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When the nation becomes a victim. Conceptual foundations of information network wars

The beginning of the 21st century was characterized by the emergence of a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of the armed forces and the economy of the enemy, but by influencing its moral and mental state.

If we follow the classification of wars in terms of changing social formations and technologies used, we have now entered the era of wars of the seventh generation - information network, which resulted from the following factors: the development of computer equipment and communications, which led to an increase in the role of information in life a society that, by the effectiveness of its influence, has surpassed many material types of resources; the successes of psychology in the study of people's behavior and the management of their motivations, which made it possible to exert a given effect on large groups of people; the development of non-lethal means of replacing traditional species weapons.

Hidden, but effective threat

The traditional war against a state that possesses nuclear weapons is extremely dangerous in our time. Modern political technologists, serving the interests of the ruling elites of Western countries, are seeking to transfer aggression from the material space to the information one. First of all, the traditional values ​​of the people are reoriented or destroyed so that the information attack from the outside is perceived by the given society as corresponding to its striving for progress. External aggression in the mass consciousness takes the form of a civilizational transformation of a backward society to others at a higher stage of development.

Technologies of network wars were well developed during the Cold War as a form of total destruction of the geopolitical enemy. Informational network war consists in undermining and subsequent destruction of the basic characteristics of a nation, carried out mainly in a hidden form. Depending on the specific objectives of the impact on the enemy, one or another area of ​​his public life may become a priority object of aggression.

The purpose of the information-network war is to assign most of the country's strategically important resources to the geopolitical aggressor. At the same time, the “transfer” of these resources to the aggressor is carried out by the elite of the victim country to a large extent voluntarily, since it is perceived not as a seizure, but as a path to development. This creates difficulty in recognizing the technology and methods of information-network war compared to the traditional one, as well as the lack of a timely response to the actions of the aggressor, since the victim does not have any measures to counter them. Moreover, if the results of the “hot” wars are challenged and revised over time (examples of this are the First and Second World Wars), then the results of the information-network war will not be revised until its aggressor authors lose their positions.

Signs of an attack

How these positions will be lost is currently unclear. The complexity of the issue lies in the fact that the front of the information-network war is located in the mental space of human society, in which the basic values ​​of the nation-victim have already been replaced by psychological attitudes and myths of the aggressor. Mass consciousness is unable to recognize the fact of implantation of mental viruses in a timely manner. And the political and cultural elites, who became the object of the information-network war, lacking sufficient qualifications to identify informational aggression and organize an adequate response to the network enemy, are doomed to a crushing geopolitical defeat.

In fact, practically all public institutions, primarily the media and religious organizations, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and public movements financed from abroad, are connected to the information-network war. Even scientists working under foreign grants contribute to the destruction of the state. All of them carry out the so-called distributed ataku, inflicting numerous point destructive attacks on the country's social system under the slogans of developing democracy and respect for human rights. Thanks to modern political technologies and accumulated experience of influencing the mass consciousness, the genocide of the population can be carried out without the use of gas chambers and mass executions. It is enough to create conditions for reducing fertility and increasing mortality.

Another feature of information network wars is the absence of a rigid hierarchy in the network structure of the aggressor. This is due to its heterogeneity, which is expressed in significant autonomy of state and non-state elements of this structure, where there are no pronounced vertical links. But there are numerous horizontal, the action of which is irregular. The lack of hierarchy and regularity of interaction does not allow to clearly identify the existence and activities of such a network structure.

driving forces

The source of energy for the considered network structures, it can be said “combustible”, is information that circulates in them, and peculiar “fuses” are the masters of the nodal points. An example of this is the social networking servers Facebook and Twitter, which are under the control of US intelligence agencies.

As the British The Guardian reported, advocacy work is already underway in the United States using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The control center of this program is the United States Air Force McDill base in Florida, where 50 operators are involved, each of which controls about ten “agents of influence” registered in different countries of the world and leading the information war according to all the rules of political technologies of destruction of states. The cost of this program, according to the British newspaper, is estimated at 2,76 million dollars, providing for each of these fighters of the information war there is a convincing legend and protection measures against disclosure. According to the spokesman for the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, Bill Spix, any impact on the American audience is prohibited by the rules, which precludes the use of English. The information in the system is presented only in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi and some other languages ​​depending on the target countries.

The identification and qualification of acts of information warfare are the task of the special services of each state that cares about its security. This is all the more important because, due to the unrevealed nature of information aggression, it is not perceived by society as a direct threat to the existence of the state. The expert community and intelligence agencies must show these threats, explaining them to the country's leadership to take appropriate measures.

Spheres and methods

The struggle is conducted in the following spaces: geographic - for establishing control over the territory through global (including space) information and intelligence systems; separatist movements and terrorist activity in various forms are encouraged in the enemy’s territory; the organization of popular unrest and "color revolutions"; economic - by imposing enslaving credits on the enemy, imposing an embargo, organizing economic sanctions and provocations; ideological - through slander, distortion of information, the substitution of concepts, the introduction of mental viruses and myths into the minds of the enemy’s population; network - due to hacker attacks and the introduction of computer viruses in computing and communication systems and databases.

Whatever the ultimate goal of an information-network war, the immediate task is always to make it difficult for people to access reliable information. The importance of this is explained by the fact that the efficiency and quality of decisions made at all levels directly depend on the completeness and reliability of the information provided.

The main methods of information confrontation.

1. Hiding critical information about the state of affairs in this area.

2. Immersion of valuable information into an array of so-called informational garbage in accordance with the principle of “hiding a leaf in the forest”.

3. Substitution of concepts or distortion of their meaning.

4. Distraction on insignificant events.

5. The use of concepts that are known to the public, but have not only definitions, but also significance.

6. Filing negative information that is better perceived by the audience than positive.

7. Reference to factors devoid of real meaning, as well as to incorrectly conducted sociological and marketing research.

8. The introduction of taboos on certain types of information, despite their well-known. This is done in order to avoid a broad discussion of issues and topics that are critical for certain structures.

9. Frank lie with the aim of preventing negative reaction of the population and foreign public.

10. In the arsenal of information wars there are such means as the "information bomb" and "information mine." The first serves as a detonator for the avalanche-like growth of the process in society, while the second is laid in advance and works during the process that has begun to bring it to its logical conclusion. The “information mines” were leaks from official government agencies or from sites like WikiLeaks.

A typical example of the use of technology information-network war are the uprisings of the masses in the countries of the Middle East. If in the case of Tunisia and Egypt, these technologies were not sufficiently manifested, then in Libya a “general run-through” of the wars of the seventh generation took place. The Libyan “revolution” appeared on the screens of the world media as a kind of simulator, a photo-replicated “copy without original”, the course of which was presented by global mass media without any correlation with reality, but in exact accordance with the script written by Western political technologists.

The Arab societies provoked to "revolutionary" speeches by information attacks from social networks Facebook and Twitter, caused a revolutionary wave in the Middle East. The explosion on Arab Street showed that social networks have become a “fuse” for the troubled atmosphere of the Middle East. In almost all countries involved in this whirlpool of events, a protest "flash mob" was organized by sending out messages about upcoming rallies and protests through social networks, email and mobile phones. It should be remembered that the managing servers of the global electronic networks Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are located in the United States and are controlled by US intelligence agencies. This allows you to organize the sending of messages to a pre-selected "clientele" - to their agents of influence in the countries of the Arab East, who, from a signal from the outside, collect a critical mass of people at the right time in the right place using the so-called word of mouth.

The people of the Arab street, most of whom know nothing about the Internet, social networks, and often not having computers and cell phones, are ready to beat shop windows, burn cars and throw stones at the police, because they felt they had the opportunity to get even with the power of the poor. which they were doomed to the ruling regimes. The security services of the invaded states were powerless to resist violence in a new form of organization of the protest movement, which immediately acquired an avalanche-like, uncontrollable character. It turned out that it was impossible to foresee the beginning of street riots, as well as the sources for sending inflammatory messages, and disabling access to the Internet and mobile communications after the outbreak of riots did not solve anything, since the process had become a wildfire.

Social support

The modern world is explosively saturated with people with a highly inharmonized inner world. “Young lumps”, as sociologists call them, are a declassed mass with unrevealed social roots, without clear moral concepts and political guidelines. The activity of such elements in everyday life extends from the usual commercial fever to speculation in the stock and currency markets. With the growth of a revolutionary situation, their anti-systemic protest charge, which develops against the background of unrealized ambitions, increases.

So it was in the case of self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi - a Tunisian young man with a higher education who was forced to trade vegetables. Such people, being in constant search of their place in life, essentially become puppets, falling under the influence of social networks, crowd moods or ideologies of radical movements. And if they have no inner moral core, then it is impossible to imagine which motives will prevail in the next moment.

Mass media and information on social networks, covering such events, further intensify the atmosphere of mass psychosis. This is facilitated by shots taken by cell phone cameras with no one knows where, reports of the numerous victims who fell at the hands of government forces but were not shown “for humane reasons”, reports from cities allegedly captured by the rebels, indiscriminate firing of anti-aircraft machine guns to demonstrate the situation of the fighting action, wreckage of allegedly shot down government aircraft aviationthat bombed the rebels, the "transition" to the side of the people of Gaddafi's son, the flight of Libyan diplomats to the United States and France. However, if you look closely, you can see that a virtual war is being played out in the media, mounted and retouched on computers and thrown into virtual space as information chewing gum to justify UN Security Council sanctions.

If Tunisia and Egypt were the first samples of transatlantic directors of this pseudo-revolutionary performance, then Libya is the first real combat operation of the world information network war of the West against undesirable regimes. While in the Balkans, in Afghanistan and Iraq, Washington uses all the means and methods of global redistribution of the world, with the goal of changing leaders in countries that are of strategic interest to the United States, then in the states of the Middle East, the West initiates bringing to power the leaders of a new generation, replacing those Those who received education in the USSR are technocrats of the western formation and western mentality, who are called upon to strengthen the position of the United States while at the same time pushing China, the EU, and Russia. This is an example of an attempt to implement an information-network strategy of "controlled chaos", which turned out to be a new means of preserving global American leadership with minimal financial costs, except for the costs of advancing aircraft carriers to the shores of Libya and the costs of the global economy from increasing oil prices.

The editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye urgently needs a proofreader. Requirements: impeccable knowledge of the Russian language, diligence, discipline. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. svp67
    svp67 2 May 2013 15: 15 New
    If Tunisia and Egypt were the first trials of overseas directors of this pseudo-revolutionary performance, then Libya is the first real military operation of the world information and network war of the West against undesirable regimes.
    We can say that the "information-network war" is divided into three stages - information preparation of the combat operation, information support of the operation and information completion of the operation.
    1. Rink
      Rink 2 May 2013 15: 35 New
      And on the eve of the war, Stalin seized the radios from the population and hung everywhere the speakers connected by wires to the radio center, thus excluding the possibility of the influence of enemy propaganda on wide sections of the population.

      Goebbels (it was he who owns the saying "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes true.") Openly complained that his ministry had no way of influencing the population of the Soviet Union.

      By the way, most of the methods of advocacy wars were developed by the Nazis. The Americans brought Nazi specialists from the Ministry of Propaganda of the Third Reich to themselves as important military trophies ... In the States, only the development of Goebbels' theories and methods as applied to modern information capabilities has occurred.
      1. yak69
        yak69 3 May 2013 00: 04 New
        In fact, everything is somewhat different. All these technologies have been known since ancient times, but now they have received a new power impulse in the form of information transmission means. The most important weapon in the conquest of peoples and countries was the assimilation of the indigenous population by the culture of the aggressor. Local youth were selected to serve the conqueror under the pretext of obtaining education and positions in the future. And after a while, it was not the conquerors who controlled the conquered population, but the local proteges. This was the case in Egypt and the Roman Empire. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the so-called. The "Committee of 300", which, in turn, began to buy up "brains" around the world and put them at its service. They funded advanced science and cleaned up all inventions. N. Tesla alone is worth something. About Einstein, Bourne, Rutherford, B. Russell, I just keep quiet. The same Russell developed the basic parameters of the brainwashing system. Read his short stories "Theologian's Nightmare" and others. Later another "figure" appeared - Aurelio Peccei, founder of the "Club of Rome" and inspirer of the international projects Mir-1 and Mir-2. Their ideology is based on the substitution of concepts and the gradual replacement of the foundations. This is a subtle but extremely destructive mechanism. And given the people's undemandingness and indifference in many things, all this works flawlessly. For clarity, I will describe only one vivid example: the Russian language - today's "figures" from the Ministry of Education and Science have already "simplified" some of the rules, proposed to abandon the letter E, introduce everywhere Latinisms - Duhles, The T Yolki, The Gorka (in Sokolniki). This is nothing more than INFORMATION MILITARY ACTIONS! aimed at gradually displacing the Russian alphabet and replacing it with the Latin alphabet! But who among the people pays attention to this ?! Who is sounding the alarm ?! "Why, cool!" --the pepsoids say.
        Well, we must finally understand, well, it is not in vain that we were protected in the Union from the garbage with an iron curtain, and we were not allowed to listen, watch and read much. After all, only a strong and very competent person is able to correctly perceive Nietzsche, Freud and Russell. But this requires a high intellectual level. Not everyone will benefit from this reading. For example, fascism took Nietzsche as a basis with his teaching on the Superman.
        Already wrote in past comments: A. Peccei in Soviet times successfully published in the USSR the basic postulate "Human qualities" (read, this is useful) in which he detailed the technology of the collapse of the Union. The publication was "punched" by Dzermen Gvishiani (Kosygin's son-in-law, who later "ate" him). As chairman. The USSR State Committee for Science and Technology successfully poured our inventions to the West, and slowed down their implementation in the country. Organized "The Institute for Systems Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences was established on June 4, 1976 as the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for System Research (VNIISI) of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for Science and Technology and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR for a comprehensive study of scientific, technical and socio-economic problems, of great national economic importance. Academician D. M. Gvishiani headed the Institute and it was permanently supervised for 17 years. "
        This institute had a branch in Switzerland, in Basel, where all the managerial link of the world behind the scenes is located. In this institute worked: Chubais, Gaidar, and other famous "figures".
        That's where the legs grow, dear. Goebbels with his propaganda are small children compared to the lads from Harvard and Cambridge.
        1. yak69
          yak69 3 May 2013 00: 16 New
          But, in order not to be assimilated in a foreign culture, one people created their own educational system! Guess what kind of unique people this is ?!
          They called this system "Kittsur Shulchan Arukh" and it is written down to the smallest detail HOW to get up in the morning, WHERE and HOW to pee and poop, WHERE and WHEN to spit, WHO can be deceived and who cannot be, etc. EVERYTHING is described to the last detail and must be sacredly observed by every one of these people.
          Well, guess who this people is ?!
          1. yak69
            yak69 3 May 2013 00: 26 New
            Watch this video. This is a vivid example of what the world behind the scenes wants to arrange for us.

            after watching, remember "The Matrix", "Beginning" and the cartoon "WALL I"
  2. zart_arn
    zart_arn 2 May 2013 15: 17 New
    Alas, the countries with total informational bans become the victims of information wars first of all - the forbidden fruit is sweet, therefore it is tasted by fragile young (and not young too) brains in exorbitant quantities without proper cooking, and there is no immunity! The only vaccine against this is the availability of information with properly set filters and skillful counter-propaganda.
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 29 New
      victims of information wars are primarily countries with

      The complete absence of "youth politics" or "self-exposed" hypocritical renunciation of mere mortals.
      It was bad Komsomol or good, but it was DONE. There was an alternative. Sport. Tourism. Rocking chair. Brotherhood. Basement. Booze. The entrance. Music. Creative underground. Punitive psychiatry.
      Then it looked - romantic, now it looks usherbenko. And both extremes, for the truth is in the middle. But a splash of testosterone, in youth, should have a place to be.
      Now: from extreme-sport, for non-religious youth, to religious fundamentalism, of all stripes.
    2. Rink
      Rink 2 May 2013 15: 43 New
      Quote: zart_arn
      ... The only vaccine against this is the availability of information with properly set filters and skillful counter-propaganda.

      Not sure.
      Counter-propaganda, in my opinion, is always less effective: it is always difficult to prove that it is not a camel; defending is always more difficult because the initiative is not on your side.
      You can’t sit in dead defense, neither in hockey with football, nor in the information war. We need to more often go on the attack, seize the initiative, play ahead of the curve ...
      Then there is a chance, if not to win, then at least for a draw.
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 2 May 2013 18: 06 New
        You can’t sit in dead defense

        Speak the truth, Comrade. Rink !
      2. yak69
        yak69 5 May 2013 23: 46 New
        Quote: Skating rink
        We need to more often go on the attack, seize the initiative, play ahead of the curve ...

        In order to go on the offensive, the institutes of Marxism-Leninism were created, which, according to their position, were to engage in deep and advanced ideological developments of party and Soviet construction. And the guys from the Harvard project understood this very well. They knew that this was the front line of the struggle. That’s why they introduced their agents of influence precisely and, first of all, there: gavryusha priests, Chubais, Gaidar and many, many others. it was they who were those catalysts that set the stage for the arrival of liberals of all stripes. And to put EBN's little drunkard was a matter of technology.
    3. Rrv
      Rrv 2 May 2013 17: 44 New
      Quote: zart_arn
      The only vaccine against this is the availability of information with properly set filters and skillful counter-propaganda.

      The only defense is the truth, and telling the whole truth is possible only when the speaker has no intention of hiding anything.
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 2 May 2013 18: 07 New
        The only protection is the truth

        In principle, it is true. But the truth is, as a rule, "no fists." And it manifests itself years later ... if, according to custom, they do not twist the story.
        1. Rrv
          Rrv 2 May 2013 21: 05 New

          That is why I clarified that telling the whole truth is possible only when the speaker has no intention.
          Otherwise, this is half-truth, that is, propaganda, and propaganda is used when they try to force someone to work for themselves, and work for free. )))
          1. dmitreach
            dmitreach 2 May 2013 21: 15 New
            I still consider propaganda: a systematic approach to the dissemination of information, without halftones. The word is not guilty. Isolating, so-skat, "negative connotation" ... All the same we speak Russian, even though the word is Latin ... then we must believe the dictionaries.
            1. Rrv
              Rrv 2 May 2013 23: 31 New
              The point is in the nuances of the conceptual apparatus:

              To tell the truth is to provide access to reliable information.

              To carry on propaganda means to provide access to information reflecting the exclusively positive side of the phenomenon (so in the late 80s, speaking about the positive sides of capitalism, they "forgot" to mention its negative sides - poverty, inequality, etc.).

              Truth is objective and complete information, propaganda is a means of influencing consciousness, designed to ensure the achievement of specific goals.
              1. dmitreach
                dmitreach 6 May 2013 03: 59 New
                Is Jesus a propagandist?
  3. dmitreach
    dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 18 New
    Reminds of two Jews in Jerusalem. Both have legal .40S & W barrels and "draconian laws" if misused. They can bark for half a day, clicking on the "untranslatable pun", resting their foreheads, gesticulating sweepingly, but NOT grabbing the trunks. So much for the info wars ... laughing
    If I'm wrong, let the Professor tell me.
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 22 New
      The modern world is explosively saturated with people with a highly inharmonized inner world. “Young lumps”, as sociologists call them, are a declassed mass with unrevealed social roots, without clear moral concepts and political guidelines. The activity of such elements in everyday life extends from the usual commercial fever to speculation in the stock and currency markets. With the growth of a revolutionary situation, their anti-systemic protest charge, which develops against the background of unrealized ambitions, increases.

      Personally, I see everything more primitive ... Do not complicate things like that.IMHO.

      A typical follower of InfoWar, the first level is a client of the Kanopachikoy Dacha.
      1. mihal74
        mihal74 3 May 2013 06: 22 New
        .... what kind of freak is this !!?
      2. mihal74
        mihal74 3 May 2013 06: 26 New
        .... work .... and you will buy a jacket ... it's mine, how disgusting ...
  4. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 2 May 2013 15: 20 New
    Using network methods, the enemy strikes through the faults in society - national, confessional, social, etc. To use them, you need to thoroughly study the future victim, and then introduce self-destruction viruses into the body of the nation. At the same time, it is vital to take control of information flows. Why aren’t our people actively doing the same?
    Our sworn friends, what, a monolithic, contented society for everyone?
    1. Heccrbq
      Heccrbq 2 May 2013 18: 14 New
      Scythian, but are you sure that the SVR is napping and sleeping)))
  5. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 2 May 2013 15: 38 New
    It should also be borne in mind that 95% of the population of the modern world is very stupid.
  6. dmitreach
    dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 40 New
    Mass media and information on social networks, covering such events, further intensify the atmosphere of mass psychosis. This is facilitated by shots taken by cell phone cameras with no one knows where, reports of the numerous victims who fell at the hands of government forces but were not shown “for humane reasons”, reports from cities allegedly captured by the rebels, indiscriminate firing of anti-aircraft machine guns to demonstrate the combat situation actions, the wreckage of supposedly shot down planes of government aircraft that bombed the rebels, the "transition" to the side of the people of Gaddafi's son, the flight of Libyan diplomats to the United States and France.

    Here is a rational thought. I agree with Vladimir, the author of the article.
    But in order to understand the "cuisine" and the "recipe" of info throw, sometimes you need to have sarcasm and a sense of humor.
    There are guys from MyduckVision (duck, from "newspaper" - duck, not what you might think repeat ), and so they very competently dissected and revealed the anatomy of InfoBros. Well done! hi
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 48 New
      I have posted this video many times. well done! However, the bottom line is that the InfoFill recipe is the same. Compare both. One, as young people say - LoL! And just "for fun". The second is more serious. Find 10 differences.
      First go!
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 2 May 2013 15: 49 New
        The second one went! (it looks like the "Kremlin" has become younger than the "five-year funeral" ...)
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 2 May 2013 16: 01 New
          It is interesting that the Foreign Ministry is also looking for other forms of communication ...
          The troll is authorized to declare.
          The Russian Foreign Ministry has opened an unusual Facebook account.

          Answer to Nose (a mysterious blogger with the nickname: "dolboeb", forgive me, the sinful TopWar modders)


          this is especially pleased:
          Knowing you as an advanced PC user, we hoped that you would take advantage of the obvious communication mechanisms on social networks and the possibility of online registration for media events.
          At the same time, we acknowledge that such traditional means of communication as messenger and pigeon mail remained in our arsenal.

          Young people came to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the department of S. Lavrov, you can be calm.
        2. dmitreach
          dmitreach 2 May 2013 16: 06 New

          cheto ne wants.
          google like: Geeks VKontakte! (episode # 1). Credit response to the liberals.
          1. mihal74
            mihal74 3 May 2013 06: 32 New
            ... damn them, you have to spread rot in full ...
      2. kadette150
        kadette150 4 May 2013 20: 56 New
        Burning in full! Super!
  7. Grbear
    Grbear 2 May 2013 16: 29 New
    Information impact on society becomes effective if:
    • The state (the object of influence) does not solve the internal problems that everyone always has, and most importantly, ignores them or pretends that they are not.
    • The educational level is determined by the number of information devices per student, and not by the student's ability to analyze and learn.
    • The moral and ethical base of the people, based on religion (regardless of faith) and on the historical traditions of the state, has been destroyed or undermined.
    • The state does not respond to work political organizations funded from foreign sources and does not pursue its own information policy.

    This is war, but in war, as in war. In this war, losing is slavery.
    1. Petergut
      Petergut 2 May 2013 17: 09 New
      This is war, but in war, as in war. In this war, losing is slavery.

      For the Russian people, losing in this war will mean death and historical oblivion. The Russians cannot be slaves, and if they can, it will no longer be the Russian people.
  8. avt
    avt 2 May 2013 16: 47 New
    It is surprisingly painful, abstruse, all this is described by a long-known term - propaganda. And its methods have not changed, only the means of delivery, well now the communication, it, according to the current content, to the target has significantly improved. But interestingly, the quality remains the same, if not to say that it has deteriorated.
    1. UFO
      UFO 2 May 2013 17: 11 New
      Yes, THIS is what they "ruined" us with, and what we apparently still haven't learned. recourse
  9. treskoed
    treskoed 2 May 2013 17: 20 New
    Too much will was given at the time to "foreign agents" ...
  10. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 2 May 2013 18: 51 New
    In order not to fall prey controlled chaos and color revolution at a minimum, it is necessary to build informational and ideological support for conducting the domestic and foreign policy of the country's leadership. This requires building structuresdealing with:
    = collection, processing, analysis and forecasting information environment in the world and in the country, laying out the digest in the Internet, sending out materials to the agency inform;
    = problems of internal and external propaganda under the guise of a private inform bureau. This will untie the hands and not allow directly accusing the country's leadership of undemocracy, etc. It can be an Internet portal.
    = round-the-clock television broadcasting. There should be an official state television channel on which every hour to provide information updated on 20-25%. Particularly relevant immediately to comment in a manner favorable to us.
    = leading propaganda actions. Fight for first information put at the forefront. To loudly and intrusively propagate achievements and successes in various fields of activity, not to procrastinate failures and shortcomings, to create a positive image of the country.
    = youth policy. The resumption of the military-patriotic movement "Zarnitsa", "Eaglet", summer labor camps and student groups on a new ideological basis.
    = revival of traditional values families, love, marriage. Respect for the person of work, creator.
    = process connection ROC and muftiate traditional islam.
    Search and find professionals wordssuch as M. Leontiev, M. Weller, Wasserman, A. Prokhanov and put them at the service of the country's interests.
    To step on, not defend, blame, not justify! And look less at Uncle Sam.
  11. nikkon09
    nikkon09 2 May 2013 19: 26 New
    I heard or read somewhere I don’t remember - there are more good people than bad people, of course, but bad ones are better organized. So, some financial forces want to remove a competitor endowed with culture and faith, or simply reduce the influence of culture and faith in order to simply manipulate us and use us as slaves, for example. The topic is much more serious than at first glance it seems good that it was raised. You do not have to stupidly wait for the rulers to engage in patriotic education, themselves to slowly promote the topic of creativity, faith and culture, and the Slavs still have enormous potential for this .A generation of consumers, I'm afraid I will have to get a little sick.
    1. UFO
      UFO 2 May 2013 19: 47 New
      Quote: nikkon09
      And I'm afraid a generation of consumers will have to get a little sick.

      I agree. Something like a principle: FIRST GIVE THEN ASK. what
  12. Vtel
    Vtel 2 May 2013 20: 01 New
    ... the basic values ​​of the victim nation were replaced by psychological attitudes and myths of the aggressor. The mass consciousness is unable to timely recognize the fact of implantation of mental viruses.

    Yes, but this will only work for them in peoples who do not have a spiritual core that holds the faith of the people together. In the Russian People, it has always been the Orthodox Church, led by God himself, and not by the ubiquitous parties of crooks who change like gloves. And only Faith in God and the observance of the laws that He left us will not allow Western "jackals" and their companions to plant an infectious virus of doubts in our souls.
  13. SPACE
    SPACE 2 May 2013 20: 31 New
    Perhaps this site is also a battleground. And each of its participants, a warrior, good or evil, who of their own free will, and who is not just, il just got lost. Armed with words, in disputes we give birth to truth. Each individual opinion expressed here has little power, put together, form a powerful information flow that can influence people's thoughts, change and strengthen their views. Perhaps we are those who today form the correct judgments, understanding and vision of things, guidelines for others. But do not forget about the planners of the info war, be careful.
    1. UFO
      UFO 2 May 2013 20: 52 New
      Patriotic, sympathetic, visionary. Well done! good
    2. dmitreach
      dmitreach 2 May 2013 21: 00 New
      every participant, warrior, good or evil,

      It seems that you said everything correctly, but to the best of my depravity, the Keyboard and Mouse Knight looms before your eyes ...
      Likely in your words too much pathetic. IMHO. hi
      But with the meaning, in general - I agree. You need to defend your point of view in the inter too. Plus.

      If we live according to the "ostrich principle", then our children will be told a completely different story ... For example, this ... am

      No pasaran!
      1. SPACE
        SPACE 2 May 2013 22: 09 New
        Quote: dmitreach
        before the eye looms the Knight of the keyboard and mouse ...

        No I am Knight of the barbell and phase laughing
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 2 May 2013 22: 24 New
          Barbell Knight and Phase

          and I putty knife and m500. laughing don't be alright the day I started the repair !!! am
  14. Reyngard
    Reyngard 2 May 2013 22: 11 New
    What truth have you found in GDP? It's ridiculous!
  15. Mr.M
    Mr.M 2 May 2013 22: 36 New
    It seems to me that the saying "Forewarned is forearmed" is more than appropriate here. And maybe I will write nonsense, but, regarding Russia, the best defense against such tactics of the West could be teaching in higher educational institutions at least a short course of disciplines devoted to information-network wars, mass psychology management, etc. A highly educated society cannot be caught with such an infection.

    Unfortunately, now in the field of education an extremely contradictory, and, in many ways, directly opposite policy is outlined above.
  16. Dimy4
    Dimy4 2 May 2013 23: 22 New
    In such wars, only attack is the best way to protect yourself, because if you have already been ditched, it is useless to wash. And no one will be interested in your excuses, they will only strengthen you in the idea that there is no smoke without fire. As in the Russian proverb "either he stole the teplushka, or it was stolen from him, but the rumor has already begun."
  17. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 3 May 2013 00: 24 New
    I didn’t write about Syria, it’s not so bad: Elena didn’t seem to show her reports in UN agencies yet ...
    and how is UN officials allowed this ...
    what is it for?! wink
  18. StolzSS
    StolzSS 3 May 2013 02: 11 New
    Well, in principle, the author correctly noticed a number of key points. But while our youth wants to be bureaucrats and we don’t manage to cope with these difficulties in network wars, we’ll be able to cope with these difficulties. After all, you need to keep your own staff of trolls to clean the target segment from enemy throws))) YES and why go far with our TV, almost all channels of enemy propaganda are constantly turned on ....
  19. gregor6549
    gregor6549 3 May 2013 06: 14 New
    I "like" the allocation of information wars as certain separate types of wars. Information has always, since the time of Tsar Pea, been "mined" and used in the interests of conducting real, not virtual, military operations, and has never been a "thing" in itself. And each side (belligerent or preparing to fight) always tried to reduce the amount of information that the other side could have about itself while simultaneously trying to increase the amount of information about the opposite side. Methods and means of increasing and decreasing the amount of information have changed, but the essence has not changed. For example, the use of network-centric methods allows you to create a single information field and use it in the interests of all types of aircraft and at all levels. At the same time, these Armed Forces are trying with the most available methods and means (from hackers to interference and EMP) to prevent the creation of such a field by the enemy, or at least disrupt the exchange of information between individual levels and links of the field. And again, there is nothing fundamentally new in this. Yes, there are new technologies for creating this field, but immediately new technologies of counteraction appear. They bugs us into our computers, and we bugs them. As a result, in the event of a major war, all centralized information networks will "fall down" in a matter of minutes and hours and everything will go as usual. Whoever managed to (see and shoot first) ate it. Unless, of course, there are those who will keep up. And there will be more likely only one thing. To see that something flies at them and to have time to launch their "flying machines" And then no networks, no very vigilant and dexterous. Silence ..... dead
  20. mihal74
    mihal74 3 May 2013 06: 20 New
    .... may not be digitized? and? stop
  21. andrejwz
    andrejwz 3 May 2013 06: 25 New
    we entered the era of the seventh generation wars

    The author of the article bothered to calculate?
    The information war is as old as the world. It is the same age as not even the first state, but the very idea of ​​creating this very state.