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Riddle of Colonel Gil

Riddle of Colonel GilVladimir Gil, the commander of the First Nationalist Brigade, is a traitor or a patriot? There are still many unexplained questions in his fate.

In 1929, the Geneva Convention on the Maintenance of Prisoners of War was adopted, which the Soviet Union did not sign. Subsequently, this was reflected in the treatment of Russian soldiers in captivity. In the first months of World War II, the Germans captured more than three million Russian prisoners of war. Germany did not count on so many people, and it was necessary to urgently organize concentration camps. The Suwalki camp in occupied Poland was a huge field surrounded by barbed wire, where thousands of prisoners crowded without a roof over their heads. Immediate reprisals awaited the Jews and the Soviet commissars. At the same time, the Abwehr tried to recruit Soviet citizens into the ranks of the German armed forces. In Suwalki, this was done by Standarführer Hoffmann, one of the leaders of the German intelligence and sabotage organization Zeppelin, created to work in the Soviet rear. He immediately drew attention to Vladimir Gil, captured in July 1941, under Tolochin in the Vitebsk region. German intelligence quickly found out about its origin.

Born Vladimir Gil 11 on June 1906, in the estate of Daraganovo, Bobruisk district, Mogilev province. His father, Waldemar Anthony von Luthenhausen-Wolf, belonged to the German barons, and his mother, Maria Kazimirovna Dombrovskaya, was the grandniece of the Polish king Stanislav August Poniatowski. The Lüthenhausen-Wolf family came to Russia in the time of Peter the Great, who invited the German baron to teach mathematics. And Catherine II, for her faithful service, presented the Daraganovo estate to Lutenhausen-Wolf. In the 1914 year, in connection with the war in Russia, the persecution of the Germans began, and the father was forced to change his name and became known as Gil. Son Vladimir graduated from 9 classes and in October 1926, he joined the Red Army. In 1939, he graduated with honors from the Military Academy. Frunze and was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Then he entered the Academy of the General Staff and in 1940, he was sent to the city of Armavir of the Krasnodar Territory as the chief of staff of the 229 Infantry Division.

Vladimir Gil was captured at the very beginning of the war, his family remained in the homeland - his wife and two children, son Vadim and daughter Galina. A descendant of a noble family, Gil was fluent in German, French and Polish. He agreed to work for the Germans, and already in December 1941, Gil was appointed to the post of commandant at the Suwalki camp.

Vladimir Gil was ordered to select Russian prisoners of war to create a nationalist detachment. In March, 1942, this group was sent first to a special camp near Breslau, and later - on a trip to Germany with a visit to Berlin. At a concert dedicated to Hitler's birthday, Walter Schellenberg personally recommended Gil to the Führer, saying that he could be useful to Germany. After this, Hitler entrusted Gilu with a special task of organizing the “Combat Union of Russian Nationalists” out of Russian prisoners of war to fight Bolshevism.

The leadership of the union was also entrusted to Gil, he also wrote an ideological program, which referred to the dissolution of collective farms and the return of land to the peasants. Thus, Gil expected to attract prisoners of war, dissatisfied with the policies of Stalin. Then he changed his last name and took the pseudonym Rodionov - after his father-in-law. 25 of former Soviet commanders immediately signed up for the Battle Union. When joining the union, new members swore unquestioningly to fulfill all the instructions of the union leader. Initially, the “Battle Union” was conceived as a political organization, but was later renamed the fighting “Friendship in the fight against the Red Army.”

By May 1942, the first squad of hundreds was formed. In the Soviet army, they were ranked from junior lieutenant to lieutenant colonel, here they became privates. They were given a new Czech uniform with SS decals, but the shoulder straps were of their own design, and on the sleeve - a swastika and a black ribbon with the inscription “For Russia”. By June, the number reached five hundred people, and the detachment became known as the “First Russian National SS Detachment” or “Squad No. 1”. The first company consisted entirely of former officers of the Red Army, while the other two were staffed by German officers and Russian nationalists from among the emigrants.

After three weeks of preparatory training, the battalion was assigned the first combat mission - the hunt for Polish partisans in Tomaszewski, Zamost and Rava-Russky counties. In the autumn of 1942, the national brigade was transferred to the Bykhov area, where they first guarded the railway, and then participated in operations against partisans in the Begomlya area. The execution of the orders was monitored by a special SS service at the retinue. From the very beginning, Gil-Rodionov established a rule: not to allow self-will in relation to the civilian population. The fighters in the massacres with the population did not participate and tried not to engage in clashes with the partisans.

In April 1943, a “delegation” from General Vlasov arrived at Gil-Rodionov and agitated his fighters to join the Russian Liberation Army (ROA), but no one agreed. In the summer, the detachment was transferred to Dokshitsy, where the partisan brigade "Zheleznyak" operated. Her command immediately drew attention to the Russian national squad and launched reinforced agitation among its fighters. Between Gil-Rodionov and the commander of Zheleznyak, Titkov, correspondence ensued, in which the partisans urged to go over to their side. In early August, a meeting of brigade commanders was held, where they discussed the details of the transition.

16 August 1943, Gil-Rodionov read an order to his battalion: “From this number, I order the brigade to call the“ 1-I Anti-Fascist Partisan Brigade ”. I charge every fighter mercilessly to exterminate the Fritzes until their last expulsion from the Russian land. ” 16 and 17 August all the German officers were destroyed in the brigade. Around 40, ardent anti-Soviet people led by intelligence chief General Bogdanov were arrested and handed over to partisans. A few days later they were transferred to Moscow to the main counterintelligence department of Smersh, where everyone was interrogated with addiction. Gil-Rodionov himself was also interrogated for three days.

In order to atone for the homeland, the Gil-Rodionov brigade attacked the strongly fortified German garrisons in Dokshitsy and Krulevshchina. Partisan detachments for two years unsuccessfully tried to seize these stations. On August 17, the German garrison in Dokshitsy was taken by surprise by the soldiers of the 1st Anti-Fascist Partisan Brigade and completely destroyed. The Krulevshchina station was more fortified, and a lightning attack did not work. A heavy battle ensued, during which a large number of Russian soldiers died. On the morning of August 18, the Germans launched a counterattack with the support of tanks и aviationbut even the bombing of the Luftwaffe did not save them from defeat. At the cost of huge losses, Gil-Rodionov captured Krulevshchina along with the trains that carried weapon, and other trophies. On the same day, he sent a telegram to Moscow about the transition of the former Russian SS brigade numbering about 2 thousand people to the side of the partisans. Stalin ordered that this event be widely publicized so that all prisoners of war knew that a return to their homeland was possible.

20 August 1943 on the Begoml airfield arrived with a plane from Moscow to clarify the circumstances of the transfer of the whole brigade to the Red Army. On September 17, Vladimir Gil-Rodionov was awarded the Order of the Red Star "for organizing the return of Soviet prisoners of war to the ranks of the defenders of the Motherland and for displaying valor and courage in the fight against the German invaders", and received the military rank of colonel. The following months, he and the brigade participated in the bravest military operations.

In the spring of 1944, in the area between Polotsk and Lepel, the Germans launched the largest offensive against partisans in the entire war. The operation "Spring Holiday" was attended by 60 of thousands of German soldiers, armored vehicles and aircraft. The forces were too unequal and the partisans quickly found themselves surrounded. 5 May Kombrig Gil-Rodionov led the fighters to break through. He managed to break through the German environment, while losing more than half of his brigade. Gil-Rodionov himself was mortally wounded and died on 14 on May 1944 on a farm near the battlefield. 1-I Anti-Fascist Brigade virtually ceased to exist. Of the survivors, the 400 people later formed the 4 squad, which continued to fight.

In September, 1991, the remains of Vladimir Gil and his fighters were reburied at the brotherly memorial cemetery in Ushachi. His wife and children were allowed to return from evacuation to Belarus and were given a cash allowance for Gil-Rodionov during the years of the war with 1941 under 1944, which was a large amount for that time. After the war история Colonel Gil is overgrown with rumors and speculation, and his personality is still a mystery.

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  1. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 09: 34
    This is where the reason for reflection and work in the archives! There is a little information on the "Druzhina". Kamarady, please respond (who deals with this issue)! The topic is very interesting !!! By the way,
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 9 January 2014 14: 32
      What Gil did and did not do until 1943 is one side of the issue. How fought after the decision to turn weapons against Hitler is another. Only the consequences of that Gilev decision are very significant. Perhaps Stalin, with his support of Gil, made a considerable contribution. But, they write that it was precisely as a result of the Gilev example that Hitler did not trust the weapons of the ROA Vlasov almost until the end of the war. (Separate units that subsequently went to the formation of the ROA, previously as independent units, took part in hostilities). Those. weapons did not receive a much larger number of soldiers who could fight against the Red Army than Gil had.
  2. cenych
    cenych 9 January 2014 09: 50
    It seems that the author has not read the Geneva Convention, because the signatory fulfills the conditions of detention regardless of the signature / non-signature of the enemy. So, mistreatment due to convention is a myth invented by Goebbels, it is not necessary to cultivate it.
  3. Hort
    Hort 9 January 2014 09: 55
    what traitor is he? He is a hero and a warrior. He was captured, correctly assessed the situation, was trained in German tactics, which helped to successfully fight in the future.
    1. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 9 January 2014 11: 46
      It’s a very muddy business, his people took part in punitive actions against civilians and this is an proven fact, there is information that the wounded finished off him, there are many memories of him from the partisans, almost all of his colleagues were convicted and deprived of awards after the war, and he himself He sided with the spacecraft only after its great successes and apparently realizing the inevitable collapse of Germany.
      1. Hort
        Hort 9 January 2014 12: 22
        well, although yes. As for the hero, I got excited. Just did not have complete information about him ...
        After the information laid out in the comments below, it’s more likely that professional mercenaries can be attributed to people and benefits ...
        1. alone
          alone 10 January 2014 00: 03
          It’s very difficult to say for sure. But the rewarding with a military order at that time of a man who was held captive and collaborated with the Nazis speaks only in favor of the colonel. Stalin just did not throw orders. Moreover, to such persons.
          1. Hudo
            Hudo 10 January 2014 21: 43
            Quote: lonely
            .Stalin just did not throw orders. Moreover, to such persons. So he deserved

            ... or it was deemed advisable that such a measure would bring demoralization and tear into the camp of nomads and traitors, facilitate the actions of partisans in the area, this fact can be effectively used for propaganda purposes ...

            P.S. In Bogomolov's book "In August 44", written on a documentary basis, there is a quote about the possibility full rehabilitation and rewarding of persons from the number of agents captured by SMERSH, Abver, if they provide effective assistance in liquidating the residency of the Soviet Army operating in the rear. Can you imagine how zealously they collaborated with SMERSH bodies for the opportunity! I tend to believe that.
      2. Rodionovets son
        Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 01
        And the evidence of your consent that the Rodionists behaved in operations against partisans like animals can’t you imagine? You can not answer. you will find.
        SI do not tremble that there is data that he finished off. Do not disgrace or tell it exclusively to the grandmothers on the bench. This is a category of the population that will pick up any nonsense to gossip. Sincerely, the son of orderly Rodionov.
  4. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 9 January 2014 09: 56
    And what is the mystery? 1941 captured. More than a year honestly fought for the Reich. At 1943 as a professional military, I correctly calculated that Germany’s prospects for victory were nil, and ran back. That's how I see this picture. And everything else - from the evil one.
    1. lukke
      lukke 9 January 2014 10: 09
      I think that he nevertheless cleared his name by his death in a battle with the Germans ... In Smersh, too, they were not stupid: they must have studied well all the circumstances of his capture in 41 and further activities in the "fight" against the partisans. If his activities were tainted by direct participation in punitive operations, the watered leadership of the USSR would not have contacted him and used the help of his detachment. But if he had stayed alive after the war - the forest would have felled for 10 years to the fortuneteller, do not go ...
      I wouldn’t idealize such fighters either: giving an oath to Hitler as part of the SS unit, he also realized that he was not stealing in a lump. All in garlic: stumbled - redeemed!
      1. Svyatoslavovich
        Svyatoslavovich 10 January 2014 14: 36
        There were no fools in Smersh and for this reason he was not actually returned to the army, they were used as a partisan detachment. This betrayal does not cancel, but the lack of principle with which he rushed here and there reminds of two toilets and one ass. He was a German, that’s all.
        1. Rodionovets son
          Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 09
          Talk about two toilets exclusively. And to describe the reason for the Germans' service, read .. Lenin’s open letter to the soldiers of the Red Army .. Where Lenin, answering a question about the Brest Peace, says --- I’ll go to an alliance with any enemy, if that helps I defeat another enemy. All the officers who followed Rodionov knew this Leninist policy. So when recruiting for showdown with the enemies of the USSR Polish soldiers in Poland, they were guided by this. To die later in battle is better than now from starvation in the camp. The events of 43-44 years have confirmed this.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Bogranz
      Bogranz 9 January 2014 17: 08
      Let me disagree with you: agree to cooperate with the Germans in 41 yearalso looks like a sober calculation, but this sober calculation does not fit the fact that "When joining the union, new members swore an oath to unquestioningly fulfill all the instructions of the head of the union," and not to Hitler, as it was in the same "Nachtigall", for example. And the evasion from the moment of involvement in b / actions from direct clashes with the partisans and the evasion of participation in massacres of the local population - was not this sober calculation from the very beginning? Decide to go over to the side of the spacecraft in 43, not everyone would have dared, and sober calculation was unlikely to take place here: by that time it had long been known how to deal with traitors. At least the history of that time is not distinguished by the massiveness of such actions on the part of those who have entered the service of Germany.
  5. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 9 January 2014 10: 03
    Hitler deftly conducted: he selected the right people whom he could rely on, did not participate in the service of the Germans of massacres of the civilian population (at the same time without raising suspicion), switched to our side at the earliest opportunity, inflicting maximum damage to the fascists. Given the dramatic end of his life, I have only one question: why there is no movie about such a wonderful person (Chur Mikhalkov and Bondarchuk should not be trusted).
  6. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 10: 11
    By the way (cut out) --- why is he Gil? Why through a dash of Rodion? Think, gentlemen, think.
    1. Sour
      Sour 9 January 2014 17: 40
      Rodionov is a pseudonym. His surname is Gil.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 9 January 2014 17: 50
        Really a Jew? Wow! Thank you, don’t know. Next ... Think, think, Gan
        Are they so stupid? It seems not. So -...
        1. Sour
          Sour 9 January 2014 18: 09
          Gil by nationality is Belarusian.
          The brigade was also rabble - Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars, Armenians ...
          Although it was called the "Russian national brigade", there were far from 100% ethnic Russians there.
          However, this also applies to the ROA, who was not there.
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 9 January 2014 18: 13
            Gil is Jewish by nationality. Believe me, I can throw good literature in a personal
            1. Sour
              Sour 9 January 2014 18: 22
              Everything is possible. Vladimir Vladimirovich? An unlikely name and patronymic for a pre-revolutionary Jew. Unless he changed his name, it happened. According to the documents, he is Belarusian. The word "gil" is typical for some Russian dialects. In some it means "confusion, disorder," in others, "nonsense, nonsense." The word is not borrowed, but originally Slavic. But if there is such a word in Hebrew - I don't know. It is necessary to ask the Jews. Maybe there is.
              1. Day 11
                Day 11 9 January 2014 18: 30
                You yourself asked, yourself, and answered. If it is interesting and there is time, study exactly those "Russians" at that time.
                1. Sour
                  Sour 9 January 2014 18: 35
                  There is time, but mostly in the evening and not every day.
                  Actually, I don’t have the habit of considering anyone a Jew whose last name does not end with “-ov”. This is already paranoia. Immediately I remember my late neighbor, who said that "Tretyak is a Jew, Russians don't have such names." The kingdom of heaven to her, she was a good woman, although she was stupid.
                  ps about "those Russians" I know not so little, do not worry.
                  1. Day 11
                    Day 11 9 January 2014 18: 41
                    Thank you, laughed (about a neighbor). If you are interested in this topic, I'll give you something to read in PM.
              2. atalef
                atalef 9 January 2014 18: 46
                Quote: Sour
                But whether there is such a word in Jewish - I do not know. This is the Jews to ask. Maybe there is.

                Gil - the word exists. Gil-- age.
                In general, there is such a surname and first name. In fact, the translation of the name in Hebrew does not play a role here. Numerology plays a role since in numerology, the sum of the numerical value of all beeches is equal to 7 It seems like it brings happiness.
                But to be honest, it is probably not the case. Mom and Dad - obviously there were no Jews in the fifth column.
                Gil is a fairly common surname in Belarus (having more Polish roots) and has nothing to do with Jews.

                I m. I. "turmoil, mutiny", here, probably, gil w. "nonsense". Wed hum. It is hardly correct to compare Goryaev (ES 67) with galling "to mock"; against see Trans. 1, 123. II f. II. gel "bullfinch, Motacilla erithacus" (Dal), Ukrainian. gil, Polish. gil, giel, Czech. hýl, slvc. hýl 'has long been considered borrowing. from middle-century- n. gel "yellow", nj-ger. gehl, gel - the same; Bernecker 1, 300; Mi. EW 62; Karlovich 182; however dumb. the word is known only as the name of the color. Christiani (ZfslPh 18, 162) and Holthausen (ZfslPh 22, 148) rightly opposed the convergence of the name of the bird with the name of the color. Christiani (ibid.) Admits onomatopoeia. Brehm means the beckoning of the bird as jüg, lüi. For Russian. language suggest borrowing from Polish. (Trans. 1, 123; Bulakhovsky, OLA 7, 99; Brueckner 141), but Brueckner (KZ 48, 177) considers this name of the bird to be of primordial origin. Dont clear. Wed gzhigolka. •• [Wei (BSL, 56, 55 et seq.) Believes that this word goes back to * gŭjĭl - from * gʷ-: * gʷou̯-; Wed Jacobson, Word, 8, 1952, p. 387; doubts about this etymology were expressed by Slavsky (1, 279).
                1. Day 11
                  Day 11 9 January 2014 18: 50
                  No, Sasha, it’s exactly in your graph --- Do you want to read about this very Gil?
                  1. atalef
                    atalef 9 January 2014 20: 56
                    Quote: Den 11
                    No, Sasha, it’s exactly in your graph --- Do you want to read about this very Gil?

                    Denis, Happy New Year !!!!
                    In general, to be honest, no, as a person, he generally does not care about me, no matter what nationality.
                    1. Day 11
                      Day 11 9 January 2014 21: 01
                      You, too, Sasha Happy New Year! How is Igor? Has he gotten well? And he suffered before the holidays
            2. d.gksueyjd
              d.gksueyjd 10 January 2014 23: 50
              A Jew is not a nationality, but a lifestyle!
              I remind you about the Jews "Heroes of the Soviet Union", and about the Russians who received (bought) the "Hero of the Russian Federation". One of the Russian "effective managers" has a chance to become a "Participant of military operations"
          2. bwo
            bwo 10 January 2014 11: 30
            Vladimir Gil was born on June 11, 1906 in the estate of Daraganovo in the Bobruisk district of the Mogilev province. His father, Waldemar Anthony von Lutengauzen-Wolf, belonged to the German barons, and his mother, Maria Kazimirovna Dombrowskaya, was the grandniece of the Polish king Stanislav Augustus Ponyatovsky. The Lutenhausen-Wolf family came to Russia during the time of Peter the Great, who invited the German baron to teach mathematics. And Catherine II gave Lutenhausen-Wolf the estate Daraganovo for loyal service. In 1914, in connection with the war in Russia, persecution of Germans began, and his father was forced to change his surname and began to be called Gil.
            1. Day 11
              Day 11 10 January 2014 12: 03
              Maybe so. So my information is incorrect
              1. bwo
                bwo 11 January 2014 06: 35
                But this is just a quote from the article. Which you probably have not read.
  7. makarov
    makarov 9 January 2014 10: 15
    Very interesting material with a tragic end, unfortunately ....
  8. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 9 January 2014 10: 15
    Quote: FC Skif
    Deft Hitler spent: selected the right people on whom he could rely, in the service of the Germans massacre the civilian population did not participate (without arousing suspicion), at the first opportunity went to our side, causing maximum damage to the fascists.

    And this is where to go?
    "October 9 1942 of the year. As a result of the very skillful propaganda of the Rodionov battalion, 107 members of the gangs are moving to the side of the battalion. Other battalion successes: 25 killed enemies, 5 prisoners, 1 mortar, 1 light machine gun, 2 pistol, 12 rifles, ”wrote Erich von dem Bach-Tselevsky, authorized by the Reichsführer SS to fight the gangs, in his diary.

    In February, the 1943 of the year, the 1-I Russian SS national brigade "Druzhina" took part in actions against the partisans of the Slutsk zone, and from May to June - against the partisans of the Borisov-Begomel zone (operation "Cottbus").
  9. Klim podkova
    Klim podkova 9 January 2014 10: 38
    I wonder how he did when he entered the Borisoglebsk-Leningrad cavalry school in 1926 and then throughout his military career (the Frunze Academy) passed the credentials committee? (was, was so!) So I have some doubts about his noble origin. Maybe he skillfully hid?
    1. Motors1991
      Motors1991 9 January 2014 15: 00
      Such facts are a dime a dozen, the most important of them A.I.Solzhenitsyn, himself not from a poor class, was married to the daughter of the richest landowner of the Kuban, became an officer of the Red Army. This is the question of where the all-powerful VChK-NKVD looked and whether it is possible to blindly after that believe ,, the archipelago ... ,, and its author and comrades?
      1. Klim podkova
        Klim podkova 9 January 2014 18: 04
        Solzhenitsin's father was married to the daughter of the richest landowner of the Kuban. Officer's shoulder straps A.I. received during the war, when, due to the large loss of officers, the class origin was already turned a blind eye. But to enter a military school, and then to the Military Academy, having a father - a German baron and a mother of royalty in his archives - is hard to believe. Even in the 50s, those who submitted documents to the military school were checked "for lice", and only in the 20s ...
        1. Motors1991
          Motors1991 9 January 2014 19: 53
          At the expense of Solzhenitsyn’s wife, he was mistaken, the memory failed, but nevertheless the son of the tsar’s officer, he graduated from the university, somehow it does not fit into the ,, Archipelago ... ,,
    2. Rodionovets son
      Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 15
      The fact that in the Red Army in the civilian command was 60 percent of the former royal specialists did not hear?
  10. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 10: 44
    Let's start from the very beginning. Then we will go further. Camarades! Who is interested in the Second World War? And 3 Reich? -HISTORY? I run away, I will be closer in the evening.
  11. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 9 January 2014 10: 50
    Great fellow countryman. "Merry" was this Gil-Rodionov. "Dude was of rare principles and firmness of views
    During 1943, the 1-th Russian national SS brigade “Druzhina” under the command of SS Obersturmbannführer Vladimir Gil-Rodionov acted in the area of ​​Gluboky and Lepel. Here, in the summer of 1943, several Belarusian villages were burned, and the population allegedly helping the Belarusian partisans, about 3000 people were driven into the village of. Icons. Gil-Rodionov turned to the peasants with a proposal to ask him for clemency in "literary Russian." His Belarusian peasants did not know. Then Gil-Rodionov ordered the execution of "traitors" from machine guns.

    "vigilantes" at work ...

    "vigilantes" are resting ...

    Ensign of the 1st Russian National SS Brigade "Druzhina", on the right arm is visible a sleeve tape with the inscription "Druzhina"
    Well, this is his abridged order when switching to the partisan side:
    "1.From this date, the brigade will be called the First Russian Anti-Fascist Brigade.
    2. I charge every brigade warrior mercilessly exterminate the Fritz until they are completely expelled from Russian soil.
    3.From this date, the greeting "Heil Hitler!" cancel, welcome by raising your hand to the headdress.
    4.All the fascist signs - swastikas, skulls and more - cancel.
    5. I congratulate officers and soldiers on joining the struggle for our great Motherland. Glory to the Russian people! "
    1. Rodionovets son
      Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 21
      Before you irony, show some other facts (only facts and not an empty chatter) of Rodionov’s atrocities, apart from the above described, 3000 people were shot. You will not find. Because rastrel happened 5 days before the end of the operation Cottbus. At the end of which all people would be allowed to go home, but the Germans became aware that Rodionov does not destroy people in their villages, but takes them from village to village hiding them in the forest. Then, in an ultimatum order, he was forced to shoot them. For which his fighters were surrounded by Estonian legionnaires who stood in the third ring behind the Rodionists.
  12. svp67
    svp67 9 January 2014 11: 47
    This story proves once again that part of our population perceived this war as a continuation of the Civil ... And Gil’s happiness that he died in the war remained a hero ...
  13. gennadi
    gennadi 9 January 2014 12: 12
    Definitely, his fate is an order of magnitude better than the fate of Vlasov, even if it is not covered by shame, he was killed like a warrior!
  14. creak
    creak 9 January 2014 12: 19
    Quote: svp67
    This story proves once again that part of our population perceived this war as a continuation of the Civil ...

    It seemed that Wrangel’s army officers and their children, who settled after the civil war in the Balkans and formed the backbone of the Russian Security Corps in Yugoslavia under the command of General Steifon during World War II, were guided by similar considerations. The Corps guarded the German rear communications from Tito partisans and Chetniks, fighting virtually no action against the Allied forces. After the war, the Corps’s personnel were not handed over by the British to the Soviet authorities, since the officers and rank-and-file did not violate the oath, did not serve in the Red Army and were not Soviet citizens, unlike the military personnel of the ROA Vlasov ... Another little-known page of World War II, as well as participation former white officers in the Spanish Civil War, both on the side of Franco and the Republicans (including the pilots). I had to read some interesting material on this topic at one time.
  15. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar 9 January 2014 12: 38
    Friends, pay attention to the beginning of the article that the USSR did not sign the Geneva Convention and this affected our prisoners, as well as the fact that the Germans allegedly did not count on such a number of prisoners (the poor) and therefore were "FORCED" to create new concentration camps.
    Lies and misunderstandings on every line.
    The enemy went to destroy us and this was reflected in our prisoners, the camps were created only to mock perverted !!!!
  16. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 9 January 2014 13: 35
    Traitor definitely. For me personally. Others may have an opinion. hi
  17. Romanychby
    Romanychby 9 January 2014 13: 47
    There is a clear fact of betrayal in favor of the fascists. And when the "smell of fried" smelled, he pulled back. That's the whole story.
  18. Uhe
    Uhe 9 January 2014 14: 22
    The article begins not just deceitfully, but vilely.

    "In 1929, the Geneva Convention on the Maintenance of Prisoners of War was adopted, which the Soviet Union did not sign. Subsequently, this was reflected in the treatment of Russian soldiers in captivity. During the first months of the Great Patriotic War, the Germans captured more than three million Russian prisoners of war."

    And here are some statements by the Nazi bosses, saying that the Nazis just wanted to destroy the Russians:
    M. Borman
    Slavs should work for us. If we no longer need them, they may die. Therefore, mandatory vaccinations and medical care by German doctors seem unnecessary.
    The growth of the Slavic population is undesirable.

    G. Himmler
    I'm not in the least interested in the fate of a Russian or a Czech. We will take from other nations that healthy blood of our type that they can give us. If this becomes necessary, we will resort to taking their children from them and educating them in our midst. The question of whether a given nation is flourishing or starving to death interests me only insofar as we need representatives of this nation as slaves for our culture; otherwise their fate is of no interest to me.

    G. Himmler
    If ten thousand Russian women fall from exhaustion while digging anti-tank ditches, this will interest me only to the extent that this anti-tank ditch is ready for Germany. We must understand that in Germany there are 6 or 7 million foreigners. They do not represent any danger as long as we take harsh measures for every trifle.

    G. Goering
    You were sent there, not in order to work for the welfare of the peoples entrusted to you, but in order to deflate everything possible.
    ... I intend to rob and it is effective. Everything that may be suitable for the Germans in the East should be immediately extracted and delivered to Germany.

    Catering to locals and prisoners of war is an unnecessary humanity.

    Further here: and in other places. The Nazis wanted to make the Slavs slaves, and then destroy, wipe them off the face of the Earth. The evidence for this is 20-30 million. killed in the rear at the hands of the occupiers. This is not some invented lohocost, but a reality. And some scum raises a hand to write that it's all because the USSR did not sign some kind of filthy letter. And the fact that the Nazis had an anti-Slavic ideology, this xxx "does not know."

    The author, in one second paragraph you should be shot as an enemy of the people.

    I will add. Look at the fate of the East Germans. The entire population of the former GDR, except for one land, is Germanized Slavs. And this is precisely the gene pool that survived thanks to Stalin, who did not allow Britain to destroy Germany and its citizens. Stalin created the GDR, which was our faithful ally and retained its gene pool among all this tolyrastic bacchanalia, which was then imposed on Germany by Britain and the United States. But we, Russians, didn’t even wait for such a life - Germanization, but pure death.

    Remove this anti-Russian article, do not disgrace.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 9 January 2014 15: 57
      Quote: Uhe
      The article begins not just deceitfully, but vilely.
      Remove this anti-Russian article, do not disgrace.

      I agree in essence, but not in content.
      Most likely, de Wushka is just very superficially familiar with the topic on which she writes. Therefore, the void in his head fills with notions or conventional stamps of a brainless environment.
      Lightness is unusual in everything. Copy-paste, bam, and the article is ready. And finally you do not need to know a damn on the topic. Tomorrow she will write something in the same way on the subject of the Boer War. If there will be demand.
      It’s sad to look at all this No.
  19. malikszh
    malikszh 9 January 2014 14: 45
    who knows how you will act if you get captured, I think he acted correctly.
    1. Son
      Son 9 January 2014 17: 12
      I agree with the decimal point in your koment, but after it the question arises: - Why didn’t it go earlier, 41-42?
  20. mark7
    mark7 9 January 2014 15: 22
    Quote: Romanychby
    There is a clear fact of betrayal in favor of the fascists. And when the "smell of fried" smelled, he pulled back. That's the whole story.

    you can’t say better
  21. Witch
    Witch 9 January 2014 15: 44
    Quote: cenych
    It seems that the author has not read the Geneva Convention, because the signatory fulfills the conditions of detention regardless of the signature / non-signature of the enemy. So, mistreatment due to convention is a myth invented by Goebbels, it is not necessary to cultivate it.

    In addition, Russia signed the Hague convention on prisoners of war, and there were similar requirements for the maintenance of prisoners of war, and also through 3 countries (Sweden) tried to convey to the Germans about the need to comply with the rules of detention of Soviet prisoners of war ...
  22. Sour
    Sour 9 January 2014 17: 07
    Gil fought on the side of the enemy.
    If he did not carry out any task of the Soviet command, then he is certainly a traitor. There are no options.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  23. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 17: 16
    So far, only documents. Let's analyze together (Clickable)
  24. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 18: 07
    And how do you like this article (published in the Soviet era in one magazine) Guys, all literate, you can increase it in a different way.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 9 January 2014 19: 48
      If at least one of the members of the forum is interested (I would like to) --- read on
  25. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 19: 51
    Well, the ending
  26. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 19: 55
    Guys, how do you like this leaflet? Knowing all this. Abakumov !!!
  27. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 19: 59
    Continued leaflets. Agree, what a game !!!
  28. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 20: 24
    For all unbelievers. One x ... from the US CIA analytical department Robert W. Stefan bluntly said he was double. Who owns English?
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 9 January 2014 21: 12
      This is how Shelenberg recalls this in his memoirs. Sorry for the translation. It's not the worst on the internet yet. More adequate in the book. I have Moscow, 1991, Biruni House. If you follow the link to read the entire chapter about Operation Zeppelin, it will become clear which agents we are talking about. The term "double agent" is hardly appropriate here. Yes, and Shelenberg went into a tough refusal. bully

      “Therefore, we created a combat unit called the Druzhina out of the agents waiting for the mission. It was supposed to maintain order in our rear, and, if necessary, conduct an anti-partisan war. The command of the Druzhina was Russian Colonel Rodionov, nicknamed“ Gilles ”, with I happened to talk to him. From these conversations I realized that his initial opposition to Stalinism began to disappear. In his opinion, the Germans treated the Russian population and prisoners of war monstrously. I myself tried to protest against this attitude. On the other hand, I had to defend my point of view Himmler. ”I advised Gilles not to forget that the war itself and the methods of waging it were becoming more and more brutal and ruthless on both sides. When it came to guerrilla warfare, doubts arose whether the Russians were not just as or even more Germans guilty of the crimes In response, he reminded me of propaganda that talked about Russian “subhumans.” But he himself, I replied, chose the term “propaganda” - in wartime it is difficult to observe clear moral standards. I believed that Belarusians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, residents of Central Asia and other minorities would understand that all these slogans were the product of military propaganda.

      When we began to suffer defeat in Russia, it became more difficult to conduct intelligence work. At the same time, certain difficulties arose with the leadership of the "Druzhina". In the end, despite my repeated warnings, what I feared happened. "Druzhina" was again used for ruthless "combing" of the partisan village. Colonel Rodionov ordered his men, who were leading the captured partisans to the concentration camp, to attack the SS unit accompanying them. Having taken the Germans by surprise, the Russians destroyed them in the most brutal way. So those who initially sincerely collaborated with us turned into our worst enemies, Rodionov established contact with the central headquarters of the partisan movement in Moscow and forced his subordinates to go over to the side of the enemy. After the bloody massacre of the SS men, he flew from a secret partisan airfield to Moscow. Stalin personally received him and awarded the Order of Stalin <$ F>. It was a serious failure, for which, however, I was not personally responsible, as I repeatedly turned to Himmler with a request to remove Rodionov from anti-partisan operations. "
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 9 January 2014 21: 29
        Is this the same Schellenberg who was paying with pieces of gold pieces of gold? Of course, after the war you can think of it ... Do you believe him yourself? Personally, I will believe some feldwebel (memoirs) more than this liar!
        1. Nicholas C.
          Nicholas C. 9 January 2014 22: 29
          Quote: Den 11
          For all unbelievers. One x ... from the US CIA analytical department Robert W. Stefan said bluntly he was double.

          Quote: Den 11
          Do you believe it yourself? Personally, I will believe more some feldwebel (memoirs)

          If you are engaged in flood here, then you are not to my interlocutor.

          In the message where you smash "all non-believers", apparently, including me, you cited a text where it is indicated that one unnamed security officer wrote a review of Shelenberg's memoirs, from which it follows that Rodionov POSSIBLY was a Soviet double agent. I have quoted Shelenberg’s memoirs directly, so that one who has the mind himself can draw a conclusion about what Shelenberg wrote without interpretations by American officers.

          What Heinrich Fenner said about Rodionov I will not explain in connection with the foregoing. Surname Robert W. Stefan in the quote you have given it is not present. So to establish where he "directly said" is not possible.
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 9 January 2014 22: 34
            I do not deal with Flood. I have a STRONG conviction that Comrade Gil performed the special task of Comrade Abakumov
  29. xomaNN
    xomaNN 9 January 2014 20: 59
    Another confirmation that the black and white story does not exist. Such turns of human destiny. And on the scales of his fate is there anything more - betrayal or heroism?
  30. Day 11
    Day 11 9 January 2014 22: 24
    Guys, that’s what I’ve fucked up. In my computer there is still a lot of interesting things to find ... It’s necessary (I will not collect everything) to clean
  31. Nicholas C.
    Nicholas C. 9 January 2014 23: 31
    Quote: Den 11
    I have the CONSTANT conviction that Comrade Gil performed the special task of Comrade Abakumov

    If you believe in something unproven, then try to pray.

    Military counterintelligence "SMERSH", headed by Comrade Abakumov, and personally subordinate to Comrade. Stalin was created only in April 1943. And comrade. Gil "infiltrated" the prisoner in July 1941. At that time, namely on July 19, 1941, the deputy people's commissar of the NKVD comrade. Abakumov just became the head of the GU Special Departments. The special departments did a slightly different job. This is only later Comrade. Abakumov made SMERSH on their basis. If you think that Comrade. Abakumov "turned over" Comrade. Gilya is already in the German service, then you are wrong here too. Because It is written in Russian for you in white that Comrade. Gilya partisan comrade Titkov. And the partisans had as many as three lines of command, but none of them went to Comrade. Abakumov.

    Learn to add two and two.

    You can consider another candidate - Pavel Sudoplatov with his Special Group and then the 4th Directorate of the NKVD. Gil's biography in the style of Sudlatov agents. And some partisan detachments, including Medvedev, went to Sudoplatova. But, I think, nothing will come of it here either.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 9 January 2014 23: 42
      If you are trying to catch me --- it will not work! 2 + 2 he asks me. Maybe you need to hold the rams somehow? Am I a 20-year-old jerk? Do you want to discuss this topic seriously? -Discuss! No discussion! provide info that I have
  32. Day 11
    Day 11 10 January 2014 00: 16
    I would like to say --- I DO NOT CONFIRM that it is. But it’s worth considering!
  33. voliador
    voliador 10 January 2014 00: 22
    Maybe from the very beginning he wanted to act like that, but you won’t pick up so many right people, especially officers, right away.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 10 January 2014 00: 27
      Everything can be. Someone will allow these archives
  34. 2sila
    2sila 10 January 2014 01: 13
    Tired of this propaganda nonsense about not signing the Geneva Convention of the USSR!
    There is no excuse for the Nazi dogs, may the dogs forgive me for such an unflattering comparison!
    Germany signed it.
    ... the rules of the Geneva Convention of 1929 applied to all prisoners of war, regardless of whether their country signed the Convention or not. It is enough that the signatory country is obliged to comply with its requirements for absolutely all prisoners who fall into its power, regardless of the country of origin. Art. Unambiguously and directly speaks about this. 82 of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War 1929.
    I quote:

    “The provisions of this Convention shall be respected by the High Contracting Parties in all circumstances.
    If, in case of war, one of the belligerent parties turns out to be not a party to the convention, nevertheless, the provisions of such remain binding on all belligerents who signed the convention. "

    But the Hague Convention of 1907 really extended its rules only to its signatories. Russia was among the initiators of the Hague Convention, and, of course, signed and ratified it.

    So, gentlemen, democratic historians, the most that you can blame the USSR for is that after the revolution, the Bolshevik government refused in one fell swoop the Russian signatures to all conventions concluded until 1918, including the 4th Hague.

    True, there is evidence that on March 31, 1918, the Council of People's Commissars of the Russian Republic informed the International Red Cross the following:

    "... this Convention, both in its original and later versions, as well as all other international conventions and agreements concerning the Red Cross, recognized by Russia before October 1917, are recognized and will be observed by the Russian Soviet Government, which retains all rights and the prerogatives based on these conventions and agreements. " (newspaper "Izvestia" No. 112 (376) dated July 4, 1918).
    This refers to the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of 1864, the 4th Hague Convention on the Laws and Customs of War and all other conventions of this plan.
    ........... in 1921, the International Red Cross (to which Hitler Germany constantly referred) was announcing that the RSFSR was entitled to patronize the Geneva Conventions.

    This is a statement of the organization recognized in the world at that time. (Independent Military Review No. 49 (458) of December 23, 2005).
    1. Snoop
      Snoop 10 January 2014 02: 26
      “After three weeks of preparatory training, the battalion was assigned the first combat mission - hunting for Polish partisans in Tomashevsky, Zamostsky and Rava-Russky districts. In the fall of 1942, the national brigade was transferred to the Bykhov area, where they first guarded the railway, and then took part in operations against From the very beginning, Gil-Rodionov established a rule: not to allow self-will in relation to the civilian population. The soldiers did not participate in reprisals against the population and tried not to engage in clashes with the partisans. " - and how did they hunt the partisans? Without getting into hassles? And how did the SS-mans assigned to them react to this?))))
      1. Rodionovets son
        Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 31
        The officers spoke to youngsters, who were in the second company about 68 people when it came to the use of tough action --- Do not forget that you are also Russian.
  35. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 16 February 2014 23: 25
    It’s strange like that, muddied.
  36. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 4 February 2015 18: 18
    a very mysterious figure - a lot of obscure. while alas, we can only guess ..........
    1. Rodionovets son
      Rodionovets son April 1 2017 18: 33
      After crossing the front line, all the surviving Partisans-Rodionovites who were at the time of entry into the Druzhina with the rank of officer were shot. Two were sent to Smolensk for public execution by hanging. In total, 105 people were killed in the Vitebsk filtration camp. Alexander Gordon for his program with the theme .. Forgive or not forgive .. gave a request to 4 archives. The answer was given only by the archive of the partisan movement of Belarus. They sent a copy of the telegram that was read out before the system that everyone who goes to the partisans and atones for guilt will have an amnesty. Discussing the topic, they came to the conclusion that the guarantee of the amnesty was not a decision of the government, but only a reception of the NKVD special service for decomposition of discipline. No one expected such a massive transition. Therefore, when they fell into the hands of the Smersh, articles were applied to them as to all traitors. In 1997, the commission for the search for war criminals ceased to work. . But Rodionists are still listed, even after death, as enemies .. without statute of limitations ..
  37. Basil50
    Basil50 20 May 2016 16: 33
    A lot of things are revealed, sometimes documents allow you to see events from a different angle. But the fact that Gil was able to atone for his crime is frankly pleasing.
    Even under the notorious agreement, during the WWII, the attitude towards the RUSSIAN in captivity did not differ much from the Nazi concentration camps. The Poles, the Balts and the Finns also built concentration camps where they destroyed those who were captured, not at all inferior to the Germans in sadism and bestiality. And no * cultural * traditions did not stop outright sadists.