Russia will equip the fifth-generation fighter T-50 with the latest weapons

The fifth-generation Russian fighter T-50 (also known as PAK FA - Advanced Aviation Complex of Frontal Aviation), due to which the US recently announced the impending loss of leadership in stealth technology, will receive the latest missiles. The corporation Tactical Missile Armament is working on the creation of the system, the firm’s general director, Boris Obnosov, told Interfax on Wednesday at an aerospace show in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget.

Russia will equip the fifth-generation fighter T-50 with the latest weapons

According to Obnosov, now all the complexes that are prescribed in the tactical and technical tasks for the PAK FA are being tested in a corporation at various stages. "Something weapon came to the state tests, somewhere we even completed the state tests and are now engaged in working out and preparing the first production batches, "the general director added.

As Boris Obnosov stressed, the program for creating a weapon system for the T-50 is coordinated with the course of work on the fighter and divided into two stages. The first stage will continue until the 2014 year, the second starts from the 2015 year. At each stage, weapons systems will be upgraded. In the case of air-to-air missiles, the program assumes a gradual increase in the flight range, an increase in accuracy, and an improvement in all technical characteristics.

The general director of the corporation said that the developer of the fighter, the Sukhoi company, and representatives of Tactical Missile Weapons regularly hold joint meetings at which they verify their actions in this direction. It is assumed that the weapon should be ready by the time the fighter is put into mass production.

Recall that the first flight of the PAK FA took place on 29 on January 2010 of the year in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. This fighter combines the function of a strike aircraft and a fighter. It is equipped with a fundamentally new avionics complex, integrating the function of an "electronic pilot" and a promising radar with a phased antenna array.

In the internal compartment of the fighter, both air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles can be placed. In the air-to-air class, these are long-range and short-range missiles, as well as medium-range missiles. In the air-to-surface class, anti-ship missiles, modular general-purpose rockets and guided X-bomb bombs of 250 kg can be placed in the internal compartment.

The aircraft can also carry guided missiles for various purposes and bombs up to 1500 kg in external hangers.

The 49 th Air Show at Le Bourget opened on June 20 and will run until 26. The number of companies participating in the event this year for the first time exceeded 2100. Russian aircraft, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the amphibious aircraft Be-200, also take part in the flight program of the cabin.

The Russian exposition covers an area of ​​1700 square meters. 56 Russian organizations that brought to France 262 the names of military and civilian products, including airplanes, helicopters and missiles, take part in the showroom. Russian combat aircraft are presented only in the form of layouts.
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