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Veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad from Volgograd addressed the German Chancellor "Letter of the Living"

Veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel a letter in which they recalled the lessons of World War II and fascism, which is gaining momentum in Ukraine today. Front-line soldiers urged European countries to prevent the recurrence of grim stories 20-century and unite in the fight against this evil. Today, the Letter of the Living was supported by youth organizations, the public and government officials at a roundtable meeting on the theme: "Stalingrad Victory: the battle that changed the world", which was held in the Triumphal Hall of the museum-panorama "Stalingrad Battle". IA "Height 102" publishes the full text of the letter of veterans.

Veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad from Volgograd addressed the German Chancellor "Letter of the Living"


A letter to Frau Angel Dorothea Merkel from veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad

Dear Frau Merkel!

In the year of the 70 anniversary of the victory over Nazism, we, veterans of that terrible war and participants in its most terrible battle, observe how a ghost of the ghost of the brown plague once again wanders around Europe. This time, Ukraine became the breeding ground for Nazism, where from ideology in the ultranationalist, anti-Semitic and misanthropic vein, they turned to practice - to physical violence, the destruction of dissidents, the killing of people on the basis of ethnic hatred, and the rejection of a different culture.

Familiar pictures stand in front of us: torchlight processions, thugs in uniform with Nazi badges, raising their hands in a Nazi salute, fascist parades in the center of Kiev, guarded by the state police, statements about the second-grade of some peoples. All this we have already seen and know what this leads to.

In Ukraine, the smoldering and warming up of the last decade, the brown plague broke out and led to a bloody civil war. Nazi forces, such as the Right Sector, the so-called National Guard, numerous informal but well-armed battalions of the Azov type, with the support of the Ukrainian army, the army aviation and heavy artillery systematically destroy the population of the East of Ukraine. Peaceful people are killed simply because they want to speak their native language, because they have a different opinion about the future of their country, because they do not want to live in a state where Bandera is the leader.

These followers of the so-called "Ukrainian Liberation Army", which, we remind you, Frau Merkel, fought during the Second World War as part of the Wehrmacht, as well as the SS division "Galicia", particularly distinguished in the massacres of Soviet Jews, achieved the glorification of their ideological fathers and grandfathers. The names of the Nazi criminals called the streets of Ukrainian cities! The history of the twentieth century in Ukraine is rewritten before our eyes! Is it any wonder that the current Bandera with a fanatical gleam in the eyes, familiar to us, veterans, on the fronts of the Second World War, at the Battle of Stalingrad, blinded by hatred, are urging to wipe out the residents of the east of their country with napalm ?! There is documentary evidence of how people were killed simply because they were wearing the St. George ribbon - this symbol of victory over fascism.

The truth is, Frau Merkel, that a full-fledged Nazi rampage is taking place in Ukraine! These are not separate anti-Semitic remarks in parliament and not short articles underestimating the superiority of one race over another. these are full-blown and bloody crimes, the victims of which already number in the hundreds and thousands.

But the West takes a very strange position, and we do not understand it. It can be interpreted as an indulgence of Ukrainian Nazism. This is how they interpret the position of Europe in Ukraine, and this is how the Russian people begin to perceive it. And we would like to know what the German people will say from the height of their national historical experience about this.

It is important for us to know your opinion, the opinion of the leader of a great people who once fell ill with a brown disease, but at the cost of terrible sacrifices was cured of it. We know how your country is fighting any manifestations of Nazism. And believe me, we appreciate it. Moreover, it is difficult for us to understand why, carefully cleaning out any possible germs of Nazism in your country, do you allow its large-scale manifestations in another part of Europe?

Why are European leaders marching in support of French cartoonists killed by Islamic terrorists, but not marching against fascism in Ukraine? Why is the head of state taking part in these marches, who gave the order to destroy his own population? Why do 12 French victims deserve attention, and thousands of killed Russian and Ukrainians - no? Do you know how many children killed in the east of Ukraine by thugs with a Nazi swastika on a uniform? Do you want to know about it? We will provide you with this information if you do not own it. Why do European nations calmly look at the mass violence in Ukraine? Or is it just not talked about in your media? Then what is their notorious independence? Regardless of the facts? From the truth? What is the true purpose of your economic sanctions? Loosen Russia as a power? Support Nazism in Ukraine? Or just devalue our pensions, which we receive as participants in the Second World War?

Dear Frau Merkel, the grim history of the twentieth century taught us several lessons:

1. The rewriting of history is a direct path to Nazism.
With this, all the European fascist regimes of the 20-x and 30-s began. The same path was followed in Ukraine: from the rewriting of school history books to the mass demolition of Soviet monuments. The pinnacle of lies was the statement of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk to the German media about "the Soviet invasion of Germany and Ukraine"! I would like to know your opinion about this, the opinion of the leader, where real prison terms are awarded for denying the Holocaust.

2. The search for the guilty is a manifestation of Nazism.
Fascist regimes write off all the failures of their country to separate groups - ethnic, social, religious. In the distant past, Jews and communists spoke in this capacity. In present-day Ukraine, Russians, Russia as a whole and the population of the east of the country are appointed as the perpetrators.

3. If Nazism appears in one country, then the plague will go all over the world.
You can not encourage Nazism in one country and believe that it will remain within its borders. A wave of Nazism will reach everyone, stepping over any state borders. That is why Nazism was called the "brown plague". Nazism must be stopped at distant approaches, otherwise it will come to your home.

4. Nazism can not be ignored, you can only fight it.
If someone thinks that one can simply turn away from Ukrainian Nazism, not to notice it, then he is greatly mistaken. The nature of Nazism is such that even its own disregard is perceived as encouragement, as a manifestation of its strength. Nazism does not remain local, it can only grow and develop! Therefore, the only way to oppose Nazism is a tough and active fight against it.

5. The most important weapon in the struggle against Nazism in its early stages - the truth.
It is the truth that defeats Nazism. By showing the misanthropic essence of Nazism, manifested in its ideology, the statements of its supporters, in concrete reprisals against people, we are fighting Nazism as such. Historical truth is the best preventive measure against Nazism. If from the young Ukrainians their own government did not hide the real history of their country and people, then there would be fewer supporters of Nazism in Ukraine.

Modern media play a huge role: they can either form Nazism or resist it.

Dear Frau Merkel! Russia, as the successor of the USSR, has a special historical mission. 70 years ago, we ended Nazism in Europe, suffering the most terrible sacrifices in that war. We personally, Stalingrad, turned the tide of history with inhuman efforts. Not only our history, but European, world. And we can not allow the recurrence of Nazism. Moreover, we have at our side! We fought, and we will fight this evil. And we offer you to fight with him together!
One character of the legendary and our beloved feature film, which is the prototype of a real Nazi boss, according to the plot of the film said: "As soon as somewhere instead of the word" hello "they say" Heil "... know: there they are waiting for us, from there we start our great revival. "

Frau Merkel, in Ukraine “Heil” sounds everywhere, openly and almost supported by the authorities. It's time to stop this evil with the whole European world! We very much hope that the German people, like all the other peoples of Europe, together with the Russian people will crush the reptile in the bud!

Fascism will not pass! Long live the world!

PS According to the information of the "Height 102" news agency, veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad together with the "Letter of the Living" sent Frau Merkel and the new edition of the encyclopedia "The Battle of Stalingrad". The chairman of the editorial board of this publication, we recall, is the famous scientist and public figure, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Honorary Citizen of the hero-city of Volgograd, Maxim Matveyevich Zagorulko - one of the signatories of the Living Letter.

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  1. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 3 March 2015 04: 12
    Angela Merkel, most likely, will pretend that she has not received the appeal of veterans, and does not know anything. As it was with the famous statement of Yatsenyuk. And in general, Germany takes a pro-Ukrainian position on the issue of internal settlement, and it is unlikely that their answer to WWII veterans may be pleasant for them. hi
    1. obraztsov
      obraztsov 3 March 2015 05: 30
      Not only Merkel, almost the whole of Europe does not understand that supporting the regime that nurtures Nazism in its own country is also a crime against humanity. After such letters, in court, they will not be able to say that they were not warned.
      1. domokl
        domokl 3 March 2015 05: 50
        I would add as the second PS-grandchildren of veterans in the fight against fascism there would be no worse fighters than grandfathers ...
      2. Nadia
        Nadia 3 March 2015 07: 14
        naively, they all and Merkel in particular know that it’s just beneficial for what is happening in Ukraine, and therefore they support this mess
      3. andrejwz
        andrejwz 3 March 2015 09: 49
        Quote: obraztsov
        Not only Merkel, almost all of Europe does not understand

        Do not entertain yourself with illusions, they all understand. In the face of criminal arrogance. Having set fire to Ukraine, they expect that Russia will also burn, naively believing that everything will be all right with them. Controlled nuclear reaction, controlled chaos. Civilizers fuck
      4. Pushkar
        Pushkar 3 March 2015 10: 16
        Quote: obraztsov
        Not only Merkel, almost the whole of Europe does not understand that supporting the regime that nurtures Nazism in its own country is also a crime against humanity. After such letters, in court, they will not be able to say that they were not warned.
        They all know and understand. All of them during World War II actively fought on the side of Germany. Even when they pretended to be "occupied".
    2. bort4145
      3 March 2015 10: 22
      Open letters are written not so much to the addressees as to those who are still able to think.
    3. Denis fj
      Denis fj 3 March 2015 10: 50
      I don’t know if Merkel will meet the old people, they say in the news that she, like other Western politicians, plays these games with the instigation of Ukraine and the gang of bandits who seized power there and kill people. But it can make a fatal mistake: once Russian people have already shown the tyrant where his place is.
      It will not rust behind us ..........
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 3 March 2015 04: 18
    our veterans probably give the last fight in their lives, but a very important fight ... their children and grandchildren allowed what they fought against ...
  3. I read the news
    I read the news 3 March 2015 04: 18
    Keep us updated on what the German Chancellor will answer.
  4. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 3 March 2015 04: 37
    99,9% - no reaction will follow. Angela is afraid that Obama will scold!
    1. bort4145
      3 March 2015 10: 25
      Yeah, the standard option for such cases
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 3 March 2015 19: 39
        Yeah, the standard option for such cases,
        I remember, it seems that Pushkov was telling when he showed pictures from the Donbass, they (the deputies of Passe) also closed their eyes so as not to see the horror that they sowed.
  5. Hleb
    Hleb 3 March 2015 04: 50
    Dear Frau Merkel!

    Dear) liberal style of addressing the enemy. I doubt that a WWII veteran would beg and persuade the German Chancellor, starting an address with "respected"
  6. Gans1234
    Gans1234 3 March 2015 04: 58
    For politicians, it’s like a joke
    It's a pity...((
  7. The Burglar
    The Burglar 3 March 2015 05: 03
    I understand these people to survive such a victory and see how fascist evil spirits rise again.
    In Russia, the majority have a negative attitude towards fascism, state domestic and foreign policies are aimed at countering the revival of fascism, and all sorts of sanctions are being introduced against us with pleasure. In Ukraine and the Baltic republics, nothing fascist of society is concealed, these countries accept NATO and strongly support and encourage the governments of these countries, which in turn do everything they can to flirt and use national fascist organizations to their advantage. That's who you need to impose sanctions against !!! Since someone doesn’t want to pose, keep all sorts of sanctions! Until they eliminate, they do not react at the government level, until they punish the organizers and participants in the fascist movements (they are not even hiding, they live and work impudently) and the sanctions are not lifted.
    The old woman will not read this letter. Until she puts her nose into it, even if she is personally handed it to her, she pretends that there was nothing.
  8. Lyton
    Lyton 3 March 2015 05: 05
    Whether it reaches the addressee in a row, they will see the fascists when they run to them and start jumping there.
  9. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 3 March 2015 05: 18
    Angela is a puppet. What to expect from a representative of NAT if the Americans pay 72% of its percentage? And the Europeans are bickering at the fact that someone does not pay their required 2%. And Germany as well. But here it is important that German citizens hear this. The memory of the participants in this massacre is still deep. Living witnesses living in Germany can also tell a lot.
  10. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 3 March 2015 05: 36
    Quote: Peacemaker
    It is important that German citizens hear this.

    I agree. the letter had to be written not in the village of a grandmother who had lost her mind, but in an open one for the public, the media, the Bundestag parliament and the UN.
    1. Woolfy
      Woolfy 3 March 2015 07: 30
      I completely agree. The whole world should know not only from the words of Lavrov and other diplomats, but also the opinion of society in the brow and in individual groups. What to do with Nazism in Ukraine and the Baltic states?
      1. sannych
        sannych 3 March 2015 08: 17
        Our grandfathers knew what and how to do with similar creatures.
  11. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 3 March 2015 05: 57
    Yes, they know everything in the Bundestag and Merkel knows everything, but the letter, as correctly put it
    Quote: obraztsov
    ... After such letters, in court, they will not be able to say that they were not warned.

    this is a formality, but very important! The answer to the appeal should be! Well, if there is no answer, then this will also be the answer.
  12. 1536
    1536 3 March 2015 06: 21
    Found someone to write letters! The one who staged a coup, the one that hates Russia and everything Russian, the one that in her youth was part of the neo-Nazi youth organizations. She will not see or hear the voice of our veterans. She needs to write another letter, where to threaten the full drive of all German firms from Russia, the seizure of all German assets and the termination of all ties with this revenge-seeking country - Germany, which is also completely dependent on the United States.
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 March 2015 06: 54
    Merkel certainly will not answer the letter of veterans. What can she say to veterans? The fact that, under US pressure, Germany actively supports the fascist regime in Ukraine, introduces sanctions against Russia (which affect the same veterans). If this appeal had been printed in the German media, this would have been a huge success.
  14. orphan 63
    orphan 63 3 March 2015 07: 13
    It is necessary to attach a video to the letter - a video from grandfathers who survived and defeated fascism!

    WWII veteran, concentration camp prisoner, Ukrainian!

    1. Alex esin
      Alex esin 3 March 2015 16: 14
      If this grandfather knew that under the cover of yellow-blakitny everything he was destroying his fellow citizens, he lives and runs around Natsik, but he apparently does not see them point-blank, or is afraid that he will be put to a concentration camp again.
    2. Dali
      Dali 3 March 2015 16: 38
      If he really, at least a little, but could brain powder ...

      Interestingly, he saw what these yellow-blakidnye do ... he would know if he himself would be the first to poke ...

      But, as they say, if, yes, if mushrooms were growing on the nose ... zombie technologies in action !!!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  15. taseka
    taseka 3 March 2015 07: 19
    This Merkel is a damn letter, because nobody knows about them in Germany!
  16. ZAM
    ZAM 3 March 2015 07: 35
    Yes, all of her, this merkel and other poodles, such as oland and others, know and understand what the veterans write ... They created it all themselves. Revanchism again began to grow in their turtles ...
    The only thing they will understand is the severity of the kick of a Russian soldier. The fewer survivors, those who felt it on themselves, the more they greyhound ...
  17. Gardener91
    Gardener91 3 March 2015 07: 48
    Vain efforts to appeal to the minds of those who sleep and see us as weak. The lessons of history have been forgotten for them and Europe is looking at what is happening in countries that defeated Nazism as an opportunity to undermine the historical ties between Russia and Ukraine, as happened with the former republics of the USSR and the countries of the social camp. It’s time to figure out for ourselves — we are alone in our efforts to preserve historical justice, and any efforts to share our views are attempts to participate in the division of raw materials and obtain quotas in the geopolitical games of the world economy.
  18. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima 3 March 2015 08: 09
    Who is Merkel? The usual maid at America’s table! Remember the story with the wiretap, ate and did not even squeak. Dilma Rouself, with the same story, refused the Amer fighter and didn’t even want to see Babamka. So comrades, Merkel is just nobody
  19. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 3 March 2015 08: 10
    To answer the truth, I hope she will be ashamed. Lying something, as usual, is even more embarrassing (again, I naively hope). Therefore, they will either unsubscribe with meaningless phrases, or pretend that they are lost in the chancellery.
  20. Dembel77
    Dembel77 3 March 2015 08: 16
    Well done veterans, still fighting against fascism to the best of their ability! I hope this message to the leader of one of the leading European states will not remain unheard and will not be put on the spot! Otherwise, Russia will again have to fight alone with the brown reptile of fascism, which is gaining strength in Ukraine!
  21. Kolka82
    Kolka82 3 March 2015 08: 33
    If you rummage through the networks, then you can dig up enough of what this merkel was like in his youth (pictures in the company of such Nazi fellows, etc.). I think our dear veterans are not aware of her biography, otherwise there would be another point 6: fascism is not a temporary phenomenon of the manifestation of his personality in the puberty period.
  22. Million
    Million 3 March 2015 08: 57
    Angela Merkel will most likely say: I am in Russian niht fershteyn
  23. andrew42
    andrew42 3 March 2015 09: 38
    Such letters must be sent in parallel to all possible German editions of print media. There is a chance that someone will publish, and then Merkel will have to answer on the merits of the question. In general, there can only be one way to engage in dialogue with Western leaders: first a battle, then negotiations. Without good pretzels, neither their ears nor their eyes open.
  24. calocha
    calocha 3 March 2015 09: 39
    Merkel is a puppet ... and a puppet, by definition, is a slave! You need to write to Washington !!! Question to whom ... because Obama is a puppet of a banking club .. consisting mainly of .... Jews .......
  25. infantry76
    infantry76 3 March 2015 10: 18
    Fascism and Nazism are a product of Europe, with active financial and political support from the United States. So it was in the 20-30s of the XX century, and it has happened now, in the XXI century. As then they conquered Germany, Italy, Spain with their ideas, so now they are trying to repeat it. Today Ukraine has become this object. But their perspective is Russia. To do this, they will not notice this kind of appeal to them. And although Germany, in the recent past, repented for its sins, nevertheless, under the influence of a common desire, to put it mildly, to "annoy" Russia, it will go in the wake of a frenzied struggle for a supposedly "free democratic European Ukraine", shamefacedly covering its eyes to outright fascism and Bandera in the policy of the current Svidomo leadership. Therefore, it is not worth hoping for any warming in the relationship. Yes, they will assure the whole world, especially Germany, that they want to live with us in peace and friendship, that they remember the lessons of the Second World War, but this, in my opinion, is nothing more than a PR move. And we need to keep the powder dry, and as the ancients said, Si vis pacem, para bellum (“If you want peace, prepare for war”). LONG LIVE RUSSIA! May there always be peace! I have the honor!
  26. KBR109
    KBR109 3 March 2015 10: 37
    This had to be done in an open letter. To place in two or three serious German publications is a task for the press attache of our embassy and legal department. It’s not too late to do it now, after a while. The left German press, I believe, will be able to seize this opportunity to put needles under the nails ...
  27. Londa
    Londa 3 March 2015 11: 08
    Quote: KBR109
    To place in two or three serious German publications is a task for the press attache of our embassy and legal department.

    And not only in Germany, but wherever possible throughout Europe.
  28. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 3 March 2015 11: 29
    The letter is good, but the address is not correct. We must not address Merkel, but directly to the German people. In the end, it is for him to bend.
  29. Naum
    Naum 3 March 2015 11: 48
    The West sees and understands everything! To appeal to the conscience of those who did not have it when they were born is a thankless job. They only understand the power of money and the whip (American). It was the global dependence on the United States that made the West "deaf, blind and helpless." This is the beginning of the demise of Western civilization. Then everything will go on increasing. This rotten world could have been saved by a miracle in the form of a revolutionary cleansing, but it won't. There are no passionaries, no masses willing to sacrifice themselves. There is a crowd of ordinary people who stupidly value their imaginary well-being. Europe will perish in the Muslim Wave. There, fanatics are ready for anything. Russia needs to go to the East!
  30. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s 3 March 2015 13: 07
    Thank you - Veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad!
    Let's hope that Frau Angela has not yet lost all reason and feelings for the sake of revenge.
  31. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 3 March 2015 13: 30
    Found someone to write.
    No need to throw beads in front of pigs.
    It was more logical to address the German and European public in an open letter through the press and other media.
    Yes, spit this aunt on such letters.
  32. ochakow703
    ochakow703 3 March 2015 17: 51
    Quote: Cracker
    In Ukraine and the Baltic republics, nothing fascist of society is concealed, these countries accept NATO and strongly support and encourage the governments of these countries, which in turn do everything they can to flirt and use national fascist organizations to their advantage. That's who you need to impose sanctions against !!! Since someone doesn’t want to pose, keep all sorts of sanctions! Until they eliminate, they do not react at the government level, until they punish the organizers and participants in the fascist movements (they are not even hiding, they live and work impudently) and the sanctions are not lifted.

    So I think so. But for some reason, our leadership is liberalizing with these scumbags. But for a long time it was necessary to disconnect all the Baltic states and in the Ukraine from all the benefits, but probably someone’s stuffed pocket is much more important than the honor and conscience of the country. We will be dunked in all kinds of poop, since we are not doing anything in our defense, but we are WASHING OUT. Tired !!! It was enough to be kind and slandered. Well this is necessary, such scum as Lithuania, quietly wiping his feet on Russia ...
  33. Vezhchel
    Vezhchel 3 March 2015 18: 14
    Fascism cannot be ignored - it must be fought. Only some Western leaders have forgotten history and are trying to use modern fascists as a ram against Russia. Games with fire do not lead to anything good. am
  34. zubkoff46
    zubkoff46 3 March 2015 18: 17
    Well done, Fathers! Thank!
  35. navara399
    navara399 3 March 2015 18: 17
    A good, soulful letter ... only the recipient will not read it, wrinkle his nasty nose and put it aside. This German-unsatisfied chicken, saturated with Americanism, is not worthy of such letters.
  36. Straight
    Straight 3 March 2015 19: 16
    Well done veterans! Very impressive letter. To the remark about whether it reaches the addressee - do not worry, it will (even if they pretend not to). Not a single word does not remain empty in our world, especially such respected people as our veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Now the main front is the struggle for the souls and minds of people!
  37. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy 3 March 2015 19: 19
    History teaches that teaches nothing.
    1. Andrei946
      Andrei946 3 March 2015 21: 08
      You forgot Klyuchevsky’s dictum that History is not a teacher, but a warder who does not teach anyone anything, but only punishes for unlearned lessons ...
  38. Andrei946
    Andrei946 3 March 2015 21: 07
    Why do European nations calmly look at mass violence in Ukraine?

    This once again shows that for the West we are superfluous Slavs. Otherwise, the West would have behaved differently. It is probably time to open the book "My Struggle" for wide study so that someone does not come up with something that is written in this book will seem like a collection of harmless political jokes. And judging by the events taking place in Ukraine, fantasy is enough ...
  39. Andrey Draganov
    Andrey Draganov 3 March 2015 21: 09
    Merkel should be sent to a Turkish hotel with Petersburgers on May 9th, this will be a reminder. It’s not good for them.
  40. wax
    wax 4 March 2015 01: 09
    Will Germany step on the Anglo-Saxon rake for the third time? Ms. Merkel, after all, after the 3rd time, it was as if the survivors on the site of Germany did not have to do excavations to find out if there was life there.
  41.  balance
    balance 4 March 2015 14: 31
    It would be nice for those who read this letter to remember that:

    2. The search for the guilty is a manifestation of Nazism.
    Fascist regimes attribute all the failures of their country to separate groups - ethnic, social, religious.