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Spetsnaz GRU in the Caucasus Mountains

Spetsnaz GRU in the Caucasus MountainsTells the guard Major Special Forces of the GRU, Anatoly P .:
“Six months before the destruction of Gelayev, we helped the border guards“ scratch ”one area, from where the gelayevs were running from Chechnya to Georgia. Our two groups (about 30 people) faced them head-on. The militants have such a tactic - to beat tightly, almost at one point. Several of our soldiers were killed immediately. But we do not soup soup slurp. Our machine gunner Mushatov, a Kazakh by nationality, nailed them to the ground. God rest his soul. (The major crossed himself three times.)

A dozen two militants besieged Mushatov from all sides. Crush the boy with fire and crush! The group commander rushed to him (he wanted to drag the cartridges) - he also received a bullet in the chest. And Mushatov scribbled everything and scribed from a machine gun ... Then the fighters told me that he always took more ammunition than the grub. Thrifty ... Only soldier happiness has changed him: Mushatov wounded in the stomach with a fragment of a grenade. He is lying down, writhing in pain, he is trying to press his hands to his stomach ... We see that he is dying, gritting his teeth and cannot do anything. Kolem, we prick him promedol, so that the guy is not so painful to die ...

From the battle of Mushatov, the contract sergeant Oleg K. bore himself. And also he shot a bullet in the thigh.

Guards sergeant-contractor of the GRU special forces Oleg K .:
- I used to live in Bishkek. From there he ran away - they began to press Russians in Kyrgyzstan. I passed military service in Chechnya, I stayed alive, I earned money. When you get 25 thousand rubles - you feel like a millionaire. And ... again to the war pulled. Moreover, you know that you do not hunch at someone else's uncle, but you plow to your homeland. For front-line money I bought a hut in the Kuban. Actually, I'm a wedding thief! Armenian wife stole. Her parents did not want to give her daughter for a beggar. Yes, I'm not poor now! Maybe another contract for the war I will conclude. I do not want to guess ...

Guards Major GRU Special Forces Anatoly P .:
- This fight almost became the last for us. The second hour is a shootout. The trunks of our "Kalashnikovs" are so heated that you can light up. The ammo is running out. We have already gathered in bayonets on the Chechens to go ... One hell to die!

And then the Gelayevites attacked us ... in a psychic attack. Immediately remembered the film "Chapaev." They run to their full height, shoot from machine guns from the belt, shout something in their own way. They had one so loud. We called him a "political commander". He shouted, podlyuga: “Allah Akbar!” And in response, other bearded men roar in response to him: “Allah Akbar!” And then they swear in Russian.

We were rescued by the mother infantry from the 42 Division: the soldiers secretly approached the militants and stabbed them in the back with a shout of "Hurray!" That was our psychic attack! We, of course, supported the infantry with fire and foul language. The Chechens were immediately taken aback. Some ran back, abandoning weapon.
We carried our dead and wounded to the skyscraper. I had to drag and dead militants. After all - a combat result. It is necessary to report to the authorities. They ordered a helicopter by radio, but he cannot sit in the forest. The crowns of the trees so intertwined at the top that just Khan. And we began to cut down trees. Some trunks, almost in two girth, were felled with TNT sticks.
It got dark. And again I had to wait for the helicopter until the morning - under the moans of the wounded and the hungry rumbling of the stomachs ...

... BEFORE fleeing to Georgia, Gelayev’s gang lingered around Ingushetia and Chechnya for two weeks. Black Angel was looking for a “door” in the border. This trapdoor for 100 dollars was sold to him by a local traitor resident, drawing a diagram of unimpeded passage through the Russian-Georgian border. After the execution of the 9 border guards, two groups of GRU special forces immediately “covered” the cordon. This piece of Russia is held by so-called temporary border posts: 4 Ensign FPS and 6 Dagestan police. Militants knew about it and calmly walked into the “hole” between the second and third outposts of the Khunzakh border guard detachment. It is difficult, but the only way to Georgia in the winter.

Therefore, Gelayev, plucking up the audacity, decided to take a breath under the nose of the border guards. There were waiting for him guides - local residents. Moreover, the bandits ran out of food. Loaded like donkeys, gunmen dragged tons of cargo in 1,5 backpacks. Any Russian special forces could envy their weapons: on 36 people - 8 light machine guns, 26 submachine guns, 6 Bumblebee flamethrowers, thousands of rounds of ammunition, each with disposable grenade launchers, mobile communications, portable navigators to determine geographical location.

After spending the night in the village of Shauri, in the morning they made a forced march on the vehicles in which Gelayev and his guards were seated. They took two “Niva” and “Volga” in Metrad, paying 200 dollars for services, promising their owners to leave the cars in front of the road to Georgia ... But Mokaev’s head of the frontier post spoiled the whole settlement. Having put the fighters in GAZ-66, the captain rushed in pursuit of the Black Angel.
This is what one of the captive militants told about the death of the border guards during the interrogation:
“We fired four machine guns at a border all-terrain vehicle.” Tarpaulin body tent scattered to shreds. Seven soldiers died immediately, without making a single shot. Gelaev cut the driver personally with a sniper rifle, but he missed here and finished off the soldier with a dagger blow in the heart. The blow was of such strength that it pierced through not only the soldier, but also the driver’s seat. The captain, it seems, Dagestani, was cut off the head and ... in general, from what children are born. In our hands were captured weapons and a frontier radio. So we were aware of what was being done at the outpost ...

The thunder of Gelayev's gang lasted for 24 of the day, but the backbone of the detachment was destroyed in two weeks.

Colonel GRU Sergey V.:
- The weather is shit, it is snowing heavily, no turntables fly. It is difficult to push troops into the mountains with “wheels” - at least two days. The village of Metrad can only be reached by “UAZ” or “Niva”. Next are donkey paths, similar to the roads, strings, on which even the donkey presses its ears to the rock. At first, there were only two groups of intelligence officers at hand - the 24 man. The third came later. These three groups of GRU special forces decided the outcome of the whole operation.

The first ten bandits "soaked" the army and border aviation. Front-line bombers of the Su-24 literally dived into the mountains with a height of 3400-3600 meters, where the Gelayevites were spotted. But the fighters soon had to be abandoned. The bombing of fighters in the mountains from an attack aircraft is equivalent to firing a cannon at a sparrow from a cannon. As soon as gaps appeared in the clouds, turntables began to work in the mountains. But the old, tormented by the war in Chechnya, Mi-8 barely kept in the discharged air only thanks to the professionalism of the pilots. In addition, the militants have long adapted to airstrikes in the mountains. Seeing a helicopter approaching a combat course, they were covered with a large white blanket - such as a sheet - and practically disappeared in the snow. In general, the Gela residents played cat and mouse with the pilots.

GRU SPETSNAZ drove Gelayev's gang to a mountain 3600 meters high. The militants turned around there, like lice on a scallop: there is no place to go higher, a clear death below - a glacier and an impassable gorge. There is one beast lives. The scouts saw bears, outraged by early awakening from hibernation, seeping from the roar of firing from the lairs. Unfortunately, the helicopter pilots overwhelmed three kosolapyhs without harming the gangsters who had been bombarded in caves.

Lieutenant-General Arkady Bakhin, commander of a mountain army group in Chechnya:
- On the ridge height in 3600 meters, special forces climbed almost neck in the snow. Sometimes among the snowdrifts stuck alone their heads. And they pierced the road in the snow with their hands and machine guns. Therefore, they walked very slowly - over a light day - 800 meters. The steepness of the slopes reached 65 degrees. What is 3600 meters in the mountains? There are, however, unaccounted statistics: in winter, every kilometer at a height adds frost degrees to 6. And on the ridge was already - 20 .. And yesterday schoolchildren, our soldiers, got there. In the first week there was not a single “live” shoe on their feet. From inhuman overloads shoes shattered. What our guys have stood for two weeks in the mountains, beyond human capabilities.

Part of the militants scouts destroyed with the help of ... nature. It was a truly jewelery job. It was necessary to hit the mountain above the bandits so that the snow shaft would drop them from the slope. They decided to beat the militants with an avalanche. As luck would have it, only one heavily worn out 82-mm mortar, which did not even finish up to the Gelayevites, was at hand from the mountain artillery. This ancient front-line “pipe” was thrown by an air carrier Mi-8, miraculously making its way to the special forces through a blizzard. Helicopter, also "old age", I could not take any more: only one mortar, 120 minutes and a crew. I had to drag him and ammunition on a donkey to the mountains, closer to the militants.

... In one of the caves, the 16 of the Gelayevites hid. On the third day, their nerves broke down and the militants decided to go down - into the gorge.

Lieutenant-General Arkady Bakhin, commander of a mountain army group in Chechnya:
- From the cave down on militants linked automatic belts, one end of which is held by two powerful Chechen. The latter, knowing that he will not leave a stone caches, decided to jump off a cliff into a waterfall and crashed. In this battle, our soldier died, having received a severe wound to the neck. Just had a child, an orphan - without a father and mother. The brother in prison is sitting ... We introduced this kid to the title of Hero of Russia.

Special Forces pursued militants, climbed almost over sheer cliffs. One of the groups was held at the Great Caucasian Range at an altitude of 3400 meters to circumvent the enemy from the rear.

Colonel GRU Sergey V.:
- Ahead of the scouts - deep cleft, more precisely, the abyss depth in 800 meters. From this height, the car looks like a matchbox. It was from this cruise that ordinary Zinoviev broke. I was then told that Zinoviev and other fighters who had broken off the rocks fell into the abyss in silence so that they would not reveal the location of the group with their death-cry.

- The special forces had mining equipment?

- It was! Two coils of clothesline for each group. Almost at dusk, they descended onto a stone shelf the size of an ordinary window sill. And then - a sharp cliff and a cascade of waterfalls. That's where the soldiers slid from the height of 10-15 meters, gliding on the rock on the ass. And so several times, until they came to the river.

All night the group walked to the waist in icy water, in the cold in 20 degrees. Sometimes - falling into the ravine, dipping into them with the head. Clothes covered with a crust of ice, hampered movement. In such conditions usually do not survive. They could, of course, stop, find firewood and warm themselves. But the group commander made the decision to go faster in order not to freeze completely. Thus, he saved the soldiers from death. The fighters only froze slightly.

How much does a scout carry? I personally know one officer - a cool guy. And he has a powerful call sign - "Tiger". One morning, he changed clothes, going to the mountains. I looked at his back and almost cried: there is a solid bruise. Working in the mountains, he beat her to black with his backpack. The most difficult for machine-gunners, so they are all healthy men. They carry about 60 kilograms on themselves: a light machine gun, ammunition up to 1,5, thousands of cartridges plus clothing, food. Radio Operator - a little less: the station "coffin" type (weighs about 15 kg), spare food, weapons.

... THE REMAINS of Gelayev's gang were sitting in the gorge - a hundred meters above scouts. Militants fire snapped and were even able to organize a strong rockfall, blowing up a piece of rock. There was one donkey trail, but there was already sitting enemy machine gunner - he could have a month to keep the whole regiment here. Shooting militants from the rocks could only be a bomb. But in this place, at the exit of the gorge, in 2,5 km there is the village of Metrad. When applying the volume-detonating ammunition, it would simply be bold from the face of the earth.

Climbing up the waterfalls, the scouts, jumping over the 3-thousandth ridge and impassable glacier, hit the enemy’s head. It was impossible to carry out aimed fire from machine guns - rocks and trees interfered. The grenade launchers on the Kalashnikov also did not help: in order for the grenade to stand on a combat platoon, it needs to fly 50 meters. And before the Gelayevites - less than thirty. Then the scouts simply threw bandits "pocket artillery" - grenades, lemon.

... THE SPECIAL FORCES knew that Gelayev was moving with difficulty: his legs were frostbite, and he was walking with his favorite weapon - a light machine gun, which he then gave to bodyguards, picking up a lighter SVD sniper rifle.

... December 28 during a fierce battle most of the group Gelayev was destroyed. The scouts "got" the militants with jet anti-tank and hand fragmentation grenades. During the battle, the commander of the assault group broadcast that there was a woman among the militants, as he heard a female screech and saw a cosmetic set thrown out of the cave with a blast wave. But it was the wounded mojaheds who screamed, and they used cosmetic bags to take care of their beards and facets. However, none of them wanted to lay down their arms. Over the battlefield, replacing each other, the helicopters of the Border Troops and the MoD circled, but they could not help with the fire of the assault group. In this battle, one of the scouts of the assault group was heroically killed; a seriously wounded scout was evacuated by a Mi-8MT helicopter with an HSV on board. The crew of the squadron commander Sergey P., evacuating the wounded man, will land his helicopter on a tiny patch, where in two days even the Ka-27 helicopter will hardly land.

... Seen from Gelaev body at the end of February there were recorded multiple shrapnel wounds and detachment of the hand. Perhaps the brush was bitten off by foxes, jackals or marten predators who discovered a corpse that had lain for two months under the snow.

... The scouts could not inspect the place of the helicopter strike on two fighters on December 30 and 31, 2003, since the path along the gorge up blocked the waterfall and congestion on the stream caused by avalanches. Unfortunately, the entire scanty supply of mountain rope and equipment that the scouts, begging the command, requested by the end of the operation, was left only to get to the cave not along the stream, but along the slope. Could not sit there and the Ka-27 search and rescue service of the Black Sea fleetreceived on December 27 at the disposal of the operation commander by order of the Chief of the General Staff.

By the way, for the first time in the domestic stories 30 special forces on December 2003 was carried out combat landing of the reconnaissance group helicopter KA-27 helicopter landing method. The static ceiling of the "pap" is almost three times higher than that of the Milev's "eight", and it cannot be replaced in the high mountains. But God forbid you get it under enemy fire!

... On December 29, the scouts finished off the militants who remained in the cave, but one of them, Mahmad, who had buried Gelayev and brought all his personal belongings into the cave, managed to escape. But not for long, he was killed on January 2 by the MoD special forces reconnaissance group. In the cave, Gelayev's cousin, Alikhan Utsiyev, was killed, and he had been closely following him all these past months.

Putting an end to the operation to destroy the entire bandit Gelayev prevented the celebrations, arranged in early January for a group of servicemen participating in the operation. The operation was hastily crumpled, although an analysis of the available operational data led to the conclusion that the rest of the militants (up to seven people) are still in the Tsumadinsky district of Dagestan. In the village of Nizhny Khvarshen on the eve of the New Year, three militants stocked up with food and medicine. The identified personalities of the militants who were killed in the cave from Gelayev’s inner circle indicated that Khamzat himself was somewhere nearby, and was hardly alive, because his personal belongings with which he did not part were found in the cave.

The fact of the destruction of Ruslan Gelayev will be made public on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia. A version of his death with a chocolate in the mouth, self-brushing, the simultaneous death of all participants in the battle, the two-month wandering of the field commander in Dagestan and his appearance in sports pants in the last days of December 2003 for several tens of kilometers south of his death area, from which to the Georgian border it was no more than 8 km - all this nonsense even among non-professionals will cause Homeric laughter ...
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  1. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 16 August 2013 09: 23 New
    1. Gur
      Gur 16 August 2013 09: 27 New
      Alas, too many heroes, and too much eternal memory! And so to speak in peacetime. Isn’t it time for the people to think about this?
      1. aktanir
        aktanir 16 August 2013 10: 57 New
        Tooting! How many can already send their children to certain death with old weapons, with unsuitable clothes, equipment. At least the special forces should be somewhat different from the usual military branches in their equipment. Where is the appropriate technique? They use a helicopter in Dagestan, which was begged from the Pacific Fleet ... Bullshit! We throw hats over amers, we consider ourselves equal to them. We cannot technically destroy a handful of terrorists without losing a whole group of our boys.
      2. Mite27
        Mite27 16 August 2013 13: 13 New
        What a peaceful time! There was a war!
  2. Gur
    Gur 16 August 2013 09: 24 New
    How sad it is to read this, some have yachts like palaces built with our money, and others in the mountains with a clothesline. Oh bro, it's hard for you. Such animals should be hunted by professionals, fully equipped, with all the technical support, there are no helicopters that would be reliable to create in the mountains, there are no compact walkie-talkies, buy, no mountain equipment, too, for which people in the 21st century like in the difficult days of the Second World War in the Caucasus are fighting with their bare hands?
  3. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 16 August 2013 09: 31 New
    Honor and glory to the "specialists". Truly "Nobody but us!"
    PROXOR 16 August 2013 09: 40 New
    And after that, we are afraid of China or Mattresses. HA!!!!!!! We don’t throw our hats, but ... we ship in plenty.

    THANKS TO GUYS !!!!!!! Although this is not about anything. Fallen ETERNAL MEMORY !!!! They are worthy descendants of their grandfathers, who took Berlin in 1945.
  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 16 August 2013 09: 47 New
    I know this story - well done specialists, no words, respect for them. But the fact that they have two skeins of clothesline each out of mountain equipment leads to bitter and sad thoughts.
  6. creak
    creak 16 August 2013 09: 54 New
    The GRU special forces is the pride of the Russian Armed Forces, it has brilliantly shown itself in many operations, including which they will not write about soon. And how sad it was to look at the experiments that have been carried out recently by parquet commanders ... One can only hope that common sense will prevail and the leadership of the Armed Forces will begin to adequately assess the role of special forces and give it appropriate attention. They have long earned the right to deep respect.
  7. Trailer
    Trailer 16 August 2013 10: 54 New
    Glory to the heroes of Russia!
  8. dmit-xnumx
    dmit-xnumx 16 August 2013 11: 08 New
    The talented poet-writer Simonov nevertheless made a mistake when he wrote "Soldiers are not born": reading these lines about our special forces, you clearly understand that soldiers are born! For only a born warrior can endure such hardships and despise death.
    1. xan
      xan 16 August 2013 12: 50 New
      I was born in the USSR, and then the boys from childhood knew that no one could defeat us - ours are all stronger.
  9. solomon
    solomon 16 August 2013 11: 35 New
    PRIDE and SADNESS. They have fulfilled their duty, as the saying goes, "Not sparing their belly."
  10. Hleb
    Hleb 16 August 2013 12: 11 New
    all this nonsense, even among lay people, will cause homeric laughter ...
    yes over your words, in some places of the narrative I laughed no less ...
    still laugh at them

  11. eplewke
    eplewke 16 August 2013 12: 23 New
    Severe guys ... I bow my head in front of the specialists ...
  12. Rider
    Rider 16 August 2013 12: 49 New
    "You have become dear to us, 7th outpost" (c)

    Maybe from such "angels" our ancestors blinded the image of a ghoul.
    even before death, he didn’t cease to shed blood.

    HONOR and GLORY to those who died for their homeland!

    and MEMORY.
  13. PISTOL
    PISTOL 16 August 2013 13: 00 New
    Tears welling up while reading the article, thank you, Defenders!
  14. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 16 August 2013 13: 08 New
    Quote: GUR
    Alas, too many heroes, and too much eternal memory! And so to speak in peacetime. Isn’t it time for the people to think about this?

    Not the people need to think, but the rulers, otherwise they are ready to sell their homeland for money.
  15. K.Shimada
    K.Shimada 16 August 2013 13: 08 New
    I never cease to admire the steadfastness, courage and heroism of our soldiers and officers!
  16. Vyalik
    Vyalik 16 August 2013 13: 47 New
    These are OUR soldiers and officers. We have something and someone to be proud of. In Trofim's song there are the words "... God forbid, lay down my head for my friends ...". They are worthy of memory, they must be told about in schools, it is necessary that young people be brought up on such examples.
  17. alex-cn
    alex-cn 16 August 2013 15: 53 New
    it’s a pity that good guys die because of some shit that their old men should have slaughtered ...
  18. Hleb
    Hleb 16 August 2013 17: 56 New
    Dear site administration! I won’t be able to fall asleep today from overwhelming emotions) Please answer !!! You, who added the article to the site, how do you personally feel about what is written?
  19. Chukcha
    Chukcha 16 August 2013 18: 36 New
    No words, only emotions and sorrow for the dead.
  20. old man54
    old man54 16 August 2013 22: 30 New
    The article "+" is unambiguous, the heroically perished boys have memory and Glory!
    Quote: author
    Lieutenant-General Arkady Bakhin, commander of a mountain army group in Chechnya:
    - On a ridge 3600 meters high commandos climbed almost up to the neck in the snow. Sometimes their heads stuck out among the snowdrifts. And they punched the road in the snow with their hands and machine guns. Therefore, we walked very slowly - during daylight hours - 800 meters.

    In fact, long ago, snowy mountains were already invented, and beyond the hill a long time ago their industrial production was mastered, including for mining applications! do all these pussies from the leadership of the Moscow Region and the General Staff really don't know this? Well, I would ask the pros - mountain tourists / climbers.
    I don’t want to talk about the clothesline and the apparent lack of cats on their feet to move on ice and frozen waterfalls, it’s sad and nasty already! crying
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 16 August 2013 22: 57 New
      Quote: old man54
      In fact, long ago, snowy mountains were already invented, and beyond the hill a long time ago their industrial production was mastered, including for mining applications! do all these pussies from the leadership of the Moscow Region and the General Staff really don’t know this?

      Extreme time I have to be on the site "devil's advocate". The comments turn out to be nervous ... But what if I see what is stated, what is not, when there is. Here, for example, snowshoes of the 7th Airborne Assault (which has become mountain)
      1. old man54
        old man54 17 August 2013 00: 55 New
        Quote: Ziksura
        Extreme time I have to be on the site "devil's advocate". The comments are nervous.

        Kolega, why are you doing this ?? I didn’t understand something ...
        Quote: Ziksura
        But what to do if I see that it is said that it is not, when it is. Here you have for example the snowshoes of the 7 assault landing

        thanks for the info, a little reassured, but judging by the article in 2003 they didn’t even smell in the Caucasus groves, so I wrote based on the article (if you read the article footnote). hi
    2. Hleb
      Hleb 17 August 2013 17: 51 New
      sad and nasty already!
      really disgusting. from the lies in this sheet disgusting. you now paid attention to these bloopers, and in the article there are just a bunch of them! and this is not to mention the chronology and participation of some characters. Sladkov's version is much more believable .. this is written by what is clearly a provocateur and amateur. there were no clotheslines. there were no dips along the neck. there were no bears and thin air in which the turntables could not fly. there were no torn shoes. there were no soldiers silently falling into the abyss. there was no night walk in a mountain river, plunging headlong (it's not even realistic to imagine). there was no 60 kg for the hump (and neck-deep in the snow, if you remember). there was no desire to go to the "bayonet", the participant could not say so easily. there was no salary at that time in a detachment of 25 tr. at the sergeants ... I really don't know who Bakhin was then and what side he was there
  21. old man54
    old man54 16 August 2013 22: 31 New
    Here's more about snowshoes:
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 16 August 2013 23: 00 New
      Quote: old man54
      here's about

      Here is another from the same part, not snowshoes, but
      1. old man54
        old man54 17 August 2013 18: 36 New
        Quote: Ziksura
        Here is another from the same part, not snowshoes, but

        hmm ... but these are skiturovskie boots and bindings, healthy! So really puzzled by special equipment for mountain rangers. By the way, I have never once worn such boots for a ski tour, and have not exploited them. It would be fun to try.
  22. bublic82009
    bublic82009 17 August 2013 00: 22 New
    sorry for the guys at the border guards. their commander captain did stupid himself he died and put the guys
  23. SlavaP
    SlavaP 19 August 2013 00: 08 New
    I will not judge the quality of the article, not Special. The guys did everything, and much more than anything that is possible. And strip gouging is no news to anyone. But it seems time to move from defense to offensive. Gelayev and Co., although they are big cones in appearance, are nothing more than pawns in the hands of more serious players. Where does the money come from, weapons, etc., is everything clear? So it is necessary to beat the gentlemen-customers on their territory ..
  24. govoruha-otrok
    govoruha-otrok 19 August 2013 14: 46 New
    put a minus note.