Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for November 8 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 8: 15

Message from bloggers

"The prosecutor's office of Ukraine will investigate the abandoned (as in the original. - Ed.) By the soldiers of 32-th checkpoint. Free people of Ukraine, they have only two ways. Stay to die at the checkpoint without food and water, or return home, in a cage, to waste time. "

Yesterday at 10: 10

Video from the militia

"The militia destroyed the tank APU, who tried to violate the truce."

Yesterday at 10: 50

Message from the militia

"Around (8 am Moscow time), the settlement of Kirovsk came under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A siren sounded. In Donetsk it was restless, there were interruptions in mobile communications and the Internet. and the BMP. The Cossacks in the LC continue to process number checkpoints. The activity of the artillery and the enemy DRG is recorded almost throughout the front line. "

Yesterday at 11: 19

Photo from the militia with the call sign "Fidel"

"The militia was well entrenched in Novoazovsk and its environs. Replenishment constantly arrives. I am glad that the local men woke up and realized that without Donbas don’t gain freedom, they don’t have freedom. Many militiamen want to serve" by the sea ", they are transferred here and from Donetsk, there are Luhansk residents Everyone who was "in the fields" was given out, albeit a motley, but nevertheless already winter uniform. weapons There are no problems: small ones are more than enough, but I would like more heavy weapons. As before, positions are held down to Nikishino, the armored militia groups patrol the coastal zone every day. Recently, saboteurs began to come across, the good of their locals renting them, and sometimes they even try to catch what we do not recommend. All set to win. We hope to be in Marika soon. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for November 8 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 11: 54

Message from the militia

"In Donetsk, at the moment, quietly, only occasionally calm break the machine-gun bursts around the airport. Interruptions with mobile communications intensified, both in Donetsk and in Makeyevka and the surrounding settlements."

In many localities, mobile communications are not working now, especially MTS. The militia asks the population not to panic. The situation in Novorossia is under control, there are shootouts on the fronts, but everything is calm in the cities.

Yesterday at 12: 14

Photos from bloggers

"The consequences of firing positions 19-th battalion of territorial defense (from the Nikolaev region) occurred on Friday 7 November. According to ukr.SMI, the shelling began around 12: 10. The militiamen struck primarily on equipment and roadblocks: they beat 120-millimeter mortars. As a result, three fighters of the 19 th battalion received serious contusions. The battalion's equipment was seriously damaged. "

Yesterday at 12: 34

Message from war correspondents

"In the area of ​​Nikishino (DPR), a Ukrainian group of military personnel was detained, consisting of several officers and three soldiers. This group, hiding behind the identification marks of the medical service, was transporting the ammunition to the fighter punitive positions. Also, the militia managed to destroy 7 enemy vehicles, in including 3 BTR, 1 BMP. Now permanent battles continue in Nikishino. None of the parties has yet managed to achieve an advantage. "

Yesterday at 13: 10

Summary of military events in the DNI and LC for the past day

"Judging by the official reports of Kiev, the Ukrainian command is preparing for defense, starting the construction of a third line of defense in the rear of the Ukrainian army, the first of which passes through the settlements of Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kurakhovo, Konstantinovka, Artyomovsk, the second through Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, the border of the Dnipropetrovsk region , Berdyansk (Zaporizhzhya region). In addition, in the cities of the front-line zone, the Ukrainian military chose specific defensive tactics: according to the instructions of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kiev’s roadblocks in the cities x Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk (DPR), Izyum (Kharkiv region) are installed as close as possible to residential areas. Thus, the Ukrainian military and national guardsmen are planning to defend themselves against the actions of militant militant groups, that is, to hide behind peaceful houses and civilians.

Meanwhile, 7 in November, a message appeared that Ukraine will open training centers in the Lviv region, in which military instructors from the United States will prepare the personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for combat in winter conditions.

In turn, the commanders of the units of the army of Novorossia, rightly not trusting the reports of the Ukrainian side, continue to prepare for the possible attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the current situation at the fronts: the voltage is injected. 7 November active hostilities were conducted near the settlement. Nikishino, in the Mariupol direction, where the militia, without engaging in open battle, fired at positions of the Ukrainian army, at Donetsk airport, along the Bakhmutka highway and in the Luhansk direction at the village. Happiness and Village Lugansk.

Military events in the DPR

The night in Donetsk was intense, shelling was carried out in the city, the epicenters of which were the 2 of the region - Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky. As of 11 in the morning Moscow time, the city has a relatively calm atmosphere. On 13: 30 Moscow time in Donetsk, shelling of the city by Ukrainian artillery intensified. Near 18: 00 (MSK) from the airport’s side, Ukrainian security forces fired artillery fire from a cannon’s artillery around a residential area in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk. As of 18: 30 (MSK), a tense situation was noted in Donetsk. Residents reported that cannonade from heavy weapons was heard in all areas of the city.

In the afternoon intensified aviation Armed Forces of Ukraine, at least a link of attack aircraft and two transporters were seen in the sky over Donetsk.

The shelling of Donetsk on November 5, in particular the school in whose territory two children died, was carried out from the north-west. This is stated in the special situational report of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) mission. According to observers, the fire was fired from the northwest of the football field along a hinged trajectory, the report of the OSCE says.

The battles for the Donetsk airport, which subsided by November 7 in the morning, resumed with new force with the use of artillery during the day, firing from the Ukrainian security forces was carried out from the village. Sands and n. Water Ukrainian security forces do not leave attempts to infiltrate into Donetsk with their DRGs through the airport, attempts remain unsuccessful. To 19: 00 at Donetsk airport there was a temporary lull.

In the area of ​​settlement Sands from the evening of November 6 and until the morning of November 7 were armed clashes. From midnight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Sand and the western outskirts of Avdeevka conducted massive shelling of the mine’s waste Panfilov’s incendiary mines. The Ukrainian security forces also shelled the villages of Gladkovka and Oktyabrsky in the city of Donetsk. As of 16: 20 (MSK) in the area of ​​Sand was shooting small arms using heavy armored vehicles, CPVT, AGS; the intensity of the battle was high, in some areas of the clash were in the nature of a melee.

Early in the morning (at the beginning of the sixth), the militia conducted an artillery bombardment of the positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the settlement of Avdeevka, on 11: 00 (MSK), the battles subsided. The militia continued to destroy the batteries of the Ukrainian security forces in the settlement. Avdiivka –– they are placed in the dacha plot; in other positions they were beaten with mortar –– the Ukrainian security forces retreated to the city, putting the houses at risk.

At n.p. Marinka afternoon 7 November, near 14: 00, was a local battle.

In the area of ​​settlement November's thin 7 was a very intense artduel between the APU and the BCH. As a result, strong smoke was observed on the positions of the Ukrainian security forces.

In the village Gorlovka at night from 6 to 7 in November, the militia in response to the shelling of the Ukrainian security officials of the Bessarabka city, fired upon the positions of the Ukrainian military in the settlement of Mayorsk. During the day, artillery duels continued between the APU and the VSN and local clashes with small arms. As a result of a direct hit, the militia destroyed the APU ammunition depot in the area of ​​the Yuzhnaya mine in the settlement of Lenin, after which the intensity of the shelling of Gorlovka decreased slightly.

At Debaltseve, at night, short-term local fights took place, during the day, positional battles and artduels took place between the APU and the BCH. In general, the situation in Debaltsevo remains steadily tense.

In Nikishino 7 November was a serious fight. From 12: 30 to 14: 30 (MSK), the militiamen stormed the roadblock, there was a shooting bout, the Ukrainian troops managed to repel the attack. From 14: 30 to 18: 00 was artduel. Militia losses: one wounded. In the Ukrainian security forces, one 120 mine was definitely hit - there were shouts of the wounded. The APU worked "Nona". The fighters of the Biker company staged a hunt for her, but failed. As a result of the militia attack, one of the houses where the security forces were stationed caught fire, many injured, the exact number was not reported. As a result of the mortar shelling, the militia managed to destroy one infantry fighting vehicle and one Ural.

In 14: 50 and 16: 10, APU was fired at a speed range. Kumshatskoe. As a result of shelling, two civilians were wounded, a residential house was damaged.

On the part of the settlement Volnovakha during the night from 6 to 7 in November, the Ukrainian security forces continued shelling from the RZSO "Grad" of Dokuchaevsk and nearby settlements.

In response to yesterday's shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Petrovskoye and Belaya Kamenka, the militia carried out artillery shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the village of Volnovakha, Novotroitskoe, Lomakino, Granite, Novolasp.

In the afternoon of November 7, there was a shootout at the entrance to Mariupol (on Volodarskoye Highway).


Residents of Mariupol (controlled by Ukrainian security forces) on November 7 tried to prevent the installation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoint in a residential area, on ul. Taganrog.

Around 11: 00 (MSK) from Slavyansk (controlled by Ukrainian security forces) in the direction of Donetsk went Ukrainian column of 20 units. 3 URAL pulled howitzers, 3 LAZ bus stuffed with infantry, 4 BTR, the rest of the tented trucks. But occasionally they drove through single trucks in the same direction. It is possible that these movements are associated with the teachings of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian army conducted on November 10 at the ranges near Slavyansk.

Military events in the LC

At n.p. Chernukhin during the day there were periodic skirmishes.

In Lisichansk DRG militias worked, local battles were fought.

Artillery bombardment of the militia were subjected to the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the settlement of Mountain, Golden, Crimean. The shelling continued throughout the day.

The Ukrainian army subjected the city of Kirovsk, the villages of Frunze and Trekhizbenka to massive shelling by artillery, mortars and Grad installations, there are civilian casualties, one woman was killed in the village. Trehzibenka as a result of the explosion of a mine. The exact data on the number of dead among the civilian population is still being clarified, but refugees from the affected settlements have already begun to arrive in Lugansk. The positions of LPR units located in the Slavyanoserbsky district along the Bakhmutka highway were also subjected to massive shelling. In response, the militia of the LPR conducted massive shelling at the checkpoint №31 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the settlement of Frunze, where the soldiers of the Lviv 24 th mechanized brigade remained surrounded.

Shelling continued from the side of the militia of the APU ferry crossing near the village of Nizhnyaya.

Under n. Sokolniki Dremov Cossacks attacked a patrol of the Ukrainian security forces, according to the initial information, their casualties were 5 wounded.

Lower, Sokolniki

The fighting resumed in Stakhanov, Ukrainian troops send reinforcements there and deliver artillery strikes on nearby settlements. There are civilian casualties.

The militia of the LPR slowly but surely implement the operation to cover the township. Happiness. 7 November fights were fought in the villages. Old Aydar (west of Happiness) and n. Alder, located east of the Village Lugansk.

Old Aydar, Alder map

The militia of the Luhansk People's Republic and representatives of Kiev conducted an exchange of prisoners under the 7 scheme of the security forces on the 5 militias. The exchange took place near the village of Happiness.

According to data from informed sources, the divisions of the LPR with dotted blows managed to prevent the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who wanted to strike at Lugansk from several dozen Grad, Smerch and Uragan rocket launchers.

A number of settlements in the Luhansk People's Republic and part of Lugansk were left without electricity because of the hostilities, and there is no possibility to restore it yet. "

Yesterday at 14: 09

Photos from the militia Pavel Kukhrimov

“At the very beginning of the war, when we didn’t have any weapons at all, our museums collected exhibits from the Great Patriotic War from museums. The cars turned out to be what they needed - made to last. What are ours, what are the Fritz ones. samples are still in service. Dill, they are still waiting for you with impatience. "

Yesterday at 14: 35

Message from the militia

“After the morning silence,” ukry began shelling artillery around the Airport area. Collisions resumed on the takeoff, there ukry are trying to gain a foothold again with the equipment. There is also information about the start of clashes in the Avdeevka settlement. by Moscow time) the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to strike at Nikishino's environs. From the LPR, it was reported that the militiamen managed to ring around eighty policemen from the 13 Lviv mechanized brigade in Bakhmut. "

Yesterday at 15: 04

On the atrocities of the Nazis in Mariupol

"Olga from Mariupol, temporarily occupied by neo-Nazis, spoke about the terrible situation in the city.
According to Olga, the mood in Mariupol is far from the best. The bulk hides its location to the DNI. But the referendum showed how and with whom people want to live in reality.

Police closely cooperates with punitive battalions. Abductions are continuing. 4 a day ago, a car pulled up to the bus stop in broad daylight, the Nazis got out and forcibly took two young girls. Now nothing is known about them. What happened to them, one can only guess.

Moreover, punitive attracts precisely the "young meat", women in the age of these beasts disdain. They are not limited to violence, but also beat, mock and kill "Katsapskogo cattle", which they consider the inhabitants of Mariupol.

The occupation power destroys everyone who does not agree with the Bandera regime. “Stinks are stolen” is a cynical lie. Their dream is to destroy all Muscovites. This chaos can no longer be tolerated. Stop playing political games, free our people! "

Yesterday at 15: 12

Morning report from the militia Prokhorov

"At night, the fog became generally like a wall - this led to a decrease in activity.
In the evening and at night, they were active only in the direction of Debaltsev - Debaltseve, Nikishino and Chernukhino herself.
Dill in the morning began shelling Kirovsk - got otvetku near Gorsky and immediately shut up. The same in s. Crimean - at night the positions of dill worked out of mortars
In the south of the DPR, also from mortars worked for dill in s. Granite.
I remember one of the comrades laid foty captured in Nikishino captive dill. They were taken in an ambulance. But none of the 6 was a physician Ukry two days thought-thought-and come up with. This group was called the negotiators. "

Yesterday at 15: 33

Operational summary of the militia

In Donetsk, a calm morning is over. From areas Avdiivka - Peski ukrofashisty shelling the Airport-Metro (closer to the railway). In 14: 45 began shelling the airport area with incendiary mines.

From local residents:

"Tin, I hear shells tear one by one !! Breaks are heard somewhere in the side of the airport. In the area of ​​the former grocery store Ukraine (Amstor), the earth trembles from incoming."

Yesterday at 16: 10

Message and video from the militia

"On November 5, Ukrainian troops shelled residential neighborhoods in the outskirts of Kirovsk. A direct shell hit a residential building. A woman and a ten-year-old child were killed."

Yesterday at 16: 46

Trench truth. Issue 9. Interview with the militia

"Report from the very center of events. The civil war in Ukraine through the eyes of fighters and eyewitnesses. The militia calls out the call sign" Grek ", brigade" Ghost "Lugansk People's Republic, Kirovsk."

Yesterday at 17: 14

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Now there is a tough art rubilovo in Skilled (there are also many Ukro troops who went there for 6 — new units of Pravoseks and the 93-I mekhbrigad that returned from the rotation) and ukrov units in Avdiivka.
The militia carried out coverage of the city and now also work from the Konstantinovskaya highway - so taking it into a semiring.
Art also works on Sands-Water.

In Debaltsevo also serious skirmishes.

In the morning, in the Mariupol direction, art gloriously covered dill in the area of ​​Pavlopol - there are significant losses in dill. "

Yesterday at 17: 20

Message from a resident of Lugansk

"And our howitzers are still shooting - they convey warm greetings to the fascists.
Otvetka no.
I can not disclose the sources, but the information is this: oh, they will start to drive evil spirits from our land, and so that the heels will get stuck in the back of my head.
Khloptsi, ticking for good on health, it is not too late. Spit on your commanders. Go back to the families, to your friends. It's warm and cozy, they love you and wait there. "

Yesterday at 17: 40

Commentary from political commentator Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"Petro Poroshenko said that the state language in the country will be only Ukrainian. This is reported on the official website of Poroshenko. This is the question of" united pro-Russian Ukraine. "But it is in principle and for the better, the language issue has already shown its explosiveness when it became the last a drop that provoked an uprising in the Crimea and in the Donbass. Accordingly, the persistence of our opponents in an attempt to impose the Ukrainian language on the entire population of Ukraine, who prefers to use Russian in everyday communication, not t pledge (among other factors) further shocks leading to the fall of Ukraine from new areas. The split of Ukraine is not only on the cards, but in the heads, despite all the cheers for propaganda and the "United-Kraina" plates on TV. In this respect, Poroshenko’s statements are as useful as the winter hysteria of the Faryon and the linguistic topic.
Well, Russian will be the official language, but not in Ukraine, but in Novorossia. "

Yesterday at 17: 47

Appeal of Lviv partisans

Lviv partisans of the Lviv People's Republic recorded their appeal ..

Yesterday at 18: 01

Militiaman "Krava" on the capture of Ukrainian soldiers in Nikishino

The "Biker" company captured the Ukrainian group of servicemen from 5 people: Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Jr. lieutenant, sergeant and private. The group brought the BC to its position on the UAZ with the identification marks of the medical service.

Yesterday at 18: 35

Video from the militia

"Life and life of the militia on the front near Debaltseve".

Yesterday at 18: 45

Summary from Jan for the last hours

ATTENTION ALL! Pay attention to 2 foreign cars of black / dark / color (one of them is a jeep, the second is a passenger car), last seen in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, always moving in pairs; in the enemy's DRGs, 8 punishers are sitting, firing small arms at civilians. If it is detected, immediately inform the attendant by the telephone of the DNR hotline (tel. 099-458-71-34, 099-536-87-28 around the clock).

14: 20 (NR) In the area of ​​Makeyevka (Guards), Grigorievka, Shcheglovka, the outskirts of Yasinovataya, the Biryuzovaya side, tears are heard, the enemy is firing from 3 points from the side of Avdeevka. In the side Putilovka heard the work of small arms.
14: 40 (NR) Kiev punishers are firing incendiary ammunition near the airport and the Fifteenth site.
15: 00 (NR) In the Yasinovataya region, battles started, gaps are heard, the situation remains tense.
15:15 (NR) In the area of ​​the Chelyuskintsev mine, Krasnogorovka began tank the fight.
15: 25 (HP) Staromikhaylovka - Petrovsky district, Nazi tanks (platoon) conduct targeted shelling of the residential sector.
15: 30 (NR) In the area of ​​Sand, a rifle battle began with the use of heavy weapons, the work of CPVT, AP-30 is audible; combat intensity is above average.
Fighting continues in the Abakumov and Chelyuskintsev areas, there are dead and wounded among the civilian population, the Kiev Nazis shelled the 9 floor, falling into the 3, 4 and 5 floors. The intensity of the battle is high, you can hear the work of tank guns, CPVT, AP-30, AGS, small arms. In the area of ​​Gorlovka from the Artem direction I heard a fight and a cannonade (it has been going on for several hours).
16: 35 (HP) Kiev Nazis opened fire from Avdiivka on the Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk.
16: 55 (NR) In the area of ​​the DNZ smoke (rises), shelling continues.

Yesterday at 19: 14

Report of the CyberBerkut: Evidences of outrages of punishers on Yarema's computer

"We, the CyberBerkut, continue to publicize the crimes of the junta's accomplices against their fellow citizens.
Today we present you the prepared text of the speech of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine at the interdepartmental meeting, which we found on the official’s personal computer.

In his address, Vitaliy Yarema tries to shout to the security officials pointing them to the numerous facts of their crimes:
"So, only during September-October of 2014 (after the announcement of a truce) in the zone of the antiterrorist operation, military prosecutor's offices registered 65 of criminal proceedings for the commission of crimes that are somehow connected with the weapon or its use."

The Attorney General cites examples of brutal crimes against civilians committed by fighters in voluntary units:
"The 24 soldiers of the territorial defense battalion SF Bespalyy and SL Helendrik about 21 illegally penetrated into the private house of citizen Shevchenko I.V. in the village of Peschanoe of Starobelsky district for about an hour. Threatening with arms, the said servicemen tied Shevchenko IV they put a bag over their head and took it away in an unknown direction. After that, they poured it with gasoline and set it on fire, and also stabbed the left leg. As a result of illegal actions of these servicemen, IV Shevchenko suffered body burns and injuries of varying degrees of severity. "

Representatives of the junta are surprised to find out for themselves that the drunk "heroes of the ATO" are killing civilians whom they must protect from the mythical "terrorists":
"October 22 2014, two military units of the military unit - the field post B0095, while intoxicated, mocked and then killed two civilians."

According to Yarema, the ATO participants should be protected primarily from themselves: "October 18 2014, about 21 hours, a military officer of the military unit B2317, while intoxicated, fired AK-74 guns, causing 4 soldiers to die , and 1 received a gunshot wound. "

As the Attorney General notes, these crimes are not isolated.
The full set of crimes marked by Yarema can be found at the link: Speech by Yarema

If the Prosecutor General is talking about these crimes, then what really happens?
Apparently lawlessness has reached such limits that even its own prosecutor’s office can no longer hide it. Retribution is inevitable, and the Hague Tribunal for war criminals is near. It seems that the case will not become behind the evidence base, and CyberBerkut will in every possible way help ensure that the organizers and accomplices of the genocide of their people could not long revel in their impunity.

The list of criminals from the report of the Prosecutor General:
The document we received from the computer of the prosecutor general indicates that the prosecution authorities have nevertheless begun to fulfill their duties.
Ukrainians have learned the names of their "defenders", committing the brutal killings of civilians and their fellow soldiers:
Krasnopolsky M.Yu. (soldier), Pul E. (soldier), Bespalyy SF (soldier), Helemendrik S.L. (soldier), Ostapovich A.S., Shanko O.G., Irgashev A.V. (senior soldier), Gnedoy S.V. (soldier), Rusakov PP (foreman), Gabinet MM
In addition, there are specific military units in which these people serve and whose commanders are to be tried:
B0095, B2317, B0676, B4750, B0624, B4673, B0095, 24 territorial defense battalion, 2 separate Galician brigade.
However, the number of "forgotten" crimes committed by supporters of the new government makes one doubt the compatibility of the junta and the rule of law in our country.

We call on all Ukrainian society to intensify the fight against lawlessness in our country and to establish strict control over the course of investigation of law enforcement officials' offenses. We demand an early and objective investigation of the junta’s war crimes. Gangsters and their patrons must be seated! "

Excerpts from the Yarema report:
"7 October 2014 military personnel of the military unit 3002 (GNSU) on the outskirts of Debaltseve in the area of ​​the traffic police post perfect shots from a weapon on a Ural vehicle of the military unit A1556 (VSU), as a result of which one soldier was killed and another was injured.

22 October 2014 two servicemen of a military unit field post B0095, while intoxicated, mocked, and then killed two civilians.

18 in October 2014 about 21 h. A soldier of the military unit PP B2317, while intoxicated, made shots from an AK-74 assault rifle, causing 4 soldiers to die and 1 was shot and wounded.

Only during September-October, 2014 (after the armistice) in the zone of the antiterrorist operation, the military prosecutor's offices registered 65 criminal proceedings for the commission of crimes, one way or another connected with the weapon or with its use. Criminal proceedings in which weapons became the subject of crime constitute more than 40% of the total number of criminal offenses registered by the military prosecutor’s offices by the combined forces of the antiterrorist operation.

While committing criminal offenses with weapons only in the last two months incomplete, 9 people died (8 military and 1 civilian) and subjected to violence or injured 15 people (6 military and 9 civilians).

There are cases of inadequate accounting and issuance of weapons and ammunition, which causes its assignment, as an example, in September 2014 during the inventory of military property of a military unit - field mail 4750 (42 territorial battalion) revealed the absence of 123 small arms units.

Also 28 August 2014, in the evening, the senior lieutenant of the Donetsk border detachment, Pul E.A., being in the daily dress as the chief of the guard, abusing his official position, stole ammunition from the weapons storage room, 1 zinc with 5,45 mm cartridges (1080 cartridges) and 5 grenades RGN., which he later sold to citizen Shchebetun A.E.
He repeatedly, 5 September 2014 around 2: 00, being in daily dress as the chief of guard, abusing his official position, stole from the weapon storage room: 3 pistol of the brand PM, machine gun АКС-74, 1 zinc with 7,62 caliber cartridges (440 manguns) , 20 grenades F-1, 30 cartridges of caliber 7,62 and 3 bayonet-knives for AK-74, which later again sold citizen Shchebetun A.Ye.

There are isolated cases of the commission of criminal offenses by military personnel with weapons against civilians, including torture and abduction.
One of such shameful and illegal actions occurred 23 September 2014. Soldiers of the 24 battalion of territorial defense Bespalyy SF and Helendrik S.L. about 21 hours illegally infiltrated the private house of the citizen Shevchenko I.V. in s. Peschanoe Starobelskogo area. Threatening with weapons, the said servicemen tied Shevchenko I.V., put a bag over their head and took it away in an unknown direction. After that, he was poured with gasoline and arson, and also stabbed in the left foot. As a result of the unlawful actions of the said servicemen, I.V Shevchenko received body burns and injuries of varying severity.

According to the materials of inspections and appeals, individual cases of violation of citizens' rights by servicemen during the implementation of checkpoints have been identified.
Thus, since the beginning of the announcement of the stop-fire regime at checkpoints, 4 people have been killed, of which 3 people only last week, which is not related to shelling and armed clashes, but is a result of improper organization of service. Numerous appeals of citizens also indicate tactless behavior of personnel at roadblocks, verbal and verbal threats about the use of weapons against the civilian population.

33 by the military prosecutor’s office of the Southern region of Ukraine, criminal proceedings were registered in accordance with Part X. of Art. 3 of the Criminal Code on the fact of the application in October 365 7 2014 soldiers of the military unit (3002-th separate brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army National Guard g .. Lviv) on the outskirts of Debaltsevo near the traffic police post at the crossroads of highway Kyiv-M2 Dovzhansky and M03 Znamyanka- weapons Lugansk Military Ural (city of Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, military unit A04, field post B1556, 4673 separate mountain infantry brigade). As a result, the warrant officer of the military unit of the field post B128 Ozamets V.V. died at the scene, and the soldier Kovalchuk PP got injured.

30 by the military prosecutor's office registered criminal proceedings on the fact of the murder of 22 on October 2014 by military personnel of a military unit - field post B0095 by senior soldier Irgashev A.V. and soldier Gnidin S.V. two locals with. Taramchuk, Mariinsky district, Donetsk region, committed by the latter in a state of intoxication, combined with violence and unlawful imprisonment of the victims.

In circulation Rybakova S.I. It is noted that 6 August 2014 when conducting an inspection at the checkpoint № 15 in the city. Seversk belonging to his enterprise car by military personnel seized a car, 22 thousand UAH. and unlawfully deprived of liberty 2 workers - citizens of Bolotov V. and Demchenko D.V. The latter were later released, but the car and the funds have not yet been returned.

According to the materials of the appeal citizen Dibrova V.A. 2 May 2014 military officials in the organization of the service at the checkpoint in the area of ​​the traffic police post. Slavyanskaya (now the checkpoint number 3 of the National Guard of Ukraine) without any explanation, the hotel belonging to the family of the latter is owned by right without permission.

Almost every day, online information contains information about the occurrence of an accident involving the military. Over the past month, only in the city of Kramatorsk, 3 committed road traffic accidents involving military equipment.

There are cases of driving military personnel intoxicated with military vehicles. So, October 23 2014 in the city. Svatovo UAZ car under the control of drunken soldier Gabinet M.M. made a run over at the pedestrian crossing to the citizen Simonenko Yu.M., as a result of which she received bodily injuries. The driver of the car left the scene.

23 October 2014 in the city. Krasnoarmeysk military vehicle BMP-2 without license plates collided with a car DAEWOO NEXIA. After the collision, the crew of the BMP-2 left the scene of an accident.

So today, information was received about an accident involving a military unit of the military unit B0624 Shanko AG, who 27 October 2014 driving on the highway Chuguev-Melovoe to the FORD-Ranger (without license plates), violated the traffic rules and went to the oncoming lane and made collision with a car MERCEDES-BENS-Sprinter.

Yesterday at 19: 46

The commander of the GDB "Batman": the Armed Forces of the LC and the 8 of the Ukrainian tanks, the 10 of the BMP and the BTR and the 150 of the APU soldiers were destroyed

"Oleksandr Bednov told about the operational situation in Lugansk. According to him, today it is extremely tense, the intensity of shelling has increased significantly in the last 3 of the day, intense battles are fought in the Crimea, Sokolnikov, Frunze and Smely ones. and the volley fire system “Hurricane.” Frunze was attacked by “hurricanes”, as a result there were dead among the militias and among civilians.
In the course of the last-day intensive armed clashes, the LC LC destroyed 8 Ukrainian tanks, about 10 BMP and BTR, about 150, servicemen of the Ukrainian army.
On the part of the militia, casualties are 4 killed and 12 injured. Also about 50 civilians were killed. According to Alexander Bednova, the Ukrainian army finally broke the fragile truce that existed and crossed the line, beyond which a full-scale military confrontation began. "

Yesterday at 19: 50

Message from. I.I. Strelkova:

"When Ivan the Terrible took Kazan, he was not thinking about how to conquer more Tatars and how they would resist and revolt, but about stopping the eternal raids on the border Russian territories. Solve this problem by setting on The vassal's Khan's throne failed - they were overthrown over and over again. They had to gather troops and go to war. Then there were uprisings and other troubles. Nevertheless, the main task was successfully solved.
If you are afraid of resistance, it is better to surrender immediately. Russia MUST solve the task of reunifying Ukraine, especially since Ukraine openly and aggressively moved into the camp of its enemies. Without the defeat of this hostile state, Russia will never regain real sovereignty and the processes of disintegration will continue inside. The war is already underway and will not end until one of the parties wins a decisive victory. "

Yesterday at 20: 17

Message from residents of Kirovskoye (DNR):

"Kirovsk bombed. Fighting outside the city resumed around 2 hours ago, you can hear breaks in the direction of Maloorlovka. Ukry is firing from Novoorlovka to Stozhkovo. Shooting in the Donetsk side."

Yesterday at 21: 50
08.11.14 20: 45. Messages from residents of Donetsk.

“They are bombing today seriously. Moreover, ukry are purposefully shooting at the city. Now they are being bombed again. Very much. The hour is already bombing.
- Proletarian, United Bahaha very loud, as from the side of Mospino.
- The textile worker is very loud, even with the windows closed.
- Flies through Leninsky district, and explosions are also heard.
- Regional State Administration - single bachs, very loud, glass shaking.
- Bakin - very loud, near, also automatic gunfights, thunders strongly.
- Sunny - very well heard artillery.
- Kalininsky market is also very loud.
- Star, heard heavy bachs, the windows are closed.
- Tank battle goes on Pervomaisk.
- In Avdiivka fierce battles. Shells are torn everywhere-roads, yards, field. It turned out that my classmate was in the militia. Says patience, victory soon. "

Yesterday at 22: 33

Message from the militia

"Ukrainian punishers are firing at the Panfilovskaya coal mine area. In the Petrovka area, there is a battle. The artillery of the Novorossia army near 21: 15 has worked once more on ukrov positions in the Pesok area, there is a glow of fire. Ukry from the Avdeevka and Tonnkyi areas are also firing at the Oktyabrskaya coal mine.
Novoluganskoye village was left without gas supply as a result of a powerful shelling by punishers. "

Yesterday at 23: 55

Message from I.I. Strelkova:

Question: "As an option, print dollars and euros and buy weapons from ukrov in the right amount. You can use hryvnias too ... During all wars, everyone forges each other's paper money. Napoleon faked rubles. Hitler did too. This is a good old tradition. It is not clear why she is undeservedly forgotten ... "

I. Strelkov: “The authorities of the republic couldn’t go for this, for reasons of complete dependence on the“ warlord. ”And the“ voentorg ”does not operate in an airless space and not from Mars. No one would allow and would not allow creating such a dangerous precedent capable disturb dear friends of Chubais, Gref, etc. in the banks of the USA and the UK. "

Today in 0: 35

Message from the militia

"The fighting is taking place in the settlement of Skilled village (between Avdiivka and Donetsk airport). Around 21.00 (Moscow time) in the Debaltsevo area, from time to time lines are heard from the Armed Forces checkpoints. Near 21-10 (Moscow time), the artillery of the New Russia army has worked once again on the positions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the area of ​​the settlement of Peski. In the area of ​​the settlement of Gorskoe (LNR, the area of ​​the Bakhmutk highway) near the 21-00, distant gaps were heard.As of 22-00 (in Moscow time), an artillery duel in Donetsk continued. VSU again used incendiary mines leading shelling mine waste Oktyabrskaya. Artilles The Novorossia Republic was actively firing at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the airport of Donetsk, Avdiivka and Peski in the region.Around 22-10 (Moscow time), the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Debaltsevo began to fire.The target of the shelling is unknown so far. Starting from about 19-00 (according to Moscow time) during the 3 hours in the region of Gorlovka, the use of artillery was heard. It is also reported that the Novoluganskoye settlement was left without a gas supply as a result of damage to the gas pipeline's APU. It is reported that near 22-30 (Moscow time) in the Donetsk region was fixed Su-25 aircraft. As of 22-40 (Moscow time), in the area of ​​Avdiivka, the work of the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the gaps from the shelling of the Ukrainian positions from the side of the artillery of Novorossia were heard. Also received information that can be heard and automatic weapons. Around 22-50 (Moscow time), the artillery of the army of Novorossiya continues to strike at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Avdiivka and NovoBakhmutovka. Around 22: 50 (Moscow time) Ukrainian aircraft Su-25 passed over Budyonovsky towards Yelenovka.

Today in 1: 10

Overview of the XBUM Interbrigade Southeast

"The past day on the fronts of Novorossia, the main fighting concentrated in the area of ​​Debaltseve and the route" Bakhmutka "

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - at night, the artillery of the ukrovermaht was shelling the northern outskirts of the capital of the DPR; closer to the morning there was a slight lull. However, closer to dinner, fierce fighting resumed on the airport (Ukrovermaht is making another attempt to gain a foothold on the runway, using armored vehicles and tanks, as well as bombarding the airport with incendiary ammunition). The artillery of the ukrovermaht was also activated in the urban-type settlement of Pesky and the settlement of Avdeevka (the airport and residential areas near the train station are being bombarded) and the tanks in the settlement of Staromykhailovka (the residential area in Petrovsky district was fired upon)


Avdiivka - after lunch, clashes began on the outskirts of the city (perhaps an attempt is being made to surround or at least take the Ukrovermht grouping into a half ring).

Gorlovka - artduels and tank gunfights with punishers in the village of Maiorsko continue. There are fragmentary reports of another attempt to rush from the northern direction (with tanks and other armored vehicles) after the afternoon, there are fights.

Mariinsky district - the difficult situation continues to remain, there are fights. In particular, Ukrovermaht complains about the mortars, tank and shelling of its strongholds in the villages of Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Berezovoye and Novomikhaylovka (did the Ternopol-M missiles, do not specify).

Other settlements DNR

Debalcevo - after lunch, the militia artillery struck at the punitive artillery grouping from the direction of the settlement of Zorinsk (Perevalsky district) and Alchevsk. In general, hostilities of varying degrees of intensity (from short skirmishes to full-blown art-duels) do not subside here at all.

Novoazovskiy District - during the night, the militia made several volleys at the Dzerzhinsky settlement in the vicinity of the RSBO Grad, and in the early morning a massive mortar and artillery bombardment of the punishers in the settlement of Pavlopol.

Telmanovsky district - during the night, the militia fired mortar shelling of the national guards checkpoint in the village of Granitnoe, and from grenade launchers to strengthen the punishers in the village of Starognatovka and Novolasp.

Miner's district - battles in the area of ​​Nikishino settlement were intensified (in the afternoon the village was fired by punitive artillery from the settlement of Debaltseve). It is reported that 7 units of equipment have been destroyed, incl. 3 BTR and 1 BMP (the remaining 4 units are likely cars).

It is also known that at night 5 ukrovoinov were captured (according to the NSDC, these were negotiators, the militiamen say that the punitive men were transporting ammunition in the ambulance and were not any negotiators, doctors, etc.). Also reported about the battles in the nearby nearby settlement of Redkodub.

Yasinovatsky district - in addition to the tense situation in the village of Pesky, where there is considerable fortified punitive artillery and do not stop the artillery with the airport, the situation became worse in the village Opyatnoe and Vodyanoe (there are smaller artillery, but shelling is no less intense). All day the militia fired at these firing points from mortars and the Grad MLRS. In the afternoon, battles began again in the area of ​​Yasinovataya, and Ukrovermakht intensified the shelling of the outskirts of the city.

Lugansk Narodnya Republic

Kirovsk - Ukrovermakht again began shelling the city in the morning (apparently, they were fired from the direction of the settlement of Gorskoe, Popasnyansky district, because after the artillery attack on the national fire departments there was reduced the intensity of the fire). In the area of ​​PGT Donetsky there are separate DRGs of the ukrovermakht, with which the militia engages in short-term battles (then ukroverimakht complains about small-arms fire).

Slavyanoserbsky district - new data on the situation on the Bakhmutka highway are received (80 punitives 24 th OMBr from Lvov are taken in the environment near the village of Frunze - I’ll note that information about the 80 environment of the national youth in the 31 district checkpoint has already been received, possibly , we are talking about this, but I do not exclude that this is another ukrovermaht group was surrounded by). Also reported about the mortar shelling of the positions of the natsgadov in the area of ​​the settlement of Krymskoe (there are battles and artdueli last 4 of the day). The punishers themselves, through the mouths of a man-helmet, report the shelling from the RSZO "Grad" of their positions in the settlement of Trekhizbenka and Kryakovka.

Stanichno-Lugansky district - the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of Lithuania declares the discovery of at least one P-17 rocket (the militia called it Scud, ie Scud by NATO classification; the rocket is part of the Elbrus SEC). Also reported on the identification of a large group of punishers in the number of 500 people in the area n. Red Talovka (perhaps, these are the very national gadgets whose movements were marked a few days ago by Lysychansk) and a significant number of tanks in the settlement of Nikolayevka (while attempting to move the 1 the day before, the tank was destroyed). Ukrovermaht reports that he was unexpectedly fired with small arms in the area of ​​Staryi Aidar.

Occupied Territory

The Kharkiv region — the Kharkov partisans (who are either there or not), with the help of anti-tank grenade launchers, destroyed an ammunition depot (including incendiary) in the territory of the Izyum settlement. "

Today in 1: 55

Video from Andrey Krasnoshchekova

"Military man Andrei Krasnoshchekov visited the positions of the militia in the village of Frunze. There are trenches dug and there are fighters blocking the roadblock №31 on the Bakhmut highway. The soldiers of the LC of the LNR told about the operational situation, about their enemies and the nature of the fighting."

Today in 3: 00

Message from the militia with the callsign "Topaz":

The question: "To what extent does the version have the right to life, that the coordinates of the artillery strikes in the city are taken by Ukrami on cellular signals?"

Answer: "This is possible and easily provided technically, but I think that the main factor in hitting the target is the artillery spotter at the scene.
The spotter quietly calls in the city under the guise of a local resident. Itself can be local, because not all in Donetsk support the DPR, there are supporters of the Kiev regime.
For example, in the battalion "Dnepr-1" against the DNI fighting airsoft team "Makhnovists" from Donetsk in full force.
Art correctors work some young pretty girls who sympathize with Kiev. Etc. etc."

Today in 8: 15

Message from Zakhar Prilepin

"Most of the volunteers come to the DPR for periods from a couple of weeks to two months. Only a few remain for half a year. In general, about 35 thousand people stopped in from Russia for almost half a year. Units were from the very beginning to the end - most come to two or three weeks, month, two months. Volunteers not only take part in hostilities, but also work in other areas. These are mainly militia units, but there are many workers from other services - doctors, firemen, specialists in various fields, for example, CHP In Lugansk, too, people from Russia are repairing. In addition, the total number of volunteers who came to the republic from Russia can be much more, since so far the militia gathered around Strelkov no one kept records. They were not fixed at the Russian customs. "
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  1. lav67
    lav67 9 November 2014 07: 55
    What a truce, everything is just beginning. The war will expand throughout the territory that was once Ukraine.
    1. Siberian German
      Siberian German 9 November 2014 10: 42
      I agree with you, but this is what kills - the occupation power destroys everyone who does not agree with the Bandera regime. "Stink zagyschayut" is a cynical lie. Their dream is to destroy all hers. This chaos can no longer be tolerated. Stop playing political games, free our people - that is, they are again waiting for someone to come and free them. In Belarus, partisans were liberating entire regions before the arrival of the Red Army.
    2. Denis fj
      Denis fj 9 November 2014 15: 12
      Respect to the Ukrainian journalist, who was not afraid to broadcast an objective picture.
      Respect to parents who raised a worthy man and Ukrainian. Pleasantly surprised.
      This guy is in great danger. The whole Pentagon machine is involved in the media of Krajina, so that not a penny of truth leaks out to ordinary people. Neuro-linguistic programming of the population, so that people do not realize that Ukraine is already captured by the United States
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 9 November 2014 07: 56
    "The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine will investigate those abandoned by the fighters of the 32nd checkpoint. Free people of Ukraine, they have only two ways. Stay to die at the checkpoint without food and water, or return home to a cage, wind up the term."

    Hehe better to be alive in a cage ... than dead at a checkpoint .... among u ... there are still thinking rabbits in the shelter.
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 9 November 2014 07: 59
    The tragic war unleashed by the junta is still ongoing, but the Light of Victory of New Russia is visible!
    Perhaps the whole of Ukraine will be Novorossia.
    It seems that the whole World opens its eyes and sees the true culprits of gangster lawlessness in Ukraine.
    Dear militias! Health to you, courage! God bless you.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 9 November 2014 08: 09
    I can not disclose the sources, but the information is this: oh, they will start to drive evil spirits from our land, and so that the heels will get stuck in the back of my head.
    As I understand it, rumors around Lugansk have crept that an offensive is being prepared. Although lately they have driven so much into it that the rumors are probably not completely groundless.
    1. Scandinavian
      Scandinavian 9 November 2014 08: 31
      Sasha, receiving Pendelin is just around the corner, there is good confirmation of this. All the same, youtube is competent and not replaceable.

      1. Scandinavian
        Scandinavian 9 November 2014 08: 46

        such good news
      2. Ural resident
        Ural resident 9 November 2014 10: 52
        yeah ... the artillery column is impressive ...
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 9 November 2014 11: 09
          Quote: Resident of the Urals
          yeah ... the artillery column is impressive ...

          Yes, there is no understand, there these columns ........... winked
  5. kush62
    kush62 9 November 2014 08: 09
    "The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine will investigate the checkpoints abandoned by the soldiers of the 32nd checkpoint.

    What does this offer mean?
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 9 November 2014 14: 01
      Quote: kush62

      It's like in an old cartoon: "The treasure, it means it is laid, it means it is buried, it means it is buried ...". Abandoned means abandoned, means runaway, means scattered ... Something like that. bully
      1. kush62
        kush62 9 November 2014 14: 17
        Abandoned means abandoned, then escaped, then draped ... Somehow.

        "The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine will investigate the checkpoints abandoned by the soldiers of the 32nd checkpoint.
        The sentence itself does not make sense.
  6. kush62
    kush62 9 November 2014 08: 12
    Pleased with the performance of the Lviv partisans. The Bolotovites also started. Well, the whole country cannot be fascist. There are pravoseki and the like, there is a silent majority, but there are real patriots, anti-fascists.
  7. Iskander 090
    Iskander 090 9 November 2014 08: 20
    Guys are heroes, they will remain if they win. Otherwise they will pour mud, the facts will be distorted as the Great Patriotic War. The West and the United States are definitely enemies and they must be treated as enemies, history shows that they do not remember good.
  8. teacher
    teacher 9 November 2014 08: 28
    Adding to the summary
    4.30 -4.35 Budenovskiy and Proletarskiy districts (formerly the quietest) were awakened by volleys. They shot until 5.10-5.15. By nature - more like howitzers - single, less often paired, everything trembled. According to "rumors", they were shooting from a waste heap near the Makeevsky "metro". Then a couple of times loud enough a couple of "full" hail. And then - as usual, a constant "May thunderstorm" (no rain). It falls asleep normally under it.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 9 November 2014 09: 01
    A unit of the Zarya battalion (LNR Defense Ministry), which includes the National Bolsheviks and Interbrigade members, was able to prevent the crossing of the Seversky Donets river by Ukrainian punishers near the village of Sokolniki. As a result of the contact battle, the junta troops failed. Despite the fact that the attacking forces of the enemy had an advantage in manpower and equipment, they suffered significant losses and lost the pontoon crossing.

    About how the battle went to the field press service of Interbrigades told the National Bolsheviks from Latvia, with the call sign "Hunter". In this fight, he received a slight concussion, but refused hospitalization.
    “From the first minutes of the battle, we managed to“ make out ”the armored personnel carrier of dill. After their armored vehicles, frightened by our grenade launcher fire, departed, they decided to throw infantry into battle. But we quickly crushed these guys. Having lost from 15 to 20 people, they were forced to retire. Position held. There are no losses. ”
    It is worth noting that enemy activity was also noted in neighboring directions.
    Recall that at present the National Bolsheviks in the ranks of the armed forces of the LPR are at the forefront near Lugansk.
  10. Serge Mikhas
    Serge Mikhas 9 November 2014 09: 02
    Strength and patience to the Orthodox army! God help them!
  11. SveTok
    SveTok 9 November 2014 09: 09
    Ukraine wakes up and it pleases, I would like everything to happen much faster; these hunterlogs got everyone, they dug up a ditch for themselves, it remains only to prepare aspen stakes.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 9 November 2014 14: 06
      Quote: SveTok
      I would like it to happen much faster

      We must rush slowly and think through every step. Firewood can be broken soon, but after this LIFE. soldier
  12. Drunya
    Drunya 9 November 2014 09: 14
    Zakharchenko: DNR has lists of artillerymen of the Armed Forces
    This afternoon, we have established all the lists of commanders of artillery and mortar batteries, up to the commanders of the calculations. We know them by name, we know where they live ... Now we will install even ordinary soldiers, ”said Alexander Zakharchenko. “They will all be punished.”

    According to him, information about those Ukrainian security forces who fire in violation of the ceasefire was received by the DPR authorities from the Armed Forces themselves. To a clarifying question, Zakharchenko replied that it was "a great commercial secret of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

    Ukrainian artillery stepped up shelling of Donetsk after the unified parliamentary elections and the election of the leaders of the DPR and LPR. There are regular reports of injured people. Over the past four days, about 10 civilians have died in Donetsk.

  13. mira.36
    mira.36 9 November 2014 09: 16
    No need to delay the release of Sands and Avdeevka, you still have to do this because it is useless to negotiate with the junta, and apart from force, they understand nothing. The group there is serious and dill thoroughly dug in, a military operation will be required to cut the front and cover these groups in order to cut them off from supplies. According to recent reports, the militias received serious reinforcements, the morale is high and they will certainly free their lands from invaders.
  14. Leader
    Leader 9 November 2014 09: 40
    It’s a little incomprehensible to me when I see the positions of the militias, not equipped in engineering and domestic terms.
    Why now, while the front is calm, the front lines are not strengthening? Why are not dugouts, bunkers, checkpoints equipped? Why aren’t bomb shelters and shelters built for equipment? Why are positions not masked and not prepared?
    The photographs do not show sheds from bad weather, stoves, "stoves", stocks of firewood / coal, traffic routes ... etc.
    Does anyone believe that the war will end soon? Or is militia not afraid of winter?
    Bury, equip, mask!
  15. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 9 November 2014 09: 51
    Quote: Scandinavian
    Sasha, receiving Pendelin is just around the corner, there is good confirmation of this. All the same, youtube is competent and not replaceable.

    The frames are impressive, even if compared to this photo of the dill column, still summer. And now, I think they are still much sadder.
    By the way, in the photo of the broken equipment of the 19th Terbat, the same pepelats is a "waste wash" based on a "shishigi" (mobile sanitary inspection). And it was clearly not used for its intended purpose.
  16. ermolai
    ermolai 9 November 2014 10: 38
    Yes, they would have quickly smeared the asses of skipi. with a Svidomo gift, otherwise they began to build a third line of defense. and this is all unnecessary losses, as these creatures wrinkle if they hide behind the inhabitants means the use of artillery is limited. the task is not simple, the Ukrainians then lost their fear after Minsk, came to their senses, now while their fear will start to panic, they will start losing again. it’s another matter that there is practically no pros, the army’s mabuta is not stable, but it’s necessary to roll it well by muslim, so that they stop heroism.
  17. Horst78
    Horst78 9 November 2014 13: 44
    In Lviv partisans belay Not everything is lost for Ukraine smile
    1. YGV-97219
      YGV-97219 9 November 2014 15: 02
      That's why they and partisans to appear in the most unexpected places wink
      1. Horst78
        Horst78 9 November 2014 18: 08
        Quote: yugv-xnumx
        YUG-97219 Today, 15: 02 ↑

        That's why they and partisans to appear in the most unexpected places wink

        The news is BEAUTIFUL good
        And I wonder where the "Red Sector" is?
  18. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 9 November 2014 20: 17
    The Ukrainian army and "National Guard" behave not as "liberators" but as occupiers.