Military Review

Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 2-3 July 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 36

Morning summary from the field

The night was not easy. In the 2 area of ​​the night (places), armed units of the junta opened fire with the MLRS for Nikolayevka. Beat from the chalk mountains. Fire was fired from heavy artillery in Slavyansk, Artem district. At night, there were maneuverable battles on the outskirts of Slavyansk. Around 5 in the morning (BR), the MLRS for Nikolavka was again fired, this time closer to the center. Data about large destructions come, there are no specified data, communication with Nikolaevka and Slavyansk is problematic.

Around 6: 00 two "Grad" worked packages between Elenovka and Marinka in the field, there were several breaks from large-caliber artillery.
From 5: 30, in Karlovka, in the dam region, for about an hour, artillery worked. In Donetsk, there were rare single shots.

5: 30 - shooting and explosions in the city of Dzerzhinsk, a roadblock of the militia on the channel (on the road Dzerzhinsk-Gorlovka), was heard attack aircraft ...
07: 30 MSC) from the side of Gorlovka there was a link in the direction of Slavyansk. According to Gorlovka - in the morning they bombed Golm, got into a dolomite factory and a boarding school building. Morning shelling also lead from Donetsk.

08: 30 (MSK) According to Nikolayevka shelling from howitzer artillery continues.

08: 50-09: 00 (MSC) On the southern side of Krasny Liman, the MLRS package was launched in the direction of Yampol.

Yesterday at 11: 15

Summary from Strelkova I. I.

“The shelling of the city continued throughout the night. Many civilian casualties and destruction. The same happened in Kramatorsk. The militia did not suffer from shelling. In the morning, artillery attacks occur periodically in our positions and in the city. Emergency brigades and militias dismantle destroyed houses in different districts. A search is underway for corpses. By the numbers I will inform you when they will be accurately counted. So far, it is known about the death of one family of three people. "

Yesterday at 12: 25

Message from Fedor Berezin, Deputy I. I. Strelkov

In the miner was carried out "sweep".

In the city of Gornyak, Donetsk region, the National Guard under the right-wing rule carried out a sweep. There were people who worked or sympathized with the DNI and ... At least one woman was shot. According to the total number of those arrested and killed, it is unclear. Some passers-by pravoseki warned in plain text: "If you do not clean up in two weeks - we will all end."

European values, where to go.

Thanks to Kiev for the Maidan!

Yesterday at 12: 35

Eyewitnesses report:

"In Slavyansk this morning, another aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was incapacitated. Su-24 was fired over Semenovka. Having suffered serious damage, went beyond the horizon.

After the evening shelling of Kramatorsk under the rubble on the street. Rumyantsev found the corpse of a woman. The second floor collapsed to the first. Xnumx wounded from Krasnogorka. "

Yesterday at 13: 23

Message from I. I. Strelkova

“I didn’t confirm the Su-24 piloting over Semenovka. Yesterday they reported to me that there was a launch, but there was a blunder. Today, the planes were heard very high and did not open fire.

Fierce fighting continues at the border. Ukry by all means are trying to cut the last corridor in the Luhansk region.
Our enemy is firing at the city.

Yes, by the way, the loss of the militia in Slavyansk-Kramatorsk-Semenovka-Nikolaevka was yesterday, according to updated data, 2 people were wounded. How many civilians died and were injured (especially overnight - we are still clarifying). Another terrorist shelling of residential areas of the village has just ended. Artyom ".

Yesterday at 13: 37

Militias report:

In the morning, Saur-ukry’s grave was shot at - it looks like a mortar fire, and a couple of volleys looked like Cornflower, and one volley from Grad. It's quiet for about an hour now.

An air strike was made an hour ago on Lisichansk. Released from 4 projectiles. There are craters at the Proletary plant, there is no information about the victims yet.

At 10:30 Ukrainian aviation Airstrike was inflicted on the city of Seversk. There are victims.

Yesterday at 15: 28

Summary of the last hours

In the first half of the day, tensions remain, as a result of night shelling, electricity in Slavyansk is completely absent.
In 11: 00 (MSC), an intelligence officer was spotted above the Mother of God.

In Lisichansk and Seversk (11: 34 MSC) an air strike was inflicted by forces up to two units, there is destruction and casualties, in Seversk after the air strike there is a smell of sulfur, the air strike was from the direction of Severodonetsk, Konstantinovka. From the side of Drobyshev, the MLRS in Slavyansk worked.

Luhansk, a link ukrluftwaffe, was also hit on a residential area.

Ukr. the military also fired residential areas of Lugansk from artillery, one of the shells hit school number XXUMX in the Shevchenko quarter.
According to unspecified data, in 11: 40 drying was knocked down.

13: 00 (MSC). The next artillery of the MLRS in Slavyansk was applied. According to Nikolayevka heavy artillery works.

14: 30 (ISC) The first data on the destruction in Luhansk began to be received: a number of administrative buildings and the residential sector in the Ostrovskaya area, according to unspecified data, a lot of civilian casualties. Information on the smell of sulfur after an air strike has not yet received one hundred percent confirmation.

According to preliminary data, after the air raid on Kandrashovka (LC), 10 people, including a child, were killed. Details are being clarified.

15: 15 (MSK) In Lugansk, the siren was turned on again.

Yesterday at 16: 12

Press Secretary of the LPR Vladimir Inogorodsky reported on numerous casualties among the population during the air strikes of the Ukrainian army

"A large number of civilian casualties were recorded as a result of the Ukrainian military air raids on settlements near Lugansk. In the Stanichno-Lugansk district and in Novaya Kondrashevka, air strikes and shelling were carried out. A very large number of civilians were killed. shelling and air raids killed about 10 civilians, of which one girl was five to seven years old. The same situation in New Kondrashevka.

In the village of Lugansk several administrative buildings were completely destroyed. Also in this area, as a result of shelling on Tuesday, an electrical substation was destroyed and power lines were damaged. The militia tried to repair the damaged objects, but because of the new air raids failed to do. "

Yesterday at 16: 15

Message from I. I. Strelkova

"We have a hard battle near Nikolaevka. The enemy is a mass tanks and other equipment pushed our infantry into the village itself and is trying to "squeeze". At the same time, he is trying to cut off Nikolaevka from Semenovka along the "canal" highway. Enemy artillery works continuously. Fire is also underway on Slavyansk. A civilian bus was shot in the area of ​​the bridge across Kazeny Torets. 2 people killed, 3 injured. They shoot everything that tries to enter or leave the city. "

Yesterday at 16: 57

According to a UNIAN news agency, a military plane fell on the ventilation shaft of the Progress mine in the Donetsk region, there are no casualties

A little earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Su-25 crashed at a Dnepropetrovsk airport due to a technical malfunction, the pilot ejected,
The incident occurred at noon on Wednesday, 2 July, when an attack aircraft entered the airport at Dnepropetrovsk.

Thus, the junta has lost more 2 aircraft for today.

Yesterday at 17: 31

Message from I. I. Strelkova

"2 fighter died in battle. Three wounded. The enemy was hit by a tank (unfortunately, he was dragged to the rear).

At the moment, Nikolaevka is surrounded, the battle is between her and Semenovka. The enemy slowly but surely compresses the ring of the environment. Artillery, "Grad", "Hurricane" work on positions and residential areas. The strength of our infantry cannot stop the armada of armor in conditions where for every three of our fighters we have an enemy's armored unit for 1. "

Yesterday at 17: 53

Militias report:

17: 00 (ISC) The shelling of Seversk continues, about a little more than an hour ago, the MLRS worked in the fields behind Staronikolayevka. In the sand, on Chkalov fight.
17: 05 (ISC) Over the Marinka passed the plane in the direction of the Sands.

17: 10 (MSC) From Gornyak (near Ukrainian), skyscraper, heavy artillery firing at Karlovka and Sands.

17: 25 (MSC) According to Karlovka - among our losses there, the destruction during the shelling is not significant. By the very same tank battle under Karlovka, ours were without loss, the dill lost two T-64 and two armored personnel carriers (burned to the ground).

17: 45 (MSC) Fierce battles continue behind Staronikolayevka. In principle, they didn’t stop anywhere else.

Yesterday at 18: 22

Report Cor. "KP" Vadim Sherstenikin:

"They visited the village of Lugansk. In the morning she survived the airstrike. Vanya Yermilov. Yesterday turned 5. Today he died while bombing the village of Lugansk. There were not enough fingers to count all the craters that we got in Lugansk."

Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 2-3 July 2014 of the year

02.07.2014. Vanya Ermilov. Yesterday turned 5 years. Today he died during the bombing of the village of Lugansk.

02.07.2014. The village of Lugansk after the air raid of the Ukrainian army.

02.07.2014. The village of Lugansk on fire after airstrike.

02.07.2014. Funnels after an air attack in the village of Lugansk.

Yesterday at 19: 04

Summary and comments from I. I. Strelkova

“The waterways in the Severodonetsk canal, broken by artillery, through which the water flowed to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk flowed by the artillery.” Now the city is completely without water. The wells will not be able to provide a still large population.
In the center of Kramatorsk again works "Hurricane".

- And what's the point in capturing Slavyanka?

I. I .: “Well, at least to try to destroy the most combat-ready militia units ... And to eliminate, so to speak, the banner. By the way, the city is heavily bombarded with heavy artillery. Apparently, they completely see the meaning.”

- Igor Ivanovich, the problem is that only a few percent of the brave ones are fighting on the land of New Russia. Where are the others? Do they drink beer? Rub your pants on the couches? Is it worth it for the sake of these "citizens" to shed the blood of Russian volunteers?

I. I .: "Tell me, if your brother, who is attacked by a hefty gangster, does not have enough courage to give change, you will stand by and complain:" well, why help you - are you such a coward? "
Here they kill old retired people who have worked all their lives for you. Here women are killed, who in any case cannot give the change to the murderers. "

Yesterday at 19: 13

Reported from Kramatorsk:

"Kramatorsk again underwent a massive shelling by the Ukrainian army. This time the town of Artyomovsky, Noviy Svet, Merry and part of Krasnogorka received a portion of Grada. Around 23: 30 1 of July, the residents of Kramatorsk were awakened by awful rumblings of exploding shells from a rocket launcher. 27 fires of residential houses and more than 100 damaged ones were counted in a preliminary inspection of the scene of the events. Firefighters could not even cover a third of them, people used to extinguish houses with buckets and irrigation hoses. with weapons they note that the villages were saved from complete destruction only that the shells were not napalm, but fragmentation, intended to destroy manpower. "

Yesterday at 19: 17


Dear residents of Kramatorsk!
As a result of the continuation of hostilities, the work of the Seversky Donets-Donbass channel was again stopped.
In this regard, we draw your attention to the fact that, thanks to the availability of water supplies in the tanks, the city filtration station will continue to supply water to the central water supply system, but only until the evening of July 2.
We ask you to make a supply of drinking water in a timely manner and use it rationally.
Delivery of water to the distribution points will not be carried out yet. This is due to the fact that fueling vehicles requires significant financial costs.
Currently, the administration of the city of Vodokanal is negotiating with the company "Water of Donbass" for permission to produce water from the canal in the amount of 10 thousand cubic meters. meters per day. This minimum will allow at least in the evening to provide water to the central (most densely populated) part of the city.
We ask you to be conscious and allow the residents of the upper floors to stock up on water.
The situation is complicated. It is not related to the direct work of the Kramatorsk water utility. However, we apologize for any inconvenience.
We will promptly inform you about the change in the situation.

Administration of the checkpoint "Kramatorsk water canal"

Yesterday at 19: 58

Comment Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

- I think that it’s too early for Russia to get into a mess in which we are actively lured, including killing civilians.

I.I .: "Once upon a time there was a wise minnow ... Then read the tale of Saltykov-Shchedrin - everything is written there. Wait for shame, and then - the war on your territory, if you are afraid to join it in the next one (by the way, also not a stranger ) ".

Yesterday at 21: 24

Brain Summary

"At 6 in the morning, an airstrike was made by the Ukrainian army on the city of Lysychansk and Seversk. In Lysychansk, an airstrike was made at a glass factory, there were wounded. In Seversk, at the end of the air attack, it almost simultaneously worked the GRAD.

During the battles, the militia damaged the 2 of the aircraft, the enemy’s manpower suffered damage in the amount of 70-100 pcs., The loss among the militia was ten people 300. Now the militia are working to strengthen the posts and firing points. From the Ukrainian side, they are starting to push tanks (previously they were pushing armored personnel carriers). "

Yesterday at 21: 52

Summary of the last hours

17: 55 (ISC) Intensive shelling of Kramatorsk from heavy artillery began, Stankostroi district, KMZ, SBU. Work with Karachun.
18: 00 (ISC) In Kramatorsk, the GO siren howls, the gaps are already in the center of the city.
20: 45 (MSC) Shelling started in Karlovka with heavy artillery.
21: 15 (MSC) In the area of ​​the t-shaped Yampolsky intersection there are gaps. There is still no connection with Slavyansk, Semenovka and Nikolayevka. Today, the junta is actively using MLRS of different caliber.
20: 40 (MSK) There is information that another Severoka was shot down near Severodonetsk (LNR) and even the pilot was captured - being checked.
As a result of the massive shelling of the Ukrainian units of the fascists, the Seversky Donetsk-Donbass Canal stopped working, there will be no water in Kramatorsk, if you still have water while you still have a supply of drinking water, it will not be at night.

Yesterday at 22: 15

According to Krasnogorka (DNR), the Smerch was used by the Ukrainian army

According to a local resident: “This is a test that I saw in the garages near the Krasnogorka waste recycling plant. The diameter of the piece of iron is about 290mm, but it is inside the ammunition, so the missile has a caliber likely 300mm. A cassette with split warheads. Many saw explosions in the sky yesterday. Fireworks. Here it exploded in the sky, with a blast of a cassette half stuck into the ground. By caliber it is nothing like the MLRS 9К58 Smerch.

So what's the European convention banning the use of cluster munitions? Notice applied by ordinary civilians, quietly sleeping in their homes at this late hour. The positions of the militias remained untouched.

Yesterday at 22: 58

Kandrashovka and stanitsa Luganskaya today after an airstrike of the Ukrainian army. The atrocities of Ukrainian punishers

We ask you to inform everyone what the "Ukrainian military" is doing. This can not be forgiven.

PS UkroSMI militias blame it is meaningless, they do not have attack aircraft.

Yesterday at 23: 25

New interview with I. I. Strelkov

According to the commander of the militia of Donbass, in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk there are no sources of water supply other than wells.
The commander-in-chief of the Donbass militia, Igor Strelkov, said that after the Ukrainian army blew off the water supply, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk were in a state of humanitarian catastrophe. In the cities there are no sources of water supply, except for wells.

- On July 2, we suffered serious losses. The enemy continues to carry out the task set to him, - declared Strelkov. - The enemy attacked Nikolaevka with the support of a huge number of artillery, shells and tanks. The attacks were carried out both on the militia and on residential areas, as well as on the water conduit.

Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, provided from the destroyed conduit, were left without water. There is no longer an external source of supply, with the exception of wells, for cities.

“This is a humanitarian catastrophe,” Strelkov emphasized. - Apparently, in the framework of the fight against terrorism. Then we attacked Semenovka, there was a hard fight. We were bombarded by a hail of shells. There are dead, wounded. Losses are more than 10 people. Militias managed to knock out a tank. I think in the coming days the fighting in this direction will continue.

Strelkov noted that a civilian bus at Cherevkovka was subjected to shelling. He also stressed that the militia continue to fight in full encirclement.

- Help us wait for nowhere. We really understand that we have Russia, - said the head of the militia of Donbass. “If we lose, it will be a defeat not for a handful of militias, but for the Russian people.” The enemy uses against us new powerful artillery installations, but we will fight to the end.

The difficult situation with water supply has been lasting for a long time. On June 10, Vyacheslav Ponomarev was arrested and removed from the post of mayor of Slavyansk. He was detained for ten days due to his failure to fulfill his official duties. In particular, the mayor did not provide the citizens with water and light. Locals took water from wells or from wells.

Yesterday at 23: 55

Message from the militia

The paratroopers lodged in the Luhansk airport are really starving. A couple of hours ago, the Ukrainians from high altitudes tried to dump their cargo with food and medicine - the wind attributed to p. Provalne (Sverdlovke)
In general, as before, the main supplier for the militia of Donbass is the Earth forces of Ukraine.

Fighting continues in the Saur-Grave area.

Now fiercely shelling Kamenny Brod (Lugansk region).

In Rubezhnoye, the natsgadas are attacking at Staraya Krasnyanka, in the area of ​​Dyakovo and in the Izvarino transition, there is also a shootout.

22: 30 (MSC) From the direction of Marinka towards Karlovka there was shooting with target designation, then a cliff (most likely) worked. Slavyansk still lacks communication and electricity.

23: 00 (MSC) They again bombarded Kramatorsk (17 microdistrict), Yasnogorku, artillery works from Karachun. Ours opened fire on Karachun.

Today in 1: 31

Reports from places

Severodonetsk. Two ukropskih drying changed the numbers - one to "200", the other to "300" (but very much).

Two hours ago, bombed Kamennobrodsky district of Lugansk. Land mines for peaceful homes. What is there is not yet known.

23: 05 (MSC) Kramatorsk shudders. Throw tough. There are dead and wounded. Yasnogorka under dense fire. Disabled gas distribution station.
23: 25 (MSC) There are breaks from the side of the Blue Lakes.
23: 45 (MSC) Over the Kramatorsk drone, the shelling has stopped so far.
00: 05 (ISC) In the Stankostroi area, several gaps were heard again.
00:50 (MSK) Over BD areas Drones, in Kramatorsk there was a lull. As Strelkov already confirmed, Nikolaevka was not taken, so draw conclusions from the evening stuffing about the capture of Nikolaevka.
Slavyansk over the past day: the city is in darkness, there is no connection. In the daytime, the Tselinnoe was strenuously ironed, Semenovka from everything, in the morning they fired from the North tanks. Yesterday at night, Artem’s microdistrict was equated with the land, many civilians were killed, part of the house collapsed along the Boulevard Street.

Today in 2: 14

Summary from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"In Kramatorsk, the militia suffered insignificant casualties today. But the civilian population got tough ... Wait for the refugees ... soon there will be hundreds of thousands at this rate of ATO ...
The village of Artyom was severely beaten. There are high-rise buildings there ... But the losses are relatively small: the shelling barely begins - people rush to basements and shelters. Therefore, those who came under fire at the very beginning of the shelling were killed and injured.
But on the positions today it was sad ... Especially in Semenovka and Nikolaevka. They beat from everything and a lot - from mortars and tank guns to howitzers, "Grada" and "Smerch" inclusive. If it were not for the deep trenches and dugouts, it would be very bad.
Today, two Muscovite volunteers were killed in Semenovka ... Just arrived.
Shell positions. It looks like Semenovka again. There, soon, “Stalingrad” can be removed ... except without high-rise buildings.
To represent the awards and fighters Brain. But so far, for obvious reasons (the blockade did not actually begin yesterday, it only became much more dense yesterday) the distribution of awards is difficult. Outside Slavyansk until the awards did not take place. "

Today in 2: 29

Message from the militia of Slavyansk Alexander Zhuchkovsky

Today was the worst day of my life.

A new group of volunteers (except for two doctors), about which I wrote yesterday, and several local militias in the number of 14 people in the morning 10 left in a minibus from Slavyansk to Semenovka. On the way, the car was ambushed. From the forest, an enemy sabotage group began to fire at us, the number could not be determined. Almost on the move, we jumped out of the car and, shooting back, began to retreat to the territory of the former hospital complex.

Several people fired from behind the car, thus covering the group's departure. From the side of the enemy, the tank hit the car several times. Two died instantly and caught fire with the car. Four who managed to run away from the car at the time of the blows and the explosion, received shrapnel wounds of varying severity: a fragment shattered through the back and arm through, two more wounded on the hands and feet. One of the wounded was the detachment commander Oleg Melnikov, a fragment wounded his hand, he received a concussion. I got rid of bruises from falls and light contusion.

With the wounded (three were walking by themselves, the fourth was carried) retreated deep into the territory. After he continued to shoot the tank, they began to hit with mortars. We took shelter in the basement, rendered first aid to the wounded, called a car from Slavyansk and hospitalized it.

After taking the wounded, waiting for another car, they returned to the battlefield to pick up the bodies of the dead, or rather their remains. All this time, according to Semenovka, tanks and mortars beat. Therefore, the car had to be hidden near the battlefield. The burnt bodies and their fragments were laid on blankets and dragged about 300 meters to the car.

Not tank direct strikes are terrible, although it is very scary. Shelling is not terrible - we are used to them. It is terrible to collect dead comrades in parts under these attacks, the remains of which continue to burn, extinguish the burning blankets on which you carry the remains, and then ride with them in an open body through the whole city in front of civilians. Only a sense of duty to the dead helped us to do all this.

From Semenovka, the remains were taken to the morgue of Slavyansk. On the way to the city, a very dense rain saved us from new blows - at this time the artillery was silent.

The dead volunteers will be buried with honors on the Walk of Fame.
One of the dead, Vladimir, arrived yesterday as part of a group from St. Petersburg. It is not yet possible to identify the second (most likely also from Petersburg).

Oleg Melnikov during the day came to his senses. By evening, we talked about this tragedy and the situation in Slavyansk with Igor Strelkov. I will tell about this conversation later.

Yesterday I published a report on the expenditure of transfers for the needs of the Slavyansk militia and balances on our accounts. All balances will be spent on treating the victims and on helping the families of the victims. I also ask you to support these families, details are listed in my report yesterday: (please make a note to the "families of the dead").

These are the first dead Russian volunteers, of whom I know, from among those whom I helped these month and a half. Later I will write the name of the second deceased, and with the consent of the relatives of their names.

These people are real heroes. On the first day of their arrival in Slavyansk, they performed a feat covering their comrades from enemy fire, and died in an unequal fight.

Everlasting memory...

Today in 3: 01

Comment militia Kramatorsk about the presence of the militia "Gradov"

"I will not decipher anything and explain it. Only a small remark is the range of the Grad rocket launcher with high-explosive fragmentation shells up to 40 km. Karachun in a straight line from Kramatorsk about 5-8 km (depending on where you shoot). How long would Karachun stand?

The statement about the “Grad” of the militias is made only in order to, after applying such a one in the city, again try to shove it to the “inept actions of terrorists”. Likewise, this was done when, after yet another shelling of the airport, ukry decided to shoot from the mortar, and the first shell landed straight into the ... kindergarten Katerinka. Fortunately, the actions were at night, and no one was hurt. But then there was talk in the city that this militia landed in the kindergarten. But here is one "but" - mortar shelling of the airfield was carried out from such a position that in order to get into the kindergarten, the mortar would have to be deployed under 90 degrees, and even that would hardly have happened. Those. the position was far ahead of the injured kindergarten. And on the airfield, by the way, ukry two Grad pulled, I saw myself. "
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  1. Snoop
    Snoop 3 July 2014 06: 27
    The Americans gave the go-ahead - a statement of support for the actions of the Kiev authorities. If they used to decrease, now they won’t. Replenished forces, replaced the personnel and forward. The Yankees must have a little more but threw ammunition and equipment.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 3 July 2014 06: 43
      That's how they do it .....
      1. BYV
        BYV 3 July 2014 07: 01
        Situation on the fronts of the Southeast 02.07.2014

        Southern border. In the battle at Krasnodon (Izvarino) several tanks of the junta were captured. If we add up to a heap all messages from this area, then we can say the following. The plot of the punishers was simple. Walk across the steppe and attack the Krasny Partizan and Izvarino checkpoints. Having received a powerful rebuff yesterday, a second attempt was made today. But on "Izvarino" it seems to turn into defeat. And in the area of ​​Krasny Partizan, judging by the latest reports, the junta is trying to build a checkpoint in this area and dig in. Morning will show how much she can do it. The night will be hot in the area. The junta's weakest point here (as in other areas) is communications. Last night there were 19 attacks on convoys (along the entire front from Svatovo to Dyakovo). This almost always ends with the detonation of the lead vehicle. The junta will not be able to bear such losses for a long time. Not having occupied Saur-Mogila, they gradually lose the initiative and begin to no longer attack, but to protect their communications. I think for a day or two and attacks in this direction will die out just like near Lugansk. And then the operation "saving our rear" can begin
        1. serega.fedotov
          serega.fedotov 3 July 2014 07: 53
          Thank you for the good news! Now it’s clear why the junta again spoke of a ceasefire!
    2. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 3 July 2014 06: 55
      Then trample Russia,
      Washington wants to.
      You can’t give the aggressor
      Eat yourself like plankton.
    3. edge
      edge 3 July 2014 07: 00
      Quote: Snoop
      The Americans gave the go-ahead - a statement of support for the actions of the Kiev authorities

      -..... Well, scho sons, and did your Yankees help you?
    4. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 3 July 2014 07: 08
      Quote: Snoop
      The Americans gave the go-ahead - a statement of support for the actions of the Kiev authorities.

      Yes. You are not mistaken. Today is 03.07.2014/03.07.1941/XNUMX. This is not XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX! This is "just" pindo..snya razvlekuhu arranged - armed a madhouse, giving psychos - sadists their favorite delicacy - a vodka of impunity and incited on the Russians for being Russians! And what about those who seem to be in their right mind? They offered to place some of the psychos on the border of the ghetto, so that the Russians in this ghetto would not be taken in mind by anyone. Finishing off did not prevent the wounded, the sick and the infirm. We must go further! In the bedrooms to the wives of those responsible for making decisions - on the right side - to control the execution. Is it really not clear that all these negotiations with the participation of someone from the junta will go exactly as long as it takes to completely destroy the forces opposing the junta (USA) in the Southeast ?! Everyone understands! The game is such - negotiations. A version for gambling lovers will be on sale soon.
      1. alone
        alone 3 July 2014 11: 49
        And by the way, the Ukrainians drew two Grads to the airfield, I saw it myself. "

        I remembered an article recently. If people remember, some kind of cargo was thrown out of the planes, because of which they had to enter the battle. So the security forces did not have the opportunity to provide an airfield by land. And now it turns out that two degrees were pulled to the airfield. There are only two explanations. Or the information is not true (but it seems that the person saw it himself), or the security forces managed to open a corridor to the airfield, which is more likely.
        The military situation is bad.
  2. shishakova
    shishakova 3 July 2014 06: 29
    Dear Igor Ivanovich! God help you and your militias.
    War is atrocity and mystery, you cannot say everything.
    Hold on. Tears choke ...
    1. Duke
      Duke 3 July 2014 06: 33
      Quote: shishakova
      Dear Igor Ivanovich! God help you and your militias.
      War is atrocity and mystery, you cannot say everything.

      There is one pain in the soul.
  3. saag
    saag 3 July 2014 06: 32
    "... Wait for shame, and then - war on your territory, since you are afraid to join it on the neighboring one (by the way, it is also not a stranger at all)"

    It’s a pity, Igor Ivanovich, that here they prefer to hear something else
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 3 July 2014 06: 46
      Quote: saag
      "... Wait for shame, and then - war on your territory, since you are afraid to join it on the neighboring one (by the way, it is also not a stranger at all)"

      It’s a pity, Igor Ivanovich, that here they prefer to hear something else

      I have long been bothered by a terrible thought. In my opinion, not only the east of Ukraine was leaked ..... belay Everything goes according to the Zbitnev script ....
      1. Kibalchish
        Kibalchish 3 July 2014 07: 05
        What did you want from Putin? His daughters in Europe and the capitals of his oligarch friends there !!!
        What are some millions of Russians to him? He also seized Crimea not for the sake of the people and not even for the sake of the fleet, but because Gazprom's gas contracts for the development of fields were disrupted there.
        1. afire
          afire 3 July 2014 08: 14
          just shut up. all-companion
        2. Frate
          Frate 3 July 2014 08: 58
          Enough to trust Putin's image-makers, he is a "brave conqueror of Crimea"! Crimea was brought to him on a silver platter by the Crimeans themselves! With your real strength and courage! And how not to take advantage of such a gift, after all, the earth is already burning under his feet. But, I failed to take advantage of it, and today all the cowardly oligarchic essence of the government manifested itself. On our sorrow! As Medvedev said yesterday about Poroshenko: "... he made a tragic mistake!" Donbass is flooded with blood - it turns out that it is just a mistake! The Nazis feel the impunity they did in the 30s. But then the whole world stood up against them, and now, practically the world controls them against us!
          1. Don
            Don 3 July 2014 11: 12
            Quote: FREGAT
            By your real strength and courage

            What are you ?! If not for the soldiers of the Russian Federation, then there would be no referendum. The Crimean Golden Eagle, Alpha and self-defense are certainly laudable, but without the support of the Russian Federation and Putin’s decree, nothing would have come of it.
            Quote: FREGAT
            after all, he already has the earth burning under his feet.

            Are you talking about that?
          2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Don
          Don 3 July 2014 11: 06
          Quote: Kibalchish
          He also seized Crimea not for the sake of the people and not even for the sake of the fleet, but because Gazprom's gas contracts for the development of fields were disrupted there.

          Gazprom did not have any contracts for oil or gas production in the territory of Crimea or Ukraine, do not grind nonsense.
    2. Rock2
      Rock2 3 July 2014 08: 51
      Today in the running line Vesti24 slipped:
      Lavrov: Russian Foreign Ministry calls on militias to cease fire ...
      How does he imagine it?
      God bless the militias ...
  4. Revolver
    Revolver 3 July 2014 06: 41
    The Mignews reported that the SU-25 was screwed up while trying to board at the Dnepropetrovsk airport. Obviously, after all, he caught something good from the militia when he messed around.

    Mignews takes a more pro-Ukrainian position, so if they have already reported, it means that it really crashed.
  5. nstarinsky
    nstarinsky 3 July 2014 06: 53
    Horror ... Footage shot to the ruined street bombing just connect 1941 with 2014. No matter how significant the help of people seems to be, which is discussed in various articles, the question of the situation remains completely open. The question is this - is it really a plan to wait for a complete humanitarian catastrophe? As an observer, I have no other conclusions, except that the junta can continue such matters not for a month or two, but for how long it will fit. When i read
    Wait for shame, and then war in your territory, since you’re afraid of joining it in the neighboring one (by the way, it’s also not at all a stranger)

    then more and more this is what looms. The longer this fascist strategy continues, the more the junta itself gets used to it. Apparently the US advisers have no other plans. As long as Igor Ivanovich Strelkov is alive, my hope is also alive. Because no one except him gives reasons for believing in a "bright future". The shooters and people around him are the ONLY one so far.
  6. the righteous
    the righteous 3 July 2014 06: 56
    No words. Fascism in all its glory. And Russia only speaks. The word .. The word .. The word. What are the thoughts of the president of Russia after all this? Once again, some words are true. The most interesting thing is that the Duma and United Russia are silent. They are waiting for an order.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 3 July 2014 06: 57
    I have no words! People are dying - the most honest, noble, brave! Everything is the same as in the Second World War! Eternal memory to them! And every trash sittin 'in the "refugees", and then there will still be the right to download! What about children! CHILDREN! I have grandchildren of this age! Damn you to the seventh generation, NON-HUMAN!
    And also hypocritically on TV, mournfully pursing their lips, they talk about the atrocities of the terrorists and about the "Prosvita" activist tortured in the basement - (the organization of the Ukrobanderovites in the US) "
  8. Moore
    Moore 3 July 2014 06: 58
    If I understand correctly, the dill in the aircraft are trying to compensate for unacceptable damage to the authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, thus forcing them to surrender and flight of the population to the territory of the Russian Federation.
    The owners of ukrov tasks were set and not in the power of their prezik to invent something there. They said to kill - they kill. They will thus be zealous until the last aircraft with an armored personnel carrier.
  9. Yaks
    Yaks 3 July 2014 06: 59
    Something of winning trials from the main ukrogoblin is not heard .... not everything is okay to see ... they started too intensively ...
  10. sv68
    sv68 3 July 2014 07: 05
    it is a pity that the power that has ears prefers to indulge in them and not to listen, otherwise, they would have heard popular indignation over their cowardly position in the massacres of civilians and the militia
  11. Hlivki
    Hlivki 3 July 2014 07: 29
    Judging by the cleanup in the city of Gornyak, they simply destroy us. We will fight back to the last. As in Grebenshchikov's song "We are with you." Personally, I will never lie under the dill. Heavy.
  12. Lyton
    Lyton 3 July 2014 07: 34
    This is not the military, but filthy scum, to kill civilians, children, cattle.
  13. azbukin77
    azbukin77 3 July 2014 07: 41
    The dill junta is supplied by oligarchs. And where are our Potanins, Abramovichs, Alekperovs, Wakselbergs and a bunch of thieves? Honest people collect pennies to help New Russia, and this fifth ... Colon is eating on human blood! GITS !!!!!
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 3 July 2014 08: 41
      Quote: azbukin77
      And where are our Potanins, Abramovichs, Alekperovs, Wakselbergs and a bunch of thieves?

      With Kolomoisky they conduct business, where else can they be.
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 3 July 2014 07: 42
    Yeah, I didn’t think that I would live during the war. Here the artel and MLRS are beating, here are the funnels from bombs and shells. Here are the destroyed houses and victims ... And all this is happening today, next to us, and Russia is participating in this, officially and unofficially. The most figurative thing is that those who want to help the militias will have to shoot their own. Blow up your tank repair factories, your airfields with your planes. Maybe that's why there is no such rise in resistance. Because otherwise it is really possible to start fighting without leaving the porch.
  15. Chapovsky
    Chapovsky 3 July 2014 08: 31
    so, the great Putin leaked new Russia. And the fact that he withdrew the authority to send troops was to see the guarantee that 100% was low.
    Maybe there were still PUTIN FONANATICS who think that this is his strategy in the style of karate or judo? maybe in chess or checkers is this style of play? Do you think we have no disinformation in the news? our army is in a nikokos state. fleet compared to america nikoka. lack of aviation, about a shortage, there are many tanks, but it is only listed. and all the window dressing with the teachings was kept as long as possible. PUTIN CANNOT STOP THE GENOCITY OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE SO AS AMERICA NEEDS A FULL-STAGE WAR, OTHERWISE THE ECONOMY IS BADDING. You think why our city covers the coastline in the Crimea. because the fleet is not able to withstand. CRIMEA NEXT AFTER NEWS. we will approach the war with shame before Novorossiya. and she will be.
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 3 July 2014 12: 09
      Unfortunately Zaputinsky is still missing. And paid too. According to Putin, everything has been clear for a long time.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. ed65b
    ed65b 3 July 2014 08: 49
    The complete impunity of the Ukrainian army is certainly depressing. I don’t even know what to say sorry for the dead. Unfortunately, we can do little and the government is incomprehensible. In general, good luck to the soldiers of New Russia.
  18. Gray 43
    Gray 43 3 July 2014 09: 20
    Tin !!!! I don’t understand, civilians then ??? Why shoot the transport with refugees ??? In 41, the Nazis acted this way, but from history we know that Bandera were so nonhumans that even the Gestapo executioners were uncomfortable. How's the dill's favorite slogan: "Ukpaina -ce Europe", judging by the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, then yes, by the way, there was about the same accuracy, so that more civilians would die
  19. Patriot2012
    Patriot2012 3 July 2014 10: 05
    If the goal of the Americans is to draw Russia into the war and we are afraid of this and do not provide military assistance to the southeast, then knowing the Americans who are doing their thing at all costs, despite all the prohibitions, we can understand that Russia is drawn into the war by any means. The only question is how? As betrayed people who, in essence, fighting for Novorossia defend Russia because the Crimea will be the next target, Poroshenok promised and Maidan will force him to fulfill his promise. And as a result, the same war, but already on its territory, and even as betrayers of New Russia.
    Or am I wrong?
  20. Starmos
    Starmos 3 July 2014 10: 28
    Quote: azbukin77
    The dill junta is supplied by oligarchs. And where are our Potanins, Abramovichs, Alekperovs, Wakselbergs and a bunch of thieves? Honest people collect pennies to help New Russia, and this fifth ... Colon is eating on human blood! GITS !!!!!

    Definitely - scum ...
    1. Collect all this pack - oligarchs, duma, and all their lawyers and property managers - at the Luzhniki stadium, put a laptop with an Internet connected in front of each, each - a soldering iron in the ass (without petroleum jelly) - return all the looted to the state ...
    2. And then to tell the whole world that we all had in mind and with a clear conscience to cut out all the zapadents and those who do not want to understand in a good way ...
    3. And in parallel, here, at home - to cut out the fifth column - from the loss of this "creative" d.u.r.m., the country will not only not collapse, on the contrary - the air will become cleaner ...
    4. And the responsibility for the country and people should be assumed by one person, and if Vladimir Vladimirovich does not accept such responsibility, then a place for him in paragraph 1 ...
    ...Utopia. Rave. ????????
    Minus, m.e.e.p.h ... Happatriotism against the background of internal and external problems of the country - a good mine with a bad game ... What inspired - and said ...
  21. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 3 July 2014 12: 13
    We read and educate ourselves. Especially about "dear allies"
  22. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 3 July 2014 12: 47
    Igor Strelkov: in the morning they burnt Hammer, at night they blew up the bridge across the Kazeny Torets

    Igor Strelkov, 3.07.2014, 11: 26 (Kiev), 12: 26 (Moscow time). Nikolayevka is in our hands. We are in an operational environment, since the only remaining road passed through Rai-Aleksandrovka. Now the battle continues under Nikolayevka. The fire from the PTR burned the armored “Hammer” ukrov. The Ukrainians drew a map of the movement of their troops on the Slavic front. Typical Ukrainian propaganda. Nikolaevka this morning remained in our hands. There was a battle there at dawn - we have one "two hundredth" and one "three hundredth", the enemy also has manpower losses. In addition, Raygorodok has been in the enemy’s hands for more than a month - Ukrainians occupied it earlier than Krasny Liman. They just need to report on any successes, that’s what they are reporting. In reality, they took control only of Paradise-Alexandrovka - there was no garrison in it (we don’t have so many people in every village to defend armored vehicles against the masses). And, judging by the map, soon they will "take" Karpovka (where they have had a garrison for two months and next to which are their main artillery positions for shelling the city). And as for the bridge, the bridge is blown up, but there (in Krivaya Luke) there is another light bridge + they put in a full pontoon ferry. This is a REGULAR ARMY, not a militia. She has all the necessary support units. Tonight they blew up a bridge on the Kharkiv-Rostov highway near Semenovka - across Kazeny Torets. They took care of him for the possible promotion of "dear allies." But now, apparently, they don’t have to wait, and to repulse the enemy’s tanks from this direction, having the enemy from all sides is frankly dangerous. From the very morning the bombing of Semenovka and Nikolaevka continues.
  23. goryacheff2013
    goryacheff2013 3 July 2014 23: 38
    To call dill fascists is too affectionate, there at least something human was visible, at least on the front line. In general, such a thing as fascism will soon come out of use. Another thing appeared - BANDERS, and these are the very last creatures, some Martians. All the evil that could be collected from Ukraine, gathered in one heap and thrown to the east. And in vain their captive mothers return. The more 200s they come, the sooner they will turn on their remnants of suspended zombie brains.
  24. The comment was deleted.