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OJSC "Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant" Kupol "will take part in the International Exhibition" KADEX-2014 "

The latest models of the Tor-M2U, Tor-M2KM anti-aircraft missile systems in modular design, as well as the Osa-AKM complex, will be presented by Izupky Electromechanical Plant Kupol in Kazakhstan at the III International Exhibition KADEX-2014

IEMZ Kupol ( will participate in KADEX for the first time and will present at the exhibition the Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile system (ZRK), which took part in the Parade on Red Square 9 in May 2014, as well as models of the latest development "Tor-M2KM" in the stationary version and on a semi-trailer. The company’s exposition will also include a modernized Osa-AKM air defense system.

SAM "Tor-M2U" was adopted by the army of the Russian Federation in 2012 and is designed for air defense tank and motorized rifle formations on the march and in a combat situation, as well as the most important military and state facilities.

The complex effectively fights at short range with all types of existing means of air attack, including low-flying, actively maneuvering, small-sized, and also made using stealth technology, and has no analogues among Russian and foreign air defense missiles in its class. The high degree of automation allows you to detect and rank the danger of 48 targets. Compared with the previous version of the Tor-M1 air defense system, the number of guided missiles simultaneously firing at targets increased from 2 to 4, the target detection range (from 25 to 32 km) and the defeat range (from 12 to 15 km) increased by more than a quarter ).

The autonomous module Tor-M2KM is a new development of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern and JSC IEMZ Kupol, which can be placed both permanently and on any customer's chassis with a payload of at least 20 tons. According to the combat characteristics, it is absolutely similar to Tor-M2U. Currently, such a module is installed on the chassis of the Tata-motors for participation in the tender for the supply of air defense in India. The ground tests of this complex, carried out in 2013, showed excellent results.

Thor complexes are one of the best-selling Russian air defense systems. They are in service with more than 10 countries of the world.

As a promising direction, the company also considers the modernization of the previously produced Osa complex, which is in service with more than 20 countries of the world.

Modernization is carried out simultaneously with the overhaul. The element base is completely replaced, analog computing means are replaced by digital ones. This allows you to get a modern automated means of dealing with elements of high-precision weapons, manned aircraft and UAVs.

After upgrading, the air defense system is capable of hitting targets at speeds up to 700 m / s at a distance from 1,5 to 10 km. Significantly increased noise immunity. The crew size is reduced from 4 to 3 people. At the same time, a major overhaul of the components and assemblies is being carried out, which ensures the extension of operation to 15-20 years.

Samples will be presented at the stand of the Concern Air Defense "Almaz-Antey", which includes KEMU IEMZ, in pavilion No. 3, stand 303.
We invite you to visit the exhibition from 22 to 25 in May 2014, get acquainted with the latest models of air defense equipment and get advice from our experts.

Reference Information: III International Exhibition "KADEX-2014" and the prospects of domestic air defense systems in the international market
The international exhibition of armaments in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Defense Expo, KADEX) is held from 2010, under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the republic. The event will be held in Astana from 22 to 24 in May of 2014. More than 200 exhibitors from various countries offering the widest range of products for the armed forces are expected to attend.

The air defense systems of the IEMZ Kupol OJSC will be presented in the “Aviation and aviation weapons, air defense systems and facilities. ” An important circumstance actualizing the section's exposition is the signing in December last year of an agreement on the creation of a unified regional air defense system in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Air defense systems are currently one of the most successfully sold products of the Russian military industrial complex. According to the rating of the authoritative yearbook SIPRI, published at the beginning of the year, the Air Defense Concern JSC Almaz-Antey rose over the year to 8 positions and took the fourteenth place among the world's leading suppliers of weapons systems, and maintained leadership among Russian companies (http: //www.sipri .org / research / armaments / production / Top100). During the exhibition, a number of meetings and negotiations with representatives of countries of near and far abroad are planned.
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  1. Yellow white
    Yellow white 19 May 2014 16: 29
    More cars, good and very !!!!
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 19 May 2014 16: 50
      Even the old OSA does not feel bad after make-up. It will be good for 3 countries where money is not so hot, but good air defense is needed. So come, buy a product for customers for every taste and color, and there are also flexible prices! smile
  2. SS68SS
    SS68SS 19 May 2014 16: 31
    You need to sell good equipment, and keep the best for yourself ...
    Profitable contracts to you, factory workers ...
  3. Giant thought
    Giant thought 19 May 2014 16: 35
    Great examples of modern military equipment, pride bursts with the thought that all these masterpieces are created in our country, Russia. Honor and praise to the creators of these protectors of our sky!
  4. marshes
    marshes 19 May 2014 16: 39
    Exactly what is needed!
    Modular types can be installed on high-rise office buildings.
  5. nikrandel
    nikrandel 19 May 2014 16: 43
    The treasure of the domestic defense industry.
    No one will encroach on our sovereignty when we have such weapons in our arsenal!
    More defense orders!
  6. yulka2980
    yulka2980 19 May 2014 16: 45
    The best is not worth demonstrating, perhaps it’s also useful to yourself as a hidden ace in your sleeve laughing
    1. vsoltan
      vsoltan 19 May 2014 16: 48
      I think not one ace is still hidden in the sleeve love
  7. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 19 May 2014 16: 55
    The best air defense weapon in RUSSIA. Buy and don’t sleep. good
  8. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 19 May 2014 16: 55
    Someone will not surpass Russia in the near future in missile technology and air defense!
  9. Lesorub
    Lesorub 19 May 2014 16: 55
    The production of new equipment is very good !!! (But modern technology must be mastered first of all by its own Army) !!!!!!!!! And rightly the article says for the modernization of other combat vehicles (for example, "Wasp" and ours still in service with other countries - this is to strengthen defense enterprises + filling the budget) !!!!
  10. Zymran
    Zymran 19 May 2014 16: 56
    I’m going to the exhibition and taking a look.
    1. marshes
      marshes 19 May 2014 17: 03
      On Echo ... it was, the Swiss voted against the purchase of 22 Fluppens for 3.5 billion.
      1. Orc-xnumx
        Orc-xnumx 19 May 2014 17: 18
        Quote: marshes
        On Echo ... it was, the Swiss voted against the purchase of 22 Fluppens for 3.5 billion.

        There is 3.14ndosovka filling, and after Libya everyone began to think, will the equipment work if there is a disagreement with the manufacturer?
        1. Zymran
          Zymran 19 May 2014 17: 25
          And that something did not work in Libya?
      2. Semurg
        Semurg 19 May 2014 21: 16
        Quote: marshes
        On Echo ... it was, the Swiss voted against the purchase of 22 Fluppens for 3.5 billion.

        It turns out that one Grippen costs more than 150limons Baku, something painfully turns out expensive. For air defense systems, the TOP seems to be a good system, probably at a price suitable.
        1. marshes
          marshes 19 May 2014 21: 40
          Quote: Semurg
          It turns out that one Grippen costs more than 150limons Baku, something painfully turns out expensive. For air defense systems, the TOP seems to be a good system, probably at a price suitable.

          It turns out that it smells of corruption there. If with Brazil a contract for 4.5 billion for 36 aircraft, I calculated 125 lyamas.


          According to the Torah, let's see what happens.
          1. Semurg
            Semurg 19 May 2014 21: 51
            Does it smell like corruption? shed balm for the soul laughing , otherwise I thought it was our national disease. And if the Swiss in a referendum block a corruption deal, they respect and respect. We should look at their experience. There are only 17 million of us (the size of one big city) and it’s easy to implement an electronic system (for the benefit of certificates come with chips), and to carry out important and controversial issues through electronic referenda.
            1. marshes
              marshes 19 May 2014 22: 04
              Ours need to "scuffle" the entire aircraft fleet. That can be modernized, that we must not let them stand on airfields with models.
              And so there are interesting models of the Czech L-159 and Korean KAI T-50, Yak-130 and Italian Aermacchi M-346. But they should be Stuffed, even if the container-type target designation system would stand.
          2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  11. mig31
    mig31 19 May 2014 16: 57
    Sell ​​to those who defend themselves against the terrorist number one-mattress America ...
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 19 May 2014 17: 05
      quote-"IEMZ" Dome " ( will participate in KADEX for the first time and will present Tor-M2U models, which took part in the Parade on Red Square in 9 on May 2014, and models of the latest development at the exhibition "Tor-M2KM" in the stationary version and on the semi-trailer.

      citation- The exposition of the enterprise will also include the modernized complex of the Osa-AKM air defense system
  12. Orc-xnumx
    Orc-xnumx 19 May 2014 17: 13
    It will certainly be interesting for customers to give old analog equipment for modernization, and get the latest digital!
  13. 19 May 2014 17: 17
    Quote: Black and White
    More cars, good and very !!!!

    got ahead !!! GOOD AND BEST !!! soldier
  14. Palych9999
    Palych9999 19 May 2014 17: 19
    Why are MANPADS carrying so few missiles: 2-4, because they use the entire location complex, all (well, almost all) crew members, the transport "module" and what? Shot 2 times and all 40 tons of iron - "dry residue".
    Why can not front-line and object MANPADS be equipped with a PACET of combat components, 12-16 missiles?
    Well, let them carry them in a container module, such as on a trailer, is it really that difficult?
    1. Rock
      Rock 19 May 2014 23: 55
      number of simultaneously controlled
  15. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux 19 May 2014 17: 20
    It looks very elegant!
  16. 19 May 2014 17: 21
    Quote: cerbuk6155
    The best air defense weapon in RUSSIA. Buy and don’t sleep. good

    Maybe sleep well ??? And then something is just a bad shitty recommendation!
  17. Arh
    Arh 19 May 2014 17: 33
    I wish our success !!!
  18. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 19 May 2014 17: 58
    At arms exhibitions of any level ... we have something to offer.
    Good marketing involves participation in exhibitions ... and sales are the key to long-term programs to support the operation and modernization of weapons.
  19. yrion
    yrion 19 May 2014 18: 01
    Good weapons in good hands, with smart commanders, a guarantee of a quiet sleep among the people with this and a headache, leading to tantrums of all enemies. Go ahead, good luck!
  20. Nelepost
    Nelepost 19 May 2014 18: 36
    Please pay attention to the statement Palych9999 about the trailer with a container module of missiles.
    Maybe someone knows why this option is not used?
    1. sv68
      sv68 19 May 2014 19: 48
      nelepost-I know, but I will not say laughing but seriously, the idea is not new, but ... it’s BUT it’s just in certain circles that such a complex is 1-not needed competitor to other complexes is special for the near air defense system, 2-it is believed that the container version is more vulnerable, more difficult to repair and operate
  21. muhomor
    muhomor 19 May 2014 19: 22
    The wasp gives the impression of the mountain that gave birth to the mouse. Three radars, a heavy vehicle, will not pass under each bridge, and will not fire in motion. And the range is only 10 km. Compared to carapace, not ice.
  22. voliador
    voliador 19 May 2014 21: 08
    Kazakhs need something to fight off democratizers laughing .
  23. Soviet_Union
    Soviet_Union 20 May 2014 06: 49
    Quote: voliador
    Kazakhs need something to fight off democratizers laughing .

    Well, even if there is no one to fend off yet, we have an army. Let the troops learn, shoot and SaryShagan is not idle.