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Ukraine is reforming the army

The state comprehensive program of reforming and developing the Ukrainian Armed Forces before 2017 provides for a fundamental change in the quality level of the army and turn it into a completely new one, with other qualities and capabilities.

In early September of this year, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych approved the State Comprehensive Program for Reforming and Developing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the period up to 2017. In the context of such a landmark event, the interlocutor of the weekly "Military Industrial Complex" - the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Pavel Lebedev, spoke about the current state of the Ukrainian army and the ways of implementing the adopted program.

- Pavel Valentinovich, is it possible to talk about changes in the nature of threats to the national security of Ukraine in the military and other spheres?

“We are very attentive in monitoring everything connected with threats to our national security.” In recent years, contradictions have sharply intensified in the world, primarily in the context of “competitions” between world power centers, access to world natural resources, and the struggle for energy has become more acute. This has already led to numerous military conflicts in various parts of our planet, including near our borders. Threats of this kind are considered very carefully today. Also with no less attention, we monitor threats in the information and other areas that directly or indirectly affect the country's military security. As for the military sphere itself, in the medium term, the so-called classical military aggression against our country is unlikely. Although it is obvious that it is unlikely only as long as we have an effective tool for preventing and suppressing it.

In addition, the constant monitoring and forecasting of changes in the nature of threats to the military security of our country are crucial. To this end, we have created and operate a clear defense planning system, one of the main tasks of which is the systematic assessment of threats in the military sphere. Our current point of view on these issues is reflected in the National Security Strategy, the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, as well as in the Strategic Defense Bulletin and the Concept for the Reform and Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the Period to 2017 and other documents. I note that most of these documents were adopted quite recently.

- What are the main directions of modernization and development laid down in the State Program for the Reform and Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine adopted at the beginning of September? What are you planning to concentrate on?

- The state comprehensive program of reforming and developing the Ukrainian Armed Forces before 2017 envisages several main directions for army reform. It is precisely the application of efforts at these key points that should fundamentally change the quality level of our army, in fact turn it into a completely new one, with different qualities and capabilities. The first and, probably, the main task at the same time is to ensure the constant readiness of the troops (forces) to promptly respond to any threats of the use of military force against Ukraine. In other words, the Ukrainian army must be ready, and most importantly, able to react with lightning speed to any forceful encroachment in our direction.

We will achieve this in several ways, in particular by improving the organizational and staff structure of the army, restoring the system of high-grade and high-quality combat training of troops and, of course, by switching to manning exclusively on a voluntary basis. By the way, today approximately 58 percent of all posts of soldiers and sergeants in our company are occupied by contract soldiers. Accordingly, with the 2014 of the year, we are planning to staff the Ukrainian armed forces exclusively with volunteers. There will also be a reduction in its numbers, with the alignment of the existing disproportion between the combat and support structures. Now the army numbers - 182 thousands, of which about 70 thousands serve in combat units and 112 thousands - in support, service, etc. In 2017, the army will make 122 thousands, of which more than half will serve in combat units. ratio of 60 to 40 percent.

We will also increase the capabilities of our army by significantly increasing the number of modernized and new types of weapons and military equipment. We are planning to allocate up to a quarter of all the funds that are planned to be allocated for the reform, namely to the technical re-equipment sector. In addition, we will debug the system of providing our troops with emergency supplies of material resources. Our army must have in full all that is necessary for life and battle to be able to take action at any time and in any direction.

Another point of application of our efforts will be the improvement of the command and control system of the army. Significant improvement is planned primarily by optimizing structures and numbers, automating management processes, accounting for material resources, etc.

An important direction of transformation of our armed forces is the improvement of their mobilization ability. Creating a compact modern army, we will surely ensure that in a special period, in the event of a direct threat of military aggression, we have the opportunity to increase the combat potential of a corresponding scale.

Another area of ​​military reform will be a significant increase in personnel potential. Here our efforts will be primarily focused on motivational factors. This is especially true of providing cash for military personnel, raising the level of social guarantees, putting in place effective mechanisms for providing military personnel with housing.

In the course of the reform, we also plan to necessarily bring the budget policy of our state in the field of defense in line with modern requirements, and most importantly - in line with the real financial and economic opportunities of the country.

- Can we say that the Ukrainian army is moving towards the development of a new system of operations, new forms of warfare and methods of confrontation directly on the battlefield?

- This is, of course, a question more to the military specialists from the General Staff. It is this body that is directly involved in operational planning and the use of armed forces. But I, as Minister of Defense, would like to note in connection with this that by modernizing the armed forces, we focus primarily on the most modern trends in the art of war. That is, if necessary, the reformed Ukrainian army is preparing to fight in a new way in accordance with the most advanced views on the conduct of hostilities.

Ukraine is reforming the army

The main focus in this area will be the creation of self-sufficient interspecific groups in our army. Self-sufficient in that they must be able to plan, prepare and conduct independent military operations. The basis of interspecific groupings will be full-fledged combat units of constant readiness, equipped with contract soldiers and modern equipment. Based on the experience of Iraqi, Afghan and other campaigns, we selected battalion combat tactical groups reinforced as aviation and other necessary means of support.

Their formation, training, equipment and preparation for full-fledged combat use will be closely linked to multi-level planning. This issue will undoubtedly be considered by the military control authorities in a very flexible, extremely realistic manner and in accordance with the requirements of the modern moment.

- Your predecessors have repeatedly voiced plans to create powerful special operations forces as part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Recently, in the media about this almost nothing is written. Have you revised your priorities or hid everything behind a veil of secrecy?

- This kind of event is hardly possible to completely hide. An obvious fact: Ukraine, its armed forces such a "tool" is vital. As practice shows, which, as is known, is the best criterion of truth, the presence of such a formation as part of any army in the world significantly increases its combat capability. Moreover, in the context of the “price-effectiveness” criterion, the SSOs have the highest indicators.

The USA, many countries of Western Europe, the Middle East have chosen in favor of special operations forces, since their maintenance requires a relatively small budget and at the same time is several orders of magnitude more effective than conventional units and subunits, they are able to radically change the situation not only on the battlefield , but also in operational and even strategic terms. So why should we give up the opportunities that our army will have in this type of formation?

- How do reform issues affect the social sphere of the Ukrainian Armed Forces?

- The social sphere is one of the priorities of the current reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Raising the level of state social guarantees to servicemen and introducing an effective mechanism for providing them with housing are considered to have already been introduced into action the State Program for Reforming and Developing the Armed Forces to 2017 as the main points of application of efforts by military authorities at all levels. Moreover, a radical solution to the social problems of our army has already begun.

As you probably know, we started with a one-time increase in the size of the monetary content of certain categories of the military twice (in the Navy, flight and engineering staff in the air forces and aviation of the ground forces, highly mobile airborne troops and special forces). And with 1 in April of this year, a gradual increase in the pay for the rest of the military has also begun. Quarterly, it will increase by 20 percent and thus doubled by July of next year by 1. This increase is not the last. Now we are developing a new payroll system for military personnel, at which they will be provided with its annual increase by 25 percent.

In the field of social protection one of the main areas of work remains the provision of housing. The first positive results are already there. Striving for a comprehensive solution of the problem, we conducted an audit of the construction in progress of the Ministry of Defense since 2007. During the inventory and certification of 168 housing construction projects for the military are divided into four categories. The first group includes ready-made 80 – 90 percent, which will be further completed with budget funds. In particular, we are talking about nine objects on 257 apartments, they can be completed as quickly as possible and put into operation. More than two dozen objects will be completed with the help of investors, and objects with a low degree of readiness, but in attractive territories will be transferred to private investors with the definition of the proportion of apartments of the Ministry of Defense. We have already transferred to the implementation of the liberated towns and excess, unusable property of the Ministry of Defense. These funds will be directed to the construction of housing and the solution of social problems of military personnel. To replenish the housing stock, we are also actively rebuilding buildings for housing that are not used in the daily activities of the troops.

As for creating a sustainable motivational base for attracting our young citizens to military service under contract, here we have ambitious plans. We want our armed forces to become one of the best employers in the country with one of the best social packages on the Ukrainian labor market. Soldiers will be exempted from paying taxes, contract service will be provided for the allocation of service housing, the eight-hour working day and two guaranteed days off are already a reality. The whole structure of the service has been largely changed (no cleansing of potatoes, territory cleaning and other economic work) - only combat training and maintenance of full-time weapons and military equipment.

- In addition to the insufficient budget of the Ministry of Defense, what else, in your opinion, hinders the issues of re-equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

- Indeed, the main deterrent to the technical re-equipment of our army is precisely the amount of its financing. The logic here is simple and clear. There will be money - there will be new models of weapons and equipment, and in sufficient quantities.

However, there is another factor that seriously affects the problem of technical re-equipment of our armed forces. This is the state of the domestic military-industrial complex (DIC). By and large, we can only assess or analyze his condition, development prospects and real opportunities in respect of projects that interest us, the armed forces of Ukraine, as a customer. For most of the domestic defense industry is not managed by the Ministry of Defense, but by a completely different department. The level of our interaction with the domestic defense industry satisfies us. At least its capabilities in the development, testing and mass production of the weapons and military equipment we need are acceptable.

The Ukrainian defense industrial complex is gradually updating technologies and carrying out technical re-equipment, reconstruction of the experimental and production base, which objectively creates opportunities for organizing the production of modern types of weapons and military equipment, innovative, competitive products, and substantial replenishment of the manufactured range of weapons and military equipment. For some types of weapons and military equipment, he has already managed to create practically closed production cycles directly in our country. For example, on armored vehicles, small arms, a certain range of rocket weapons, a number of other areas.

- At the beginning of the summer, you voiced the need for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to refuse to cooperate with the Yuzhnoye Design Office on the creation of the Sapsan missile system in favor of another developer. Is this not a recognition of the fact that Ukraine’s rocket and space industry is declining?

- Not. Firstly, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is not an expert organization for the analysis and evaluation of various sectors of the country's economy, including the rocket and space industry. For this there are completely different institutions and departments.

Secondly, the rejection of the further creation of the Sapsan complex does not depend at all on the ability of the rocket and space industry of Ukraine as a whole and the state enterprise Yuzhnoye Design Bureau in particular to perform such work. Our refusal is due to completely different considerations.

This decision was made by the Ministry of Defense on the basis of the model of the use of the armed forces of Ukraine, in accordance with which the issues of the use of missile weapons with certain tactical and technical characteristics were clarified. In the near future, the Sapsan project will be considered at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, where the final decision will be made.

I want to emphasize that the creation of the Sapsan complex is not a single direction, in the development of which enterprises of the rocket and space industry of Ukraine are successfully participating, including the field of orders of the national defense ministry. And the fact that we have a different, more efficient developer, testifies to the successful work of the Ukrainian defense industrial complex, and in the conditions of tough market competition.

- Does the general state of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine allow you to resolve issues of re-equipment of the army according to the main nomenclature of weapons and military equipment?

- Yes, it will. For those types of weapons where their own closed production cycles have been created, I think our defense industry complex will quite successfully cope with the tasks of re-equipping the national army. In relation to other areas, we will maintain close production ties with foreign colleagues, adhering to an extremely pragmatic approach when choosing them.

- Please rate the development prospects of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the context of the Black Sea based in Crimea fleet RF.

- The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine builds relations with the defense department of the Russian Federation on the basis of mutual respect and good neighborly relations in accordance with national interests, the laws of Ukraine and international regulatory documents.

Ukrainian-Russian cooperation in the military and military-technical fields is quite dynamic. This is confirmed by more than 50 annual bilateral cooperation activities in the mentioned areas at different levels.

As regards the development of naval cooperation and interaction in the context of the Black Sea Fleet, the following should be noted. Ukraine and Russia now face the common tasks of modernizing the army and navy, building new ships and developing new types of weapons. And this is a significant potential for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation. Only from our two countries, and not solely on one of them, will it depend on whether this interaction will become complete and widespread.

This year, the Ukrainian and Russian fleets took part in the “Farway of the World-2013” bilateral training, which had already become a good tradition, and passed with full understanding. In particular, six combat ships, boats and support ships, six naval aviation aircraft, and special purpose units were involved in the development of methods of fighting pirates at sea. In total, during the exercise, 24 combat exercises were carried out with artillery, anti-submarine and sea underwater weapons, as well as aviation exercises. All set learning objectives have been achieved.

As a minister, I am completely satisfied with his results. The servicemen of both fleets demonstrated high combat training, mobility and professionalism in carrying out the assigned tasks. Our fleets are also very actively interacting within the Black Sea group BLACKSEAFOR, the last activation of which has recently ended.

I am sure that such events as the Farway of the World doctrine, BLACKSEAFOR activation, and a number of others will continue to help strengthen the military partnership between our countries. It is promising, mutually beneficial and deserves further development.

- You are very closely connected with the life of Sevastopol and the Crimean region. Is there a difference in the attitude of politicians and citizens towards the Russian-Ukrainian interaction in the capital and in the Crimea?

- You asked a question close to the rhetorical. I am not a sociologist and I don’t have any concrete sociological calculations on this issue. Nevertheless, I don’t feel much of a difference in the attitude of ordinary citizens and politicians to the question of Russian-Ukrainian interaction in Sevastopol and Kiev. Complications and stresses are equally unwilling both in Sevastopol and in Kiev.

It is clear that ordinary citizens who are connected by kinship, friendly relations with Russia, and in Sevastopol, and in Kiev are rooting for the strengthening of Russian-Ukrainian relations. Where it is more, where to a lesser extent - it is difficult to judge, because it depends on specific people, their culture, education, mentality. As for normal politicians, the main thing for them is to defend the national interest. At the same time it is important that this be done in a civilized manner.

- What problems do you see and prospects for cooperation between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO?

- The level of political dialogue and practical military cooperation between Ukraine and NATO countries today is quite high.

Today, Ukrainian peacekeepers perform tasks as part of the International Security Forces in Kosovo, the International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan (ISAF). Our state is also a member of the NATO active counterterrorist operation. Another vivid example of international military cooperation: in September, the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy's frigate, Getman Sagaydachny, and a special forces team will join the anti-piracy operation Ocean Shield.

As you know, now in our country began the most ambitious reform of the army over the years of independence. Many NATO countries have also gone this way in due time. We are very interested in their experience, methodology of reforming the sphere of defense and security. We are interested in further studying the experience of military construction in these countries.

In the area of ​​further strengthening the level of security and defense on the European continent in the context of interaction with other countries, we set ourselves achievable and understandable goals and objectives for our partners, the implementation of which will benefit both Ukraine and our partners.

Help "MIC"

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavel V. Lebedev

12 was born on July 1962 of the year in the village of Novomikhailovsky Tuapse district of the Krasnodar Territory (Russia). In 1984, he graduated from the Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Finance (specialty "Financier-Economist", qualification "Financier").

From 1979 to 1980, he worked as a mechanic at the Orlyonok pioneer camp car base.

From 1980 to 1984 year - cadet of the Yaroslavl Higher Military and Financial School.

From 1984 to 1992, the year continued to serve in the Chernivtsi military garrison as the head of the financial services of the battalion, regiment, deputy chief of the financial services of the division - inspector-auditor.

From 1992 to 1999 year - the head of the association "Meta", LLC "Legtech", the board of directors of OJSC "Leather haberdashery factory" Prestige-Inter ".

From 1999 to 2002, he worked as financial director of the state joint-stock company Titan (Armyansk, Crimea).

From 2002 to 2005 year - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of OJSC Kremenchug Steel Foundry, OJSC Dneprovagonmash (Dnipropetrovsk).

From 2005 to 2006 year - President of the Industrial Investment Group of Transport Engineering "Inter Car Group".

From 2006 to 2007 the year is a people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the V convocation from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (No. 73 in the list). At the time of the election - the head of the department of scientific and technical information of the Institute of Ecology and Energy Saving.

From 2007 to 2012, he is the people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VI convocation from the Party of Regions (No. 121 in the list). Member of the Committee on Transport and Communications.

In November, 2012 was elected as a people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the VII convocation from the Party of Regions in the single-mandate majority district No. 224 of Sevastopol.

December 24 2012 was appointed by the decree of President Viktor Yanukovych to the post of Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

From 1994 to 2000, the year was twice elected as a deputy of the Chernivtsi city council, was chairman of the budget commission and privatization commission.

Honored Economist of Ukraine (2011).

Married, five children.

Hobbies: diving. Candidate master of sports in swimming.
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  1. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 26 September 2013 18: 46
    Who, after all, shot down our planes in 2008 in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict?
    Aren't the lads from the Ukrainian army7
    Always waiting for a dirty trick from them.
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 26 September 2013 19: 31
      Shaw, are they afraid of us?)
      1. kris
        kris 26 September 2013 19: 58
        Pasha is still that swindler. merges military units from behind the ground, like a stool.
        He suggested, under a plausible pretext, to relocate the headquarters of the Navy from Sevastopol, and there the land is expensive.
        Baryga - Minister of Defense, this is no longer funny.
        1. Hunghuz
          Hunghuz 27 September 2013 04: 51
          hi Here was the same kosher Buryat Yurka Yekhanurov and where he stocked up ........ ??? Current successful managers, managers and Christ-sellers will defend their homeland as God's chosen Palestine)))
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. domokl
      domokl 26 September 2013 20: 18
      Well done Minister. In vain you are so against him. But the army will say qualitatively different. It will be like in the Baltic states. It is interesting when Ukrainians read such nonsense that they don’t have the feeling that they are being held for idiots?
      1. Volkolak
        Volkolak 27 September 2013 00: 52
        Quote: domokl
        Interestingly, when Ukrainians read such nonsense they don’t have the feeling that they are being held for idiots?

        Respected! Interestingly, when the Russians listened to Serdyukov and the then chief of the General Staff, did they have any feelings? Did you ever think that you are being held for idiots? Or maybe a "circus" called "Serdyukov's criminal case" will suggest that you are being held for ..... hi
    3. Interface
      Interface 26 September 2013 20: 45
      The general state of the defense industry of Ukraine will allow you to solve the issues of rearmament of the army according to the main nomenclature of military equipment

      - Yes, it will ...

      Blah blah blah.
      The Oplot tank was developed in the middle of the 2000's, and since 2009 of the year the order for 10 (!) Tanks for the 2011 year, that is, less than a dozen in two years! And before the 2018 of the year it is planned to assemble ALL 50 (!) Tanks.
      Nothing to say in laughing printing industrial facilities ...
      Iraq refuses from Ukrainian technology (from the BTR-4 in favor of the Btr-82, a Russian machine), LOW QUALITY. Source--
      In short, how not to show off, but:
      1. There is no money, they have nowhere to come from, Ukraine is predicted by default by all world economists and rating agencies, as well as authoritative publications such as the Washington Post and others
      2. The industry collapsed, and after the "suction" .... no comment.
      In short, against the background of the Northern neighbor ("Mosk ---- yandii" laughing , as they call us there in the hetman), all these "reformist attempts" of Ukraine look nuuuu, somehow even funny. lol
    4. Algor73
      Algor73 26 September 2013 21: 45
      If you have something personal with the Ukrainians, there are facts, so describe. I served with different nationalities. Never between Russians and Ukrainians did not arise any hostile moods. There were all kinds (and among some, and others) and trash, and real. But to determine that this is characteristic of one or another nationality is not possible. There were frictions, but with others completely, I will not specify.
      1. Interface
        Interface 26 September 2013 22: 11
        Yes, I have enough complaints regarding, for example, rewriting history.
        And also on the fact that "our brothers" are extremely unfriendly towards Russians;
        typical attacks on the Russian on the Internet - you Mosk - eh, stupid Ugric-Finnish byd - lo and so forth
        There were all kinds (and among some, and others) and trash, and real.

        You are absolutely right. But the boorishness of the new "independent generation" of Ukrainians is obvious. And when you tell them that you are part of a single Slavic family, for some reason derogatory words follow from the vocabulary of a complete racist from Germany of the 30-40s. They don't want to understand that the achievements of the Russians are the achievements of the Ukrainians too.
        Maybe 20-30 years ago it was the other way around, but not now. Now in Ukraine it is no longer heroes held in high esteem, but moral bastards, like Bandera, UPA, and other Nazi nonsense. And the popularity of such "patriotic pages of history" is growing from year to year, because it is not in the interests of the Ukrainian elite to tell the truth, but the truth is that Ukraine has always been a part of one state and should remain. IMHO.
        1. Algor73
          Algor73 27 September 2013 09: 59
          "... Now in Ukraine it is no longer heroes in high esteem, but moral bastards, like Bandera, the UPA and other Nazi nonsense. And the popularity of such" patriotic pages of history "is growing from year to year ..." Sorry, but you wrong. I live in Ukraine, I visit Western and South-Eastern Ukraine. Well, there are no such in high esteem. What the media write does not apply to the people. It happens, of course, that the crowd gathers to support someone, but the crowd is paid for. In Ukraine now, I would say, there are no heroes in high esteem at all. They fought off the heroes of the Soviet era, but no new heroes were planted. And basically, I regret it. They have no one to match. Like this.
      2. January
        January 27 September 2013 00: 24
        And then nationality? The state of Ukraine is hostile to Russia and can exist only as an anti-Russian project. It is no longer needed for anything else.
        So nothing personal - but Russia will do everything to weaken this project.
        1. Avenger711
          Avenger711 27 September 2013 03: 33
          Completely liquidate, divide into regions and remove such a "Ukrainian" nationality.
          1. Hunghuz
            Hunghuz 27 September 2013 05: 11
            hi Leave svidomitov in the west and s in the east ......)))
          2. apostol88
            apostol88 27 September 2013 10: 38
            Hey LIQUIDATOR! When you go to liquidate us, write to meet with "flowers"!
    5. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 27 September 2013 04: 47
      hi That neither) The stench with the Nazis in the caches fought to death (with German weapons and in their uniforms) and we are sitting up on the Eastern Front), they released Pak Oney Geyropu .......))) read the story of community building in comics)
      1. Technocrat
        Technocrat 27 September 2013 08: 55
        Che ruchenki combed, you will probably be in the forefront of "liberating" the Ukrainian land, or, as always, sit out in brothels
      2. gladiatorakz
        gladiatorakz 27 September 2013 10: 39
        Quote: Hunghouse
        and we are sitting down on the Eastern Front) they were releasing Pak Onet GEYropu ..

        How old are you? And if you are Russian, then learn the Russian language. A great connoisseur of history? On TV shows?
  2. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 26 September 2013 18: 50
    The reform of the Army requires large financial investments .. Where does the money come from and who is the "good uncle" ??)))
    1. il grand casino
      il grand casino 26 September 2013 18: 52
      This is the main question ... there are not so many good uncles around ... and they are very different. So we'll see ...
      NORILCHANIN 26 September 2013 19: 39
      Uncle SAM and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev with innovations and innovative management in the country. Let them apply at home
      in Ukraine, all that Mendel Medvedev has done in Russia, and the process will go. The people without a pension and without divorces. Housing and communal services with superprofits from payment for unproven services-С-О-Л-ЧИ.
    3. domokl
      domokl 26 September 2013 20: 23
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Army reform requires large financial injections ..

      And who told you that they generally want to reform something? The West does not need the Ukrainian army. We also. Judging by the article and the Ukrainian government, too.
      If all the loudness of Ukraine’s plans in connection with the encroachments into the EU is combined, it turns out that even 10-15% of the entire budget is not enough. And not an annual, but a multi-year one. I think that Ukrainian financiers know how to count our worse and understand everything perfectly .
      So the army has also become hostage to the idea of ​​fixing with Europe. You can order a wreath soldier
      1. azkolt
        azkolt 26 September 2013 20: 42
        Why ?, the West really needs this army against us
    4. demeen1
      demeen1 27 September 2013 07: 21
      As there was infa, then a good uncle will be found in the person of China with the purchase of land
    5. Poppy
      Poppy 27 September 2013 09: 59
      Well, what kind of big money do you need for an army of 100 thousand people?
    6. The comment was deleted.
  3. alone
    alone 26 September 2013 18: 57
    Reform of the army, education, the economy, the banking system is of course very difficult and it requires big finances. If you don’t have the money cut, I think you can achieve the result. Only one thing is disturbing.
    Is it possible in the expanses of the former USSR to find officials and ministers who do not steal budget funds?
      NORILCHANIN 26 September 2013 19: 26
      Where to get the money? It’s very simple to invite Medvedev to the Prime Minister to Ukraine and he will find, divorces of 20 tg, penalties
      in DPI on etc.
    2. ksan
      ksan 27 September 2013 02: 26
      Is it possible in the expanses of the former USSR to find officials and ministers who do not steal budget funds?
      They steal everywhere, not only in the "expanses of the former USSR", even in China, where they shoot for it fellow And Ukraine simply does not have the means for all these noble messages described above, and apparently it is not expected in the near future. So another blah blah blah hi
  4. soldat1945
    soldat1945 26 September 2013 18: 57
    Serdyukov foreveil in Ukraine judging by the track record! Yes, and even in Yar.Fine learned to competently steal a league would not get burned on the women!
    1. TRex
      TRex 27 September 2013 06: 39
      Achievement list? He blabbed out at the chief financial officer - the auditor for a decade and a half, at the beginning of the 90 he dumped him from the army and moved into business. The deputy is from the Tymoshenko bloc, then from Yanukovych (political prostitute) ... Suddenly - BAM! Minister of Defense of the country! We have the same parsley - those holding power fear to appoint real military men and patriots to this post, because it can happen as in Egypt: today the PRESIDENT, tomorrow - in PRISON!
  5. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 26 September 2013 18: 59
    from the Don.
    I would like to hear the lads from Ukraine who know firsthand about the reform of the armed forces!
  6. Drosselmeyer
    Drosselmeyer 26 September 2013 19: 11
    Another chatter of another thief. There is no money in the country and there will not be, and there will not be any reforms. Better let Lebedev tell about the "legal" ways he received land for building in Sevastopol.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. domokl
      domokl 26 September 2013 20: 31
      Quote: Drosselmeyer
      , and there will be no reforms

      That's just the point. Now there is a half-dead but real army. And a reserve, at least somehow, is being prepared. But there is no need to destroy the existing one.
      And then it will be announced that the army is not needed, there are no enemies, and there is no money for its revival ...
    3. ksan
      ksan 27 September 2013 02: 29
      Drosselmeyer UA Yesterday, 19:11

      Another chatter of another thief. There is no money in the country and never will be, and there will not be any reforms.
      The most accurate and meaningful comment hi
    NORILCHANIN 26 September 2013 19: 20
    10 th
    That’s all, soon they will trample on RUSSIA. In 2008, they would help the Georgians themselves — they would never believe x ---- m. There is a good saying, WHEN X --- L WAS BORN, A JEWISH IS CRYING! So gentlemen, comrades, Russians are not so badly,
    waiting soon to appear.
    1. SAG
      SAG 26 September 2013 20: 24
      your words are overkill!
    2. Fastblast
      Fastblast 26 September 2013 20: 39
      well, when you "respected" were born, probably the whole world was crying
    3. Muadipus
      Muadipus 26 September 2013 23: 26
      there is something Georgian about it .. they also climbed into Europe, the army was reformed
    4. Volkolak
      Volkolak 27 September 2013 01: 00
      Quote: NORILCHAN
      Well that's it, soon they will trample on RUSSIA.

      Do not flatter yourself.
      Quote: NORILCHAN
      In 2008, the Georgians themselves helped the Georgians themselves; they never believed x ---- m

      Yushchenko must answer for this shame, I think that this time will come.
      Quote: NORILCHAN

      Are you Jewish? Feel free dear, everyone is not perfect.
      Quote: NORILCHAN
      So gentlemen, comrades, the Russians are not so bad, we are waiting for them to appear soon.

      Wait, you can only get hemorrhoids. laughing
  8. dark_65
    dark_65 26 September 2013 19: 37
    What are they reforming? ARMY? Which is missing ....
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 26 September 2013 20: 51
    We had a reformer stool seller Ukrainians appointed Minister of Defense Honored Economist of Ukraine, candidate for master of sports. Maybe the neighbors took into account our deplorable experience. God grant.
  11. USMC
    USMC 26 September 2013 21: 09
    Quote: borisjdin1957
    from the Don.
    I would like to hear the lads from Ukraine who know firsthand about the reform of the armed forces!

    in your country such organizations as the apartment-maintenance unit (KECh), as far as I know, have been abolished. we still have them. under Lebed, in each KECh, a man appeared who very seriously studies the sales opportunities of the territories of the former military unit. so the dribbling of the earth begins serious. it’s all talk about purchases, supplies, and especially housing! For many years now, there has been talk of re-equipping former barracks for military housing at the personal expense of the military itself and even things and projects aren’t going on ...
  12. igorelo
    igorelo 26 September 2013 21: 28
    Quote: Drosselmeyer
    Another chatter of another thief. There is no money in the country and there will not be, and there will not be any reforms. Better let Lebedev tell about the "legal" ways he received land for building in Sevastopol.

    Yes, here’s the most offensive that money is also a rich country in general, but Yanukovych built 18 rkzedentsii himself, the son of a billionaire and the whole fucking party of Rygions. What can I say?
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 27 September 2013 05: 55
      Quote: igorelo

      For a generally fair comment - from Donbass and me personally MINUS am
  13. Zymran
    Zymran 26 September 2013 21: 31
    I wish Ukrainian friends a successful and productive reform. wink
  14. 30143
    30143 26 September 2013 21: 50
    I don’t understand how it is possible to reform what is not. Not a single military unit from Ishmael to Odessa. The nearest automatic machine can be got in Nikolaev for taking the oath ....
  15. Naval
    Naval 26 September 2013 22: 03
    Each army has its own Taburetkin. My condolences hi
    1. phantom359
      phantom359 26 September 2013 22: 16
      We accept. Yanukovych started reforms. And Firtash and Kolomojtsev allowed? )))
  16. Shumer
    Shumer 26 September 2013 23: 05
    To replenish the housing stock, we are also actively rebuilding buildings that are not used in the daily activities of the troops.

    Yeah, podshamanit old barracks and depots that were left from the soldiers, and put in the officers, the remaining warrant officers and contract soldiers - and they will live there to the grave.
  17. Muadipus
    Muadipus 26 September 2013 23: 22
    The flag is fake, The coat of arms is fake, The anthem is fake, The language is fake, the president is fake, the ministers are fake, the army is fake, the whole country is fake .... but what is it all to them? Lord save Ukraine, while it is completely dead.
  18. January
    January 27 September 2013 00: 22
    Corpses do not reform - they bury them
  19. USMC
    USMC 27 September 2013 00: 52
    Quote: Muadipus
    The flag is fake, The coat of arms is fake, The anthem is fake, The language is fake, the president is fake, the ministers are fake, the army is fake, the whole country is fake .... but what is it all to them? Lord save Ukraine, while it is completely dead.

    or maybe it's your country a fake and its history and language were invented by order?
    1. Muadipus
      Muadipus 27 September 2013 01: 05
      Yes, no, Russia is real, although our lies are head over heels. But in Ukraine, only real people, and everything else is FALSE. Language, History, Heroes and, as a consequence, the country.
      So .. for enlightenment

      Myth 1. "Ukraine is the heir to Kievan Rus"

      Myth 2. "The world's first constitution of Pylyp Orlik"

      Myth 3. "Battle of the Kruty"

      Myth 4. "Historically foreign flag of Ukraine"

      Myth 5. "Instead of a hymn - a requiem"

      Myth 6. "Brand instead of the coat of arms of Ukraine

      Myth 7. "Polish name Ukraine"

      Myth 8. "Non-native Ukromova"

      Myth 9. "Galicia is the birthplace of betrayal and treason"

      Myth 10. "Vile words" Glory to Ukraine! - Glory to heroes!"

      We are one people!

      1. USMC
        USMC 27 September 2013 01: 24
        1. You can shoot a pack of such videos, most importantly money and imagination! up to the fact that the Maya Indians built Moscow ....

        2. There are many nations in the world, and everything came from someone, somewhere at some stage they were separated from someone. this is a normal historical process. the same Anglo-Saxons moved to Britain with ter. modern Germany, but the Germans, although they do not like the Britons, do not say that this is a fake nation.

        Well, if you assert that my nation and language are fake, give historical reasons, then answer this question: before 1940, my region was never part of the Russian Empire, Hetmanate, etc. etc. but here, from generation to generation, most of the population communicates in the Ukrainian language. here and explain how an "artificial" language could get into another country ???????
        1. Muadipus
          Muadipus 27 September 2013 01: 46
          I agree, films can be shot a lot and different. But there is something to think about, and if you are interested, no one is stopping you from sorting out the summit. for information today is available no matter when.

          my region until 1940 was never part of the Russian Empire, Hetmanate, etc. etc. but here, from generation to generation, most of the population communicates in the Ukrainian language. here and explain how an "artificial" language could get into another country ???????
          Take a closer look at the material, it was not the communists who distorted the language, they just didn’t change anything (as I understand it, they were not ready to raise the topic at that time), they left everything as it was and legalized it. About Zaporozhye, so the Cossacks roamed there, the mixing of languages ​​is not tricky Russian, Tatar, Romanian, Polish. while you go around the border slang grab. And the Russian language is simply crammed with borrowed words.

          Hm. and about Taras Shevchenko we were still in school (80s) that he wrote in Russian. “As I die, bury in the lovely Ukraine, in the middle of a wide steppe, dig a grave” ..
      2. Volkolak
        Volkolak 27 September 2013 01: 34
        Quote: Muadipus
        No, Russia is real,

        Russia is real! And Russia, the same as Ukraine, is false, with artificially grafted, alien, Russian people, values. In Russia, as well as in Ukraine, in power, there are anti-people elements that parasitize on our people, yes, on our common Slavic people.
        1. Muadipus
          Muadipus 27 September 2013 01: 51
          I agree, I wanted to write that Russia was real, but Russia has grown, because Kazakhstan is the same Russia (although the state is different), I'm not talking about Khanty and Mansi. We have one story, we are one people. And as it turns out, one more ethnos with the Ukrainians.
  20. bashmak
    bashmak 27 September 2013 04: 09
    Slavs !! the main thing was forgotten KIEV RUSSIA !! We are relatives, why curse? I live in Siberia, for us Moscow is the root of evil !!! need to change the capital !!!!!!!!!!!
  21. stranik72
    stranik72 27 September 2013 06: 23
    Oh, we will reform, okay, Ukraine is a completely different state, although it makes the same actions and mistakes. Thanks to our helmsmen, we have brought our army to a puppet - showy state. There are a couple of old ships sailing, there are as many as 4 submarines 20 years ago. About aviation only for the parade and enough. What can I say, this year, the helicopter faculty named after "Zhugarin" could not recruit the declared 500 people. Well, for whom and what are these reforms, for me it is only a continuation of the destruction of the spirit and glorious traditions of the Soviet army, under plausible slogans.
  22. leon-iv
    leon-iv 27 September 2013 09: 48
    uhahaha nenka stop what are you doing lalka.
    Mdya 122 thousand in combat units? it’s not even a hand face is worse. Well, if something happens, we will help by introducing troops.
  23. zmey_gadukin
    zmey_gadukin 27 September 2013 10: 17
    Quote: Corsair
    from Donbass and me personally MINUS

    I join
  24. USMC
    USMC 27 September 2013 13: 00
    Quote: Muadipus
    so the Cossacks roamed there, the confusion of languages ​​is not cunning Russian, Tatar, Romanian, Polish. while you go around the border slang grab. And the Russian language is simply crammed with borrowed words.

    so it’s already double standards! if in the Ukrainian language borrowed words then this is already fake, but if in Russian, then everything is fine, just borrowed words! with such success, any language can be called artificial! Ukrainian and Russian evolved from the language spoken in Russia, and according to your logic, Italians, for example, can say that the Spanish language is artificial and the Spaniards themselves are Italians who forgot their true language and their roots (both languages ​​came from Latin)

    Shevchenko wrote in both languages, do not forget that he was in prison and in the army and in forced emigration in St. Petersburg. and the lines that you brought are also in Ukrainian: "I will die, then praise me, at my grave, In the middle of a wide step, On Vkrayni mi ..."