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Komsomolskoy long echo

In March 2000 of the year in the foothill village of Komsomolskoye, Urus-Martan District of the Chechen Republic, the largest broke out after the storming of the Terrible and the death of the 6 Company from the 104 Guards 76 Guards Parachute Regiment under Ulus-Kert. Airborne, the tragedy of the second Chechen campaign.

Komsomolskoy long echoThe bloody battles for every street, every house, turned by the militants into a fortress, lasted for three weeks and claimed the lives and health of many servicemen and employees of various special forces. But this did not stop the chiefs in the stripes; the desire to report to Moscow about the end of the battles before the presidential elections was too strong. Politics. This is probably why there is still no accurate data on casualties, nor is there a complete reliable description of the battles from which it would be possible to sum up the overall picture of what happened. Everything is somehow fragmentary and contradictory. Several high-ranking officers in their memoirs give different numbers of the dead and wounded, narrowly and concisely cover the activities of subordinates, pull the blanket of victory towards themselves and speak unflatteringly about their colleagues. Many high words have been said, various awards have been handed out, but somehow to those and those who led the assault from headquarters.

Today we will hear the story of Alexei Nikolaevich Makhotin, a Hero of Russia, a participant in the battles for Komsomolskoye as part of the combined detachment of special forces of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice and Justice of Russia.

I was born on 9 on April 1961, in the village of Troitskoe, Novokhopersky District, Voronezh Region, in a working-class family. Left without a father in 14 years, he began working as an assistant combiner at the farm. These were difficult times, but our friendly, big family did not give a bent. Mom, sister, three older brothers - the power!

At the end of school he was going to enter the Syzran Higher Military aviation School of Pilots, passed two medical commissions. But in the school itself at the extreme commission, the surgeon cut me off: unsuitable! Of course, I was upset. It's a shame, my brother has already graduated from this educational institution, but I can’t even enter! I had to give up the dream of heaven.

Returning home to Voronezh, he entered the local technological institute. After the second course, in 1981, he joined the army. He served in the Strategic Missile Forces, on the basis of the storage of nuclear ammunition in the village of Makarov-1, in Ukraine.

After the army I came to Leningrad to my brother and decided to stay. Entered the service of the police, in the operational regiment of the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Leningrad Regional Executive Committee. Documents from Voronezh transferred to the Leningrad Voznesensky Institute of Finance and Economics.

Served and studied by correspondence. When riot police were organized in the city, I asked to go there. After receiving the diploma, taking into account the specifics of education, he was transferred to the maritime station by an operative officer in OBKHSS on transport. The riot police returned through 2, the deputy chief of staff for operational planning.

Having learned about the creation of the SOBR, I considered the new division to be elite and gladly moved there. 6 years served as commander of the operational combat department. The team picked up excellent, all burned with work, romance. Love for the Motherland, brought up on patriotic Soviet cinema, songs of Vysotsky, exploits of the Great Patriotic War veterans, was boiling in blood. There was a lot of work, and different situations happened. I remember the most non-standard.

Somehow the application from operatives arrived. They tracked down the killer of a policeman. He escaped from prison and, armed with a machine gun, took refuge in an apartment on the fifth floor of one of St. Petersburg new buildings.

Having learned from the operas that two women with bags of liquor had risen to the killer, they decided to detain him in the morning. Let her drink and lose her guard.

We climbed to the floor, inspected the staircase, the door. Determined the procedure. Forward!

We knock out the first door, and behind it - the second, old, wooden! Beat it, does not open, reinforced from behind, filled with junk. Everyone, I think, made some noise, lost a second, woke the killer up, now, while we break this damned door, he weapon apply, replenish the kill count. And at this time he is from the fear that he, armed, we now clap, the machine gun throws him out the window and meets us with raised arms. Everyone was lucky. So he remained alive, and with us - without loss.

Somewhere in a year in the Kalininsky district of the city, the operatives themselves tried to enter the apartment, where the drunken criminal had barricaded himself. Did not work out. He stood up with a carbine at the ready in a pose and began to shoot through the door.

We arrived, the situation appreciated, the plan developed. Hour two passed. Here still mum of this man was drawn. Runs, screaming that she will go first. I understood that if he shoots us, we will fire him with return fire. While the woman calmed down, more time has passed.

Silently we rise to the floor, behind the door - silence. Probably a man fell asleep, overcame his alcohol. We knock out the door, in the corridor - no one, is empty. I go to the room, the second room follows me, the third goes to the kitchen. The room is empty. The guys pass: man in the kitchen. Face down lying. Self-shot, shot from a carbine. Maybe out of fear, maybe out of despair.

He first arrived in Chechnya as part of the joint detachment in the winter of 1995. For a month and a half, we patrolled the streets in Grozny, creating the illusion of complete control over the situation. Happy And at night, militants came out of their shelters and — again, provocations, shelling, road mining, chaos, and new victims and destruction. Although at night we rode on armored personnel carriers from the roadblock to the roadblock, as if hoping to run into trouble. Madness, of course, but the order was carried out.

The second time was a business trip to Grozny in July, 1996. Short term

In 1999, he was transferred to the Main Directorate for the Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, and to the Typhoon special detachment - deputy commander for combat and service training. 15 August in the position of acting commander of the detachment left with a group of subordinates in Dagestan.

The Irony of Fate. I was going to my mother for the seventieth anniversary, bought a ticket, prepared a gift, and then a telephone message: equip one day and arrive at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region for departure to the North Caucasus.

Four hundred people gathered from all divisions of the Ministry of Justice in Dagestan. In Khasavyurt they were placed in a prison where several hundred prisoners were kept. The task is to prevent possible attempts by militants to free their accomplices and accomplices.

From Khasavyurt, we were transferred to the largest village of Dagestan - Karabudakhkent, where we conducted several operations. Worked a little and in the famous Gubden, a kind of gate to mountain areas. Through Gubden go the road in the direction of Derbent and Levashi, in Zelenka, where the militants can hide and get lost. As a result of only one operation, we managed to detain militants in the village of 11. Alive.

In the village of Dorheli, according to archaeologists, one of the oldest settlements in the North Caucasus, we stopped for a while. Having received the order to cover the consolidated detachment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, who ambushed nearby and lost the wounded and dead people to 13, we moved to the task. It was necessary to take a height in order to control the road lying below, along the gorge. A group of Krasnodar from the “Shark”, rising first, came under contact, came into contact, but soon retreated in order to avoid irreparable losses.

We have replaced them, St. Petersburg, and Kursk. Only twenty people. Rising, they processed brilliant green of grenade launchers.

The grenades helped, the militants left. They understood that, replacing each other, we still achieve our goal and knock them out from a height. And we, using the lull, tried to dig in the gravel.

Somewhere far broke out the battle. The shooting subsided, then flared up again. We experienced, assuming that ours got into a difficult situation, and we are inactive.

Dagestan militiamen appeared at the bottom. They quickly passed the site controlled by us and disappeared around the bend. On the radio, I asked the commanders for permission to leave. He was not given, saying that there was no one to change us.

It got dark, the heavy rain began, the wind rose. And we have no tents, no warm clothes, no food. Some guns and ammunition.

By midnight it became so cold to us, wet and chilled to the bone, that it was impossible to transmit! I still remember what kind of agony these long hours in the rain seemed to me. Although it seems to be low, four hundred meters above sea level, but such a terrible cold season! Endless torture! I sent a couple of guys down so that they got hold of vodka or alcohol, products at the headquarters. Was stunned when they returned empty-handed. Nobody gave them anything.

Then Kolya Yevtukh and I tried to hang our clothes over the thorns. Did not help. They warmed each other with their bodies, hugging their backs to their backs, survived, fearing that they would all end up killing themselves from hypothermia. But wonderful are your works, Lord! No one got sick.

In the morning we changed. We, having arrived in the village of Vanashimakhi of the Buinaksk district, in the Kadar zone, the patrimony of the Wahhabis, joined the combined detachment of the GUIN. Together with the special forces of the internal troops, they fought on the heights near the village of Chabanmakhi.

A week after the death of 4 and the injury of 15 by the fighters of the internal troops and police at the strategically important, dominant point - Mount Shepherd, fighting by special forces from Vympel and Russia, we went to the village with the Rosich troops (Ryazan) and Fakel " (Moscow region).

Rain, mud, debris, dense shrubs, ravines, streams and the enemy, hiding within a kilometer radius. Mountain war.

Despite the shelling, they went right under the plateau. Next - a steep climb, an exam for climbers. Passed, entered the village. Nearby were killed three soldiers of the Yaroslavl riot police, ten were injured. The 17 squad of the special forces of the internal troops and the Dagestan riot police also suffered losses, but for everyone on the radio: just go ahead!

Half a meter from me, the sniper's bullet, breaking through the helmet-sphere, hits the head of a comrade. I am trying to help him, someone is calling for doctors, someone is asking for equipment to take the wounded man down to the doctors. Hearing on the radio that the spinner is in a hurry after the wounded, we mark our flank with a green rocket, but someone, in the confusion, having mixed colors, gives us a red one over our position. There is no direct connection with the pilots, so I shout with my own that they can hit us from a pair of Mi-24, covering the medical Mi-8. Lucky, turntables, beautifully passing right above our heads, went to the sides.

For the night I had to stay in the village. Militants, under cover of night trying to get close, threw grenades. In the morning, both hand grenades and VOGs for the grenade launchers became scarce, but we survived.

Following the results of the fighting in Dagestan 21 December 1999, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin presented me with the Order of Courage. In the Kremlin. Exactly one year later, Putin, being already the president of our country, handed me the Golden Star of the Hero of Russia. Here is such a memorable day for me - December 21.

4 February 2000 of the year left St. Petersburg for the next business trip, change the commander with his group. Then, by the decision of the commander of the western direction of the United Group of Federal Forces in the North Caucasus, General Vladimir Shamanov "Typhoon" was sent to the mountain gorges to strengthen the units of the army special forces.

We arrived in the area of ​​the village of Kharsenoy of the Shatoy district of Chechnya with the task of mining the trails of the militants and destroying bases and caches of weapons. And worked in his neighborhood number to 23-th. For the Caucasus, there are ordinary mountains: at altitudes of up to two thousand meters, there is a forest, above — stones, snow and ice. Beauty and cold. In the tract of one of the heights the base was equipped, from where we went to work.

We met with the Pskov GRU special forces group on the slopes of the ridge of the Maly Kharsena tract. Some of the guys had frostbite, they lacked sleeping bags and food. They said that this is the last way and they should be replaced further.

At night, February 20 from Georgia was a chain of militants, we noticed them in night vision devices. The next day we heard shooting and explosions, about a kilometer from us in a straight line, but if you go, then, of course, many times more. What is happening there exactly, it was not clear, shooting and shooting. About half an hour approximately. Then the artillery connected. Even if we went there immediately, as the battle began, it is not a fact that we would have had time: fatigue, loose snow to the waist, streams. And the special forces did not go on the air, the batteries of the radio sat down.

The next day, on the other side of the height, we found unloading wounded militants, zinc from ammunition, canned meat and condensed milk banks. It became clear that the battle was bitter and fierce. And only a few days later we found out: the 33 Special Forces soldier was killed in that battle!

February 29 finally descended from the mountains, we moved to the Urus-Martan district.

Probably, it seemed to many that after leaving Grozny, the militants were locked up in the mountains, in the valley of the Argun River, and were in a critical situation. However, in late February - early March, gangs of Khattab and Shamil Basayev with heavy fighting broke out of the trap through the orders of GRU special forces and paratroopers in the east, and in the north-west their success was attempted to be repeated by the gangs of Ruslan Gelayev. It was necessary for them to get out of the mountains to the plain so that, having washed and changed clothes, to dissolve among the civilian population and then act on the basis of the tactics of the partisan war.

The first time the militants entered the small group in Komsomolskoye (Goi-Chu) 29 February at dawn. Along the river bed. They were discovered by the army team, fired, scattered, fled toward the mountains.

In the village worked from the first to the third of March. In the morning we went to the village, we cleaned it in the afternoon, in the evening, as it began to get dark, we left. Nothing unusual.
We blocked home ownership from the outside, other divisions inside worked with the population - checked documents. If there were suspicions about belonging to militants, the person was taken to the commandant's office of Urus-Martan for verification.

Our squad operated along the Goyty River. To the left, the 33 fighters of the Frontier of the internal troops from the village of Lebyazhye, near Petersburg, to the right, the Warships from Novosibirsk.

One of these days, they encountered the first fighters: two men, barely noticing us from afar, gave a tear. Despite civilian clothes, it was clear: not civilians jump into the bushes from the reluctance of the meeting. One shot. His face was an earthy color, which means that all winter he hid in mountain caves, he did not see the sun. They showed him to the head of the village administration and asked: "Is your man?" Answer: "No". But we still got a scolding from the authorities: “What are you doing? They got it, you know, shooting here for no reason! ”

In the morning of March 5, field commander Gelayev, known to us as a cruel and merciless murderer, with his gang entered the village through the southern outskirts, crushing the cordon of the 503 th motorized rifle regiment. On the other side of the Goity, the SOBR fighters from the Central Black Earth Region, those who marched with the Siberians, fought with them and suffered their first losses. Then we were shot at the first time, and we received an order to withdraw.

On March 6th, the fighters from the 7 th detachment of the special forces of “Rosich” were killed. The situation was so complicated that they could not even take away all their dead.

At that time we had a small operation in the camp behind the village, where the authorities settled the civilians who had left Komsomolsk. Farther from the village, about six hundred meters away, there was a checkpoint, and a headquarters was located in the trailers.

The special operations officer of the division of the internal troops “Don-100” brought me the information that there were wounded militants in the camp and asked them to detain them. I connected militiamen from the PPS to the case, inviting them to withdraw the militants from the houses that we block. They agreed.

Having run into the camp, we saw the wounded lying on blankets and mattresses. Faces are gray, cave. We pulled them out very quickly, so that the population did not have time to react, otherwise they would have arranged a protest demonstration, usual in such cases, with the involvement of women and children.

After that we broke through to the mosque, in the very center of the village. Novosibirsk asked to stop, because as they moved with great difficulty, we had to keep one line with them. Good.

We went to the mosque, and there the Arab lies dead, whom we destroyed on March 5th. Prepared for the funeral according to local customs, rank by rank. I looked at him - and, for sure, I think, not local, otherwise the Chechens would traditionally have buried him on the day of his death.

Send out The situation is calm, the militants, as can be judged by the fire, were at a distance. Suddenly, "Volga" goes, Moscow numbers. She stopped. Inside the car I saw the head of the Komsomolsky administration and the mullah. They were carrying a mediator, they wanted to negotiate with Gelayev so that he would come out of the village, not to fight. With this, the head of Komsomolsk tried to keep the residents of their homes, and the mullah - the mosque. And I did not really understand how Gelayev could be released. Well, he would have left the village, but what next?

I got on the radio with my neighbors: “Now I’ll come to you.” And with three fighters on an armored personnel carrier - go ahead. “Volga” is ours. We moved to the other side of the river, stopped at a crossroads. Suddenly shooting. Sounds closer and closer. "Volga" instantly turned around and went back.

Siberians asked to pierce a brick fence with an armored troop-carrier. To break through the fence, the betaeer pierced, but got stuck. Hardly taxied out.

We reached the mosque. Began to turn around and crashed into a concrete pillar. I hit my head on the armor so that the blood flowed in an instant. I thought I broke everything! It turned out, just cut the skin on the head.

And on the other side of the river war broke out, the militants went on a breakthrough. From our shore, we were sent to the aid by two armored personnel carriers with fifty fighters along the same road we entered. But they could not reach us, the militants' snipers shot the driver’s driver on one and the commander on the second armor.

I suggested to my commander not to wait for help and leave in the direction of the outskirts of the village. 33 th intelligence officer Vyacheslav Afanasyuk refused to leave: "I did not have the order to retreat." But, to the honor of this officer, he ordered his soldiers to retreat with me. Afanasyuk and his friend Sergey Bavykin later died heroically.

By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, for courage, bravery and heroism shown in the performance of a special task, Captain Bavykin Sergey Petrovich was awarded the title Hero of Russia (posthumously)

We almost left the village when we received the command to return to the initial positions. Orders do not discuss. Returned, again occupied the mosque. I well understood that we in the mosque at night against the militants would not last long, in the evening I asked the headquarters for a team to retreat. At the headquarters, opinions were divided, but my immediate commander still made a difficult decision for him and gave permission to retreat. We went out without a loss.

The next day, the seventh of March, was more or less calm for us. Militants turned out to be clearly not thirty people, as the generals originally said. Therefore, now, taking into account the heavy losses, the leadership of the operation decided what to do next. Aviation began to work in the village. The soldiers captured two Chinese mercenaries.

On March 8, we counted our army: on the right of Siberians, one hundred thirty people plus SOBRs with four old “boxes”, we have seventy people with two “boxes”. Plus in the 33-th brigade, a hundred people with two "boxes". I was also given fifteen pepeesnikov. But I told them not to shoot at all and go behind us.

And the front, along which we were supposed to advance, was stretched for two kilometers. On the tanks ammunition - seven to eight shells. There were also UR-70 demining vehicles, which a couple of times with a terrible roar and noise threw their charges of XNUMX kilograms of TNT towards the militants. And then we went on the attack.

At first they came across a Chechen of about eighty, they pulled her out of the gardens, showed where the camp was for peaceful people. She crawled.

And we entered the fire contact. Junior internal service lieutenant Alexei Shiryayev, instructor of the special-purpose department of the Department for the Execution of Sentences in the Pskov Region, died. An experienced guy, first Chechen twice on business trips was. Died heroically.

By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Shiryaev, Alexei Yuryevich, posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

Progress further to the cemetery. And there the river widens, and the neighbors are gone. We flank naked. Ahead - a small height, in fact - a hill, but it does not go around. This hill was fenced off with a low weave made of vines. Got two groups. And at the militants, he was targeted, and they began to beat at us from several sides. From automata, podstvolnikov, AGSov, some homemade mortars.

Wounded machine gunner Volodya Shirokov, sniper Sergei Novikov killed. Kolya Yevtukh began to tear the wicker, tried to pull Volodya out of the fire and caught a bullet in his loins. Volodya died, and Kolya's spine was smashed. Next wounded someone else.

The wounded were dragged out and began to dress. Oleg Gubanov crawled over Shirokov. Again, an explosion, and Oleg flew headfirst down on me! And the militants again got into Volodya. I had to move about fifty meters away, taking three wounded and one dead. Shirokov remained lying on top ...

Reported to the command of the loss. They are all blowing up the crew, they say, aviation will bomb. The Siberians and we asked first for half an hour, then another half hour to collect our dead. But no! A pair of Su-25 attack aircraft comes in and drops two huge bombs on parachutes.

I remembered my grandfather. He fought the fascists on the Volkhov front as part of the 65 Infantry Division and died on April 2 in the area of ​​the infamous Meat Bor. But that was the Great Patriotic War, and our Germans bombed! And then - your own!

In general, история remembers three more Mahotyns. The soldier Ivan, who distinguished himself in the Alpine campaign of Suvorov, in a hand-to-hand fight broke the golden epaulet from the French commander Andre Massena. Major General Nikolai, gentleman of the five royal orders. Guard sergeant Boris - commander of the branch of the machine-gun company of the 199 Infantry Regiment of the 67 Infantry Division, awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for the feat in the battles with the Nazis in the Belgorod region.

A knock, a crash, a whistle, bombs about fifty meters from us enter the ground, but do not explode! First thought - with a slowdown work. We lie quietly, do not move. And there is no explosion and no. It turned out that the bombs were the fifties of release, poor quality already. So did not explode, for our happiness.

The next day, it is necessary to return the old position, start forward. Militants meet with heavy fire. We did not manage to get to the Shirokov skyscraper all day. Continuous shooting did not stop day or night.

And in the television news they showed a plot from Chechnya, in which I and Captain Bavykin appeared. A voice came in the background: "Typhoon" suffered losses. Who specifically died, how, when, no one told anyone. Relations with Peter, of course, no. A day later - a new plot and alert: "The special losses in the special forces." What was my family and friends of my comrades to hear this from the screen, only they know. It's scary to even think about it. I think that those in St. Petersburg brought funerals to relatives of the victims, it was harder than us in the ruins of Komsomolsk.

On March 10, Timur Sirazetdinov worked in a pair. The guys from the 33-th brigade with a tank covered us. We left them with a tank behind the house, and crawled to the mound. We agree: I throw a grenade over the hill, and Timur runs thirty meters to the shed. For the cause! I throw a grenade. Timur is running. Suddenly, a line from a machine gun, Timur’s cry: “I’m hurt!” I’m approaching him, and the machine gun is watering, the fountains are dancing around the bullets!

I heard a shout of “Jackson” behind me: “Get down!”. Lay down Lucky! The place where I was pressed to the ground, it was a dead zone for the machine-gunner, he could not reach me. And more VVshniki helped: Senior Lieutenant Gene Kichkaylo distracted the machine-gunner’s attention to himself, getting up with the soldiers behind the tank and towards Timur. The machine gunner switched attention to them, began to shoot at the tank. I took advantage of the moment, rolled into a ravine that stretched towards the militants.

The fighters dragged Timur to the tank and retreated. I crawled over to them.

Timur has a wound to the groin area. He is unconscious. Cut his pants, and there are clots of dark blood, like jelly. Yeah! They dragged the leg above the wound with the doctor, bandaged it, made a direct injection in the heart. And they really hoped that Timur would get out, because one day fifty-five fragments fell into him, and he survived.

They called MTLB, they wanted to send Timur to the rear, but she could not find us! It is good that the second one sent after, nevertheless, found us. "Motoliga" took Timur to the rear, but an hour later the radio sent: "Cyclone", your "three hundredth" - now "two hundredth".

Lump at the throat, tears. Timur is my close friend. I stepped into the barn, did not want the soldiers to see the tears, in that situation it is impossible to show weakness, I still have to fight. I sat there for five to ten minutes - and again, forward.

Timur Galiyevich Sirazetdinov, captain of the internal service, is an instructor-methodologist at the Typhoon special department of the General Directorate for the Execution of Punishments in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Military Transport University of Railway Troops of Russia, was awarded the title Hero Russia.

Timur has served in special forces since October 1993. Repeatedly went on business trips to the North Caucasus region to participate in counterterrorism operations, became a knight of two Orders of Courage and a medal of the Order For Services to the Fatherland of the 2 degree.

He was buried with military honors at the Glory Alley of the Seraphim cemetery of St. Petersburg. The name of the Hero is the St. Petersburg secondary school number 534, in which he himself studied, a memorial plaque was opened on the school building. Bust Sirazetdinova installed on the Alley of Heroes of the St. Petersburg Military Transport University of Railway Troops of Russia.

In general, that day brought great losses to all. There was no artillery support, and the tanks were rolling without ammunition. Tin!
On the eleventh and twelfth of March, the operation leaders took time out. And we were changed in positions by the Izhevsk detachment of the Ministry of Justice. We moved to complete the ammunition.

And as a commander, a new problem fell on me. Earlier, twenty snipers handed me over to operational submission, which occupied positions in the gorge above Komsomolsk. And with them I lost the connection. We had to urgently find them.

On the way, I drove into headquarters, where I saw generals and journalists running in horror. It turns out that two soldiers climbed into a ravine behind headquarters in order to rescue a calf, and their militants were pressed to the ground with fire, they did not let them upstairs! All run, fussing, but no one does anything to change the situation. The Grumpy and I slowed down an MTLB that was passing by, drove into a ravine, dragged the soldiers and drove away on business.

While we were looking for snipers, Ilfat Zakirov, an officer of the Krechet Udmurt detachment, was summoned to headquarters. Alexander Baranov, the chief of staff of the United Group of Federal Forces in the North Caucasus, heard his report and immediately unjustly accused him of all sins, publicly called a coward, threatened with court. And later, from the words of Baranov, Colonel-General Gennady Troshev wrote in his famous memoirs that there were cowards in the special forces of the Ministry of Justice who comfortably settled themselves in sleeping bags in a secluded place and did not want to fight, and only after the intervention of the valiant General-Colonel Baranov they went to mind.

For Ilfat, the accusation of cowardice was a blow. When he returned from the meeting to the position, he was all white. Says detachment: "Forward!". I asked him to calm down, give me an hour to pick up Shirokov, I promised to support him with fire.

We stole the killed action movie, field commander. There are several of them, at the headquarters, lay for identification. Through the head of the Komsomolsky administration, we handed the militants a proposal to exchange him for Volodya. But nothing came of it. We did not wait for an answer. The body of the militant had to be sent to the commandant's office of Urus-Martan. And I took four fighters, a tank, and again went to the same ill-fated high-rise.

Tank set in the hollow. Himself with the "cat" crawled up from the bottom to the edge of the skyscraper, threw it and hooked Volodya's shoe, dragged it. When I saw Volodya - it became scary! He burned all over. I wrapped it in a cape, dragged me crawling to the tank, loaded the tank with the guys and sent it to headquarters.

By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the instructor-bomber of the assault department of the special-purpose department of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Russian Penitentiary Service for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region was Lt. Shirokov Vladimir Konstantinovich posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

The name of the Hero is given to the vocational lyceum No. 130 of Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. The museum of the military glory of the Lyceum keeps Volodya’s personal belongings and documents. A memorial plaque with his portrait is installed on the building of the Lyceum.

I searched on the radio Ilfat. He does not respond. And our general on the radio says to me: “I am removing you, Cyclone, from the command of the joint detachment of the Ministry of Justice. Senior Lieutenant Zakirov will be in command. ”

Going to the house where the people of Izhevsk approached, asked them: “Where is the commander?”. They showed in the direction of the house. I go there. With me are four of my fighters and "Grandfather" from the Izhevsk squad. He is an experienced man, participated in previous campaigns. We rush into the courtyard, throw grenades, shoot in all directions. We see that in the courtyard near the house there are two bodies, completely disfigured, the clothes are in tatters. This is Ilfat with his deputy. The dead. "Grandfather" threw them on the tank, although it is very difficult to raise the dead. But he is a healthy man, well done.

It turned out that Ilfat and his deputy entered the courtyard, and they grappled with the militants almost hand to hand. Ilfat and his deputy were shot dead by several militants, and the rest of them themselves were bombarded with grenades.

So Izhevsk detachment was left without a commander. The guys are in shock. I understood their psychological state. But they did a great job - they kept, fought, survived.

When the generals yelled at the officers, they reacted differently to this. Someone, like me, kept himself in hand. I shoot further - that's all. And someone reacted emotionally, like Ilfat.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Senior Lieutenant of Internal Service Zakirov Ilfat Indulisovich was awarded the title Hero of Russia posthumously. In 2004, one of the new streets of Izhevsk was named in his honor.

Many times I thought back to an offensive heresy for me and my comrades in the book of a general. I realized that for most generals, soldiers are a combat unit, not a living person. They had no reason to call the fighters “pencils”. And I, when I came to Peter, looked at every relative of the dead in my eyes. It is harder than going into battle.

Starting from the eighth of March from Komsomolsk we no longer left, at night remaining in our positions. It was very unpleasant. After all, until March 15, nobody really covered us from the rear, and the militants periodically ran through us. On the tenth of March one reached the cemetery, we noticed him, worked, and crawled to him. Found duffels with cartridges.

On March 14, Gennady Kichkaylo died. Stuck in a melee, in order to avoid losses, he ordered his subordinates to retreat to the shelter of the houses, while he himself and several soldiers remained to cover their retreat. Kichkaylo came under grenade attack and received multiple fragmental wounds. The militants considered the wounded officer an easy target and tried to capture him, but as soon as they approached him, he blew himself up with their grenade.

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Higher Military Command School of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Gennady Anatolyevich Kichkaylo. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia by decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

On March 15, Komsomolskoye shrouded such fog that nothing was visible in three meters. Once again, we went with the fighters to the height, where Shirokov was killed, and took the weapon. By the way, we haven’t lost a single barrel for all the fighting.

It was on March 15, as the commandants of Komsomolsky and Alkhazurovo later told, that all the generals, by satellite phone, as one, each told their superiors: "The Komsomolskoye is taken, is controlled completely." What does “controlled” mean if the next day only in the GUIN detachment three people died? They are Sergey Gerasimov from the Novgorod “Rusichi” detachment, Vladislav Baygatov from the Pskov “Zubr” and Andrei Zakharov from the “Typhoon”. And on March 17, Alexander Tikhomirov died from wounds in a hospital in Khankala.

On the sixteenth of March, together with the platoon of the Yaroslavl riot police, assigned to us, from the middle of Komsomolsk we moved to the school, to the 33 brigade. Here the tank T-80 goes straight to us! By that time, the army equipment was already up. And we all have a different connection. I can only talk with my general, the police with my command, the men from the 33 Brigade with my own. It’s good that we had a Russian flag with us. I deployed it and went into the zone of visibility of the tank. He oriented me, took the trunk, and we joined the 33 brigade safely.

Then the militants began to surrender en masse. In one day two hundred people were taken prisoner. Then they began to dig them out of the basements.

Crosses at the height where Shirokov, Novikov died and Kohl Evtukh was seriously wounded, we put on March 23 ...

Now I am surprised at how the human body withstood the burden of fighting in Komsomolsk. After all, we crawled, cold and hungry, the whole village up and down many times. That snow fell, then rain. I had pneumonia on my legs. The liquid came out of the lungs when breathing, thickly settling on the radio when I spoke. The doctor injected me with some medications, thanks to which I continued to work. It is not clear at what resource we all survived. For two weeks of continuous fighting neither normal food nor rest was not. In the afternoon in the basement the fires were kindled, the chicken was cooked and the broth was drunk. And we almost did not eat our lunch-meal and stew, we didn’t go down our throats. And before that, we still got eighteen days on our mountain starved. And the break between these events was only two or three days.

Now it is already possible, having comprehended everything, to sum up the assault on Komsomolsk. The whole operation was terribly illiterate. But there was an opportunity to block the village, the population was withdrawn, and bombing and shelling him as much as necessary. And only after that already storm manpower. But no, people were sent faster ahead, to the place where the militants were higher, and they easily shot us down from several prepared positions. But the operation was carried out in spite of casualties. And the operation was commanded by different generals from different departments, one by one. Do you understand what was really going on there? It was possible to simply bypass Komsomolskoye from the side of the village of Alkhazurovo, above which the army regiment stood, and push the militants down from the heights, but the whole tactic of our "generals" was to hit tanks and artillery with their own positions and move away from the village to the outskirts several times a day , creating the illusion of retreat and ostensibly luring the enemy from their fortified positions with the subsequent search of the village. And the militants, feeling their doom, defended themselves desperately. The basements of houses were turned into impregnable fortresses. Therefore, we all broke up that there was not a single whole house and not a single living tree, only mountains of broken bricks, corpses of militants, heaps of discs and shotguns with mountains.

At night, so that the militants could not break through the encirclement, the gunners fired light mines. But on the night of March 20, when there was the last big breakthrough of the militants, suddenly, at three o'clock in the morning, the gunners were silent - they were out of ammunition. Taking advantage of the darkness, the bandits went down the river to the exit from the village. Most, of course, was destroyed, but someone managed to leave. The main one is gone - Gelaev.

I will highlight conscripts. That's who showed himself a hero! I have not seen a single case of cowardice, only courage and heroism, everyone would be awarded!
I myself did not rush to the enemy embrasures, but for myself I decided that I would have to fulfill the reckless orders of generals. It is impossible to go forward, but it is necessary, because there is an order. And I went ahead with the fighters. There was such a situation that I could not do otherwise. If you don’t go yourself and you send the guys, you are the wrong person. And you will not go along with them, in general, they will call everyone a coward. Just like in the Russian folk tale: “If you go to the left - you will perish, to the right - you will perish, you will go straight - you will lose yourself and the horse”. I think that our squad fought heroically, and I was awarded for the merits of the entire squad.

In 2001, I graduated from the St. Petersburg Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and soon retired. He was engaged in social activities - the social and psychological rehabilitation of soldiers who were injured during the hostilities, in 2009, he became a member of the Public Chamber of the Leningrad Region. I work as a vice-rector for security of one of the famous universities.

Already after leaving the service twice got into criminal stories.

I once drove a car with two colleagues on SOBR. At a prohibitory signal, a traffic light stopped at an intersection. Weekend, everyone is dressed in civilian, the mood is good, we smile, the sun has made its way through the clouds. And on the opposite side of the road a man at the car is busy. He bent to the wheel, unscrewing the bolts with his fingers, and the mount lies a little behind. Life situation: the wheel pierced, is going to change. Well, it happens.

Suddenly, two men run up to him, one in the direction of movement the mount grabbed and bang, beats the motorist in the head. He falls. The attacker hits the glass of the door, the second gets a small bag from the seat. And - a naught.

One of our trio hurried to the victim, and the two of us with Basil followed the robbers. I shout: “Stand, police!” The second one immediately threw the bag away, and the first one, which was mounted, stopped, turned around and jumped at me. Mounted waved. I snatched the award pistol. He threw the crowbar and ran under the archway in the gateway, in which the accomplice escaped. Vasya rushed after them, I picked up the mount and the bag. Seeing Vasya alone, the gangsters in a dark alley emboldened, decided to attack him. Not here it was! When I flew with a pistol in one hand and mounted in the other under the arch, Vasily was already astride a “brave” robber. And the second trace is gone.

Came to the victim. He was sitting on the pavement, clutching at his bloody head, next to him the cashier jumps, reading: “Thieves have stolen money. Two million one hundred thousand. Showing a bag. “Yours?” - I ask. “Ours!” Shouts. Gave. And we gave the bandit to the policemen who arrived.

Two years later a similar situation. We leave from the entrance with the companion - officer of Federal Drug Control Service. Nearby popping shots. We are across the yard there.

An oil painting: a car, a man in the back seat with a bloody head and a criminal running towards us with a bag in his left hand.

I shout: “Stand, militia!” The thug stops. His right hand is in his pocket. My comrade grabs the gangster by his jacket, pulls it on himself, and he pulls a pistol out of his pocket and lets out the whole clip in us. Missed! In the heat of struggle, he staggered, waved his pistol and missed. Throws a bag away and gallop across the road. Well, I think, until the clip has changed, it is necessary to take a reptile! And he, it turns out, has an accomplice. It seems too armed. And we are with a friend without a weapon. While they were looking to seize the hands, the criminals ran around the corner and merged with the crowd. But the shooter dropped the phone.

We gave the phone to the operatives. Soon the bandits were identified and detained.

I believe that any special forces, acting or veteran, is not so important, always alert, always ready to protect our fellow citizens from the encroachment of all kinds of criminals and terrorists. It's normal, it's in our blood.
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  1. kaktus
    kaktus 12 December 2013 08: 48
    Well done boys!!! soldier
  2. Dimy4
    Dimy4 12 December 2013 09: 00
    Reading such stories or listening to vodka (they will not tell you anything sober), we are surprised how our soldiers even received ammunition for small arms.
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 12 December 2013 09: 09
    Earth rest in peace to the dead guys. Honor and glory to those who worthily went through this hell!
  4. ilf
    ilf 12 December 2013 09: 33
    [media = http: // v = FUwuZpbdps4 & guid = & client = mv-google & gl = RU & hl =
    1. ilf
      ilf 12 December 2013 10: 15
      fighter siberian from osn ermak
  5. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 12 December 2013 09: 39
    Quote: Dimy4
    Reading such stories or listening to vodka (they will not tell you anything sober), we are surprised how our soldiers even received ammunition for small arms.

    Fuck there! issued! when in January 2000 they were sent on a business trip to Chechnya, they only gave the gun, when I reasonably asked for the automatic transmission at least AKMS, the general told me why? there type will give.
    When they arrived in Mozdok for an appointment, and learning that we were without weapons, they laughed at us for a long time.
    My conclusion is this, not all generals and leaders are adequate people.
    If these generals had no bombs exploded, if they only thought about their ass.

    And the guys who died have eternal memory! Every day I drive along the street of Hero of Russia Ilfat Zakirov!
    1. lukke
      lukke 12 December 2013 16: 48
      It's like in an old joke - and you granddaughter which airline flew? Lufthansa, grandfather. Eh, a young fool, you had to like me - the Luftwaffe!
      This is what I mean - in each department differently. Ours also flew with personnel PM, on the ground they were understaffed
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. govoruha-otrok
    govoruha-otrok 12 December 2013 09: 45
    The whole operation was terribly illiterate. They entrusted the general management of its implementation with. about. Commander of the Zapad group, Major General Gerasimov. Directly led the operation, Colonel General Labunets (by the way, also a Hero of Russia and Vice-Rector for NPI Security).
    The losses of the Russian troops were prohibitive. Between March 6-22, more than 60 servicemen and employees of other law enforcement agencies were killed, about 200 were injured. Such losses were due to the complete lack of intelligence at the initial stage of the operation and the lack of professionalism of the command actions, which chose the tactics of exhausting and destroying militants in street battles, having the full possibility of incapacitating up to 90 percent of militant forces by means of powerful fire destruction. These funds were used only as auxiliary forces, instead of giving them the main role in the development of the operation. With full confidence, it can be argued that with the main use of these means (a large number of concrete and high-explosive bombs with the corresponding number of front-line sorties, massive impact of heavy flamethrower and mortar systems), losses would be reduced by three to four times, with the same reduction in operation time.
    / komsomolskoe /
    1. Booby
      Booby 12 December 2013 11: 52
      But why the hell should they, the staff goats, feel sorry for the soldier - Russian women are still giving birth!
      They all study at their own academies there.
      Unfortunately, we have and will be so. The same mountain "Donkey's Ear" in Dagestan was taken to "Hurray", and how many boys they put in vain. They were sorry for the shells, but there is nothing to be sorry for people - they still give birth.
    2. Wal
      Wal 12 December 2013 15: 02
      I read the article on your link. The mere fact that the author of the article signed himself with the pseudonym "markushka" is already alarming. Events and assessment of what happened are not fully disclosed.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 12 December 2013 10: 01
    I always get angry at generals trying to blood soldiers and officers to solve their some momentary tasks.
    The main thing in the story of the officer, I realized that how was the life of a soldier and an officer a bargaining chip for the generals
    The modern generals need to learn AND LEARN from Alexander SUVOROV how to defeat the enemy and save soldiers' lives.
    1. govoruha-otrok
      govoruha-otrok 12 December 2013 10: 23
      in fairness, we must remember the sons of the generals who also died in Chechnya
      1. creak
        creak 12 December 2013 10: 41
        Exactly so, it means that their fathers-generals were correct, so there is no need to generalize ... But in general, our wonderful poet Tvardovsky said well about who usually gets awards and glory: “Cities are surrendered by soldiers, and generals are taking them. . "
      2. Same lech
        Same lech 12 December 2013 10: 57
        Yes there are dead sons of generals in CHECHNYA.
        When you begin to analyze in detail many military operations with heavy losses among the personnel, a lot of questions arise why it was necessary to speed up operations for the sake of loss of life.
        What is the point of storming a village by a certain number of political holidays or presidential elections? Is it really necessary to pay for these events with the life of a soldier — no, and again no, SHOULD NOT BE SUCH.
        I believe that the chief of operations should be held criminally liable for large losses among personnel, regardless of the title of position or merit.
        1. Walking
          Walking 12 December 2013 14: 39
          How many more fighters will pay for their life with general stupidity?
    2. IRBIS
      IRBIS 12 December 2013 17: 36
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      I always get angry at generals trying to blood soldiers and officers to solve their some momentary tasks.

      But when I expressed my opinion about the generals-"heroes", then many on our site tried to "correct" me with their minuses. For these "writers" told very beautifully for their lives! And after all, some people believed them!
  8. Manul
    Manul 12 December 2013 10: 25
    It’s already warmed up in my heart .. That there are such people with us. Right, real. Thank you and a low bow.
  9. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 12 December 2013 11: 09
    Yes, heavy lines ...
    The bright memory of the heroes!

    Our whole system, which allows such generals to rise to such ranks, without taking into account either their ability, training or even moral qualities. Stupid career ladder. And then such mediocre grief "professionals" give commands holding on to their asses (or maybe just because of their bungling) and send people to mental death.
  10. serg_russ
    serg_russ 12 December 2013 11: 52
    And they say the men have transferred.
  11. The fat man
    The fat man 12 December 2013 12: 11
    -43 qualifying.
    the story of the next Moroder and a gangster what is heroism?
    still not given a political assessment of the actions of Russian troops in the village of Komsomolskaya where hundreds of civilians were killed
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 12 December 2013 13: 49
      thick..troll on ****
    2. plohoy
      plohoy 12 December 2013 14: 35
      I would shut my mouth .... still no political assessment of the actions of Azerbaijani troops in the Karabakh conflict .... where hundreds of civilians died.
    3. plohoy
      plohoy 12 December 2013 14: 35
      I would shut my mouth .... still no political assessment of the actions of Azerbaijani troops in the Karabakh conflict .... where hundreds of civilians died.
      1. Walking
        Walking 12 December 2013 14: 40
        Would you go fat on ***
      2. The fat man
        The fat man 12 December 2013 15: 56
        -21 qualifying.
        stigma cover with a fume stinks
      3. smersh70
        smersh70 12 December 2013 17: 02
        Quote: plohoy
        still no political assessment of the actions of Azerbaijani troops in the Karabakh conflict

        probably your Armenians gave your cap wassat what grade ..... ours didn’t suit at least what they did in Khojaly .... look at simple statistics, more civilians have died .. then work on the cap ..... wassat
    4. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 16: 30
      The fat man
      Hide the flag - do not dishonor the nation.
      A political assessment has been given - we have destroyed murderers, bandits, terrorists, including international ones. If you experienced a relationship of souls with these cannibals, then you didn’t come to help us, eh? You would be buried along with thousands of other mercenaries, and the air would become cleaner, including in your country. :))) ...
      And the number of dead civilians you deliberately exaggerated. By the way, if these civilians pulled out their fellow bandits and prevented them from carrying out the genocide of the non-Chechen population, then they were all intact. And so - I had to pay for the support of bandits.
      1. The fat man
        The fat man 12 December 2013 16: 48
        -16 qualifying.
        I will never hide a flag and I will not disgrace my nation And as for you and your Media, the whole world makes fun of them
        For me, these holidays are the same holidays as fighters of the 366th motorized rifle regiment are no different
        1. smile
          smile 12 December 2013 18: 08
          The fat man
          So ... do not hide ... Then, if possible, answer to what extent your compatriots support the bandits, murderers, rapists and traitors of the Chechen people who plunged them into a blood bath. Do you have a lot of these?
          You see, it is important for me to decide what kind of country you have there. :))) Until now, I had no reason to consider your country to be a gangster, despite the fact that we destroyed some of your mercenaries. After all, this does not mean anything - the Chechens even had Russian mercenaries. The article refers to Chinese mercenaries (although they were not Chinese, but Uyghurs, we gave them to the Chinese, and they slammed them), but we don’t say that the Chinese support terrorism.
          So, please answer, can your country be considered supporting terrorists? :))) An answer in the spirit of Novodvorskaya about freedom fighters counts as positive. :)))
          And about the falsity of the media of "progressive humanity" - their pathological falsity has come to light. when they broadcast that we were hitting Tskhinval with hail and shooting Gori, and, it turns out, we attacked Georgia. I wonder what your media said at the time? :)))
          1. smersh70
            smersh70 12 December 2013 18: 17
            Quote: smile
            Then, if possible, answer

            Allow me, Comrade Marshall to answer me))))))

            Quote: smile
            how much do your compatriots support bandits, murderers, rapists and traitors of the Chechen people

            support was moral ... and more help. wounded ... refugees shelter ..- in the plan, help purely humanly, besides they helped us great in the first war of Karabakh ... the debt is beautiful in payment ... (and also in revenge for Yeltsin’s pro-Armenian policy) .. and especially in the first .... in the second, we did not support their actions ... because Putin has already established good relations with Putin ... (deportation of many Chechens, the cessation of all help to them.
            Quote: smile
            Can your country be considered supporting terrorists? :

            God forbid ....... God))))) Holy .. Holy .. Holy ....
            1. smile
              smile 12 December 2013 18: 27
              Permission, Comrade General of the Army. Answer. :)))

              Well, you ruined all the raspberries to me :))) They answered normally. Accepted. But I wanted him to get out ... :))))) And it was about the second Chechen.
          2. The fat man
            The fat man 12 December 2013 18: 43
            so please ask a more straightforward question than the questions that you asked
            1 you are personally interested in my opinion ??
            2 Are you interested in the opinion of my fellow citizens?
            3 Are you interested in the official position of the government of Azerbaijan?

            the last 2 whether I’ll comprehensively answer, but still I will answer as I can

            2 opinions of 9 and the majority sympathizes with the victims of the war, both by Christians and by Muslims
            - officially registered by international humanitarian structures of refugees 25 000 people are not officially 40 000 from the Chechen and Dagestan Territories of Russia

            3 The government supports the territorial integrity of Russia
            And the Government condemns Terrorism in Any of its manifestations and does not accept excuses for Terrorism
            B The government extradited several dozen people to Russia at the request of various ministries of the Russian Federation
            Since 1988 terrorists carried out 240 terrorist acts in the territory of Azerbaijan, there are more than 2000 dead
            I.T.D.I.T.D. I.T.D
            1. smile
              smile 12 December 2013 20: 30
              The fat man
              :))) Yeah, very good. Turned on the head. :))) I am very glad that you do not support the nonhumans who staged the genocide of the non-Chechen population of the Chechen part of the Russian territory, and then for some reason started to be offended when they figured out them and the mercenaries of all stripes called for them ... and very softly, not becoming, according to Russian custom, avenge monstrous crimes .....

              Maladets! But in vain let slip in the first comment about the true attitude towards us. :)))
              1. The fat man
                The fat man 12 December 2013 20: 53
                Maladets! But in vain let slip in the first comment about the true attitude towards us. :)))
                so so so here I ask about the child for more details or ifi conjectures I again forgive and understand wink
                1. smile
                  smile 12 December 2013 21: 46
                  The fat man
                  Strange you ... you were caught on the hot - so have the courage to admit, and do not get out ... But if you so want, please:

                  About the real hero of Russia, destroying the evil spirits on our earth, you allowed yourself to say:
                  "the story of another moroder and a bandit is that heroism"

                  From these words, it follows that the destruction of nonhumans, who first organized the genocide of the non-Chechen population in Russia, and then also tried to seize the nearby republics, you see as looting and banditry.
                  You yourself set out your addictions and your diagnosis.

                  And what are you messing with about "understand and forgive"? You still can't forgive your parents for that. what made you so .... what you are (I won't tell which one is good?)? :))) I repeat, it is not too late for you to repent. We are not going to understand you. but if you repent sincerely, we will definitely forgive. :)))

                  Bye. :)))
      2. smersh70
        smersh70 12 December 2013 17: 06
        Quote: smile
        Political assessment given -

        what assessment smile)) political is a statement, a ruling on what is happening .. and these events occurred during the time of your unloved and damned Yeltsin. praise him on the one hand, on the other you’ll announce the devil knows what and by whom .....
        Quote: smile
        we destroyed murderers, bandits, terrorists, including international ones.

        restored their integrity. (ktstay and did the right thing) .and at the same time many civilians suffered from inept actions ...
        1. smile
          smile 12 December 2013 17: 57
          1. If you think a little, then remember that the events described take place in the 2000s, when Putin gave a political assessment. Assessment - to soak in toilets. :)))
          Warrior is flying! :)))

          2. So that here someone praised the elbon? I haven’t seen this on this site yet. And so that I did it ... :)))) This ... that ... are you joking? :)))

          3. Mirnyak suffered for various reasons, including because of our mistakes, because of the stupidity of some, because of the deliberate actions of Chechen cannibals (I think you know some of their tricks in the living area). Moreover, the losses are many times exaggerated. And you can bring operations in which such territories were freed. like Chechnya. and so that there are no mistakes? And where there is no known army mess?
          But we did not intentionally destroy the civilian population, unlike some, that you certainly will not send us. :)))
          1. alone
            alone 12 December 2013 22: 06
            I don’t know what this argument is about, I read an article, I don’t understand what kind of looters can be discussed.
            Objectively speaking, the Truth was on the side of Russia. Russia fought with the separatists who instantly turned into terrorists. Every separatist is a well-disguised terrorist. History proves this truth.
            It’s not worth blaming the guys. They carried out the order and fought for their country. Those who survived the honor, but the victims have eternal memory.

            and as for the marauders - they always were. And everyone. And the conversation with them is short. According to the laws of war - shooting without trial on the spot. And near the corpse stolen things so that everyone would understand. For what it is! am
  12. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 12 December 2013 12: 11
    Posthumously, posthumously, posthumously ... how many good guys put! Eternal memory to the guys and their deeds
  13. kair_kz
    kair_kz 12 December 2013 12: 54
    while there are such guys, hey who will bend us!
  14. Vladya
    Vladya 12 December 2013 13: 57
    My fellow student Sanya Lutsenko, Hero of Russia, died for Komsomolskoye. Eternal memory to all the children who died ...
  15. Leshka
    Leshka 12 December 2013 15: 07
    well done guys have nothing to say soldier
  16. MAG
    MAG 12 December 2013 15: 13
    Troshev in the troops caused negative emotions, and as I read his book for myself, I drew the conclusion that he needed victory at any cost. Labunets saw in the "district" he is a MAN for him, a soldier is a child and for him he beat the officers so much that they cried (one colonel was forced to do push-ups in November in the mud while the soldiers wash in an officer's bath since the soldier's bath burned down a month ago). According to our officers, he nominally commanded there, and it was Troshev who steered and then he was removed after Beslan, imputing to him that he missed the terrorists (the VV is not the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not have agents). There is an interview with a survivor about the GRU group, and there was no battle there so where did the "bloody unloading of militants" come from. Whoever was there knows that after each collision, EVERYONE wrote in the reports that then they found blood and used Ipps. Above they demanded a result and they gave it so, and the main result is the body, everything else is from the evil one.
    1. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 16: 36
      Well, in Troshev’s book there are so many obviously deliberate inaccuracies, stretches, and later beautiful excuses of obvious failures that I thought up that my opinion about him as a person got really bad ... I better not write anything at all.
      1. MAG
        MAG 12 December 2013 16: 49
        I also read Tsekhanovich so there in general about him "pipe" -or good or nothing, so nothing.
    2. EdwardTich68
      EdwardTich68 12 December 2013 19: 23
      Troshev was born and raised in Chechnya, read his little book. With what neglect he talked about the actions of Shamanov. I will collect the mole and the elders and agree with them
      and Shamans simply eliminates them all under the net. Of course, he definitely causes negative emotions.
  17. silver_roman
    silver_roman 12 December 2013 16: 09
    Eternal memory to our men - soldiers - defenders who died both in Komsomolsk and in other hot spots.
    ps generals who write little books and talking about cowardice in them ... are vile types!
  18. Drosselmeyer
    Drosselmeyer 12 December 2013 16: 52
    -12 qualifying.
    Hmm, "Typhoon", "Sharks", "Pennant", "Rus", "Rosich", "Fakel", "Bison", "Krechet" were produced - as a natural result of the failure of the entire operation. Some of the militants left, huge losses. Yes, and the Hero of Russia was given out in bulk.
    1. MAG
      MAG 12 December 2013 17: 03
      They did not "spawn" but gathered more or less professionals and still there were few of them.
  19. The fat man
    The fat man 12 December 2013 16: 53
    Well, people Orthodox and infamous flown only one at a time am
    1. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 18: 14
      The fat man
      Not. it’s not interesting - after the first, nothing will remain of you ... it will be insulting for the rest - we don’t have a habit of mocking at corpses, as some cannibals you support are used to doing ... :))))
      1. The fat man
        The fat man 12 December 2013 18: 57
        Not. it’s not so interesting - after the first, nothing will remain of you.
        I agree not from iron and not from stone
        some cannibals you support
        what is your speculation --- yes speculation facts in the studio
    2. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 18: 57
      The fat man
      And in general, your cry looks like an offer of an indecent woman who decided to earn extra money with the help of her shabby female charms. :))))
  20. Pilat2009
    Pilat2009 12 December 2013 17: 32
    Yes go already liberate Karabakh
    1. The fat man
      The fat man 12 December 2013 17: 46
      Are dash permissions or fortpost more expensive? laughing
  21. Harmony
    Harmony 12 December 2013 17: 32
    Why are we always led to report, to pretend, to show? Glory to the Russian guys, heroes !!!
    1. The fat man
      The fat man 12 December 2013 17: 47
      ETO hat capitulation comrade simply cap capitulation
  22. lakec
    lakec 12 December 2013 18: 48
    -11 qualifying.
    they say Kadyrov trains his special forces, I would like to see how Chechen battalions urinate Russian nationalists
    1. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 18: 53
      Dealing with our Natsiks is our prerogative, and if the Chechens climb to where they should not, we will spread them. Ramzan says goodbye to both his battalions and his high post and in general to life. I think he understands this, therefore, he will sit quietly and sniff at three holes.
      1. lakec
        lakec 12 December 2013 19: 04
        and if not only Chechens? and if all the Muslim peoples of the Caucasus and the Volga region, plus Arab mercenaries, Natsiks, then obviously they will not constitute the vanguard of the Russian troops, they are cowards ...
        1. smile
          smile 12 December 2013 19: 15
          Here you are generally right. And in the assessment of the Natsik, too. The trouble is that they, by the very fact of their existence, are setting up all the other nations against the Russians. And the Natsik of these peoples, in turn, provoke the appearance of our Natsik. Indeed, it feels like they really need each other. After all, without each other, nobody needs them. So far, both we and they have a minority. But if we do not pin down all of these together, it will be bad for everyone, a country ... like a country like the USSR.
          1. lakec
            lakec 12 December 2013 19: 22
            Well, then they are most likely led by the same ...
        2. BOB48
          BOB48 12 December 2013 20: 19
          "Muslim peoples of the Volga region" will not climb, the Muslim rabble of "the peoples of the Volga region" will climb!
    2. EdwardTich68
      EdwardTich68 12 December 2013 20: 34
      I did not hide and do not hide my attitude to the North Caucasus, I would also like very much
      look at the clash between Kadyrov and Putin. Immediately give odds to Kadyrov 1 week of life.
  23. The fat man
    The fat man 12 December 2013 18: 59
    Quote: smile
    And in general, your cry looks like an offer of an indecent woman who decided to earn extra money with the help of her shabby female charms. :))))

    to me to accept for insults ??
    or understand and forgive laughing
    1. smile
      smile 12 December 2013 19: 21
      The fat man
      Take it as reality. Indeed, very similar. :))) Only you forgot to add - "Fly in, it's cheaper!" :)))
      And what you should do - decide for yourself ... after you deal with those you are convening ... I don’t know for what purposes ... :)))
      And if you ask us to understand and forgive you, then we will forgive you. :))) A distinctive feature of the Russian people is generosity to defeated opponents and lack of remorse. :)))
  24. Black
    Black 12 December 2013 19: 23
    I read it, I see someone naminusovat article, it seemed strange .. But it won that ...

    Quote: Fat Man
    ETO cap

    You non-native, in general - what are you doing here? What do not like? What do we scrub our land from shit and we succeed? Are you jealous? Who's stopping you, warrior? Take it in your hands and go, or the problems of the country under which you are belly-sitting are over? Try to solve the problems without blood, will it work?
    1. The fat man
      The fat man 12 December 2013 20: 43
      well, finally one appeared
      glory be to Allah that appeared
      and Thank you very much for asking me questions, otherwise I already despaired and almost left the topic
      1 You, step-mother,
      I agree not native

      2 in general - what are you doing here?

      since I know that I am in the .RU domain zone and the vast majority are citizens of the .RU domain zone and I have the goal of explaining my position and my opinion to you. since this is not forbidden

      What don't you like?

      no!!!!!!! quite the contrary, I like it and I feel good that I can state my point of view ------ and therefore I am here

      3 What do we scrub our land from shit and we succeed?

      no, I greet according to God's laws as well as worldly law, it is holy and it is right.

      Are you jealous?

      I envy you because you can, without looking back at your big brother and demon, free the earth from filth.

      Who's stopping you, warrior?

      not only they interfere with me, but also to all my fellow citizens and the government. and if more specifically, the huge Russian base on the territory of the Republic of Armenia as well as the collective security treaty. Georgia's lessons frightened

      Take it in your hands and go, or the problems of the country under which you are belly-sitting are over?

      I just took not Ruggio and ATGM. The secondary was the AKS-74u problem
      no, they didn’t end; it was bad; the biggest problem was the problem of the occupation and retention of 20% of the land by the enemy, not without the help of the Russian Federation, and we were not allowed to start cleaning? The Georgian example is still looming and huge amounts are spent on modernizing the army of $ 6 a year.

      Try to solve the problems without blood, will it work?

      all the leading politicians in the world recommend solving problems in the Kremlin and many respected politicians have repeatedly stated that the keys to these problems are in the Kremlin

      Try to solve the problems without blood, will it work?

      it will turn out if in the Kremlin they’ll allow
      1. smile
        smile 12 December 2013 22: 00
        The fat man
        That's who about what, and lousy about ..... Armenia. :)))
        Well, there will be a topic about your relationship, and bark there as much as you like. And you are trying to turn any topic into your relations with Armenia. The Armenians are almost silent - and against the background of scandalists like you, they look preferable ...
        In principle, given how you support Chechen cannibals and Wahhabis, calling the heroes of Russia marauders and bandits, there is a suspicion that you passionately want to set everyone against your country and yourself. If so, then continue in the same vein - you have chosen the most optimal method.

        Head think when you write and set clear goals that you want to achieve. And analyze what your statements may lead to. And if you provoke, then do not blame the harsh reaction.
        1. smersh70
          smersh70 12 December 2013 23: 36
          Quote: smile
          Armenians are practically silent -

          there is nothing to answer .. here and are silent laughing
          Quote: smile
          from who about what, and lousy about ..... Armenia. :)))

          so he didn’t immediately))) they wanted to send him to fight, so he answered clearly and clearly)))
          By the way, Smile, you have 50% of the Chechen, you yourself have recently talked about this .. where does this hatred for your people come from ....
          Quote: smile
          then you long for everyone to set up against your country and yourself

          Well, I hope because of one Fat Man, this will not happen ... because on a neighboring branch today how much dirt was poured onto Caucasians .. I’m all there in red wassat and right now I’m rowing all under one comb)))) Well, we are not in kindergarten))))))))
          1. smile
            smile 13 December 2013 02: 32
            Okay. God be with him, with Tolstoy, and with your disputes with the Armenians. Yes, and I’m not going to draw conclusions about the whole people by several of its representatives, I’m not so unreasonable :))) - I just tried to clearly show my comrade that the only thing he can achieve with his dishonest and insulting statements is to anger ours and set up against yours country. So. that all my statements are directed exclusively against one thing - this same Tolstoy.
            Even if I lost my mind and because of him I began to think badly of all Azerbaijanis - I would hide it - I would be ashamed to show myself a dumbass. :))))

            And about me - why did you get the idea that I hate the Chechen people? Well, how can I hate my grandfather? The last time I saw my father was three years old and I don’t remember him at all. I didn’t say anything like that. But to those non-people who were engaged in the genocide of the Russian people, the separatist, I really feel hatred pure as alcohol. And to those. who supported this business - too. Then the Wahhabis began to dominate there, and at first a significant part of the population did not blather when the Russian slaves appeared, when they began to kill and rob the Russians - many enjoyed the benefits obtained by criminal means. joyfully moved into houses and apartments taken from Russians, Greeks, Armenians and all other non-Chechens .... by the way, those fellow tribesmen who opposed separatism were destroyed no less zealously than Russians. And yet, as I said, I feel like a Russian person. And it's not just words..
            And I did not say that all Chechens are bad, I just could not say that. But he said differently. And repeatedly.

            And I didn’t go to the branch about Caucasians intentionally. And that's why. On the one hand, I believe that such demonstrations of Caucasians are pure provocation, which those who organized this demonstration could not have been unaware of. That is, the organizers clearly deliberately incited hatred of Russians for Caucasians and at the same time incited hatred of Caucasians for Russians. And on the other hand, our Natsiks probably climbed out on a branch, I just don’t have time to argue with them today - sometimes, if possible, I drop by for ten to fifteen minutes, read a little and write a few comments for only two articles , and in order to bark with Natsik - you have to sit for half a day, otherwise, answer normally, and then have a break - it won’t work :))). Yes, and I don’t have a desire to bark today, given, I repeat, that the organizers of the demonstration themselves deliberately provoked anti-Caucasian moods. I didn’t even read the article, I looked at the title, and x ... scored it on the article.
      2. smersh70
        smersh70 12 December 2013 22: 04
        Quote: Fat Man
        it will turn out if in the Kremlin they’ll allow

        Quote: Fat Man
        not only they interfere with me, but also to all my fellow citizens and the government.

        Quote: Fat Man
        and I feel good that I can state my point of view ------ and therefore I am here

        Bravo Fat Man ... thought he was responsible for emotions ... but answered all 700 points in our exam good laughing Cheney was beaten to pieces and dust ... (although he is also one of the most objective here) ...
        1. smile
          smile 13 December 2013 02: 41
          Well yes. kaneshni, he broke. yeah ... keep your pocket wider. :)))
          Firstly, he took advantage of the fact that Cheney simply gave an objective assessment of Tolstoy’s deceitful and insulting statement, too lazy to enter into an argument with him. Let it go and not quite conventional words.
          And secondly, Tolstoy’s entire rotten argumentation was really smeared with a layer all over the branch, and now he’s just trying to dodge and otmazatsya from his first statement ... and unsuccessfully .... using the old as the world method - translating the topic ... to be honest - it’s unworthy — either defend your point of view, or apologize if there are no arguments, or just keep silent - it will be honest. And so, dodging like a louse on a comb .... disgusting to look at him.
      3. wk-083
        wk-083 13 December 2013 08: 00
        Quote: Fat Man
        Georgian example looms so far

        What are you fat?
        Quote: Fat Man
        and I have the goal of clarifying to you my position and my opinion. since this is not forbidden

        Your opinion is not interesting to anyone!
  25. воронов
    воронов 12 December 2013 19: 40
    Arrived on another business trip in early April 2000, after the battles in Komsomolskoye, met with the participants who were still warm, the article is mostly true. Colonel General Baranov and during my business trip was the commander of the UGVS in SK. I had a chance to personally communicate with the generals checking from Moscow , those mostly in the group were sitting in Khankala and did not stick out, they drank, but our personnel officers issued certificates of being in the combat area for themselves stably. With one of the regular checking generals, I hooked up and offered him, together with me, on my official UAZ to ride on Chechnya, to hit the road to Argun, Urus-Martan, Grozny, Garagorsk, Dargo where our units were stationed, so to speak, on the spot to check and assess the situation. So he took offense at me, wanted to go out with a petition to the commander of the UGVS, Colonel-General Baranov, that I would be sent ahead of schedule to the place of permanent service, for "violation of the secrecy regime", I did not have a standard factory safe in my tent but for official documentation (at that time it was impossible to find him all over Chechnya during the day with fire, and if asked from Moscow, he would be mistaken for a fool, and he was not needed there, because we sent the information by special communication "Aurora", the documentation was to a minimum, and even then without the stamp of secrecy) I replied to him that I agreed to leave ahead of time, but first with a check-in to Moscow, where I would try to get an appointment with the minister or one of the deputies, or another leader, explain the situation to them, tell them about how the "checks" are carried out, while I will wear 2 military awards, which I had received by that time. After my arguments, the neral was blown away, but still, upon arrival in Moscow, he was not very flattering about my activities, but in Moscow, apparently, it was not particularly up to me , and then about a year later this general was retired, they say he got into somewhere.
  26. George
    George 12 December 2013 22: 24
    Thanks for the article.
    Another story about gagging and betrayal, and heroism and stamina.
    Quote: voronov
    . I had a chance to personally communicate with the generals checking from Moscow, those who were mainly in the group were in Khankala and did not hang out, drank, but our personnel officers issued certificates of stability in the combat area.

    Still, memoirs concoct about hardships and hardships, and about how they were released by shedding blood.
  27. kelevra
    kelevra 12 December 2013 23: 18
    Great and eternal glory and gratitude to our guys!
  28. The fat man
    The fat man 12 December 2013 23: 30
    Quote: smile
    Head think when you write and set clear goals that you want to achieve. And analyze what your statements may lead to. And if you provoke, then do not blame the harsh reaction.

    Well, you can get my ironic smile in return winked
    1. smile
      smile 13 December 2013 06: 11
      The fat man
      :))) Yes, even smile :))) you can even wiggle at least with all your eyes at once, it makes me feel cold, not hot :))) The stupidity and irresponsibility of the statements has been and remains ... well, or is it conscious provocation ... I don’t even know which is worse. :)))
  29. msv
    msv 13 December 2013 00: 20
    In general, I do not like the topic of Chechnya. Because I want objectivity and without emotions. But without emotions it doesn’t work. Here's how it is now: any comment that doesn’t fit into two messages (glory to the fallen soldiers, corrupt generals) is blasphemy (I certainly do not mean the comments of outright anti-Russian idiots).
    When they tell me that the decision to storm Grozny on 31.12.94. it was taken at a booze, the Komsomol was stormed to some date, I have the feeling that we are being "led" somewhere, someone skillfully manipulates. This is from the same series as "Kiev was taken in 1943 for the day of the October revolution."
    And if the message: - To the fighters and officers who died, glory and eternal memory, I fully support.
    I don’t agree with the simplified wording about the corrupt, stupid and bloodthirsty generals rabble. It would not be sad to admit but:
    illiterate officers, warders and untrained soldiers were lacking even without generals.
    -Sold to the Chechens (selling weapons) and junior officers and warrant officers.
    -constant hostility and competition between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation left its mark on the ongoing operations.
    And there are a lot of various objective and unpleasant reasons.
    No need to simplify and color everything in strictly black and white.
    And to everyone who was in Chechnya a deep bow, simply because he was, and did not "skip"
    1. smile
      smile 13 December 2013 06: 14
      Great balanced comment. It was nice to read. I just could not limit myself to a plus sign. :)))
  30. And Us Rat
    And Us Rat 13 December 2013 03: 27
    Several senior officers .... pull the blanket of victory onto themselves and unflattering comments about colleagues.

    A filthy broom from the army of such officers need to drive negative