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Surprise from the Middle Kingdom. Chinese nuclear arsenal may be the largest in the world

China is the only official nuclear power in Asia, and it has been in this status for almost half a century. At the same time, there has never been any official data on the size of its nuclear missile arsenal, and it is clearly not foreseen in the foreseeable future. Beijing does not intend to discuss the size and deployment of its nuclear missile arsenal, stating only its extremely insignificant values. Under this pretext, he categorically refuses to participate in any negotiations on nuclear disarmament. Estimated unofficial information provided by most Western sources, is a unique example of surreal absurdity, which is even difficult to find an explanation. The well-known Western institutions - the Swedish SIPRI or the London International Institute for Strategic Studies cite data on which the PRC has no more than 250 nuclear charges.

If, however, China’s nuclear arsenal is evaluated on the basis of the country's production capabilities, then it can have at least several thousand charges, and a maximum of several tens of thousands. China's nuclear complex will easily provide such an amount. The first nuclear test China conducted in 1964 year. Did he create 47 charges in 250 years (and Pakistan, whose scientific capabilities and production facilities are incomparable with Chinese ones, in 13 years - already 110, according to the same sources)? But all this absurdity is replicated by many publications in the West and in Russia.

How many rockets, no one knows

In most cases, given values ​​of the number of Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles (IDB - 30 DF-31 / 31A, 24 DF-5), intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBM - 20 DF-4, 30 DF-3A, 90 DF-21 / 21A) and operational tactical and tactical missiles (OTP / TP - 600 DF-11, 300 DF-15) in fact are hardly even the lower limit values. Estimates of the production capabilities of the Chinese military industrial complex and the presence in Central China of a huge system of underground tunnels for the shelter of ICBMs indicate that the PRC can have up to one thousand only ICBMs and at least not less number of MRBDs. Regarding the total number of nuclear charges of various capacities and designations, it is hardly a question of less than five thousand units (including, of course, aerial bombs), given that their production in the PRC has been going on for more than 40 years. The mere fact of building a system of tunnels that cost gigantic funds shows that China (who doesn’t like to throw money into the wind) has something to hide. This is certainly not the 250 missiles and the same number of charges. Back in 80, Chinese intelligence was able to produce in the US the latest W-88 warhead mounted on ballistic submarine missiles (SLBMs) ​​of the Trident 2, as well as the neutron bomb, which enabled China to make significant progress in developing its own systems saving over 10 for years and hundreds of billions of dollars. In the 90s, China produced at least 140 nuclear warheads per year. Even if part of the old ammunition removed and dismantled, 250 charges can not be considered even a bad joke.

Surprise from the Middle Kingdom. Chinese nuclear arsenal may be the largest in the worldIn total, the Second Artillery of the PLA has six rocket armies (51-56-i), which include 17 rocket brigades. The 52 Army, comprising four brigades, is deployed in Anhui Province against Taiwan, it is equipped mainly with OTR and BRSD. The remaining five armies, stationed in various parts of the PRC, are armed with MRBMs and ICBMs. Within the reach of DF-4 MRSD (its range is not less than 5,5 thousands of kilometers), the territories of Russia and India are almost entirely even when fired at them from the eastern regions of China. The same applies to the DF-3 MRBR (firing range - 2,5 – 4 thousands of kilometers) and the newest DF-21 (at least 1,8 thousands of kilometers) when shooting from western China. The most populated and developed southern regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East are within the radius of impact of the DF-15 (660 km) and DF-11 missiles (up to 800 km). The maritime version of the DF-31 JLR-2 MBR is deployed on four SSBNs of the 094 project. In addition, in China, recently began the deployment of ground-based cruise missiles DH-10, which now has 350 – 500.

It should be recalled that, in relation to Russia, Chinese MRBRs are full-fledged strategic weaponsbecause it reaches to any of its points. Russia MRBD does not have. Since the United States is holding back its own ICBMs and SLBMs of the Russian Federation, a very significant imbalance has developed in China’s favor with China, although, due to a strange misunderstanding, Russians (including representatives of the military-political leadership) continue to believe in a huge superiority over China in this area .

The air component of the Chinese nuclear forces is described in the article “Attack of the Chinese aircraft industry”. In China, as in the USSR, the basis of strategic nuclear forces has always been missiles, not planes. The bombers were just a definite addition. N-6 (Tu-16) of the first modifications, which are carriers of B5 nuclear aerial bombs (there are at least 120 such in Chinese arsenals), are unlikely to break through at least some relatively modern air defense. However, N-6H / K / M, capable of carrying from two to six CJ-10 ALCMs, is now being manufactured in China. From 60 to 70 such vehicles have already been built. Tactical nuclear weapons (B4 aerial bombs of at least 320) can be JH-7 bombers, of which today in the Air Force and Naval aviation PLA no less than 160, the production of these machines continues.

Underground shelters and spare cities

In general, there is not the slightest doubt that China has more nuclear charges than the United Kingdom, France, and four unofficial nuclear powers (India, Pakistan, Israel, and the DPRK) combined. It is extremely difficult to say how the Chinese nuclear potential compares with the Russian and American ones. Taking into account the significant multi-stage reductions of nuclear charges of all classes in the United States and Russia in the post-Cold War period, we can safely assume that the Chinese arsenal is at least comparable to the American and Russian (at the maximum it can be the largest in the world). At the same time, the geographical factor cannot be ignored. By the means of delivery of the intercontinental range, the PRC, apparently, is still inferior to the United States (however, the lag will be reduced, since China is launching the production of the newest ICF-based DF-41 with an RCM). But taking into account the BRSD and OTR over Russia, not to mention India, it has achieved significant superiority. Especially in many situations, nuclear Pakistan will act as an ally of Beijing.

Like the US, China would rather win in the event of general and complete nuclear disarmament due to the presence of giant conventional forces, which have greatly improved in the last decade. However, while China is still significantly inferior to the United States in the field of high-precision weapons, therefore, the nuclear arsenal acts as a definite compensation for this lag. The main role of this arsenal is a hidden threat. Its disclosure, if it happens, can be a very unpleasant surprise for the rest of humanity.

In addition, Beijing frankly demonstrates that it is not afraid of nuclear war.

Recently, construction of underground shelters, designed to receive hundreds of thousands and even millions of people, has been launched in major cities of China. According to official data, these shelters are designed to protect the population from earthquakes. It is quite obvious that such an explanation cannot be considered satisfactory. First, an earthquake occurs suddenly and lasts a maximum of a few minutes, so the population simply will not have time to hide in these shelters. Secondly, if people still end up in an asylum during an earthquake, with a guarantee of close to one hundred percent, it will become a mass grave for them, since the walls of the shelter will be broken by seismic waves. When earthquakes are recommended to be on the surface of the Earth away from any structures. We can assume the following: with this pointedly absurd explanation, Beijing makes it clear to both Moscow and Washington that it is quite ready for a nuclear war. Underground shelters, as it is known, are the most effective protection against nuclear explosions and their damaging factors (shock wave, penetrating radiation, light radiation, radioactive contamination).

In addition, in recent years, several dozens of cities with all modern infrastructure have been built in the inland regions of China (mainly in Inner Mongolia), which are empty. And this is with the huge overpopulation of the country. Explanations of this phenomenon are followed by clearly absurd ones - such as an investor's mistake. There could be one or two such “mistakes”, but not dozens, especially since nowhere in the world is anything like this (there are a lot of abandoned cities, but nowhere are there new, but uninhabited). There is almost no doubt that these cities are being built in case of a nuclear war. Neither the United States nor Russia will strike blows on empty cities, there simply will not be enough charges. And the residents of the present settlements and megacities will sit out blows in the shelters, and then move to new cities. Yes, several million people will die in this, but for China's 1,3 billionth, this is certainly not a disaster.

In fact, China today is the only country seriously ready to wage any war, both conventional and nuclear. But the rest of humanity in every possible way tries to ignore this fact.
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  1. ben gun
    ben gun 26 July 2013 07: 29
    Mr. Khramchikhin again scares the Chinese threat.
    Khramchikhin A.A. Who is: political scientist, head of the analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis. Author of several hundred publications on political and military topics in various print media (NG, NVO, LG, Vremya MN, Znamya, Otechestvennye zapiski, etc.) and on Internet sites (, ,,, etc.), and also acts as an expert in TV and radio programs (VGTRK, REN-TV, Radio Rossii, Mayak-24, Business FM).
    What is falling in: Paranoid obsessed with the Chinese threat, drives all his thoughts under this idea, based on innocent facts. He invents absurd scenarios of the imminent Chinese invasion of the Russian Federation. At the same time, he assures that NATO is catastrophically weakened and poses no threat.
    He does not understand military equipment and makes silly mistakes in articles.
    Exposure Sessions:
    Taken here - FAC ANALitegam -
    1. Beibit
      Beibit 26 July 2013 08: 19
      China, USA, Europe - these are potential opponents of Russia. Everyone wants to get the resources of Russia. Because these resources will let them survive all the other countries. So all of us are saved by one hope and optimism that the GDP and Shoigu will make the army strong and unshakable in the times of the USSR. When weapons came in hundreds rather than pieces. When military scientists created the most formidable weapons. And then you read in all the pop-up windows that Russia created super weapons or Russia scared the West with a new type of weapon, but the troops do not have it, and then it makes no sense. as well as when all delivery dates move year after year, the idea appears that there is a deliberate sabotage at all levels of government, without exception. Laws are being signed that destroy everything that has been done for the benefit of the people for centuries: education, medicine, the army, industry, production, science and, most importantly, people's lives ...
      And what the author of the article wrote about empty cities has logic.
      1. ben gun
        ben gun 26 July 2013 11: 27
        For China, an intelligent analysis in my opinion from A. Gorbenko. -
        For China, a good analysis from El Murida -
        Who should be considered a likely adversary?
        How will he act?
        What war should the Armed Forces and the inhabitants of the country prepare for?
        .......... "China fully complies with the first criterion of a potential adversary. Military potential is already a threat, despite any current intentions. The fact that this potential is now significantly lower than our capabilities for a military response only puts China in category of not the most pressing threats. But for compliance with the second criterion - China is no longer suitable. It is inferior in aggressiveness to many other, much less powerful countries. It prefers economic expansion and diplomacy to forceful methods in politics. It often gives up its interests where "it starts smell like fried. "" ..........
    2. Tiberium
      Tiberium 26 July 2013 08: 26
      Nevertheless, the author is in many ways right, China poses a great threat. Many consider the West the main enemy of Russia, but this enemy is obvious, it has been so for many years, they are used to it and know what to expect from it. But China is a hidden threat - a snake that wants to assure the whole world of its peace, while accumulating poison. At the right moment, she gets stung, you need to be prepared for this and not ignore the obvious.
      1. Skiff
        Skiff 26 July 2013 10: 40
        In addition, Beijing frankly demonstrates that it is not afraid of nuclear war.

        Well, this is frank nonsense, how can you not be afraid of a nuclear war, even if taking into account the fact that some part of the population will hide underground, how much they will sit there, but when they even leave, they will end up in the Stone Age and barren desert, further there are nuclear charges of an underground explosion penetrating, well, what nonsense .....
        1. carbofo
          carbofo 26 July 2013 11: 54
          When you have 25% of the world's population, you can put the device at a loss, the ratio with any country is at least 1 to 5 in terms of human resources.
          But due to some circumstances, we will have to do it very badly, because in large cities almost half of the population !!
          The same applies to any European country or the United States.
          Therefore, the nuclear alignment will be considerably worse for us than for the Chinese accustomed to the national genocide.
          1. ben gun
            ben gun 26 July 2013 12: 59
            No one will like the nuclear alignment. Neither them nor us, no one.
            Losses in the rural population - a decrease in nutrition (as a maximum of starvation in the country) Losses in cities - losses in the industry. production (as a maximum, all without pants and without even without knives)
            Purely from the point of view of arithmetic - losses in China cause the same problems as everyone else. And accordingly, if 25% of the peasant population is driven out, feeding may fall by 25%. At 50%, the urban population has nothing to fight, nothing to dress the same peasants.
            And if there will be a butch with China, God forbid to fight wall to wall with them, I think there are no fools anywhere. Findings?
          2. a52333
            a52333 26 July 2013 13: 51
            If we take it from the point of view of a nuclear war with China, then their population density is mainly near the ocean, where about 70% lives. And then density nevilika.
    3. Grenz
      Grenz 26 July 2013 08: 33
      It’s interesting, and who are you so self-confident that there is an opinion on whether you have relatives in China. If there is, let them buy a card at any kiosk on which the territories of neighboring countries supposedly historically belonging to China are marked: Eastern Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, India and so on trifles - islands near Japan.
      No evidence of China’s imperial aspirations? Full of. And nuclear weapons are proof of this.
      We have already, as you said, on the eve of World War II - Germany is not our enemy. If you have such evidence that China is a friend, please state.
      Khramchikhin may not know everything about missiles, but he accurately indicates where the barrels and missiles are directed. And points correctly. The Hailar military district (I hope you know against whom it was created) is brought to the wartime states and is so constantly held. Including constantly conducting reconnaissance of our territory.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 26 July 2013 08: 48
        Dear, they can draw anything on maps. So that the people continued to be content and did not go to Tiananmen. China is a nationalistic state, for them it is normal.

        But with the prospects of a war against neighbors, which will develop into a nuclear iron, not everything is so rosy. In this case, China will be thrown back, and it will become weaker than most of its neighbors. What they will definitely use and will not allow to restore their strength.
        Does the leadership of China need this?
        1. Grenz
          Grenz 26 July 2013 09: 09
          Does the leadership of China need this?

          Yes, I do not mind - let's live together.
          But I, apparently, cannot change myself, the hunghuzes back in the 70s spoiled my "karma" (with a stake with nails on my back). Since then I believe in one thing - China is not my friend!
          1. Rakti-kali
            Rakti-kali 26 July 2013 10: 27
            Quote: grenz
            I believe in one thing - China is not my friend!

            So after all, no one forces you with the Chinese "to beat the gums." It's just that Mr. Khramchikhin in his next article, once again, raises a turbid wave of myths and his own inventions, with the aim of "scaring Russia with China." And this is already tired, because it is unscientific fiction.
        2. ben gun
          ben gun 26 July 2013 11: 19
          Quote: Spade
          In this case, China will be thrown back, and it will become weaker than most of its neighbors.

          Correction - China will not become weaker from this. China, wherever there was information, it is enough to get destruction in the valleys of its rivers and / or lose located in the same places of production and Tryndets, hello the Stone Age. In these valleys along rivers, almost the entire population of China lives.
      2. akreworpa
        akreworpa 26 July 2013 10: 55
        It is interesting what the population of China will do in the completely contaminated territory of Eastern Siberia.
      3. Scoun
        Scoun 26 July 2013 11: 20
        Quote: grenz
        Khramchikhin maybe not everyone knows about missiles, but it accurately indicates where the barrels and rockets are directed.

        I always didn’t understand .. from your own words .. Khramchikhin can "does not know everything" and then you yourself refute your words with the controversial statement that he "accurately indicates"
        The article put a minus just for this. he certainly does not know, but claims.
        and the fact that China is a potential threat, personally, I have no doubt (suffice it to recall 08.08.08 when the rodent saaka dared to shoot our peacekeepers, cattle by the cocktails are still not suspended) it is enough to look at their last samples by force on the border with India and the Japanese.
        But to write about thousands of charges and I can assume carriers to them, "little" not quite small, because the delivery vehicle itself enriched charge costs a lot of money, ask how much energy you need to use to get a kilo of enriched ....... but with the energy from the same China not everything is smooth.
      4. de_Torquemada
        de_Torquemada 12 August 2013 06: 42
        and because of earlier, they painted the entire right bank of the Amur in Chinese, but now this question is removed, we will solve the rest.
  2. apro
    apro 26 July 2013 08: 09
    The PRC deliberately defends their independence and freedom of their actions. Nuclear weapons are one of the components of the national sovereignty along with a gold reserve which, by the way, is much greater than that of amers. I do not believe in the Chinese aggression towards Russia, the Chinese will not trample on the nuclear rampage they have the number one task to unite with Taiwan. And as for the number of charges, this speaks of their wisdom, because they didn’t have a freak who would sell weapons-grade plutonium to amers as we did.
    1. Andrey Skokovsky
      Andrey Skokovsky 27 July 2013 09: 42
      Quote: apro
      The PRC deliberately defends their independence and freedom of their actions. Nuclear weapons are one of the components of the national sovereignty along with a gold reserve which, by the way, is much greater than that of amers. I do not believe in the Chinese aggression towards Russia, the Chinese will not trample on the nuclear rampage they have the number one task to unite with Taiwan. And as for the number of charges, this speaks of their wisdom, because they didn’t have a freak who would sell weapons-grade plutonium to amers as we did.

      I agree with you, it's just that everything is not simple with plutonium, maybe today we are witnessing a situation where a robber has earned a hernia while trying to carry away an unplanned

      "Why did the Russians give their uranium to the United States? And did they give ..."
    2. de_Torquemada
      de_Torquemada 12 August 2013 06: 45
      but the amers believe that we impudently pulled them with weapons-grade plutonium, and as a result of the sale, for some reason it did not become smaller.
  3. ATATA
    ATATA 26 July 2013 08: 14
    Khramchikhin burns again! laughing
  4. Canep
    Canep 26 July 2013 08: 22
    Against the background of this proposal by Abama Huseynovich on disarmament of Russia and the USA, they look like complete idiocy.
  5. lotar
    lotar 26 July 2013 08: 28
    One way or another, at different periods of time, relations between countries can be different, which history has repeatedly proved. So, the message that was voiced in this article gives at least a message for reflection, and as a maximum to be prepared, including unfavorable To be honest, I don’t want it to happen in our country like in a proverb: until a man whistles on a mountain, a man crosses himself, since in this case it will be too late.
  6. Semurg
    Semurg 26 July 2013 08: 29
    After a full nuclear exchange, the Earth will be suitable for settling only for cockroaches for a long time, for which radiation they will grow to the size of dogs and hunt for the remains of people (all the tears of cockroaches that die under the slippers of people will pour out). laughing
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 26 July 2013 08: 30
    In China, they love to launch fireworks! They are unlikely to climb to Russia, but the "Chinese dragon" may well fly over the United States.
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 26 July 2013 16: 54
      They’ll just go to Russia, because we have resources that, as everyone knows in the war, are very applicable, many operations to seize territories carried out by the Wehrmacht were solely for the purpose of retaining resources.
      Norway and Finland - ore, Romania - oil, and so on.
      1. uhu189
        uhu189 26 July 2013 18: 30
        You are a little wrong with the ore - Germany imported iron (iron) from Sweden, but for some reason did not capture it, apparently buying was more profitable. And Finland and Romania, as far as my memory serves me, no one also captured these countries were allies of Germany, but they were not occupied by it. And Norway - yes, of course, nickel was mined in it, but it was by no means for him that Germany sent troops there ...
        1. carbofo
          carbofo 28 July 2013 17: 56
          I did not say that it was iron ore !.
          I was referring to the Petsamo nickel deposit in Finland, but the Swedish iron ore could also be included here. No need to try to find inaccuracies, I did not write a historical work.
          The Swedes simply shipped the ore to the Germans without serious questions, as they agreed, I think it will be easy to find.
          Denmark, I did not understand the strategic meaning of its capture!
          Capture or allied occupation are different words, but often they really have too much in common.
  8. 12061973
    12061973 26 July 2013 08: 31
    if a full-scale nuclear war begins only with China. for Russia and the United States, the loss of 140 million and, accordingly, 300 million people means the end, then for China and 600 million nonsense.
    1. ATATA
      ATATA 26 July 2013 11: 42
      Quote: 12061973
      then for China and 600 million nonsense.

      Domino effect, the rest will die of hunger and disease.
    2. uhu189
      uhu189 26 July 2013 14: 31
      Dear, do you realize what you are saying? Where do these numbers come from? The loss of 600 million people for the state and the destruction of the entire economy and transport is nonsense? Plus radioactive contamination of the area, lack of drinking water, electricity, food. Before you write something, think for a second - you are talking about living people ... In such circumstances, the state is no longer discussed - at best, a set of feudal principalities fighting each other for resources ...
      1. 12061973
        12061973 26 July 2013 15: 43
        the article also writes about shelters. today, about 3000 different nuclear devices have been blown up and everything’s normal, and over time, there will be more food and water per person than there is now.
        1. uhu189
          uhu189 26 July 2013 18: 19
          The explosions during the tests were overwhelmingly underground or underwater, and missile warheads and bombs explode at a height of several hundred meters above the surface (to increase damage) and all decay products are carried over great distances. Near Semipalatinsk, so far, places have remained where everything is phoning, as on Novaya Zemlya.
          And the shelters are built for a very limited time - to wait several hours (maximum several days) after a nuclear strike so that the level of primary radiation decreases and the remaining services of the Civil Emergency Situations have the opportunity to at least evacuate someone. And there are not so many completely autonomous bomb shelters (airtight with regeneration systems and food and water supplies). But you can only sit in them for only a few days. And then, through the rubble and the burning city, somewhere to go away, receiving radiation doses along the way ... Do you think that many people will survive this, and how many of those who survive will remain in their minds?
          1. 12061973
            12061973 26 July 2013 18: 45
            if in the play in the 1st act a gun hangs, then in the 3rd, it will fire and you need to be prepared for this.
            Quote: uhu189
            What do you think - many people will survive this, and how many of those who survive in their minds will remain?

            those who survive may grow wiser, and not survive, the loss to the planet is not great, all the same all the apocalypse is waiting, why not a nuclear one.
          2. abdrah
            abdrah 29 July 2013 04: 41
            In modern charges, unlike Hiroshima, where about 1,5% of fissile material was split, more than 99% of the material is consumed for its intended purpose - EMR, penetrating radiation, heat. Radioactive contamination is a fraction of a percent. The latest explosions that were carried out at the Semipalatinsk test site are proof of this. Our sworn friends after Kazakhstan gained independence in the 90s were very interested in the isotopic composition in the spent adits of Semipalatinsk, since they simply could not achieve such a percentage of division.
            We made clean charges for our warriors, let them try to reproach us with barbarism and inhumanity!
            1. Tretyakov
              Tretyakov 1 August 2013 21: 43
              Well, I don’t know about this, but I live in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the railway line was built a very long time ago. The lakes are round in shape and have a large radioactive background. Nothing, we live - we swim, the tails do not grow yet ... And now it is not known, take the radiation from us, whether we will be people .... As experiments on frogs showed, some of which hatched in a lead safe, and the second part of eggs hatched under ordinary conditions - in the first case, more than 50 percent - ...
  9. Dejavu
    Dejavu 26 July 2013 08: 50
    The more powerful countries in the world, the safer. The more IDs are blown up, the faster planet Earth will end and everyone understands this. The main thing is that there should be no nuclear weapons in bearded monkeys, the rest will agree.
    1. agbykov
      agbykov 26 July 2013 11: 54
      "Avoid the danger (proliferation of nuclear weapons - my note) by I) radical refusal of certain states from nuclear energy, II)" radical "conclusion of treaties on the nonproliferation of nuclear technologies, III)" radical control "thanks to the activities of the relevant UN services (atomic energy ) DO NOT. " is a classic example technological trap.

      "... the definition of a technological trap: this is a social and everyday result of the widespread introduction of technogenic operations, which was invisible in the embryonic phase, the social evil from which was not foreseen, and in the development phase it was irreversible (emphasis mine), and the perceived benefits of its proliferation turn into a single or multiple disaster, increasingly visible and increasingly difficult to contain by equally influential decisive factors for which it is 'grateful' for its wide size and its enormous harm. "

      So the appearance of nuclear weapons in the "bearded monkeys" is just a matter of time. They can be especially dangerous in their hands "...International luggage missilesabbreviated ILM, in the form of "suitcase-luggage" atomic bombs, samples of which are suitable for smuggling and use ... "

      Quotes from the essay "Technological trap" from the collection "Moloch" by Stanislav Lem.
  10. Rodriques
    Rodriques 26 July 2013 09: 10
    One acquaintance, monitors the radio transmission of the PLA army in the border areas, told everything is normal, quietly calm, and then bang some kind of boom, the air is clogged, the engine is moving, the troops begin to move in huge numbers, so it says a very unpleasant feeling arises, even cold sweat runs, crush border guards in a swoop if that.
    1. Grenz
      Grenz 26 July 2013 12: 50
      Rodriques (3)
      crush the border guards in one fell swoop if that.

      I fully support it. In due time, hell would have done what, they would have broken off their teeth. The guys on the rock wrote: "We were in Berlin - we will be in Beijing." I got it sternly.
      And now one company of tigers is enough to clear the entire border.
  11. Letnab
    Letnab 26 July 2013 09: 39
    I’ve read something similar on other resources, in principle, we won’t have to expect good from China, it’s too tidbit at its side ...
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 26 July 2013 12: 46
      China MAY become dangerous if for economic or other reasons it cannot BUY the energy resources necessary for its economy. Here it is necessary to calculate the possible risks from certain circumstances.
  12. Alexander borey
    Alexander borey 26 July 2013 09: 56
    This is horror story number .... from the series "How China will crush Russia." I only read the title and immediately understood who the author was. "In fact, the PRC today is the only country that is seriously ready to wage any war, both conventional and nuclear ...." This is complete nonsense. No country in the world is capable of waging a long nuclear war, and even more so. "What could be June 22, 2.0" members of the forum utterly smashed all the arguments of Comrade Khramchikhin, so there is no point in repeating ourselves. They clearly want to quarrel with the Middle Kingdom against the background of deteriorating relations with the United States and prevent rapprochement with Beijing. Comrade Khramchikhin, do not play the fool, write that - anything sensible. The theme of the "Chinese threat" has already been nibbled to the bones and spit out. Change the record.
    1. Dejavu
      Dejavu 26 July 2013 20: 09
      I absolutely agree.
  13. Stahlegewitter
    Stahlegewitter 26 July 2013 10: 01
    R-36M2 cannot be aimed at the PRC due to the minimum radius of action of more than ~ 9000 km. The Chinese know that this is a deterrent to the United States and will not hit the mines of the Voivode, moreover, the accuracy of their weapons is too small. SLBMs mainly maintain ammunition to maintain parity with the United States.
    In the event of aggression by the PRC, our tactical nuclear weapons should be delivered in certain directions. Dams, densely populated centers and life support facilities are being destroyed by single and double (no more) epicenters, mainly "Poplar" and their modifications, ALCM.
    The ICBM of the People's Republic of China is shot at / destroyed immediately, the BRBD and the OTRK, as necessary, gradually leave the shelter tunnels and launch.
  14. leon-iv
    leon-iv 26 July 2013 10: 02
    On serious resources, and topwar can be attributed to them.
    It is NOT customary to use Khramchikhin as the author of articles and refer to him.
  15. leon-iv
    leon-iv 26 July 2013 10: 04
    This clan writes again what he does not know about.
    Uranium and plutonium just do not work out.
    To do this, purchase centrifuges from us. A diffusion method requires horse-drawn energy EE. Yes, such that the service jackets were built near a nuclear power plant to ensure energy efficiency.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 26 July 2013 13: 08
      if centrifuges are in Iran, then in China they definitely are. and building a lot of them is not a problem. Especially for China, which has a huge state. budget.
      If they build nuclear submarines, then they won't have any problems with nuclear power plants. For some reason, many people consider China to be some kind of prehistoric, old, undeveloped. The creation of nuclear weapons has long been no secret for the "world" powers.
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 26 July 2013 13: 15
        and building a lot of them is not a problem

        For the United States and geyromp problem for China, no?
        No son is Fantastic))) (c)
        NPPs they will have no problems

        Learn physics. Everything is clearly written there. What where what and how.
        The creation of nuclear weapons has long been no secret for the "world" powers.

        Yes, it is no secret for a long time. But, in fact, only the RF can create a lot of it. Even the United States is not capable of nowhere and no one.
      2. uhu189
        uhu189 26 July 2013 14: 41
        One thing is the degree of uranium enrichment for nuclear reactors, and another for nuclear warheads. Such production cannot be hidden, because they require a lot of energy and specific resources that can be tracked. And if there is no information on this issue in the open press, this does not mean that the General Staff does not know about it ...
  16. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 26 July 2013 10: 08
    They have been talking about the yellow threat for 100 years, even my great-grandfather shot a Chinese man on a trail in the taiga for a piece of gold, but they never attack. To form China's phobia in Russia is the task of the United States.
  17. user
    user 26 July 2013 10: 29
    The USA and China are not our enemy or friend, but we need to be prepared for any development
  18. biglow
    biglow 26 July 2013 10: 48
    The Chinese are famous for copy pasteors, only does everything work for them? lol
  19. Regul
    Regul 26 July 2013 11: 13
    Victory is achieved not only with nuclear weapons, but there are also such concepts as cultural, demographic, scientific and technological expansion, etc.
    Do you think buying up the Fed’s debts because of kindness? and love of democracy? :)
    All these debts will sooner or later turn into fruits (technological concessions and rights, demographic and, most importantly, Lobbying, that is, "by someone else's hands") (By the way, I do not exclude the current influence, in particular on the American Republicans, since this is " children of money "with a lack of principles.)

    The strength of China is in their sequence and expectation; they know how to wait, to wait long and persistently.
    The strength of Russia is in slowness and constancy, we "harness for a long time ...", but if we have harnessed, then hold on.

    Consequently, according to the "time" segment of the development of events, they are similar, therefore, although we pose a threat to each other, in general, we develop "in step" and cannot significantly prevail over the opponent.
    It is in this case that China needs such an "ally" or "executor" who will be able to accelerate or strengthen dominance in the "time approximation".
    I think this is the main danger from China for us.
  20. Stahlegewitter
    Stahlegewitter 26 July 2013 11: 30
    It's time to fix the name, admins.
    Khramchikhin minus for the manifestation of illiteracy.
  21. vitek1233
    vitek1233 26 July 2013 11: 33
    Nuclear war is a one-way ticket for ALL
  22. si8452
    si8452 26 July 2013 12: 06
    The article is based only on assumptions. The fact that the PRC may have some degree (to which we do not know for sure) of more nuclear weapons than is believed is quite realistic. But, I think, it is well known to the 2 largest nuclear powers - the Russian Federation and the United States with all the ensuing consequences.
  23. ed65b
    ed65b 26 July 2013 12: 08
    The author did not convince me, he did not convince me. One thing is that he knows more than the president, and he is glad to be deceived, leads to thoughts about the gravity of the article. Everyone knows everything about China, there are no people who are naive in the world, especially in the Russian Federation and the USA, the main players in this field. Time is different. All space is littered with spacecraft. All uranium mining in the world has been calculated and scheduled. Horseradish creep through there. Minus.
  24. Igor77
    Igor77 26 July 2013 12: 27
    To start a war, oil is needed, a lot of oil. Or seize oil fields.
    1. Captain
      Captain 26 July 2013 17: 15
      Chinese companies now own a significant portion of the Central Asian oil industry.

      Oil production is constantly growing in China itself.
      Now China consumes about 10 million barrels of oil per day. At the same time, he extracts 4 million himself.
      According to the CIA for 2011, China ranks fifth in the list of oil-producing countries (quite a bit short of Iran)
  25. Stahlegewitter
    Stahlegewitter 26 July 2013 12: 47
    The effective use of tactical nuclear aerial bombs can be ensured by the Russian Federation in areas where groups of aggressor troops leave the front-line roads (rockades built by China several years ago). There will be a decrease in "bandwidth", a transition to rugged terrain, which will certainly lead to the formation of vulnerable troop concentrations. The PRC will not be able to avoid this, since it needs to maintain a high density of offensive.
    Then this chance may be missed, since the Chinese troops will disperse and will already be on our territory, where the use of nuclear weapons is undesirable. Such a window will exist only in the first days of the attack. The enemy knows about this and will try to destroy our special arsenals and airfields by means of MLRS and OTRK, and saboteurs will work widely.
    It is quite obvious that it is necessary to increase the number of dispersal airfields, as the Russian Minister of Defense recently reminded, and during the exercises of the PRC troops in the border areas, keep the Air Force on high alert and at distributed aerodromes, work out remote mining techniques for threatened directions and ensure continuity by any means intelligence in this region.
  26. Odysseus
    Odysseus 26 July 2013 12: 55
    Essentially the article
    1) China’s nuclear arsenal is indeed more than 250 warheads, but less than Khramchikhin is trying to imagine.
    2) The assumption that the PRC is not afraid of nuclear war is wrong. Any massive nuclear counterattack makes sense of an offensive war by the PRC. And there is no missile defense system in the PRC yet.
  27. Foooxxxxx
    Foooxxxxx 26 July 2013 13: 00
    I don’t know what weapons they will fight in the 3rd World War, but in the 4th World War they will fight with sticks and stones. (P.) A.Enshtein
  28. silver_roman
    silver_roman 26 July 2013 13: 04
    as if in the place of China some "fourth Reich" did not rise. Germany also quietly, in a nychka developed, then without any announcements took half of Europe and when everyone already understood what was happening, the Second World War was in full swing! but China is a great student in history. she studies everything thoroughly: all mistakes, miscalculations, etc. All their power is backed by the size of the population. It's the people that really scare me. it is not at all clear what is in their heads.
    1. Odysseus
      Odysseus 26 July 2013 13: 10
      Quote: silver_roman
      as if in the place of China some "fourth Reich" did not rise.

      China, in fact, is a socialist country. What is the Fourth Reich?
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 26 July 2013 13: 22
        What is the Fourth Reich?

        don't take everything so literally. besides, I didn't just highlight the phrase ".
        I mean that ideologically China is brought up on the fact that many of their ancestral lands are occupied by strangers, that the "great dragon" will wake up and return everything to its place. in general like that. and why such a mood is bad for the education of a definite-minded population ???
        Or do you think that they really are going to defend themselves from someone ??? Now that the Russian Federation has not stood up. when the states begin to shake these legs more and more, you can expect anything from China. At one time, we also did not expect a hit from Hitler, at least we did not expect so soon, but it turned out how.
      2. urganov
        urganov 28 July 2013 20: 07
        Well, if you follow the letter of the law, the Third Reich personified social nationalism. That is, the socialist structure of the state apparatus. in fact. With a nationalistic idea, as an official state doctrine.
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. shpuntik
    shpuntik 26 July 2013 14: 03
    The United States, NATO countries in general, benefit from the war of China against Russia. Otherwise, why are investments going there, but not in Russia? Cheap rabsila - this is clearly the main reason. But ... It cannot last long. As soon as China (with the help of Western technology and investment) becomes an industrial power, the price of labor will rise, and in the USA and Europe will fall, then it will become unprofitable to transfer production to China.
    Then Russia may have problems. A strong China will begin to dictate terms. Well, what if the "oblique Hitler" comes to the leadership? Then America will work again on this war.
  31. uhu189
    uhu189 26 July 2013 14: 19
    Forgive me of course, but there’s no strength left to read Mr. Khramchikhin. Well, of course, he was much more than anyone who was not aware of the lower threshold of nuclear weapons in China, not like the suckers sitting in the General Staff. With all the flow of rather controversial statements, I have an 2 question for the author: 1 what will the saved Chinese eat in new cities built in the middle of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia and what will they actually do there? And most importantly, who and how will they get there? And the second question is, what is the point of owning a nuclear weapon and underestimating the amount of available charges - so as not to be underestimated? Or China is preparing for a hidden nuclear strike - only in this case it makes sense to hide. But no one can win in the event of an exchange of nuclear strikes, and the Chinese leadership is far from being fools not to be aware of this.
    I propose to send Khramchikhin to China - to direct his energy in a positive direction - let him travel around the provinces on the spot and look for tunnels ...
  32. For the Motherland
    For the Motherland 26 July 2013 15: 54
    And they did not think that the higher the population density, the more effective the use of weapons of mass destruction. In this case, China and other densely populated countries are ideal targets for defeat. At the same time, one should not forget that the ultimate goal of any war is the conclusion of peace on the most favorable conditions for the country of the winner. After a nuclear winter, God forbid that the survivors have the intelligence to comprehend what happened.
  33. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 26 July 2013 16: 00
    <<< The main role of this arsenal (China's nuclear weapons) is a latent threat. Its disclosure, if any, could be an extremely unpleasant surprise for the rest of humanity. In fact, the PRC today is the only country seriously ready to wage any war, both conventional and nuclear. But the rest of humanity is trying in every possible way not to notice this fact. >>>
    The author is right and the secrecy of China and its categorical reluctance to discuss the problem of reducing nuclear weapons and the increasingly militant rhetoric towards neighbors due to disputed territories and, most importantly, the problem of lack of living space for a huge and constantly growing population (in 41st we have already encountered this) show that China is preparing to become the first in the world not only in the field of economics, but also by the power of its armed forces. Of course, he prefers to achieve his goals "peacefully", for example, gradually settling our Far East and Siberia, but he will also be ready to use his military power, including nuclear weapons, without hesitation. Back in Soviet times, Mao Zedong suggested that our leaders launch a preemptive nuclear missile strike against the United States, realizing that in the event of an atomic war, many peoples will simply disappear, but the Chinese will definitely STAY! So, as they say, it is better to keep a clear, we will be more whole!
  34. i-gor63
    i-gor63 26 July 2013 16: 33
    Apocalyptic author. How does he know what the Russian leadership thinks about parity with China in warheads.
  35. silver_roman
    silver_roman 26 July 2013 17: 16
    Nothing, we can meet our enemy with dignity.
    BBO 2013 surprise check video:
    1. lazy
      lazy 29 July 2013 18: 57
      In the Soviet Union there was such a program "I serve the Soviet Union" which people called "visiting a fairy tale" I will not talk about everything, but the fact that the Sokol commandant's office in one of the reports by the correspondent amused me.
  36. Stahlegewitter
    Stahlegewitter 26 July 2013 17: 44
    Some of the southern peoples of China still say "go north" is equivalent to "go to another world, die."
    The Chinese never strove north. Of course, the government can decide otherwise, forcing the population to move. The Chinese have a special psychology, they are actively compacted in their southeastern regions. A foreigner, entering a half-filled bus, is likely to pass into the empty half, but the Chinese are likely to sit closer to the half where people are already sitting. Such is the psychology.
    What the demographic "pressure" on Russia looks like can be seen in the image.
    1. Nick_1972
      Nick_1972 26 July 2013 19: 05
      I would like to clarify what the demographic pressure (without quotes) on Russia looks like. On the map, in the north of China, a small dot is visible with the name Harbin (or Harbin as on the map). The guide presented this city as follows (the style is preserved): Harbin is a small city by Chinese standards. About six million people live in it, with about nine in the suburbs and unregistered. East of Harbin, if you wish, you can imagine the Primorsky Territory of Russia. This is not a dot on the map. So in the region there are already less than two million people. And if it’s not pressure, then what is it? You especially think about it when you drive past abandoned military towns where units were still standing: Shkotovo, Kiparisovo, Barabash, Romanovka, Novonezhino ... And so on.
  37. Nick_1972
    Nick_1972 26 July 2013 19: 28
    Further, not quite in the subject. At the end of the last century, the One Family - One Child program began to be implemented in China. Type of birth control. It is clear that to a greater extent this program affected the urban population. So, the question is: who does the Chinese family prefer? Boy or girl? When this generation grows up, it is doubtful that Chinese propaganda will promote gayropan clay propaganda. And further, only among Jews, nationality is transmitted through the mother. Everyone else has a father. So, I think, there will be no apocalyptic scenario. Given their pace of economic growth and other factors, just after a while everything will return to normal: again in Primorye there will be the bays of Shamora, Amba Bose and the district center of Hayshenwei (now Vladivostok). And if nothing is done now for the development of the Far East region, then a similar scenario with each wasted year will be more realistic and realistic.
  38. sesame
    sesame 26 July 2013 19: 50
    Dozens of empty cities, very interesting !!! "several million people will die in this case, but for a 1,3 billion China this is certainly not a catastrophe" - and where will the rest of the billion hide ??? Underground???
  39. GUSAR
    GUSAR 26 July 2013 22: 26
    China will either tear everyone or tear itself, in any case it will be sour to everyone, I would not want to ...
  40. vadson
    vadson 27 July 2013 00: 58
    Neither the US nor Russia will strike at empty cities, there will simply not be enough charges for this
    and if enough? and for each city, not one charge
    1. Tretyakov
      Tretyakov 1 August 2013 22: 00
      Why bomb empty cities! After the explosion of several warheads, lithospheric plates will set in motion at certain points ... In general, nature will do the rest ... (like an anecdote: when our missilemen traveled through the lands of America, American missilemen were shocked by the phrase of one of our colonel when passing by one American village: “Damn, I've seen this water tower in the photo for so many years, and now I see it alive.” To the question of the Americans, what is interesting in it, the answer: “It’s nothing, but under it there is a break in the plates, and our missiles are aimed here! ")
  41. studentmati
    studentmati 27 July 2013 01: 27
    In essence, China today is the only country seriously ready to wage any war, both conventional and nuclear.

    Today, the PRC is marching victoriously in the "economic" war. And this is the most effective remedy. And the "hot" war is a reserve ...
  42. vanderhaas
    vanderhaas 27 July 2013 03: 31
    I read the article twice. The feeling that very soon similar materials will appear in other parts of Runet, not only specifically oriented to weapons systems. It seems that the article is not against the PRC with its weapons (which is a purely internal affair of the PRC itself), but in the opposite direction. The obvious refusal of the Russian leadership to continue to reduce strategic weapons should be supported at least somehow. For example, with the help of such publications. From the point of view of game theory, a very essentially correct approach. So dig in the wrong direction, gentlemen, the debaters.
  43. Crang
    Crang 27 July 2013 07: 38
    Yes - China should never be underestimated. One of the most powerful countries with deep traditions and culture. On account of the fact that China is not our enemy and is not going to attack us - I don't even want to comment on such nonsense. Today it is not going, and tomorrow it will "suddenly" gather. A billion three hundred million people, coupled with powerful nuclear forces and a powerful army, is a threat in itself. To which you need to have an adequate answer. Or have you forgotten about Damansky? Yes, the losses of the Chinese in those events exceeded ours by an order of magnitude, but this somehow loses the fact that they did they took Damansky. And therefore the victory was theirs, whatever one may say. Then we were stronger than China, but now? The Chinese people are not aggressive. More focused on work than on war. But if we continue to decompose, shrink and have abortions - then even the "kindest" Chinese guys will tell us - "But how are you guys, get out of Siberia. Why do you need it?" And they will be right in their own way.
  44. Master Taiga
    Master Taiga 27 July 2013 09: 05
    China will fall with all its might on the Russian Federation, but in this war I do not see the victory of the Russian Federation. We are weak against China both in the size of the army and in combat training. While serving in the Far East, I learned about the methods of training Chinese soldiers. The officers themselves told us that in order to defeat the Chinese soldier, our two would not be enough. Their soldiers were engaged and are not engaged in the construction of summer cottages and digging potatoes, but in combat training. And at the highest level. And the boastful statements of our military amuse me. And lately, China has been increasingly brazenly clanging weapons — troops have entered India 19 kilometers, now they are falling into Japan. Anxious something on the soul.
  45. asbaev
    asbaev 27 July 2013 16: 28
    That's what bird flu is for.
  46. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 29 July 2013 12: 50
    Everything rests on two questions:
    1. A real lack of information about China's current nuclear potential. You can interpret it in the direction of reduction - the official point of view. Or in the direction of increase - the opinion of the author of the article. Both options remain mere insinuations. Only a real inspection can solve the problem. It is clear that with the inspection is not very real.
    2. The level of damage allowed by the Chinese leadership in the event of a nuclear conflict. Here, too, you can speculate before turning blue. But the fact that the official ideology and level of Chinese patriotism make this level quite considerable. Perhaps no less than ours. For example, in the Second World War even the level of losses in 25% of the population did not force Belarusians to give up resistance. Compare with the French. Yes, and many other peoples of Europe.
    The problem of the Americans is a very low level of permissible losses. We all know why.
  47. A pedestrian
    A pedestrian 29 July 2013 22: 32
    I agree with the author, the data on the number of nuclear charges are included in the category of indicators that reflect not the actual picture, but given by the PRC authorities. By analogy with Chinese statistics. The development of the country, which is carried out by the Chinese leadership, cannot but imply the development of its armed forces. The Chinese leadership is not obliged to hold back the development of nuclear missile weapons to anyone. And if rocket science is developing so rapidly, then the production of atomic and nuclear ammunition will not lag behind.
  48. KononAV
    KononAV 6 August 2013 14: 41
    Even if they have one bomb and one missile capable of reaching Moscow or Washington, no one will seem a little. And no one will wage a nuclear war since it is impossible to live after that.
  49. ElektriK123
    ElektriK123 14 August 2013 11: 41
    How many rockets, no one knows

    Well, for some reason, no one, the government and the army of China, probably tastes)
  50. ksan
    ksan 15 August 2013 16: 16
    Become a fat minus wink Although he was pleased to read another unscientific nonsense of Khramchikhin belay But I assure YOU, dear forum users, this "analyst" has more exciting opuses laughing