagreement with operational instructions entails sanctions. The free will of the operational officer is limited, and sometimes they are simply forced to “work out” the instruction instead of acting on the situation. Many large intelligence communities suffer from this, but the American one, among other things, is also built on ideological as well as - to a lesser extent - on ethnic stereotypes. Relatively speaking, any basmach who is able to clearly pronounce the word "democracy" has a chance to get funding and weapons. And where he then goes with these weapons, no one can control. This, by the way, suffered the Soviet intelligence of the Brezhnev era, clinging to any tribal leader who could utter the words Marx and Lenin.

All this is directly related to the case being described. The Thirtieth Division and personally Abd al-Tunisia demonstrated loyalty, gained confidence in the Americans, received weapons and escaped with him. The stereotypical and schematic perception of the world is an amazing feature of the CIA. Of course, this is the result of the “loss of the main opponent”, the perception of oneself as a winner precisely in the ideological, and not in the physical sense of the word. The anti-Assad coalition, knocked off with kicks and promises, collapsed precisely as a result of incorrect targeting and CIA mistakes. Information can be processed correctly only if there are specialists who are deprived of ideological perception of the world, and with this there is a shortage in Langley. The career system created there squeezes out to the side of people with non-standard forms of thinking, and the mass appeal to work in the management of former marines completely predetermined the failure of the analytical intelligence system.

The scandal around the "Thirtieth Division" is not the only one, there will be many more. The golden age of analysts remained on the Hollywood Hills.

Physical problems

American training for armies of dubious allies is usually a reason for pride of those who are trained. In particular, Petro Poroshenko and his government fall into euphoria when they talk about American and British instructors who are training Ukrainian soldiers in an accelerated pattern at the Yavorov training ground. In the absence of supplies of serious weapons, these trainings are almost the only factor in military support from the West.

The Americans are using the training of Ukrainians (and earlier - Georgians, Croats, Albanians, now in Syria - such as "opponents of Assad", like the "Thirtieth Division") system "saw - repeat". In reality, this is something like a “young fighter's course”: an obstacle course, the basics of handling weapons, and physical fitness. Also, instructors teach the treatment of radios and encryption devices, which are simply not in the Ukrainian army. They teach and drag the wounded to minimize losses, but Ukrainians who have passed the front in Novorossia can train Americans for this. They are taught to open the door of the house with the help of a sledgehammer, but what kind of a sledgehammer does the soldier have on a thousand-kilometer front in the steppe? They teach to check with a special hook on a string whether the barbed wire is mined, but not everyone succeeds. In total, the program of the so-called "correction" at the ground in Yavorov 63 exercises, divided into three courses, for two months each. The result - a lot of mat and cases of disobedience.

This is not a military training. At best, the police, but also - the initial. Representatives of the American army initially refer to the "trainees" as representatives of the third world, who need to be told from which side the machine gun shoots. For example, instructors in Yavorov are very distressed about the fact that Ukrainian servicemen arriving from Donetsk wear automatic weapons without putting them on safety. This, according to the instructors, is unprofessional. But after all, many survived precisely as a result of such “unprofessionalism.”

It would be anecdotal if it didn’t reflect the essence of the training being in the US Army and transferred to its allies. Emphasis is placed on physical capabilities, the rejection of personal motivation, bringing to the automaticity of the developed technical skills and "collective participation". As a result, a fighter who finds himself in a non-standard situation is lost and cannot adapt the acquired skills to a real situation. He is "sharpened" only for something monotonous, moreover, built on an artificial training ground.

Neither in Ukraine nor in Syria it does not work. American instructors do not know what a frontal war is, how to behave in the melee, how to hide from the fire of a rocket war. They do not even know how to equip defensive positions. The Iraqi experience, which the Pentagon is so proud of, taught to patrol, escort columns and to standing with fortified garrisons in the middle of the desert. For three decades of bullying low-power opponents, the American army has become accustomed to relying on technological superiority and contact-fighting skills to a large extent lost. Now, even at the landfill in Yavorov, the cases of refusal of Ukrainian servicemen and guardsmen, who passed the meat grinder in Novorossia, to obey instructors, who, from the point of view of these veterans, are “complete salads”, have become more frequent.

In a word, the Pentagon missed the moment when the shooting by cruise missiles of a demoralized enemy ceased to be the only way to conduct hostilities. And now it is extremely difficult to assess the real combat effectiveness of the huge colossus of the US ground forces and the marine corps, if they suddenly have to face an enemy that is approximately equal in technical support in battle. But the allies and "fellow travelers" of the United States are waging such wars, they have almost none aviation, cruise missiles and aircraft carriers. In the deserts of Syria and the steppes of New Russia, you do not need to open the doors with a sledgehammer during a meditative cleansing of a settlement from which everyone has already fled and hid. There you need to keep the front kilometers under the fire of rocket artillery in the open.

As a result, the individual training of the troops of the "allies" and gangs of "fellow travelers" turns into a clownery. Someone, as is the case with the anti-Assad forces in Syria, perceives all this “preparation” as the inevitable evil that Allah sent as a test. Someone, like the Ukrainians, grumble a little louder than quietly. Another thing is that the "veterans" will not spoil such additional training. But the Ukrainian marines recruited from the reservists, passing through Yavorov (on this basis, declared an “elite unit” and thrown onto a difficult sector of the front), collapsed in the very first clash with the militias.

The mass “running in” of allied units (for example, the same Ukrainians and Georgians) through Iraq and Afghanistan gave exactly the same effect. The units were declared “elite” in fact, but they proved unsuitable in modern wars without — most importantly — the American technological cover — aviation, drones, and artillery. But from the fighters the initiative and ingenuity disappears completely, and from the commanders, starting from the company level, independent thinking.

Tactical problems

All tactical training is also conducted on the basis of the Iraqi experience, which for some reason is considered the most advanced, and boils down to practicing patrolling the area with minimal fire contact with the enemy. Nobody teaches the collision with an equal opponent in direct combat by forces of a company more, it is considered in the age of cyber attacks, satellite constellations and precision weapons something incredibly outdated. The American military indulgently treated even the very idea of ​​conducting an active contact battle, and when such inadvertent artillery happened sometimes, they either tried to get out of it and call the aircraft, or suffered awkward casualties. If the experience of the last three decades did not include contact combat, there was no need to develop modern combat schemes. This would be a problem only for the Americans, if they could not transfer all these evils to the "wards" of the army of trusted countries. Particularly characteristic is the difference in the armies of the former USSR republics between the units trained by the Americans and those in which officers with old training continue to serve. For example, the Georgian army gave many reasons for this kind of analysis.

Here is a typical episode of tactical training of the Georgian units trained by the Americans in the "Iraqi style" during the 2008 war of the South Ossetia year (here the nature of the decisions made by the commanders are most important). From 23.00 7 in August, the 43 th battalion of the 4th brigade of the Georgian army, located west of Tskhinval, set to “clean up” villages on the right side of the Prone river. The battalion, having trodden all night, was turned around by its mouths, and by about August 11.00-12.00, 8 had stumbled upon an ambush two kilometers from the district center Znaur. The Ossetian barrier opened fire on the Georgian group. 5 troops of the 43 Battalion were wounded on the move. After that (according to the order of the battalion commander) all the companies were concentrated together on a narrow position “for the destruction of the enemy’s supporting position”.

Even before the attack began, the battalion commander asked for artillery fire support and received it, and, in addition, was strengthened by three tanks. The Georgian group set about firing the positions of the Ossetian militia, after which, at about 16.00 p.m., the infantry stormed this "height" (!), Where they did not see the enemy in the eye. It is clear that there were no victims. By 18.00 p.m., the full battalion approached the entrance bridge to Znaur, but did not enter the village, as it lost artillery support. A tired battalion needed rest. The commander decided to return to the former stronghold of the enemy, to settle down and spend the night there. That is, the whole day the battalion wandered through the mountains and forests, found itself “a large defensive position of the enemy” (later it turned out that there were no more than a dozen Ossetian militiamen who, having fulfilled the ambush, quietly retreated), ironed it for an hour and a half, went to goals, but returned to starting position because he was tired.
Let us emphasize once again: it was a unit specially prepared for service in Iraq. They did not understand what it was all the time, day and night, to go at a fast pace, strike, maneuver and organize a breakthrough. They did not even act “according to the regulations”, but according to the unhurried Iraqi patrol tactics, which were completely unsuitable for open military clashes.

These are actions in attack. The defense was even worse. Proceeding from a fuzzy combat mission, the 43 Battalion spent its firepower on one small position and squandered physical force on meaningless walking around the villages. Before noon, 8 August, they had no information about what was happening in Tskhinval and Gori. Circling aircraft they took for Georgian aircraft, because, being in the ideological euphoria, they did not expect any other. And by noon, the soldiers of the 43 Battalion began to receive information by telephone about victims in other parts of the IV Brigade. The brigade goes into a panic. By 19.00 8 in August, the 43 th battalion, in which a riot was almost overdue, the command of the "Iraqi" brigade was being withdrawn from Znaura, and reservists left nothing to cover their positions.

The 43 Battalion received an order to consolidate near the village of Pkhvenisi. However, no one knew how to do this. Digging trenches themselves began to unit. The rest spent the night in irrigation canals, despite the fact that in the area of ​​apple orchards were brought beforehand engineering equipment for the arrangement of the defensive line. For the burning headlights of Russian columns, descending from Tskhinval, the soldiers of the "Iraqi brigade" watched at night, lying in the gardens. Around 23.00 on August 10, a Russian helicopter flying around the area discovered with interest the “defensive positions” of the “Iraqi” brigade and with the first volley blew up the last tank of the fourth brigade and “technical equipment” with a large-caliber machine gun. No one dared to open fire, panic began. The two "Strela" in the battalion simply did not work, nobody was watching their technical condition. By dawn 11 August, the Georgian command continued to call for the strengthening of the defunct defensive position at Pkhvenisi, but on average each battalion found no more than 30 people ready to execute this order. A staff company of the II brigade, stuck under Tskhinval, decided to carry out this order, although the "Iraqi" brigade had long since fled. As a result, when approaching Shindisi, the staff company took the Russian tanks for the Georgian ones (they could not imagine that the units that had been taken over by the American training simply fled) and were completely destroyed.

According to the results of the August military actions of 2008, the 2nd brigade was recognized as the most efficient from all points of view. It was located in Western Georgia in the rear area even in relation to Abkhazia and was not undergoing any American training.

Thus, the scandal around the “Thirtieth Division” in Syria is just the tip of the iceberg. Now we can say that such problems are complex and cannot be explained by the CIA’s psychological mistakes alone. In the near future we will have to learn a lot of interesting things about the quality of the training that the American side imposes on its allies. And because someone must answer for this.
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  1. sinukvl
    sinukvl 25 September 2015 14: 23 New
    Arrogance and arrogance are not brought to good.
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 25 September 2015 14: 32 New
      Yes, the Iraqi army taught by the Americans stupidly scattered, leaving ISIS with all the equipment and weapons.
      1. madjik
        madjik 25 September 2015 15: 57 New
        as if the Americans did not read this article laughing ... otherwise they will draw conclusions and begin to improve)) let them continue in the same spirit
        1. Good me
          Good me 25 September 2015 22: 00 New
          Quote: madjik
          as if the Americans did not read this article laughing ... otherwise they will draw conclusions and begin to improve))

          Leopard change his spots.

          And this, with regard to the training system of the US Armed Forces, can be considered an axiom.
      2. atalef
        atalef 25 September 2015 22: 19 New
        Quote: vodolaz
        Yes, the Iraqi army taught by the Americans stupidly scattered, leaving ISIS with all the equipment and weapons.

        everything is actually much simpler
        There is no single Iraq, and it never has been.
        Power was held by Saddam (Sunni) while spreading rot on a floor full of Kurds and Shiites.
        Dumb Yankees, confident that every country is worthy of democracy, ruined Saddam's Sunni army by recruiting a Shiite and setting a Shiite prime minister - confident that they will stand up for the welfare of a single Iraq - hrenasy
        Shiites immediately began to spread rot on the Sunnis, and the prime minister poked billions with billions, transferring him to Shiite enclaves.
        The Sunnis (expelled from the army) immediately joined Al Qaeda, then Al Nusra and Ishil.
        In fact, having torn Sunni enclaves from Iraq (with the Iraqi population being Sunnis), they certainly support them.
        There Iraq (government) sent its troops - Shiites, where? in Sunni zamlm.
        Of course, the Shiites immediately ran away. for whom do they fight? For the Sunnis, in the territory where the civilian population hates them? They faded to themselves (in the Shiite part of Iraq)
        There is no single Iraq and will no longer be
        There are Kurdistan, Shiites and Sunnis - everyone hates everyone and does not consider himself a nation of a single country
        Now back to Syria - whom the Yankees --- Sunnis trained. against whom were they supposed to fight? - against the Sunnis (ISIS and Al Nusra) - only by eating a burger could you believe in such a scenario. Of course, they immediately rushed to their Sunni brothers.
        It `s that . that in Syria - Yigil and Al Nusra - are Sunnis and hold power with the full support of the local population in the Sunni regions.
        Assad Army - Alawites. Shiites of Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Shiites of Iran.
        What victory can be discussed. if it is a civil + religious war?
        Victory can only be if some completely destroy the others (if we are talking about restoring Syria within its old borders) or about the collapse of Syria into religious enclaves (which factually exists now)
        Assad does not have a chance to win, the only thing he can do is create an Avalan principality in Latakia, but here another scenario comes in. The Alawites completely block the access to the sea for the Sunnis, so the Sunnis will fight before they get this exit.
        It’s worth considering in Russia, if someone thinks that bombing and a dozen other battalions of marines will restore order in Syria - this is ridiculous.
        This is one in one Amer’s way in Iraq and only the Americans left - everything collapsed.
        Only the Yankees buried in Iraq 6 tons of soldiers and a trillion bucks.
        Is Syria worth it and can Russia pull it - think for yourself.
        1. viktorR
          viktorR 25 September 2015 22: 50 New
          I rarely agree with you, but here I think the bull's-eye.
    2. Major Yurik
      Major Yurik 25 September 2015 14: 38 New
      Вот гадский Голливуд,убедил даже пентагон,что янки это отличные солдаты! И ведь верят им убогие страны-лизуны,со слезами на обязательном кинопросмотре "Рэмбо",что и их так научат. Правда сметливые восточные парни уже давно водят янкесов как козлов на поводке. Главное,если у тебя нет оружия и амуниции,подойти толпой к базе янкесов и проорать погромче: Пепси-гуд,америка-гуд,виски-йес! Помоют,покормят,дадут денег,оружие и снаряжение и немного потрахав мозг отпустят повоевать за их интересы. Главное взять денег на дорогу побольше и дриснуть по своим бандитским делам уже в полной боевой раскраске! am
    3. varov14
      varov14 25 September 2015 15: 10 New
      Well, thank God, they don’t even need to say that they are blockheads, even if they continue to study and teach.
    4. marlin1203
      marlin1203 25 September 2015 15: 28 New
      Может не инструктора это вовсе, а "агенты Кремля"? laughing
      1. Niki
        Niki 25 September 2015 17: 59 New
        take it higher - Putin’s agents!
      2. The comment was deleted.
    5. SAG
      SAG 25 September 2015 21: 45 New
      “One hundred percent American is a 99 percent idiot” Bernard Shaw
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 25 September 2015 14: 27 New
    Американцы уже много раз показали свой "профессионализм"!Они умеют бомбить и воевать с воздуха,тут не поспоришь!Но в сухопутных операциях,неумелы и трусоваты.Без поддержки с воздуха НИКОГДА не вступают в бой.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. sinukvl
      sinukvl 25 September 2015 14: 50 New
      They can fight in the air only if the sky is clear. And if there is an enemy in the air, then all their courage disappears somewhere.
      1. solohan
        solohan 25 September 2015 17: 17 New
        0 опачки...опять ВВП...
    3. Asadullah
      Asadullah 25 September 2015 15: 12 New
      But in land operations ....

      The fact is that today American troops are very bureaucratic. The question of operational deployment is so loaded with various instructions that I am surprised when they have time to deploy. A person buying what a small device gets to him another weighty instruction book, which says that you can’t stand on his feet, put into biological holes, wash in a washing machine, etc. Instruction in the US Army, this information is hundreds of times more extensive than such instructions, and a thousand times according to useless information. The professionalism of the military there is determined by the knowledge of these forms, which can be called a measure of idiocy. Which generally shows the composition of the US Army, where in the afternoon with fire you will not see a white man. You can give a lot of secrets to the circus about recruitment centers in the United States, but there is one fact, the level of intelligence in the ground forces there is very low, and literacy is generally scary.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 25 September 2015 20: 37 New
        Quote: Asadullah
        U.S. Army Instruction,
        - only in the Army? Have you ever worked in an amer company? Did God have mercy? No, well, they pay of course, but instead of work, well, for example, to organize the repair of an office - you burrow into the papers laughing laughing Our bosses how? You listen to what kind of repair he sees (of course, a golden repair for a penny), draw up a technical assignment, invite potential contractors, get estimates from them ... Then the authorities choose the one they like, that's all ...
        The company in Amer has a brand book, but there aren’t any such materials here - it doesn’t care laughing Составляешь "презентацию" - есть такая противная программа в микрософт офис, там все наглядно расписываешь, в результате получаешь одобрение, что да, ремонт нужен... Можно дальше не буду - очень много шагов, крыша съедет laughing Well, when the estimate of millions of rubles pulls, but when there is a trifle - it really starts to enrage)))).
        Хорошая статья, мне понравилась, амерскую бюрократию, хоть и не армейско-военную, сам на себе испытал. Думаю, именно это и приведет к окончательной потере конкурентоспособности американской экономики, армии, науки и в конце концов вообще амерских ценностей и образа жизни. Это уже сейчас видно. Несмотря на лярды, последнее поколение воентеха Америки - отстой. Несмотря на вложенные лярды, американский робот на автомобиле - отстой. Тот же Камаз на парочке остроумных идей в софте безо всяких лярдов уже нагнал амеров, и у Камаза есть-таки вполне достойный автопилот. Кстати, и БПЛА у россиян уже вполне достойные, а были еще лучше, если бы обращали внимание на своих Кулибиных. Тут професссор хвастался, что в израильских БПЛА провдивнутый "Венкель" стоит, малая масса движка при большой мощности и экономичности. Решил я посмотреть, а что там у россиян в пику хваленному венкелю? - ешкин кот, и двигатель Фролова, и двигатель Вуля, и двигатель Баландина, и вот Курочкина... Осроумнейшие идеи, конечно, требует доработки - ну так и Венкель с его треугольным поршнем требовал конкретных доработок. Что же вы западным конструкторам да ученым в рот смотрите? Свои наработки круче в сто раз реально, вот реально, заставили бы бледнесть этого профессора и стыдиться своего отстоя, если бы себя и своих конструктовро бы больше уважали, а не западу в рот смотрели бы!
        1. Aleksander
          Aleksander 26 September 2015 11: 36 New
          Quote: aksakal
          A good article, I liked it, the Amer’s bureaucracy, although not army-military, I experienced on myself.

          In European companies, the same nonsense ...
          1. aksakal
            aksakal 26 September 2015 14: 08 New
            Quote: Aleksander
            In European companies, the same nonsense.

            - did not work, but I believe you! laughing
    4. mishaia_23
      mishaia_23 25 September 2015 15: 51 New
      They know how to bomb and fight from the air, you can’t argue!
      Sorry to bomb civilians without air defense systems ...
      or covering their own, or allies with fraternal fire
    5. asar
      asar 25 September 2015 19: 16 New
      because I’m tired.
      Let us emphasize once again: it was a unit specially prepared for service in Iraq. They did not understand what it was all the time, day and night, to go at a fast pace, strike, maneuver and organize a breakthrough. They did not even act “according to the regulations”, but according to the unhurried Iraqi patrol tactics, which were completely unsuitable for open military clashes.

      Yes, this, damn it, is definitely not my group!
      And thank God that it’s not my group!
      Только и научились хрузины, что ночью по Цхинвалу из "Градов", Сцуки!
  3. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 25 September 2015 14: 30 New
    По вчерашним новостям, в среду представитель Пентагона выступал с утверждением, что никто из подготовленных "умеренных оппозиционеров" на сторону "Фронт-ан-Нусры" не переходил. А все сообщения об этом - объявил фейком, запущенным ИГИЛ для подрыва боеспособности тех самых "суперобученных" вояк.
    But if there are 4 fighters left from the whole brigade, then call it at least fake, at least fireworks, but only this is a complete disgrace and failure of all US policy in the Middle East in general, and on the Syrian issue in particular.
    1. Niki
      Niki 25 September 2015 18: 01 New
      so I don’t remember exactly, but in our cinema there was a Brigade? or four or five ... but still more than three.
  4. Orlenok ILLI4A
    Orlenok ILLI4A 25 September 2015 14: 33 New
    Amers have one tactic, to get chestnuts out of the fire with the wrong hands.
  5. Foxbed
    Foxbed 25 September 2015 14: 38 New
    Все эти "детишки" одного "папы"...С звездно полосатой опой в высоком цилиндре.Он считает себя отличным режиссером (верим!голливуд знаем)и прекрасным сценаристом.Что у нас в Европе?-беженцы заполонили?Что в Штатах?-наблюдаем оживление экономики? Ага. Работет ведь...И похнер, что другим хренова-нам то зашибись...
    And to resolve Russia as always.
    1. Foxbed
      Foxbed 25 September 2015 14: 55 New
      Quote: Foxbed
      Все эти "детишки" одного "папы"...С звездно полосатой опой в высоком цилиндре.Он считает себя отличным режиссером (верим!голливуд знаем)и прекрасным сценаристом.

      А "братья" друг с другом воевать не станут... wink
  6. GUKTU
    GUKTU 25 September 2015 14: 39 New
    Facts are stubborn things. Let's go over them. 1. The collapse of the USSR 2. The dismemberment of Yugoslavia 3. The change of government in Iraq 4 The change of government in Libya 5. The imposition of puppet governments in Europe and Asia. 6. Well, at the end of Ukraine. This is just a small list of the successful actions of mattresses. I do not share the skeptical tone of the author of the article. if mattresses are such loshars, why is NATO at the threshold of the Russian Federation ??????????????? Do not underestimate the enemy
    1. rvRomanoff
      rvRomanoff 25 September 2015 15: 04 New
      The USSR was destroyed by the then degraded party elite, and the article, if anything, is dedicated to military training
    2. voronbel53
      voronbel53 25 September 2015 15: 31 New
      Quote: GUKTU
      why is NATO at the threshold of the Russian Federation?

      And this is NATO, what was moving forward with fights to our border? And they, you know where they show their strength ... And now now we will look at what enemy Russia is ...
    3. madjik
      madjik 25 September 2015 16: 07 New
      because ahead of the troops is the dollar laughing
    RUSIVAN 25 September 2015 14: 41 New
    The mind can’t understand Russia ...))) you cannot teach ingenuity.
  8. Denis DV
    Denis DV 25 September 2015 14: 43 New
    Tyranny in the US blooms in full color. Their army is Hollywood, the main thing in the movie is to win, and the loudest yell about victory, even if there was none.
    1. razzhivin
      razzhivin 25 September 2015 15: 00 New
      The main thing is that we wouldn’t get it from them ... negative There were fitters in the Chechen campaign ...
  9. nivander
    nivander 25 September 2015 15: 09 New
    The American tactics of sweeping breakthroughs of company and battalion groups deep into the enemy’s defense worked great in Kuwait. But it turned out to be pure suicide in the Donbass, and the time difference between Izvarino and Washington played a cruel joke. When the Ukrainian staff could not get instructions from the Washington curator because he was. .... slept. Then he woke up drinking coffee, drove the laundry to the laundry, came to the office, drank coffee, got acquainted with the situation, drank coffee, collected a briefing on which a decision was made and then the operator lowered it according to the instance. During these 8-10 hours the situation changed - result on the face
  10. Strashila
    Strashila 25 September 2015 15: 25 New
    "Они не понимали, что такое безостановочно, днем и ночью, идти быстрым темпом, осуществлять удары, маневрировать и организовать прорыв."... Финскую компанию мой дед служил в лыжном батальоне. Зима, морозы, снега как в Сибири... служба на фронте началась с того что их высадили с эшелона за 30 км до фронта... дороги все замело, подразделение сделало суточный переход порядка 70 км, вышло в тыл финнам, организовало засаду, раздербанила финское подразделение пытавшийся выйти в тыл к нашим, сделало обратный переход к своим... все это в тех условиях, фактически более 2-х суток бойцы не спали и были на ногах, но задачу выполнили.Такая школа у армии СССР/России.
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 25 September 2015 15: 27 New
    Не могут нормально воевать войска, которые забыли, как звучит приказ "стоять насмерть"! Войны без потерь не бывает. Или это не война, а спектакль.
    And what can vaunted Amerov instructors teach? How to buy the army generals of the enemy? What if they are not for sale? Then what to do?
    1. Siberian1965
      Siberian1965 25 September 2015 16: 15 New
      I would like our not to be sold and have the honor. How explosives were transported to Dubrovka, how basayev's thugs entered Beslan, etc. - it's all on the conscience of those same generals and the system of requisitions, kickbacks created by them themselves.
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 25 September 2015 15: 39 New
    "Скандал вокруг «Тридцатой дивизии», подготовленной американскими инструкторами для войны с Асадом и моментально сдавшейся исламистскому «Фронту ан-Нусра» сразу после пересечения турецкой границы"

    which suggests that it was not originally conceived.
    1. beer-youk
      beer-youk 25 September 2015 15: 58 New
      По моему разумению, все было ясно изначально. Чтаты готовят боевиков для созданного ими же ИГИЛ под видом "оппозиции Асаду". Хорошо, что еще готовят в мизерных количествах (на большее не хватает бабок после распилов).
  13. Krio
    Krio 25 September 2015 16: 20 New
    I don’t think that some fools do not need to play down the possibilities and strengths of others, too often it led to disasters. Their experience has accustomed to these types of actions, it’s clear from the training who they are taking the APU. This, by the way, is a common mistake of winners. You can laugh at least US victories, but for their style of war, this is victory. And victory in the war is not a flag over the capital of the enemy but accomplished goals. In Georgia, the Russian Federation did not capture Tbilisi, but the task was completed. Kutuzov warned Alexander not to go to Europe; let Bonaparty be there and who defeated Napoleon? Right, the British who let him go from the island, do everyone remember the PR of the Battle of Waterloo? But why wasn’t Russia there? But she didn’t have time for 100 days at that time, only the transfer of troops began. and the Angles right there fell upon the ruin army, and as historians say, if there was Take it and not Pears, then Napoleon could also pile on the Angles. BUT by the rules, they won and RI has nothing to do with it and everywhere PR. So, the main goal was fulfilled by them.
    Для РФ это хорошо что США так получилось,зря только стебётесь, наоборот надо теперь их бояться, чтобы они уверились что это самое то.И в качестве уважения переименовать С-500 в "Маккейн".
  14. kz0974
    kz0974 25 September 2015 16: 35 New
    The Americans don’t give a damn about how trained the trainees are. The learning process itself brings JAMBLE. That's all, just business ...
    1. lensoviet2014
      lensoviet2014 26 September 2015 00: 27 New
      Очень правильное замечание. Их совершенно не волнует результат. Когда измениться ситуация, они скажут "я не я, и корова не моя". Главное подстроиться под изменение обстановки. Не буду удивлен, через некоторое время они скажут что Игил и т. д. - это зло. И будет попытка возглавить "движуху" по борьбе с не "правильными пацанами", не своими силами конечно. По эту сторону океана ( антлантического ) их кроме "бабок", и других " ништяков" вообще ни чего не волнует...
  15. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 25 September 2015 19: 40 New
    Зря так статью назвали " Позор американских союзников",
    It was not the transition, but the arrival of trained soldiers in the states into gangs of terrorists, which is the achievement of the goal, but the states do not want to shine in this matter, hence the denial of the presence of the trained detachment in the gang.
    The states intentionally train militants Ig, what they do, and the result is appropriate
    - IG occupies a significant territory of Syria and Iraq.
    As for the so-called moderate opposition, this is a cover for America's unsightly role in the destruction of Syria.
  16. iouris
    iouris 25 September 2015 21: 07 New
    Действия российского президента и Генштаба в первые часы были, как минимум, "странными". Потери авиации следует признать неприемлемыми, особенно настораживающей выглядела потеря Ту-22М3. Политика Саакашвили была подчинена интересам США. Так что грузинские военные формирования политическую задачу выполнили. Кстати, следует сказать спасибо, что "звонок" прозвенел своевременно.
    If the article is on the topic of the day, then, as far as ISIS can be understood, is headed by Iraqi officers trained in the USSR.
  17. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 25 September 2015 21: 14 New
    The Aviationist wondered how the Russian Air Force was able to make the transfer of its air regiment to Syria, which later came into view of satellites, unnoticeable.
    Previously, satellite images were published, according to which at the Al Assad airbase, near Syrian Latakia, there are 28 Russian aircraft: four Su-30SM, 12 Su-25 and 12 Su-24M2 ..... http: // news / 25-09-2015 / nezametno-perebrosit-samolety
  18. KRIG55
    KRIG55 25 September 2015 21: 25 New
    The more non-humans Ameri instructors learn, the easier it will be for the militias. They still will not teach good. Again, knowing which side the machine gun is shooting from is not all that is needed to win.
  19. Vasisualiy
    Vasisualiy 25 September 2015 21: 39 New
    All the victories of mattress workers over two decades, including the collapse of the USSR, were achieved with the help of money and a corrupt leadership. Traitors to their people, such as the humpbacked bald patch, along with the liquid EBNs and his advisers, sold their peoples for money.
    На земле воевать западные "партнеры" не умеют, да с ихними ВВС это и не нужно. Единственные, кого можно опасаться, это ребята из бундесвера. Опыт не пропьешь. Кое-что могут "богоизбранные", но до немцев им далеко. Недостаток немцев бабы в руководстве. Это их слабое место.
    1. Ruby
      Ruby 25 September 2015 23: 41 New
      Почитайте Отто Кариуса "Тигры в грязи". Особенно его мнение о янки, после того, как он попал на западный фронт, провоевав 3 года против наших.
      Of course, he’s finished Natsik, but comparing the Yankees and ours he is forced to admit that in the contact war the Americans against the Russians are just children. And that was 70 years ago. Now I think everyone has become worse, but I hope that at least in proportion.
  20. Leeder
    Leeder 26 September 2015 01: 25 New
    Quote: Asadullah
    The fact is that today American troops are very bureaucratic

    Всегда считал, что их погубят адвокаты. Потому что такое количество бумаг нужно только для того, что бы отбиться в суде от исков. Это как классические случаи, когда человек проливал на себя горячий кофе, а виноват был тот, кто не написал "Осторожно горячее". А не потому что этот человек , и не знает элементарных правил безопасности! belay
  21. Roust
    Roust 26 September 2015 11: 54 New
    Do not underestimate the enemy! They, the Americans, are not so stupid, once they have stirred up the Middle East, Ukraine, are preparing chaos in Europe and aiming at us ... We must become and always be stronger, so that the whole world respects us, but they respect, as history has shown, and the ordinary life, only strong!
  22. IAlex
    IAlex 27 September 2015 21: 26 New
    There are no problems there. ISIS is a unit of the American Terrorist Forces i.e. CIA unit. A legend was invented for idiots, as if preparing 150.000 for the opposition, and then all of them immediately went over to the side of ISIS. Well, at least they composed such a fairy tale, even spent several seconds for the sake of decency ...