Results of the week. “In our cooperative, the board is always agreed”

Will "democracy" step into the Arctic? ..

Earlier this week, Sergei Shoigu held a conference call - the first after long New Year and Christmas holidays. During the meeting, among other topics discussed the theme of the plans of the Ministry of Defense for the near future. The Minister noted that the priorities for the military at this stage are: training contract servicemen, creating high-quality infrastructure in the Arctic, creating the National Center for Defense Management of the state, and ensuring the safe conduct of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The restoration of a number of military facilities in the Arctic zone, which has been implemented recently, has attracted the heightened attention of the "partners". And it attracted both at the level of the press, and at the level of very high-ranking officials. One of these officials was the head of the US Navy, Jonathan Grinert, who said that the States urgently need to transfer additional submarines to the Arctic and introduce destroyers - this, you know, so that the balance of forces is not disturbed.

And why should the American “partners” have a trifle? It is possible to place several platforms with anti-missile defense systems (well, as if against the Iranian and North Korean threats), deploy a full-fledged military base with some impressive Hollywood-Pentagon-type name “Frost-Resistant Democracy”, attract all “allies” such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - and everything - the parity has almost been restored ... Some people under the guise of environmentalists are already trying to “restore parity” on their own. Greenpeace, Grinert - what an interesting, casual consonance ...

Comments from our readers:

Cockroaches were crammed. The bear came out of hibernation, so build with ... the free life is over!

According to the commander-in-chief of the United States Navy, Washington urgently needs to take down the transfer of destroyers and additional submarines to the Arctic region, otherwise the United States will significantly lag behind Russia in the Arctic, and "the balance will not be in favor of democratic forces."

Here it is, the quintessence of the policy of the United States - "brothers, our God-chosen people are trying to move away from the trough!"

And we urgently prepare a dozen self-propelled unmanned icebergs.

Primakov. Information strike on neoliberalism

Earlier this week, the chairman of this club, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Primakov spoke at the meeting of the Mercury Club, an institution for the formation of active interaction between business and government. Evgeny Maksimovich from September 1998 to May 1999 headed the government of the Russian Federation. Primakov’s speech came out very sharp, and the main critical arrows of the former prime minister were addressed, as he himself called them, to the neoliberals - people who today pretend to know how to manage the Russian economy.

Evgeny Maksimovich got the nuts from those people who continue to keep the “sacred image” of privatization above their beds, calling everyone and everything to once again believe that it is privatization and the final withdrawal of the state from the economy that will lead Russia to a bright future. True, the active economists, whom Primakov dubbed neoliberals, are modestly silent about what they mean by the term "Russia" is not at all the 143,5 of a million of its citizens, but an exceptional hundred oligarchs who have managed to concentrate a substantial part of the domestic economy. All the rest - millions of us - for the "worshipers" for privatization mechanisms and for inflating the banking bubble, this is plankton, which fills the impressive volumes of the environment, and which can be nice to eat, opening a big mouth ... However, all plankton cannot be allowed for a snack, because once in a certain period, he receives an "important" status - ELECTORATE.

Comments from our readers:

What is needed now is not clever, but devotees. If Ye.M. Primakov were at the helm, he would not allow to rob and ruin the country with impunity. As soon as he really undertook to restore order in the economy as a prime minister, he immediately crossed the road to this insatiable locust, called the elite, and less than a year later he was dismissed ...

Primakov and his age are more adequate than our MINISTERS and their deputies!

I think the Chinese model is more suitable for us. It has long been necessary to take in the "bridle" local oligarchs. I think in the hour of "X" these people will maximally rock the boat, called "Russia". "Managers" are afraid to lose the stolen. Many of them believe that the West will forgive them for their "mischief." Primakov - well done. Shame "cursed."

Radio Liberty was excited by the problems of the Uzbek army

The thirty million population of the Republic of Uzbekistan accounts for slightly more than 60-ty thousand "bayonets" in the ground forces, air force, air defense and internal troops. It is noted that this is one of the most combat-ready armies in Central Asia, and the large size of the draft contingent allows you to select the best young men for service. Many mothers complain that their healthy sons are not taken to the army, and then through intermediaries they offer to “solve the problem” for $ 300, which is very big money for Uzbekistan.

This information was provided by the Radio Liberty branch in Uzbekistan. And the radio also mentioned that many Uzbek guys of military age are precisely why they go to Russia to earn a bribe to get into the ranks of the Uzbek army ... So, it turns out, what is the reason for Russia's attractiveness for hundreds of thousands of young residents of Tashkent, Navoi, Bukhara and other large and not at all large settlements of the republic ...

Well, what are you going to do - our "freedom-loving" "colleagues" from the state of the specified radio station, you know, again, everything is not satisfied. In Russia, Radio Liberty employees are extremely worried about careless military commissars or representatives of draft medical commissions who are able to take bribes from potential conscripts to keep them from getting away from Mommy’s skirts; in Uzbekistan, the radio station is worried about the opposite.

So what, then, will suit Radio Liberty? Apparently, with his publications about the insurmountable desire of the youth of Uzbekistan to serve in the army, the RS pushes Karimov to make him "go forward" and increase the number of the Armed Forces several times - so that everyone has enough space ... So then let them just say: supposedly worried that the army of the aforementioned Central Asian republic, although strong, but small, we want, they say, the scale of invincible and legendary ... Well and, accordingly, Radio Liberty would definitely suit the reduction of the Russian army to 150-200 - not more and so We all “optimized” by all means in the epaulets and orders from the Pentagon “for loyalty to freedom and democracy” sat in their easy chairs.

In general, it is clear that this radio, as always, has its own wave, as is clear, and from where this wave is caught up ...

Comments from our readers:

They could have killed two birds with one stone: they can recruit the army with the best recruits, and replenish the country's budget with bribes.

In Russia, in the Caucasian republics, the same situation, the call is extremely limited,
and without service in state structures you will not be arranged.

Of course, it is bad that they pay money to get into the army, but even worse when the traitors pay off the army!

Dead at 99%

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that Doku Umarov was dead. “Now there is evidence that he was indeed destroyed, although the corpse itself has not yet been found, we are looking for it,” Kadyrov added.

Ramzan Kadyrov:
We have long been on 99% sure that Umarov was destroyed during one of the operations. Now there is evidence that he is not alive.

If Kadyrov and his associates continue to “search for the corpse,” then where did the head of Chechnya have 99-percent confidence that Umarov went to another world? It turns out that Ramzan Kadyrov from somewhere received a record of a conversation between certain “emirs”, at which they sympathize with each other, declaring Umarov's death and discussing the candidate as his replacement.

The evidence base presented by the head of the Chechen Republic, to put it mildly, is strange. If Umarov was destroyed, then who destroyed, when, where and, most importantly, with what help, if after such destruction they still cannot find his “mortal body”? Mr. Kadyrov’s remarks are even more strange because representatives of the Russian special services are not inclined to consider Umarov dead. Rather alive than dead - a kind of rehash of statements by representatives of Russian law enforcement officers, with whom, apparently, Ramzan Akhmatovich did not share the very film with the voices of the "emirs". And, in the end, maybe one of those whose voice Kadyrov heard on the tape just died a yard dog, which he called Doku Umarov for his vile nature at the time, and now he is looking for a replacement for the departed dog ... Henceforth 99 % ...

Well, by and large, I would like Kadyrov to be right with respect to the real Umarov ...

Comments from our readers:

Another dubious tick about the destruction of a gangster. There should be reports on the prevention of terrorist acts and the role of the population of the North Caucasus in the destruction of underground gangs.
When the peoples of the Caucasus say NO to the bandits, then there will be no breeding ground for terrorism.

There are such reports, but they are not interesting to liberasts.

Base at Paphos

The authorities of Cyprus allowed Russia to use the Andreas Papandreu airbase near the city of Paphos. Cypriots also allowed the Russian Federation to deploy their naval vessels in the port of Limassol.

Results of the week. “In our cooperative, the board is always agreed”

It is noted that at first, the air base will be used exclusively by EMERCOM planes of Russia, while military aircraft are not yet allowed to use the resources of the air base.

It is noteworthy that such information came not from officials from Moscow or Nicosia, but from journalists from the Cyprus Weekly edition. At the disposal of the publication was the plan of the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, according to which (the plan) Russia may soon begin to equip the airbase. The official authorities of Cyprus did not confirm this information, but, remarkably, no one denied it.

It must be recalled here that about 2 years ago, Russia allocated a loan of 2,5 billion euros to Cyprus on very benign conditions. Ever since then, there was talk that Moscow donated money to Nicosia "for a reason."

Of course, the information that Cyprus provides Russia with the territory for an air base, and even finally approves of the visits of Russian military ships to the ports of Cyprus, caused a real shock in the United States and other countries of the North Atlantic Alliance (Cyprus itself is not a member of NATO). Washington, London, Brussels - on a sedative ... Then the Arctic with military airfields, the Kaliningrad region with the "Iskander", here is another Cyprus with an air base - "where can I go," as they say ...

If the agreement between Nicosia and Moscow is really reached, then there is a clear revenge from the Cypriot leadership for the fact that Western "friends" recently so unceremoniously climbed into the economy of the island, skimming the cream in favor of their own budgets. Like, climbed into our banks - call the Russian Bear!

Comments from our readers:

Yes. Ignite ours lately. It's nice, so much horror!

Again, the hawks on validol, do not protect the health of enemies.

Here you have a small aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.

Wow, someone with a place of service will be lucky! I propose to send there those who served on the new polar airfields!

Where to hold a rally?

The Moscow mayor’s office is not coordinating a rally at Manezhnaya Square against Islamophobia and Caucasophobia, in which up to a million people have been announced.

An application for such a large-scale rally was filed on 26 in January, however, the Moscow government said that Manezhnaya Square was not suitable for public events and nothing had been held there for a long time.

The organizers of the prepared action considered that the main direction of “Islamophobia” and “Caucasophobia” in Russia was “persecution” of lawyer Murad Musayev and a ban on girls from wearing hijabs in Russian secondary schools. What can I say - the questions, of course, are so global that without gathering a million “guests” of the capital at Manezhnaya Square (it’s a pity that it’s not in the Red or Cathedral Square) here, well, you don’t get by any way. Yes, and also had to gather, apparently, certainly "bright." For example, park your tinted cars right next to the monument to Marshal Zhukov, shoot the hijabs in the air, dance in the Alexander Garden - so that the “phobia” would be reborn into true All-Russian love ...

Thank God, there are sensible people in the Moscow mayor's office who have figured out what such a rally, which is more like a blatant provocation, can result in, and have declared their refusal to hold it. However, the organizers believe that the refusal is illegal, and now they are ready to seek a rally in another part of the Russian capital.

By the way, what is it of all the fighters against “Islamophobia” and “Caucasophobia” so pulls a millionth march in Moscow. Our country is large, and there are many more open sites in it for holding processions of those people who believe that in the Russian capital or other large cities of the central part of Russia they have been denied their rights. On Novaya Zemlya alone, such a rally can be organized - Mama Do not Cry! .. And what a roomy press center of ice blocks and frozen bear dung on the archipelago can be built for sympathetic media! So many places for free parking! ..

Comments from our readers:

This is the direct imprint to hold such meetings before the Olympiad ...

I think I can come with friends and relatives to Easter in Makhachkala or Grozny, under the Malinka Gopak Kalinka dance in the central square and after all this (if I stay alive and gather everyone who is alive and in good health) go back to the square and arrange rally against RUSSOPHOBIA and ORTHODOX!

If the rally had been allowed, then he himself would have become the simplest explanation and illustration of the reasons for Caucasophobia))) It would have obviously not ended quietly.

C-300 substitute

Tehran is looking for a replacement for the C-300 Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM).

"We will insist on the implementation of the previously reached agreements and, given the very close ties of Iran and Russia, we hope to resolve the problem in an acceptable way," said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawar Zarif.

It should be noted that here we are not talking about the rejection of Iran’s military-technical partnership with Russia after President Medvedev put a bold cross in 2010 year in the form of his signature on documents on C-300 systems delivered to Tehran. This mainly concerns the possible supply by Russia of more modern anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran. That is, the approximate meaning is as follows: if the "Medvedev" ban touched C-300, then in order to get around this ban, you can put Tehran, for example, "Antey-2500" (C-300ВМ). Only here is the same Mr. Zarif immediately noted that "Antey-2500" does not meet the needs of Iran, and therefore we are not talking about its deliveries from Russia. Now here we are sitting and wondering: whether the C-300ВМ anti-aircraft defense system is really unable to satisfy Iran for some reason, or the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry simply followed the path of conspiracy - after Medvedev’s decision of the 2010 model of the year, conspiracy in this matter is not true. will hurt.

Comments from our readers:

Well, C-400 is more interesting to them than C-300. No brainer that Iranians will want a fresher decision. Especially since the world is slipping into the field of droneless, etc. Yes, these statements are more test for the reaction of Israel and the Saudis. Russia simply needs to sell it to them in order to maintain balance in this region.

C-400 and / or C-500 fit?

Tariff "Lucina"

One of the central Russian themes of the coming 2014 of the year is the introduction of so-called social norms for energy consumption. Regional officials are intensively engaged in calculating how much "normal" families spend kilowatts per hour. Some accountants assure citizens that you should not panic: heck The "limit" is not as bad as it is painted. Others explain that they will not have to refuse from kettles and refrigerators. Still others are joking: but they will have to abandon freezers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. The fourth are annoyed, stomping their feet and reminding the stupid electorate that the state has joined the WTO and, therefore, everything in Russia should cost the same as in the progressive West, including electricity.

Well, what about the president? And he, as the media says, at the congress of the All-Russian Popular Front сказалthat it is impossible to hurry with the dissemination of the experiment on social norms for the other utility services and other regions, because there are certain social risks in it.

Ordinary demagogy: the mention of "other services" means that soon people will be hit from all directions, and "you can not rush" means only that in 2013, the government limited itself to experiment, and in 2014, it will introduce definitively and irrevocably.

The Kremlin will land citizens on elektropayek. Including limits is the right time: elections-2012 are already forgotten, and before elections-2018 is still far away, and by that time people will get used to the norms. In addition, it will be possible to put forward a powerful election slogan to increase the "limit". Convenient, isn't it? The electorate has a short memory ...

Comments from our readers:

Soon, as in the fairy tale "Chipollino", we will pay for rain, thunder, thunder.

The main law of any democratic capitalist economy is simple: THE FINAL CONSUMER PAYS FOR EVERYTHING.
That is, we are with you, dear citizens of the Russian Federation.
Look news central channels, we are directly hammered: "You have to pay more" - under the guise of "saving" electricity. "Experts" all kinds of speakers, they tell about Europe-America.
And what about the climatic conditions, at least a word? .. We have a winter of 7-8 months in fact in Siberia. And in your house? .. Water supply is on electricity (I keep quiet about heating, repairs, household works).
This is another anti-popular law, lobbied by oligarchic groups.
But however again, the “Russians”, we will swallow in silence and we will shout: “Putin is our president !!!”
How much nonche give for calling for the overthrow of power?

Alexander I
If everything turns out well, then the order or the street will be named after you. If unsuccessfully - 13 years in prison.

... Familiar from "Energosbyt" said that the cost of email. Energy at the Volga hydroelectric station was in that year 24 cop. per kWh Calculate how many intermediaries fry without producing anything. Moreover, most of the turbines are not in operation, they do not allow extra energy into the market. In order not to bring down the price. Energy from nuclear power plants should cost a penny. I support what was said earlier: there is a massive war with the Russian people. To destruction.

We are taught that the country does not owe us anything, but we have to give ALL to the country !!! And a little bit more (to feed the bureaucrats). Something does not want to live in such a country. It is curious, and the people who invented such “rules of the game” measured themselves for three lives each time? Or feel McLeod? I am calm as an elephant in life, but if my family is driven into a dead end, I can do wonders. And now let's imagine that there will be several million such driven elephants, and they will not want to change the country (like me)! Are they not at all scary? Earth is a small planet. You will not hide for a long time ...

Alas, everything is so. Putin’s advocates increasingly resemble members of a totalitarian sect with completely brainwashed (or completely absent) and lack of organs of perception of the outside world. There are those who easily make a deal with conscience for the sake of their material well-being, inextricably linking their interests with “stability”. Therefore, I personally lost the desire to argue with these “devil's advocates”!

... We in the Nizhny Novgorod region. tariffs change when the governor wants ... And so that the people in these schemes can not figure it out! I have a 2 group, and I am retired with almost no experience, so the 6700 pension is p. This is with surcharges ... A year ago, they were disconnected from the boiler room, and in our 4-apartment building they put everyone an email. boilers. In winter, frost hit and had to increase the heating, and then not to the maximum. And when the receipt and the 9000 bill arrived, my mother and I were shocked. Her pension is lower than mine at 300. So just count how much money will go purely on heating. And sometimes you also want to eat and sit at the computer ... I would not mind if our governor, who loves to sing on the people, will give both DAM and BOBA for the winter to our homes with their families and our pensions, and there they may understand governors, how people live outside the walls of the Kremlin and outside the Moscow Ring Road! The only pity is that this will never happen, and I would like to ...

Hi Oleg! Thank you for the article! I read the comments and think: where are the old pro-Putin sentiments? This is not about you, this is about the former mass of enthusiasm and squeaks on the "IN" branches, as BB does everything cool, what a good fellow he is, etc.
Many years ago I changed my attitude towards him (the president). Here I look at him: cool guy like! It has to itself - after EBN, so in general, the savior is straight! But the enthusiasm was over long ago, the good of my wise father, God rest his soul, at one time explained to me what was happening, opened his eyes, so to speak, and I looked at many things in a completely different way ... it became melancholy and dreary somehow in my heart.
I have always said and said: yes, Putin is beautiful and seems to be setting out the case, looks decent against the background of “colleagues”, it is nice to see straight! Yes, Putin is great in foreign policy! Yes, Putin makes slowly treat with respect to the Russian Federation and reckon with it! BUT!!! What happens inside the country is terry lawlessness and anarchy !!! Bureaucratic arbitrariness and complete impunity (not counting the spectacular landings of particularly annoying and inappropriate rulers) !!! Complete lack of influence and fear among subordinates !!! Take the theft in Sochi, in the MO ... yes EVERYWHERE !!! The universal corruption of one and all, from kindergartens to the Kremlin !!! Putin, where are you ??? I understand that he, on the one hand, should not directly deal with everything! BUT!!! He is simply OBLIGED to force to do this to ALL those people who should be engaged in solving problems for which they were put in their chairs !!! If he cannot do this, then why is he needed at all, such a president, to sharpen the clutter - “wet the toilet”?
There is an absolutely wonderful comment that the state only takes, completely refusing any obligations !!! Everything is shifted to the shoulders of the Russians, absolutely everything !!! And this "energy ration" is just another nail in the lid of the coffin called RUSSIAN PEOPLE !!! It's a shame, sadly, against ...

The initiative is doubtful, but it makes the owners better understand the relationship with the housing and utilities department.
We have introduced social norms from September. Some changes have not come. Home refrigerator, 2 TV, two computers, washing machine, kettle and all small things. Sotsnorm 190 kWh, month by month I fall into the limits of social norms. The same and on the ODPU. 3,50 per kilowatt. In a month, the 4-700 rubles are obtained for a family of 750-s.
What has changed is the local housing department did not bother with the calculations, and now we pay directly to the supplier. From the second month, they began to “play about” with the ODSU readings, increasing them 2-3 times. But, unlike in previous years, tenants quickly realized that it was worth defending their rights. They organized a meeting, chose an initiative group to verify the testimony of general house counters. As a result, already for the month 4 recalculated cheat previous, and everything returned to the normal range. Now we are discussing the issue of repairing the basement and replacing pipes, which was not the last 20 years.
My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with social norms. Moreover, this is most likely the “easy form” of subsidies to retirees in the context of future tariff increases. At a minimum, it stimulates people to save energy. I myself replaced the conventional lamps with energy-efficient ones as far back as 2008, and did not regret a single day. Some still have not changed a single time.
So all sorts of "apocalypses" for our people should not be drawn and frighten too. Why is this done and why do we need to save, and not increase the generation? Well, probably our country has a slightly different outlook on the future. It is not so important how much each kilowatt costs, because for the production you still need to burn a few kilograms of fuel. So it is better not to measure consumption with the West, but to develop energy-saving technologies. One of the computers is a laptop, and it does not consume 60 kW per month, as described in the article.

And will you get back to normal 65 kWh? About this and the article that every official from the bald norm establishes.

Where is the norm? We have 96 kWh per person. And what does "fit in" mean? Do you understand what the conversation is about? What do you prohibit burn more? You just get a DISCOUNT on the rate of consumption. Anything higher you pay at the same rates. The growth of tariffs is a separate conversation and it has nothing to do with co-regulation.
The rate of consumption is not “bread cards”, as the author of this you ... era tries to show. These are discount coupons that encourage rational people.
And the rules are not established with the bald, and with the calculation of the "necessary energy consumption." If you are so interested in this area, go to courses for HOAs workers. They are held in each city several times a month for free. There and ask questions, and understand how and what is happening. I was at such a meeting, a local official came and told me everything. Anyone can ask a question and suggest any changes. All this is taken into account when developing the final bill, so far it is a pilot start.
So if you want to do something useful, do it. And to sit on your ... ne and curse everything - you don't need a lot of mind.

Quote: Gluxar_
“Where is the norm?” We have 96 kWh per person. And what does "fit in" mean? Do you understand what the conversation is about? What do you prohibit burning more? "
I quote the article:
“In the Trans-Baikal Territory, the norm is 65 kW / h, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory — 75 kW / h, in the Rostov region — 96 kW / h.”
Quote: Gluxar_
“And the norms are set not from the baldies, but from the calculation of the“ necessary energy inputs ”.
Are you familiar with the map? Now explain where the winter is longer and colder: in Rostov or Trans-Baikal Territory? And who so expected it? Where is that taken into account?
In order for your post to fail you ... read, read the article carefully.
Yes, about "fit in", it is a synonym for the word "I fall into the limits of social norms" from your post.

Yes, the rules are ridiculous, it is even below the poverty level. Worldwide consumption of email. energy is characterized by total wealth. Here, just trying to pimp and prevent normal life.

Sit without light. Increase fertility. What else to do in the dark? Increase fertility, save Russia.

Without light, all right. Without heat - ok. No roads, okay. With normal cops only in the series - well. With the army only on the channel "Star" - okay. With medicine in the "Interns" - okay. It is interesting that even such a poo with the company to stir up, so that people say: enough? THERE WERE MISSING THESE ... HAPPENING TO BE ALREADY DAMAGED.

Magadan Region. Population 152 thousand people. The power of the Kolyma hydroelectric station - 900 megawatts, Arkagalinskaya GRES - 224 MW, the Ust-Srednekanskaya hydroelectric station was built, almost 20 years (!), 570 MW was built, and with such an abundance of energy, 1 kW for the population - 4,02 with “natural” growth to 4,16 in the second half. Mind Russia, or rather officials and appetites of the energy lobby, do not understand. Do not forget that energy is the main pricing in the market. By the way, a liter of gasoline - 43, and diesel fuel - 47 rub. In Popular Mechanics there was an amazing photo of the night planet, a picture from space. So Russia, and especially that part, which is located east of the Urals, is practically devoid of artificial illumination, in contrast to brightly luminous and, naturally, consuming electricity, Europe and America. “Russia in the Darkness” is not Wells, not 1918 a year, but 21 a century.

People often do not like the truth ... What do you think, if GDP wrote about this innovation in its electoral program, how would the voting numbers change? This is just curiosity. Nothing more.

At least once to see: "The pilot project will be implemented on the ruble."

For them, there are likely to introduce benefits.

Yes, they don’t force them to pay an extra ruble, they don’t blow there ...
“There have been cases when residents sought their own way, and expenses for a communal flat went down. This happened in the village of Nikologorsky (Cotton Way) - one of the most famous and largest on Nikolina Gora, where 220 cottages and infrastructure facilities. The owners seriously took over the management company, conducted an audit of its activities and, as a result, optimized operating expenses from 800-1000 to 250-300 dollars per month. ”
Apart from utility payments - electricity, gas, water - which go by the meter, then the operating costs in the “golden ghetto” look like this: Barvikha-2 and Romashkovo-3 - 1 $ per square meter of the house; Novorizhskiy, Noble Manor - 10 $ per hundred square meters; Baltic - 300 $; Petrovo-Far - 100-130 $; Forest Stream - 150 $; Novospasskoye - up to 100 $; Myakinino - 350 $; Polinovka - 150 $.
Naturally, in order to maintain this level ... if they come, the majority will lose.
When I went to Petrovo-Dalnee, Gorki, Znamenskoye, Nikolina Gora, where Stalin’s path had been before, I caught myself thinking that there was a good sector of shelling, and here a toe and a fold for advancement to an assault team cast, and it would be nice to install a high-rise a firing point, and a mortar battery in a nizinka ... and this will be Happiness to the inhabitants.

Do you take volunteers?

Hurry with the revolution

New concept of domestic stories this year will be introduced in schools, despite the lack of textbooks, writes Interfax.

“It will take at least a year or two to create a new textbook, but during this period the concept will be applied in schools,” said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and the concept developers.

Schoolchildren will continue their studies in editions corresponding to the new concept. According to Livanov, the Ministry of Education and Science conducts an examination of all 11 textbooks on the federal list.

By the beginning of the next academic year, an appropriate conceptual program on the history of Russia will be developed. Speaking about the unified state exam in history, Mr. Livanov said that “in the Unified State Exam in the 2014, only those tasks that correspond to the concept will be used”.

A complete set of test materials for the state examination will be ready only after a new line of textbooks appears. V. Putin at the meeting commissioned to develop all examination materials before the beginning of the next academic year.

Also, schools will be encouraged to synchronize the teaching of universal history and literature with the teaching of Russian history. Livanov said that it is necessary for schoolchildren to study literary works belonging to one or another historical period, at the same time as they study it.

In this and the next academic year, the Ministry of Education and Science plans to organize advanced training for all history teachers (over 60 thousand people).

Interfax recalls that the development of a unified standard for teaching history in school has been conducted since the spring of 2013, on behalf of Putin. The assignment was performed by a working group headed by Sergey Naryshkin, the Chairman of the State Duma and the Russian Historical Society, Dmitry Livanov, and the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky.

The concept developers abandoned some historical terms. In the new textbooks there will be no concept of “Tatar-Mongol yoke” - the corresponding period will be called the “yoke of the Golden Horde”. It was also decided to abandon the terms “February Revolution” and “October Socialist Revolution”. They will be replaced by the "Great Russian Revolution."

After another ten years, let us note bitterly, the next worthy reformers-revisionists will remove the definition of “great” from circulation, and after another five years of “revolution” in textbooks, they will turn into a “putsch” of a handful of permanent revolutionaries M. who saved the great oligarchic power. S. Gorbachev and his associates and successors, from snotty childhood to the April Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, who dreamed of "rebirth", "publicity" and "democracy."

Comments from our readers:

I propose to call the modern period “the Yoke of the Golden Fellowship”.

There is also a politically correct option: the introduction of a limited contingent of troops of the Golden Horde into Russia ... So we continue to rewrite history for the sake of the current situation and views of the leadership, how many such historical zigzags already had ... No good attempt was made by the court scholars ...

"History, that is, the unconscious, common, swarm life of humanity, uses every minute of the life of the kings for itself as an instrument for its own purposes." L. N. Tolstoy, “War and Peace,” volume 3, part 3, chapter 1.

Atomic dumping

Hungary signed an agreement with Russia on more favorable terms than those that could provide markets for it, writes Antonella Scott in the newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” (the source of short translation is "Inopressa").

The most striking in this news is Putin’s ability to convince, the journalist notes: Rosatom has received an order from the Hungarian government to complete the construction of the country's only Paks nuclear power plant. It was supposed to hold a tender with the participation of the companies Kepco and Westinghouse Electric, Areva, but unexpectedly the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban came to Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo.

“Observers commenting on the event recall that quite recently Orban accused the socialist government of Ferenc Gyurcsany that the country falls into economic dependence on Russia by participating in the South Stream project. But one should not be surprised at what happened, taking into account the terms of the contract, the article says. - Rosatom will build two reactors with a capacity of 1200 MgW for 10 or 12 billion euros for Hungary, and Russia will cover 80% of the cost as an 30-year loan. The head of the office of the Hungarian prime minister said that Hungary had achieved more favorable conditions from Moscow than it could have received by financing the markets. ”

This is exactly twenty percent of the price (the rest of the debt of crisis Hungary will sometime be forgiven according to the well-known tradition), we add, apparently, is the basis of Putin's unusual ability to "convince".

Comments from our readers:

But our Government doesn’t forgive its, Russians, debts, housing and public utilities prices and various fines are rising, gas is also rising, inflation is galloping, you can’t walk to a store with a thousand in St. Petersburg ... only for Kyrgyz, Cubans, Hungarians and other - they generously shake people's power, forgive billions of dollars, and their pensions are worth 240 rubles. raised (retirees of Troitsk sent their increase to the president, who is able to persuade the Hungarian brothers. Those in the next war will not remember this help, and according to the old tradition, the Magyar horses again rush to Russia as part of the next blitzkrieg) ... Forgive the Russians, as you forgive ... ym, yo-mine !!!

In fact, it is difficult to understand all these geopolitical games with debt relief to third countries and regular loans, when the Russians themselves are barely making ends meet. Upstairs, it’s probably better to know what is right, but we shouldn’t forget about our citizens, the Russian people are patient and temper by adversity, but there is a limit to everything. As long as there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we are very long and slowly getting out of the “pit”. I am sure that there could be a jerk, but, apparently, the next generation will feel this “jerk”.

I think this is Russian generosity in our blood, in each of us. Remember if the guests come, - all the best is on the table, even if we ourselves remain without everything, but the soul is glad that he did good to another person ... We do not understand the Russian soul with our mind, in this sense we are the closest country to God, and we are responsible for spirituality of this world. Of course, now our values ​​are changing, everything has become more material, people have started to think more about their own good than about the general. The main thing is not to completely lose our spirituality, otherwise, probably, we will no longer be that great Russian people.

It's not about generosity, but in the usual cut and rollback. An example on the fingers.
A country, let's call it mmm ... well, let it be Burundi, should Russia (or rather, more USSR) 10 billion dollars. This debt she will never give back (we are not Anglo-Saxons, we don’t bomb for debts). BUT. Burundi has minerals that Russian companies want to mine.
Representatives of our mining companies arrive in Burundistan and want to conclude a mining agreement with Burundians.
Buru: "And we have a civilization, all on a competitive basis, participate in the tender, and you will be happy."
Our: "And let us, we will write you off the debts of the USSR, but we will get, and already without any tender."
Here is such a simple castling.
People's debts in jo ... uh ... poboku, and income - in his pocket.
In principle, everything would be fine if EXACTLY TO KNOW that the income from the transaction in the form of taxes and excise taxes will go to the budget of the Russian Federation, and not offshore.
However, I want to note (so that they do not consider me a panic) that ONLY Soviet debts are written off in this way, Russia has already written off debts of debts (if this is not Russia, but they have to), I have not heard.

Effective rock management

To the cause of the nationalization of the islands, the Land of the Rising Sun approached, as they say, on a grand scale. The ransom of Senkaku from a private owner and the recent visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the Yasukuni temple is already in the past. The geographical breakthrough of the Japanese government raised the island's epic to an unprecedented level. In Tokyo, they decided to nationalize the islands in large bulk and urgently - in six months. It is about 280 islands. The Chinese did not even have time to come to their senses when Mr. Abe visited the Yasukuni temple, where, as they say, the prime minister had a nice talk with the souls of deceased criminals, how welcome you are - welcome to the Japanese world of the 21st century.

Abe's hawk follows a very simple logic: today Senkaku, tomorrow all the other islands. It is illogical to take one and leave “unattended” another. Especially since in case of anything, an ally (the United States), who really does not like the strengthening of China in the Asia-Pacific region, somehow helps. The strategic doctrine of Washington is directed precisely against Beijing, whatever peace-loving Mr. Obama would say. Both Syria and Iran are no longer needed by Obama, and even Israeli interests are somehow sidelined; all forces remaining after the crisis are in the APR.

Moreover, the program to bring the islands "in order" has been operating in Japan for several years, and already 99 islands (rather, rocks), as they say in the media, are fixed for Japan. This program is a project on the so-called "administrative state control".

Abe, of course, understands that a large-scale plan to nationalize the 280 islands will put China-Japan relations to serious challenges - but, saying “A”, say “B”.

The reason for the urgent nationalization was also named. Japanese Minister of Ocean Policy and Territorial Affairs Itita Yamamoto saidthat Japan wants to register remote islands as state property in order to increase their management efficiency. Yamamoto said nothing about maritime security or territorial integrity. He did not say anything and how to manage the bare rocks.

We give the statements of experts orientalists.

Vasily Molodyakov, a professor at the Japanese University "Takushoku" says:

"... it was Japan that made the mistake of nationalizing Senkaku and putting the conflict around the archipelago in the East China Sea into an active state."

According to Molodyakov, the story around Senkaku led to an aggravated reaction of China to the visit of the first persons to the Yasukuni temple.

Tetsuo Shibata, a professor at Aichi University in Japan, said:

“If in the short term, Abe’s policy aimed at strengthening ties with the United States, which, according to the security treaty, are obliged to protect Japan, seems well thought out, then in the long-term it is fraught with problems.”

The scientist believes that if China will be democratized and develop the economy, then after a few years it will be able to become an interesting partner for Washington. As a result, the United States will give up part of its relations with Tokyo for the sake of developing ties with Beijing, and even agree with the hegemony of China in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

Exactly. Therefore, China will “pull the cat by the tail” and at the same time intensify, turning from a US geostrategic opponent into its partner. And Japan itself will lose. Waiting and observing, building up muscles year after year, is quite a thought-out strategy. The Chinese will not deny tricks.

Well, the question of quantity. Some of the islands that are going to “check” Tokyo before June can still get into the zone of interests of the PRC and become the subject of a territorial dispute between countries. However, about that "a number of islands" simply writes press, heating up the already red-hot geopolitical intrigue. There are no official statements with protests and cannot be yet. The Chinese press - talking about the one that is translated into Russian - reasonably silent.

In parallel, Prime Minister Abe strengthens ties not only with the United States, but also with Russia, which, as we know, strengthens ties with China. Earlier in the media wrote that Abe does not have time to attend the Olympics in Sochi, but now time has been found.

Radio Liberty With reference to the Japanese agency Kyodo 12, January reported that Shinzo Abe is considering the opportunity to attend the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Vasily Golovnin, a Russian expert on Japan (head of ITAR-TASS in Tokyo), explained on Facebook: “Japanese Prime Minister Abe-san strongly wants to be friends with Russia. And he very much understands that the most important thing now, the most important thing, is the Olympics ”.

Most importantly, we add from ourselves, this is peace between nations and friendship — not in words, but in deeds. And borders are the question that tests friendship for strength. Recently, the Tajiks and Kyrgyz staged a gunfight at the border - up to the use of mortars. Five border guards from the Kyrgyz side and six from the Tajik side were injured. The incident occurred against the background of the negotiations on the delimitation and demarcation of the border. It is terrible to imagine how the borders can be “demarcated” in the event of a military conflict. And if it’s not about Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, but about Japan and China? ..

In any case, one thing is clear. Watching China grow by leaps and bounds, Japan decided: now or never. It will be too late in a few years, as Tezuo Shibata’s prediction may come true. The United States will no longer be interested in Japan and will be reoriented to a temporary friendship with China. As for Russia, it is very difficult for Japan, who wants to get the Kuriles, to be strong friends with her ...

Comments from our readers:

Very old
Interesting, however, is the case: the Yankees are sitting on the mountain and are watching how they gnaw down below ...
The Chinese, however, is a saying.
From the side, however, it is clear: not good.

During the nationalization of these islands, it would be as if the Kurils would not nationalize. ... Then they will say: opt, a mistake however ... But the islands will not be returned.

Good joke, a face will crack to nationalize the Kuriles, and they know it.

The Japanese decided to become a province of China.

The error went out

The range of rockets with sarin used in August in Eastern Gute indicates that these munitions could not be fired by the Syrian armed forces. This is the main conclusion of a report by prominent American experts: Theodore Postol, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Richard Lloyd, a former United Nations weapons inspector, said correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanov.

Experts clarify that "improvised chemical munitions" were used in Eastern Gute. According to Postol and Lloyd, the range of the missiles, in the head part of which were installed tanks with sarin, "is about 2 km". If these missiles were used by the armed forces of Syria, they would not even reach the goal.

The authors of the study, entitled “The possible consequences of erroneous US technical intelligence information about the gas attack in Damascus 21 August 2013,” also write: “The independent estimate of the range of these chemical munitions by the UN is consistent with our findings.” And "this means that these munitions could not be released at Eastern Gute ... from the zone controlled by the Syrian government, shown on a map with (declassified) intelligence information released by the White House 30 August 2013 of the year." The areas that were under the control of the Syrian troops at that time were located at a distance from the fired quarters, which were significantly more than 2 km.

Well, not the most politically correct conclusion. “Whatever the reasons for these blatant mistakes” in the conclusions of the American intelligence services, the US administration will have to explain how they were made. So say the experts.

Finally, experts reject claims that only Syrian army could manufacture munitions equipped with agents. Handicraft Chemical weapon can make virtually "anyone with access to a mechanical workshop with modest capabilities," write Postol and Lloyd.

That's it!

And now let's remember what Mr. Obama told the world in September last year after the Kremlin launched an initiative to destroy Syrian chemical weapons.

On September 14, official Damascus signed the “Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction”, and the OPCW experts received information on storage sites and the number of chemical warfare agents. The whole world noted Russia's diplomatic success related to the proposal for international control of chemical weapons in Syria. Approved the Russian proposal and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

There is nothing left for Mr. Obama how to mumble that such a measure could be a breakthrough in a protracted conflict. At the same time, the US president, not wanting, so to speak, to take positions without a fight, tried nonetheless to lay the blame on the 21 August himatak on the Assad troops: “No one disputes that chemical weapons in Syria have been used. The world has seen thousands of videos and photos showing the attack. And humanitarian organizations have reported hospitals overflowing with people with symptoms of gas poisoning. ” And further: “Moreover, we know that the Assad regime is responsible. In the days before August 21, as we know, Assad’s supporters prepared for an attack in the area where they sprayed sarin gas. They distributed masks to their servicemen. They fired rockets from territories that were controlled by the regime in 11 suburbs, from where the regime tried to drive out opposition forces. ”

Assad's regime is responsible, you say?

Comments from our readers:

However, Mr. Obama responded! He does not want to resign, does not ?!

Wow, someone learned to count, despite prompts from the Senate and the Pentagon.

Three delightful

Vladimir Putin took the third place in the list compiled by the newspaper “The Times” according to the results of a sociological survey of people who are most admired in the world, reports "Voice of Russia".

At the head of the list is Bill Gates. In second place - Barack Obama.

People admire Putin more than Pope Francis (he was in fourth position).

The survey conducted “YouGov” on the phone and on the Internet. The survey involved 13.895 thousand people from 13 countries, including Russia, said RIA "Novosti".

If, with B. Gates and V. Putin, we add on our own, everything is more or less clear, just like with the Pope, what does B.H. Obama do in second place? What he admired the respondents? Maybe the fact that he abandoned the idea to shower Syria with “Tomahawks” and got into a mess with Iran? Or by the fact that with it the blue in the USA became freer, and even the Pentagon is now celebrating the LGBT days? Or the fact that the national debt is growing and what has already come to the "shutdown" of the government? Analysts have not yet clarified this riddle.

Apparently, 2-place Obama was given in advance - as in the 2009 year, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Comments from our readers:

Yeah ... Bill Gates, who could not be seen and heard, and Mr. Obama, who was so severely screwed up at Mandela’s funeral, that even her husband refused to be in a matrimonial bed ...

Putin is the best! ! ! )))

Medvedev, it really hurts like a borzo, unnaturally ...

Who lives well in America

The fact that in the United States the poor are rapidly continuing to get poorer, a reporter from the channel said in a report recently. "RT" Marina Portnay. In American society, the social abyss continues to grow and deepen. Against the background of the enrichment of millionaires, the working class barely makes ends meet, surviving only thanks to food stamps. The United States, not tired of teaching the whole world how to live correctly, and boasting of its “exclusiveness”, cannot solve the internal problem of total poverty. However, the government is not going to solve it: after all, it will contradict ... the fight against unemployment.

Here is Luis Vázquez, a college student. He is only nineteen, but he is already the main breadwinner in the family. A young man works at McDonalds, earning 7,25 dollars per hour there - apparently, starting money on the way to the American dream. For comparison: the CEO of this company receives more than 13 million dollars a year.

About 99% of employees of fast food - the people who cook and serve customers - live almost in poverty.

A few months ago, the preacher of American uniqueness, Barack Obama, said: “Let us today proclaim that in the richest country in the world, no one who works full-time should live in poverty. I propose to raise the minimum wage on a federal scale to 9 dollars per hour. ”

But nothing has changed from the words of the president. In more than a hundred American cities, fast food workers take to the streets, demanding an increase in the minimum wage equal to 7,25 dollars. You will not live on such money! And the majority of workers have to rely on food stamps from the government.

The lowest wages in the US are in the fast food and retail industry.

More in August on the site "BBC" A note appeared on the largest strike of workers of fast food restaurants in dozens of cities in the United States. The participants in the strike advocated that their work be paid at the rate of US $ 15 per hour. The strike took place against the backdrop of calls from Barack Obama and some legislators to raise the minimum wage.

“For an ever-increasing number of people whose labor is paid at the minimum rate, it is becoming less and less possible to climb the next step of the economic ladder,” said then US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, one of the main proponents of raising the minimum wage in the presidential administration.

At the end of 2012, the topic of pay in the American Fatsfood did not leave the newspaper pages either. On the portal "Vesti - Economy" 16 December 2012 was published an article entitled "US companies are in no hurry to raise the minimum wage."

The material reported that the pay gap in American companies between ordinary employees and managers is constantly increasing, and this differentiation is especially noticeable in fast food. And the point is not that young people work in fast food. On the contrary, the opposite tendency is revealed: older workers are becoming increasingly frequent in fast food, and the share of young people there is declining. If in 2010, the proportion of 16-19-year-old employees was 17% of the total number of employees of fast-food restaurants, in 2000, it was almost 25%. The reduction is evident.

Here is one labor example. 44-year-old Tyree Johnson works for McDonalds 20 for years, and still receives 8,25 dollars per hour: this is the minimum wage in Illinois.

At McDonalds, the pay gap over the past ten years has doubled. It is noted that the company pays for lobbying its interests. And what are these interests? It's simple: you can not allow an increase in the minimum wage. The respective efforts of the unions, visible in Chicago and New York, are also skillfully suppressed.

The catering sector in the United States represents a pattern of classical inequality. The total number of people employed in Wal-Mart Stores, McDonalds and Yum Brands, according to Vesti-Economy, is 2,7 million. Moreover, the net profit of these three companies increased by 22% compared to four years ago.

Despite the crisis!

As for the above crisis, 1,2 million American high-income households increased their incomes by 5,5% (2011 g.), While for 97 million households, incomes shrank by 1,7%. Again, growing inequality: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the gap widens.

Do trade unions help workers? Hardly. “The number of people who were fired for joining or trying to organize a union has increased dramatically over the past 30 years,” says Dorothy Sue Cobble, a historian at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Well, and the lobby, add on my own. Fast food provides rapid growth in employment in the United States, and the president’s statements about raising the minimum salary are just ordinary propaganda, something like Russian and Soviet populism, only in a highly curtailed form. So to say, “minimum program”. In the USA, it is simply not customary to promise each family in an apartment by the year 2000 or communism to 1980. There they can promise to increase control over the arms trade, close the prison in Guantanamo, well, or raise the "minimum salary" - and it is fine to do without all this, putting all political setbacks on a stubborn Congress.

Comments from our readers:

The fat man
Oleg please answer
I lived in America for half a year
I get at home a relatively good salary, I have a summer cottage and 2 of the Car almost does not complain about anything. but why does the magnet pull me back there again.
if only this one concerned me I would not write but there are many like me?

I have no problem, no one and no second car. Even driving license is not - as unnecessary. I can complain to a lot. Therefore, I am a bad adviser.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer - this disharmony, respectively, is not viable. Disharmony between those who create wealth and those who own the means to create wealth. At the same time, those who create are also their consumers, since those who own are much smaller. Therefore, if those who create, it becomes less and / or payment of their labor becomes lower, this leads to a decrease in demand, and accordingly, to a crisis of overproduction. Therefore, we need new markets. But the problem as a whole does not solve it, but only postpones it for a while.
In the advertising network "Magnet" it is written that employees receive 65 rubles per hour, i.e. 2 dollar. First you need to figure out in your own country, and then feel sorry for the poor shtatovtsev.

Grandpa Buyan
Comparing the incomes of our employee of the Magnit network and their McDonalds network, it would be nice to compare the costs. For food, clothing, utilities, etc.
And further. After all, the point is not to pity the poor Americans. And to break the myth that the States is a paradise on Earth. And that there are people in the States who live worse than most of us.

Week came from the States. I do not want to write a lot, because America is different, very different from state to state, from city to city, and so on. But what struck me: for the last time, the standard of living of a simple majority has really dropped tremendously. The stratification between rich and poor increases at a catastrophic rate. Even if five years ago mostly the middle class lived mixed up with the less well-to-do, now there is a tendency: more or less wealthy Americans move to closed areas outside the city, and the really closed ones have a high fence and throughput system, and the rest are poorer, everything more and more are mired in poverty, less watch over the appearance of their homes, etc. Many, many empty, abandoned and even burnt houses. It can be seen, already with the naked eye it can be seen that "not everything is in order in the Danish kingdom." Moreover, the "box" strenuously zombies Americans: the machinations of the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and even Europeans are blamed for all troubles. And it comes to the absurd. Here, gentlemen, the American colleagues for a “cup of beer” quite seriously expressed that the cold that had struck some states now was sent by Putin with climatic weapons, and that Russia is not building new radar stations, but weather control stations In general, Russia is an “evil empire,” and something must be done about it. So the brainwashing is going on there in full swing. But there are other examples. It is no secret that some southern states still "in the soul" did not recognize, as they say, "the power of the northerners." And separatism is slowly growing there. In the state of Alabama, at the entrance to one of the towns, I saw an interesting huge billboard on which two photographs were located: one - where Obama kissed the pump with some painted fagots, and on the other side of the poster - a famous photograph of Putin, where he was naked. going in the tall grass with a rifle at the ready and below the inscription: "American, which of the presidents would you choose?"

I had a story once at work. A girl worked, like a sales manager, a smart girl, but lazy ... worse than me. And then somehow she had a fashion to complain about: like, you don’t appreciate us, you pay us a little ... but in America ... At the same time, we had a driver who lived an illegal migrant in the USA for five years, she, unlike me She didn’t communicate with him about work, she didn’t know that he lived in the USA. When I was crying Nastya in America finally tired, I brought them together. At first, the girl was delighted, they say, now, now Ivanitch will tell the whole truth about the United States, I will be ashamed and I will immediately raise the RFP three times. Ivanovich told. And about the minimum RFP at seven dollars an hour, and about the fact that this footprint in the USA can only be stretched out, and about the fact that there you need to plow, plow, and again Plow, told HOW there NEED TO Plow, at least for In order to get this minimum salary, he said that, for example, putting a seal there costs at least 100 dollars, and this is in a “clinic” where a person who used to be a plumber in the Soviet Union and never studied before is working as a dental technician. (personal experience Ivanovich). The person told how his acquaintance overnight in the clinic (he grabbed his heart) should have been 50000 $. He told about how his sister in New York gave all medical insurance for X-ray and another 1500 $ from the top in a “good” clinic, and how dentists in Minsk were shocked when they saw the work of their American colleagues. Sister Ivanych arrived here for a visit: a tooth ached, rested for a long time, like I was treated in an expensive clinic in the USA, and here you have a collective farm, they will spoil everything. But it turned out that her teeth in the USA (in an expensive clinic!) Were cured worse than our interns in a free district clinic do. In general, the conclusion of an adult (at the time of this story Ivanovich was 55 years old, he lived in the USA for five years and returned back to Belarus): in the USA, you need to be young and healthy and plow, plow, plow ... Personally, he worked two jobs, One day off a month, the wife plowed about the same. They earned about 2000 $ per month, one RFP went to life, for two people who did not have a car or medical insurance, 800 $ only managed to rent a room - a room, not an apartment ... After Ivanich told how real it was there America, I have never heard of Nastya crying through America ... That was the story. I, in general, do not pretend to some kind of objective analysis or wide coverage, but the story is real from a real person who somehow worked for us, well, for the sake of objectivity, it’s worth noting that not all comparisons of Ivanovich the USA with Belarus were in favor of Belarus.

Strangers among us

The media learned that the United States has long been controlled by aliens. Documents Snowden - the best proof of that.

Known for sensational journalistic investigations of Sorch Faal from the site referring to Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and the FSB indicates that the information is irrefutable evidence that extraterrestrial intelligence is the driving force of US domestic and foreign policy from at least 1945 onwards.

A special FSB report on Snowden, built on his documents, noted that back in December 2012, Edward had contacted the distinguished columnist and blogger Glenn Greenwald by email. It was about an incredible topic - about some "other things" that Comrade Greenwald would "be interested in".

According to Snowden himself, the FSB report is devoted, among other things, to secret information that the United States is actually governed by two governments: one is elected and the other is shadow.

The confirmation of this information has now been received: Hellier (mentioned above) not only gained access to all of Snowden’s documents transferred to the Russian special services, but also stated that they correspond to reality. By the way, the same Hellier recognized that the aliens "have visited our planet for thousands of years."

“High whites” play a special role in the alien groups. This extraterrestrial civilization not only collaborates with the US Air Force in the state of Nevada, but also played a significant role in the geopolitics of the mid-20th century.

According to, the following is the “explosive revelation” in the FSB report. Snowden's documents confirmed that the “tall whites” are the same alien race that stands behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Here is an example from the report of the FSB.

It was with “alien assistance” that Nazi Germany, which possessed 1930 submarines of the entire 57-s, during the four years of the Second World War managed to build 1163 technologically advanced submarines in its shipyards and even exploit them!

And here is another example.

According to Snowden's documents, in 1954, the “high whites” came into contact with US President Dwight Eisenhower. At that time, this group was created the "secret mode" that today controls the United States.

Well, the result.

The most disturbing thing, Sorcha Faal writes, is that the report of the FSB warns: on the agenda of the “high whites” is the question of implementing such a “secret regime” of the US government that would allow creating a global electronic system, designed to hide true information about the presence of aliens on Earth. After the introduction of such a system, the final stage of the plan of an extraterrestrial civilization will come, namely, the complete assimilation of earthlings and world domination of the “high” ones.

Russian intelligence experts point out that the catastrophic power struggle underway in Washington can be judged without error. On the one hand - Obama, on the other - "secret mode". Who will be stronger? ..

Comments from our readers:

When you walk along the street, look around.
And put on a foil cap in spite of all the doctors.
Be constantly on guard, suddenly someone is not from us ...
When meeting, silently look around and profile, and full face.

When your insanity gets stronger, do not go to the hospital.
And better go out on the balcony and shout loudly
About the world, which is not the same, about aliens.
And the guys in white will bring a strait caftan.

And there, in the ward number XXUMX, you will meet all of his,
Who also saw the planets (without sinuses).
That's where you can talk about everything and without fanfare.
In this chamber, you met ordinary people.

family tree
Damn, Oleg, so frightening? I read sleepily, I thought that I had overslept for two and a half months.

Well done author, so in the morning cheer up! He laughed heartily.

Thanks to the author of the article and special thanks to all members of the forum for a good morning mood, I received positive comments from the comments all day !!!

The VBLRF party (high white people of the Russian Federation, the former right wing of the EP) is ahead of the 2017 party in the election of the MSKRF (small gray dwarfs of the Russian Federation, the former left wing of the EP) by 12%. The last thing left to advance their initiatives is to seek an alliance with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and try to smoke other non-smoking parties.

Somehow did not want to talk about it, do not believe it. I have a neighbor - an agent of secret intelligence aliens.

This is a lie. There are no aliens. Aliens do not exist. This is all nonsense. The Russian army is developing, this is important. Aliens do not exist. Let's discuss the real things. Lies.

* "In our cooperative, the board is always agreed" - a phrase from the movie "Garage"
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