That is what can be said against the background of hysteria spilled on the Internet about the "purchase of Mistral"?

Probably, only the fact that it became very fashionable to give out for one’s opinion about the inexpediency and bordering on sabotage of the “purchase of Mistral”. After all, how pleasant it is to say that no one around understands, but he alone understands everything and knows so much that he can confidently assert that our government is interested in the interests of Russia!

Yeah ... Such an excuse to kick people who are doing at least something for the sake of lifting Russia, and against them, it seems to themselves and in the eyes of others above, better, bolder and smarter)))

Always and at all times it was easy and convenient to say: “And you are doing wrong, not so!” But never did such people do it themselves “because they should” (by their fame). As the saying goes, "teachers divorced" (c)

Our economy, like the economy of the USSR, is focused not only on domestic markets, but also on external ones: Europe, America, the Middle East, the Far East, South America and, of course, the USA. And not only raw materials, no matter how funny it sounds. Procurement of raw materials is always less profitable than its production. That is why present-day Russia and the USSR mine and mine various raw materials and minerals all over the world: in Africa and in Latin America. The current Russian corporations stretched their tentacles to many raw material regions of the world. And the care of our state to provide them with the opportunity to work there for the receipt of taxes and profits from them in the state budget. The simplest example is the march of our squadron to Venezuela. Yes, there, with Venezuela and all that region, there is such a trade that even “poor” Americans turn over and bite their elbows during the day and not only at night!

But for us it’s difficult to understand and evaluate. The main thing to say that everything is in vain! And the Soviet Union in Africa, Negroes helped socialism to build, rather than fill the country's gold reserves, and did not extract rare minerals, which we either did not have, or there were few, or we had the wrong purity! This is an economy in which “even a housewife understands any critic”.

The foreign economic interests of our state are akin to the interests of modern France with its neo-colonial policy.

In Africa, the USSR gave up its positions, then achieved great results. Recall the war in Angola. The one that went on the territory of Namibia. And because of which the prices of our diamonds were creeping up, and De Beers almost went bankrupt. Or the war in Ethiopia. When it broke out between two socialist countries - Ethiopia and Somalia. Huge deposits of manganese - open pit mining and rock purity. It was fabulous. In 1976-78, it was necessary to send there not the Cubans with our advisers, but the marines! The marines performed such tasks to protect the economic and political interests of our state in Egypt, Syria, Angola, Guinea, Yemen, Ethiopia, Vietnam and many other countries. She then showed what our fleet is capable of. Since the beginning of the 60, the Navy’s marines have taken part in 100 combat campaigns. Not really, someone might now think that the Russian marines, which have long been contractual in their majority, do not fulfill the task of protecting the political and economic interests of our state in the regions of Latin America, the Gulf of Mexico, in Central Africa and the Middle East.

The ships of the Navy are escorting and keeping watch in the most pirate-dangerous regions of the World Ocean. And it’s not for nothing that Navy ships carry their service there. Accompanying the caravans of ships is the receipt of money in the treasury of our state either from shipowners or from insurers.

In short, the activities of the ships and units of the Russian Navy today - including the activities directly profitable to the state! Whether it is the fight against piracy and escorting caravans of ships, or the landing of marines to ensure the safety of our citizens.

And it is precisely the ships of the BPC-160 project, better known in Russia by the name of the head combat unit of this type, Mistral, that allows the Russian marines to seize and hold a bridgehead on a foreign shore! In fact, the Mistral will become a full-fledged floating military base capable of carrying out ground operations with the support of heavy equipment and aircraft.

Mistral is a ship for the implementation of distant ocean voyages, an instrument of the foreign policy of our state. Therefore, the appointment is the same as that of the French - that is, expeditionary operations, plus the management of the forces of the fleet as a staff ship.

That is what can be said against the background of hysteria spilled on the Internet about the "purchase of Mistral"?

Quote: “Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and this status imposes certain obligations on our country, in particular, on participation in international humanitarian operations, peacekeeping operations, rescue, evacuation, counter-terrorism and anti-piracy operations. In this sense, the compatibility of Mistral Russian information systems with NATO analogous systems would be very helpful. Based on these tasks, it can be assumed that it would be most rational to base Mistrali, firstly, on the Pacific Ocean, and, secondly, in Sevastopol. From the Black Sea it is more convenient to make trips to Mediumizmka and from there to the Red and Arabian Sea - the center of pirate activity. The action zone of the Far East Mistrals, respectively, will be the Pacific Ocean, the straits in Southeast Asia (also, by the way, the zone of increased pirate activity) and then the Indian Ocean. ”

UDC, that is, universal landing, so far only the United States, France, Spain and South Korea, the Netherlands, and even the Spanish are being built for Australia. And, of course, the Italian aircraft carrier "Cavour" (capable of being used as a vehicle for delivering military equipment in the hangar - to the 50 BMP "Dardo" or 100 of the lightweight Ivco LMV all-terrain vehicle. For this task, a ramp was installed in the rear part. Besides In addition, the aircraft carrier Kavur can perform the function of a command and control ship and hospital.) All other countries have ships (or plans to acquire them) mainly with much more moderate characteristics — amphibious assault ships or amphibious assault ships. And this is precisely the difference in the fact that the DKVD and TDR, as a rule, are much less adapted for long expeditionary tasks. That is, they are not ships of "prolonged presence in remote waters," and in most cases only "transportation and disembarkation." Those. as in our BDK, “the troops are sleeping in hammocks suspended between appliances” (c). This means that when the appearance is similar, their tasks are different, and these are rather just very large transport and landing ships. That is what is needed by secondary states in most cases, and not the solution of expeditionary tasks.

And now, having such a large enough choice, our state decided to associate itself with France. “Why?” Is an absolutely rhetorical question here and now!

From our point of view, the fundamental and fatal disadvantage of all these ships is the presence of American systems there, which makes their purchase not only extremely risky, but also practically unreal. Even assuming the impossible - the consent of the US administration to re-export these subsystems to Russia, such a deal will most likely be blocked by Congress. So the choice in favor of the French is a forced and the only possible solution. Let's not forget that France, along with Germany and Italy, takes the most cooperative, if not to say, friendly attitude towards Russia. In general, the Mistral is more a political than a military-technical choice.

But, and the technical benefit from its acquisition is huge. After all, we do not buy an empty box with an inscription on the side of "Mistral". We buy the ship Mistral, i.e. with full minced meat. And not only stuffed for the most I can not, but also with licenses for the production in Russia everything that is installed on it !!

One clever man described the Mistral as follows:

“It is not difficult to copy the assembly technology, but to build the infrastructure or update the existing one is already the case of the Russian Federation and the grandmother will not cost to measure. And the main technologies of Mistral - electrics, electronics and command posts - in the Russian Federation, with all the desire, you can’t build from your knees in the coming years.

And about the fact that we also have a BDK, I will say it again: Mistral is not just a BDK, and we didn’t have anything like this in the Russian Federation and the USSR (well, maybe at the level of layouts).

Mistral is:

- fully automated ship, crew - 180 people.

- 16 Vertov - hyper-modern hospital on 750 sq.m., can be increased due to the helicopter hangar on a modular basis. To 100 l / s medical staff, of them to 12 surgeons. Level of average euro-town population per 40 thousand inhabitants.

- the first French all-electric ship.

- partially built according to civil euronorms universal

- command ship, with a huge KP amphitheater on 900 sq. m., a powerful server, 160 cable computer posts, 6 ADSL networks, satellite communications and a huge infoshina. All this makes it possible to use the Mistral as the main command ship, which is superior in this AV to the head and can command not only naval formations (AV, NPS, AUG) but also is the main command post for general military operations, with months.

- Minimal logistic support, a huge step forward at the level of crew comfort, command, and landing, which allows you to fully realize the potential for:

- 5000 hours of continuous service, i.e. 210 days per year, can be extended to 350 days if necessary! ”

That's the way it is!

And yet ... all or many have heard of the existence of a package deal. This is when one contract entails the fulfillment of heaps of other contracts. So - the contract for the purchase of "Mistral" is the package that will allow Russia to legally receive a huge number of Western technologies, and even with the permission for our designers to study, borrow and process them !!!

I'm talking about cooperation with the corporation THALES. These are not only SENIT-9 and SIC-21 ASBUs, not only radar and other ship equipment, but also third-generation thermal sights for our army (we only use second-generation tank sights), (( Our designers have long dreamed of disassembling it and looking at its integration into the “battle management system”), and nobody will refuse to look in detail at the integrated I-MAST mast from our designers.

And getting the right to the technology of the ship propulsion "azipods", shipbuilding technologies? United Shipbuilding Corporation on the eve of the construction of a new shipyard on Kotlin Island is very interested in them. The same USK shipyards of USC were not for the sake of stupidly hanging out, after all, from Ukraine with such scandals she bought and took. They will pick up specialists from Ukraine and arrange specialists and special equipment for the construction of huge ships of tons of 200.000 on Kotlin Island.

The most surprising thing is that the conclusion of the Mistral contract ensures the signing and execution of contracts with the Italian Iveco for the production of Italian Lynx armored vehicles and for the construction of a car factory in Naberezhnye Chelny, as well as with the German company Rheinmetall Chempro for the production of “lightweight metal-ceramic” in our company »Armor.

So ... And many of them claim and write that this is wrecking. The words of such hacks can be treated only as nonsense.

Director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko said a couple of months ago: “getting access to their advanced technologies will allow the Russian defense industry to introduce them in the country's factories.”

And finally, there is a phrase that very well characterizes the critics of the purchase of foreign technologies to replace the lack of domestic technologies: “we can do everything, just for some reason, we do nothing ...”
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