How Russia was plundered

How Russia was plunderedA member of United Russia since 2004 of the year, human rights activist Yevgeny Perkun, well known in Budennovsk, reflects on how frankly and brazenly derbane were those who promised her prosperity and democratic freedoms.

- 20 years have passed, I look back at the beginning of 90's, and the soul screams in pain. Remember how Igor Talkov sang: “I tried in vain to understand how you could give yourself to the mercy of vandals, Russia ...”

- And you will understand now. We are not going to talk about sensations, but about facts. Not new, famous, but obviously forgotten. You put them together, you build them into a common chain, you start to analyze - and your hair is on end.

- Why in your words, Evgeny Anatolyevich, so much tragic hopelessness?

At least from Chubais’s phrase he said after resigning from the government in an interview with Novaya Gazeta: “In 1996, I had a choice between the coming of the communists to power and gangster capitalism. I chose gangster capitalism. ” How do you like this?! Bringing from where the gentleman who has emerged has predetermined the course stories whole state!

- Known and such a fact. Once, during a visit to London, Chubais asked British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “What do you prefer: communism or gangster capitalism?” - “Gangster capitalism is better,” he replied. "Absolutely correct", - agreed Chubais. So, the “red demon of perestroika” acted in complete agreement with the Western colleagues, who said, notice, about our country, which you dreamed of smashing, to destroy with the help of gangster methods.

- This gangster capitalism, begun by Chubais and his unprincipled like-minded people, took such a pace of destruction of the country as no other enemy army over all the millennia!

Here are the facts. The economic losses from the destruction of the national economy only in 1996 a year were 2,5 times higher than the losses in the entire Great Patriotic War! This official figure of the Commission of the State Duma of Russia on the analysis of the results of privatization is given in the publication of the Council of Federation - the magazine “Russian Federation”.

Look further. Industry giants such as Uralmash (34 thousands of jobs) and Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Works (35 thousands of jobs) for 3,7 million dollars each were sold! Strategic Kovrovsky Mechanical Plant, which provided weapons the whole army, police and special services sold for 8,7 million dollars, Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (54 thousands of jobs) - for 2,2 million "green" ...

For comparison: the average bakery in Europe at that time cost 2 a million dollars, the sausage factory - 3,5. And the Russian treasury from the sale of thousands of enterprises 125, the carrying value of which exceeded a trillion dollars, received only 7,2 billion dollars! These figures were published by the former head of the Ministry of the Press of the Russian Federation, a journalist, public figure Boris Mironov in his book “The Igo of Judea”.

- You know, Boris Mironov also has a dubious reputation. After the publication of his article “Russia thirsts for the ideal” about the genocide of the Russian people, he was accused of anti-Semitism. Hit in the run and even declared in the federal wanted list.

- What does it change? Nobody refuted the facts voiced by Mironov, so I will cite them, believing that the readers of the “Open” should know what was happening behind our back, how Russia was taken away and destroyed. So, according to the conclusion of the Commission of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, all privatization in Russia was carried out under the direct control of foreign intelligence agencies!

- Perhaps it was. And how can this be confirmed?

- The same Boris Mironov in his work “What should Russians do in Russia?” Writes that foreign intelligence agents openly occupied Russian government offices. Only in 1992, at the invitation of the then chairman of the State Property Committee Anatoly Chubais, more than 200 foreign consultants arrived in Russia, including CIA personnel officer Boyle, military intelligence officer Christopher and others.

A deputy at Chubais became the CIA personnel officer Jonathan Hay. It was he who, through the front company “Granix”, bought the Moscow strategic plant, which equipped nuclear missiles, submarines, tanks, interceptor planes, assault planes, produced the world's most advanced missile systems, Topol, Topol-M, and Iskander. .

“I really can’t believe that we have voluntarily surrendered such force to an American spy!”

- We did not pass, but the plant manager, Vladimir Grabarnik, to whom Hay paid 700 thousands of dollars. Vladimir Polevanov, who replaced Chubais in his post as chairman of the State Property Committee and was removed six days later so that “he did not interfere with the reforms,” managed to prepare and submit to the government a report with such lines: “The privatization carried out by Chubais is surrender to Russia on such a scale, of which the enemies of Russia could not even dream. ”

Polevanov wrote directly in the report: “There is a latent intervention of foreign capital in order to undermine the country's defense capability and economy to ensure the strategy“ Guaranteed lag of Russia ”adopted by the West. According to his calculations, as a result of privatization, the loss of Russia in six years, from 1992 to 1996, amounted to approximately 9,5 trillion rubles.

- Incredible number! It turns out that the country's losses were comparable to the national GDP in these five years ?!

- Yes, such are the scale of “privatization” ... I have no doubt that the goal of the Yeltsinites, who had come to power, was personal gain and enrichment. And since Chubais was surrounded by American spies, they also carried out a brilliant operation to destroy the Russian military-industrial complex. Judging by the current policy of the Ministry of Defense and the fact that, to this day, Chubais, like Caesar’s wife, is above suspicion, the spies initially knew what they were doing.

- Do you mean the words of “early” Putin, that the results of privatization will not be revised?

- And not only them. When US experts, using the criteria that the Chubais State Property Committee was guided by when privatizing, tried them on with their military-industrial complex, the terrible thing turned out: in the United States, according to the Russian “collapse methodology,” the national military enterprises should be declared bankrupt 80% defense!

- Only very influential policy sharks could rotate such a powerful operation to exsanguinate Russia. Are their names publicized?

- Imagine, yes. The official documents of the US Congress note numerous facts of corruption of the former leaders of Russia, including Chubais and the “Russian nightingale” Viktor Chernomyrdin, who, during his tenure as prime minister, transferred millions of dollars to his personal accounts. This was reported in the secret CIA report in 1995 year.

- There is no doubt that the Yeltsin team of the beginning of the 90-x was involved in the current tragedy of Russia. Why does Vladimir Putin keep all this “armada” nearby and punish no one?

- The fact is that the federal government is betting on the bourgeoisie. In any of its forms and manifestations - criminal gangster, bureaucratic, corrupt, law enforcement ... All persons who are privately attributed to the bourgeoisie, have received, thanks to mutual responsibility, immunity. In their hands a tremendous resource of management is the passivity of the distrustful, long-suffering people. Not will, but fear rule society today.

- Society ... What is left of it after 20 years of experimentation and "reform"? The generation of 40-year-olds has been "decimated" by the Chechen war, and the 30-year-olds are addicted to drugs and alcohol. And the younger “gene pool” has tin eyes and animal instincts, since it was brought up on the “box”, one of the main enemies of the Russians. The authorities pretend that the people don’t need any spirituality, upbringing or ideology, they are completely in love with scuffles, blood, mate and debauchery.

- Indeed, the government has created greenhouse conditions for business, which is ruining Russia. For example, for the alcohol industry. “Making huge capital in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages is a direct way to the destruction of the nation,” said chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta back in 2003. What about today? More than 1300 distilleries continue to work on soldering people, which is 12 times more than in the whole vast USSR.

Yes, these plants supplement the budget. But at what cost? Survived! In Moscow, the first in Russia detox center for alcoholics kids has recently opened - the juvenile narcological ward based on drug treatment center No. XXUMX.

- Yes, the price is disproportionate.

“All we hear is:“ budget deficit, ”“ underfunding, ”“ sequestration ”... Well, a rich country simply cannot be a poor country, where two thirds of the world's raw materials are concentrated.

I give an example. In 2003, Russian State Duma deputy Sergei Shashurin stated at parliamentary hearings that in 1994-1995, almost 800 tons of gold were exported from Russia to the banks of England, Latin America, Australia, Romania! The Prosecutor General’s Office began a check; a bank was found where the gold reserves were being taken - the Belgian “Belgium Credit”.

Known names of defendants in this case. Several witnesses in the case and the investigator were killed. And until now, the people who were implicated in this colossal theft live for their own pleasure, no one has sent anyone to prison. Shashurin proposed to adopt a law that could force to return the lost and punish those responsible. "Who has the courage, vote for my bill," - urged the deputy colleagues. 207 dumas had enough courage, but 226 was necessary. - Alas, the majority of the people have no idea about this fact. Meanwhile, Russia should know what happened to its gold and to whose hands it stuck!

- Totally agree with you! And here are more killer facts. In 2002, Russia sold over billions of dollars worth of weapons to 3,7. However, of these, only seven thousand dollars fell into the state budget, as stated by the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sergei Stepashin, on the pages of the Independent Newspaper.

And we all hang noodles about poverty. And not a single minister, not a single official for all 20 years has responded for plundering the country, although the bill is not even worth billions - trillions of dollars! And today we are witnessing the final dismantling of the Great Russian state, the destruction of industry, agriculture and the Russian army.

The Soviet Union, with an annual production of 600 million tons of oil, sold a maximum of 134 million tons abroad, and the resulting petrodollars were enough to feed themselves and even arm and feed half the world.

And how do you like the facts of artificial impoverishment, which were announced by the deputies of the State Duma of Russia from the Communist Party, Nikolai Arefyev and Valentin Romanov at the December 2000 meeting?

Russia sold to the US 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium recovered from nuclear warheads. The transaction price is 12 billion dollars. Although, as Spiegel magazine wrote, the price of weapons-grade uranium on the black market at that time was at least 60 billions of dollars. This is how the property of national defense was “scattered”, but we provided America with almost free nuclear fuel.

- I see, Evgeny Anatolyevich, you are most interested in facts that relate specifically to defense. Apparently, the experience of work in power structures.

- I, as an officer, are doubly sad when Western diplomats call Russia a “sick man of Europe”. But, alas, for today it is a precise definition. From 1993, the Armed Forces of Russia have been reduced from 4,8 to 1,1 million people, and in the future there will be only 750 thousand. The smaller the army, the easier it is to promise it to increase the allowance.

- Yeah, today is the time of the merchants, cynical and unprincipled. They rule the ball everywhere - in education, medicine, politics, and the army.

- And this is a direct consequence of the policy of the Yeltsinists! These, as you put it, traffickers steal, without fear, by millions, and by sharing, receive indulgence. Some here took and estimated two destroyers under construction at 540 thousand dollars, but they were sold to China for 670 millions of "green". Others did not even bother to conduct an official investigation, although the facts were made public in the press.

In Chechnya, once among the trophies, a brand-new armored personnel carrier with an aircraft gun appeared. It was a single prototype! And what do you think? Soon the release of this secret machine was established by an American company that received an order from the Pentagon directly to 4 billion dollars! And again - no investigation, no names of traitors ... Another example: Israel has become the leading country in the production of navigation electronics for aviation, developed ... by the best Russian minds!

- Is there really no reaction of the Russian military?

- The reaction was, but the result! Look, “Moskovsky Komsomolets” back in 2004 published a statement by the director of the Moscow Thermal Engineering Institute, Yuri Solomonov: “Russia has lost more than 200 technologies for the manufacture of ballistic missiles, which significantly undermines our country's defense capability.”

And just recently, six years later, Solomonov said in an interview with Kommersant about the complete disruption of the defense state order. His words were quoted by President Medvedev, demanding that the Minister of Defense find and punish those responsible.

This is a clear example of what is happening in the army today. At the end of 2004, Viktor Sokerin, commander of the Baltic Fleet aviation commander, filed a dismissal report. In the newspaper "Tomorrow", he said that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "are experiencing an uncontrollable disintegration of their military aircraft." Soon he filed a resignation report with Colonel-General Alexander Skorodumov, head of the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the RF Armed Forces. The report says: "... the army no longer requires professionals, although in words everyone is fighting for a professional army." In an interview with "Tomorrow," the general honestly admitted: "Now the troops do not meet the requirements of the modern battle and are not actually ready to repel existing threats."

“But if no one refutes all these statements of high-ranking officials and generals, it means that the authorities are holding the people for dumb, stupid cattle.”

- In his book “Boris Yeltsin: from dawn to dusk. Afterword ”the head of the Yeltsin guard Korzhakov recalls that once Berezovsky (the head of the presidential administration’s office - Ed.) Once said to the FSB director Barsukov:“ If you don’t understand that we have come to power, then we’ll just take you away. You will have to serve our money, our capital. "

- Judging by what we see today, the general line of the Yeltsin-winning "gang" in 1991 has been successfully implemented.

- See how Chubais feels at ease. He is today also entrusted with a giant budget piece for the development of nanotechnology, a sphere that no one really knows about and cannot be controlled. And in this industry for three years a lot of money has been invested - 30 billion rubles.

- And the ruling party is silent ...

- No wonder she turned from one to only. And all attempts to inflate the rating of "United Russia" with the creation of the "Popular Front", it seems to me, are failures. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​blogger Alexei Navalny that “United Russia” is a party of thieves and corrupt officials is increasingly supported by the people.

You look at these people who identify themselves as "folk"! Here, for example, Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - Ed.) The one that at one time offered the Russians to more actively buy shares of commodity companies. True, he did not specify where ordinary people get money for this.

- Nevertheless, United Russia and the Popular Front are clearly aimed at winning ...

- They will win. I do not doubt it. But they will win because there are no elections in the country; today, only lazy people do not write about this. The calculation is made on the bribery of voters, on administrative resources, on black political technologies. The fact that the overwhelming mass of people cannot think freely, that their thinking is littered with rude PR.

Here is an example. Vladimir Putin gives a girl from the province a ball gown "like a Cinderella." In the TV - close-up, and behind the scenes - touching and admiring the crowd. But one dress for the whole of Russia does not pull. On the same day, according to another TV program, they show how in the village of the Vladimir region residents collect water from the rooftops to wash and wash! Shame ...

Or here's another example of point information bombing. The premier admires the snow leopard in Siberia and advocates for wildlife in front of the cameras. In the meantime, in the Moscow region, minks, Arctic foxes, sables…

- Probably, the favorite maxim of political experts - “People hawala”. That is, the people will "eat" everything that they will be given. Only if you swallow everything indiscriminately for a long time, can it end in indigestion ...

- And where to go dissent? There is no systemic opposition in Russia. There are rebellious forces, but they are chaotic, disunited. At the same time, the Public Opinion Foundation constantly insists that every fourth Russian is ready to go abroad. The bulk of them think and act automatically - that they have hung the power over their ears, they also “ate” them. So, I think, Vladimir Vladimirovich’s victory in the March 2012 presidential elections is assured.

- How will this affect the fate of Stavropol? Can you make a prediction?

- Forecast ... Here is the state thinking of the Chinese leadership that the development of the country is projected on 500 years ahead. In Russia, however, with promising thinking is tight. How do you intend "Lukoil" to create a chemical dump in Budennovsk ?! The issue of building a chemical complex worth 112 billion rubles was almost resolved two years ago: Gaevsky received investment public relations, Alekperov - his own chemical Cherkizon. And nobody cares that with the launch of this plant, the number of cancers among the residents of Budennovsk and the region will increase many times! Is this not a crime against the people ?!

- Well, do the Budennovists themselves try to resist the construction?

- Of course! We recently created a Public Chamber, headed by Nikolai Lyashenko, the former mayor of Budennovsk. We have in our hands the conclusion of an expert commission formed by the USSR State Committee for Nature Protection, which says: “The commission considers the subsequent development of the Stavropolpolymer production association to be unacceptable not only by creating new, but also expanding existing, under construction and projected production facilities”.

The conclusion was signed by world-renowned scientists. So, it seems, Gajewski and Alekperov hurried. Ignoring Lukoil’s experts and residents of Budennovsk will not work, although the governor has already “bowed” before Putin, having publicly invited him to lay a stone at the base of a chemical “crypt” for Budennovsk residents.

- Indeed, this hasty decision smells very bad consequences for the health of the population and, as a consequence, powerful social unrest, loud protests.

- And power gives us no choice! Moses 40 years drove the Jews through the desert, waiting for the slaves to die. Almost 30 years — from the beginning of perestroika — Russia is led by the nose, promising a better life and waiting for when they don’t die, and new slaves are born that do not require the exercise of constitutional rights, free education, health care, reasonable utility tariffs ... The state is furious fighting with him. Of course, this is crazy. What it will lead, scary to think.
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