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Operation "Unthinkable." Spina shot from the "Allies".

Operation "Unthinkable." Spina shot from the "Allies".The Third World War was supposed to start on July 1 1945 with a sudden strike by the united forces of the Anglo-Saxons against the Soviet troops ... Now few people know this, and also the way Stalin managed to thwart the plans of "probable allies", why we had to hastily take Berlin , against whom the English instructors in April 45-th trained not disbanded divisions of the Germans, who surrendered to them as a prisoner, why Dresden was destroyed with inhuman cruelty in February 1945-th and who exactly the Anglo-Saxons wanted to intimidate.

In April, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered 1945 to prepare a war plan against the USSR. The assignment was preceded by conclusions that Churchill presented in his memoirs:
• First, Soviet Russia has become a deadly threat to the “free world”;
• secondly, to immediately create a new front against its rapid advance;
• thirdly, this front in Europe should go as far as possible to the east;
• Fourth, the main and genuine goal of the Anglo-American armies is Berlin;
• Fifth, the liberation of Czechoslovakia and the entry of American troops into Prague is of paramount importance;
• Sixthly, Vienna, essentially the whole of Austria should be governed by the Western powers, at least on an equal basis with the Russian Soviets;
• Seventh, it is necessary to curb Marshal Tito’s aggressive claims against Italy ...

Operation plan

The plan of the operation was prepared by the joint planning headquarters of the military office and was provided to it by 22 on May 1945 of the year on the 29 pages.
According to this plan, the attack on the USSR was to begin following Hitler’s principles — a sudden blow. 1 July 1945, the 47 of the British and American divisions without any declaration of war should have delivered a devastating blow to the naive Russian who had not expected such infinite meanness from the allies. The strike was supported by the 10-12 of the German divisions, which the "allies" held unformed in Schleswig-Holstein and southern Denmark, they were trained daily by British instructors: they were preparing for war against the USSR.

It was then that Churchill gave orders to store the captured German weapon with an eye on the possible use of it against the USSR, placing surrendered soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht sub-divisional in the land of Schleswig-Holstein and in southern Denmark. Then the general meaning of the insidious undertaking by the British leader will be clarified. The British took under their patronage the German units, which surrendered without resistance, sent them to Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. A total of about 15 German divisions were deployed there. Weapons were stockpiled, and personnel were trained for future bouts.

Oberleutan Otto Carius, author of the book "Tigers in the dirt" writes:
I drove the lieutenant back and said goodbye to the commander of the American armored vanguard. He wanted to offer me a cup of coffee and was very surprised when I refused. He then asked me why [272] we generally continued to fight. In response, I told him: as a warrior and an officer, perhaps I do not need to give an explanation about this. He advised me to take care of my people, because we will soon need every soldier to perform joint tasks. This remark again gave me some hope. In the end, this could concern a joint campaign against the Russians. Probably, prudence will prevail over hatred between Western rivals. Perhaps, also taking into account the situation that has developed between the enemy’s combat detachments. Unfortunately, politicians had the last word.

American General Patton - commander tank he directly stated by the armies that he did not plan to stop on the demarcation line along the Elbe agreed in Yalta, but to move on. To Poland, from there to Ukraine and Belarus - and so on to Stalingrad. And to end the war where it did not have time and Hitler could not finish. He called us only "the heirs of Genghis Khan, who must be expelled from Europe." After the war ended, Patton was appointed governor of Bavaria, and was soon removed from office for sympathy with the Nazis.

Double Eisenhower in his memoirs, he admits that the Second Front already at the end of February 1945 was practically non-existent: the Germans retreated to the east without resistance. The tactics of the Germans were as follows: to hold, as far as possible, positions along the entire line of the Soviet-German confrontation until the virtual Western and real Eastern front closed, and the American and British troops would take the baton to repel the "Soviet threat" "hanging over Europe." Churchill at this time in correspondence, telephone conversations with Roosevelt trying to convince by all means to stop the Russian, not to let them into Central Europe. This explains the significance that the taking of Berlin had acquired by that time.

In theory, the war of the united forces of Western civilization against the USSR was supposed to start - later other countries, for example Poland, then Hungary, were to take part in the "crusade" ... The war was to lead to the complete defeat and capitulation of the USSR. The ultimate goal was to end the war around the same place where Hitler planned to finish it according to the Barbarossa plan - at the turn of Arkhangelsk-Stalingrad.

The Anglo-Saxons were preparing to break us with terror - the savage destruction of major Soviet cities: Moscow, Leningrad, Vladivostok, Murmansk, and others. With the crushing blows of the waves of "flying fortresses." Several million Russian people were to die in the fiery tornadoes worked out to the smallest detail. So Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo were destroyed ... Now they were preparing to do this with us, with the allies. The usual thing: the most heinous betrayal, extreme meanness and savage cruelty are the calling card of Western Civilization, and especially the Anglo-Saxons, who destroyed many people.

The naval forces of Great Britain and the USA then had absolute superiority over the USSR Navy: by destroyers 19 times, battleships and large cruisers - 9 times, submarines - 2 times ( / history / article22384 /). Over a hundred aircraft-carrying ships and several thousand units of deck aviation aircraft against zero from the USSR. "Probable ally" had 4 air armies of heavy bombers that could deliver crushing blows. Soviet long-range bomber aircraft was incomparably weaker.

In April, the 1945 allies represented our troops frazzled and exhausted, and the combat equipment was worn out to the limit. Their military experts were greatly surprised by the power of the Soviet Army, which it demonstrated in the capture of Berlin, which they considered impregnable. There is no doubt about the loyalty of the conclusion of a major historian V.Falin - Stalin’s decision on the assault of Berlin in early May 1945 prevented the Third World War. This is confirmed by recently declassified documents. Otherwise, Berlin would have been surrendered to the "allies," and the combined forces of all of Europe and North America would have fallen on the USSR.

Reasons for canceling the operation

However, 29 June 1945, the day before the planned start of the war, the Red Army suddenly suddenly changed its position for an insidious enemy. It was a crucial weight shifting the scales. stories - The order was not given to the Anglo-Saxon troops. Before this, the capture of Berlin, which was considered impregnable, showed the power of the Soviet Army and the enemy’s military experts were inclined to cancel the attack on the USSR.

According to the professor of Edinburgh University D. Erickson, Churchill's plan helps to explain, “why Marshal Zhukov unexpectedly decided to regroup his forces in June 1945, received an order from Moscow to strengthen the defense and examine in detail the disposition of the Western Allied forces. Now the reasons are clear: obviously, Churchill’s plan became known in advance to Moscow and the Stalinist General Staff took appropriate countermeasures. ” The “Unthinkable” plan of operation was indeed well known to Moscow in advance, being transferred to the Cambridge Five (the core of the network of Soviet agents in the UK)
Even after the capture of Berlin, the treacherous strike plans continued to be developed at full speed. They were stopped only by the fact that they understood that their plans were revealed and the calculations of the strategists showed that without a sudden strike, the USSR could not be broken.

The compilers of the “Chiefs of Staff Committee” plan came to two main conclusions [4]:
• starting a war with the Russians, you must be prepared for a long and costly total war,
• the numerical preponderance of Russians on land makes it extremely doubtful the possibility of achieving limited and quick (military) success.
Therefore, we believe that if a war begins, to achieve quick limited success will be beyond our capabilities and we will be drawn into a long war against superior forces. Moreover, the superiority of these forces may increase immensely if the Americans become tired and indifferent and the war magnet in the Pacific Ocean pulls them to their side.
- from the conclusion of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff, directed by W. Churchill

It should also be noted that Churchill pointed out in his comments on the draft plan submitted to him that the plan is a "precautionary measure" on what he hopes is a "purely hypothetical case."

There was another important reason why the Americans objected to the British - they needed the USSR to crush the Kwantung Army in the Far East, without which the US victory over Japan on its own was questionable.

Further plans in case of war with the USSR

In mid-July, Churchill's 1945, having suffered a defeat in the elections, resigned. A Labor government led by Clement Attlee came to power in Britain. In 1946, the new English government led by C. Attlee continued to develop plans for war with the USSR, attracting the United States and Canada. The negotiations were entrusted to Field Marshal X. Wilson, head of the British military mission in Washington, participant of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, who discussed British military projects with President G. Truman, General D. Eisenhower, then commander-in-chief of Allied forces in Europe and Canadian Prime Minister M. King. In September, a meeting took place on a yacht near the coast of the United States, General D. Eisenhower, with British Field Marshal B. Montgomery. The parties ultimately came to the conclusion that if the Red Army launched an offensive in Europe, the Western allies would not be able to stop it. The plan of Operation Unthinkable, or rather what was left of it, was sent to the archive, subsequent plans of war against the USSR were already developed at the NATO level.

Information sources
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  1. Mesniy
    Mesniy 17 September 2011 10: 01 New
    The stupidity is blatant. How can the 47 divisions attack several hundred Soviet divisions? It doesn’t happen. There is still a lot of nonsense, not a desire to comment.
    It’s enough to look at the author’s signature - the author of CrazyDog is a rabid dog. He should be treated for rabies, otherwise the foam will drip from the face
    1. Crazyzy
      Crazyzy 17 September 2011 10: 56 New
      The allies represented our troops exhausted and exhausted, and military equipment - to the limit of worn out.
      If you have something to say on the merits - we will discuss it, if not - bye.
      About the treat - one tried so far in the hospital lies.
      1. Mesniy
        Mesniy 17 September 2011 19: 32 New
        If we could, if such a plan existed and were recognized as relevant, it would be implemented without any problems. The presence of nuclear weapons and aviation, which was a hundred times superior to the Soviet one (it was not in vain that Stalin stupidly copied v-29 after the war and built like that 4, and so but not to let the King Cobra 2000 pieces obtained by Lend Lease), as well as a fleet simply incomparable with the Soviet one, extended communications of the Red Army, hostility of the population in the occupied territories, etc. etc. allowed to inflict military defeat on the army. Again, top Ivo aviation 95% of the USSR under the Lend Lease received the Allies were able to fight, and fought not ploho.ob this silly argument.
        By the way, there is a koment on air battles in Korea below. I’ll answer right away: my native uncle was the best fighter pilot in the ZakVO, he fought in Korea, had 4 victories and was shot down. He always spoke with great respect about the American army and especially the pilots. He he was an honest and very direct person, his opinion is absolutely enough for me.
        1. Crazyzy
          Crazyzy 17 September 2011 23: 15 New
          The Allies "knew how to fight" especially in Africa against Rommel.
          Hitler sent all the most combat-ready divisions to the Eastern Front.
          Dwight Eisenhower, in his memoirs, admits that there was practically no Second Front at the end of February of the 1945: the Germans rolled back to the east without resistance.
          Read the "Tank Battles" by Friedrich Mellentin, he describes there perfectly the formations of the German army in the West (who was not there).
          If at the beginning of the war the Germans replenished divisions with soldiers who had been trained. (Guy Sayer "The Last Soldier of the Third Reich" (read at your leisure).
          I repeat the documents from UK State Archives.
          Sources are all indicated - take a read. I did not compose anything.
        2. panzersoldat
          panzersoldat 17 September 2011 23: 29 New
          Well, not to say. Compare the unshooted Yankees with our guys who have gone through at least a few serious fights. Moreover, the 2000 Kingcobra with the 37mm M4 under the control of the fired pilots think I got bold Tommy thinking again. Our army was an enemy too serious for them.
          I think they were not then ready for possible serious losses.
          1. подводник
            подводник 19 September 2011 11: 04 New
            1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
              Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 19 September 2011 19: 49 New
              Quote: submariner

              Are you sure about that???? I think you are very mistaken. Here's a package for you to think about:
              how the methods of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations were used, you can see for yourself - advertising (hard, driving the necessary positions into the brains) and our TV !!! So who is really a fool ?? (I don’t justify them, I just have to evaluate the enemy more vigorously ...)
              1. подводник
                подводник 19 September 2011 23: 14 New
                why are you right, you have to respect your enemy, it is he who makes you stronger! (some wise man said)
          2. Banshee
            Banshee 19 September 2011 11: 07 New
            It is also worth adding YAK-9T with almost the same 37mm cannon there ...
            Kingcobras yes, but by 45 there was enough of its own above the roof ... And the fact that it is not worse (but mostly better than transatlantic).
            1. panzersoldat
              panzersoldat 18 August 2012 19: 31 New
              There were also a Yak-9k with an 45mm gun, but this is so, the nuances. The minus of our YAKs was in their low altitude. Kingcobra with its high-altitude engine with turbochargers could easily get the B-29 at any height.
        3. makrus
          makrus 18 September 2011 08: 04 New
          You just . Nuclear weapons still need to be delivered. And our fighter aircraft was the most siline at that time. The Navy did not decide anything at all.
          Quote: Mesniy
          Again, the fuel for aviation of the 95% of the USSR (capitalized booby) was received by Lend Lease
          You have your own alternative story. Yes, Lendliz fuel was better than Soviet, but our planes flew on our fuel. Do you just imagine the number 95% of imported fuel? It .
          Regarding the war in Korea. There was a real plan for a nuclear attack on the USSR through the Korean peninsula. And if it weren’t for Vadim Matskevich’s device, which would negate the advantage of the modernized “saiber” ( equipped with laser rangefinders, then the blow would have taken place. And so the losses were recognized as unacceptable, and this plan was abandoned. "Sabers" did not show the overwhelming superiority that would allow the "super-fortresses" to break into Soviet territory. You understand de + beat, read more, deer.
          1. Banshee
            Banshee 19 September 2011 11: 13 New
            Quote: makrus
            Yes, LENDLIS fuel was better than the Soviet, but our planes flew on our fuel.

            Fuel drove, yes. Why no one thought, for what? But for the American aircraft. They badly "digested" ours, and our motors cracked both ours and amerovskoe.
            Well, about the ratio of Lend-Lease and domestic technology will not speak. And so everything is clear and chewed long ago.

            And in order to supply our aircraft with fuel ... Mr. Mesniy confuses the numbers a little, we didn’t have 1 000 planes, a little bit more. Little bit.
        4. MichaelVl
          MichaelVl 19 September 2011 08: 06 New
          first you write that “how can 47 divisions attack hundreds of Soviet divisions? It doesn’t happen. There is still a lot of nonsense, no desire to comment ...”, and then a bunch of “your facts” for the fact that the Anglo-Saxons are fighting in a wicked way (by the way, why then they didn’t fight at the beginning of the war against Hitler? All Europe crap in a matter of days or weeks! ..) and they had a lot of planes, and we only used fuel (Already 95% !!! :)))) + nuclear bomb they had ... You have already decided whether you could attack after all or not. About 95% of fuel - this is finally a joke issued :))))

          But one thing is clear, Hitler at the beginning of the war had the BEST powerful, modern, BEST army in the world! And WE, our country, the USSR, defeated this army. And at the end of World War II, our Soviet Army was the strongest in the world, because she defeated Hitler! And try to argue with this fact.

          Maybe your adored Saxons-Anglo fought well and fought, but at the time we are discussing here, our army fought better than anyone, having tremendous fresh experience and crazy power, even if the country was tired and exhausted at that time . And the fact that they still did not dare to go against us just testifies to this.
        5. подводник
          подводник 19 September 2011 10: 54 New
      2. alexs3524
        alexs3524 19 September 2011 04: 09 New
        Thanks for the article. Do not pay attention to rudeness.
    2. MaxArt
      MaxArt 17 September 2011 13: 59 New
      Mesniy, "egregious stupidity" is provided with many authoritative sources and historical documents. To deny them is real stupidity.
    3. figwam
      figwam 17 September 2011 15: 09 New
      Katsachek is mishandled! It’s hard to digest the truth!
    4. makrus
      makrus 18 September 2011 07: 09 New
      It is necessary, at least in general terms, to be interested in history, and then write comments here. This is not even the British deny.
    5. подводник
      подводник 19 September 2011 10: 47 New
    6. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 19 September 2011 19: 35 New
      Quote: Mesniy
      It’s enough to look at the author’s signature - the author of CrazyDog is a rabid dog. He should be treated for rabies, otherwise the foam will drip from the face

      The author of this text is Pavel Krasnov, uv. CrazyDog just posted its text.

      H. Mesniy, pankota and on the street are punished with tooth loss, and on this site is completely inappropriate.
  2. Siberian
    Siberian 17 September 2011 10: 20 New
    It is unlikely that they would have succeeded in anything out of their plan. Even their calculation of the balance of forces and means at the European theater of operations shows our superiority, with the exception of strategic aviation. Anglo-Saxon tales that the SA in Europe thunders without a hitch, and the bulk of the infantry is illiterate, clogged gray mass - causes a sad smile. This again shows the arrogance of their civilization in relation to other peoples as second-class people.
    SA by this time fought (in Europe) 4 of the year, Americans - only a year. Who and how fought during these years is well known. The American and British generals for the entire time of the Second World War did not plan and did not carry out (except for the landing in Normandy) any significant strategic operation. The names of Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Konev speak for themselves.
    In addition, at the beginning of June of the 45, Zhukov did not simply regroup the troops. According to the Directives of the Supreme High Command Headquarters No. 11095, 11096, 11097 from 29.05.45, the troops of the 1, 2 of the Belarusian and 1 of the Ukrainian fronts were reorganized into three groups of troops: GSOVG, Central and Northern ( 16.html). So, it was a carefully thought-out implementation of the operational-strategic formation of troops, which in the following time (until the 1994 of the year) kept many crazy people from NATO from all kinds of “pranks”.
    1. Crazyzy
      Crazyzy 17 September 2011 10: 46 New
      So on this they refused, that if the operation had begun, the battle-hardened red army and gained enormous experience in the 4 of the war year, having the 6 tank armies within a few weeks would have reached the Lamansh.
      1. Mesniy
        Mesniy 17 September 2011 19: 35 New
        If only the Kremlin believed that there was at least some chance of "getting to the mansion" they would certainly unleash a new war.
        1. Esso
          Esso 17 September 2011 20: 04 New
          Don’t bear it! There were chances. But to start a war. If you would like to provoke an Allied attack. All the people went to fight hypocritical allies. Our army was also exhausted and needed rest.
        2. Crazyzy
          Crazyzy 17 September 2011 23: 17 New
          The country and people are tired of the war.
        3. panzersoldat
          panzersoldat 17 September 2011 23: 41 New
          Remember that the T-80 was called the Lamansche tank. An article was written in the 54 in America in the New York Times, which said that if the USSR had only tanks, with the most severe losses, the "hordes" of T-55 would occupy Europe for 3 and a half weeks. Already in 42 we began to create attack tank groups similar to German ones.
        4. подводник
          подводник 19 September 2011 11: 11 New
    2. Crazyzy
      Crazyzy 17 September 2011 12: 32 New
      Read more
      1. Crazyzy
        Crazyzy 17 September 2011 12: 57 New
        Read more

        Sorry - typo.
        It was meant "read"
        1. Siberian
          Siberian 17 September 2011 16: 19 New
          Yes, no problem, I can "read" and "read."
  3. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 17 September 2011 11: 10 New
    In October 1998, the first reports on the military plans of W. Churchill’s cabinet against the Soviet Union, developed in the spring of 1945, were published in the English and world press. The basis for these messages were documents UK State Archives.

    The key to them is the plan of the emergency operation "The Unthinkable," dated May 22 on May 1945, prepared by the joint planning office of the military cabinet. The plan provides an assessment of the situation, the objectives of the operation are formulated, the forces involved, the directions of the attacks of the troops of the Western Allies and their likely results are determined. The appendices to the plan contain information on the deployment of the Red Army troops (in English documents, as a rule, the term “Russian army” is used) and Western allies, as well as cartographic material.
    1. Esso
      Esso 17 September 2011 20: 09 New
      He himself watched a lot and read about it. Literally before the start, Churchill refused the operation. She was later transferred and repeatedly .. I was probably scared. They hoped to bomb our tanks and infantry with their aircraft .. And then finish off the rest with their divisions.
      Everyone has long understood that Tommy and the Yankees are our potential enemies. They are trying to rule the world.
  4. MaxArt
    MaxArt 17 September 2011 14: 03 New
    Thank you for the article! Very interesting. 27 years I live in the world, but did not know about it.

    Surprisingly, by that time they had one more trump card in their sleeve - a nuclear bomb. But even its presence did not give the bourgeoisie confidence in victory! They were afraid of us then, not like in the modern world ..
    1. Crazyzy
      Crazyzy 17 September 2011 23: 22 New
      That is why I wanted to tell people about the plans of our "allies," because I realized that many people did not know anything about it or even heard of it.
      1. Scworetc
        Scworetc 18 September 2011 10: 47 New
        There would be more such articles so that people would know who is who.
  5. figwam
    figwam 17 September 2011 15: 18 New
    I read about this for a long time, but once again the Pindos got the teeth of North Korea in the sky, then they finally abandoned the plan of bombing the USSR, because The air forces of our country possessed fighter aircraft capable of destroying the bombers of the USA and England in the sky, then they made a bet on the development of missiles.
    Thanks to comrade STALIN.
  6. strelok-07
    strelok-07 17 September 2011 16: 14 New
    Yes, all this was, it is necessary to read more, and not the "noodles" of modern political scientists, but the documents of that era. What I like about the "island" Anglo-Saxons is their punctuality, they open their archives within the allotted time. The contents of these archives confirm the correctness of the decisions made by our leaders and military commanders of that time. They would give "slack", and who would we be if our ancestors remained alive. But modern Anglo-Saxons also do not have much love for us, and we must always remember this, memory failures are expensive.
  7. zczczc
    zczczc 17 September 2011 16: 38 New
    The Americans always made plans for all possible scenarios - they calculated in sufficient detail. Moreover, even unlikely options. Therefore, it is not necessary to react violently to the next plan - the fact that they are not friends to us is obvious without plans.

    And we did not have such forecasting of various situations and never do. This is exactly what you need to learn from them.
    1. figwam
      figwam 17 September 2011 18: 38 New
      The plan was in Soviet times. I was told by one person who served in Germany and carried secret cards. There, in the event of a war, directions of the advance of our armies to the English Channel were indicated.
      1. zczczc
        zczczc 17 September 2011 19: 36 New
        figwam, Pindos has a significantly higher degree of branching of calculated development options. Moreover, under the plan they understand not only maps, but also the dynamics of very specific parameters that describe the state of players in the model - GDP, number of arms, exchange rates, population, degree of influence, etc.

        As a result, when some regular puppet president asks them the question “what if?”, He is presented with a detailed plan calculated in this direction, where the results of making decisions “on the face” and not “the thought on the tree” are visible.

        I am sure that if the bald man had been shown a detailed calculation of the plan for the degradation of the USSR after the collapse, then it is not a fact that it would also have decided on its vile business. Although he was a traitor, he was a weakling, i.e. rolled like a billiard ball into a pocket, and did not control the process.
        1. Konstantm
          Konstantm 19 September 2011 11: 53 New
          They showed everything to the bald man, told him, but he had other plans, far reaching and looking into infinity.
    2. Mesniy
      Mesniy 17 September 2011 19: 38 New
      Yes, and we had. Team-wide exercises every year in each district were held.
  8. lin
    lin 17 September 2011 17: 32 New
    Well, they’re not fools in the General Staff. They have analytics and plans. Only with such a president, prime minister and finance ministry who the fuck is this for?
  9. lin
    lin 17 September 2011 17: 47 New
    Under Roosevelt, such a plan was not feasible. Churchill, the famous scum, was lucky with his death.
  10. Fireman
    Fireman 18 September 2011 11: 25 New
    Why didn’t happen ... this is pathetic ... Europe took 45 years ... Atomni bombs nada in the USSR!
    1. Scworetc
      Scworetc 18 September 2011 12: 02 New
      That sounds rude.
      But it’s a pity that your mother did not have an abortion.
    2. Scworetc
      Scworetc 18 September 2011 12: 14 New
      Only a narrow-minded person could write this.
      1. slan
        slan 18 September 2011 12: 56 New
        Very distant)) Is he Bulgarian or something? ..
        1. oper66
          oper66 18 September 2011 14: 54 New
          no, he is not far away, he simply once again confirmed to us that the Bulgarians are the same Poles and traitors as the other peoples of Europe and only their one dream is the destruction of Russia by any means. Yes, the Turks didn’t see them very much, I forgot to see them, and so they lie under the Saxons, and they’re still over to their Turks or they’ll surrender them to the Kosovars
    3. figwam
      figwam 18 September 2011 15: 42 New
      Ognyanu eta atomi bombs on the head is necessary.
    4. подводник
      подводник 19 September 2011 11: 18 New
  11. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 18 September 2011 16: 21 New
    We must prepare ourselves ...
  12. SVD
    SVD 18 September 2011 20: 24 New
    It is a pity that the Anglopendos then pissed. They would receive it in tinsel, still they would sit quieter than grass below the water. Or whatever it is. The world today would be different, probably much better than the present.
  13. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 19 September 2011 08: 22 New
  14. подводник
    подводник 19 September 2011 11: 29 New
  15. Fray
    Fray 19 September 2011 20: 51 New
    Churchill is the most important villain of this war!
  16. Yukon
    Yukon 19 September 2011 22: 55 New
  17. Priest
    Priest 28 September 2011 00: 13 New
    What to do sad The old people unleash the war, and the young die.