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Russian can not be defeated, so you need to destroy

Russian can not be defeated, so you need to destroyIs there any practical sense in the ability to speculatively reconstruct the events of the past? There is, and it is very difficult to overestimate its value. History - this is not only a scientific discipline, but also weapon.

It is hard to fight. A soldier on the battlefield needs a very powerful incentive to put his life in danger. The ability to withstand losses, the willingness to endure the stress of battle, while maintaining the will to fight in the most unfavorable situation, is called the moral elasticity of troops. You can equip the army with the most modern and expensive weapons, provide all the necessary supplies, pay soldiers a large salary, and scatter the officers with awards. But this army will be defeated by barefoot partisans armed with old-time rifles and peasant forks, if the minds of the soldiers do not have confidence in the need to fight if they do not understand the goals of the war in which they participate. The reluctance to fight leads to the fact that the soldier in any situation trying to evade battle, behaves passively. Conversely, their opponent, armed with a powerful idea, mobilizing his entire consciousness to fight, is actively seeking opportunities to fight, compensating for the weakness of his weapon with well-thought tactics, courage or even fanaticism.

The practice of wars shows that one of the most powerful mobilizing factors is the mass historical consciousness. For example, the Poles did not have any apparent reasons for an uprising against Russia, either in 1830 or 1863, because they not only did not suffer any discrimination, but even had great advantages over other residents of the Russian Empire. The explanation of this phenomenon should be sought in the specifics of Polish self-consciousness, one of the features of which was the consciousness of the messianic historical role of the Polish people, the bearer of the true values ​​of Western civilization. The Poles perceived themselves as knights of the West, opposing the eternal barbaric threat from the East. Of course, the participants of the gentry uprisings were not completely stupid idealists, they were primarily interested in the land and slaves, but not a single uprising is possible without a powerful ideological base. Polish historiography, the Polish education system, which was preserved and even developed in the era of Russian rule, formed this very ideological basis. Thanks to her in the XX century. Poland was able to revive, gathering around its core - the provinces of the Kingdom of Poland as part of Russia - the heavily Germanized lands of Malopolska, Silesia and Pomerania, as well as Galicia, Volyn, Podolia, Polesye.

Without knowing the history of the state against which you are at war, it is impossible to work out an effective strategy. I remember well what pessimistic forecasts were given by our military "experts" regarding the American intervention in Iraq in 2003. The general tone of their statements was that the Yankees plunge into second Vietnam - a protracted, bloody and unpopular public campaign. I was sure that we would witness a blitzkrieg, and the losses of the Americans would be purely symbolic. The fact is that the military "experts" estimated the military potential of Iraq by counting the number of guns and combat aircraft on both sides of the front. If the Iraqi army is hypothetically capable of inflicting sensitive casualties on the interventionists, this, in their opinion, would make it impossible for the United States, whose army is very sensitive to casualties, to quickly complete the rout of Saddam. Delaying the campaign would have led to an even greater drop in the morale of the troops, to even greater losses, to massive anti-war demonstrations in America, an increase in Islamic solidarity with the Arabs, etc.

All this will be aggravated by the growth of world oil prices - economic “experts” sang along with the military “experts”, and therefore the war for the USA will lose any rational meaning. A wave of anti-Americanism will sweep around the world, Washington will suffer a political fiasco - the “experts” politicians said. All these heralds were awkwardly silent after a few days after the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. America won one of its most spectacular victories. Surprisingly, even oil prices did not jump during the hot phase of the operation.

Why I did not believe the numerous "experts"? Because I saw how well the Americans prepared for this war. Not only technically, but morally and ideologically. Not only the army was prepared for the war, but the entire people of America. 11 September 2001 in New York was committed the most spectacular mass murder in the history of mankind. If you think that the WTC towers were attacked by suicide bombers hijacking two passenger planes, then I advise you to turn to the physics textbook for 6 — 7 high school class and try to answer at least these two questions:

- could the burning aviation fuel to melt the steel cables holding the tower structure, if the steel melts at 1500 ° C, and the burning temperature of kerosene is about 800 ° C?

- could giant twin towers collapse under their own weight in 10 – 15 seconds, that is, at the speed of free fall?

There are dozens of similar questions, and together they leave no stone unturned in the official version of the American government about the villainous terrorist act committed by anonymous Arabic kamikazes without any purpose or motive. In fact, we are dealing with an operation of the special services, performed according to a scheme that has long since become classic. Americans in general, almost all of their wars began with an attack on themselves. Why did they kill 11 of September three thousand good Americans? No matter how paradoxical it may seem, for reasons of humanity. The American elite came to the firm conviction that it was in the interests of the United States (or in its own interests, that in this case the same thing) to begin a series of local wars in the Third World. If you fight, then seriously. A poorly prepared war will indeed turn into a second Vietnam. It is necessary to make the society support the war overseas, send soldiers to it with enthusiasm, and they, in turn, must be firmly convinced that they protect the peaceful sleep of their fellow citizens in the Iraqi deserts or the Afghan mountains.

Exactly for this and was organized a small bloody play in Manhattan. So that, as they say, "noble rage boiled like a wave ..." and to "scribble a machine gunner for a blue handkerchief ...". And humanity here is this. Begin America, at the behest of your government, the 10 war of September 2001, it would be very difficult to achieve public support for it. There would be few people willing to fight, young people would have to be dragged to the army in the army. The soldiers, of course, would have gone to war on orders, but without any enthusiasm. In the end, indeed, one more Vietnam would have turned out - 57 thousands of corpses, tens of thousands of cripples, hundreds of thousands of mentally injured veterans who did not understand why they burned Vietnamese villages with napalm. And so the murder of three thousand people allowed to save the lives of tens of thousands. True, the high morale of the American warriors turned out to be that without any doubt, their precision bombs tore up an estimated one million Iraqi civilians. But this is the other side of the American government’s humanity towards its own citizens. The Americans have learned to fight with virtually no casualties on their part, while the enemy’s losses do not bother them at all.

What followed 11 on September 2001 was a massive treatment of the consciousness of the American man in the street. Radio, television, newspapers, the Internet, cinema, comics - all means of influencing the mind were used to convince the inhabitants of the most "free" country in the world that henceforth everyone and everyone is threatened by the worst enemy in the entire history of the United States - international terrorism. For the sake of defeating him, no sacrifice will be great. After a year and a half of total brainwashing, every US Marine was firmly convinced that by killing Afghan and Iraqi children, he was doing a good thing, saving his own children. After all, these are not just Afghan children, but future terrorists who are born and live with the sole purpose of killing as many freedom-loving Americans as possible.

The great mystification of 11 September 2001 has become in some way a new word in the conduct of military propaganda operations. For the first time, propaganda was not built on a tendentious interpretation of a real historical event, but on fabrication of the historical event itself. The fragility of the past has passed into a new quality, the present has become unsteady. This was possible because the average American has no historical consciousness at all, it has been largely sterilized in recent decades. This makes the human psyche unprotected against manipulative effects. American philistine with the help of media can be convinced of anything, instill anything.

But ideologically and psychologically preparing one’s own soldiers for a war and ensuring a benevolent attitude to world opinion war is only half the battle. We must also demoralize the enemy soldiers. The Yankees in Iraq have coped with this task. True, the Americans had no opportunity to influence the entire Iraqi army, but limited themselves to inclining the top of Saddam’s army to betrayal. After the Iraqis successfully repulsed the interventionists' first attack on Baghdad, their army simply disappeared, literally dissolved - therefore there was no official surrender, prisoner of war camps, etc. The Americans occupied Baghdad without any resistance and put the puppet regime in power. And their previous failure was apparently explained by the fact that not all Iraqi units received an order to stop the resistance, or some commanders refused to carry it out. How exactly the Americans managed to persuade the Iraqi generals to betrayal is unknown, but the fact of betrayal is obvious.

The army of Iraq ceased to exist, but the Iraqi people remained. Why did he not stand up to fight the invaders? So the fact of the matter is that no Iraqi people in nature have ever existed! This is clear to anyone who is familiar with the history of Iraq. In Vietnam, the Americans broke their teeth because they had to deal with the Vietnamese people, a community that was culturally and politically united. And in Iraq there has never been a single ethnic, cultural, religious and political community. Iraq from the very beginning was an artificial state formation. While dividing the Ottoman Empire, which had ceased to exist as a result of the First World War, the British had drawn borders at their discretion, creating a statehood that had never existed before, which included Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish tribes.

The Kurds were not lucky at all - they were divided by several state borders at once, living in Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Why did London, who preached the principle of self-determination of peoples in words, did not create a separate Kurdish state? It is worth remembering the well-known principle - divide et impera - divide and conquer. The more unviable the new Middle Eastern states are, the more effectively they can be robbed. Iraq turned from the Ottoman province into a British colony, and after formal independence in 1932, it remained ... still the same colony. Sometimes the people create a state, and sometimes the state gives birth to the people. In the USSR, for example, for several decades a unique cultural and political community has developed - the Soviet people. The political project of Saddam Hussein was aimed at creating from the assorted Arab and Turkic tribes the Iraqi people, a politically cohesive nation. But this did not have enough time or skill.

One way or another, but the American military understood perfectly well that by neutralizing the Iraqi army, they would destroy the state, and without the state framework, the 26, the Iraqi’s million people, would fall apart into warring tribes. Therefore, the second Vietnam does not threaten them. So it happened. Today, Iraq has actually broken up into three parts - the Sunni and Shiite regions and Kurdistan. Kurdistan also split into two autonomous regions - the Kurdistan Democratic Party controls most of the provinces of Erbil and Dahuk; The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan holds Sulaimania under its rule.

Someone might argue that, they say, the brave Iraqi rebels are still fighting the occupiers. It is necessary to watch less TV! These rebels are acting in the interests of the United States. They need a reason for their military presence in the region, and it is there. The reason is universal - it is called "instability." Who will explain why these patriotic Fedayins, instead of attacking US patrols, blow up markets and mosques? At first they blew up the Shiite mosque, the Sunnis were declared guilty. Then, of course, the bomb exploded in the Sunni prayer house. And now the representatives of the two religious communities revenge each other with enthusiasm, and statesmen in Washington are anxiously wrinkling their foreheads and saying that stability in the region is under threat.

In order for Europe to realize that you don’t mind Uncle Sam, there are a couple of terrorist attacks in the oil fields, causing oil prices to jump. Sometimes NATO “peacekeepers” themselves have to do the dirty work for the terrorists. Recently, the world's media squeezed out about the scandal that took place in Iraq. Local policemen grabbed two terrorists who were driving down the street in a car and shot at passersby. In actual fact, these Mujahideen turned out to be disguised as British special forces. The scandal was hushed up, the special forces terrorists were released from prison, the media instantly shut up and began with the usual pathos to denounce the insidious world terrorism that threatens the whole free world and democracy. In general, everything goes according to the established scheme - the military, politicians and the mass media are doing a common thing. And therefore peace in the Middle East will never come. At least until the oil runs out.

Is the West preparing for war with Russia? Weird question. He leads her. Only this is not the war that we sometimes see in television reports from Palestine or Afghanistan. The war is fought not on the physical, but on the spiritual and intellectual destruction of the Russians. The West does not need the Russian people as a carrier of political will or, worse, a civilizational idea. In place of the Russian Empire - the Soviet Union - the Russian Federation should appear warring with each other tribes of savages - as in Iraq or Afghanistan. Russian army should not be. Russian culture should become a museum property. So far, our opponents are doing well. The Soviet Union is shattered into 15 warring Bantustan. In the Russian Federation itself, a regime loyal to the West, completely dependent on world prices for oil and metals, has been put in power.

Another twenty years - and the army in the country will cease to exist. She will not even have to be trashed, as Hitler did in 41. Just by the time the Soviet weapons are completely obsolete. The Russian military-industrial complex is no longer able to create models of weapons of the Russian Federation (tele-propaganda is not to be taken seriously). Moreover, he cannot even produce serially developed combat systems by Soviet designers - production facilities and skilled personnel have been lost.

20 years is a second by historical standards. Russia left to live one second. What happens in a couple of decades? NATO intervention? Too much honor! No one will come to conquer us. Degraded Russians will destroy each other themselves. We are waiting for the same end as Yugoslavia, painfully dying out in an endless series of ethnic conflicts and political crises. The Soviet people ceased to exist. It remains to crush the remaining piece - an amorphous formation called "Russians" - and the matter is done. But just in case, the current owners of the world are preparing a force option for the “final solution of the Russian question.”

Who thinks we digress from the topic? After all, it was about history. Yes, we are talking about it. History is a weapon. The Russian state can be hypothetically revived even in the most unfavorable conditions, if the people, the bearer of the national idea and political will, remain. But national ideology and political will are based on historical consciousness. A nation is primarily a historical community, and only secondarily, linguistic, cultural, social, etc. Therefore, now there is a war to destroy the Russian people, as a single HISTORICAL COMMUNITY. "Reformatting" of the people's historical memory leads to its degradation. Who is fighting against Russia? Let's see.

History falsification takes place only by political order and can only be carried out by a party with great resources. In the overwhelming majority of cases, only the state had the resources and the political need to rewrite the past. Imagine that in the kingdom there is a civil war for the throne between two clans. And now the ruling dynasty was overthrown, the ax was made to the king, and a more successful opponent sat on the throne. Can he and his descendants feel confident about him? No, power can be achieved with the help of a sword, but it is impossible to keep it alone by force alone. Political opponents can be killed or intimidated. Proponents distribute the land of the slaughtered enemies and thereby enlist their loyalty. But…

The power of the sovereign is consecrated by the church. The church in antiquity played the same role that today the education system, the media, literature and cinema combined. And if the church (more precisely, the church elite) does not like the new king for some reason, he will not live long. The church can turn the anger of the subjects against the monarch and overthrow the king, but the king cannot abolish the church. Only the church makes the king's authority legitimate, and if the monarch shares power and wealth with the church, he can count on her support. The Church in the Middle Ages had, if I may say so, a monopoly on history. Destroy hundreds of annals, replace them with new models - and after a few decades, there will be no memory of the overthrown dynasty, it will turn into a myth, the subject of oral folk art about alien barbarians who seized power in the country until the brave king (the founder of the ruling dynasty) expelled they were not saved by the people from ruin and destruction. To eradicate any memory of the vanquished, slander them, discredit them in order to eliminate any danger on their part — this is the very obvious desire of every usurper.

It's one thing when two sons of the deceased king are fighting for power. The people, by and large, no difference, will collect taxes Heinrich or Friedrich, the main thing is that corvee and taxes did not grow. But if an alien people conquers your land and begins to impose its customs, laws, religion - this is a completely different one. The conqueror should prepare for a long, often centuries-old bloody struggle. For every conqueror, the primary task was to establish his church hegemony over the vanquished, and only then one could try to erase all memory that the conquered people once had their own statehood, their kings and glorious warriors. Conquest should not be presented as an act of enslavement, but as bringing civilization and true faith to the land of slaves, savages and atheists. The destruction of the conquered historical memory of the people was a pledge of his humility. Sometimes these manipulations succeeded, sometimes not.

Where did the Croats come from in the Balkans? The Germans routed part of the conquered Serbs and made them their servants. The Turks drew part of the Serbs to Islam and also received submissive serfs. Take away the memory of the past from the people, and they will lose the will to resist the tyrant or the conqueror. But since not all the Serbs submitted to the spiritual dictates of the conquerors, preserved the memory of their past and the original religion, even after centuries the Serbian state was able to revive. And how many states and peoples have sunk into oblivion? When the Spaniards arrived in South America, they discovered there, though they were primitive from their point of view, but still states. And then they began fanatically to destroy the local culture, architecture, crafts, science, writing and religion - all that was the source of people's knowledge about their past. Only after that they managed to turn the surviving Aboriginal into slaves.

Now the principles of the influence of historians on the consciousness of people have not fundamentally changed. Only technology has become different. The fact is that it is impossible to completely erase from the memory of people the events of the past, because it is impossible to destroy all books, films, newspapers, museums, monuments of architecture, works of art and block all objectionable pages on the Internet. Therefore, there are three main methods of manipulation:

- sterilization of historical memory;
- speculative interpretation of the facts, distorting the essence of the phenomenon;
- composing virtual events inscribed in the context of real facts.

Sterilization of memory is a long process, but in a strategic sense, very effective. It consists in the breeding of such a breed of people who do not need a story at all. Western consumer society is a herd of slowly but steadily dull primates. The degradation of the mind is most pronounced in the United States. The average American man in the street is unlikely to tell you how many continents are on the globe, and he only sees a book if it is shown on TV. Actually, many Americans do not know how to read. Letters know that they can be put in words (they did learn in the school after all), but they don’t have reading skills at all or it will atrophy as unnecessary. This phenomenon is called secondary or functional illiteracy.

But the fact that Americans stop reading and that is why their mental abilities are degrading are only half the problem. For an undeveloped intellect, the addiction to television is completely fatal. The process of thinking is the generation by the mind of images and concepts. When reading, a person draws in his imagination a picture of what the text narrates and perceives not an alphabetic code, but an image. The TV loads into the consciousness of a person already ready audiovisual images, and therefore the brain of a tele-dependent person is irreversibly destroyed, and already organically. Following functional illiteracy, a functional speech disorder sets in, a loss of verbal communication skills. Especially brightly functional speech disorder manifests itself in children, and often leads to mental disorders.

The process of mental degradation is completely natural - the locomotor system atrophies in a motionless person, the visually impaired person is lost in the pitch darkness, and those who do not use the brain degrade the central nervous system. But such a primate becomes supernousable. Any, the most monstrous delusion can inspire him through the TV, and it will be perceived uncritically as an absolutely infallible truth, not as imposed, but own opinion.

Such a humanoid animal has a completely different perception of time than that of a normal person. For him, time is cyclical - work, lunch, work, entertainment, sleep. And so from day to day until the cessation of the physical existence of the organism. A non-reading tele-dependent man in the street has no historical consciousness as such, that is, a perception of the past and the future, as a reality. He does not perceive himself as a part of a people that once appeared and which, while developing, will exist after his death. The future, like the past, is for him a complete abstraction, not having the slightest significance for his current existence, which he alone perceives as reality. Is such a creature able to manifest what is called historical or political will? No, his biological existence is subject to the most elementary instincts, of which the consumption instinct is predominant. The spiritual component of being does not belong to him, because it is a product loaded by necessity into his consciousness from outside, outside of his will.

Of course, a society consisting of a caste of dedicated manipulative shamans and a mass of zombies with absolutely sterile consciousness have not yet been able to get; it will probably take several decades or even centuries of domination of television culture. Even in America, the proportion of functionally illiterate citizens is, according to various estimates, from 15 to 30% of the population. But the dynamics are impressive. The Soviet Union was rightfully considered the most reading country in the world. Today, Novye Izvestia states: “According to the results of a recent sociological survey conducted by the Yuri Levada Center, Russia does not read books at all 47% of the adult population (just three years ago, the figure was 10 percent lower) ... According to scientists and librarians, today we can safely attribute to percent 90 adult Russians to the chronically non-reading. ”

Since, although it is neutered, most of the members of the consumer society have an idea of ​​history, sometimes historians need to quickly change them in the right direction, for which the second manipulative device is often used - a speculative interpretation of well-known facts. Here is a vivid example. Recently, Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kume said that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had prevented the USSR from seizing the island of Hokkaido. The situation is particularly piquant given that Kyuma himself is a native of Nagasaki. However, the minister claims that atomic bombing was “the inevitable end of the Second World War,” and therefore he does not hurt the Americans.

To make the Japanese forget about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is impossible. But with some effort they can be convinced that this massacre of civilians was carried out for their own good. Here is the Minister of War Kyum and issued a pearl that if the Americans had not killed several hundred thousand Japanese, the Russians would have occupied Hokkaido. Of course, these bloodthirsty barbarians would clean the entire population of the island.

You can certainly assume that Kyuma blurted out without thinking. Maybe. But others thought for him, and he only performed someone's will. Whose, guess is easy. The island of Hokkaido, like the other Japanese islands, was occupied not by Russians, but by Americans. Still in Japan are the garrisons of the US occupation forces. And the Japanese army is not national armed forces, but something like the Waffen-SS legions formed by Germany during the Second World War from representatives of the conquered peoples. They wore national uniforms, spoke their native language, priests, pastors and mullahs had homegrown, but the Ukrainian, Estonian, Flemish and other SS men took the oath personally to the Fuhrer of the German people Adolf Hitler and they fought not for Ukraine, Estonia and Flanders, but for Great Germany wherever the Fuhrer sends them.

Why the Nazis needed Estonian and Ukrainian SS men, it is known that they would help them defeat the Russians. Why, then, do Americans create an analogue of the Japanese waffen-SS? Yes, for the same purpose! Maybe Washington is preparing the Japanese as cannon fodder for the war, for example, with China, which has fantastically increased recently? No, the Japanese are preparing for war with the Russians. After all, the Germans fought with the British, Americans, French, and even towards the end of the war a little with the Italians. But SS non-volunteers from among non-Germans used exclusively on the Eastern Front. Ideological treatment was carried out in the appropriate spirit. They say that an enlightened Europe must stand under the banner of great Germany and put an end to the eternal threat from the East, which had previously emanated from the Mongol hordes, and at the present moment from the Jewish-Bolshevik hordes. And there were hundreds of thousands of Europeans under the banner. And they went on a crusade. And the crosses went to everyone who is iron from the Fuehrer, to whom, forgive, wooden from the Russian soldier.

Since Japan is an occupied country, Japanese historians work in the interests of the invaders, preparing the nation for war with the Russians. From a very young age, Japanese kids are hammered by the fact that the damned Russians occupied the “northern territories” - the four islands of the Kuril chain. And without these small islands, the Japanese nation simply cannot live. The return of the “northern territories” is not just a populist political slogan, it is a Japanese national idea, and their ONLY national idea. The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are not very religious, and they profess various cults. Therefore, religion cannot serve as a factor uniting the nation, as, for example, this takes place in mixed and multi-lingual Pakistan. There is also no political totalitarian idea capable of rallying all the people, nor is it foreseen. Formally, Japan remains a monarchy, but the emperor has long been turned into a decorative accessory and can not become a national leader. Socially Japanese society remains traditionally heterogeneous, although we do not observe open social antagonism in it.

And only when it comes to the northern territories, the Japanese of all sexes, ages, religions, and political views from the homeless to the richest tycoon show unanimity - return! In Japan, there is a Communist Party - one of the largest (410 thousands of members) and the richest Communist Parties in the world. But even during the Cold War, the Japanese communists were not friendly with the damned Russian invaders, who took away the most expensive of Japan - the four rocky northern islands. Formally, KIA stands for the withdrawal of the American occupation forces from the territory of Japan, but in fact it is pursuing a pro-American anti-Russian policy.

In the first years of the occupation of Japan, it was forbidden to have armed forces in general, and today the Americans allowed the Japanese self-defense forces, as the army is officially called, not only ground forces and air forces, but also the navy, which already has four aircraft carriers. I must say, for the defense of the islands from aircraft carriers — very expensive toys — no good but harm. Ground-based aircraft for air defense and repelling attacks from the sea are much more efficient and less vulnerable. In order to temporarily disable the ground airfield, you need to drop dozens of missiles or bombs on it to destroy the runway. In this case, the aircraft based on it may not suffer, just having flown in case of danger to another base.

To destroy an aircraft carrier forever with all aircraft and crew, a single anti-ship missile or torpedo is enough. The aircraft carrier can be effectively used exclusively for the sudden attack of a very remote object - just as the Japanese used their carrier fleet in December 1941 g, attacking US ships in Pearl Harbor. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union did not intend to attack anyone over the ocean, and therefore did not build aircraft carriers, although it had technical capabilities and deck aircraft. The Navy was armed only with aircraft-carrying cruisers, of which today in the ranks alone.

Consequently, if the Americans allowed their Japanese waffen-SS to have aircraft carriers, then they plan to use them. The only thing for which they can be used is the attack of the Kuril Islands. The fact is that all four aircraft carrier ships of the Japanese Navy belong to the class of helicopter carriers. Airplanes are free to operate against the Kuril Islands from bases on the island of Hokkaido, and helicopters whose radius of action is much smaller than that will be used from ships to directly support the landing force. Japanese helicopter carriers have no other meaning, since they cannot act in isolation from their shores.

Tellingly, the United States is not trying to sterilize the historical consciousness of the Japanese. They are really concerned about the issue of nuclear bombing, but Japanese school textbooks on atomic bombs say only that they were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Like, there was a war, and these cities were destroyed. And on the one who dropped the bombs and for what, the attention of schoolchildren is not sharpened. Why distract them with these unnecessary details from the really important question of the "northern territories"? By the way, Japanese schoolchildren study the northern territories not only in history lessons, but also in geography classes. Have you seen Japanese atlases? They are quite different from all the others not only in that the Southern Kuriles there are designated as Japanese territory (and how else?), But also in that all the other islands of the Kuril ridge and the southern part of Sakhalin are marked in white, as lands whose status is not defined So, the “northern territories” - a rubber concept - it can stretch to Kamchatka itself, and there, what the hell is not joking, and to the North Pole. They say that there are large reserves of oil on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean, and Japan just needs them very much.

So, in the history lessons, Japanese schoolchildren study the modern history in great detail, and therefore they know that their country became a great world power, having defeated the Russian imperialists in the 1904 – 1905 war. And Japan lost this honorary status, losing to America. On the fact that the land Kwantung Army of Japan defeated the Soviet Union, the attention of the youths is not focused. Hence the conclusion: you should not fight with the United States, you have to be friends with the Yankees. And in order for Japan to be honored again, it is necessary to crush the Russians again and return the “northern territories”, thereby washing away the shameful stain from the flag of the sacred land of Yamato.

Someone will argue that the attack on the Russian Federation - is still a nuclear power - an adventure. Yes, but no more than attacking Pearl Harborv in 1941 or the cruiser Varyag in the port of Chemulpo in 1904. Besides, it’s not for nothing that the Japanese get in the way that the American occupation is a blessing for the country. As long as at least one American soldier is on their territory, any attack, even non-nuclear, against the islands will be regarded as an attack on the United States with all that it implies. Yes, and the nuclear shield of the Russian Federation is rapidly rusting. The fact is that we cannot do nuclear warheads today. The plant "Yuzhmash", where they were produced, is located in Ukraine. And Ukraine is a foreign country and a potential member of NATO. So, the loss of the status of a nuclear power by the Russian Federation is a matter of time, and very soon. Today, the modernization of the country's nuclear forces is carried out in the following way: the warhead is removed from the out-of-date missiles and put on a more modern one. The fact that these upgraded missiles, for example, the Bulava, are launched in less than half of the cases successfully, is known to all. Therefore, the test launches of the Bulava today are suspended for an indefinite period (it must be understood, forever). But the combat part of the missiles has its own life. In general, over the 18 years of "democracy", the Russian Federation has lost more than 80% of the nuclear potential inherited from the USSR.

The hysteria around the occupied "northern territories" in Japan reached such a heat that it is possible to transfer the patriotic impulse of the masses into the mainstream of practical actions on the "Reconquista" of the Kuril Islands at any moment. I do not presume to say that this moment will certainly come. I only state the fact that the Japanese are morally ready for war and have for this the combat potential that they continue to build up. The people, remembering about their former greatness, always strive to regain their lost status, no matter how irrational this striving may seem, and is ready for this for great sacrifices. The Falkland Islands, located in the opposite hemisphere from them, were needed even less by the British than the Japanese in the Kuriles. However, Great Britain, defending its prestige, got involved in a war with Argentina, without having in mind any practical benefits.

And how ready are the people of the country called Russia to defend their homeland? As long as the people, at least in memory, keep imperial pride, they are ready to fight not only for tangible material goods, but also for the honor of the state. Contact with such people - the owner of a strong historical memory - is fraught. But if you force him to abandon traditional national values ​​in favor of those alien to him, then the once mighty nation will become like a giant, defeated not by an equal opponent, but insidiously poisoned by poison that overshadows the mind and deprives one's will. Take it with your bare hands.

For years, 20 has continued the methodological poisoning of the Russian historical consciousness with the purulent poison of aversion to themselves. Every nation has its golden age. For example, for the UK - the Victorian era, when the capital of the world was London, the world currency - the pound sterling, and the British flag dominated all the seas. Do the current inhabitants of Foggy Albion remember about their historical triumph? Remember, and how! Would they like to return it? Of course! Is there an opportunity for this? Not the slightest! The power of the British Empire was provided by the world's largest colonial system and protectionist trading system. Where will the British take the colonies today? Unless Mars and Alpha Centauri are colonized, and on planet Earth there is no longer a piece of land available for robbery. Among other things, the power of the British Empire grew in drug trafficking, but today the world drug traffic is controlled by the United States (in fact, it was for the sake of this that they climbed into Afghanistan). So the British from the former greatness remained only museums and luxurious mansions in the Victorian style.

The golden age of Russia is the Soviet era, albeit shorter in time than the century of British triumph, but marked by outstanding triumphs. Collectivization, industrialization, the creation of the world's most effective education system and the strongest science, victory in the world war, a breakthrough into space, the creation of an oceanic fleet, the implementation of the first project of a social state in the history of mankind, gaining political and cultural influence on half of humanity - all this fit in some five decades. Is a repetition of such a civilizational breakthrough possible? Yes, and for this, we do not need either imported resources, or imported sages, or overseas colonies. And even my own experience in such a case has not yet been forgotten.

But if one country is rapidly rising, turning into a world hegemon, then some other power is rapidly losing its status as the master of the world. Therefore, a strong and free Russia as a world power is not needed by anyone except Russians. It is not difficult to make conclusions: until the Russian people are completely destroyed, there will be a continuous war against them. The only question is how to destroy the Russian. Physically, to destroy tens of millions of people is very difficult technically. All the crusades of the united forces of Europe to the East ended in collapse. For some reason, these damn Russian savages fiercely resisted every time. The only way to eliminate the Russian threat to the world is to destroy our people spiritually. Figuratively speaking, forcing us to abandon our gods and worship other people's idols, to listen to new teachers, to obey their laws.

Of course, religion in modern society plays almost no role, so there is no point in implanting Catholicism, Judaism or some exotic cults like Aum Shinrike in Russia. The task of our enemies is to force the Russians to abandon the national idea. Like, why do you, Russian, own state, especially, the imperial state? Better integrate into the global community tailored to the North Atlantic. You give us oil, gas, metals, prostitutes, children for adoption and organs for transplantation, and we give you cheap consumer goods and glamorous spiritual food of a Hollywood format. And do not strain to protect their land. Native land is a sacred concept for barbarians, and for civilized people it is just a commodity that can be sold for profit. Accordingly, whether to give the island to the Japanese is not a matter of principle, but a matter of price. And in general, one must live not for the sake of some stupid chimerical ideas like building the kingdom of God on earth, but for the sake of profit.

But to succumb to these sweet speeches Russian interferes with their historical memory, the memory of the recent golden age. Therefore, the main blow in the war to destroy Russia is not inflicted on the enemy’s airfields and submarine bases, but in our memory. Strategically, the emphasis is on sterilization of the historical consciousness of the people, the deformation of the cultural matrix of the nation. Tactically, the main manipulations are based on the method of creating a virtual history based on real events and the gradual expulsion from the consciousness of authentic beliefs about the past. This is the third method of manipulation with historical consciousness.

It is hardly possible to find in the modern history of such an era, which would so vehemently tried to distort as the Soviet. And if thousands of historians deliberately and purposefully clean up the historical memory of Russians year after year, it means that someone needs it, so they pay money for it. Who is the customer - shown above. What is his goal? The destruction of dangerous people. We need to convince Russians that the history of the Soviet Union is a whole chain of sadistic crimes, abuse, perversions and failures. The successes achieved by the Soviet people are useless, and the victories are achieved by inhuman methods and brought only suffering to the people. It is necessary to make the Russians ashamed of their history and repent. Be ashamed and repent, repent and be ashamed. After that, it will be possible to freely load into their consciousness the “right” civilization program, turning the descendants of the proud winners of Europe into its obedient lackeys.

Can a footman, accustomed to grovel and fawn, become a warrior? Here you have the answer to the question of whether the re-educated historians will fight the Russians for the Kuriles. At the right moment, the mass media will explain cattle, that selling Alaska, which is very expensive to master, was very profitable for Russia, and therefore should be given to the Japanese four useless stony islands, because it is very expensive to import fuel oil for boiler houses. And the Russians will not fight for the Arctic. I remember how in school atlases during my childhood from the Kola Peninsula and Chukotka two dotted lines stretched to the North Pole, marking the borders of the polar possessions of the USSR. When sharing the Soviet legacy, they had to go to the Russian Federation. But fuck you! As soon as conversations began about the giant hydrocarbon deposits on the ocean floor, it immediately became clear that everything that goes on 200 nautical miles from the coast is a draw. And sharing this no-brainer wealth will certainly not be in Moscow.

Therefore, I am not at all sure that Japan will have to use its helicopter carriers and landing craft to capture the South Kuriles. Perhaps they will get them on a silver platter with a gold border and belt bow. After that, the Russians will have to part with Kaliningrad, which, of course, will be given the historic name Koenigsberg. The project of the Baltic republic within the EU already exists. Implementing it in practice is a matter of several years. The rest of the population will be explained in a popular way that letting the Kaliningrad region go to Europe is good for the Russian Federation, because by doing so it will be closer to the civilized world.

Then a turning point will come, both literally and figuratively - the remnants of Russia will be broken down into two parts along the line of the Ural Mountains - Muscovy and the Siberian Khanate. In 2003 – 2004, this idea was already exaggerated in the press, but public opinion reacted negatively to it, so the campaign was turned off (it was just a planned campaign, not a manifestation of freedom of speech). The main arguments in favor of the section were as follows. Beyond the Urals, where 80% of Russia's natural wealth is concentrated, 30% of the country's population lives. It is worth Siberia to gain sovereignty, and the natives will live in clover, as in Kuwait. And European Russia, having lost its hydrocarbon freebies, will be able to develop high technologies and will gradually integrate into the European Union. And the fallen oil revenues will be compensated by charging Siberian Khanate fees for the transit of raw materials to Europe and intermediary trade.

Do you think this is unreal? So you absolutely do not understand the essence of historical processes. The plans for dividing the USSR, discussed in the West at the beginning of the 80s, also seemed fantastic. And even more so it was difficult to imagine that Transnistria or Nagorno-Karabakh would become sovereign Bantustans. The project of Academician Sakharov about the collapse of the Union on the 50 appanage principalities called the Union of Soviet Republics of Europe and Asia, even at the end of 80, seemed like a delusion of the old marazmatic. But this is just a declaration of the goal pursued by our enemy. A goal that is half achieved.

And how easily achieved! All that is needed is to izgadit Russian history and in this edited form to drive into the head of the local population. As a result, carpet bombing was not needed to defeat the USSR, which are undesirable because, along with the extra Russians, they destroy useful material assets. History is not only a cheap but also a very humane weapon, because it can turn an invincible enemy into a weak-willed slave without the use of physical violence and damage to the environment.
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  1. Veterinar
    Veterinar April 17 2013 09: 05 New
    why look for guns on the side? we and our own are full of nationalists, they’ll do anything
    1. Maks111
      Maks111 April 17 2013 10: 33 New
      About 11 September
      1. Stas57
        Stas57 April 17 2013 12: 20 New
        About 11 September

        good joke however

        first flight number
        second number

        American Airlines 11 flight crashed into the WTC-1 tower (north), and United Airlines 175 flight crashed into the WTC-2 tower (south)
        everyone can go to and see how AmAer calls its flights.
        or on the JFK website see the online scoreboard
        for example SU-Aeroflot, "aa 180" - American Airlines 180
        1. 755962
          755962 April 17 2013 15: 17 New
          On September 11, 2001, the most spectacular massacre in the history of mankind was committed in New York.

          24 undeniable facts about 9/11

          There were many discussions of this event, discussions about who is responsible and why. Today, one third of the inhabitants of America do not believe the official version. In other countries of the world, up to 90% of the population does not believe the version of the United States government.

          Here is a list of hard facts about 9/11.(hereinafter referred to as the link)
          Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper and was part of the World Trade Center complex. Built in 1984, it was the tallest building among 33 states. It collapsed at 17 p.m. September 20, 11 in 2001 seconds, with a free fall speed. It was not hit by an aircraft and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings located much closer to the twin towers.

        2. Maks111
          Maks111 April 17 2013 18: 34 New
          good joke however
          ABOUT! I'll know. Thank you.
    2. Murat 09
      Murat 09 April 17 2013 11: 06 New
      Vet, you’re right, it’s not in vain that the West finances Natsiks, such as Belkovsky, Navalny, Belov Potkin, etc. The author just did not indicate that through Natsik he arouses the hatred of the Russian people towards Muslims, because the Amers do not like to fight, so they need Russian cannon fodder against Muslims or Chinese. And so, I also wrote recently that Russia needs an alliance with the Islamic world, because by around 2017, there can be only about 300 draftees in Russia, and a considerable part of them are Muslims, and according to experts, strategic nuclear forces can be reduced to a level of 000- 100 carriers with 200-300 warheads, which may lead amers to attack us, because the economic crisis is only just beginning. And the Islamic world has hundreds of millions of fighters, strong in spirit, and in alliance with it, amers may be afraid to attack Russia. And so the article is literate, as the viewer says in the root,
      1. Uncle
        Uncle April 17 2013 12: 35 New
        Quote: Murat 09
        arouses hatred of the Russian people for Muslims

        As an Orthodox Christian I can tell you, there is no hatred for Muslims, there is dislike for "Muslims". To the citizens of Asia who have flooded our country, and this is not an accident, this is a calculation. I talked with one of the Tajiks at a construction site, I was surprised by his eyes, ours have such, if they pray a lot, so a person sincerely sought God, even interested in Christianity, I am not against such. I am against illiterate and uncivilized Islamists, that is, making Islam a cover for their lusts. They are like Jews, hypocrites.
        1. Murat 09
          Murat 09 April 17 2013 13: 34 New
          But you are a believer, and believers understand each other, I talked about the bulk of the people, which the Nazis are inciting against Muslims. Unfortunately, there are a lot of illiterate and ignorant "ethnic Muslims", so in many posts I talk about education, about teaching youth in the Caucasus to true Sunni Islam. After all, those same bullish Caucasians, they do not study Islam, where it is forbidden, they drink, walk, fight on the streets of Moscow, and this has nothing to do with Islam.
          1. Uncle
            Uncle April 17 2013 14: 31 New
            I worked with one office, there were only Chechens. There were absolutely normal and intelligent people, there were also "simpler" people. So I would even be friends with the first, if not for their alertness.
          2. dark_65
            dark_65 April 19 2013 19: 43 New
            Believer, and "believer" .. a big difference. Unfortunately, we saw "believers", so a very big distrust. And it will not go away even in two hundred years.
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 17 2013 22: 00 New
        Quote: Murat 09
        and the strategic nuclear forces, according to experts, may be tapering to the level of 100-200 carriers with 300-400 warheads,

        Have your head on your shoulders and don’t believe similar anal experts.
      3. skullcap
        skullcap April 18 2013 21: 28 New
        Quote: Murat 09
        so they need Russian cannon fodder against Muslims or Chinese.

        A vivid example of a speculative interpretation of facts that distorts the essence of the phenomenon. Even in the younger group of the kindergarten, they clearly know that the Americans are using precisely the Muslim cannon mash against the legitimate governments of the Middle East, and plan to use it in the future against Russia, China, India and the agonizing old Europe.
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker April 18 2013 23: 01 New
          Quote: kosopuz
          Muslim cannon mchso against the legitimate governments of the Middle East, and in the future they plan to use against Russia, China, India and the agonizing old woman of Europe

          The Taliban project, released by the Amrikans as a "genie from a bottle", has a chance to turn into a "Pandora's box", including the same Muslims.
    3. opkozak
      opkozak April 17 2013 15: 26 New
      An interesting article that once again spurred my doubts about the illogicality of events in the world that have taken place over the past 25 years in the world. Well an example:
      - The collapse of the Union, the destruction of the greatest rival of capitalism, and at the same time, the artificial support of the communist PRC. With the transfer of a mass of unique production, with a large share of added value, from Europe to China and others like that.
      -The revolution in North Africa. Mubarak is the best friend of America and Israel, who completely rejected the affairs of Nasser, is removed from the leadership of Egypt, "Muslim brothers" come to power. Gaddafi is almost the best friend of French presidents, European countries, and "lo and behold" SWEDEN (for the first time in 50 years, the country's military actions) bomb Libya, Gaddafi is removed.
      -Middle East and Central Asia. A bunch of European countries financially and politically support the opposition to Assad. And then it turns out that this opposition is included in al-Qaeda, against which these same countries are mortally fighting in Afghanistan.
      -KNDR Kim Jong-un begins to "fight the world", immediately disappears for two weeks, uses Apple's computer, with the badge of his grandfather, a sworn anti-imperialist on his chest what (here you’ll start to scratch your turnips).

      A miracle, a miracle of miracles ... Who needs it, in whose interests is it? Only one thing is clear, the forces here are over-state, and neither Bush, nor Obama, nor Sarkozy-Hollande, nor the British crown, nor even Putin, solve these issues.

      In the context of an inconspicuous outward presence at world games, the influence of the Rothschild-Rockefeller clans is clearly traced, and remains the most significant, with the multi-pass hidden game in the Eurasian space.

      The world is gradually leading to the "golden billion" through famine in Africa, the destruction of industry in the former USSR, the collapse of more or less stable and rich countries (for example, the transformation of Aleppo into a kind of Stalingrad).
      The war in Africa and the East is gradually approaching our borders ...
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov April 17 2013 18: 56 New
        Divide the world into 2 systems - Nazism (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, + countries of incomplete influence such as Venezuela, Syria ...) and Zionism (USA, China, NATO, Russia + dependent) and much will become clearer. Nazism has a joker - the Reich, so Nazism comes peacefully due to the speed of development, and Zionism retreats with fights, leaving behind a scorched Syria.
        Russia is not a player here but a resource.
    4. drylincev
      drylincev April 18 2013 09: 01 New
      Yes, yes, and in general, the author is talking complete nonsense))) (about September 11, to some extent, for sure), but in the last 20-25 years such a generation has really grown up, for which the word "Kuril Islands" talk about Alaska) mean nothing at all - and blame only the Western "liberals" for this, probably something stupid, but nevertheless, the existing tendency to fool the "people" with Western values ​​of life is quite consistent with the idea that he often said and for what the "great guru" of anti-Sovietism, Zbigniew Brzezinski, fought so zealously, whose most unrealistic dreams (of the ideological collapse of the "Soviet" monster) have completely (almost) come true. This is the idea that A. Kurginyan is trying to convey to us: there is no people without history, take away the historical roots of any ethnos, and the people will turn into just a herd - for "slaughter" to more thoughtful and toothy neighbors ...
  2. SPACE
    SPACE April 17 2013 09: 06 New
    The article "The Obvious Incredible" is a lot and contradictory. The author should read Sergei Mikhalkov's fable "The Lion and the Label".
    1. ole
      ole April 17 2013 09: 51 New
      The first one, of course, agrees that already today, I personally will not fight for the state of Russia, I will partisan for my family, friends and relatives, and let the children fight for the nouveau riche thieves and grabbers in London. Education, medicine are all paid, there is no well-paid job (for me 25000 rubles). They turn ordinary people into biomass, well, well, let's see how long such a Russia will exist.
      1. SPACE
        SPACE April 17 2013 10: 32 New
        Quote: ole
        I personally will not go to war for the state of Russia, I will partisan for my family, friends and relatives

        "for his family, friends and relatives" and this is for Russia. As my friend says "Russia is where I live"
        1. ole
          ole April 17 2013 11: 23 New
          Quote: SPACE
          Quote: ole
          I personally will not go to war for the state of Russia, I will partisan for my family, friends and relatives

          "for his family, friends and relatives" and this is for Russia. As my friend says "Russia is where I live"

          I agree with this 100%
          1. Basarev
            Basarev 5 December 2013 12: 01 New
            I don’t know about you, but personally I will fight for Russia without looking back - even if in complete isolation from my own people, even if in a minority, even if surrounded - I will fight for Russia. Even if Moscow capitulates, even if the new government makes peace - I I will fight. Even if the command orders to retreat, if ordered to lay down my arms, I will still fight. Even under the threat of the tribunal, even if the enemy triumphs, I will never stop fighting. And at the tribunal I will say the historical words: “I just wanted to kill as many Americans as possible "
      2. Ulysses
        Ulysses April 17 2013 14: 08 New
        I understand that they are fighting FOR A COUNTRY (in an external conflict).
        For the state, or against fighting in internal conflicts such as civil war, all kinds of separatist unrest. repeat
      3. skeptic
        skeptic April 17 2013 14: 12 New
        Quote: ole
        The first one, of course, I agree that already today, I personally will not go to fight for the state of Russia, I will partisan for my family, friends and relatives

        Sadly, the partisan near the house will not work. You can’t save your family when the enemy is at your doorstep. First, according to the laws of wartime, a thief needs to be met against the wall (fifth column) of the enemy at the border, and not launched inside the country.
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov April 17 2013 18: 59 New
          "to meet the enemy at the border, not to launch it inside the country." - of course, this is the only way everything will be under the rule of the people elected and protecting the interests of the people.
          Now everything is not so, the holistic worldview of a citizen of the Russian Federation as a part of the state has been destroyed! Society is disunited, someone will go to fight for "Motherland", and someone will say "I will not defend the fleeing oligarchs" and will defend their home.
          And it doesn’t matter what percentage of those or other awakens in the end, all the same, ALL of them will lose (perish). You cannot win the war if the commander-in-chief is a traitor or a coward! History knows examples - France, Poland began the Second World War and knows examples of the struggle of the united people of the USSR. Fundamentally, nothing has changed, some people are fighting against others.
      4. berimor
        berimor April 17 2013 19: 15 New
        You read, but you don’t understand anything. What the author of the article wrote about has already embodied in you and bloomed violently. This is the goal that the United States and others like it are striving for.
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov April 17 2013 19: 31 New
          "to which the United States and their ilk are striving so much" - it seems that you still did not understand that "those of their ilk" are now in power of the countries of the former Soviet republics, except perhaps Belarus! The distortion of history and the change in life values ​​are carried out at the state level.
 - Ильюхин про катынь
 - Путин про катынь
          The values ​​of socialism are actively replaced by the values ​​of capitalism, the main tools are the media and the church.
    2. Rost_a
      Rost_a April 17 2013 23: 13 New
      As always, the pessimism of such authors is depressing. It seems to be true and thinks - it’s necessary to support people's self-awareness, but then he says - everything is already lost, not figs and kick. A hidden call to give up.
    3. Kolya
      Kolya April 18 2013 08: 13 New
      This article is obviously incredible for you, but not for the majority of Russian, because you are already used to believing in the rubbish that has been hammered into us for the past 20 years. Nonsense has become part of our lives, and therefore we have huge problems. The author of the article explains the truth of the kernel on what is the essence of the Russian people, which was substituted to destroy our people. Excellent sobering thoughts in the article. Well done author!
  3. Genera
    Genera April 17 2013 09: 23 New
    In fantasy in man. Chur me, chur. The article is only suitable for demoralizing the reader. I would have deleted it.
    1. Orty
      Orty April 17 2013 10: 50 New
      I would say for a "democratic reader"))
    2. skeptic
      skeptic April 17 2013 14: 15 New
      Quote: Genera
      In fantasy in man. Chur me, chur. The article is only suitable for demoralizing the reader. I would have deleted it.

      There is a more sure means - a head in the sand and no problems.
      1. Genera
        Genera April 18 2013 04: 01 New
        First put your back in there, and then give advice. Or did you see an ostrich in me?
    3. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker April 17 2013 20: 08 New
      Quote: Genera
      The article is only suitable for demoralizing the reader.

      There are a lot of controversial issues, both in historical terms (Croats - Catholicized Serbs (?), Waffen SS did NOT fight in the West), and in conclusions and interpretations of the current situation.
      Well, not very cool ...
  4. radio operator
    radio operator April 17 2013 09: 39 New
    Perhaps, with a small degree of probability, this can be imagined.
    But not more.
  5. Silhouette
    Silhouette April 17 2013 09: 46 New
    Correctly the author thinks. It may be somewhat straightforward and angular, but the general direction is true. Only not everyone has grown to this level. Hence, such comments.
    The threat to Russia is within the country, not outside. No BDRMs saved the Union from destruction, they will not save Russia and the Borei. Until recently, the Defense Minister posed the greatest threat to the Armed Forces. To whom it was not clear then, he still has his own opinion.
    Everything falls down like in the Union. Only then did they not go to defend the Union because "there was no command," but now who will go to shed blood for Abramovich and Deripaska?
    1. Orik
      Orik April 17 2013 10: 06 New
      I agree, only at the heart of the union was the industrial economy created by Stalin, and we are now eating it further. A large army did not save the union, and now the numbers speak for themselves, see table. Where the lag behind the plans is clearly visible!
  6. ole
    ole April 17 2013 09: 52 New
    I have a question, but is it true that we can’t release missile warheads today?
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak April 17 2013 10: 24 New
      No, it's not true. This Americans can not - judging by the rumors coming from there. And they also don’t see something in the new ICBM ...
    2. T-130
      T-130 April 17 2013 11: 10 New
      We can produce parts, but Chernomyrdin seems to have sold (or presented) the whole nuclear stuff to the USA! I can’t say exactly how many were exported, but he signed an agreement on the export of weapons-grade uranium to the states!
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak April 17 2013 11: 16 New
        but he signed an agreement on the export of weapons-grade uranium to the states

        This agreement did not envisage the export of weapons-grade uranium, but the processing of uranium from reduced warheads (enrichment to 90%) into uranium for nuclear power plants (enrichment to 10%) and they have already sold it.
        1. ole
          ole April 17 2013 11: 28 New
          Thanks for the info
        2. Nitup
          Nitup April 17 2013 13: 21 New
          Now they are transferring nuclear materials from old warheads to new ones
        3. fzr1000
          fzr1000 April 17 2013 15: 35 New
          500 tons of weapons-grade uranium were sold to FNM for $ 11,9 billion. For comparison, 550 tons were produced by the United States from 1945 to 1993. At those prices, it is 3,9 trillion. dollars.
      2. Waterfall
        Waterfall April 17 2013 11: 18 New
        In nuclear weapons, uranium has not been used for decades.
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak April 17 2013 11: 32 New
          Yes really ... And what use? Given that plutonium is not enough.
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop April 18 2013 10: 22 New
            Quote: Wedmak
            Given that plutonium is not enough.
            Plutonium is just enough. In spent assemblies of stationary power reactors. In fact, spent assemblies are nothing more than briquetted highly enriched raw materials from the fuel and weapon industries. All that is needed is a shutter speed so that the shortest-lived isotopes decay. For example, in fuel assemblies of RBMK 1000 reactors, 2 kg of plutonium 239 are produced per 1 kg of burnt uranium 235
        2. skeptic
          skeptic April 17 2013 14: 20 New
          Quote: Wasserfall
          In nuclear weapons, uranium has not been used for decades.

          There probably now the seeds fall asleep?
          1. viktorR
            viktorR April 18 2013 10: 12 New
            Uranium is used only as a fuse for thermonuclear stuffing, I believe that almost all ammunition is now thermonuclear
            1. Misantrop
              Misantrop April 18 2013 10: 16 New
              Quote: viktorR
              Uranium is used only as a fuse for thermonuclear filling

              Not on your nelly. The initiating charge is plutonium, it is much more compact. And from U-238 the outer shell is made, the third stage of the warhead
      3. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak April 17 2013 21: 13 New
        He sold only a tet warheads, which were removed during the disarmament of missiles in accordance with the existing agreement. All-warheads must be translated in a state where, from the U-235 of the previously in charge, the uranium is depleted to obtain fuel uranium. In this way. Amers receive materials for fuel elements. But not for warheads. Yes, Russia sold this material very cheaply. but this is a different conversation. Moreover. With the collapse of the USSR, several uranium deposits remained abroad. In Russia, only one for today. But warheads are being produced. What are equipped with Yars, Poplars, And other delivery vehicles?
        1. fzr1000
          fzr1000 April 17 2013 21: 50 New
          And which one? Yakutia, Chita region, Buryatia, the Urals?
    3. hollger
      hollger April 17 2013 11: 44 New
      The author forgot about the Krasmash plant (Krasnoyarsk)
    4. hollger
      hollger April 17 2013 11: 47 New
      We can. The author forgot about such a plant as KrasMash, it is in Krasnoyarsk.
  7. vorobey
    vorobey April 17 2013 10: 01 New
    I read the article already abundantly rubbing the rope with soap. He caught himself in time and thought about that.

    And us the army.

    How many centuries have passed and the Russian land is worth. Yes, and the character of the Russian, yes a little crushed, but it is from boredom, but it is preserved.

    Kings and nobles can tailor history as they want, but in my head, in addition to the official, there is also the memory of my ancestors. the stories of the grandfather of the tornado, who both saw Stalin and Churchill in Yalta, live. The stories of the grandmother of the Cossack woman who went through the war as a nurse on the train. Therefore, for me the feat of Gastello and Matrosov is unchanged, as well as the actions of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. This is all passed on to the children along with old photographs and the family icon of St. Andrew the First-Called (the most expensive that is in the family. There is also her keeper - this is my average son, who should pass it on to the first child later on to the boy, regardless of who he is born from.) If there is no idea in the state that the family itself should take on these functions for the sake of their descendants and their unity and unity. They should live after us and rake what we had for a smoke.
    1. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 April 17 2013 10: 43 New
      Correctly, I thought about the same, but as Filatov wrote: "Fedot got angry, called the honest people. The neighbors decided to help Fedya. Frol took the stake, Ustin took the drin, Ignat took the grip." and this alignment went))) Of course, we will get it by snot, but we do not freeze our honor, with a ribbon on the back of our head with a ribbon in our teeth and a vest for plowing only this way and no other way. We are not Euroges for you, venal East and smart-ass Asia, we are RUSSIAN and to defend the homeland and homeland in our blood has stuck so that nothing can be knocked out, but such articles are for the weak in spirit and faith
      1. skeptic
        skeptic April 17 2013 14: 33 New
        Quote: Suvorov000
        such articles for molokholny weak spirit and faith

        The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it - a lesson for good fellows. Hypertrophy of the threat, serves to mobilize attention to the subject. A strong person will begin to look for ways to counter the threat, and a weak person will begin to look for a safe gap like a bug. To whom do you relate yourself, you can recall your feelings after reading the article.
        1. skeptic
          skeptic April 17 2013 14: 42 New
          Quote: skeptic
          weak - how the bug will look for a safe gap. To whom do you relate yourself, you can recall your feelings after reading the article.

          I want to believe that we will not give joy to defeatists in defeatist moods. There were many different moments in the history of Russia, but only in unity and mutual assistance is our strength. And GOD will not leave our Fatherland, because the truth is behind us.
        2. Suvorov000
          Suvorov000 April 17 2013 16: 57 New
          Yes, like most of the members of the forum, only one sensation arose for me, I’ll give a damn to you while I’m interrupted by adversaries of adversaries into a coffin
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 April 17 2013 10: 51 New
      Quote: vorobey
      How many centuries have passed and the Russian land is

      You said it well. You will stand and stand.
      Quote: vorobey
      If there is no idea in the state, the family itself should take on these functions for the sake of their descendants and their unity and unity. They should live after us and rake what we had for a smoke.

      Maybe you shouldn’t dump everything on descendants, but start on your own? hi
      1. vorobey
        vorobey April 17 2013 10: 55 New
        Quote: baltika-18
        Maybe you shouldn’t dump everything on descendants, but start yourself

        Come on Baltic. We have been whipped so much with you that we have become like relatives. On you as something official. it is not in Russian.
        You are right Baltic. And you need to start with the unification of the disparate Russian masses into a single people, not looking at the commitment to religion, the political system and financial situation.
      2. Igarr
        Igarr April 17 2013 11: 09 New
        You are all .... villains.
        Name by name? You know, everything is above here.
        I just wanted to write, let’s think, at least once in my life I’ll say a clever thing - and they, wicked .. took it and wrote everything.
        There are no shovels on you.
        And on the topic of the article.
        I saw just a thickening of colors. Kungurov Alexey just concentrated the trends. But he didn’t say that it will be so!
        By the way, this is the author of the book "There was no Kievan Rus. Or what historians are silent about."
        We ... also love to fight - right now, right now America will fall apart.
        And she stands.
        Well, ... "the thunder will not strike - the man will not cross himself."
        Why is that? As long as they don’t give us a shot in the face - do not scratch yourself?
        But, it would be better if they didn’t make Russia itch.
        And then itching - all over the WORLD will begin.
        1. vorobey
          vorobey April 17 2013 11: 20 New
          Quote: Igarr
          I just wanted to write, let’s think, at least once in my life I’ll say a clever thing - and they, they are evil ... they took it and wrote everything. There are no shovels for you.

          Hello Igor. Well, you're not an angel either.
          Quote: Igarr
          But, it would be better if they didn’t make Russia itch. And then the itch - all over the WORLD will begin

        2. Asgard
          Asgard April 17 2013 14: 52 New
          Here Igor, I agree with you.
          Aleksey Kungurov throws the seed of doubt and provides the appropriate food for SAMO100 effective fabrication .... People themselves must get to the bottom and give birth to an IDEA, since our neutered state is controlled by far from ideological people)))
          The article receives one-by-one receives a high rating.
          My advice, someone did not understand something - re-read it again. He writes a little clumsily, still not Dostoevsky))), but he sets the tasks correctly and the methodology for solving them ...

          Well, the key to everything is the Russian language ... Think the Slavs, before putting +/-, think, in your hands is an ideological rifle, and your life and well-being of the Children depends on who you support or combat ... (your-mine )))
          We should stop stopping the gossip (Foreigners don’t understand)) and take everything very seriously .... Behind the lines of History are our hearts, and how you react, it depends on whether they will beat in the near future ......
          1. Pinochet000
            Pinochet000 April 17 2013 18: 46 New
            Quote: Asgard
            Well, the key to everything is the Russian language ... Think the Slavs before you put +/-

            Asgard, there are no words, he said everything ... +
        3. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker April 17 2013 20: 14 New
          Quote: Igarr
          This, by the way, is the author of the book "There was no Kievan Rus.

          That's what I look - Nosovsky’s ears with Fomenko stick out ...

          PS Was in the bookstore today. I saw the pearls of this "sweet couple" in the "Markdown" section.
          1. stalkerwalker
            stalkerwalker April 18 2013 18: 06 New
            Quote: stalkerwalker
            Was at the bookstore today. I saw the pearls of this "sweet couple" in the "Markdown" section.

            You are not making a minus for me, but for your "false idols" ...
    3. Aleksys2
      Aleksys2 April 17 2013 12: 09 New
      Quote: vorobey
      Therefore, for me, the feat of Gastello and Matrosov is unchanged, as are the actions of Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. This is all passed on to the children along with old photographs and the family icon of St. Andrew the First-Called (the most expensive that is in the family.

      You will pass, I will, another 100 will pass, but 1000 will not pass. Soon the generation that lived under the USSR will leave, and then no one will be able to say to the young and arrogant - "Don’t lie, I lived there and remember how everything was", about the same thing happens with the Great Patriotic War, how many myths and have spawned chernukha lately?
      We judge by ourselves, many of us, at least a bit, but captured the times of the USSR, therefore the slogan - "Motherland calls to us," to our country. But, this is a great and terrible "BUT", we are being replaced by a completely different generation, a generation that answers questions about the history of our country: "I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Why do I need history? How will it help me in my work to know that was, for example, in 1914, in 1904-05? " (Answer of a graduate of the institute with a degree in Finance and Credit). And that scares me. And the article is correct, it is not about us, it is about those who are replacing us. For example, earlier, during the years of my childhood and adolescence, it was not decent in society to use foul language, now they use foul language and we are adopting a law banning foul language on TV, in the press, etc.
      Maybe I’m a pessimist (although I don’t know Chinese, but I take it apart in 10 seconds), but I don’t see the future of our country in the current state of affairs.
      1. ULxaw86
        ULxaw86 April 17 2013 12: 20 New
        [I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Why do I need history? How can knowledge of what happened, for example, in 1914, in 1904-05, help me in my work? "(The answer of a graduate of the institute with a degree in Finance and Credit). And it scares me.
        And it will be even worse !!
        I do not know the last state of the law on paid primary education, but this is a matter of time! And then the school will graduate simple laborers, because the whole course of school education will not be affordable for many! I am silent about the higher!
      2. vorobey
        vorobey April 17 2013 12: 35 New
        Quote: Aleksys2
        You will pass, I will pass, another 100 will pass, but 1000 will not pass

        make your children and grandchildren proud that you are their father and grandfather, and you have a father and grandfather that you are proud of. Then the connection of generations will not be interrupted.

        Everything is simple. The trouble is that we do not know many of our trees.
        1. skeptic
          skeptic April 17 2013 14: 50 New
          Quote: vorobey

          make your children and grandchildren proud that you are their father and grandfather, and you have a father and grandfather that you are proud of. Then the connection of generations will not be interrupted.

          Better not say. request
    4. matross
      matross April 17 2013 17: 58 New
      Quote: vorobey
      in my mind

      I don’t want to croak, but such goals as yours (and mine, for example, and my friends) are becoming less and less. And the heads are all gray and bald, unfortunately. Such a sad feeling ...
      1. Konstantm
        Konstantm April 17 2013 21: 56 New
        There is no place for “rights” or “privileges” in the laws of Nature. A deer overtaken by a hungry Leo has no right to life. But he can conquer her in the fray. Similarly, a person has no right to life, freedom, happiness. All this must be deserved by him, conquered. Him, his family, his tribe. Only then can the true value of life, freedom, happiness be fully realized.
        David lane
  8. Orty
    Orty April 17 2013 10: 02 New
    The tone of the article "The chief mustache is gone!", The author does not seem to see the difference between us as a state with a thousand-year history and the tribes of Arabs and Kurds whose state (Iraq) was formed less than a hundred years ago. And then the screams about the obsolescence of weapons are somewhat belated, 10 years ago they were relevant, but certainly not now. And frankly, the author holds all of us for some kind of wordless that will lead to a Western divorce, now it is not 1989, over the past quarter of a century our brains have been very well cleared and what they are trying to do with us we perfectly understand. It is strange that the author did not take into account such a moment that in 20 years our geopolitical opponents will have so many problems of their own that they simply will not have time for us. I mean the increasing degradation of Western society, all this tolerance and homosexuality that is going on there, against the background of crowds of intensively multiplying migrants from the Middle East and Africa.
    It may be objected to me that migrants come to us, right, but we don’t put citizenship here on welfare as we don’t give refugees. So, of course, I wouldn’t relax in the place of the author, but I would also stop crying that everything was gone and that I had to wrap myself in a sheet to crawl into the cemetery.
    1. Silhouette
      Silhouette April 17 2013 10: 19 New
      Quote: Orty
      as if the author does not see the difference between us, a state with a thousand-year history and tribes of Arabs and Kurds whose state (Iraq) was formed less than a hundred years ago.

      It’s a pity that you don’t even know history at the 5th grade level when you studied everything, and you went through the history of the Ancient World. For then they would have known about Babylon and would not have done as bold as illiterate generalizations.
      Our opponents will always be up to us. And the worse it will be for them, the more they will have "before us", because they are used to solving their problems at the expense of others. Yes, now is not 1989, but he hardly made anyone smarter. After all, 1917 did not add to those who lived in 1991.
      And relying on the progression of "tolerance and homosexuality" is the same as waiting for the natural death of imperialism and capitalism.
      1. Orty
        Orty April 17 2013 10: 45 New
        Sweetheart, how is Iraq related to Babylon? In addition to their geographical location, they have absolutely nothing in common, nothing more in common than Turkey has with Byzantium or, for example, the Blackfoot tribes and the United States. So, before insulting someone, can you still turn on the brain? For example, you are comparing 1917 with 1991, but excuse me stupid! The society of 1917 divides almost 4 generations of people, there is only one of us today, the memory of those days and the "glorious 90s" is still fresh. Besides, what am I encouraging to relax and do nothing? I just pointed out that the panic moods of the author of this opus are not in the subject, they would have been appropriate in the year 1999, but now such reading sounds somewhat delusional. By the way, the author can count on the fact that in 20 years we will fall apart and die, but for some reason I cannot do this in relation to the USA and Europe? And where did you get the idea that I expect the natural death of capitalism and imperialism? No, I'm naturally expecting death, or at least a large number of problems for a number of STATES and nothing more, but judging by the processes unfolding there, everything goes to that, besides, I would not call Europe capitalist at all, there more and more the triumph of socialism comes, in the worst its form, total egalitarianism, neither the poor nor the rich, nor the smart nor the stupid, all the same.
        1. Vladimir73
          Vladimir73 April 17 2013 14: 18 New
          Communication is appropriate. Since Babylon was the center of many peoples subjugated by this city, representatives of which were moved closer to the metropolis (even the Bible says so). Iraq is also a much confessional state and, like Babylon, held onto a strong ruler with a powerful army. As soon as the army was removed everything fell apart and a banal struggle for power began and ended when a strong leader with a powerful army came. In Babylon it was Cyrus, America did this to Iraq, but If Cyrus built its state and accordingly fought for long-term power in this area, then America and nafig do not need to annex these lands to their beloved ones. Therefore, there is a mess according to the rules of Great Rome (of which the United States considers itself the heirs) - divide and rule.
          And the article is written correctly, I think that there is no time left for excessive optimism. In 1991. the events were the same as in February 17th, but tough power did not come as in October 17th. The liberals remained in power, and so on if all that is possible. The author of the article points to historical memory, but look what is being taught in schools now !! Children like watching bright Hollywood films on pseudo-historical themes more and they are firmly convinced that during the Soviet era (especially under Stalin) they were seized at every corner and if they were lucky they would not be shot, but sent for 10 years to cut woods in Siberia. Talk to young people - many just want to "multiply" and have money to satisfy their own whims without straining. "... And in the west is an earthly paradise where anyone who has a lot of money will be accepted ..." that's why we need to "cut the dough" here and dump to the west (Europe or the States). The greatest valor is to "cut" from military service and this is not hidden, but on the other hand sticks out as the ability to live, the rest are suckers and losers. There are those who consciously go to serve their country and are ready to fight for their right to be able to defend their HOMELAND. But there are not so many of them. In one year, they are just beginning to understand what the army is, and when they go out into civilian life they try to lead their lives like in the army ... but in civilian life everything is not so defined as in the army. And if we also take into account that they have minimal knowledge of history (ex: Bolsheviks (or white) scum, because scum) then they want to change everything quickly and radically, and this is harsh violence and a lot of blood.
      2. individual
        individual April 17 2013 12: 08 New
        People who have lost faith are self-destructing. An example of the degradation of Western civilization is proof of this. Hence your definition of "homosyatina". The place of the outlived peoples is taken by barbarians who have a strong faith and are united by their community. In this case, there is a general expansion of Islam to exhausted Western values. I am afraid that militant Islam poses a greater threat to Russia globally than threats from the West.
        1. Waterfall
          Waterfall April 17 2013 12: 09 New
          If this is degradation, then I’m afraid what happens to the God-chosen Russian people. Gnaw gossip chtol.
          1. Orty
            Orty April 17 2013 12: 12 New
            What's going on? Please specify? Or farted into the bushes?
            1. Waterfall
              Waterfall April 17 2013 12: 17 New
              1. Orty
                Orty April 17 2013 12: 40 New
                Is that the answer? How exactly do they decompose?
          2. skeptic
            skeptic April 17 2013 15: 11 New
            Quote: Wasserfall
            If this is degradation, then I’m afraid what happens to the God-chosen Russian people

            "Chosen of God" - in Israel. And spiritual and educational degradation takes place. It is in our power to fight it, each in his place, every day, In the family, at work, wherever there is such a need. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

            Quote: Wasserfall
            Gnaw gossip chtol.

            Well, do not, so frankly judge by yourself.
        2. matross
          matross April 17 2013 21: 31 New
          Quote: individ
          I am afraid that for Russia globally, militant Islam poses a greater threat than threats from the West.

          Against militant Islam, the nation (ethnos if you will) can rally - and there are already signs of this - and resist. And with the proper set of circumstances, and sweep it off the face of the planet. The threat from the West, latent, wrapped in a beautiful package, the sweet poison of lack of spirituality and consumerism, hits not with a fist in the eye, but with a round female knee in the soft buttock, not very painful, but constantly. And you can't put a block properly, and it seems awkward to answer with a hard blow, and the result is either used to "pushing from behind" or punched to a hard bleeding bone.
          1. stalkerwalker
            stalkerwalker April 17 2013 21: 40 New
            Quote: matRoss
            or is used to "pushing from behind"

            Or even worse if the woman's knee actually belongs to a "trance" from Holland.
  9. svp67
    svp67 April 17 2013 10: 04 New
    Where did the Croats come from in the Balkans? The Germans dubbed part of the conquered Serbs and made them their servants. The Turks converted part of the Serbs to Islam and also received obedient slaves. Take away the memory of the past from the people, and they will lose the will to resist the tyrant or conqueror.

    To defeat the people, it is necessary not so much to defeat them physically as to "erase" their faith and be able to write down a convenient one on the "empty" "human blanks" ...
  10. avia12005
    avia12005 April 17 2013 10: 14 New
    In order for Russia to understand that it is threatened with death and began to fight realistically, it is necessary that it be attacked ...
  11. ULxaw86
    ULxaw86 April 17 2013 10: 18 New
    Apparently, it's time to learn English ...
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 17 2013 10: 49 New
      Quote: ULxaw86
      Apparently, it's time to learn English ...

      Optimists learn English, pessimists learn Chinese, and REALISTS learn Kalashnikov’s assault rifle (folk wisdom am )
      1. vorobey
        vorobey April 17 2013 12: 00 New
        Quote: svp67
        Quote: ULxaw86
        Apparently, it's time to learn English ...

        Optimists learn English, pessimists learn Chinese, and REALISTS learn Kalashnikov’s assault rifle (folk wisdom am )

        And I would need to update English. Suddenly, with the Americans, secular conversations or political information will have to be conducted. And I know only one phrase in English, and I heard one in the cinema about some facts there. Everything is burning all around and she is still shouting fact, fact !!! I agree that when it is on, it's a fact.
      2. ULxaw86
        ULxaw86 April 17 2013 12: 07 New
        The war is already on!
        If you want to defeat the enemy, raise his children!
        We have already forgotten who we are and who our ancestors are. Modern shkolota no longer knows the Russian language, grown up on Hollywood films, believes that in the Second World, Private Ryan won, etc.
        Learn how much Kalash will fit! You do not need it! Until the Russian ceases to thump and turns to the wisdom of his ancestors, we will self-destruct.
  12. Wedmak
    Wedmak April 17 2013 10: 21 New
    Some kind of strange article. It seems that the anti-Russian rhetoric of the countries of the West, Japan and others is adequately covered, but everything Russian is there right away - the army is garbage, the fleet is rusting, the strategic nuclear forces do not fly and are almost lost. And in general, everything is bad with us.
    Author, open your eyes! And not only in the direction of your beloved Americans, Britons, Japanese ... (and this can be seen from the article). The Russian army is being modernized, the fleet is being renewed, the Bulava is ALREADY FLYING, aviation is being renewed, a new long-range bomber is being created, new ICBMs, new CDs, anti-ship missiles. The space program is taking off. Of course, all this is not progressing as fast as we would like, but it is going on and is gaining momentum. And here .. everything is bad .. there is nothing to eat ... we degrade ... one whining.
    So put a minus article. If you really cover the situation around Russia and in Russia, light without whining, and at least in fact. And not by speculation.
  13. pawlo77
    pawlo77 April 17 2013 10: 28 New
    come on! we have always been beaten more than once, and as a result we take Berlin, Paris cannot be listed. we are trainees and they are all not the point.
  14. I627z
    I627z April 17 2013 10: 45 New
    I answer the 1st question
    at t = 600 ... 650 ° C, temperature plasticity sets in and the steel loses its bearing capacity.
    The fact is that the characteristics of the steel change several times depending on the temperature increase. And a melting point of 1500 ° C is, roughly speaking, when the aggregate state of a substance (solid, liquid) changes. Take and carry out a simple experiment: warm a piece of reinforcement at the stake (ordinary coniferous wood) and give more air (just wave 5-7 minutes with plywood), pull out the reinforcement its color will be dark cherry, and it will easily bend with an ordinary hammer or when clamped plot heating in a vice. Better not to take with your bare hands. So I made a poker for a bonfire. The bent end was unchained to a flat state.
    I will not answer the second question because I do not know.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey April 17 2013 10: 51 New
      Brother, give me the test. Though off topic, we’ll pull the four.
      1. I627z
        I627z April 17 2013 11: 37 New
        How can you take everything else (global) seriously if, in the elementary, the author bears nonsense or repeats it thoughtlessly? I recall a quote: reasoning on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity (a little rephrasing). This is just on the topic, if one fact is far-fetched then what about the rest? Where else did the author draw? Where thoughtlessly licked? Sorry to delve into this, I pointed out that it cannot be interpreted differently. Therefore, I love exact sciences more - they exclude a double interpretation.
        The meaning is one: around the enemies you give the USSR in the ass. That's the whole semantic load of this opus.
      2. Asgard
        Asgard April 17 2013 15: 27 New
        NO on the count does not even pull. As an engineer I say .... (but in general it’s too early on Kol)))
        Now until September 11, the WTC Twin Towers ...
        There is a steel frame made of square beams, the outside of the building + internal power. How much kerosene and firewood are needed to drop a building 12 meters high in 417 seconds. Of iron ,,, and exactly on the base))))) so that the dust only remains, from objects and People ....
        How an aluminum plane could break through the beams of the outer wall (they stand often enough, and even the ends of the wings demolished thick metal structures .....
        Why did building number 7 collapse in which more than one plane did not hit ?????

        Yes, you my friend "got sick" and such speeches can be rolled into contact and mailRU ,,, and here People read your "bread", all the same, they are not schoolboys who gorge themselves on hamburgers in front of TV))))
        All the same, I changed my mind (on)) count ....1627z
        1. opkozak
          opkozak April 17 2013 23: 40 New
          I will add, no one found the plane that fell on the pentagon. This no one is planning further operations to "improve" the world. But, nevertheless, I will continue my opinions on why the Kurdish leader Ocalan, and the Basques and the IRA, abruptly abandon their revolutionary struggle for no reason at all. And they begin to support the current government. Maybe a roast rooster is actually starting to peck at someone, maybe they know something weighty? Why did the Pope give up power so abruptly?
          Something smacks of the likeness of 1935-1939.
          And the fact that Putin rushed to sharply rearm the army smacks of something weighty. (Chile bought a bunch of Leopards for some reason, why are they in the Andes there?).
        2. I627z
          I627z April 18 2013 13: 57 New
          As an engineer, if you were him, you would not argue with the facts about the strength of steels. As a person who is not devoid of cause and effect relationships, you saw that I did not make any statements about the reasons for the fall of the towers. Pointed out not accuracy about t.
          The reason for the towers falling is completely indifferent to me. They blew themselves up? To your health! I do not mind.
          But like all sickle-hammered ones, "righteous" anger obscures all remnants of the intellect at the sight of gray shoulder straps. Logically not good for you.
    2. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 April 17 2013 11: 31 New
      And there is no need to answer the second question, the answer is written there, YES, the destruction of buildings at such a speed is possible, because the towers fell at about this speed, that's how they managed it is the third question
    3. I627z
      I627z April 17 2013 11: 42 New
      The person who put the minus, please write that in my statement is not true. Otherwise, to the garden. At the same time, study why niobium structures, which do not change the strength characteristics even at t = 1000 ° C, are popular in technology at high temperatures.
    4. skeptic
      skeptic April 17 2013 16: 03 New
      Quote: I627z
      I answer the 1st question
      at t = 600 ... 650 ° C, temperature plasticity sets in and the steel loses its bearing capacity.
      The fact is that the characteristics of the steel change several times depending on the temperature increase. And a melting point of 1500 ° C is, roughly speaking, when the aggregate state of a substance (solid, liquid) changes.

      The question is of course interesting, but ... As far as I remember, in Amerov films it was said about molten, and not about bent metal. In the films, it was specifically stated that the nature of the destruction corresponded to the type of industrial and blasting operations, which was simultaneously accompanied by slow-motion shooting of the towers and buildings falling during blasting operations. American films, we can say that the translation is incorrect, in broken English, but the shooting does not need to be translated.
  15. Circle
    Circle April 17 2013 10: 46 New
    The general impression of the article, omitting some inconsistencies of thought and so on: "Forewarned is forearmed!" I see the benefit in this.
  16. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 17 2013 10: 53 New
    The article is somehow too pessimistic, but not everything is so bad in Mother Russia, there is an unbroken spirit, but if you look at our homo channels propagandizing the American vision of life, your hands will drop, in Moscow this is how it goes ... well, but if you go to the provinces, then the opinion changes, there the youth in military registration and enlistment offices asks for military units, according to the old Soviet tradition they want to get an education, but what they drink is out of idleness, there is nothing for the people to do, there’s nowhere for darling Russian to take a walk! We are like that sword, lying in its scabbard, gathering dust, and if the war, so the military steel shines again in the sun, does not blow the enemy’s head! RUSSIANS DO NOT GIVE UP!
    1. I627z
      I627z April 17 2013 12: 12 New
      Good afternoon, Prapor Afonya. Let's not kick in Moscow and its inhabitants. Indigenous people (which I am) is not nice. I think you are saying: in your farting box (the necessary substitute) - gopota on gopota, it would be the same is not very nice.
      Can you change your social circle when you are in Moscow? :)
      1. skeptic
        skeptic April 17 2013 16: 27 New
        Quote: I627z
        Indigenous people (which I am) it is unpleasant. I think you are saying: in your farting box (the necessary substitute) - gopota on gopota, it would be the same is not very nice.

        It is these kind of sickly "representatives of the maskva" that give birth to contempt for the city, which should be an example of decency throughout Russia.
        1. fzr1000
          fzr1000 April 17 2013 21: 56 New
          Well, pid..s to pid ... that's very polite, right? I am also from Moscow, and my parents, too, have devoted their whole lives to the defense industry. And my wife too. My grandfather worked in the Ministry of Railways, provided supplies to all fronts in the Second World War. I was personally responsible to L. Kaganovich for each carriage. He had high government awards. Now what? What chauvinism. This is how they have us or we have ourselves, dividing along the parochial grounds.
        2. I627z
          I627z April 18 2013 14: 15 New
          Contempt is caused by those who scold the city and its inhabitants being on the other side of the screen (cowards), draw conclusions about the shakiness (without having the slightest idea about the speaker), do not know how to correctly write the name of the city from which the great united Russia went (in the broad sense of this the words). And it also causes contempt that all the "proud" inhabitants of the farts come to live here and behave like. You skeptic achieved this post incredible unity of the whole country !! Bravo!!
          PS Yes, I am proud that my ancestors have been living in Moscow for more than 200 years. And they passed with this city in 1812, and 1914-1917, and 1941-1945. And one of my grandfathers took part in the parade on November 7, 1941. And I am their descendant.
  17. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 17 2013 11: 00 New
    It became sad after reading. However, I do not agree with the author that everything is so bad ... Of course, the war against the Russians is being waged to annihilation, of course there are problems and difficulties. But the consciousness of people wakes up! The Russians began to drink less, I see a lot of people who prefer a healthy lifestyle, and ideologically not everything is so bad .... there are also families who are engaged in raising their children in the spirit of respect for elders, using the heroes of the fatherland as an example!
  18. individual
    individual April 17 2013 11: 15 New
    Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma said that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki prevented the USSR from capturing the island of Hokkaido and thereby saving the Japanese from being destroyed by the Russians. How to lie under the Yankees in order to justify the barbaric atomic bombing of their people in Japan, their cities. The all-consuming propaganda of the United States turns the population of Japan into a puppet of the interests of the Yankees. Government of Japan zombie USA.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak April 17 2013 11: 17 New
      Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma said that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki prevented the USSR from invading Hokkaido

      Minister of grass harrow overeating? So you have to smoke her ...
  19. I627z
    I627z April 17 2013 11: 22 New
    The article is mostly hysteria and nonsense. Put a minus. The author just counts on the illiteracy of readers. The statement about the golden age with the scoop is based on the nostalgic feelings of people born then (the grass is greener, the sky is bluer), but if the author so wants for God's sake.
    Just the author has so much contempt for illiteracy, and a mistake with temperatures is just ridiculous. The author is less than cheap populism and pathos.
    1. skeptic
      skeptic April 17 2013 16: 42 New
      Quote: I627z
      The statement about the golden age with the scoop is based on the nostalgic feelings of people born then (the grass is greener, the sky is bluer), but if the author so wants for God's sake.

      Well, you are a young man, it’s difficult to understand what you can only judge by the opuses of the yellow press. I’ll explain it popularly. You were riding the bus, sitting on a not very comfortable seat, but you were driving. Suddenly you are transplanted to Merc. It’s nice to sit, but ... The engine is covered, the wheels are flat, everything is colder on the street, and it’s still far away to go home. As you recall, the bus is not very comfortable, but warm, which, although not fast, was carrying?
      1. I627z
        I627z April 18 2013 14: 55 New
        A strange allegory. You skeptic ("old man") don't have to bother telling me tales about the bus. I rode a lot in these LiAZ 677 (this is quite old age to judge). I prefer my new Audi (with a motor, wheels, etc.). You were calmer, more comfortable, carefree under the USSR - good, I don't. I do not live only whining about the past, but I also look forward and believe in the future of Russia, and therefore in my own and my children. Of course, our country is not yet Audi but everything is ahead of us.
    GOLUBENKO April 17 2013 11: 30 New
    In the Russian Federation itself, a regime loyal to the West has been put in power, completely dependent on world prices for oil and metals.

    Less to the author of the article for this. Lies.
    Another twenty years - and the army in the country will cease to exist. She will not even have to be trashed, as Hitler did in 41. Just by the time the Soviet weapons are completely obsolete. The Russian military-industrial complex is no longer able to create models of weapons of the Russian Federation (tele-propaganda is not to be taken seriously). Moreover, he cannot even produce serially developed combat systems by Soviet designers - production facilities and skilled personnel have been lost.

    And this is a lie, a person is not in the subject of the military-industrial complex.
    It seems that the article is old year 2003 or 2004go.
    “According to the results of a recent sociological study conducted by Center of Yuri Levada, in Russia they do not read books at all 47%

    En, now it’s clear who the author of the article, another liberalist, broadcasts about the end of Russia under a patriotic skin. Fuck you fucking hack, you can’t wait for the prostitute gosdepovskaya. am
  21. knn54
    knn54 April 17 2013 11: 33 New
    Prapor Afonya We are like that sword ... We don’t jerk over trifles, but we don’t put into scabbard until we finish off the adversary, many tried to conquer. And where are they all?
    But ... we quietly poison ourselves (GMOs), we ourselves degenerate (the "blue" plague) ... -that's their program.
    PS “The church is always a state unifying idea. In our interests, it would be best if every Russian village had its own sect with its own idea of ​​God. If all kinds of witchcraft or satanic cults begin to arise in them, like the Negroes or the Indians, then this will deserve all support. The more moments tearing the USSR apart, the better. ” A. Hitler
  22. explorer
    explorer April 17 2013 11: 48 New
    auto RU: lol own government can do little with our people, won 38 million Russians. It’s not known what they are doing, and what the occupation authorities can do is still a question. And brainwashing is not enough to do.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey April 17 2013 12: 04 New
      Quote: explorer
      own government can do little with our people, won 38 million Russians. It’s not known what they’re doing,

      As a result, he levied a tribute to the pensioners of small IPs, who immediately told the government to go there, I don’t know where and immediately closed, continuing to work in black.
  23. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 April 17 2013 12: 49 New
    Article minus. It remains, after reading, only to wrap themselves in a sheet and crawl towards the cemetery.
    But to hell to you all who yell that everything is gone! A red, gnawed stump on your collar of a click whoop! The army, you say, is small, there is no one to defend the Homeland, but besides the army there are people, people who are ready to take up arms and defend their land, their loved ones. Such is our character, that when a big trouble comes, we know how to unite. We won’t help in the fight, we’ll win in the war.
  24. andrey777
    andrey777 April 17 2013 13: 39 New
    Too pessimistic article. negative
  25. Opera
    Opera April 17 2013 13: 47 New
    Quote: Wedmak
    Some kind of strange article. It seems that the anti-Russian rhetoric of the Western countries, Japan and others is adequately covered, but everything Russian is immediately haunted - the army is garbage, the fleet is rusting, the strategic nuclear forces do not fly and are almost lost. And in general, everything is bad with us. Author, open your eyes! And not only in the direction of your beloved Americans, Britons, Japanese ... (and this can be seen from the article). The Russian army is being modernized, the fleet is being renewed, the Bulava is ALREADY FLYING, aviation is being renewed, a new long-range bomber is being created, new ICBMs, new missile defense systems, anti-ship missiles. The space program is taking off

    I completely agree. It seems that the author has been writing an article for several years ...
    Quote: Wedmak
    Of course, all this is not progressing as fast as we would like, but it is also gaining momentum. And here .. everything is bad .. there is nothing to eat ... we are degrading ... one nagging

    But this is the very enemy treatment of the population to a state of complete hopelessness! Let's hope that the author of the article didn’t consciously paint everything in gloomy tones. It just went very deep into the topic and did not come out yet ... It happens, some come back!
    As for the story, yes! No kidding, the topic is serious. Here is the president for a single textbook said. Rather, it does not happen, the main thing is that the content does not disappoint. And about the thunder does not strike the man does not cross himself yes! The mentality is the same story! And although we harness for a long time, we drive fast - the highlight is so national!
  26. fenix57
    fenix57 April 17 2013 13: 53 New
    The author is well, just the same FAVORITE PESSIMIST ....
    Quote: avia12005
    In order for Russia to understand that it is threatened with death and began to fight realistically, it is necessary that it be attacked ...

    , But really, only an abnormal one can attack Russia ...
    1. stas
      stas April 17 2013 16: 28 New
      Army General, so you guarantee that in the 21 century there will be no major military conflicts on planet Earth.

      Similarly, some Soviet generals claimed before Germany attacked the USSR.
      Only an abnormal could attack the USSR, at the same time conducting military operations in North Africa, against England and in Europe!

      Found abnormal, and where is the guarantee that, now there is no. World crises lead to world wars.
  27. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 17 2013 14: 01 New
    The article is defeatist and not so much in Russia's favor, but to the detriment of it. A sea of ​​insolent lies flavored with crying over Russia and praise by USA.
    In Russia, more than one Yuzhmash made rockets, the same plants are in the Urals and Siberia.
    It may be that Russia's nuclear shield is rusting, but the Yusov shield is not at all sparkling with novelty.
    The U.S. Army is also armed mainly with weapons from the 70s, despite huge military spending.
    A new generation of weapons is also still piece-wise.
    But the patriotism of the Russian people cannot be broken in any way, and no Muslims are dangerous from any Russian side, a handful of hired Caucasian Wahhabi pigs and their supporters of dirty queers in Tatarstan against Russians are nothing more than a cockroach against a sneaker.
  28. Vtel
    Vtel April 17 2013 14: 23 New
    The world behind the scenes has done a lot to destroy the material foundations of Russia. Now the systemic pressure has intensified on its spiritual support, and above all on Orthodoxy. The true doctrine of Christ, according to the statement of Patriarch Cyril, is the spiritual bond of Russia. A true patriot of our country (no matter how atheist he is) must decide for himself on whose side he is. Either on the side of the enemies of Russia - then raise your voice against religion, or on the side of friends - then, at best, refrain from anti-religious statements, at least for a while. [

    For 537 years, from the Battle of Kulikovo to the First World War, Russia fought for 334 years. Of these, one war against the nine powers, two wars against the five powers, twenty-five wars against the three powers, and thirty-seven wars against the two powers simultaneously.

    “Being Russian means not only speaking Russian. But that means taking Russia with our hearts ... ”wrote the famous Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin. - To be Russian means to believe in Russia as all the great Russian people believed in it, all its geniuses and its builders. Only on this faith will we be able to affirm our struggle for it and our victory ... Without faith in Russia, we ourselves can’t live, and we won’t be able to revive it. ”
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 17 2013 18: 50 New
      Quote: Vtel
      The world behind the scenes has done a lot to destroy the material foundations of Russia. Now the systemic pressure has intensified on its spiritual support, and above all on Orthodoxy.
      Poster of WWII time of the Great Trials of FAITH and SPIRIT ...
      The image is clickable.
  29. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 April 17 2013 14: 27 New
    The scenario described in the article is unrealistic and invented, the article blows some hopelessness, as if the West embodied its intentions to destroy Russia by fragmentation, chaos, etc., only one author did not take into account - there is still the Russian people, which even the implementation of this scenario will return everything to normal, unless of course it allows the division of the country, which I strongly doubt. All Western analysts have a common mistake - they do not take into account the main factor that makes up, call it what you like - this is the Russian people and its armed forces.
    1. tarks
      tarks April 17 2013 14: 37 New
      Unrealistic? Look at Ukraine.
      1. Ruslan_F38
        Ruslan_F38 April 17 2013 16: 01 New
        I am talking about people, not about corrupt politicians. The people and their opinions, the people and their actions - that’s what I’m talking about. And the people including and the Ukrainian has not yet said his last word, apparently the time has not come.
  30. tarks
    tarks April 17 2013 14: 36 New
    The Ukrainian is the destroyed Russian. And no super-sophisticated pieces of iron were required. Only grandmothers, a couple of revolutions, a few "suicides", a couple of academicians and an abyss of patience and determination.
    PACIFIST April 17 2013 14: 49 New
    The biggest threat to Russia is we ourselves not amers not Germans not Chinese
    1. skeptic
      skeptic April 17 2013 16: 56 New
      Quote: Pacifist
      The biggest threat to Russia is we ourselves not amers not Germans not Chinese

      So what’s easier, go shoot yourself and save Russia.
      1. stranik72
        stranik72 April 17 2013 21: 31 New
        "So what's easier, go and shoot yourself - save Russia"
        And maybe for the salvation of Russia, just like you "witty" she does not need?
  32. Volkhov
    Volkhov April 17 2013 14: 54 New
    The article is alarming, and rightly so, but the reality is more complicated and dangerous - they will not attack Russia, but the Russian Federation itself, or make it to Syria, and in return the enemy will attack as in 41.
    Now only the "expeditionary" front is operating in Syria and Africa. He picks up few people, but he pulled out most of the mobile supplies. But when trying to send troops to the Syrian front, the problem of Iran will arise.
    Syria is comparable in population to Afghanistan and can be defeated because of its location "among the enemies", although not free of charge, but Iran is equal in population to the Russian Federation (80 million) and the forces for it are already not enough.
    At the same time, the DPRK invasion is possible - in all cases, the loss of Primorye.
    That is, modern politics leads to war on 4 fronts:
    - expeditionary (groups can be cut off from the Russian Federation)
    - Syrian (victory is possible at the cost of serious losses)
    - Iranian (it is possible to inflict some damage at the cost of heavy losses)
    - Korean (loss of Primorye and ties with Kamchatka, perhaps then the Koreans will be knocked out by the Chinese).
    This policy will lead to the genocide of the Russian population, which will be drafted into the army and replaced by migrants who are not subject to draft. That is, a blow to the Russians, comparable to the Second World War.
    The interest of the globalists is to drive Russia into war, the Russians should not meddle, but the Russians do not understand anything and are very likely to get involved. And then the Flood - we are not ready for it either.
  33. Lenhard
    Lenhard April 17 2013 15: 02 New
    It is necessary to make it like the Cossacks in ancient times - Orthodox, then ours, and no matter what kind of tribe. So we will survive.
  34. valokordin
    valokordin April 17 2013 15: 03 New
    The article is not an apocalypse; the author exacerbates the problems that have arisen in the post-Soviet space. If you look the truth in the eye, the situation is very serious. The country needs a reason to unite, either against someone, or for. Against whom: outside the country is NATO and Muslim terrorism, inside is the oligarchic corrupt comprador capitalism and its apologists in power. For social socialist justice, for the unification of working people and the rallying of patriotic forces. Contempt for criminals, deviators and deserters, parasites, Russophobes, anti-Semites, Nazis. Who does not work shall not eat. Who steals in prison and hard labor. To murderers and the abuser of VMN.
  35. valokordin
    valokordin April 17 2013 15: 04 New
    Airports for thieves close. The curtain can be iron.
  36. Kerch
    Kerch April 17 2013 15: 09 New
    The first time I put the article "Minus". No comment...
  37. Nordwest
    Nordwest April 17 2013 15: 11 New
    Oh this West, the power of world evil and Russia suffering from injustice, carrying on its shoulders the care of saving the whole universe.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey April 17 2013 16: 18 New
      Quote: Nordwest
      Oh this West, the power of world evil and Russia suffering from injustice, carrying on its shoulders the care of saving the whole universe

      Nordwest - drach nah ost. if you think rude, then try to soften.

      The words of your compatriot.

      It is impossible to defeat the Slavs, we have seen this for hundreds of years.
      This is an indestructible state of the Russian nation, strong in its climate, its spaces and limited needs.
      Even the most favorable outcome of an open war will never lead to the decomposition of the main power of Russia, which is based on millions of actually Russian ...

      Surname of the author? Or check the test.

      1. Bismarck.
      2. Schweinsteiger
      3. Heine
      4. The Brothers Grimm

      If you want, I can throw in electronic form three volumes of memories and thoughts. Uncle clever unlike some fellow countrymen was. And what is happening in Germany, he now warned in advance.

      They are still trying to pull Russia, but Germany was not only pulled, but also used.
      1. Nordwest
        Nordwest April 18 2013 14: 42 New
        If I were you, I would not approve of a special Slavic mission, especially if you consider that the Russians are largely not one of them. From Serbia to Ukraine, the Slavs were enslaved for centuries, and not because they were cowardly, but because they did not have such territorial spaces. Russia also had to pay tribute and suffer defeat for a long time. Regarding the phrases of the chancellor, the football player or the brothers of storytellers, I can say that they are not always right in their statements. It is, of course, nice when representatives of the "enemy" people leave such assessments, but as the course of events has shown, this did not play a positive role. Russia is strong, first of all, by its territorial advantage and this was the main guarantor against defeat in some wars. And yet, a little about tightness. It's probably like in the relationship between husband and wife, only one marriage took place, and the other did not. One couple is engaged in love affairs by mutual consent, in another case the husband uses the obstinate wife forcibly, the case with Russia. So, someone always pulls someone.
    2. tarks
      tarks April 17 2013 21: 01 New
      Painfully familiar intonation ... oh, here: "and we will go to the be-e-north!" (c)
      In your case, to the west.
  38. Belogor
    Belogor April 17 2013 15: 31 New
    The author wrote; and the words seem to be correct and in general trends, but everything written is reminiscent of a hysterical agitation.
  39. stas
    stas April 17 2013 15: 51 New
    Америка wants peace and all at once.
    Alain Dulles - Director of the US CIA 1945

    The Dulles Plan - US goals in the war against Russia. The government is forced, in the interests of the current political war, to set more definite and militant goals for Russia now, in peacetime, than was necessary for Germany and Japan.

    The Dulles Doctrine. We will throw everything that we have, all gold, all material power and resources into fooling, and fooling people.

    The human brain, the minds of people are capable of change. Having sowed chaos in Russia, we will quietly replace their values ​​with fake ones and make them believe in these fake values ​​... We will find our like-minded people, our assistants and allies in Russia itself. Episode by episode will be played out with a grandiose scale tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people on earth, the final irreversible fading of his self-consciousness ...
    In government, we will create chaos and confusion, discreetly, but actively and constantly we will promote tyranny of officials, bribe takers, unscrupulousness, bureaucracy and red tape will bring to virtue. We will ridicule honesty and decency - they will not be needed by anyone, they will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shameless betrayal, nationalism and enmity of peoples, primarily enmity and hatred of the Russian people - all this we will cleverly and inconspicuously cultivate, all this will bloom in a double color .

    And only a few, very few will guess or even understand what is happening. But we will put such people in a helpless position, turn them into a laughing stock, find a way to slander them and declare them to be the scum of society ...
  40. vladkust
    vladkust April 17 2013 16: 26 New
    Damn such a negativity. I won’t sleep tonight. I have a neighbor from below. Your Japanese mother, maybe you already thought aaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! Negative one
    1. vorobey
      vorobey April 17 2013 16: 33 New
      Quote: vladkust
      I won’t sleep tonight, I have a neighbor from below, a Japanese mother, maybe you already thought of aaaaaaaa

      Ahead, fill his face. hi
      1. vladkust
        vladkust April 17 2013 16: 46 New
        With the words you can expect everything from a pig wassat
  41. NIK 163
    NIK 163 April 17 2013 16: 29 New
    The article is more nagging than specifics. That is, Bulava does not fly, although it has already been adopted. But Russians are not the same as before. There used to be a communist ideology, but in 1941 my grandfather did not shed blood for the Communists, but for Russia. Every generation likes to say, that young people are not the same as before, all this is nonsense. In the courtyard I like to talk with young people. In our city, the GRU Special Forces stands, so many people dream of serving there. I believe that the state needs to realize the popular idea of ​​Great Russia and propagandize its youth. More truthful films on the history of Russia, Ro Great Russians shoot, not a substitute for the type Mikhalkovskaya Tsitadeli.Nado with mother's milk to inspire a child, that he was born in a great country!
    1. stas
      stas April 17 2013 17: 30 New
      To inspire youth The greatness of Russia is good, but this is not enough. 1000 times say halva, life will not become sweeter.
      We need real deeds and achievements for the good of Russia. What is missing in Russia now.
      The title "Hero of Labor" was recently introduced - is it like who got the most profit from the hero?
      Previously, the Ministers of Defense were proud, but now Taburetkin with the women's battalion 7 years billions rummaged in their pockets.
      They thought of gathering all the Air Force schools in one place, in Voronezh. One nuclear strike and all over.

      And this whole insanity from the supreme power of Russia.
      Everything rots from the head!
  42. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov April 17 2013 16: 59 New
    Everything in the article is true ... To the author and the article + ....
  43. vladkust
    vladkust April 17 2013 17: 02 New
    It seems to me that it’s time to put such "authors" against the wall so that they do not carry any nonsense and the people RUSSIAN do not stir up ..... although there is still some truth in this article, but the Russian people have always loved "not to pay attention" until the thunder burst out))) I AM FOR THE GREAT RUSSIAN RUSSIAN POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. datur
    datur April 17 2013 17: 03 New
    The article is filthy !!! negative
  45. stas
    stas April 17 2013 17: 09 New
    In 2010, the CIA unveiled a new US intelligence strategy for the coming years.
    In which, in part it is indicated - "New threats - a global economic crisis and a possible global pandemic, as well as climate change, can lead to the US struggle for control over energy and water resources. Russia's position on the international arena remains unclear. Russia is a partner of the United States. on such important issues as the security of nuclear materials and the fight against terrorism, but it may continue to seek opportunities to restore power and influence in a way that infringes on the interests of the United States of America. This is dictated by the logic of geopolitical interests, confirms the validity of the claims about the pragmatist. goals of US national intelligence - to weaken competitors on the world stage. "
  46. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin April 17 2013 17: 22 New
    Another article in the genre "Everything is bad, it will be even worse, we are degrading!" Who is degrading now is Geyropa and the States. I, of course, understand that Russia is full of problems now, but to see your country like this, where: the nuclear shield rusts, there is no army, everything is crumbling everywhere - it's just stupid. There is a war against Russia, yes, but always the one who came to us with a sword from him and died. Another thing is that now it is not worth giving up positions and, in turn, begin to drum into the youth the truth and instill patriotism and true values. In some places, in the vastness of fragmented Russia, the Dulles plan was carried out - Ukraine, the Baltic states, Georgia, Uzbekistan - liberals from everywhere crawled out to Russia, dreaming of completing what they had begun - and it is with this rabble that we must fight.
  47. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross April 17 2013 21: 18 New
    We will not let the adversaries even think about it ... The strength is always the one who is right - BROTHER.
  48. Spike
    Spike April 17 2013 21: 39 New
    It’s impossible to defeat the Russians, we have seen this for hundreds of years. But the Russians can be instilled with false values, then they will defeat themselves. Otto von Bismarck
    1. matross
      matross April 17 2013 22: 10 New
      Quote exclusively to the place. Especially surprising, given the limitation of the statement. They, our western friends, understood this even at the time of Bismarck, but they are only able to bring it to life. Persistent bastards. But let’s see who will be on whom in the morning wink I'll go Dostoevsky re-read! But I’ll clean the gun just in case! wink
  49. wostok
    wostok April 17 2013 23: 51 New
    Yes, no one will be at war with us, because they know that they will receive cradles. But morally decomposing is a very real threat. Just look at what they’re doing with education ...
  50. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 18 2013 08: 26 New
    The article is a warning, and draw your own conclusions. But while we are holding the Victory Parade, we have something to be proud of and something to remember about. soldier
    1. individual
      individual April 18 2013 11: 15 New
      For me, the word "bye" sounds alarming ... The victory of the Soviet people in the Second World War is being questioned by Western propaganda. The Baltic countries, Moldova, Georgia, Ukrainian nationalists are united in the interpretation of Victory with Western ideologists. Tatar nationalists urge not to celebrate Victory Day. And the federal authorities of Russia are silent, the media seized by the liberals are actively discrediting everything that is dear to the Soviet person. I am worried about the children, about the future of the country and people.