Little known photos of the war

“When I, a writer, think about the profession of photojournalists in war, I think about how difficult this profession is. We can write later, we don’t have to write then. We can put something in our notebook, two or three words, and then expand the whole picture out of it, because our memory works. They can not remove later. They can only take off, at that moment, the tank that is attacking them, and the attack that they see. And the calamity they witnessed. The device does not remember, the device removes. Their memory is their pictures. What remains on the tape is their memory of the war. ”Konstantin Simonov.

Little known photos of the war

1. Natalia Bode
Shave Soviet soldiers.

2. Arkady Shaikhet
Moscow, 1942 year
Women with children in a bomb shelter at the Mayakovskaya metro station in Moscow.

3. George Zelma
Stalingrad, 1942 year
Baranov Mikhail Dmitrievich (21.10.1921 - 17.01.1943) Hero of the Soviet Union, deputy commander of the squadron of the 183 th Fighter Regiment of the 289 th Fighter Division of the 8 th Air Army of the South-Western Front, lieutenant.

4. Arkady Shaikhet
Military parade on Red Square. Moscow, November 7 1941.

5. Emmanuel Evzerikhin
Stalingrad, August 1942
Fountain "Children's dance" at the station square of Stalingrad after a raid by fascist aviation. The station was bombed by 23 August 1942 of the year. The water erupted from the jaws of a crocodile and frogs sitting around the children. The pre-war fountain was typical, the same was, for example, in Voronezh. After the war, the fountain was first restored and then removed as if it were not of artistic value.

6. Arkady Shaikhet
Karachev, Bryansk region, 1943 year
During the liberation of the city of Karachev, Private Shirobokov met his sisters who had escaped death. Their father and mother were shot by the Germans.

7. Mark Markov-Greenberg
On the Kursk Bulge. Running in infantry tanks. The Red Army soldiers in the trench and the T-34 tank, which overcomes the trench, passing over them.

8. Mikhail Savin
Zhizdra, Kaluga region, 1943 year
Zhizdra - a small ancient town on the banks of the river of the same name in the south of the Kaluga region, the first mention of Zhizdra dates back to 1146 year. From 5 October 1941, the city fell into the German occupation. From February to August, 1943, fierce battles continued on the outskirts of the city. Before the retreat, the invaders for two weeks systematically destroyed the city, burning it quarterly. Stone churches and houses exploded. As a result, the city was completely destroyed. Were also poisoned wells, mined roads, sidewalks and gardens. The able-bodied urban youth was forcibly sent to Germany.

9. Natalia Bode
1943 year
Anna Nikolaevna Sly, her daughter Zoya hug their son and brother - Volodya Sly. Their husband and father, Nikolai Mikhaylovich Khitrykh, was a junior sergeant, commander of the 2 th fighter division, 3 th guards fighter anti-tank brigade. Communist. He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree for the destruction of German tanks in one battle 6, of which 3 "Tigers" and before the enemy infantry platoon. I did not have time to receive the award - I was killed in the offensive from a fragment of an enemy 25 mine in July 1943 in the area of ​​the village of Pokhvisnevo, Kursk Region. He was buried at the site of the battle in 2 km from this village. Volodya Sly Guards Colonel I. Gorovenko attached a fighter badge to his sleeve that his father wore. In the background is a shot of the officers of the 3 th anti-tank brigade.

10. Emmanuel Evzerikhin
Rostov-on-Don, February 1943 year
Civilians on the streets of the liberated Rostov-on-Don. A sign on the building of the state bank in German: "Labor Exchange".

11. Jacob Ryumkin
Battle of Stalingrad, 1943 year
Soviet soldiers carry rifle weapon in liberated Stalingrad. On the sleigh can be seen weapons of both German and Soviet production.

12. Emmanuel Evzerikhin
Rostov-on-Don, 1943 year
The crew of the Soviet armored car BA-10: Senior Sergeant E. Endrekson, Sergeant VP Ershakov and Dzhulbars Sheepdog. South front.

13. Ivan Shagin
1944 year
Downed German fighter Messerschmitt BF.109 crashes into the ground.

14. Jacob Ryumkin
Soviet fighter inflates samovar at the dugout.

15. Evgeni Khaldey
Bulgaria, September 1944 of the year
The inhabitants of the Bulgarian town celebrate the liberation from the Nazis. The name of the person in the foreground is Kocha Karadzhev, a Bulgarian partisan.

16. Mikhail Savin
1944 year
Soviet soldier distributes letters to his colleagues. The original name of the photo: "Mail has come."

17. Mikhail Savin
The calculation of the Soviet 45-mm anti-tank gun changes position.

18. Ivan Shagin
Berlin, Germany, May 1945 of the year
Soviet soldiers in the car of the Berlin tram. Author's title of the picture - "The first" passengers "of the Berlin tram."

19. Evgeni Khaldey
1945 year
Jewish family, freed from the ghetto of Budapest.

20. Evgeni Khaldey
Potsdam, Germany, 1945
Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and Chairman of the USSR State Committee of Defense Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam Conference, held in Potsdam from July 17 to August 02 1945, in order to determine the next steps in post-war Europe.

21. Alexander Ustinov
Moscow, 1945 year
Victory Celebration on the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge near the Moscow Kremlin.

22. Alexander Ustinov
Potsdam, Germany, 1945 year
The Potsdam Conference was held in Potsdam from 17 July to 02 in August 1945, with the participation of the leadership of the three largest powers of the anti-Hitler coalition in World War II in order to determine the next steps in post-war Europe.

23. Jacob Ryumkin
Army General GK Zhukov

24. Mark Markov-Greenberg
West Prussia, Germany, May 1945 year
Human remains in the furnace of the crematorium of the Stutthof concentration camp. Location: Danzig neighborhood (now Gdansk, Poland).

25. Natalia Bode
Soviet nurses Olga Bolbas and Maria Gulevich, who were awarded medals “For Military Merit”, read a letter of thanks, which came from the front line position of a Red Army soldier treated in their hospital.

26. Evgeni Khaldey
Regulator Maria Shalneva. Berlin. 1 May1945
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