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On the third world war and future reparations. Account opens Serbia

On the third world war and future reparations. Account opens Serbia

Today you can often hear that the world is on the verge of a third world war. Someone believes that it has already begun and calls it the 11 date of September 2001, when provocation was made in New York, which enabled the United States to invade Afghanistan under the false pretext of “fighting international terrorism”. They also point to an earlier starting point of the third world war - the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia in March 1999. What is happening in Ukraine today is what happened in Yugoslavia at the end of the twentieth century. The escalation of an undeclared third world war continues.

And the time comes to start preparing for the “new Potsdam”, bearing in mind that at the Potsdam Conference 1945, one of the main issues was the question of reparations for the destruction and damage caused to the Soviet Union and other countries subjected to fascist aggression.

At the Potsdam Conference, the Soviet delegation announced the figures of the damage suffered by the Soviet Union from the war. According to official data, the direct economic damage caused by the USSR amounted to 128 billion dollars, and the total damage - 357 billion dollars in prices and dollars 1939 of the year. For comparison: the assistance received by the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program for all the years of the war amounted to about $ 11 billion.

Preparation of a new account should be carried out in the form of an international “White Book”. It will become the international legal rationale for reparations, which will be entrusted to the aggressors - the United States and its NATO allies.

Some work on damage accounting of the third world war is already underway. For example, the Syrian government reported that by the end of 2013, the economic damage from military operations of the armed opposition (behind which Washington stands) had reached 144 billion dollars, equivalent to three years in Syria’s GDP. Probably, according to the results of 2014, the damage figures will be even greater.

After the NATO bombing of 1999 of the year in Yugoslavia, a three-volume White Book was prepared, but today the task of compiling the international White Book is becoming urgent, based on a unified methodology, with cross-use of experts and information from all interested countries. Reparations are usually understood to be compensations for damages that countries suffered from military operations. In modern conditions damages are caused not only by military actions. You should also take into account the damages from economic sanctions and blockades, subversive operations, information war and other forms of aggression. Constant monitoring of damages is necessary (such continuous monitoring was carried out by the Extraordinary State Commission in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War).

The first head of the international “White Book” should be the account of Serbia as the first victim of the third world war.

* * *

The main part of the Serbian bill is damage from the military aggression of the United States and NATO, which lasted from March 24 to June 10, 1999. Let us recall the main figures. 35 military forces were committed against Yugoslavia. aviation sorties with 1000 aircraft and helicopters; more than 10000 cruise missiles were fired, 79000 tons of explosives were dropped (including 156 containers with 37440 cluster bombs prohibited by international law). Barbarian bombing raids were carried out using munitions containing poorly enriched uranium.

Direct material damage. During the NATO bombings, led by American General W. Clark, about 2 thousands were killed and more than 6 thousands of civilians in Yugoslavia were injured, about 50 factories and plants, 18 power plants, 34 bridge, 50 hospitals and polyclinics, 480 schools, technicians and universities. About 600 thousands of people lost their jobs. According to various estimates, the total amount of direct material damage ranges from 30 to 100 billion dollars.

Environmental damage. The most tangible consequences were caused by NATO strikes against the industrial complex in Pancevo: a nitrogen plant, a refinery and a petrochemical complex. Toxic chemicals and compounds got into the atmosphere, water and soil, which created a threat to human health and ecological systems throughout the Balkans. Air poisoning by poisonous fumes from burning oil refineries occurred, the Danube and the rest of the rivers were poisoned with oil from blasted tanks, and a number of lakes (Lake Skadar) and the Adriatic Sea were polluted. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Leposawa Milicevic said: “Even Adolf Hitler did not bomb our chemical plants! NATO does this calmly, destroying rivers, poisoning the air, killing people, the country. Our people are being subjected to a brutal experiment using the latest weapons". As a result of the use of aerial bombs with dining uranium, vast territories were contaminated with radionuclides, and the incidence of cancer has increased markedly.

Indirect damage - losses associated with the shutdown of production, unemployment, loss of income. Losses of this kind were increased by the fact that after the 1999 bombing of the year, the country was subjected to marauding looting by Western companies, which bought the remaining assets for a penny. As a result, 2,5 million Serb citizens left without livelihoods. Unemployment in Serbia has reached the level of 40% of the working-age population. Only in 2014, the drop in production was 3,5%. Those who ruled Serbia after the 1999 aggression of the year did not have any country development program. Everything was aimed at getting Western "help." And she never materialized. Serbs simply tricked.

The indirect damage can be attributed to the losses incurred by countries neighboring Serbia, traditionally associated with its close economic relations. According to the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit, an authoritative analytical group dealing with the economy, the total damage to the countries neighboring Yugoslavia from the 1999 war was estimated at 8 billion. Here and direct financial losses, and a reduction in foreign investment, and a decrease in GNP from the economic embargo.

* * *

Until now, in the West, they didn’t even want to hear about at least partial compensation for Serbia’s damages from military aggression. Sometimes there were some amounts of Western economic assistance to Serbia, which allegedly was provided for the restoration of its destroyed economy, but all this is pure deception. The money that the US and the EU sent to Serbia in the form of “aid” was in fact the financial support of Western TNCs. The population of Serbia has not received any compensation.

In 2014, important changes began in world politics. In the context of these changes, Belgrade did not support the anti-Syrian resolution of the UN Security Council on Crimea, did not give in to the pressure of Washington, demanding to be connected to sanctions against Russia. Of great importance was the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from the Nazi invaders 16 in October 2014.

It seems that official Serbia has already matured in order to start presenting accounts to the West for damages of the past two decades. Not very confident, but Belgrade has already begun to do this. In May, 2014, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, told the UN Security Council that he was counting on compensation for damage from 78-day NATO bombings in 1999. "I do not complain and do not ask for compensation payments for the war in the classical sense, but as long as I am the President of Serbia, I remind you of your obligations to compensate us for the enormous and irreparable damage caused to our civilian objects and the economy as a whole," Nikolic said at a Security Council meeting. UN. The damage is estimated in tens of billions of dollars.

In modern conditions, compensation requirements may become an important tool of foreign policy. In 1922, at the Genoa Conference, the West tried to bring Soviet Russia to its knees, demanding that it pay debts on loans from the tsarist and provisional governments in the amount of 18,5 billion evils. rub. However, Moscow issued to the former allies on the Entente a counter bill for the damage caused by the intervention and economic blockade in the amount of 39 billion evils. rub. This moderated the greed of the "partners" of Russia. Compensation requirements played a significant role in the fact that two years after Genoa, a strip of diplomatic confessions of the Soviet state began. It is useful to learn from this experience. Money arguments always reach the West more quickly than appeals for equality, fairness or human rights.

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  1. MIV999
    MIV999 28 October 2014 21: 24
    It seems that official Serbia has already matured in order to begin to bill the West for the damages of the last two decades

    It is high time!!! yes The West must answer in all respects !!!
    You can’t forgive SUCH now !!!
    Otherwise, their own descendants will not forgive this current generation of Serbs !!! soldier
    1. Gradus HuK
      Gradus HuK 28 October 2014 22: 32
      Big percent already ran in.
      1. Noctis
        Noctis 29 October 2014 07: 15
        the Yankees owe so much to the whole world that it’s better for them to shoot dead
    2. ermolai
      ermolai 29 October 2014 04: 01
      Quote: MIV999
      The West must answer in all respects !!!

      that’s how it is, but for this it is necessary to hoist a tricolor above the phishington, and raise the queen on the scaffold, at least symbolically. then they meekly compensate for everything, they can not imagine their existence without feeders. and only in this case there will be relative peace in the world, local messes will still take place for some time, but over time everything will return to normal.
  2. dr.Bo
    dr.Bo 28 October 2014 21: 25
    The war on weapons only distracts from the actual actions of the NW - EBOLA and there will be much more.
    So somehow hi
    Without a weapon is much more profitable! And you can brains all over the world!
  3. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn 28 October 2014 21: 25
    You can demand. Only America has no real money. Some candy wrappers. And they ate gold. Bankrupt ...
    1. Masterzserg
      Masterzserg 29 October 2014 00: 24
      Quote: Riperbahn
      Some candy wrappers.
      - Strength is in force, who is stronger in that and not candy wrappers.
  4. Ratmir
    Ratmir 28 October 2014 21: 27
    Let's hope that Serbia will be able to set a precedent. Those wishing to present a bill to the United States and their henchmen will line up their mother
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 28 October 2014 22: 10
      Quote: Ratmir
      Let's hope that Serbia will be able to set a precedent. Those wishing to present a bill to the United States and their henchmen will line up their mother

      Add Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, our losses from sanctions, in full. Connect Japan (for atomic bombings), DPRK. Respondents: Mattress covers, kenguryatniks, the country of "oak" leaf, all of Europe, excluding Serbia and Montenegro. In general, all to the wall. am
  5. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 28 October 2014 21: 38
    Argumentation with money always comes to the West faster than appeals to equality, justice or human rights.

    Gold words.
  6. Alfizik
    Alfizik 28 October 2014 21: 43
    Reparations, money ... It should be simpler: to catch the very one who bombed Yugoslavia W. Clarke and "spank" so that the next clarkes would be discouraged! And no matter whose territory. One such "slap" can change history.
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 28 October 2014 22: 18
      Quote: Alfizik
      Reparations, money ... It should be simpler: to catch the very one who bombed Yugoslavia W. Clarke and "spank" so that the next clarkes would be discouraged! And no matter whose territory. One such "slap" can change history.

      Why is he alone, add the great fuck here ....... Clinton's old, ungrateful Albright wallet, thanks to the Serbs, she lived to menopause, the leaders of NATO member countries of those times. am
    2. Gradus HuK
      Gradus HuK 28 October 2014 22: 35
      Press the mouse and .bat slowly.
    3. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 29 October 2014 12: 43
      This will only give "moral satisfaction". And money still loves the account.
      But why is the first number indicated in the article Serbia?
      During the first Chechen campaign, the United States and the Saudis financed militants and Islamists. Therefore, we can count our losses, and there are clearly not five cents ...
  7. major071
    major071 28 October 2014 21: 45
    No guys, the West will never admit its participation in world wars and will not give a single penny, because they "brought democracy to the savages," and it is not they who are to blame for the fact that in Serbia a neighbor began to slaughter a neighbor. They were not the ones who pumped up the Afghan Wahhabis with dough. And they are not in Syria either. These are all the intrigues of the Russians. This we all muddied up. And their duty is to bring democracy to all countries. And they carry it. On the wings of planes and UAVs, "smart" shells, and simple ones, because where there is no "American democracy", there is no peace. And war requires money. And as long as this shit-democratic non-state exists on our planet, there will be wars. In different guises. Both cold and hot. Washington must be destroyed. But first London, because from there all the scum got out, and it is climbing now! IMHO. hi
  8. Lyolik
    Lyolik 28 October 2014 21: 47
    It’s hard to count many countries bombed and destroyed by the Americans. It would be nice if all the affected countries put forward an account at once.
    The Americans will not be able to pay, then you can simply disassemble America into pieces of the territory (as repayment of a debt), here is a fresh example, Ukraine.
    1. ermolai
      ermolai 29 October 2014 04: 06
      Quote: Lyolik
      hard to count

      and simply calculate, look at the amount of the debt of the FSA and this eats the account.
  9. Balamyt
    Balamyt 28 October 2014 21: 48
    For America, the countdown comes, the clock is started!
    The credibility as a self-proclaimed world leader is declining, and I think that the further the faster it will happen. Well, from those who want to bill America, there will be no end.
    Russia is simply obliged to take advantage of the situation to consolidate, and eventually lead the list of people wishing to sue the country, the main troublemaker of our time.
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 28 October 2014 22: 30
      Quote: Balamyt
      For America, the countdown comes, the clock is started!
      The credibility as a self-proclaimed world leader is declining, and I think that the further the faster it will happen. Well, from those who want to bill America, there will be no end.
      Russia is simply obliged to take advantage of the situation to consolidate, and eventually lead the list of people wishing to sue the country, the main troublemaker of our time.

      I remembered one definition when crowning a thief in law, not for business, but for money, an orange "thief in law, popular among the Caucasian criminals. So the mattress covers are like an" orange "thief in law. The wrapper will disappear, the" orange "will disappear. recourse
  10. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 28 October 2014 21: 57
    One should never speak with the West as with a friend, during negotiations there must always be an "argument". Negotiations should be conducted only from a position of strength. Russia will survive the sanctions! But Europe, without Russian energy resources, will become just a white desert over the winter. Well, and even the Americans will not start World War III, I think their brains are not completely dry. They will not interfere with Russia's development (climb into the Outskirts), maybe we will help disperse ISIS.
  11. Svetovod
    Svetovod 28 October 2014 22: 07
    Is a third world war possible WITHOUT Russia's participation as a party?
    - IMPOSSIBLE. All Western bloody productions and imitations will go down the drain. There will be executions / terrorist attacks / explosions / provocations ... but not forever.

    The time has gone. It was necessary under Yeltsin to do this.
  12. Masterzserg
    Masterzserg 29 October 2014 00: 20
    There will be no third world, we have enough clever people to destroy the country from within. They are unhappy all the time. Now they were crying about the Crimea with happiness, and when the country began to pressurize and the dollar was growing in value, they were immediately ready to pick the paving stones. No patriotism, the main thing is that the fifth point is warm! All those who do not like them are called "the fifth column", not suspecting that they themselves are it.
  13. Zomanus
    Zomanus 29 October 2014 05: 06
    It is worth talking about reparations only to those who are able to defend and defend their own. If you are not capable, then reparations and payments will go at your expense. So if there is Potsdam, then there will only be a discussion of who will put Serbia.
  14. Belarus
    Belarus 29 October 2014 05: 36
    I still have one more desire in my life - see firsthand how America will bend in terrible flour.Yes, I know that it’s not good to say that, but still America deserves it. And when that happens, if I’m alive I get drunk to a pig screech and I will dance on the table and yell songs
  15. alexander 2
    alexander 2 29 October 2014 06: 45
    And we will take Alaska on account of the debt that the United States will not be able to pay.
  16. Pathfinder_II
    Pathfinder_II 29 October 2014 09: 42
    The destruction of factories, environmentally hazardous industries is not an accident. This is such a strategy. Those who played western computer games are aware that the best tactics in the fight against the enemy is the destruction of primarily energy supply facilities and production facilities. Actively used biological and chemical weapons, the capture and incapacitation of objects with the help of agents and engineers. Examples, Red Alerts, Generals. The kids grew up, put on epaulettes and now follow the pattern created in the head.
  17. X Y Z
    X Y Z 29 October 2014 09: 51
    As shown by many years of practice, beating the West honestly is an empty and unpromising task, but striking a wallet with reasonable requirements is a very effective tool.
  18. Begemot
    Begemot 29 October 2014 12: 13
    I’m afraid it’s too early to show the bills, we must first win this war, and then show, although if there is no one to show that in the current situation it would be possible — that would be even the best option. A world without some countries is becoming cleaner.
  19. Jackraiden
    Jackraiden 29 October 2014 17: 51
    Good article
  20. Prager
    Prager 30 October 2014 14: 43
    wonderful article! thanks to the author, I enjoyed it with pleasure!