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Bundeswehr with black sticks

In the specialized edition “The National Interest” they write about the pitiable condition of the German army. Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle briskly reports on Germany’s likely increase in the defense budget in 2016-2019. The reason for the additional funding of the Bundeswehr is indicated directly in the title of the material: "The Kremlin urges Germany to increase defense spending." By the way, in order for the German military budget to at least meet the NATO standard (2% of GDP), Germany would have to increase defense spending from 34 to 58 billion euros.

Kyle Mizokami in "The National Interest" highlights the main causes of the weakness of the German army.

The modern German armed forces were created ten years after the end of World War II. During the Cold War, the Bundeswehr grew: there are military units, and hundreds of military aircraft (Luftwaffe), and the "formidable power of surface ships, submarines and sea aviation Bundesmarine. " However, later, with the end of the Cold War, when Soviet troops withdrew from Eastern Europe, Volksarmee (East Germany) and the Bundeswehr merged into a single whole - the national army. As a result, the army fell under reductions: the number of ships, aircraft and armored vehicles was reduced by seventy-five percent. The German military budget has been constantly cut, and now Germany spends only 1,2% of GDP on defense.

Last year, a lot of publications appeared indicating that the Bundeswehr was not ready. Willingness of airplanes, helicopters and other vehicles due to the lack of spare parts fell below 50%. The German war machine faced enormous problems in some areas. The main problem is underfunding.

Below are some examples from the article.

As of October 2014, only 42 from the 109 of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft was in flight, the rest were on the ground due to the lack of spare parts.

Here is another "Eurofighter" - "Tornado". He too is under-funded: in August 2014, only 38 from 89 aircraft was in working condition.

But the main battle tank is the Leopard II. Once the army of West Germany purchased 2125 of these tanks - enough to arm almost twelve tank and motorized infantry units. But the end of the Cold War and the shrinking of the military budget forced the FRG to reduce tank forces by almost 90%. Today, the Bundeswehr has only 225 Leopard II tanks.

Problems concern even assault rifles. For example, the G36 rifle, which in the 1990-ies. replaced the product G3 from Heckler and Koch. The new design, matching the caliber of standard NATO ammunition (5,56 mm), thirty rounds, integrated optics. The 176.000 of these rifles was purchased.

And there was a technical problem! The Bundeswehr deployed units in Afghanistan, but it was soon discovered that G36 was losing accuracy in the battles. The rifles became inaccurate after a long shooting - it is not easy to detect such a problem in a “peacetime army,” the expert notes, although it’s still “difficult to understand how the defect was not noticed before.”

After the rifle was recognized as “inaccurate”, Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen announced that weapons in the Bundeswehr "no future". The German Ministry of Defense recently announced the purchase of XKUMNUM HK600 assault rifles from Heckler and Koch (by the middle of the 417 year).

Last February, one of the German battalions based in Marienburg participated in NATO exercises in Norway. From there came an interesting news: In this battalion, which is part of the NATO rapid reaction force, a shortage of firearms and night vision devices was identified. It got to the point that instead of MG3 machine guns, German soldiers “shot” from cuttings for brooms, which had already been painted black. Shooting sounds imitated by voice. This battalion "borrowed" from other 56 units of the Bundeswehr 14.371 a unit of different equipment, but even after this technique, "it was not enough".

In September, 2015 on site "German wave" There was an article by Nikita Zholkvera (Berlin) under the heading "The Kremlin urges Germany to increase defense spending."

The article notes that on September 9, the first debate on the defense spending expenditures of the FRG will be held in the Bundestag. The document under the number 18 / 5501 on the website of the Bundestag indicates what amounts it considers expedient to allocate the government for this purpose. The journalist cites this data.

The financial plan for the German Defense Ministry for the next 4 of the year is as follows: 2016 year - 34,4 billion euros (1,9 billion more than this year), 2017 year - 34,9 billion, 2018 - 35 billion and on 2019 year - 35,2 billion euros.

The Bundestag Profile Committee is confident that next year more money will be allocated to the needs of the Bundeswehr than indicated. Why? And because “the current policy of Moscow towards Ukraine is increasingly perceived in Germany as a military threat to the whole of Europe,” writes Zholkver.

True, the official Berlin “refrains from belligerent statements”. The emphasis is on the diplomatic process; A new arms race is not welcome. However, if one listens carefully to German politicians, the journalist believes, it becomes clear: the German government intends to back up political initiatives with “more weighty arguments”.

This is what Angela Merkel says.

We do not want to provoke Russia, she believes, but there is no reason to “do nothing”: “If you look at Russian armaments policy and Russian programs of their modernization, there is no reason not to do anything in response.”

In addition, the material notes that Germany is an example of the United States. It became known about the decision of Washington to place in Europe a new nuclear weapon, as well as to transfer here the F-22 "Raptor" fighter jets to protect the airspace.

Hans-Peter Bartels, the Bundestag Commissioner for the Bundeswehr, complains that there is no money for the full equipment of the Bundeswehr: “But funds have not yet been allocated for new investments, to ensure the full equipment of the Bundeswehr”. And he recalled the decision taken at NATO to spend two percent of GDP on defense.

However, increasing the cost of the Bundeswehr to such a level is unrealistic: for this, Germany would have to have a military budget not in 34, but in 58 with more than billions of euros, the columnist notes.

Like A. Merkel, Herr Bartels speaks about the changed geopolitical conditions: “The security situation has changed. Our Eastern European neighbors are expecting from Germany the same kind of solidarity that our Western European partners have shown towards it over the decades. ”

Russian experts see such statements as a pretext for increasing military budgets in Europe.

Co-chairman of the Association of military political scientists Vasily Belozerov reminded the newspaper "Sight" that Germany had previously announced the creation of a new “White Book”, where Russia's policy was declared a destabilizing factor in Europe.

“And under this pretext they intend to increase the military budget and ostensibly increase the combat capability of the Bundeswehr,” said the expert.

During the period of confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the number of the Bundeswehr of half a million people was dictated by the relevant local tasks. “Then they were preparing for the fact that land combat operations would begin directly along the line of separating the two Germanys,” the political scientist noted. - Now they are preparing to solve very different problems, in particular, the problems of Afghanistan. But if now Berlin sets itself the task of still holding back Moscow, it is difficult to imagine how they will do it and how much money they will need for this. ”

According to the expert, the Bundeswehr is not self-sufficient and "solves some of the issues within NATO." He is not capable of independent military operations to protect the territory, and he has no corresponding task. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that, under a made-up pretext, Germany is simply trying to solve the problem of under-financing. On the other hand, the expert does not see any reasons for a qualitative leap - there will not be enough money for it: “Taking into account the existing problems, a qualitative leap of the Bundeswehr with such an increase in funding will not happen.”

Let us sum up: in words, not wanting to participate in the arms race, Germany is in fact gradually incorporated into it. Nevertheless, experts do not expect major increases in the appropriations for the defense needs of the Bundeswehr. Those additional funds that will go to 2016-2019. in the line of the German Ministry of Defense (subject to the approval of expenses by the deputies), it is unlikely to qualitatively change the negative situation in the army at the current stage due to chronic underfunding.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 September 2015 06: 27
    “The Kremlin is pushing Germany to increase defense spending.”

    It is probably good when a country has someone (another country) to whom you can always turn the arrows in case of failure, to blame for all serious sins while asking the government for money to increase the military budget. In this matter, Germany (and indeed all of Europe) has adopted the experience of Ukraine. Sin to the fullest, after which they brought everything to Russia and ask, ask, ask.
    1. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 11 September 2015 07: 38
      Damn, and what doesn’t they live in peace? Now they have thousands, if not millions of refugees, they also need money for the defense industry, plus they stopped trading with us, and the nigga fucks them as he wants. Bad things in Vaterland.
      1. rkkasa xnumx
        rkkasa xnumx 11 September 2015 07: 57
        Quote: Alex_Rarog
        plus everything stopped trading with us

        xs, maybe the volume of trade between our countries has decreased slightly, but at the same time they are going to build Nord Stream 2.
      2. marlin1203
        marlin1203 11 September 2015 09: 28
        "BAD BUSINESS IN FATERLAND"? Have you decided to take pity on the Germans? The richest country in Europe ... And we are probably doing fine, all that remains is to help Germany ...
      3. Chiropractor
        Chiropractor 11 September 2015 10: 49
        the current refugees for some reason are young strong people of military age ...

        they will be given family allowance, and besides - the written-off G36 - how many of them were written off, about one and a half hundred?
        So we got a whole assault infantry corps, motivated to defend "native" Germany from the "Eastern barbarians" ...

        fighting the barbarians against each other - a long Roman imperial tradition ...
  2. strelets
    strelets 11 September 2015 06: 51
    And we also forced Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler to wage aggressive wars. We are like that. Aggressors. Fear us.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 11 September 2015 07: 02
    Everyone is crying, but they are armed. So say later that it is not military concerns that rule the world. And as for the profit from the supply of "newest", but, as it turns out, untested weapons, which must be quickly replaced with even newer, only more expensive, and there is nothing to say. Serdyukov, Vasilyeva and Co. cry with envy and nervously smoke on the sidelines.
  4. SAG
    SAG 11 September 2015 07: 10
    instead of MG3 machine guns, German soldiers “fired” from cuttings for brooms previously painted black

    I propose to arrange role-playing army games. Germans vs Swedes ... lol
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 11 September 2015 09: 29
      Incidentally, the handle can be poked so on the head! .. laughing
  5. jcksmt
    jcksmt 11 September 2015 07: 40
    But this phrase seemed entertaining to me):

    Like A. Merkel, Herr Bartels speaks about the changed geopolitical conditions: “The security situation has changed. Our East European neighbors expect from Germany the same solidarity that our West European partners have shown in relation to it for decades. ”

    That is, Germany is building the third Reich, and it needs to protect its territories. For this, military force is needed. But is there a hat? Will the navel break?
    It would be nice to see a strong Germany operating without looking back at Washington. But this is unlikely in the foreseeable future.
    1. bout
      bout 11 September 2015 19: 39
      50 billion euros is not enough to build a third Reich. But when Germany increases its military budget by 200 billion euros, Poland will start building a dirty bomb (Berlin 70 km from the Polish border — Polish artillery already exists in the forests along the Oder). On the other hand, Poland has not signed a ban on cluster munitions. Even without a dirty bomb, Poland can turn Berlin into ruins. Ho the German army is already training tank transport east with the help of Polish railways. The Poles insidiously can send these tank transports to ... Estonia.
  6. asadov
    asadov 11 September 2015 08: 02
    there will be no budget increase, if only on paper. All the money is now eaten by refugees. And in general, the EU is cracking at all seams.
    1. Volga Cossack
      Volga Cossack 11 September 2015 08: 18
      I agree completely. everything will go to the refugees - and let them)))) they themselves are to blame. the black master said - done - slurp a full spoon!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Comrade Artem
    Comrade Artem 11 September 2015 08: 36
    Damn, looking at all the idiocy that was happening to the Germans, I was tormented by the current one question - what did Angel do that she was not ashamed to look like an idiot in the eyes of the world ????? Why does Obashka keep her ???????
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 11 September 2015 09: 03
    That's interesting. Russia forces to increase the military budget of Germany.
    At the same time, we are transferring our gas transit lines to Germany.
    Where is the logic here?
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 11 September 2015 09: 30
      Simple logic - "money in the morning, chairs in the evening". Just business.
    2. bout
      bout 11 September 2015 19: 44
      in 1939-1941 the Third Reich depended on raw materials from the USSR
  9. 31rus
    31rus 11 September 2015 09: 21
    The Germans, like the whole EU, receive and still receive what they deserve with their policies, now they would have to pull up special services and the police, and not look for the enemy in Moscow, not when the Germans did not consider the Germans as friends and were allies, were and are enemies, regardless The United States or without them, please do not trade the rest, and I think Germany will soon wake up after Frau and restore order
  10. vomag
    vomag 11 September 2015 09: 43
    For these figures, there’s no logic at all. Soon, they have messages in the press: In connection with the aggressive behavior of bears (of course in Russia) and the barbaric extermination of cedar nuts by pro-Putin squirrels, Germany will install nuclear weapons for protection. Ask for protection of whom and from whom ... well, there are tons of options ..
    1. bout
      bout 11 September 2015 19: 49
      not only Germany. it turned out that nuclear weapons are a guarantee of peace.
  11. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 11 September 2015 12: 21
    Short-mice (Germany) cry, prick, but the cactus does not stop eating ...
  12. gorsten79
    gorsten79 11 September 2015 12: 58
    In their place it’s necessary to rejoice that there is no GSVG and the USSR and that you don’t need to keep the army in half a million. And thousands of tanks. What kind of savings. Germany is all the same in NATO. With all our desire, we don’t have as many general forces as with NATO as a whole compete without nuclear weapons. They are looking for an external enemy.
  13. Rashid
    Rashid 11 September 2015 13: 14
    Soon, frau Ursula will be recorded as Russian spy for the collapse of the army. Frau on a black broomstick.
  14. iov
    iov 11 September 2015 14: 06
    Hmm ... I never would have thought that even in difficult crisis times, the Germans would have such gaps in the defense ... Well, you and the most combat-ready parts of NATO ... Maybe a duck ?! ✌
  15. otto meer
    otto meer 11 September 2015 14: 09
    Yes uzhzhzh ... And how can you deny the spiral of history. Again, the Russians are vilifying the Germans, and the Anglo-Jews from across the ocean are rubbing their hands with satisfaction. The twin nations (yes, I think so!) Will again cling to each other's throats, bleeding, and again, at the end, "rulers of the world order" will appear and collect dividends.
  16. Ivan Ivanych
    Ivan Ivanych 11 September 2015 14: 22
    It all started with a stick, it looks like a stick will end))
  17. k_ply
    k_ply 11 September 2015 19: 20
    In the article there are already "worn-out" notes, repeatedly duplicated and commented on.
    Here is another "Eurofighter" - "Tornado". He too is under-funded: in August 2014, only 38 from 89 aircraft was in working condition.

    Not knowledgeable in the affairs of the Air Force, but it is interesting, during sudden combat readiness checks they tried to remove from permanent airfields and transfer as a whole a couple or several fighter-bombing aviation regiments (Su-24, for example) to another theater, not just separate or combined squadrons, and without touching fighter air defense regiments.
    Once the army of West Germany bought 2125 of these tanks - enough to arm almost twelve tank and motorized infantry units.

    From the military - the article has a bad syllable, if applied to divisions (6 tank, 4 motorized infantry, 1 mining infantry), then they talk about formations, but not about units (before bat). And it’s worth talking about 11 formations, for obvious reasons, without an airborne division.
  18. and why
    and why 11 September 2015 20: 41
    Poor, poor Bundeswehr. Maybe we'll throw in one ruble so that they don't shoot with sticks. But seriously, the article is custom-made, to create an impression among the German layman in the ineffectiveness of the Bundeswehr without further budgetary infusions. The phrase was very laughing: "The Bundeswehr deployed units in Afghanistan, but it was soon discovered that the G36 was losing accuracy in combat. Rifles became inaccurate after prolonged shooting. - such a problem is not easy to find in a “peacetime army.” Even not very advanced civilians (which I belong to) know that when small arms are adopted, they are checked for accuracy after firing a large number of shots, I don’t remember how many. , when, to whom and how much? This is a question for a good transmission "What? Where? When?".
  19. Olezhek
    Olezhek 11 September 2015 21: 36
    It is worth thinking - is the modern German economy so strong as it is painted ???
    The army costs money and is maintained at the expense of taxes - this is obvious.
    The most expensive in the military are large surface / submarine ships,
    which the Germans are stupidly not.
    They also have no missile carriers of the Tu 160 type. (About the SNF, I am silent here a separate conversation)
    But they also do not have an ordinary land army,
    Powerful tactical aviation is also not observed ..
    WHERE GOT MONEY ?? Germany is like a non-poor country ..
    Were they at all ?? Or corruption ??
  20. Tiheros
    Tiheros 12 September 2015 00: 02
    In states where moneylenders are in power, by definition there cannot be strong armies. A moneylender does not care about the state, today he is in Germany tomorrow in the states, the main thing is profit. Therefore, nothing surprising In the collapse of the German army there.