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Models of Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM and Osa-AKM air defense systems at the international aerospace exhibition Aero India - 2015

The Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM and Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile systems will be presented at the 10 International Aerospace Exhibition "Aero India - 2015", which will run from 18 to February 22 2015 of the year in Bangalore, India.

The exhibition is held once every two years and serves as a strategic platform for aviation and the aerospace industry showcasing the latest industry achievements. Being the traditional largest participant in the air show, Russia is building its exposition taking into account the most promising areas for the development of military-technical cooperation with India. Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation has more than four decades and is characterized as a strategic partnership.

Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol OJSC will present models of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRK) of the new generation Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM in a modular design on a semi-trailer, as well as the Osa-AKM system ".

The “Osa” air defense system is in service with more than 15 of the countries of near and far abroad, took part in hostilities and showed excellent results. Currently, the serial production of this type of air defense missile system has been completed, but OJSC IEMZ Kupol is repairing and upgrading these complexes. In the course of modernization, analog equipment is being replaced by digital, new algorithms and new software are being implemented, which, in combination with modern computer technology and special equipment, significantly expands the combat capabilities of the upgraded complex.

With the advent of new types of weapons and changes in combat tactics in the 21st century, it became necessary to develop a new type of air defense system. As a result, in the 2007, the Tor-M2E air defense system was designed.

The “Thor” family of air defense systems of the new generation are designed for air defense units of various types of troops and types of armed forces, the most important military, state and industrial facilities from high-precision strikes. weapons, tactical aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Its main feature is that it was created in order to ensure the highest probability of hitting modern high-precision weapons, which today primarily include anti-radar missiles (anti-aircraft registrar warhead and others), cruise missiles and guided bombs. It is these weapons that will pose the greatest threat to the air defense systems of countries exposed to air attack.

The TOR-2МE, TOR-M2K, and Tor-M2KM SAM systems first implemented the ability to simultaneously hit 4 air targets with four anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM). These air defense systems are easily integrated into existing air defense systems.

The “Tor-М2КМ” air defense system provides the widest range of its application. The unique possibility of transporting the complex on the external suspension of a helicopter with a payload of more than 15 tons allows it to be placed in the most inaccessible places, including on the roofs of buildings and structures. Only this complex can provide reliable air defense of large metropolitan areas from air strikes by terrorists or the air of the opposing side.

The Tor-М2КМ SAM system can be placed on any platforms with a payload capacity of more than 15 tons, at the request of the customer.

In September-October, 2014 on the test site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation passed tests of the Tor-M2KM air defense system with combat and technical equipment in a modular design, placed on the TATA automobile chassis of Indian production. During the tests, all tactical and technical characteristics of the complex were fully confirmed. The Tor-М2КМ SAM system has an extended lesion zone in altitude up to 10 km and in range up to 15 km, ensures the defeat of actively maneuvering air targets, air objects having speeds up to 700 m / s, flying with a parameter to 8 km Radar detection, tracking and missile guidance, 8 ready to launch anti-aircraft guided missiles, two automated crews, communications and control, a modern navigation system, an autonomous power supply system, fuel supply, etc. are located in one universal package. The case has a 3 special bracket that provides its attachment to various platforms. The complex is equipped with a backup, all-day optical-electronic system for tracking air targets. The complex is fully autonomous and has electrical equipment ensuring the operation of the complex from the industrial network. The combat work of the Tor-M2KM air defense system is fully automated and practically does not require human participation.

Today, the Tor family of anti-aircraft systems occupies a leading position among the world's analogues of short-range complexes.
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  1. ohotnik101
    ohotnik101 18 February 2015 06: 43 New
    Pledge of a clear sky over your head!
    1. Alexanderrr
      Alexanderrr 18 February 2015 07: 06 New
      Armor is strong and our tanks are fast
      And Russian missiles and American planes are simply made for each other!
      1. Kostyar
        Kostyar 18 February 2015 08: 27 New
        Well dear! I wish you creative success! And then surprise our "partners" overseas with your developments !!!
        So that they, as often as possible, are surprised, to the point of yeast !!!
    2. just exp
      just exp 18 February 2015 07: 44 New
      what pleases is that Tor is designed for ammunition, especially for charms, which means that the survival rate of the S-300,400,500 is significantly increased. that is, we are already leaders in air defense, and here we become kings in general, moreover, if a numbed version of Torah-2 comes out (the Moraeans have the first torus), we will still have to try to destroy our ships. since the tori work well in both RCC and PSA.
    3. torp
      torp 18 February 2015 11: 27 New
      Such would put in Donetsk
      1. just exp
        just exp 18 February 2015 14: 18 New
        so it seems that the torus just knocked down the point.
    4. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 18 February 2015 15: 18 New
      Russian air defense systems at the international aerospace exhibition:
      Quote: ohotnik101
      Pledge of a clear sky over your head!

      So no plane can fly in this area during the exhibition? wink good
  2. Portoss
    Portoss 18 February 2015 06: 43 New
    And we thought that some of this technique will only be seen at the Victory Parade! They showed, and now saturate the troops, in such a difficult international situation ...
    1. Viktor Kudinov
      Viktor Kudinov 18 February 2015 08: 25 New
      If our sky is reliably protected, then another's heaven can be helped to protect. lol
  3. avvg
    avvg 18 February 2015 06: 49 New
    We wish our defense industry in India at the exhibition many new multi-billion dollar contracts !!!
  4. 31rus
    31rus 18 February 2015 07: 30 New
    Dear, "Wasp" is a good complex that would adapt it to deal with various UAVs
  5. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 18 February 2015 07: 36 New
    Such complexes should complement the "large" air defense systems as a near line of defense.
    I will explain to non-combatants: there are such harmful things as PRR - anti-radar missiles. Designed to hit radiating radars. It is against them that we need near the S-300, S-400 positions of short-range complexes. And you need to give companies protection. Which should stand nearby and guard positions even in peacetime.
    1. just exp
      just exp 18 February 2015 07: 44 New
      Well, the fact that air defense should be echeloned is like an axiom.
    2. corporal
      corporal 18 February 2015 07: 45 New
      Quote: armored optimist
      guard companies. Which should stand nearby and guard

      I agree. But just how "near"? Some "anti-material" large-caliber rifles and reach 2 km.
  6. papik09
    papik09 18 February 2015 07: 50 New
    Quote: Alexanderrr
    Armor is strong and our tanks are fast
    And Russian missiles and American planes are simply made for each other!

    Check to ....
  7. Evil 55
    Evil 55 18 February 2015 08: 53 New
    That's where the presence of our delegation is needed, and not in London .. Because the sense of it is much greater and the sales market is closer ...
  8. kelevra
    kelevra 18 February 2015 09: 42 New
    Our Thor is invincible!
  9. crambol
    crambol 18 February 2015 10: 51 New
    aerial objects flying with parameter up to 8 km.

    “What kind of miracle is this?” And where do they get it?

    1. Victor-M
      Victor-M 18 February 2015 11: 32 New
      Quote: crambol
      aerial objects flying with parameter up to 8 km.

      “What kind of miracle is this?” And where do they get it?

      aerial objects having speed up to 700 m / sflying with parameter up to 8 km.

      At an altitude of 8 km. laughing
      1. crambol
        crambol 18 February 2015 20: 23 New
        Thanks for the help, otherwise it would have died in ignorance!
  10. Roshchin
    Roshchin 18 February 2015 13: 13 New
    I am glad that the "Tor" began to be produced in a variety of designs: on tracks, on wheels, in containers. The customer has a choice.
  11. feyoha
    feyoha 18 February 2015 17: 59 New
    We have a good technique, no doubt, but definitely the exhibition wouldn’t be transferred to Russia, that is, if you want our weapons, come to us and see (analysis, comparison, etc.) Those who are interested will see us too.
  12. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 21 February 2015 11: 09 New
    Well, how else