Colonizers do not accept loss of colony

Colonizers do not accept loss of colony

Syrians found and distributed in social networks a photograph taken in the distant 1941 year, when Syria was still under the rule of the French colonialists. In a black and white worn shot - French General Jorge Katreau walks alongside an old woman with sly eyes - Nur-Eddin Al-Khatib. More than 70 years passed - and the grandson of this Nur-Eddin - Muaz Al-Khatib, a former preacher at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, now a deserter and fugitive from the Motherland - was elected head of the "Qatari coalition" created by 11 in November at the meeting in Doha. Yeah, nothing to say, a family with old traditions!

And France, ahead of the rest, thanked the hereditary collaborator Al-Khatib, whose grandfather had collaborated with the colonialists, for faithful service. It was the former metropolis that first recognized the “Qatari coalition” as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. These are our “tyranobortsy” now! Well, if even to look at the flag of this “opposition” - green-white-black with three stars - this is the flag of the period when Syria was under the mandate of France.

There is one thing in common between the last French presidents (like the American ones) - each of them wants to participate in some kind of “democratic” aggression. Under Mitterrand, Bosnian Serbs were bombed, and France, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, supported this decision. When Chirac was bombed Yugoslavia, and France was actively involved in the operation called "Merciful Angel", which killed hundreds of children and thousands of adults. Sarkozy came to power - and the loudest called for an invasion of Libya, and it was the French aircraft that first launched strikes against this country. Now Hollande is also trying to “otdemocratizirovat” Syria.

Even in the summer, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Eyreau did not hesitate to say that France was supplying communication equipment and other equipment to Syrian militants. He said that this equipment was not meant for murder. But still - is this not aiding the murderers?

And now the pseudo-socialist Francois Hollande met with the grandson of an old collaborator, Muaz al-Khatib. After this meeting in Paris, an ambassador from the Syrian terrorists appeared - a certain Munzir Machos, who along with his chief was on the delegation that visited the Elysee Palace. But these “fighters for the rights of the Syrians” of the French mercy in the form of the appointment of an illegal ambassador were not enough - they begged Hollande to deliver a heavy weapon. He promised to bring this issue to the EU.

Previously, Hollande announced plans to create a “buffer” and “no-fly” zone in Syria. True, then his own Foreign Minister cooled the ardor of the chief, stating that such zones could be created only by decision of the UN Security Council. And the position of the UN Security Council is clear - Russia and China do not give the go-ahead for another adventure, similar to the one that has already destroyed Libya. But Hollande, knowing this, is trying to raise the morale of the terrorists operating in Syria. For this he promises the creation of a "no-fly zone", that is, the merciless bombardment of Syria. And only this terrorists want. They always take the risk of installing improvised explosive devices near schools, hospitals, shopping centers, mosques. Of course, they want such support from the air so that they don’t have to take any more risks - once - and a huge bomb falls from a French or American plane and destroys a building, to the explosion of which the terrorists would have to spend a lot of effort. But you can see how the “opposition” is Syria’s road, if they want such a fate for its cities!

In addition, French Foreign Minister Fabius admitted frankly that French intelligence services helped some defectors to flee Syria. He did not specify to whom it was, but it was clear that this was the traitor-general Manaf Tlas and the former prime minister of Syria, Riyad Hijab.

Both traitors, without shame, confirmed that they had fled the country with the help of French special services. In the normal world, their political career would finally end there, for no nation in the world could forgive such and recognize the fugitives as their representatives. But in a world where such Jews enjoy the patronage of some rich states, these fugitives, who are under a powerful “roof,” still dare to count on something. These types have hopes that they will be included in some kind of “shadow government” and recognize its legitimacy!

Another predecessor of Hollande, the executioner of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Sarkozy, and his foreign minister, Alain Juppe, who was with him, used to repeat, like a broken gramophone record: "Assad must leave." The people of France did not like it, the fervor of the fighters, Nicolas the Bloody, and he elected another president. But the new president began to play the same fairly hackneyed record.

70 years have passed since France lost Syria as its colony and was forced to recognize its independence. But, as recent events and all these confessions of the “opposition” show, the colonial itch haunts it. She does everything to regain her dominion, although this time, even if she defeated Syria, it would not be complete, she would have to share it with the United States, Turkey and other NATO partners. But this does not embarrass Hollande, who supports any villain in Syria, if only the position of this villain is within the framework of the neocolonialist plans of the French false socialist.

Having barely gained freedom from Turkish rule, in 1920 Syria immediately fell under French rule, and the League of Nations gave France a mandate to govern the country. The French occupation army, led by General Henri Gounod, was opposed by the weakly armed Syrian army, which was just emerging, which had nothing but rifles and machine guns. The French had heavy artillery, aviation. The confrontation was unequal. Syrian Defense Minister Yousef Al-Azme accepted the fight, knowing that it was impossible to win. But a true patriot of his homeland, he could not allow the French to take Damascus without a fight. The battle took place 23 kilometers from Damascus, in the mountain gorge Meisalun. Yousef Al-Azme personally participated in an unequal battle. The fighters fought all day, but the superiority of the French was too great. Only when they were all killed, France was able to advance to Damascus.

In the 1925 year, the Syrians and the Druze rebelled against the French occupation, they even almost managed to liberate Damascus, but France crushed the rebellion with its military power in 1927. The first shot in this uprising was made on 7 June 1925 of the year - the hero of the uprising, Hussein Murshid Radwan, wounded a French officer when he ordered to disperse a peaceful anti-French demonstration.

Syria honors its heroes. And in the beginning of November, Hussein Murshid Radvan was erected a magnificent monument in the city of Suweida. The sculptor Fuad Naim paid special attention to the hero's huge sword, which he squeezes in a powerful hand, calling for the Syrians to fight.

These were the real rebels who fought for the Motherland. And now the word "insurgents" utterly utterly, now so called the trash, recruited from all over the world, stupefied with drugs and kills Syrians for money.

And in the center of Damascus stands a monument to Syrian Defense Minister Yousef Al-Azme, the hero of the battle in the Meisalun Gorge. More recently, another monument to Al-Azme stood near the building of the General Staff. But 3 of September of this year, attacking the General Staff, the terrorists did not spare the monument to the national hero. Vandals destroyed it. How can there be a road story Syria to these mercenaries? Or the descendants of those who collaborated with the occupiers?

So far, the Syrian state and the people of the country are putting up monuments to the heroes - the so-called “oppositionists” cooperate with neo-colonizers, are worn with colonialist flags, killing soldiers and civilians. France recognizes these killers and terrorists as "legitimate representatives of the Syrian people." But if people need such “representatives”?
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  1. +5
    21 November 2012 08: 23
    History is cyclical .. this is another confirmation of this!
    1. +6
      21 November 2012 09: 45
      This is not a cyclical story, it’s just blatantly Saxons, as they usually do not want to climb the first number into the war being launched. Here the Frenchmen were brought to the fore, and there the zealous mini-napolechiki got sabers and joyfully rushed to fulfill the wish of the big dad.
      True, there is one thing, but France is certainly the loudest mongrel in a swarm of arrogant Saxon mongrels, but it’s not the stupidest to take away, therefore they don’t climb on their own ... Here, as in the late Colonel Gadaffi’s jamachery, it’s not an option to bomb free then it’s necessary to drag the coffins home, and this public is very nervous ...
      And the fact that "opposition" is a rabble of hereditary traitors and other thieves and murderers, everyone knows that. Only in the west these rogues and thugs are revered as ardent champions of crap.
      1. MilaPhone
        21 November 2012 16: 01
        I do not quite agree with you. In my opinion, from the "Western countries" the only one who is always happy and does not miss the opportunity to incite the United States is France and no one else!
        Russia and even the USSR and France have historically special relations. I would even say that Russians and French are connected by an incomprehensible spiritual and cultural connection reflected in the works of our literary classics.

        But when Napoleons and de Gaully come to power in France and, accordingly, "Bonapartism" and "Gaullism", hostile to Russia, are born, then in my opinion it would be better to have "Sarkosilla" and "Monsieur Normal".
  2. dusha233
    21 November 2012 08: 49
    It is necessary to support the movement of straights in France, to create a no-fly zone over its territory and to unroll all ..... rgov, led by their prezik carpet bombing !!!!!
    1. Sergh
      21 November 2012 21: 32
      The Syrians found and distributed in social networks a photograph taken back in 1941

      Well done Elena! Let now the Syrian people, and the rest of the reasonable compare fresh miscarriage with a sold grandfather. Probably seeing this photo, the granddaughter buried deeper, so that passers-by would not spit it.

      So in Israel, democracy is knocking. Survived in the world.

      Although the strange footage seems to be self-published. I did not like the smoke from the explosion in the house, it looks like a computer dummy.
      1. +2
        22 November 2012 03: 02
        I think the granddaughter has no conscience, and he will not hide. In Syria, where he will be spouted, he will not seem, but in Qatar he will not stop going to sit in the Elysian Palace.
  3. +2
    21 November 2012 08: 54
    In France, there are very few native French, mostly Arabs.
    France needs to understand internal affairs, and not to play war games, to play at someone else’s direction.
    1. MilaPhone
      21 November 2012 16: 27
      This is not true, just 99% of Muslims, Arabs, Afro-French people live in large cities - Paris, Lyon and Marseille.
  4. Dimon Lviv
    21 November 2012 09: 06
    It seems that the foul-faced France decided to play the colonialists again.
  5. +5
    21 November 2012 09: 21
    Hmmm ..., France has finally begun to bury itself! The problems themselves are above the roof, starting with the Arabs, the economy, etc. and all the "owners" podmahivaet!
    1. +8
      21 November 2012 09: 37
      That is why they want to solve their economic and social problems at the expense of Syria! It is always easier to rob than work!
      1. +3
        21 November 2012 10: 35
        Quote: sergo0000
        Robbing is always easier than working!

        Hi Sergey, this idea should be conveyed to the Arabs living in France. Let the Arab spring turn into European winter hi
        1. Che
          22 November 2012 16: 19
          Alexander Romanov,
          There is no unity in the Arab world, as indeed in the Slavic. Divide and conquer the old method of zapadentsev continues to work.
  6. +2
    21 November 2012 09: 33
    Nothing changes in the moonlit world.
  7. IlyaKuv
    21 November 2012 09: 51
    Yes, indeed, now around the world among people there is a kind of hysteria about democracy, under the slogans of freedom they slaughter each other like pigs, plus they still hate to developed democracies, they are called to participate. They will beat each other, God bless them, but after all, scoundrels are trying to drag us in .
  8. +4
    21 November 2012 10: 00
    The former territory of the Ottoman Empire.
    Former territory of the French Republic.
    Syrian Arab Republic.
    Future territory ................. empire.

    I would not want the fourth line to appear.
    1. +1
      22 November 2012 02: 59
      Will not appear! We will do everything for this.
  9. SSR
    21 November 2012 10: 29
    More than 70 years have passed - and the grandson of this Nur-Eddin - Muaz al-Khatib, a former preacher at the Umayyad mosque in Damascus, now a deserter and a fugitive from the Motherland - elected head of the "Qatari coalition"

    The campaign of such offspring does not bother everyone to track .....
    the apple from the apple tree turns out .. (((
    as they say .. it would be better if he stayed on the sheet.
    (Sorry could not resist.)
    1. +2
      21 November 2012 10: 55
      All of them in a condom and in the toilet.
  10. +4
    21 November 2012 11: 16
    How small and miserable these Frenchmen are. Well, you can’t be so mean, so explicitly and so openly attached to the Americans. Apparently this meanness is in their blood. Well, why the hell is Syria now, well, the time of colonization has passed a long time ago, no. even remember about the Crusades. But it’s clear that now they won’t get full control over the country, because they are not the ones who run the whole company.
    How spiritually and morally impoverished the whole west. Nothing sacred. Only oil, zones of influence, military bases, control, proteges, rebels, revolutions, and killings, killings, killings ...
    And our leadership, as they are even equal to them, EUROPE, democracy, tolerance ... pah !!!
  11. Procurement officer
    21 November 2012 12: 09
    I wonder what they write on European forums, do they really think that they are doing a just thing? Can information war and propaganda turn terrorists into national liberators? I don’t know who to believe ...
  12. bart74
    21 November 2012 12: 15
    Everyone wants to bite. Only about Syria they seem to have already stumbled. Although it is only just beginning
    1. 0
      22 November 2012 03: 03
      BIT others to eat by ourselves.
  13. +4
    21 November 2012 12: 19
    In the spring, in one local newspaper, the communists admired the newly elected president Hollande, that’s how good he is - he lives in a simple apartment, goes to the inauguration in the general stream of cars, etc. And then - but Putin was driving to the inauguration of a car without license plates in empty Moscow and so on. And now we look at the real affairs of these two presidents, one calls for war, the second tries to somehow stop the massacre. Judging by affairs, not by pretense.
    1. 0
      22 November 2012 03: 03
      There were simply hopes for Hollande, after Sarkozy, that he would be better ... He did not justify.
  14. Islam
    21 November 2012 12: 32
    let them dream. In Syria, the only Russian military base with access to the Mediterranean Sea (mine is the only guarantor of the security of Syria's external borders) so that Syria, despite all NATO efforts, cannot be captured. And it’s time for the Westerners to stop wasting money on these military operations, it would be better if they looked at their people and would take care
  15. +3
    21 November 2012 12: 50
    "the grandson of this Nur-Eddin" - reminded of the Gaidar dynasty.
  16. +3
    21 November 2012 12: 53
    two-faced scum .. on another you will not tell ..
  17. +2
    21 November 2012 20: 58
    Or maybe France is trying in this way to expel the Arabs from its territory? And what? They will create a legion that supports the rebels, and then a legion that supports the current government of Syria .... and all, all home! And then they from the Arabs are already crowded in the streets! fool
  18. wax
    21 November 2012 22: 28
    With the Marseillaise, it's time for the French to tie. It is somehow embarrassing to have such an internal and foreign policy with this hymn. Maybe something like Frase comes along with Yusei Huber Alles.
    1. 0
      22 November 2012 03: 02
      "Yankee Doodle" to help them.
  19. Rubik
    24 November 2012 02: 59
    Omsbon, Why are you repeating the nonsense of illiterate fools? In France, 80% of the population are native French. In large cities, somewhere around 50%.
  20. BorisBM
    14 January 2013 17: 02
    And we have a lot of surprising coincidences, and maybe not coincidences at all, among the dermocratic population of the upper part of society. One Naryshkin is a vivid example of this.
  21. 0
    13 February 2018 00: 37
    Colonialism was created by the Eurocolonizers (they are Jews) to pit all races, and this is a tragedy for both white and non-white!